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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    0. Add audio upload

    Posted by Eric Woudenberg on 4/28/2002, 7:21 pm
    Message modified by board administrator 4/28/2002, 9:05 pm

    Dear Sony: Minidisc is a great format, but it really needs compressed audio upload to make it complete. Please do what's right for Minidisc and its users!

    1. News Gathering for Radio

    Posted by Simon Pontin on 4/30/2002, 7:38:27

    Those of us in the media who use Mindiscs for reporting would find direct input a real timesaver.

    2. Live recording

    Posted by Alex Balch on 4/30/2002, 8:42:01

    I bought my minidisc because of its capacity to record digitally (and with netMD the added usb connectivity) and now have a stock of my band's music, practice sessions etc. on minidisc.
    An audio upload facility would be a great addition and make the netMD a powerful musician's tool.

    3. Live recording

    Posted by Claude Jean on 4/30/2002, 9:03:53

    Minidisc upload is possible without hurting the record industry

    4. add audio upload

    Posted by eric vanderbiest on 4/30/2002, 9:18:07

    and make the format real life please mister sony

    5. Simplify Music Transfer via USB

    Posted by Claudio Konig on 4/30/2002, 9:24:12

    The mp3/ATRAC covertion is far too slow, to say the least. Please work on a more flexible way of tranfer

    6. More flexibility

    Posted by Marc Cheng on 4/30/2002, 9:27:33

    NetMD requires more flexibility to realise its full potential. Audio Upload is as important as Audio Download.

    7. Keep minidisc on top

    Posted by Patrick Turcotte on 4/30/2002, 10:09:03

    I believe that minidisc is currently the medium of choice for recording live sound - I use it for business meetings and to store each and every one of our band rehearsals. Its flexibility and sound quality are unmatched, but probably not for long; on-the-fly mp3 recording is appearing and will offer an interesting alternative if minidisc doesn't stay on top of things feature-wise. I believe the digital transfer of material through NetMD from the device to the PC is a natural and essential step in that direction.
    I understand the pressure you are under from your music division, but this feature is certainly not what will encourage commercial music propagation. Let's face it, mp3, wma and (eventually) Ogg Vorbis are formats of choice for this problem, not ATRAC.

    Thanks for taking this under consideration,

    Patrick Turcotte ing.

    8. add audio upload and replace Open MG Jukebox with a better software

    Posted by Kelvin Hew on 4/30/2002, 10:24:30

    Deareat Sony: To realise the Net MD's true potential, audio upload need to be added. It is as important as audio download and it will be a complete format. In fact, minidisc is the best format compared to CD and cassete because of its size, portability, and the ability to edit as far as I know. Another thing is please come up with a new software to replace Open MG Jukebox because its not a good software. Wanna know why? Log on to also go to and see for yourself. People don't complain for nothing. What I can tell you is the Net MD Walkman is one hell of a MD recorder but the supplied software spoil everything. Besides, the other software which is Net MD simple Burner is a good software because it doesn't need to rip CD files to the hard drive and directly record to the Minidisc Walkman. However,music files can only be recorded in LP2 and LP4. Please add the support for SP and Mono. If you can make all these possible, then minidisc will be on one hell of a format. Thanks!!

    9. Rehearsal recordings

    Posted by Ashot Ovanessian on 4/30/2002, 10:30:15

    I have been using minidisc gear for quite some time now, recording my band's rehearsals and concerts; and now making of a simple demo involves copying all that music to my computer in realtime. If you were to add an 'upload' feature to NetMD gear, it would be of great help to me, speeding up the copying process quite a bit while improving the end quality enormously.

    10. The final touch to make NetMD Perfect

    Posted by Brian Davis on 4/30/2002, 10:35:56

    I have a band that I'm in and we have been searching for a cheap and small way to record our own shows. Most systems that offer reasonable recording are either quite large or prohibitively expensive (especially when we have to purchase all our other gear...the recorder is a low priority purchase).

    Then we found MiniDisc. It offers a very inexpensive solution to a big problem. We're able to easily record our live shows with digital quality, and the setup is so tiny, it can be placed anywhere in the room.

    While we currently upload the audio from each show onto a PC so it can later be burned to a CD for our own personal use, that takes time: a 2 1/2 hour show takes 2 1/2 hours to record back to the PC (in an analog format, no less).

    Adding the simple capability of USB upload would make, in my opinion, the best music device ever. I frequently advise people to purchase MD players, rather than MP3 players, because of the versatility and flexability the format offers.

    I understand the copyright issues at hand - I try to stay up to date on everything that's been going on in that area; but it seems to me that you already have certain safegaurds in place that could limit the transfer of copyrighted material.

    Either way, consider this a vote of support for adding Upload capability to the new NetMD format.

    Keep up the good work!

    Brian Davis
    Denver, Colorado USA

    11. MD potential has never been reached

    Posted by Brian Wilson on 4/30/2002, 10:50:49

    I both listen to and create music, and there is no format that handles my needs better than minidisc. I feel that the only limitation to this format are the ones Sony places on it.

    I know several radio journalists interested in the format. They all agree that the decision to adopt md, for themselves and their organizations, would be made easier by high speed uploading. That capability can only help cement the format among professionals and hobbyists.

    12. Backing up speech to Audio CD or MP3 CD

    Posted by Wiwi Sachli on 4/30/2002, 11:05:56

    I'm usually record speechs to my MD Walkman on LP2 or LP4 mode, and it take so many time to backing up it to my computer and convert it to MP3 for my backup so I can use it in future. It really time consuming without upload feature of NetMD. For me there is no differences between NetMD or not for that use without upload feature.

    13. pre recorded minidiscs

    Posted by Daniel Schwier on 4/30/2002, 11:07:25

    i buy some of my music on prerecorded minidiscs and cant make pesonal compilations from those minidiscs at high quality, ive already brought an MZ-N1 and love it but i would definatly buy an netmd with upload ablilty

    14. Live Recording

    Posted by Alex Harden on 4/30/2002, 11:18:41

    Occasionally I will use my MDS-JE510 to record "jam sessions" at my house where my friends and I play guitars and sing. I connect the JE510 to the output of an analog mixing console.

    I am a MiniDisc fan, but have so far refrained from purchasing a NetMD portable because of the problems I have read about from users, particularly with regards to the strict management imposed by the OpenMG software. Adding the audio upload feature that this proposal describes will go a long way to improve the feature set of the NetMD products for people like me, who use the analog recording capabilities of the products.

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

    16. Community Radio Producer supports upload

    Posted by Paul Riismandel on 4/30/2002, 11:19:53

    As a volunteer radio producer for community radio, having a digital faster-than-real-time upload feature for netMD would greatly increase my productivity. I do nearly all my interview recording on MD, due to its high quality, durability and portability. The work I do is completely legal and, in fact, is fundamentally creating new works of intellectual property, not pirating. Please consider adding this capability to MD -- I might then be moved to buy a new recorder, and recommend the new netMD units to friends and colleagues.

    17. Uploading of live recorded material

    Posted by Luc Wilson on 4/30/2002, 11:32:40

    The main reason I purchased my MT-MD877 MD recorder was to record live music. Many bands today allow open "taping" by the audience, and hence is completely legal and legitimate. I do this for own personal listening enjoyment.

    I passed on NetMD because it did not offer what I was looking for. Because uploads were not possible, it did not fit my needs. I did not see benefit from being allowed to "only" transfer music from computer to MD and not the other way around (MD->PC).

    An upload feature is really the only thing missing from MD's otherwise great feature set. More specifically, a *digital* upload capability (as well as analog) would be ideal, maybe even at high speed (since analog transfer is currently possible, albeit in "realtime"), to maintain perfect sound quality of my own recorded material from MD to computer.

    It is often times possible to get digital soundboard "patches" (connections), or to use an external A/D converter. This creates an input signal that is digital before reaching the MD recorder. It would be important to allow material recorded digitally in this manner to also be "uploadable", rather than just limiting any potential uploading feature to analog recordings only. Digital recording will only become more and more popular.

    Hopefully Sony will see the needs of the legitimate customer, and include uploading capabilities in future MD portables.

    Thank you,
    Luc Wilson

    18. Lectures on computer

    Posted by Jan Yskout on 4/30/2002, 11:38:34

    As university student, it would be really easy to have a fast audio upload function. Some lectures take up to three hours. It s convenient to record them and save them in a space saving format (eg. Mp3, wma) on my PC. That way I won't have to wait another three hrs for the upload and in the mp3/wma format it would be easy to send the college to fellow students who missed the lesson or didn't take very good notitions.

    Hope you can add it,

    Your Sincerely,

    Jan Yskout

    19. Live recordings

    Posted by Kevin on 4/30/2002, 11:44:54

    My whole family are avid piano players, and recently my younger brother took up this hobby. Before, I had to use the old analogue technique in order to record my family's performances for keepsake reasons. I was hoping that NetMD would allow me to instead allow me to have the recordings on my computer, and later burned onto a CD. Alas, this was not the case.

    I beleive NetMD technology to be really successful- however, the lack of uploading has somewhat barred my respect for this new technology. I do not, I beleive, it is worth the asking price.

    20. minidisc upload

    Posted by Jong Dae Kim on 4/30/2002, 11:45:41

    for all reasons already mentioned, as well as an incentive to purchase a netmd recorder/plyer

    21. if not, MD will loose in the end

    Posted by r. d. on 4/30/2002, 11:56:12

    although i understand that copywrite will be the issue in this proposel this will be the only thing missing to beat mp3 and other formats in the long term! make it free, cos if you don't MD will loose the battle with mp3...

    22. Please add this feature

    Posted by Efraim Plotkin on 4/30/2002, 12:02:14

    Dear Sony:

    I am a happy user of three Sony Minidisc products, but I really start to hate it when it comes to transferring my live recordings to PC. The process is cumbersome and slow. Adding this feature would make MD the ultimate format for professionals and amateurs alike. Please implement this feature!

    23. add audio upload

    Posted by j lyman on 4/30/2002, 12:13:23

    I am a part time musician, I use my MD to record ideas for licks etc. I need to be able to upload those to my pc in order to eaily edit them.

    24. All good things come to an end...

    Posted by Eric Rodriguez on 4/30/2002, 12:14:01

    Dear Sony,
    Truly you have made one of the best portable audio devices currently available. You've mixed most all the good features of a cd with all the good features of an audio cassette. Near reference sound quality(CD), ease of live recording(Cass), the ability to skip by tracks(CD), easy editing(Cass), a host of other features. These things make for a genuinely great product, unique and versatile.

    Honestly, I've only known of minidisc technology for the last two or three years and first became involved by buying an MZ-R37. I enjoyed it much but found that it didn't supply a long battery life or a long recording length. Though these problems diminished the quality of the portable itself, many of us minidisc users continued to use the format due to the abilities it had that could only be equaled by a computer using a CD-RW. Yet, being portable put it miles ahead of the CD-RW. When MP3 Players showed up and sported decent sound quality, good battery life and long recording length, the minidisc seemed to fade because its weaknesses were highlighted by the MP3 player's strengths.

    At that point, you did not decide to quit making and marketing minidisc in the United States. Instead, you let the minidisc evolve. MDLP gave users great volumes more space per disc and you solved battery life problems. I would later go on to buy the MZ-R700. Moving from use of two batteries for a few short hours to one battery and longer hours seemed to be an answer to prayers.

    But even with as great as the minidisc had become at that point, it still had slow digital transfer. MP3 players still boasted that they could do in minutes what would take minidisc hours to do. And so, the minidisc was again falling sort of the glory of portable music. But you didn't hinder the minidisc from growing. Instead, you would create NetMD and once again encourage and capture the attention of the users who felt that the format was going away. I have an MZ-N707 on order to come in a few weeks and I'm thrilled because of its quick ability to move music from PC to minidisc(thank you for the program feature, another feature long missing in minidisc). And now, finally it seems, minidiscs and MP3 players are finally neck and neck. But, there isn't much more that can be done in this competition. And with other portable technologies coming out, it may not be long before minidisc falls apart. But future technologies don't appear to be sporting live recording, so minidisc may still have an edge. But analog sound is the enemy of minidisc users. We seek supurb sound quality, and analog transfer of our personal recordings is to say the least, a thing of disgust. We long to be able to have pure control and quality of our recordings whether they be business meetings or band performances. That is why we ask you to give us the ablility to upload digitally what we record through the mic and line-in ports on our portable minidisc recorders.

    That is the sound of music to our ears. To be able to use what we've created and make our own music and to have the ability to access it, mold it into something better. Great sound quality. But the end of minidisc is coming if it cannot evolve. It needs to reach the next level of music. That level could be acheived by giving users the ability to access their recordings on computer through upload. It won't answer all minidisc's problems but it will certainly help us realize why we love minidisc so much.

    The only other hope you might have is to give minidiscs the ability to hold the CD length amount of CD quality audio, basically making the minidisc a mini CD of sorts. 74 to 80 minutes of standard cd quality audio would be an incredible thing in a minidisc. And in that case, you could hold an incredible amount of sound in ATRAC. Much more than even MDLP gives. But this doesn't appear likely. Also remember, DVD is preparing to take audio by storm and up-ing the ante by bring sound quality to 96,000 Hz as opposed to CD's 44,000 Hz, which minidisc's and other portables' sound is based off of. Keep sound alive in the minidisc. Allow the minidisc to keep evolving. Give us the ability to upload what is rightfully ours, what we've created. Give us users of minidisc another reason to smile and praise minidisc. Believe me, I tell all my friends about minidisc and have even offered to buy them a portable. Give me another reason to.

    A concerned lover of sound,
    Eric Rodriguez

    25. Re: Lectures on computer

    Posted by Mike C on 4/30/2002, 12:22:28 , in reply to "Lectures on computer"

    I am also a student here in the United States and use my Sony MZR700 and MZR55 to record lectures.
    I completely agree with Jan's points above and would hope that new features can be added.

    Also, please consider unit feature reimplmentation of a clock and possibly an on/off timer that would allow time stamping and recorder operations respectfully.

    Why my model 55 has the clock and the 700 does not , escapes me.

    More advertisment and better distribution would certainly boost sales. Honestly, most people who see the unit I own, don't know what it is.

    Thank you Sony, I love this product.

    26. please add this feature

    Posted by Paul Wells on 4/30/2002, 12:23:02

    I am a huge minidisk user and this would make my work alot easier.

    27. Your Flash ad said "record your band"

    Posted by Mat Chavez on 4/30/2002, 12:31:13

    Recording my band is exactly what I want to do. I teach High School music, and I purchased a NetMD because the advertising led me to believe the unit was capable of uploading. All I ask is that if I press the record button on the unit, you respect that I created it, and am not violating any copyright rules. It's not your place to assume I'm at fault.

    If you are willing to ADVERTISE on AUDIOGALAXY (the reason I found your product), you are HYPOCRITICAL if you think you can POLICE downloads. Audiogalaxy has more music piracy than you can shake a stick at, but we can use NetMD 3 times? You know as well as anyone that the music is stolen before you get to "police" it.

    My advice - don't play cop. It's not your place because you can't determine what is and isn't legal with your current system. It's not fair to those of us playing by the rules.


    28. Please add this feature

    Posted by Dmitri on 4/30/2002, 12:37:52

    Dear Sir Please add the above mentioned feature in your software.

    29. Please add this feature

    Posted by Rod Verette on 4/30/2002, 12:44:04

    Other competing methods of live digital recording are beginning to erode Sony's market share. Companys like Archos Technology and Creative Labs are among those that provide a small package live recording device. Both of those companies permit high speed uploading to the computer.

    Sony would do well to ensure customer satisfaction by including high speed uploading as well. This is not about piracy: indeed, it's about market survival.

    30. Please add audio upload

    Posted by Brian Youn on 4/30/2002, 12:44:47

    There are so many new audio recording devices coming out on the market that allow direct uploading to the hard drive. I personally would love to see MD add this feature so that this great format can continue to live on.

    31. Please Sony

    Posted by Don Poulsen on 4/30/2002, 12:46:28

    You make devices not music. Let me make music and do what I want with it.

    Listen to all these people not your wallet!

    MD will fizzle out like 8 tracks did if you dont.

    32. Uploading: A great asset

    Posted by Mike Sloan on 4/30/2002, 13:01:15


    It is not only musicians and reporters and such that would love to see the ability to upload recorded audio. I'm an avid Minidisc user and would love to see the audio upload feature added so that I can digitally manipulate my recordings. It would definately be a great asset to the MD format and give Sony an edge over competing formats! Please consider this proposal carefully.

    -- Mike Sloan

    33. Mobile recording for theatrical effects

    Posted by Phil Genera on 4/30/2002, 13:08:56

    Using minidisc to do my field recording for gathering theatrical effects would be wonderful. To be able to easily pull effects of disc into an editing console would save me time and enhance quality, as well as making MD a viable option for theatre use.

    34. Live Recording

    Posted by Don Chaps on 4/30/2002, 13:34:17

    I purchased a Minidisc for live recording. Doesn't it seem logical to expect a path to edit and reproduce my recordings without losing quality? This is like selling a car with no drive train. You can sit in nice leather seats, hear the powerful growl of the engine, roll the windows up and down, but can't go anywhere.

    I would like Sony to complete the design loop.

    35. Uploading: The Needed Element

    Posted by Marcus Curle on 4/30/2002, 13:46:56 , in reply to "Uploading: A great asset"

    For years MD technology has been a great asset for bands that need an affordable digital medium to record to. The drawback? Loss in audio quality that occurs when the recorded music is uploaded to a computer through analogue means. With digital high-speed downloading now readily possible on Sony's new portables, it's confusing why Sony wouldn't provide the ability to upload live recordings digitally. Adding this feature would not only be great for musicians, but would also be the needed element to take MD technology to its rightful place in music media culture throughout North America.

    36. Sony, please add this feature.

    Posted by Adim on 4/30/2002, 14:03:47

    This is a very important feature. I assumed, as well as others, that this feature was already installed on my MZ-N707 NetMD model.

    I love Sony.

    37. (no subject)

    Posted by eric oswald on 4/30/2002, 14:10:50

    add audio upload

    38. NetMD USB upload

    Posted by Jean-Laurent on 4/30/2002, 14:42:41

    This is a very important feature to keep MD on top of audio recorder.

    39. MiniDisc could lose its edge as a newsgathering medium

    Posted by Steve Jess on 4/30/2002, 14:43:01

    Adopting the MiniDisc for our field recording needs in 1997 revolutionized the process of producing news for our public radio station. We are now looking for the next generation of field recording units, and find that MiniDisc could very easily lose out to solid-state mp3-based recorders because with a solid state recorder we can transfer an entire interview to hard disc in seconds.

    I would much rather see that capability added to MiniDisc units, providing the best of both worlds - the affordability of MD with the quick access of a solid state recorder.

    Steve Jess
    Boise State Radio

    40. Please add audio upload

    Posted by David Clubb on 4/30/2002, 15:03:29

    I fully support in saying that audio upload is something that a minidisc player needs.

    41. Full MD Potential

    Posted by B. Canon Chapman on 4/30/2002, 15:05:40

    I believe that MiniDisc's full potential can be reached while still maintaining the Artists' copyrights. The problem lays in the internet not the Hardware. Why then should users who are not breaking any laws be punished?

    42. Audio upload

    Posted by Andy Lane on 4/30/2002, 15:06:33

    The NetMD upload proposal enables only those people who wish upload their own, analoguely recorded material to do so - it has no real copyright implications. It would also turn the MD format into a powerful digital dictaphone.


    43. A necessity for heavy users

    Posted by Jean-Francois VINCENT on 4/30/2002, 15:07:52

    As a long time MD-user, I have needed several times to edit the content of my Minidiscs on a computer, because the hifi system I was using couldn't offer all the functions I was looking for (advanced fade-in/out, level equalisation, special effects, noise reduction and so on). Unfortunately, transfering the audio content to my computer was -still is!- a painful operation, which much be done through analog cables.

    The NetMD protocol could be the opportunity for you to add fast and convenient PC to MD transfert which would please the heavy users we are.

    Of course we all know that there are some legal issues behind that problem, but one cannot frustate its customers just because a minority of them is enforcing the laws. I do not want to make illegal copies with such a function, but just want to edit my private recordings!

    Thank you in advance for listening to our complaints... and giving us a solution.


    44. NetMD Upload Feature

    Posted by Paul Davies on 4/30/2002, 15:12:01

    I fully agree with the request for a NetMd upload feature.

    45. Free me from my Phillips Audio CD Burner

    Posted by Todd Langevin on 4/30/2002, 15:18:07

    as of now I have to burn a CD on my Philips Audio CD burner via optical cable and then put the newly created CDR in my pc to rip the wav files from it for comversion to another format or archival purposes. I cant understand why I cant skip the middle man and go straight from MD to PC. Please add this feature, I really love using minidiscs for live recording but this issue makes me want to find a more pliable media.

    46. Live recordings of lectures, sermons, and church presentations

    Posted by Robert K Jung on 4/30/2002, 15:18:07

    One of the major uses I make with Sony MD recorders is recording live speeches and church presentations. And often, friends desire a copy of what they just heard live. It would save me a LOT of time if I did not have to wait for a real-time recording that sometimes does not come out perfectly because of system load or active background program. I would certainly update my collection of MD recorders to include ones that have upload capability.

    Currently, NETMD downloading is not a big advantage to me because ordinary real-time recording from PC to MD is very reliable. Recording MD to PC is the unreliable function.

    There is a small marketing window for such a feature. If some other vendor comes up with a reliable digital recording function that uploads easily to a PC, that could cut into the MD market. I would consider purchasing that function even if it weren't an MD recorder.

    Robert Jung

    47. netMD audio Upoload

    Posted by gennaro Puorto on 4/30/2002, 15:21:24

    I am agree

    49. Recording of call centre calls

    Posted by Ian Burrows on 4/30/2002, 15:37:18

    We actively use minidisc MZR900 recorders in our call centre to record calls so we can assess these. While MDLP is excellent at storing phone quality calls in abundance, NETMD would allow us to upload calls to a PC and share with the company via e-mail. While we can burn to CD with the right equipment, it is costly and a PAIN IN THE ARSE. So SONY listen to both consumer and BUSINESS and provide this facility to allow a truly open medium to fulfil its full potential.

    50. I miss USB upload on my SONY MZ-N1, please make it possible in next OpenMG release!

    Posted by John Kenneth Grytten on 4/30/2002, 15:48:28

    IMHO it is meaningless to not allow USB transfer... At least it should be possible for mono-aural recordings (for interviews etc).

    51. NetMD audio upload would make minidiscs perfect

    Posted by Chris Zirker on 4/30/2002, 15:58:30

    I play alto saxophone in a jazz band, and many of my friends and relatives frequently request recordings of my band. Having NetMD audio upload would make e-mailing my own recordings much easier and faster. Also, I have made attempts at recording myself playing and mixing different parts I've written together, and it is much easier to do on the computer, but it is very difficult and cumbersome to upload all these tracks through analog cables. NetMD audio upload would be a useful tool for me and and other musicians like me who can't afford expensive recording equipment. Please add audio upload. Thanks!

    52. please add audio upload capability

    Posted by Wesley d'Haene on 4/30/2002, 15:58:38


    53. Please add uploading

    Posted by Mikail on 4/30/2002, 16:00:31

    I play the trumpet, and it would be much easier for me to upload my recordings, thanks

    54. Please add uploading for musicians!

    Posted by Matt Sanders on 4/30/2002, 16:22:29

    I use my Sony Minidisc recorder to record rehearsals and live performances for my two bands. It is extremely helpful, but it would be so much easier to be able to quickly upload the recordings to my PC for editing purposes. PLEASE add this functionality to your Minidisc line-up. It would be such a great thing; I'd go out and buy a new recorder immediately!

    55. NetMD Upload Please!

    Posted by Joe on 4/30/2002, 16:24:03

    some mp3 based hardware players allow upload to PC. Minidisc is my format of choice as the media is cheap but most importantly very reliable.

    It would be great if you were to add the upload feature to continue minidiscs competitive edge

    thank you

    56. Audio uploading

    Posted by Morgan Rivalin on 4/30/2002, 16:28:35

    Please add the hi speed audio uploading to your NetMD system. It will make the system perfect!

    Thanks for considering my point of view, as MD for 5 years now.


    Posted by Rick Lewis on 4/30/2002, 16:31:49

    Like minidisc -- would love it if I could upload my daily disctation to my computer, so my "voice recognition" software could transcribe it -- why not?

    58. Please allow the upload for NetMD

    Posted by Stuart Howlette on 4/30/2002, 16:35:10

    if the audio upload was allowed, it would spur many, including myself into buying into the product. Even limitations to what you can do with it would suit me, as long as i could do it.

    59. please add audio upload

    Posted by K Li on 4/30/2002, 16:49:55

    I have been a devoted sony consumer as long as i can remember. Sony devices were the first products I purchased when my family immigrated to America.

    Recently, though, Sony products seem to have fallen behind the technology curve. The entire clie line is devoid of any feasible wireless access, sony's own mp3 player is trapped by its own software.

    It brings me to my next point. Sony nearly missed the enormous potential of the minidisc format until someone created a digital to USB cable that revived the format. It seems that the company recognized this sort of rebirth and have been updating and marketing the next generation of minidisc technology.

    If sony is determined to remain a player in the future of digital music, there are only two options -- litigate against consumers' right to make copies or innovate. By adding an upload feature, in whatever form (other than analog), it would help stimulate the platform, aiding in consumer adoption.

    Please add this function. I would rather not purchase a device made by another manufacturer as I am a devoted sony consumer.

    60. please add the feature to copy directly from MD to PC

    Posted by Christian Becker on 4/30/2002, 16:51:08

    Please add this feature. It would be wonderful to have an easy way of copying my own recordings to PC to make it available for other people.
    Tnx, CB

    61. NetMD Upload

    Posted by Andy Adams on 4/30/2002, 16:51:50

    Having been a minidisc fanatic for 7 years (and having sold it to many of my friends), I can not wait to receive my first NetMD recorder. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to upload songs to the computer, and I hope that you will reconsider this functionality.
    One of the great things that minidiscs are used for is recording voice material by microphone. When one of my colleagues left last year, I brought my portable minidisc in and had everybody record their impressions. Blending that in with music from the time he was here was going to make it the perfect going-away gift. Trying to the get what we recorded to the PC so I could put it on a CD was a nightmare. He was a big mp3 player fan and we went back and forth about which was better, and he won in this instance.
    Hopefully, this will be rectified as soon as possible.

    62. Please add an Audio Upload Feature

    Posted by Neiertz Tom on 4/30/2002, 17:20:34

    Please add an Audio Upload Feature
    Thank you

    63. Please add audio upload functionality to NetMD

    Posted by James Crawford on 4/30/2002, 17:41:40

    Please add the above-mentioned functionality; it would make MiniDisc product the most desireable and best-selling digital audio format on the market.

    64. Faster than 1x uploading

    Posted by Nicholas on 4/30/2002, 17:58:38

    Definitly include this feature as it would make putting live recordings on the PC for mixing, etc... As MD needs to survive and this would make MD a 'complete' digital system and make it more popular.

    Also, for downloading please make it possible for standard ATRAC files to be downloaded faster than realtime. As I find having the limit of LP2 a bit dissapointing to say the least!

    65. Adding upload function is a matter of survival for the MD format

    Posted by Olaf Boedecker on 4/30/2002, 18:07:18

    I think it would be in your best interest to add an audio upload function to Net MD. I suspect that MD is really in danger of becoming obsolete otherwise, which would be really sad, since it is the most fascinating format around.
    Please go and create a unit that is capable of uploading!

    66. NetMD Audio upload from MD to computer

    Posted by Ofer Fuchs on 4/30/2002, 18:14:08

    Minidisc is a great format, but it really needs compressed audio upload to make it complete. Please do what's right for Minidisc and its users!

    67. It's what customers want

    Posted by Kingsley Smith on 4/30/2002, 18:34:31

    My customers want upload via USB to a PC, not for piracy, but for their own live recordings.
    Surely if they were wanted to copy they would just do so from CD.

    Add the feature to the software if possible, if not the next gen of hardware

    68. My Music is Trapped on MD

    Posted by Michael Worrell on 4/30/2002, 18:52:51

    Net MD is a great idea that has been a long time coming, but a two way street between the device and a PC is what it's going to take to get me to bite, and I'm a big fan of the format.

    69. Interviewing

    Posted by Peter Cowan on 4/30/2002, 18:56:18

    As someone that uses my minidisc player for recording interviews for radio, I urge you to PLEASE give the netMD software the ability to upload audio data to the computer.

    70. Help me to maximize my time!

    Posted by Tony Wall on 4/30/2002, 19:01:45

    I currenly am forced to "upload" or record my MD recordings (live seminars) via coaxial digital from my Sony JB940 Deck. Quality is perfect, but the problem is speed. 5 hours takes 5 hours. I am running out of time. (Aren't we all?) Please consider adding this feature to your MiniDisc line in some way. I will be among the first to buy your new product.

    71. MD format should be more popular in America if...

    Posted by Ronald Shikiya on 4/30/2002, 19:03:12

    ...its true potential is achieved. Real competicion with the CD-RW format it is just in the corner. Audio upload and download to a computer will definitely do it.

    72. Why I don't use my MD much anymore

    Posted by Matt Burt on 4/30/2002, 19:05:20

    I record (legal) live stuff. NetMD sounded promising, but it does nothing for my application. If I could upload I might consider getting a new MD recorder.

    73. Sorely disappointed when I found out

    Posted by James Watts on 4/30/2002, 19:09:42

    I think NetMD and MiniDisc format is awesome and really serves a niche here in the US. But have you asked yourselves why it hasn't really caught on here? It's because we aren't able to do live recordings and UPLOAD in "file" format or NetMD format. This would really make a huge difference here I believe. It's just to cumbersome to do a live recording, then have to take the time to do an analog UPLOAD in realtime. You have the technology and please give it to us.

    Jim Watts

    74. I do not want a second deck

    Posted by Josema Alonso on 4/30/2002, 19:19:11

    Dear Sirs,

    I've tried to use my brand new MZ-N1 as a replacement for my TCD-D8 portable DAT recorder.

    Unfortunately I cannot.

    I make legal live recordings with my DAT and then upload them for editing to my PC using the digital out of my D8.

    Since my MZ-N1 doesn't have a digital out I can't.

    A much better solution would be to let us go from our NetMD->PC using your software. Please, let us do it. If only for analog recordings would be enough for me. Then I should be able to transform to WAV or other uncompressed format and edit them to make samples or copies for my friends.

    Hope you finally listen to us. We deserve it.

    Best Regards.

    75. Do it and you'll make tons more money

    Posted by J on 4/30/2002, 19:19:52


    76. MD Uploading

    Posted by Cesar Castano on 4/30/2002, 19:27:02

    The format should be modified to have a way (may be in the TOC) to establish the source of the music files ( analog input, digital input, PC Downloaded, and Protected for those files you don't want to allow copy )

    77. Take on MP3 players and win!!

    Posted by Neil Deadman on 4/30/2002, 19:30:32

    I think that as todays technology advances MiniDisc will be left behind if this feature is not implemented and fast!!!

    Make MiniDisc win the battle with MP3 players by making an exsisting portable format equal to its rivals. You could even add a Memory Stick slot in the deck to give a wider audience and allow future compatibility!!!


    78. Even more editablilty

    Posted by Matt Hendrickson on 4/30/2002, 19:34:47


    Audio upload to a computer would work great for me! I record live music regularly (mostly from my church) and then try to archive it to my PC. This process is lengthy and archaic and results in a whole lot of distortion. Digital uploading would a) make my archiving process much easier; b) allow me to reduce my inventory of loose md's ;c) allow me to maintain recording quality in my archives; and d) (most importantly to Sony) encourage me to buy a new MD recorder! I've been awaiting this function for about 3 1/2 years now, and have been holding off purchase of a new recorder until this feature is added. I use my current recorder/player 10-15 hours a week and the wear is starting to show. I really want a new one, but I think I'll probably hold off untill digital audio upload is available.

    Thanks for listening!

    Matt Hendrickson

    79. Pleeeeeeeeeease add audio upload...

    Posted by Sanny Marr on 4/30/2002, 20:23:35

    allowing audio upload will benefit all minidisc users for sure!!!

    80. Net MD Uploading audio capability.

    Posted by Max Forkel on 4/30/2002, 20:25:35

    As others have already expressed the portable MD recorder is an excellent
    and easy recording medium except for its its lack of digital and fast
    uploading capabilities... for people who record live (legally recorded) music
    this added feature would make us much happier... our only options
    now are to record digitally , upload by analog at real time, subjecting the
    signal to several AD to DA to AD passes before having a digital signal
    to master in the computer... sometimes working , most times degrading our
    hopefully good master. The NET MD could replace DAT tapes completely
    if it used its USB capabilities to its fullest. Please listen to the legal tapers
    and users of your equipment and develop the MD Net to its full capabilities.

    81. Please

    Posted by Yosef Blanche on 4/30/2002, 21:11:05

    I have owned the MZ-N1 for about a month now and the only thing it lacks is the upload capability. Being a student, I love you minidisc to record lectures or to make my own study notes however, I am limited by not being able to upload and edit the discs. It would be greatly appreciated if this ability to upload recordings were permitted. As a committed minidisc user, I beg you to implement this feature in the next generation of players.

    Thank you.

    82. Minidisc Feature

    Posted by ihyei on 4/30/2002, 21:17:10

    Please help minidisc maintain an edge. We have to try to make these new minidisc recorders better than anything out there. This will help keep the minidisc format alive! thanks


    Posted by Roger Tseng on 4/30/2002, 21:26:32

    Sony, Please allow audio upload! the potential of NetMD has yet to be reached with the current restrictions! please. it would be a huge benefit to the international MD community.!

    Roger Tseng

    84. Net-MD Uploading

    Posted by James Baummer on 4/30/2002, 21:39:05

    Sony, you should change OpenMG to allow uploading. Yes, it will help people to steal music but it is vital for people recording concerts etc to be allowed to upload faster then real-time.

    85. Audio Upload

    Posted by Howard Bernier on 4/30/2002, 21:50:40

    Please add Macintosh support ! You've got a winning product. Let's make it the BEST !!

    86. Audio Uploading

    Posted by Kyle Paul on 4/30/2002, 22:14:29

    Everyone has already said what needs to be said. Please seriously consider adding this option. I don't want to see MP3 players take over the market here in the US.

    Thank you.

    87. Add audio upload - archiving medical school lectures

    Posted by Christopher Plescia on 4/30/2002, 22:17:10

    Not everyone is interested in pirating music. I am a medical student and I was hoping to be able to archive old lectures on my hard drive using the minidisc format. The lack of uploading functionality has been a real dissapointment with this unit.

    88. No new Piracy issues

    Posted by John Livdahl on 4/30/2002, 23:04:41

    Since Net MD marks all PC downloaded tracks just don't allow a PC downloaded track to be uploaded and the Net MD upload feature doesn't expose any new piracy issues. If some one can record a cd on a md then upload it they could also RIP the CD directly on the PC with out the MD compression loss.

    Please add upload for non-pc music soon...


    89. I am returning my MD MZ-N707 because it doesn't upload.

    Posted by Brian Asaro on 4/30/2002, 23:11:46

    I bought my MD because I thought it could I realize it doesn't do that. I waited over a month while it was on backorder because it was so new it hadn't hit the shelves yet, then I find it doesn't upload. I want to return it because it is otherwise useless to me. I bought it solely for recording live music that I could transfer onto my PC in MP3 format. I just got it the other day, it's brand new and I haven't even used it yet. After I read the manual and realized there was no facility to upload, I decided I'd return it. There's no way I'm paying $230 for something that won't do what I wanted it for. But I just remembered about this site and I was surprised to see this topic right on the front page, so it obviously a hot topic. And now I realize there are so many like me that need this feature to make the MD useful. I also realize that for this upload feature to happen, it would most likely be an all software solution, meaning that I could keep my hardware and wait for an update to the NetMD software. But I have roughly 25 days left to return my item free of charge and I will do so unless I know for sure that Sony will make this upload feature happen. Please SONY, let people like me know you will include this feature so I am not forced to return it. I have 25 days left.

    90. why not?

    Posted by Warren Bowman on 4/30/2002, 23:25:01

    I don't see why audio upload isnt aleady an enabled feature. I have bought eight MD decks or portables over the years, each time to take advantage of new features. Without audio upload, I may just skip buying any NetMD gear, and keep using what I have.

    91. Only thing holding me back from purchasing a NetMD

    Posted by Kyall Glennie on 4/30/2002, 23:34:20

    I own a Sony MZR-700, and I love the machine. I would purchase a NetMD if only if offered upload capabilities.

    Currently I do not record a lot of analog, but I plan on doing so if I had the capacity to upload it quickly and without sacrificing quality. It is very important for me to have this feature before I purchase another Minidisc unit.

    Please take serious this petition; your customers are die-hard fans who only seek the best out of their equipment!

    92. Audio upload

    Posted by Robert Matrai on 4/30/2002, 23:34:56

    I'd like to upload my old (3-4 years old) music to my PC so i can recorded to my new NetMD in LP2 or LP4 mode.

    93. campus radio

    Posted by Billy Tan on 5/1/2002, 1:37:38

    i used to do a show for school, and always had to do my recording in school. an uploading fucntion would give me the flexibility to work from home with my MD. i would buy straightaway if u added an uploading function.

    94. Add this function please!!!

    Posted by Max Gross on 5/1/2002, 1:49:21

    To who it may concern (any and all representatives of Sony) I would like to first like to express my absolute love for your Japanese domestic products that in more ways then I could possibly describe make my life wonderful and more convenient. However, with the possibly of adding an upload feature to minidisc I can without question say that you have the chance to outdo yourselves. I make live recordings of nature sounds to my minidisc and then edit them for use as samples in my dj mixes for songs (it�s a personal hobby), and to have an upload feature would save me a great deal of time and sound quality. If you do come out with a minidisc unit with this feature I will be sure to purchase it, as I am already quite happy with my MZ- R00, and MZ-N1. And I think that to add another would not be out of the question.
    Thank you

    95. Audio Upload

    Posted by Iain Frew on 5/1/2002, 1:57:23

    Please provide data transfer from NETMD to PC for live recordings editing/remastering. Mini CD portable recorders are scarce at the moment but more will follow. Mini DVD portable recorders are just around the corner with huge capacity potential. Both formats will soon be manufactured similar in size to minidisc, with power consumption to match and will be a huge threat. I expect we are still approx. 2 years away from 2nd generation recorders so there is nice market window opportunity for NETMD. Since you have the technical capability at your fingertips now, please take the next step with NETMD and provide what your customers are asking for..if may be too late.

    96. this is a long awaited feature...

    Posted by Benjamin Ho on 5/1/2002, 1:58:57

    i currently do lots of self-recording for archival purposes. this includes live performances. i'm pretty sure the reason we have this petition is because of the fact that we felt that this would be such a great attribute of the NetMD format.

    we really hope you consider this feature. thank you.

    97. Audio upload

    Posted by James Nakashima on 5/1/2002, 2:02:20

    This is the only feature missing from making NetMD a perfect product, in my eyes.

    98. A Great Idea

    Posted by Derek Ju on 5/1/2002, 2:09:07

    I think adding an upload feature would be an excellent addition to the NetMD technology as it would not pose a threat to any piracy.

    99. Audio upload is a must for music creators

    Posted by Kalin Fetvadjiev on 5/1/2002, 2:42:34

    I have a recent example on this one: a band asked me to record one of their lives. I did it, it sound great, but now they want the recording available on tape and cd. Audio upload would make this task a trivial one, whereas now I have to take my time and spend >1h, and still I am not sure of the results.

    100. To make it big

    Posted by Edward Lee on 5/1/2002, 3:01:21

    NETMD was big step in the right direction, now it is time to take another step.

    101. Please sony don't waste the great potential of MD

    Posted by BISCHOFF S�bastien on 5/1/2002, 3:05:21

    MD as always sound to me to be a very innovative format in digital world. When i've buyed my first MD deck, i've hoped that it will become soon the next generation floppy disk, but it wasn't... Now that MP3 and other new audio format are widespreaded, users are waiting for a more flexible way to exchange files between their MD's and PC. Why not considering to include the ability to download files as is on md without converting it in atrac (and then allowing netmd to be a next generation file carrying medium with great advantage over other coming media like dataplay!) and even the ability to playback material recorded in another audio codecs. For all this reason an upload ability is really needed, but it must not be the last step in the md innovation! Turn MD in a data medium, increase the data density on discs and you will barely win the fight against ICs, HD, CD, dataplay MP3 players.

    102. Please add upload, for example for DJ's who create new mixes with MD!

    Posted by Martijn Morrien on 5/1/2002, 3:23:38

    Please add the upload function, I make a lot of mixes myself and now I'm stuck to my digital audio card in my pc to record my mixes to my hard disk before I can create a CD of one of my new mixes. Please add the upload functionality!


    103. think about it!

    Posted by Yarin Nahmani on 5/1/2002, 3:38:14

    I have been a MD user since the days of the MZ-R3! going through a bunch of Sony units (and one panasonic unit, which cleared out to be a big mistake).
    I love this format and its flexibility combined with more than decent digital sound quality.
    It was great watching it evolve, and i think that the two most important improvements to this format/to the players, was the invention of MDLP, and NetMD, BUT! the NetMD feature isn't complete without an uploading function! the lack of uploading function makes it criple, and i know of several ppl that didn't buy a NetMD player/recorder cos' of that reason.
    upload feature would be gr8 for me since i'm a DJ, and i record my sets via portable MD unit (R900), i wanna upgrade to a NetMD, but the lack of uploading is holding me back. with the upload capability i would be able to transfer my mixes to the PC digitaly!

    104. Audio Upload Please!!!

    Posted by rosen marinov on 5/1/2002, 3:42:44

    don't hinder creativity when you base your advertizing campaign on it!

    105. Please add audio upload

    Posted by John on 5/1/2002, 3:46:19

    So many good and creative things could be done with an upload feature that wouldn't involve piracy or otherwise compromising artists' rights or livelihood. I've seen minidisc "awareness" grow greatly in the US over the last couple of years; this is Sony's opportunity to pounce on the buzz! Thank you.

    106. keeping up with the jones's

    Posted by john m on 5/1/2002, 4:21:08

    with more portable audio devices coming on the market all the time, ie (ipod, dataplay etc) and every time a new one appears it has more features.
    It seems only logical that a products new incarnation should take advantage of these newer functions to provide for the customer better ease of use otherwise people will look else where for a product that does. Minidisc has already survived several format wars ( dcc) it is a very good format but electrical devices can always be improved...

    107. Here;s one who would upgrade

    Posted by Ted Rees on 5/1/2002, 4:23:34

    As a semi-pro musician, I regularly record rehearsal and acoustic sessions (sometimes with my daughter singing). I need to be able to convert these recording to data format so I can send to my relatives and friends.

    NetMD upload would give me a good reason to upgrade and would keep me believing in the format.

    GO for it!

    108. Audio upload and the future of MD

    Posted by Jani M�ntyl�-Bl� on 5/1/2002, 4:34:19

    Having the upload feature for the NetMD according to the standards of SCMS, is very important addition. As we're using MD to record on the road and then allowing us to create CD's from those recording and edit them further on the PC would allow greater usability of MD.

    This would also allow transfer of the music from disc to disc for normal use. Taking the flexibility of the MD to a new level.

    In the times of the digital age it's foolish creating artificial barriers on the use of consumer products, thus allowing other competing formats taking over the position that MD has gained.

    109. Add audio upload and remove write protection on recorded MP3s!!!

    Posted by Clement Cheng on 5/1/2002, 4:38:24

    Very often I record to MD and need to edit it afterwards, without a PC. As such, I cannot use the NetMD feature of my N1 to record; I have to do it the "old-fashioned" way with the optical output on my sound card to avoid the data becoming write protected! Add this, along with audio upload, and you've got a winner!

    110. net md upload

    Posted by Martin Roberts on 5/1/2002, 6:01:01

    This functionality would be great for ploding lecture to pc for achivle on hard drive or cdr.q

    111. Audio upload would be another step towards perfection

    Posted by Andrea Durham on 5/1/2002, 6:46:58

    Dear Sony,

    Audio upload would be a really big addition to an already great format. It would allow me to put interviews, my friends music and just plain fun onto my computer and use it to create...

    Yours sincerely,

    112. Please add Net-MD audio upload.

    Posted by David James on 5/1/2002, 7:03:03

    This would be great for me as I would be able to back up my extensive minidisc collection in a much shorter period than would otherwise be possible.

    113. make md even better

    Posted by Rash on 5/1/2002, 7:10:51

    Dear Sony!

    I just love MD because it is so cool. I just hate MP3 because of it poor quality compared to MD, high media price, etc. The only think MD lacks is audio upload. I agree that upload function will make MD better portable audio format available. Please don't let all those MP3-devices "eat" your part of an audio market!

    114. Come on Sony!!!

    Posted by Dan Morelle on 5/1/2002, 8:16:49

    Make MD even better...

    115. Audio upload: Sony or someone else?

    Posted by David Fincher on 5/1/2002, 8:18:34

    I am now on my fourth md device and three out of four of them have been Sony. I have always been pleased with the quality of your audio devices and I use them regularly for a variety of functions at home and at church.

    One interesting thing I have done is record my kids singing songs (they are 6, 3, and 1 year old). It sure would be nice to have an easy way to move those songs to my computer so that I could burn a CD and send it to the grandmas to listen to.

    I could do it now through analog, but it would take forever to set it up and it wouldn't sound good (recording into a regular laptop sound card is a fuzzy proposition at best).

    I can see no reason why my own recording of my own material couldn't be saved to a computer for archiving or duplication.

    One day, someone else will figure out how to add this, be it another company, or a hack. Wouldn't you prefer to do it yourself so that you could receive the credit and control exactly how the upload function is implemented?

    Thank you so much for your attention to this matter.

    David Fincher

    116. Live Recording

    Posted by Rob Ahad on 5/1/2002, 8:19:31

    I did not buy a USB equipped MD because I don't need the download to MD function. I would have bought the unit if it had an upload to computer function. (I like to record ambient sounds and work with them in the studio. An MD is perfect, small, quiet, and good quality. Too bad you are too worried about copyright to make a product which would fit my needs.)

    Rob Ahad

    117. MD vs MP3

    Posted by HS on 5/1/2002, 9:10:46


    118. Allow digital transfers!

    Posted by Rob Woiccak on 5/1/2002, 9:22:33

    I love my MZ-R50 dearly, but without direct digital upload, I'm never going to buy another minidisc player. Give us what we need!

    119. My class lectures sent to my students.

    Posted by Camile Gauthier on 5/1/2002, 9:40:01

    I'm currently using my Mini-Disc recorder to capture my prof's lectures and then via analog connection enoding it into MP3 to post on my site afterward.... on an MZ-N1!!!!!!.... The word analog shouldn't even be uttered when speaking about this unit. Help me out here.

    120. More Flexibility

    Posted by Benny Chan on 5/1/2002, 10:24:09

    Please, Sony, allow the uploading and transfer of your files. If you want to take over the well established MP3, you will need to do the proposed additions. You were the underdog in the video game console war and now you are on top. You can do this again with the atrac vs mp3 formats. I believe that the MD is superior to the mp3 players by a large majority. You made a huge step forward with NetMD. Now you need to take the next step and go beyond MP3.

    121. Without digital audio upload minidisc will disappear.

    Posted by Erik on 5/1/2002, 11:10:59

    I hardly use MD anymore because of all the hassle to copy the MD to PC.

    122. It needs it :P

    Posted by James on 5/1/2002, 11:15:27

    MD is a great format, and NetMD just adds to that, but it does lack a certain 'something'.
    It would be great to see audio upload sometime in the near future.
    Keep up the good work!

    123. upload please.

    Posted by Naveed on 5/1/2002, 11:47:13

    this funtion can single-handingly ruin MP3 players and give MD the top seat!

    124. Minidisc would Rule the World with uploading capabilities

    Posted by Mike Davis on 5/1/2002, 11:55:36

    Live and independent artisits are desperately in need of a quick and loss free system for distributing their music through the web. Sony could tap a previuosly untapped market by adding musicians to their already lengthy roster of Minidisc users.

    125. MD Upload so that you are on par with MP3

    Posted by Mawuena Dotse on 5/1/2002, 12:05:30

    By being able to upload NetMD format we can finally contend with expensive MP3 devices and Netmd WILL be the norm. it would also be easier to transfer old md formats to the new netmd format, which I want to do. I have lots of music in normal atrac format and want to put them in atrac3 format so I can fit more on them. Please think about it. the money is waiting to be spent on buying the equipment, and you know it is

    126. I agree w/ the above statements

    Posted by Tian Chen on 5/1/2002, 12:45:26



    Posted by didier on 5/1/2002, 12:45:49


    128. Best future option !!!

    Posted by Jamal Zaghal on 5/1/2002, 12:47:21 , in reply to "think about it!"

    Yes, by all means please make this happen.
    I know it is simple for you "SONY".

    Thanks in advance.

    129. MD upload would make my job easier!

    Posted by Scott Simpson on 5/1/2002, 12:48:35

    I've been a broadcast journalist for 8+ years, and I love my Minidisc equipment. It's great for field recording, but I feel like a sap when I have to go from digital-analog-digital again when I want to edit the material in our computer system.

    I also like to archive my reports on MD, with the ultimate goal of transferring them to PC and burn to CD. But that's not going to happen until I can find a straightforward way to transfer my MD tracks to the PC.

    I'm certain I would buy a MD machine with upload functionality, from Sony, Sharp or whichever company wants my money.

    130. MD For Me

    Posted by Bradley Watson on 5/1/2002, 13:05:59

    The audio upload fucntionality would aid me greatly as a producer.
    --Bradley T. Watson

    131. Look to the future

    Posted by antonio reyes on 5/1/2002, 13:19:04

    It would be a great improvemente over NetMd.
    and i think that NetMD UPLOAD can make a wider market than today is.
    think about.

    132. Grabacion de ensayos

    Posted by Brais Gonzalez on 5/1/2002, 13:24:32

    Utilizo el minidisc para grabar mis ensayos de piano y los de mi grupo de camara, y me gustar�a poder subir al PC las grabaciones para poder grabar en CD mi propia musica y dejarsela a mis compa�eros que no tienen Minidisc (ellos se lo pierden!!)

    133. uploading

    Posted by stephen on 5/1/2002, 13:26:50

    lets make MD the king of the internet

    134. Add audio upload

    Posted by David Pitkin on 5/1/2002, 13:37:13

    audio upload makes things better

    135. Build it, and I'll buy it

    Posted by Jonathan Parker on 5/1/2002, 13:41:10

    I'm a musician, and I use my Sony MZ-R900 Minidisc recorder as a rehearsal tool and to record my own live performances. I've used various Sony products to record my performances for more than 25 years.

    If Sony implements the Audio Upload feature described in this petition, I will happily purchase a new Minidisc machine that uses it.

    Please also note that your customers need a Macintosh and/or Unix version of your Open MG Jukebox software.

    136. 3 legged dog

    Posted by Robert Lindemann on 5/1/2002, 13:41:14

    Dear Sony, please add the audio upload feature. MD - fine; MDLP - great; NetMD - even better, but still the dog has only got three legs. Help the poor pet live a decent life. Give it its fourth leg.

    137. Please add audio upload an sp recording through usb.

    Posted by Pedro Balboa on 5/1/2002, 13:50:28

    Please add audio upload an sp recording through usb. Por favor, implementen una soluci�n t�cnica para grabar audio en pc desde un minidisc grabador, y a�adan la posibilidad de realizar grabaciones a traves del puerto USB en modo SP, gracias.

    138. Uploading of sound effects

    Posted by Jason Williams on 5/1/2002, 13:50:42

    It would make my life easier and my ears would like it better if I were able to upload the sound effects I record for my church dramas if I could do it quickly and digitaly. Please think hard about it.

    139. Uploading...

    Posted by Ben on 5/1/2002, 13:58:15

    True... With digital uploading enable, it's definately save a lot of hassle, I own a aging MZ-1 which is bulky & without many features modern MD players have. And recently bought a MZ-N1, since my aging MD player doesn't support MDLP, most of my songs are stored under standard stereo format, heaps of them, if now I want to convert all those songs into LP4, I can only do it in analog mode & it has to be real time, somtimes the songs got distorted & I have to do it all over again... It's a nightmare..

    140. Upload

    Posted by Julian Nuss on 5/1/2002, 13:59:26

    I think that this would put MD over the top in personal music systems. I use my MD for live recordings of music (my band) and meetings. Thanks

    141. NetMD Upload - Would be great for Class Notes

    Posted by Bill Lewis on 5/1/2002, 14:03:03


    First I'd like to thank you for making so many great products. I have several items, from Laptops to Stereos, Portiable radios, CDs and Minidisc units. One thing that has kept me from purchasing a new NetMD player/Recorder is not being able to upload my mixes or class notes to my computer without the same hassle I now go through with my MZR900. I really like MD alot, but unless it makes my life easier, why bother? I understand the reasons you may not want to include this, but /w the current competition that the mp3 players are giving MD, adding the upload feature would offset this greatly. And besides, I've noticed that Sony is now offering a CD player which will play mp3's, which shows that Sony has become more flexable with their great product offerings. I love your products, and whenever you offer something that fits my needs, I purchase yours over any other competitors items. So please add this feature, and I will purchase and promote your products whenever I can. Thank you for your time.

    Best regards,

    Bill Lewis
    [email protected]

    142. Field Recording for audio upload

    Posted by Rinaldi Wibowo on 5/1/2002, 14:07:09

    I use the MD to record lectures for both archival and streaming. Adding a direct MD to PC transfer will complete the MD format for me.

    143. I'd like to "Go Create"

    Posted by Calle Soderberg on 5/1/2002, 14:18:55

    The addition of this feature would make editing my live recordings so much easier. MD has so many advantages over solid state recorders but the lack of this makes me considering leaving the MD camp.

    144. MD>PC uploading for a working musician

    Posted by Dan Fosse on 5/1/2002, 14:46:09

    I run with a big circle of musicians. I find myself using Mini Disc to master multitrack recordings from my PC. I also do a lot of live recordings of my friends bands. The ability to do high-speed MD>PC transfer would cut down on mastering time. I could also share music that I created with fellow musicians. I could keep copies in first generation ATRAC to avoid quality loss. I am not interested in stealing or bootleging copyrighted material. I would, however, like the ability to copy original material from MD to PC. MD>PC transfer ability would make Mini Disc a truly universal audio media.

    145. So much potential

    Posted by Mike Paulus on 5/1/2002, 14:54:24

    Please don't waste it.

    146. NetMD Audio Upload

    Posted by Mark on 5/1/2002, 15:09:01

    The addition of audio uploading to the NetMD software would be a valuable contribution to all of the many classes of MD users. By allowing this feature, you would be doing a great favor to consumers, and also providing an added incentive for the minidisc form factor to grow as an audio/data storage medium.

    Thank you for your time and devotion.

    147. Professional Live Recording Could Have Been...

    Posted by Thomas Olson on 5/1/2002, 15:10:18

    The ability to transfer from MD directly to the computer without a chain of A/D converters could put Sony in the Professional gear market, where buyers pay thousands on professional budgets. I have recorded my own live eprformances, and some assoictaes' and have always run in to the trouble of what to do with it... and then "Why did I invest in thsi system?"

    148. Radio

    Posted by Genevieve Lajeunesse on 5/1/2002, 15:16:36

    Uploading would make MD a really useful option for field recordings for radio work.

    149. the missing link

    Posted by Dan Sicko on 5/1/2002, 15:17:29

    I'm willing to overlook the lack of OpenMG + Macintosh compatibility if Sony would just add uploading capability to NetMD!

    150. NetMD uploads are a college student's dream

    Posted by Joe Edwards on 5/1/2002, 15:18:48

    I also would like to request that SONY reconsider a upload option with the current NetMD MD recorders.
    I use my R909 for recording several of my lectures. The limitation that the MD players have regarding uploading forces me to spend several hours copying the lectures to my PC. If the NetMD players had upload capabilities, I would be able to save several hours a day transferring lectures.
    Please reconsider the upload option carefully. If the NetMD machines I would wholeheartedly embrace a N1, but until then I will just continue to use my R909.

    Thank you.

    Joe Edwards...a potential N1 consumer.

    151. Use for Field Recording...

    Posted by Aaron Ximm on 5/1/2002, 15:29:01

    I use MD to make extensive field recordings, and participate in users' groups with many more people who do -- professionally, for education, for reseach, for artwork, and as a hobby.

    MD has been a real winner in this domain because of its unparalled ease of use, battery life, and size in the field.

    For myself and others like me, it would be an incredibly good thing to be able to make high-speed, digital uploads of our own recordings. Currently, I am working on moving over 120 hours of recordings to a PC; this is not atypical for serious users. You can imagine the difference high-speed, lossless transfers would make!

    Note that for this community it would be perfectly acceptable for 'audio upload' to be limited to our *own* recordings, made via analog inputs or digital ins from our own external mic preamps. In the latter case, I believe the lack of SCMS data would indicate when recordings are our own.

    Best regards, and congratulations on a fine product. I look forward to continuing to use MD in my work.
    aaron ximm

    152. NetMD Audio Uploading

    Posted by Dor Shahaf on 5/1/2002, 15:29:21

    NetMD Audio Uploading Could be the best thing that happend to the mini disc format over the years. That Must Be Include.

    153. Audio Upload from MiniDisc to Computer

    Posted by Brent Green on 5/1/2002, 15:30:43

    I have been an avid fan of MiniDisc for over five years. In fact, I transferred all of my CD collection onto MiniDisc and gave the CDs away to my family and friends. Since the new MD systems supports MDLP, it would be nice to get my songs up to the PC so that I could convert them to LP2. By the way, I love NetMD - way to go!


    154. Live Recording

    Posted by Tim Corcoran on 5/1/2002, 15:32:27

    I use my R900 minidisc to record piano recitals. My only gripe is how difficult it is to get these files onto my PC for editing. I will purchase a NetMD unit the DAY it supports uploading. Until then, NetMD is far less useful than my Sony Clie for holding MP3 songs.

    155. i am waiting for this to happen before a buy a md recorder.

    Posted by Craig Thomas on 5/1/2002, 15:33:31

    do this and sell a lot of product.
    full duplex (even in mono) would be absolutely superb also...

    156. I need uploading

    Posted by Mujtaba Shah on 5/1/2002, 15:40:52

    I record live concerts but cant upload them to my pc.

    157. Allow Uploading

    Posted by Phillip Taylor on 5/1/2002, 15:43:53

    I am in a band and we frequently record live show with my Mini Disc. I would love to be able to upload these files with Net MD. Thanks!

    158. please add netmd uploading

    Posted by brian dalton on 5/1/2002, 15:45:35

    i use minidisk to record my live performances on the piano...and i would really like it if i would be able to upload it onto my computer to edit, modify, save, and create a cd of my performances.


    159. So Close...

    Posted by Michael Robbins on 5/1/2002, 15:55:41

    I have used your format since the beginning, have purchased thousands of dollars of equipment since, and use it for work and pleasure, you are so close to major success with the format, please take it to the next level by implementing the upload feature.

    160. Archival use

    Posted by Dr. J.B. Axelrod on 5/1/2002, 15:56:14

    As an Historian, I often need to conduct oral history interviews. Minidisc is a near ideal tool for this purpose. Its only serious flaw is its current inability to upload digitally into my computer (Macintosh, by the way) for storage and editing. As it currently stands, NetMD is of absolutely no use to me, as I seldom manipulate mp3 files. With digital uploading of mic-recorded samples, however, NetMD would be invaluable to field researchers such as myself, and would certainly contribute to your equipment and media sales.

    161. Take NETMD to its logical conclusion

    Posted by Tim Dunne on 5/1/2002, 16:00:52

    Uploading ability makes sense. This is a great product - please reconsider the castration of it by software

    162. Please allow uploading

    Posted by Thomas Davie on 5/1/2002, 16:15:39


    163. Uploading

    Posted by Alex Goldvarg on 5/1/2002, 16:18:24

    Please add this very important feature!

    164. Product Markting mistake

    Posted by J on 5/1/2002, 16:35:18

    Having a NetMD audio uploading function on the new line would make up my mind. I also wonder whats up with the missing Mac software for the new NetMD Sony products. A lot of Mac people will NOT buy a NetMD and if you look at the numbers the low cost of this software is well worth the return. Sony is missing some BIG markting points by overlooking the needs and wants of the MD market. Ask the people what they want and give them
    the best for a fair price.

    165. The Next Step

    Posted by James Speed on 5/1/2002, 16:39:24

    Please take MD to the next level by adding USB upload capability. I know countless musicians who would benifit personally and professionally from the added capability.

    166. Great for Amateur Musicians

    Posted by Benjamin Stern on 5/1/2002, 16:44:06

    I think that if there were a way to digitally transfer music from minidisc to PC, minidisc would soon become the accepted standard for amateur and student musicians. They could:
    - keep a record of their practice/rehersals
    - send mp3s to their teachers or friends to evaluate
    - make basic demo recordings and post them on the web.

    167. Sony, don't let me down

    Posted by Terry on 5/1/2002, 16:49:46

    I've been your loyal customer since MZ-1. Please don't turn me down and I know you can make it!!


    168. Upload Recordings of Meetings

    Posted by James Hoagland on 5/1/2002, 17:14:19

    Being able to record meetings and lectures on MD then upload the recording to a computer would be a great asset.

    169. Build it and I'll buy it

    Posted by Steve on 5/1/2002, 17:29:49

    As Jonathan Parker's message. If this was available, I would buy it. I am a keen supporter of Minidisc and have friends in a band whom I would like to record.

    170. Facilitation of student studying

    Posted by Patrick Dean on 5/1/2002, 17:37:56

    I often use the minidisc format to record lectures in class, a habit that has aided me greatly. However, the slow method of recording to my PC using a the sound card is irksome at best. I would Much appreciate the addition of Net MD upload.

    171. NetMD USB upload Mac and PC

    Posted by SonyTEL on 5/1/2002, 17:40:55

    This is a very important feature to keep MD on top of audio recorder, Mac and PC.

    172. add audio upload

    Posted by Alan Vosper on 5/1/2002, 17:47:33

    Minidisc is a great technology, as versatile as the tape deck was in the eighties. Tapes gave many options to people as to what to do with their music with affordable equipment. The advent of CD's has made this versatility disappear due to higher costs of recording equipment untill only the last few years. While MD and NetMD does already have great versatilty, it can only be increased by the addition of an audio upload capabilty. Such a feature would even surpass the capabilities of audio casette tapes. With all these wonderful features, the quality level of the sound stored, and the affordability of blank minidiscs, Minidisc would have literally no competeion as a choice of music medium for the future.
    -Alan Vosper

    173. MD audio upload

    Posted by Mark Bausch on 5/1/2002, 17:49:01

    To the folks at Sony: I have several uses for Minidisc...probably the most important pertains to my job as an organic chemistry professor. One of the things I've used the internet for, in my first semester organic class, is a repository for the audio from my lectures. I use the MD format to record the lectures, but then to get them into the RealAudio format I am currently required to move the audio, in real time, to my computer prior to compressing it for the 'net. Oh how I have often desired the ability to move the lecture audio to my computer in the same way that I can move other files/images etc. I trust that you folks have the brainpower to work out anti-copying schemes...but to have the ability to move analog audio to computer, file-by-file...would be a tremendous achievement. In addition, you would knock all of the digital voice recorders out of the water. Thanks for your time.

    174. Please add this feature!!

    Posted by Bernard Carville on 5/1/2002, 17:55:02

    As a professional musician of many years standing the upload feature would be an absolute blessing! Minidisc has been a wonderful tool for recording live perfofmances,rehersals,etc. I don't own a computer but I would love to be able to share with the other musicians I work with. I am sensitive to the bootlegging issue but the guys who do that are going to find a way no matter what! Please don't make us all pay for the dishonesty of a few! Mini disc has been a wonderful tool for me. I've become a better musician for having it!

    175. Additions to NetMD

    Posted by Marck Evers on 5/1/2002, 18:04:15

    On behalf of the edittors of, the biggest Dutch site about MiniDisc we want to let you know that the first lack we found in NetMD was not to be able to transfer your own live recordings from you MD back to your PC.

    So we fully agree with the proposals done in this petition and think that it is possible without violating any copyright issues.

    Sincerely, team: Marck, Niels, Sjoert, Erik & Gerben

    176. MD Is The Best !! It Could Be Even Better With Audio UPLOAD !!! [Read my message for more detail]

    Posted by Alejandro Abad on 5/1/2002, 18:04:33

    The Minidisc format is incredible. I use my MZ-R900 EVERY DAY, and charge it ONCE A WEEK or less. Ii have bought an MZ-N1 and I feel that Audio UPLOAD would make the Minidisc even more superior. When I sing with my band, it would be ideal for me to be able to use my -N1 to upload recordings to my computers to so I could pass MP3's of our performances to other members of the band that don't own an MD player/recorder. There are countless uses for Audio UPLOAD, and it really wouldn't make Copyright Infirngement an issue if it were well implemented. I would be willing to pay a reasonable price for an OpenMG upgrade. Thankyou for your time, and I hope my words will help to convince you. If this is not the case, so be it, I'll still support Minidisc EVERY DAY !!! I suppose we must also realise that maybe audio Upload is technically more difficult, I really don't know. If it is a hardware limitation that Prohibits audio UPLOAD, then Sony could do us the favour of informing us, so that we could understand the problem and not try to ask for something that simply cannot be done. Again, thankyou for your time. Best regards,
    -Alex Abad.

    177. Stifled

    Posted by John Anthony Ramirez on 5/1/2002, 18:08:26

    I believe Minidisc has the capability of becoming the next great personal media of choice. However, without the ability to upload to a PC, it will be delegated to a second-rate option, with limited sales appeal. Sony, forget for a moment, that you own artists, and think of the artists that you can foster. More importantly, for your shareholders sake, think of the bottom line potential.

    178. Please don't give other competitors' products reason to succeed over MD!

    Posted by Frank Roberts on 5/1/2002, 18:28:20

    I've been an MD enthusiast for a long time, but whereas once it was THE choice for portable players and recorders, now customers are being seduced more and more by other alternatives. Better software, with more flexibility will do much to *keep* MD on top. Thanks.

    179. My digital recordings should stay digital

    Posted by Todd Bainbridge on 5/1/2002, 18:38:05

    I would switch from Sharp to Sony if this function were implemented.

    180. As a musician, NetMD upload capability puts me in your pocket

    Posted by Orlando Montalvo on 5/1/2002, 18:43:09

    By adding a feature like this to a minidisc recorder, already a top quality and strong music device, I will be able to spend only a fraction of the cost it would take to record my music digitally. Other devices have this capability, but cost a great deal, meaning essentially, thats money and word of mouth Sony will miss out. Don't let that happen, MD has the potential to become one of the most popular recording mediums of all time.

    181. This is a critical part of a buying decision.

    Posted by Kevin McCoy on 5/1/2002, 18:45:09

    NetMD looks wonderful, but it needs to be useful in both directions, recording to and from the MD.

    182. This factor will decide whether I (and many others i believe) buy

    Posted by Jonathan Chang on 5/1/2002, 19:07:08

    This feature, if enabled, will make so much more appealing and give it an edge on the mp3 dominated scene.
    This factor is one of the things that will decide whether I buy a Net.MD unit or not

    183. MD recorder useless to me without uploading...

    Posted by Clint Fisher on 5/1/2002, 19:14:19

    Dear Sony,
    Since the Compact Disc is so prevalent, your real market for the MiniDisc player (at least in the United States) is for people who are recording with it. Period. I'm sure your sales figures for pre-recorded MiniDisc titles will accurately reflect this.

    I would've purchased a MiniDisc long ago had I found a unit that would do native digital output to my computer. Why? Because I record live music, and I want to upload it to my computer to ultimately master and publish this music.

    As a recording engineer, I can not tolerate the signal loss incurred when outputting to analog only to be re-sampled again in digital -- which is the procedure I would have to go through now were I to use MiniDisc as a format.

    Please breath new life into the MiniDisc format and implement digital uploading from your line of MiniDisc recorders.

    If you are concerned about copyright violation, please keep in mind that the majority of MD users are likely using it for personal recording anyway, and will not be even playing copyrighted material with these units.

    Thank you,
    -Clint Fisher

    184. My MZ-N1 would be top notch...if it had an upload function.

    Posted by Seth Bert on 5/1/2002, 19:24:52

    I love my MZ-N1 and it is great for recording my drum work and Dave Matthews concerts. Minidiscs are one of the most versatile formats around, but not allowing a NetMD upload holds back alot of people from buying the new portables. A firmware update or software update would be wonderful if possible for the MZ-N1. Even if the uploading was limited to microphone recordings it would help alot. Thanks for listening Sony (hopefully) .

    185. musicians need this!!!

    Posted by jason henry on 5/1/2002, 19:27:04

    As an amateur guitarist and music teacher being able to upload live recorded content to my computer for tweaking and editing in it's original recorded state would be an invaluable tool. I understand there are obvious reasons why this may not be desirable from the music industry's standpoint, but I believe the net result among the MD enthusiast community would be nothing but positive and those who could possibly use this feature for unethical applications are in the vast minority. Please thoughtfully consider the minidisc community's voice in this matter and we will be grateful.

    jason henry

    186. Sony could profit from MD meeting minutes recording

    Posted by Steve Bennett on 5/1/2002, 19:34:50

    I would happily purchase Sony's $500 professional MD recorder for my City to record Council and Planning Commission meetings IF there was an fast way to upload the recordings to a computer and from there to our website so interested citizens could listen to the preceedings at their convenience. But there's I won't.

    187. Upload would seperate NETMD from MP3 Players!

    Posted by Nassib Khayat on 5/1/2002, 19:40:26

    Ok, that's nice. Highspeed computer done downloading. But what about uploading? If it does not have uplading then I might as well by an MP3 player. It will only take a simple software upgrade!

    188. This is vital function

    Posted by Nathan Pullar on 5/1/2002, 19:42:45

    And a deal breaker in whether or not what I decide to purchase a "netMD" recorder.

    I will not buy one until this function is available.

    189. Minidisc to PC

    Posted by Scott Thistle on 5/1/2002, 19:49:14

    I've been a Minidisc user since 1997, and it is a wonderful digital recording format. Although I wish portable MD recorders could have an optical digital output, the next best thing would be to upload FROM the MD to the PC. The more versatile the MD format is, the more acceptance it will have in America.

    190. Recording Live Interviews

    Posted by Dan Dawson on 5/1/2002, 20:11:05

    Greetings! I bought the MZ-N707 for the sole purpose of recording live audio interviews of persons I met in my travels to foreign countries. I then use these audio clips in slideshows and video presentations I put together. I bought this unit because I completely expected it to be capable of it, and was completely surprised to find that it was not able.

    I would hate to have to record beautiful digital audio only to drop it to analog through my soundcard in order to get it back into the computer! Thanks for your work and creating of an [almost] great product!


    Dan Dawson

    191. Classroom recordings!

    Posted by Robert Ye on 5/1/2002, 20:19:43

    This would be very helpful for notes that I will record in College. I don't want to have like 100's of Minidics to shuffle through, I'd rather be able to upload those recordings onto my computer and keep them there. Also, saving recordings my many other things in life onto the computer would be great!

    192. Please....

    Posted by Jonus on 5/1/2002, 20:24:07

    For those of us who use your technology as a cheap, simple, and effective means of recording: classes, concerts, our own music, interviews, and a million other things. What good is NetMD if it is crippled? What good is a recording of my band on NetMD if I can't put it on my computer simply with you technology?
    Thanks. Peace.

    193. Perfect Portable Music Player

    Posted by Matthew Chimes on 5/1/2002, 20:56:03

    I'm a huge MD fan, but much desired features are still left out of current portables, audio uploading just being one of them. Combined with the best features from Sharp's portable line, Sony Minidisc would finally catch on in the US... but do market it better!

    194. A feature necessary for survival and growth of the MD format

    Posted by Girish N on 5/1/2002, 20:56:46

    People pay for convenience, which is why competing formats have always overshadowed MD in the US till now, despite the excellent potential of the medium.

    Custom upload and on-PC editing/track management capabilities are a must for the format to survive at this stage in the era of digital music players, and time seems to be running out. Please consider the opinions of the many fans here (of which I am one) and introduce upload and editing before they become disillusioned with a format they clearly love.

    195. uploading is essential

    Posted by v kowtha on 5/1/2002, 21:10:44

    My seven year old has been using the sony minidisc player fir vocal lessons that she got when she was 3 years olds at Montgomery Wards and has amassed several hundred minidiscs of her personal recorded music. We have not erased one of them and we would love to have a way for her to edit her own music on a computer. Please make her day by allowing the minidiscs to be uploaded on to the computer asap.

    196. less time transferring sounds is more time for making films

    Posted by Bohus Blahut on 5/1/2002, 21:19:23

    I was attracted to MiniDisc due to its small size, high quality, and the ability to run at synch speed. I am a professional editor and cameraperson for both film and video. I have been able to stop lugging around heavy recording equipment for location sound recording.

    This audio has to get transferred into the computer for editing and as you know time is money. I'd rather spend my time in a creative pursuit than in a menial task like copying audio from MD to computer in realtime.

    Please consider adding the abilities cited in this petition. You will be helping independent filmmakers all around the world in the process of making better films.

    I am also a musician and we record our practice sessions on MiniDisc. I want to make CD copies of these practices, but have not done so since that would mean spending hours trasferring material, and losing the digital quality of the original.

    I own three minidisc recorders. The thing that would make me buy a fourth immediately is if you were to implement these proposed changes in the next version of Net MD. Thank you.

    197. Using MD in music education

    Posted by Paul Schroeder on 5/1/2002, 21:24:51


    I use the MD to record classes vocal and instrumental performances. It is a great tool and is so superior to the old days of cassette recording. (Students also think MDs are cool.) I would love digital upload capability to shuttle these recordings to the PC. Please consider including digital upload capability in future versions of NetMD products. Thank you.

    198. My creative content

    Posted by Clay Schneider on 5/1/2002, 21:32:40

    Please -- allow me to upload my live recordings to the pc for edit.

    199. A brighter future

    Posted by George Singer on 5/1/2002, 21:59:22

    Allowing music to be uploaded to the computer digitally over USB can only serve to increase the market for minidisc, especialy one with such amazing encoding capabilities as the type R dsp processing on the Sony NetMD based minidisc recorder. The difference between the allowed analog and digital uploading is only one of convienence. Why not make the minidisc an integral part of every individuals life (utilizing music and data?) Sony has its hands on a gem; improved error correction and at least audio uploading will allow your NetMD minidisc recorders to redefine our digital world.

    200. Live recording

    Posted by Anant on 5/1/2002, 22:01:25

    I really think audio uploading feature will put NETMD on par with all the current
    MP3 technologies and MD will really have kickstart.
    Sony should not deprive the users for their own recordings.


    201. This could be the breakthrough

    Posted by Chris on 5/1/2002, 22:08:39

    it would be so great if i could upload my live recordings on to my computer. If this feature was included, I think MD would skyrocket to be the best and most popular portable audio format.

    202. Add Audio Upload

    Posted by Mike Marmo on 5/1/2002, 22:25:23

    Minidisc is a very versatile format and is in heavy competition with other formats such as mp3 and cd-rw. Audio upload will benifit minidisc users and its popularity.

    203. Simplify Music Transfer via USB

    Posted by Fabian Lamaestra on 5/1/2002, 22:31:54

    The mp3 to ATRAC is far too slow, to say the least. Please work on a more flexible way of tranfer.

    204. I plan to return my MZ-N1, Why NO UPLOAD.

    Posted by Dan Conde on 5/1/2002, 22:45:30

    I saw the adds about 32 speed PC transefers and assumed it was 2-way. I plan to retun the MZ-N1 to the GoodGuys before my 30 days is up and complain about false and deceptive advertising. You should be able to transfer your own recordings to a PC. This is not copyright infringement. Are we milking the features so we are forced to buy the next new version next year??? Sony?

    205. NetMD Upload. Where art thou??

    Posted by Daniel Chun on 5/1/2002, 23:05:56

    I Have used sony products ever since i bought my R37. Now I have the R55 R37 R700 R500 R909 and N505.
    Sony has been doing good all along but I bought my N505 hoping to be able to upload some of my bands recording. Please fufill this request to add the upload feature to the NetMD software.


    206. upload feature

    Posted by matthew leo on 5/1/2002, 23:13:23

    minidisc is an awesome format and i believe an upload feature would further enhance minidisc

    207. Live Recording

    Posted by Wilson on 5/1/2002, 23:15:30

    This was just what i was waiting for.. i wanted to use my md to upload live recordings to my computer... to my dissapointment.. this is still an unavaliable option =(

    208. MD NEEDS THIS!!!

    Posted by Mike Ruley on 5/1/2002, 23:40:05

    I, along with many other MD users, feel that this capability would drastically boost interest in the minidisc format, which many have already considered extinct for a few years now. Not only that, uploading digitally 32x faster than normal sure beats dubbing via analogue input in realtime!
    I would also take this opportunity to ask Sony to manufacture an in-Dash Car MD/CD combo receiver with all the high end features currently in demand of car audio, such as 3-sets of high voltage preamp outputs, parametric EQ, Subwoofer controls, and of course the high quality of the Sony name.

    209. The next logical step...

    Posted by Andy Owen on 5/1/2002, 23:48:55

    Now solid state MP3 players are beaten on sound quality and convenience for download, why not put them out of the game with uploading ability?

    210. creativity

    Posted by spinyhedgehog on 5/1/2002, 23:54:17

    to supress some one's creativity limits one's life

    if you don't open the channel then some one will and some one will walk away and some one will not

    ever hear of the Brelin Wall

    211. Add Audio Upload !

    Posted by Eitel Gerhard on 5/1/2002, 23:59:01

    The people want it !

    212. Complete the MD package!

    Posted by Nathan on 5/2/2002, 0:10:52

    Sony please consider adding this important feature to an otherwise outstanding product line. NetMD will be very successful with the addition of uploading capabilities, and this in turn will also satisfy your most loyal MD customers! Thank you.

    213. Student

    Posted by Joe Hoffman on 5/2/2002, 0:25:43

    As a student, this would be extremely beneficial to me in that i could record lectures and store them on the computer. It would also be a great addition for anyone in a band who would convert a live recording into a CD, or even just to use a computerized mixing program after recording

    214. Keep leading the way

    Posted by Dorian Staps on 5/2/2002, 0:49:33

    Keep MD, a medium that revolutionized handling of audio recordings, versatile and competative. Even, or rather especially, in nowadays environment which relies on the simple and fast transfer of information, customers expect Sony to lead the way.


    D. Staps

    215. a former MD user's thoughts

    Posted by A.L. on 5/2/2002, 1:06:49

    MiniDisc is a fantastic product and represents one of the most flexible mediums for the enjoyment/recording of music currently on the market. However, I gave up on MD some months ago in favor of solid state and hard-disk based recording due to NetMD's lack of an upload feature. Having to transfer a compressed digital signal to another medium via A/D conversion and back to digital through a computer's soundcard is an archaic, time-consuming method that results in unacceptable recordings. Two ideas that would help MD gain more respect as a recording format: 1. Allow analog and digital (S/PDIF) uploads of uncopyrighted (i.e. original) material via NetMD 2. Ship new units with a 650MB MD2 drive to allow for uncompressed PCM recordings. If Sony were to offer uncompressed MD audio recorders/players, the CD would look obsolete in comparison due to size, and MD could gain the audiophile approval that CD's have garnered for years.

    216. Live recordings

    Posted by Luke James on 5/2/2002, 1:18:18

    I love the new net MD idea its really going to help bring MD to the masses. but its kinda pointless if you cant take your own matrial off the MD back to the computer.

    217. Uptake upload

    Posted by Gary Ayre on 5/2/2002, 1:26:45

    Why would Mr/Mrs Average purchase an expensive MD system that doesnt upload when there are plenty of other cheaper MP3 based systems that do?

    218. absurd + linux + soundcard

    Posted by stefan geissler on 5/2/2002, 1:26:50

    it�s among the absurdest things that one pays for
    technology (the netmdplayer) and also a fee when buying datastoragehardware (i.e. here in austria), and the result is that you cannot even transfer your OWN (I mean selfmade) music with this technology.

    what is missing, beside uploading of course, is a LINUXclient. and really the most beautiful thing would be that one can use netmd as a kind of soundcard with datastorage function which i.e. can record directly onto harddisk and which also can be mounted into the directorytree without using stupid clientsoftware.


    219. NetMD to be the wave of the future

    Posted by John Michael Carmona on 5/2/2002, 1:41:21

    I believe that the MD format is so much superior to any MP3 format. Before the only con for MD is the real time recording but now that's past. But Sony should not just stop on equalling this capability but surpass it. MD records have proven to be very good portable recorders, that is it can record from any source with great quality. And since this time of the world, everyone is interconnected through the Internet, a fast and feasable way should be implemented to share these portable recordings done with the MD, and with this petition, I ask Sony to give into consideration the facts stated here and to keep in mind that we will continue to be great supporters of this audio format

    220. switching digital

    Posted by Christophr C. Coloma on 5/2/2002, 2:12:51

    I am what you may call as an outdated audiophile. I have music set-ups that use analog electronic equipments, 'cause here in the philippines new digital equipments are very expensive. But I am always updated with reports, writeups, comments etc on new formats. I have long considered buying an MD. But I still find it a very premature RAW music media format. I believe that designing your MD format to allow uploading of music files to PC will eventually maxed its design, capability and superiority over the other formats. Revolutionize!

    221. Hey Sony, remember BetaMax?

    Posted by Concerned 707 owner on 5/2/2002, 2:23:22

    Beta should be your lesson in history here. Let me emphasize *history*... You tried to charge royalties on that format. Oops. Every time you see a VHS tape, be reminded that people will deal with less quality to not have to be hassled by big brother.

    And what's the point of not letting uploads created on an MD not be transferred? The DCMA protected against digital copying, but ATRAC is a compression scheme that +by definition+ degrades the quality of the audio anyhow! It's essentially the same as crippling a digital upload to "analog quality". So if I get a mic, plug it in, and record in a LOSSY FORMAT, what's the point of regulating that?

    Look - you can enable this, or I'm going to need to return the unit and buy a portable preamp for my Creative Nomad. I'd rather use the ruggedness and portability of MD, but if this isn't able to upload, I'll deal with my Nomad. It records 16-bit 48000 wav. Oh, and it has a little more room... I just hate to lug that thing around! Knowing I can upload with it will motivate me, however.

    Bulky, but unrestricted (VHS)
    Sleek, convenient, but crippled (Beta)

    For your sake, and especially ours, don't make the same mistake again!

    222. Audio Upload is a must

    Posted by Daniel on 5/2/2002, 2:34:21

    To compete with other recording media and codecs, the Minidisc format and the ATRAC codec need this addition to its funcionality

    audio upload is a must

    223. Need the audio upload!!

    Posted by Howard Liu on 5/2/2002, 2:48:07

    It would be very very convenient for n1 users such as me to have the upload ability

    a perfect example would be my band's music

    since i use my netmd to record music from my band practise, it would be extremely awesome if i could upload onto my computer and send it to my friends, instead of jus lendin my md around for listenin

    so yeh netmd audio upload would be great sony!!! i have supported u guys, and always will, so keep up the good work in providin wot users want!

    224. please add audio upload

    Posted by John Wu on 5/2/2002, 2:53:44


    225. This uploading capability is essential

    Posted by Jesus Nunez on 5/2/2002, 3:07:08

    I'm talking for every minidisc user when i say that MD-PC uploding should be more felxible. I currently own an mz-n1 and have owned several models in the past. When I heard of the new NETMD technology I truly believed that my previous recorders were obsolete and felt forced to trade them for sony's latest. Please agree to the petition, and you will reach NETMD perfection! You will make all of our dreams come will reach one of your main technological objectives: simlpify life. You will attract a broader public; you will surpass evey one of your once potential competitors - this is your chance to kick dataplay out of the market. Listen to our creed and do what you guys do best. Innnovate and be STYLISH at the same time! Then let sharp and panasonic follow your lead (even though I'll stick with you guys, ALWAYS). Make the uploaded tracks playable only in your openmg software; use unique file encoding to prevent copyright issues...or don't mind what I said and do it your way. Please, you guys, enhance md recoders and strengthen the md community. Oh, by the way, when will the website be operating again?

    Jesus Nunez

    226. Future enhancements

    Posted by Julien Barret on 5/2/2002, 3:18:14

    A list of possbible future enhancements for MD, that would be great:

    -Net MD Audio Upload
    -"Super MD" (MDHD, same as MD Data 2 Sony's MD Discam) for audio devices
    -Firewire input for faster upload/download

    227. adding net-md upload function

    Posted by Pascal Charbonneau on 5/2/2002, 3:20:56

    Music students around the globe will be grateful for this function. Music students are already great consumers of minidisc products. Adding this function would permit them to transfer the live performances they give onto a more standard format. (i.e. : demo and audition tapes)

    228. Need the ability to upload please.

    Posted by Ashish Joseph on 5/2/2002, 3:25:20

    I am an avid fan of Sony products in general especially its minidisc players.

    However, I would love the ability to be able to upload live guitar recordings of mine to my personal computer from my mindisc recorder.

    Consider this a plea to include this feature in the NetMD software!

    229. The missing LINK!!

    Posted by Nicholas Chong on 5/2/2002, 3:36:03

    NetMD is great technology but without the uploading feature, it's missing what it takes to be AWESOME. Currently, I can only fiddle with my recordings in the form of MDs and that doesn't seem to be very cool when i'm surrounded by computers and all which cannot manipulate these recordings. Computers are the present and the future as we know it and MDs can very well co-exist with them given the right ingredients. AllI can say is that MD and NetMD would be just another thing of the past if Sony doesn't play the right cards. P.S. Secure!=Future-proof

    230. Please add audio upload

    Posted by Ursus Schneider on 5/2/2002, 4:29:28


    I have just bought a NetMD N1 version and actually wanted to use it for taking notes while traveling around the world for 1 year. My idea was that I could connect the N1 to any PC using USB and upload my audio notes and send them home. I now know that this cannot be done using the hardware I bought.

    I do understand that their are piracy issues involved but, please, make the NetMD's useful by adding audio upload via USB.

    Thanking you in advance
    Ursus Schneider

    231. Please add audio uploading

    Posted by John Chrapowicki on 5/2/2002, 4:29:51

    Other audio recording devices allow direct uploading to the hard disc so why let MD slip behind them? Please add this feature ASAP and bring MD fully into the 21st Century.

    232. pro use

    Posted by thomas on 5/2/2002, 4:47:06

    as a journalist, i could use this function. we need it! pleeeeease!!!!!!!!!

    233. you can do it sony!

    Posted by aziz on 5/2/2002, 5:12:22

    you can do it sony!!

    234. NetMD audio upload

    Posted by Rogier Pieters on 5/2/2002, 5:34:36

    Dear Sony,

    A lot of the minidisc users use their (Net)MD equipment to make live recordings, for school, concerts or interviews. It would be very usefull for them to be able to upload the audio they have recorded at high speed and with high quality to their PC.

    Thank you very much,

    Rogier Pieters & all minidisc users arround the world

    235. Yes, Sony you can do it

    Posted by Dusan Krizaj on 5/2/2002, 5:36:41

    Ja, Sony to moras maredit !
    (Yes Sony, you can do it !)

    236. NetMD Audio upload: Why I deserted NetMD!

    Posted by Hatem Eldoronki on 5/2/2002, 5:41:03

    I have a huge collection of audio tapes that I needed to convert into digital format. NetMD, I thought was the solution. But I also needed to edit the sound quality digitally, AND be able to re-produce these recordings to CD-R and MP3 format too. Imagine how many hours I wasted trying to record these tapes to NetMD in real-time, then REPEATING the process again, from MD to PC (to edit the sound quality), then from PC to NetMD which doesn't take long now, but is almost like a closed-end contract, meaning that once I've made my final MD production, I can't really use it as a master that is directly transferrable to other audio formats. That's why I gave up NetMD, and got me an Archos 10GB MP3 Player/Recorder, but I still miss the 'Sony' brand name on it.
    At least make a lightweight high capacity MP3/digital recorder if you don't want to enable NetMD upload to PC.

    237. MD Digital Upload is essential!

    Posted by Yota Yoshimitsu on 5/2/2002, 5:45:52

    As a avid MD user who often makes live recordings, having the facility to upload MD audio digitally to PC would make it much easier to edit and store such recordings. It would greatly enhance the versatility and superiority of the MD format - for fully-digital recording, playback and editing. It would make an already excellent format even better.

    238. I agree with petition from

    Posted by Vincent FONTAINE on 5/2/2002, 5:59:51

    Please add the new function decribed by

    Also, can I ask for the MD2 (second generation of MD capacity), i.e. MD of 640 MBytes using blue lazer technology as DVD. It should by interesting to put 80 minutes of UNcompressed music on a single little carbridge (with same information that on a CD), and more hours of compressed music with ATRAC without MDLP. Why not more of ten hours of compressed music with the MDLP ...


    239. MD-PC upload- YES PLEASE!

    Posted by Movi on 5/2/2002, 6:06:51

    Adding such a function would (IMHO) complete the functionality of the OpenMG format. Sony, please do not think:
    every user=pirate music (mp3, or whatever)distributor

    240. NetMD Audio Upload

    Posted by Adam Gladys on 5/2/2002, 6:35:01

    It would be great to be able to upload the long lectures into the computer.

    241. MD Upload function is essential

    Posted by Vaidy Narayanan on 5/2/2002, 6:48:14

    Dear Sony:
    Minidisc is a great format, but it really needs compressed audio upload to make it complete.

    242. Add audio upload via NetMD

    Posted by Andrew Kirkby on 5/2/2002, 7:39:15

    It would help greatly if I could upload the saxophone music I record via NetMD as it would improve the sound quality a great deal, and would allow faster transfer, without jumps or skips in my music

    243. Archive and cleanup of old family music

    Posted by Scott Sprabery on 5/2/2002, 8:06:16

    To Sony Corportation:
    Please consider the ability to upload music from minidisc to computer. My family has old recordings that we would like to keep on minidisc and be able to upload to the computer. Once in the computer we can use audio cleaning software to make the music pop and click free, and then have a wonderful clean archive.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    244. The only thing preventing MD from being "perfect".

    Posted by Tim J on 5/2/2002, 8:09:12

    Dear Sony,
    The only thing that prevents MD from being the "ultimate" music format is the upload of music from the unit to PC. Hey, you're already halfway there! Why not finish what you started? There are undoubtably thousands of people out there who use MD for journalist/recording engineering work who would say that having an upload feature would be the icing on the cake for this great format.
    As for the average Joe user like myself, I would love the idea of being able to make my own mixes of music on MD that I PAID FOR on my PC.
    If piracy is your main concern, why not do as Microsoft did with MediaPlayer, and have it so that you can only use your uploaded files on one PC, with the option of "migrating" the files, or maybe you could even "buy" a multi-pc liscense?

    We know that you have a record company to protect, but why treat us like pirates? OpenMG is a joke.

    Here's hoping, Sony.

    245. NetMD lectures upload

    Posted by Pavel Duda on 5/2/2002, 8:12:10

    I'm often use my MD to record lectures and so faster uploading to the computer will make me happy.

    246. Sony, Sony

    Posted by Peter Slavik on 5/2/2002, 8:19:20

    Mr.Sony, why didn�t you make this important thing ?

    247. Loyal Sony business customer...

    Posted by Y.Goulnik on 5/2/2002, 8:21:39

    I I just bought a second MD

    248. Loyal Sony business customer...

    Posted by K.orsay on 5/2/2002, 8:24:25

    I just bought a third MD recorder but I decided not to support Sony NetMD technology because as a musician, for live and practice recordings, this is of no use to me.
    I am a great advocate of minidisc technology, also owns a Sony MD 4-track recorder. And I would not hesitate one second to buy yet a fourth one if it did support NetMD upload and download of my own analog recordings unlimited

    249. Without audio upload OpenMD and Net MD is crippled

    Posted by Linus on 5/2/2002, 8:33:24

    While being able to download my mp3's to MD "quickly" in digital form is usefull. Not being able to digitally upload from my MD back to my computer (in mp3) really cripples the customer proposition.

    To make things clear, NOT being able to upload files that originated as digital recordings is OK by me.

    But please ALLOW analog recordings to be digitally uploaded (and exported to a meaningfull format like mp3) to my computer.

    250. To make the difference

    Posted by Mattia Zamboni on 5/2/2002, 8:41:33

    Adding the upload feature would help a lot MD to survive against the upcoming powerful MP3 players!

    251. Please add the upload facility

    Posted by Bruce Miranda on 5/2/2002, 8:53:00

    I have music from pre Net MD days that I just cannot lose. I need to be able to store this on my computer for safe keeping.

    252. add my vote

    Posted by Michael May on 5/2/2002, 9:13:57

    The Sony minidisc format has been a personal help in so many ways. As a music teacher, I have the ultimate in convenience and sound quality in presenting music samples in my classroom by using the minidisc format. I record 78s from my personal collection for listening on my portable MD player. Live recordings of my school band and my own piano solos are made both easy and fun when using the MD deck. The NetMD uploading provision will enable me to share my own music with other band directors, relatives, etc., by using the internet.

    Please add this feature--make an already great idea (the MD format!) even better!!!

    Mike May

    253. Rapid audio upload would make MD a killer format

    Posted by Dale Greer on 5/2/2002, 9:15:42

    The addition of rapid audio uploads from MD to PC would make MiniDisc the ultimate digital audio recording and playback device. This obvious feature would be a boon to musicians, electronic journalists and field recordists. After that, the only missing feature to add would be Macintoish and Unix compatibility with OpenMG.

    254. (no subject)

    Posted by Moshe G on 5/2/2002, 9:20:37

    sony, please make ammends

    255. I SUPPORT THE Petition Asking Sony to Enable NetMD-Based Audio Uploading from MiniDisc to Computer

    Posted by Jun Ming on 5/2/2002, 9:21:39

    I SUPPORT THIS PETITION ASKING SONY TO ENABLE NetMD-Based Audio Uploading from MiniDisc to Computer

    256. Why do you forsake my content?

    Posted by John Pariseau on 5/2/2002, 9:29:19

    Dear Sony,

    As you know, it is wrong to steal music, copyrighted songs, etc... And, as you have shown with the latest iteration of MiniDisc recorders (NetMD), you are very concerned about fair use, and protecting the rights of the Artist who created the content (music). However, this fails to take into account us, the people who have to record their own music. What about me? What about all the independent artists struggling to make a living, trying to produce a quality CD? MD makes the recording process an easy, high quality, economical solution to the biggest question: We can sing, play, but how do we get our music out there?

    With an upload option for content that was recorded by the owner of the MD unit, the artist has lost the last hurdle to getting his content (he owns, produced) into the computer. Not only artists, but students in college (for archiving classes) and teachers who wish to record their classes. I was asked by a professor if she should get something like I had. I told her, "No, get an mp3 based solution, as that will be the easiest for you". I wanted to recommend MD, but there was no way she had the time to fool with recording her talks again, to get them into the computer. There are a myriad of other times it would have been beneficial to use MD, but I was unable due to the real-time recording-to-computer issue that I feel has plagued the MD. Since MD is a digital format, it should be treated as such. NetMD is halfway there...

    Thank you for your time,

    John Pariseau

    257. Add SP (ATRAC Type-R) NetMD Recording As Well

    Posted by Phil Briggs on 5/2/2002, 9:35:56

    I think that allowing audio uploading would be great for those who record lectures, interviews and music (such as band recordings and rehearsals) onto MiniDisc for the (perfectly legal) purposes of archiving.

    And if you could also allow NetMD recording in SP format (using the ATRAC Type-R codec) that would also be great as it would allow users to record even higher-quality recordings at high speed. It would also be relatively easy to add, given that the OpenMG software allows you to record in SP format (even though it's merely a conversion of an ATRAC3-encoded file into SP mode).

    258. Please add uploading features

    Posted by Gene on 5/2/2002, 10:07:31

    Please add uploading features

    259. Make the minidisc system complete

    Posted by Renny Chao on 5/2/2002, 10:34:00

    If you allowed for audio upload, the whole netmd system would be complete. With more flexibility, and ease of use, you would not only make Minidisc users happy, but also spur interest in prospective buyers. Your NetMD concepts is awesome, now complete the package with uploading, and you'll have the best audio solution/package for years to come.

    260. Don't let the minidisc die

    Posted by Andrew Carlson on 5/2/2002, 10:36:10

    Minidisc will not be able to compete and will die a slow death without implementation of new technologies for digital interfacing. I think firewire should be a consideration rather than usb so that it will integrate better with pro-level audio and video progams and hardware.

    261. Lecture uploads

    Posted by Hovo on 5/2/2002, 10:55:30

    I make a lot of recording of school lectures. Uploading them onto the pc and being able to organize and play them would make my and everyone else's life a lot easier.

    262. Agree with the uploading issue

    Posted by Bryan Childs on 5/2/2002, 10:59:11


    263. SONY, remake your Big-Brother image!

    Posted by Jeton Ademaj on 5/2/2002, 11:09:40

    Dear SONY,

    Please note that most live source recording using minidisc is NOT related to any form of piracy or so-called 'bootlegging'. Most people using MD to record do not transgress the concerns of any "content provider" in any way, but we're nonetheless penalized by misplaced anxiety.

    Furthermore, MiniDisc is an inherently inferior (loss-inherent) piracy tool. There's no evidence that allowing digital transfer of *inherently inferior, ATRAC-compressed sound* would have any negative effect on the revenues of the music industry, as artists releasing their own live material typically use non-compressing hi-resolution equipment. If anything, so called "fan-taping" has been shown to increase the "brand loyalty" to a particular artist, and those same fans reliably purchase the artist's own release of material that's been available on bootleg, no matter how much later the release. Please reference those sudies on the matter that were conducted by the Wall Street Journal and others in the early 1990's.

    Audio upload capability is an extremely useful feature desired by anyone using MiniDisc to record live sources of any type. Jam sessions, meetings, newsgathering and other personal recording needs cry out for further handling and editing, meaning transfer with no further loss. In fact, such transfer is a major potential selling point, one that could expand the base of MD users substantially. Consumers typically like having recording capability even if they don't use it, and past experience shows that consumers will find unexpected utility in devices that offer easy functionality. And the market has matured with regard to 'loss-tolerance', meaning that more and more average people understand the content loss they're incurring by converting back and forth between digital and analog signals, so SONY could swing ahead of the market curve here.

    In light of all this, I think SONY could enjoy an image makeover. Besides "content", SONY is also a major electronics company with a reputation for quality. Unfortunately, SONY Electronics is also famous for odd limitations and disabilities in it's products, bespeaking a deep distrust of it's own customers. I think SONY does itself a big favour by recognizing how much faster a company's "brand image" can evolve for good or ill now that customers can chat together the world over.

    264. Add audio upload

    Posted by Jin Bae on 5/2/2002, 11:14:21

    This is an important issue that needs to be addressed. Please add the audio upload!

    265. What a waste of technology

    Posted by Mark Forman on 5/2/2002, 11:26:03

    I purchased MD to have a portable digital field recorder with a digital link to my computer. I never realized that I could not transfer my recordings back to the computer for editing. What a waste of technology, why even have a portable digital recorder without a digital output. I do feel cheated by Sony.

    266. Don't get left behind by the competition

    Posted by Doug McCauley on 5/2/2002, 11:52:08

    MD is in for the stuggle of it's life with all of the new technology that is emerging. Don't get left in the dust because of a choice to restrict the cabilitities of the technology. I have been using MD since 1992 and I am not opposed to switching to a media that is better adapted to my needs.

    Sony do it right or jepordize the future of MD.

    267. Upload possibility + down with 'END-search' function

    Posted by Soma Szabo on 5/2/2002, 12:03:52

    I agree with several letters above. I own 2 MD decks (JE-520, JA-20ES) and a Sharp portable (Net MD) (I would have bought a *Sony* if it had not had the 'END-search' button... - very annoying!) and would benefit of the upload function as I work with computers every day...
    Sony, please consider our proposal, THX in advance, Soma Szabo from Hungary

    268. Upload MD Functionality

    Posted by Keith on 5/2/2002, 12:06:41

    Please make this more flexibile. Especially the MD upload function

    269. I bought MD N1 on this purpose

    Posted by Gilles Peign� on 5/2/2002, 12:09:43

    I am a musician who bouht the MD N1 for recording my music, to transfer it to a PC for sound edition and i have been very disappointed by the importation function that doesn't work for this purpose. Please do something smart for it.

    270. NetMD

    Posted by Shai on 5/2/2002, 12:16:30

    The more you develop it and expand it's capabilities, the wider market recognition it will have.

    271. why I use Minidiscs...

    Posted by Jim Anderson on 5/2/2002, 12:18:14

    My sole reason for using Minidiscs is to record rehearsals of my band, which I then transfer to my computer and save as mp3 files and upload to a web site for all in the band to download. Obviously I now have to go from a digital to an analog format and then back to digital, and it just seems silly that I can't keep my own music in the digital domain.

    I would really welcome and encourage Sony (and other minidisc manufacturers) to strongly consider adding an uploading functionality to minidisc recorders, such as enhancing the NetMD features. This would make minidiscs a stronger format and would increase its life expectancy.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Jim Anderson

    272. Uploading live recordings...

    Posted by Meeuwes Mollinger on 5/2/2002, 12:21:41

    Apart from using my minidisc recorder to listen to a lot of music, I also use it to record live. For example, recording my voice for a song. I would love to be able to quickly upload this recording, without further degradation of the signal, to my PC for further editing. This way I can use my minidsc recorder in the creative process in a less time-consuming and signal degrading way. Quite frankly, I was surprised OpenMG did not have the possibility to do this.
    I would also like to see 'real' SP recording ability in OpenMG (converting other formats and recording from CD) and Simple Burner.

    273. Audio upload capability needed

    Posted by Gary Akins on 5/2/2002, 12:24:39

    Minidisc has proven to be a useful format for live recording, especially in video production work; setting up MD recorders and microphones at different locations in a large room is a great way to capture the ambient audience reactions so they can be mixed into the soundtrack during post-production, while feeding the stage microphones directly into the camcorder. The ability to do a high-speed upload of live-recorded audio into the PC for post-production would be a great time-saver.

    274. Do It Dammit!

    Posted by lazyrighteye on 5/2/2002, 12:33:07

    I record a lot of field recordings with my MZ-R55.
    Seems silly to record digi then send to my G4 analogue.
    While I'm at it, backlight on the recording unit also seems way too logical to not include. Oooh, and stereo signal indicators would be nice too. I think that's it...

    275. Please provide the upload feature

    Posted by Jo�o on 5/2/2002, 12:41:27

    It would be of great importance to me that the upload feature was available. I do compose musics and not rare times I wanted to transfer my material to the computer. The problem is that I have a portable wich doesn�t even have a analog line in imput. If the upload feature existed, I could simply transfer the music to the computer by the USB conection and then burn them to a cd. Please do make that function available.

    276. Uploading is invaluable

    Posted by Marc on 5/2/2002, 13:00:37

    MiniDisc, an already wonderful technology, can only benefit from a two-way NetMD system. The best way to record could become the most popular if this feature is added.

    Thank you.

    277. Newsgathering for multimedia

    Posted by John Bryan on 5/2/2002, 13:01:34

    We're unable to consider MD for our newsgathering needs for reporters, despite its fidelity for web and broadcast use, because of the lack of upload capability. This artificial hobbling of a great digital format is a huge problem. You need to fix it.

    278. Please add audio upload to NetMD MiniDisc recorders

    Posted by Dave Nash on 5/2/2002, 13:14:10

    The current NetMD technology is invaluable to a professional sound engineer like me, allowing me to quickly transfer the music I need for the forthcoming event quickly and easily to my MZ-N1.
    However, a vital feature is missing, and this is the uploading of recordings to computer. At the moment it is still a painstaking process of recording the sound through the soundcard, not only reducing the quality, but also taking up a huge amount of valuble time.
    Please could you add upload functionality to the NetMD recorders as this would give all MiniDisc users a major boost in functionality and ease of use.
    Also could you consider improving the download speed?
    Thankyou very much,
    Dave Nash
    Re:Birth Records

    279. Please Add Audio upload

    Posted by Karen O'Lone on 5/2/2002, 13:27:42

    I love minidisc. The one draw back is why not have the ability to have the fluid movement of music from my PC to my MD but from my MD to my PC. IT really hinders the possiblity of using less equiptment to do more. For most people who are using the MD, the PC is a central part of the organization of media. To not allow transfers to go both ways is self-defeating.

    280. I support this petition

    Posted by Jonathan Demers on 5/2/2002, 13:30:48

    Adding upload and Macintosh support would make a great product even better. Thank you.

    281. plz

    Posted by Einolu on 5/2/2002, 13:36:56

    dont u trust us?


    283. add audio upload

    Posted by Galo Rodriguez on 5/2/2002, 14:13:57

    will make netmd streamline and will sell alot of units.

    284. DJ Mixes/Liveset recording

    Posted by ALI ABDUL MALIK on 5/2/2002, 14:15:33

    Audio uploading through the USB port would be a great tool for DJs who are promoting their skills through recording an actual set on MD, then transferring it to a PC for additional "touching up" to make it sound the best it could. It would be very convienient (sp?) because users don't have to transfer at real-time speed anymore and lose quality- they can transfer at speeds above real-time and KEEP the excellent quality of a digital recording! Everything is SO much easier this way because sound cards aren't REQUIRED JUST for MD-to-PC transfers anymore. They don't need to put extra money out just to do something the a portable device (given the software) can do already. This is one of the reasons why I didn't buy a SONY MZN-1. I was expecting this feature to be on the device already. SONY, I would buy a NET-MD device IF it has this feature. Thanks SONY!!!

    285. iPod vs. Minidisc?

    Posted by Pete Fedak on 5/2/2002, 14:21:09

    As a customer trying to decide whether I should buy an iPod or minidisc player, I am in a predicament. The iPod (supported by my favored, the Mac) enables file-transfers each way. The NetMD (supported, at the moment, only by PCs) does not. Which is the better buy? Well, obviously the iPod as a mac fan. But if the NetMD were to support file-transfers back to the computer, that would enable me to record live sounds and dump them into the computer thus winning me over as a supporter of NetMD. Please free the consumer!!!

    286. ofcourse it should be allowed

    Posted by pandelis petrou on 5/2/2002, 15:27:26

    i believe the md market went bigtime up because we can record our favorite tunes off the net so thats why they should allow this

    287. NetMD proposal for change

    Posted by Richard Reid on 5/2/2002, 15:27:57


    I add my support for this proposal and petition to make NetMD more versatile. Although I understand Sony's concern for protecting its catalog of recordings from potential misuse, to hobble NetMD weakens the uniquely elegant MD against its speedy competitors. Sony has incorporated sufficient protections within the MD format itself to guard against inappropriate copying. NetMD with high-speed upload to computer capability would bring MD to the very forefront of the industry. If Sony wants to see its "Wunder" take off in the North American market, please give this proposal your consideration and approval.

    288. Won't buy "crippled" product

    Posted by Joe on 5/2/2002, 15:49:30

    I will not consider buying any NetMD product until this obvious flaw is remedied. Also needs Mac support.

    289. please let me upload my live recordings....

    Posted by T Bunales on 5/2/2002, 15:53:36

    I have a band....want to upload my music. Please let me!

    290. Upload my music, please !

    Posted by Sandro Crivell on 5/2/2002, 16:06:54

    MD is the best audio tool of the last decade. To make it complete, please add uploading facilities so I can put my band's music on my pc without spending one year beside my win desktop !

    291. Arriver au maximum de qualit�!

    Posted by Knapen Joel on 5/2/2002, 16:17:47

    Plutot que de bloquer la qualit� de copie des MD il vaudrait mieux la pousser au maximum.
    je passerai au NetMD lorsque je serai sur et certain d'obtenir le m�me r�sultat qu'avec ma platine de salon MDS JB-940.
    je suis un utilisateur de la premi�re heure et j'ai d�j� acquis tout ces appareils:
    Mds s30
    Mz R2
    Mz R55
    Mz R70
    Mz R900
    Mz E909
    Mds JB940
    Mds Pc2
    Mds Pc3

    292. Field reporting and small venue recording

    Posted by Ian Johnston on 5/2/2002, 16:18:15

    I use my portable MD recorder variously as a field reporting recorder, note taker, and recording device in small musical venues where more extensive equipment is either unavailable or impractical. The ability to digitally transfer those recordings to computer, rather than having to run them through the A/D and D/A stages of a sound card again would be fabulous, and help ensure professional-sounding results when working with sound-editing software. I've always wanted this feature, please add it!

    293. don't forget about the format's greatest advantage (convenient digital recording)

    Posted by David Murttha on 5/2/2002, 16:18:55

    I chose to invest in the minidisc format because I could use it to record (like audio cassettes) yet still get the great sound quality of digital (like Compact Discs). Now, my computer is much more important in my music life, and I would not like to have to abandon my favortie music format because it is stuck in the past. The future of the field of consumer recording can rest either rely on the evolution of the minidisc...or it will find another format to invest in...and it might not be a format supported by Sony. So please allow computer upload through the NetMD connection. thank you.

    294. Uploading

    Posted by Jay Minner on 5/2/2002, 16:27:25

    Dear Sony, uploading capabilities would create the ultimate format. I am a musician and I love minidisc. It's so easy to record new works and pieces without having to go to a studio. An uploading function would let me put my pieces online easier and burn it to cd faster. Please consider it........

    295. Make MD even greater

    Posted by Iain Cowper on 5/2/2002, 16:52:04

    We use Sony MiniDisc gear extensivley both at work (a small media company) and socially for music and hospital radio - it would be so much more complete if it had the simple feature outlined above - come on guys, make MiniDisc THE portable audio device to have for both Pros and Consumers.

    Iain Cowper, UK

    296. You make, We buy, Simple

    Posted by Marcos Moreno on 5/2/2002, 16:53:17

    If you make it, we'll buy it.

    MD should be pushed to its maximum functionality.
    It is by far my favourite format and i want to be able to do as much as possible with it.
    And i want it to be as versatile as MP3, so the market will increase.

    297. Please add audio upload

    Posted by Bill Damon on 5/2/2002, 17:10:08

    It would make it so much easier to send the recordings of my son's pre-natal heartbeats to relatives around the country.

    298. Audio upload

    Posted by Nigel Long on 5/2/2002, 17:17:01

    As an MD user since 1998 the biggest issue I have is the lack of portability of my music (not downloaded mp3s by the way) to and from my PC. This proposal is sensible and doesn't seek to interfere with the rights of copyright owners. I fully support it.

    299. Please add audio upload

    Posted by B Smith on 5/2/2002, 17:41:00

    I want a minidisc recorder for making high-quality field samples for music production. Please don't make me lose audio quality from resampling.

    300. this will kill MD once and for all.

    Posted by Sean Stevens on 5/2/2002, 17:44:00

    you could own the market. charge another $40/unit to make up the "losses" you think you'll incur in your music biz.


    301. allow mdnet transfers from unit to pc

    Posted by david ku on 5/2/2002, 17:50:01

    this will make the unit better than mp3 players in everyway


    Posted by carlos velasquez on 5/2/2002, 18:02:21

    Upload feature will make minidisc a complete solution to people who love music!!!!

    303. Huge Market in Church Applications

    Posted by Phil Ouellette on 5/2/2002, 18:03:39

    I operate the sound system for my church and use my MD recorders every week. I record split traks onto MD for use during worship and I also record the pastors sermons and conference speakers for later distribution to the congregation. Since there is no way to quickly get the recordings into a PC I usually end up just creating a master tape real time for use in our tape duplicator. I would much prefer to rip the recording to a PC and burn CR-R's for distribution to the congregration, since this elimintes the real time recording nature of tape. However due to the artifical restriction on uploading recordings in MD systems I am unable to do so.

    Everyone who uses MD loves the portable recorders and editing capability, but not having any high speed way to get recordings into a PC means we have to keep using tape for distribution. This has the potential to be a very real growth area for MD since virtually every church faces this same issue. Applications like this are a market niche where MD could really thrive.

    Why is there this fixation on copyrite protection for MD? If I want to copy a CD I just stick it in the CD drive of my computer and duplicate it. Why on Earth would anyone want to go through a MD first if they are trying to rip off copyrighted music? This doesn't make any sense.

    Stop crippling MD and it will have a chance to really succeed in the USA!

    Phil Ouellette
    Vineyard Christian Fellowship
    Greenville, SC

    304. Support independent musicians

    Posted by Sachiko Honda on 5/2/2002, 18:23:06

    I am a musician whose source of income is not solely dependent on music-related activities. But, I'm very, very serious about it. To me the most effective way of improving the skill is listening to one's own recordings, which is already given by your MDs. And, not only that, archiving them without loss of quality for future reference or for gifts perhaps is an incredably attractive feature that a tiny piece of equipement can offer. Make it complete, please! Music is for everyone, not only for commercial producers!

    305. Don't miss the market potential of MDs in musician's home recording capabilites!!!!!!

    Posted by Darren Beveridge on 5/2/2002, 18:34:55

    As a musician, I absolutley love the recording capabilites of the MD. I have on many occasions recorded our band's live feed from the mixing board onto my MD. BUT...that music is then STUCK in MD format, which is useless to me other than for listening to. Because it is in .omg format, I cannot edit it, I cannot burn our music to CD etc. because it cannot be translated to other editable, burnable formats. In my opinion, SONY would benfit greatly by the provision of translation software to allow .omg to be translated to MP3 or wave, so it may be edited in standar music editing software. Every musician I know would be interested in having an MD recorder then. It's just such a small matter! Another suggestion is that SONY be smart about this too, because someone else will create a way to translate the format digitally, and they would lose any ability to profit from this conversion patch's only a matter of time...why not capture the market first themselves!!!!!!!

    306. Further enhance the versatility and usefulness of the MD

    Posted by Savio Yu on 5/2/2002, 18:57:49

    The addition of this function would greatly enhance the MiniDisc format as a storage medium and as a medium for amateur recording and sound editing. By allowing users to quickly edit and upload music on to their computers, they will have gained a new threshold of versatility for the Minidisc.

    307. Keep the format alive and flexible

    Posted by Pekka Johansson on 5/2/2002, 18:58:38

    Remember Beta? Think more open, data capabilities are today&future (could compete iPod).

    308. Please give us the tools!

    Posted by Michael Hughes on 5/2/2002, 19:03:03

    My appeal is simple. Give us the same tools and capabilities that mp3 users have. Otherwise I fear you will doom Minidisc to ultimate failure in the US. The first generation of NetMD is a great start, but is incomplete. Please give us the tools!

    309. Real Potential for Home/.small budget Video use

    Posted by Michael Veronneau on 5/2/2002, 19:28:46

    Please enable the digital transfer of recorded audio information from the mini-disk recorder to the PC. It would be a real boon for amateur video enthusiasts...

    310. My time is worth a lot to me and money to you.

    Posted by Randall Boudwin on 5/2/2002, 20:34:11

    The only reason I have a minidisc player/recorder is for recording myself and my family. From family songs to journals, it's all I use it for. The time I would save with this feature would be worth a lot to you in what I would spend and advertising I would give. It would be great that I could finally recommend MDs to my not so technical friends.

    311. Full NetMD Potential

    Posted by Wai Hung Fung on 5/2/2002, 20:56:39

    NetMD full Potential had never been reach. An updated version with upload function is needed.

    312. The almost-perfect recording medium--almost.

    Posted by Leonard Huang on 5/2/2002, 20:58:01

    By enabling uploading, NetMD will be a major contender in the portable recording medium. The question now is, will you allow it?

    313. Please, compatibility for MACINTOSH!

    Posted by Alberto Delisau Pizarro on 5/2/2002, 21:10:16

    It's essential for me. Thank you.

    314. Please!

    Posted by John English on 5/2/2002, 21:37:34


    315. A definite improvement

    Posted by Bob Greer on 5/2/2002, 22:15:53

    It would be another reason to buy MD instead of the other contenders.

    316. Garage Band Recording

    Posted by Andy Jennings on 5/2/2002, 22:28:11

    This may seem a bit primative but if a garage band or band without a record label makes music, putting all their inputs together with a mixer, the mixer can have an output to MiniDisc. Then it's much easier for a low budget band to get their music onto their computer and onto the internet with the NetMD technology (if this change occurs) than to use expensive software to record their music onto the computer.

    317. PLEASE

    Posted by david on 5/2/2002, 22:38:18


    318. Live recordings!

    Posted by Mark Story on 5/2/2002, 22:38:59

    Adding the proposed features, creates new avenues for emerging artists and business clientel as well.

    319. yes

    Posted by richard yi on 5/2/2002, 22:46:58


    320. Field Recordings are the key aspect for MD! Long live MD!

    Posted by John on 5/2/2002, 22:54:07

    322. please add upload feature

    Posted by Lance on 5/3/2002, 0:19:23

    323. We have supported MiniDisc in the us for 10 years! We only want to be able to upload our OWN music!

    Posted by Prateek S. on 5/3/2002, 1:01:30

    Dear Sony,
    I have purchased well over 6 of your MiniDisc units, and I plan on doing so for years to come. But I have restrained from purchasing 3 NetMD units. Simply because I cannot upload. I find that the unit should be able to upload my ametur band recordings so I may "brun" a cd and give it to those who are not fortunate enough to have a MiniDisc player. I do not like the fact that SP is supported, but the inability to upload is the major reason why I will not purchase a NetMD unit. I have written 4 articles on professional site, in all I promote NetMD, but I am seriously reconsidering my stance.
    Please allow SP & Uploading.
    -Prateek S.

    324. make our wish come true

    Posted by mantugaul on 5/3/2002, 1:25:44

    netMD sales will be increased like a rocket boss...

    325. (no subject)

    Posted by George Win on 5/3/2002, 1:40:02

    This will make MD the best music media in the world.

    326. MD

    Posted by JB MOREL on 5/3/2002, 2:57:47

    i would love to get my MD field samples on my computer with d/a to a/d.

    327. Please add this feature

    Posted by Johnny Ngo on 5/3/2002, 3:33:18

    328. Digital medium

    Posted by Martin Joergensen on 5/3/2002, 3:40:10

    Adding this feature will make Mini Disc much more vertisile.

    329. lets us upload!

    Posted by Tommy Ung on 5/3/2002, 4:46:34

    one of the main features of a minidisk is able to record live using the mic and its pretty useless if u can't upload it to ur computer.

    330. Go Create!

    Posted by Matthew Petty on 5/3/2002, 5:24:54

    An upload feature would open up a whole world of field recording - analogue loses quality. Theatre SFX, Vox Pops, interviews for web pages etc etc etc. Please think of all the possible uses and users you could 'go create'!

    331. Make minidisc the ULTIMATE medium

    Posted by Fernando Duque on 5/3/2002, 6:56:57

    Minidisc is not the ultimate medium for one reason, not having the upload capability. Other than that I would not change it for the world. Please add uploading, and put an end once and for all to the question of what is the best and most versatile audio format...MINIDISC.

    332. Upload with NetMD

    Posted by Fr�d�ric (FRANCE) on 5/3/2002, 7:50:05

    Upload with NetMD for the survival of Minidisc format !

    333. NetMD Upload

    Posted by Nikos Avlogiaris on 5/3/2002, 8:03:17

    Dear Sony not allowing the Upload from MD to PC the potential of an NetMD is restricted to half and this is not Desired for both the customers and you. Not allowing the Upload is not a good in order to restrict illegal copying is not a good reason because with the available technology this can be done easily cheaply and in many ways. Removing the Upload restriction will be very welcome from the Minidisc community and morover it would be a goud reason to temp customers towards NetMD rather than MP3 players.

    334. the only thing stopping me from purchasing current netmd

    Posted by Michael Silva on 5/3/2002, 8:06:34

    the only thing stopping me from purchasing current netmd

    335. Make Net MD a real phenomenon

    Posted by jon on 5/3/2002, 8:09:27

    If NetMD is supposed to be a new facet for the MiniDisc, it should be comprehensive. At the basic copyright and security issues are already in force. Cut some slack and allow uploads as well....
    Most Mp3 devices allow how can NetMD compete without allowing for uploads?

    336. Please add this feature!!!

    Posted by Tobias Berardo on 5/3/2002, 8:55:55

    I think it would be fantastic to be able to use a minidisk for more than just music. Like a diskette would be better.

    337. Pls Allow for such Features.

    Posted by Anirudh H on 5/3/2002, 9:13:32

    If you guys allow for these features you can literally take over the Mid-East market ...

    338. This is a necessary feature to compete with new devices

    Posted by Daryl Marco on 5/3/2002, 9:13:56

    The new Nomad Jukebox has the ability to record to wav and transfer via firewire, and I'm sure will a number of other upcoming products. With such a feature set, net md will need upload to compete.

    339. It's extremely vital!!!!!!

    Posted by Ong Jin Khang on 5/3/2002, 9:17:33

    It brings out the full potential of MD and will definitely be the giant leap in portable music. So please implement audio upload!!

    340. Waiting for this upgrade before I buy...

    Posted by Nathan Rao on 5/3/2002, 9:19:38

    Dear Sony,

    This is wonderful technology, but I need to upload audio recordings (live interviews, reports for webcast and FM radio) quickly once they're done. For the time being, I do it using old-fashioned cassettes; I'm waiting for the quick-upload capacity before switching to MD or some other digital technology.

    Yours sincerely,

    Nathan Rao

    341. Please let MD be a fully success.

    Posted by Javier Anton on 5/3/2002, 9:34:36

    MD has been out since 1992, but now, with MDLP and NetMD (a full working system for uploading/downloading, please) can be the great product that we all want.

    Thanks and greetings from Barcelona, Spain

    Javier Anton

    342. this lack keeps me from using MD

    Posted by Anna on 5/3/2002, 9:57:03

    Dear Sony,
    I love the minidisk format but as a composer I have had to go back to my cumbersome DAT in order to have digital upload to my computer. When I am able to digitally transfer from an MD to my (Mac) computer, I will immediately go out and buy one! (I already have digital in, but I need the digital ourt from the MD)
    Thank you for your consideration!

    343. Better features means more sales

    Posted by Kenny Liebschiet on 5/3/2002, 10:13:48

    I've been using minidisc for three years, and although was initially excited by NetMD, I quickly saw the shortcomings. I will not upgrade my portable recorder unless the new device has bidirectional audio transfer to the PC. I use my MD for language learning, and would love to more easily archive my lessons.

    344. Support up- and download

    Posted by Oliver Kranold on 5/3/2002, 10:25:43

    Please support up- and download of all audio data on all platforms (especially MAC).

    Thanks ahead,

    Oliver Kranold (Germany)

    345. NetMD is NOT an MP3 player even if the sales man says so!

    Posted by B4Art on 5/3/2002, 10:40:20

    Let do return this stupid Sony hardware.

    Lets play REAL MP3.

    Ban to ATRAC and there followers!

    346. recorded discussions

    Posted by matt yaple on 5/3/2002, 11:06:47

    Business, scholarly, and professional groups routinely record hours of discussions, presentations and colloquy. The ability to review,parse, edit, arrange and format this speech serves the interests of these groups and the owners of the enabling technologies. I strongly support the attached proposal.

    347. For Musicians

    Posted by Po Chen on 5/3/2002, 11:26:43

    Musicians of all sorts will flock to Minidisc technology if they could have a completely digital solution for recording, editing, and producing CDs.

    348. MiniDisc - Ideal for live recording. Real-Time Transfer is less than ideal!

    Posted by Michael Chiaramonte on 5/3/2002, 11:44:04

    I frequently like to record concerts that are given at school. These concerts are not always recorded by the group giving the concert (for example our Concert Band or Orchestra) and it would be ideal to be able to transfer the music recorded via a Sony Stereo Microphone to MiniDisc directly to a PC for processing and burning to CD. Please, grant us, the members of the loyal MiniDisc community, this functionality. Thank you for many wonderful hours of music provided by this tiny wonder.

    Yours, most gratefully,

    Michael Chiaramonte

    349. Audio Upload

    Posted by Greg on 5/3/2002, 11:50:56

    Audio Upload is a very important feature for musicians like myself. I want to be able to take a recording of myself and allow people to retreive it online.

    350. NetMD Uploads...

    Posted by Chris De Vivo on 5/3/2002, 11:52:35

    I have used MiniDisc since the MZ-1, the only portable player/recorder that I know of that can do SPDIF INPUT & OUTPUT! It has been sorely missing from ALL other Portable MD's since then. NetMD's could be the ULTIMATE format IF you would give the user the freedom to upload too. In my case, with my MZ-1, I would use the Opto-Link to archive lectures on my hard drive, and remix our bands live gigs. The MD community needs this capability to realize the full potential of these fine products. From business prospective MORE people will want one and that translates to more blanks & accessories which translates to more MD based revenue...

    Chris De Vivo

    352. USB Upload in the Digital Domain

    Posted by Eddie Doyle on 5/3/2002, 11:57:21

    I currently use minidisc for music, recording from FM radio and dictation. The latter two would greatly benefit from a a quick, hi-quality transfer mechanism to the PC.

    To really compete with and stay ahead of MP3 devices (including the newer devices with vast storage via hard disc) the minidisc format needs to remain a compelling and long lasting proposition for the consumer.

    The ability to upload and download files (both ATRAC and ATRAC3) is a critical next step in keeping the minidisc format alive and evolving. You have made the important first step.

    353. CopyProtected CD's wont work from CD to MD using SCMS?

    Posted by Damain Norton on 5/3/2002, 12:04:47

    sony, listen. we all have invested our hard earned dollars purchasing your electronics and music cd's. If i can't DIGITALLY copy those LEGALLY PURCHASED cd's (((((((****HASSLE FREE*****)))))) to my MD recorder SCMS copy prohibited with the blank MD inside that i PAID ROYALTIES ALREADY FOR when i bought the blank md then you sony just might have a lawsuit on the front of your doorstep. It's not my problem you can't find a way to stop pirates, it's yours. Love your company, love the technology, please don't alienate the customers who are willing to pay for real digital music, and the customers who can actually hear the diffrence between a 15.00 cd and a free MP3 track. Theres no comparison, you get what you pay for. You wrote the rules when you created this innovative little format. We understand where your comming from, please dont slam the door in our faces. Ill never buy an MP3 player, because if i wanted to hear music that sounds like its been on a tape sitting in the sun for ten years, i would still be using tapes. Ive been spoiled with digital sound, and i don't want to go back. DON'T DO THIS TO ME, DON'T LET ME BUY A CD AND NOT BE ABLE TO HIT 2 BUTTONS AT NIGHT AND HAVE A SCMS COPY PROTECTED ATRAC1 DIGITAL MD COPY IN THE MORNING. PLEASE. THIS IS THE EASIEST WAY TO LEGALLY COPY DIGITAL MUSIC. NO, THIS IS THE EASIEST WAY TO COPY MUSIC, PERIOD. I'VE BURNT CD'S BEFORE. IT"S A PAIN IN THE ASS COMPARED TO MD CD (LEGAL) DIGITAL DUBBING.

    354. (no subject)

    Posted by Tim Loeschke on 5/3/2002, 13:04:16

    Yes, please!

    355. Audio uploading to NetMD

    Posted by Tony Cella on 5/3/2002, 13:26:28

    With the addition of adding audio uploading to the NetMD software , you would be doing a great favor to consumers, and also providing an added incentive for the minidisc form factor to grow as an audio/data storage medium.

    Thank you

    356. Estoy convencido...

    Posted by Blas Gonzalez on 5/3/2002, 13:29:19

    que Sony incorporar� esta caracteristica en futuras versiones del MD, y conseguir� de esta forma que el numero de fans a este formato crezca vertiginosamente.

    Los que usamos el minidisc para hacer grabaciones en directo necesitamos alguna utilidad que nos permita editar nuestra propia musica.

    Gracias SONY

    357. please add uploading of analog recordings!

    Posted by Vesa Karhila on 5/3/2002, 13:32:01

    Dear Sony,
    I am using my two Sony MD units for recording FM radio (JB940) and live music & speech (MZ-R900). Currently I can make digital copies of my live recordings only in real time. I am not able to combine live recordings from different MDs into a single "master" MD and then make copies of the master. If your NetMD system would allow me to fast upload my own recordings, edit and combine them in my PC, and then fast download them to a single MD, if this was possible I would immediately upgrade my MD recorder. Thank you in advance.

    358. allow upload please.

    Posted by Brian Call on 5/3/2002, 13:40:23

    I would really like these features to be added because i would love to be able to make CDs of myself playing instruments, so that i could send them out in place of audition tapes. It act as a sort of makeshift home studio.

    359. NetMD uploading

    Posted by Drew Hilling on 5/3/2002, 14:14:24

    Adding an upload feature to NetMD will make MD my format of choice for live recording. I will upgrade my equipment, and even further extol the many virtues of the MD format. A move like enabling uploading of live recordings can only enhance the position of MD in the market and take it beyond a mere mp3-like device in most people's minds.

    360. Please allow audio upload from MDtoPC

    Posted by Germ�n Vargas on 5/3/2002, 14:23:08

    Sony you can do it now! I am wating for this feature to buy an MD unit.

    361. Audio upload.

    Posted by Brad on 5/3/2002, 14:24:14

    Our jazz ensamble often records its performances and some practice pieces, and we usually end up spending money to get copies out to each member to practice with or listen to. I think that it would be of great help to be able to share our talents with the internet freely, or to share practice pieces with the members, saving time, money and energy for all involved.

    362. NetMD upload

    Posted by wAi C. Yim on 5/3/2002, 14:29:11


    363. Please add an audio upload feature and improve the NetMD software!

    Posted by Mark Cho on 5/3/2002, 14:37:50

    Please add an audio upload feature and improve the NetMD software!

    364. Please consider the upgrade of allowing md transfer to PC

    Posted by Eric Rosario on 5/3/2002, 14:43:03

    This would greatly increase minidisc value to those who like to make recordings and like to manipulate them using a computer. This wouldn't be hurting the record industry or any artists.

    365. It would make a grate product that much better

    Posted by Zac Collins on 5/3/2002, 14:51:17

    I have the M1 and love all but the lack of function of uploading to my PC through Net MD, I feel it would be a great addition to a allready great product to all such a feature!
    Zac Collins

    366. NetMD Audio upload should be implemented

    Posted by Tao Tong on 5/3/2002, 15:50:40

    After I received my NetMD 505, I was excited about the audio file download feature. It is natural to expect it can also upload my MD tracks to my PC. I was disappointed when I found this feature is missing.

    Adding this feature would certainly boost the NetMD sales and satisfy the customers.

    367. Live Music Lives!

    Posted by Simon on 5/3/2002, 16:10:01

    The Minidisc format has made live recording amazing!
    Keep going by facilitating uploading to my computer!

    368. Net MD

    Posted by Dave Conner on 5/3/2002, 16:50:16

    For any format to catch on it must, repeat must be user friendly. Net MD is 1/2 of the way there. Please make Net MD 100% user friendly.


    369. Audio upload - What a smart move Sony can make!

    Posted by David Jendiroba on 5/3/2002, 16:54:23

    I support the petition above and agree that restrictions uploading recordings (music or live recording) to the NetMD are limiting the use of such a wonderful portable device. I myself record various types of lectures, including scientific and religious, and most of the times I wish I could share those with friends who can't afford an MD player. It's very frustating! DJ.

    370. MD Uploading Capabilities

    Posted by Chris Dowd on 5/3/2002, 16:57:44

    I've got an "old" Sony MZ-R55. I'd make the jump to a new model, if it had uploading capabilities for my large collection of radio recordings (Blues Hour and Dead Hour).

    Thanks for the consideration!

    371. What people want

    Posted by Rabbhi on 5/3/2002, 17:01:15

    I think ading an uploading feature to Minidisc systems would be great for us users and the business. For someone like me who records from my band and lectures it would be ideal to have this function. Maybe it will attract more people to MD also as it would be a popular addition.

    372. We want true net MD

    Posted by Victor on 5/3/2002, 17:17:52

    The net MD is a minidisc player with awsome capabilities. Its by far the easiest and best format for storing mp3's. However, to make this truely great, and to get computer users to embrace this technology over flash, sony needs to allow uploading. Also, Open MG technology is not ready yet. Its hard to use, and as an independent artist, I have been unable to mass copy my work on LP4, having to go back to the slower method of my old Minidisc recorder.

    373. Limited Features = Limited Popularity

    Posted by Mark Bossard on 5/3/2002, 17:19:31

    Why is Sony hamstringing itself?
    The netMD idea has so much powerful potential, yet Sony is killing the MD by severely hampering it's capabilities.
    The net MD interface should be fully open:
    -Direct control of the MD contents from the PC (or MAC) ON DISC not just on hard drive
    -Upload.. please.... where is the sense in killing uploads
    -Track Protect? Why? That makes the netMD a pain in the but for recording tracks... It kills the MD's rewritability AND simple MD functions on the netMD recorders
    -WHERE is the FULL bitrate conversion?
    -I could go on and on....

    I am severely disappointed in Sony's netMD.
    The way Sony treats the MD community makes me feel like dumping the MD scene all together.

    -Mark Bossard

    374. NetMD Audio upload should be implemented...

    Posted by David Karon on 5/3/2002, 18:23:56


    375. Uploading = at least $1000 to Sony from me

    Posted by Jeff Fuesting on 5/3/2002, 19:08:10

    Uploading = at least $1000 to Sony from me

    376. benefits the consumer

    Posted by Detox on 5/3/2002, 19:16:51


    377. I thought it was there when I bought my MZN505

    Posted by Bill Anderson on 5/3/2002, 21:26:49

    I thought I had this ability when I purchased my MZN505. I am very dissapointed that it doesn't and am thinking of returning it.

    --Bill Anderson

    378. My Use of NetMD Upload Feature

    Posted by John Planckaert on 5/3/2002, 21:44:51

    I am a hobby party DJ, hoping to eventually make a name for myself. I like to record a lot of my mixes so I can listen to them and make corrections. The minidisc recorder makes it extremely easy for me to do that. I used to run back and forth to my computer for recording, then break it all down into tracks which is a very tedious job. Then I bought my NetMD MiniDisc recorder and was really happy with it. Actually, I THOUGHT I was happy with it. Then I found out that it isn't possible to upload recordings from the MiniDisc recorder. This is the only major flaw in this product. As I said before, I bought it because it's simple to record to, I can easily break up my mixes into tracks, and was hoping to be able to transfer them to my computer easily. I could record it to my computer using an analog cable from the headphone jack to the line in on my computer, but that would degrade the quality and take longer than just recording it directly to my computer. I have no use for this product now so I will be returning it. Unless a new version of OpenMG will allow checking-in or Sony comes out with a product that will let you check files in. Or Sony could modify the NetMD Simple Burner so it could burn from MD right to CD. Please consider adding this feature.

    379. Upload a huge advantage

    Posted by Zenith Mason on 5/3/2002, 21:44:51

    Hi I'd love to be able to transfer my recorded sounds from my MD unit to the PC through USB using NetMD. I believe this will add huge value to the portable units. Currently I extensively use MiniDisc as a format for recording sounds to create "sound collages" and atmospheric ambient surround sounds using binaural microphones. Being able to transfer these personal records to my PC would vastly improve the efficiency and usefulness of MiniDisc as a format, and would instantly prove that MD is the superior format. Being able to encode my CDs to MD using ATRAC (not ATRAC3) to allow full quality (without the ATRAC3 LP2 down conversion first) would also be a huge advantage, as I listen to MD in my car and having that bit of extra quality is very useful. Thanks for taking the time to hear what your loyal customers would like to be able to do with this already excellent format!

    380. Pleassse

    Posted by James Brooks on 5/3/2002, 21:49:29

    Do it, if only to help the minidisc format flourish even further...

    381. My life will only be easier

    Posted by Casey Cane on 5/3/2002, 22:09:39

    Please do are able to.

    382. Usage in the recording industry for PC uploading

    Posted by Tristan Gulyas on 5/3/2002, 22:29:27

    I currently use MD for recording bootlegs and interviews where it would be useful if I could upload it to a PC via USB as I don't own an MD deck with optical out or a soundcard with optical in.

    383. upload!

    Posted by john on 5/3/2002, 22:49:13

    The upside of this feature is astounding! with the above proposal you safe guard everything! You can't lose. Do the right thing.


    384. School - MiniDisc

    Posted by James on 5/3/2002, 22:57:20

    When I'm at school listening to lectures, I want to record then on my MD.
    Being able to upload to my computer via netMD would be much much more convienent for me!
    Have audio upload, it's a must!

    385. Net-MD uploading

    Posted by Scott A. Cabler on 5/3/2002, 23:07:16

    Uploading songs would make Net-MD that much more attractive.

    386. NetMD

    Posted by Eric Shu on 5/3/2002, 23:10:10

    It would be very useful to upload from the MD and many people would buy more MD's in the future

    387. Upload more than just music.

    Posted by Darrin Behm on 5/4/2002, 0:19:52

    The only thing I record on my MD via the microphone is the voice of my 4 yr old boy. He just loves to talk into the microphone and then hear his voice played back. The ability to burn this directly to CD and any future media would be the best thing to happen to minidisc. Having this available on CD would not only benefit me but also my entire family who live 400+ miles from me. I could easily transfer files to CD and mail them to the relatives. Currently I am sending tapes but would like nothing more to transfer the recording faster on the PC.

    Also having his recorded voice in a format that he could listen to yrs from now would be wonderful. I still sit back and listen to the tapes of my brother and I from 1972.

    The current benefit of NetMD to me is not cost effective. I record my CDs in SP mode only for the best fidelity and since that is not even easily accomplished with the NetMD units I see no reason to upgrade my Aiwa AM-F80 to the MZ-N1. If the uploading feature was present I would order it immediately. However for now I wait and live within the analog realm for my voice recordings.


    388. Audio uploading from NetMD

    Posted by Charles Muccia on 5/4/2002, 0:25:57

    Dear Sony,
    Why not make a NetMD unit that can do it all? Record from any source,SP,LP2,LP4 modes,download and upload,and please,an adjustable recording level! It could be a digital audio workhorse like my DAT D8. If a NetMD unit had all these features it would be hard to compete with it! I would definitely buy one to replace my DAT! Thanks.

    389. Might as well continue to purchase Sharp recorders because Sony certainly Net Md as it stands is a j

    Posted by Hodedo on 5/4/2002, 0:32:03

    What possible advantages over solid state does net md have without uploading, sure it's nice to be able to have separate discs, however with the bullshit limits you've imposed you will kill the most viable digital medium out there. If you have no advantages over Sharps. I will continue to buy the better built underdog for live recording. Period. You must give me a reason to switch over beside your lame format as it stands.

    390. Upload spoken word recordings

    Posted by Barry Jacobson on 5/4/2002, 2:18:56

    MD provides a high-quality, inexpensive and easy way for my church to record our sermons, worship services, educational programs, etc. However, copying and distributing this non-copyrighted material is more difficult than it would be if Net MD allowed both upload and download of files.

    391. Please allow uploads--my dream come true!

    Posted by Andrew on 5/4/2002, 2:27:30

    I do live recordings of community based arts events to MD. Then I transfer them to my hard drive clean them up and burn them to Audio CDs to give to the artists. Allowing upload would make my job infinitely easier!


    392. If you don't, your market in North America will be lost to MP3 players.

    Posted by George Ohki on 5/4/2002, 2:59:51

    The only edge that Minidisc technology has over MP3 players (at the moment) is that MD recorders can record live audio. Because of this capability many musicians and other professionals in the music/audio field use MD to record live sound. However with the recent advent of stand-alone CD-R (and eventually DVD-R!!) decks capable of recording in real time, MD's niche of usefullness is quickly drawing to a close. If MD uploading technology does not grow with the times to compete with faster-than-real-time CD-R extraction and MP3 up/downloads, it will become obsolete, at least to the North American general public. Come on, Sony! You can do it!

    393. How MD to PC upload will help me

    Posted by Paul Yeo on 5/4/2002, 4:01:58

    I need to make Audio CDs of seminars i conduct, instead of bring a 3 kg laptop around with sound recording software, i could have use the Net MD (with time stamp) and upload it later to PC for further editing. i could also record my lectures and upload it to server for my students' convenience!

    394. Good for artists, samples, and field recordings.

    Posted by Matthew Cameron on 5/4/2002, 4:22:56

    I now use an MZR-900 and use a home deck with digital outputs to transfer files to my computer.

    I would like to do this faster then realtime.

    thank you.


    395. Possibility of Upload is really interessant

    Posted by Herv� S. on 5/4/2002, 5:01:50

    Possibility of Upload is really one more, why not have to develop it ? Me, I would be really to interest by this type of thing. This is why I estimate that you lose customers.

    Too bad.


    396. add audio upload capabilities and UPDATE OPEN MG JUKEBOX

    Posted by Kelvin Hew on 5/4/2002, 5:47:55

    Adding audio upload feature to the Net MD will allow greater usability of MD. The flexiblity of MD now is vry limited unless the uploading feature is added. My suggestion to meet the SCMS standard like just allow audio uploading to the use's PC, not anyone else's PC. Secondly, allow the audio upload to playback in any media player like Winamp, not just playback in Open MG Jukebox because the audio is in the user's PC so, it won't run anywhere. We consumers are not trying to cause any infringement of copyright materials. We just want to make life easier and that feature will defintely make MD a true audio format meduim. Finally, please update Open Mg Jukebox which came with the Net MD Walkman. Because that software is full of problems. You should really take notice of consumers' feedbacks and comments. I can tell you what the problems are but there are to many. Its not a bug but a lot of dissapointment in the software. The latest version is 2.2, so I expect to see version 2.3 later with all the necessary changes. Please do the right thing Sony. Thanks!!

    397. Why would you wait for the other companies?

    Posted by Abel B. on 5/4/2002, 7:08:17

    The point is that if Sony won't add this feature, well,
    then sooner or later some other second-line company WILL. Therefore, this isn't just OUR interest.

    Sony says "Go create".
    And we say: Now it's YOUR turn!

    398. totally agree

    Posted by Rapha�l Marinier on 5/4/2002, 9:00:48

    I totaly agree with the petition..

    399. completely agree with the idea

    Posted by Albert Mu�oz i Garcia on 5/4/2002, 11:09:16

    please don't block the infinite possibilities of the MD .

    400. This would be a great addition to the NetMD features

    Posted by Richard on 5/4/2002, 13:02:39

    Especially an export to MP3 or WAV would be a great addition, so I could play my cd's on my comp more easily.

    401. I will not buy one without audio upload

    Posted by odilon on 5/4/2002, 13:30:55

    I as about to go buy a new Sony NetMD until I found that it had no audio upload feature.

    402. it's only logical

    Posted by eddie on 5/4/2002, 14:26:07

    a lot of people are waiting for this

    403. Medical practices NEED upload.

    Posted by Jason Whaley on 5/4/2002, 14:38:42

    Sony -

    The MD format is incredible, especially with MDLP as an option - but being held back by a lack of uploading capability.

    I've been interested in MD for 5-6 years, but only recently purchased my first gear - an MD walkman and MXD-D3 deck. This last week I retired them both - because I bought an MXD-D5C, ordered a new walkman, and will receive from Crutchfield a new MDLP deck and CD changer for my truck. I am now QUITE avid, and see MD as the best storage media for any recorded sound.

    I've considered tinkering with my MD player/recorder and trying to mate it up with something like ViaVoice or Dragon Naturally Speaking. I practice medicine, and if I could record my dictation on MD, and sync it to PC for electronic records (we already keep all-electronic patient charts in my clinic) it would be great. The speed at which I could generate electronic records after seeing my patients would be stupendous - if only audio upload was viable at any realistic speed, and in digital form.

    If Market Share is part of your interest, as I'm certain it is, unlock the door and go forth - add uploading capability (and a macintosh client) to MD and take the world by storm! Many people the world over love MD for size, flexibility and style, but the business world (outside the recording industry) is lacking. Pursue these options, and watch the 'bottom line' improve dramatically.

    I thank you for your time and consideration.

    Jason Whaley
    Casper, WY / Prudhoe Bay, AK

    404. Add an upload for student filmmakers

    Posted by Daniel Pimley on 5/4/2002, 15:14:25

    Many low budget student filmmakers use MD to record sound as an affordable alternative to the professional and very expensive DAT audio format. In the modern world of digital editing, it only makes sense that the sound recorded on a digital format can be transferred digitally and without loss of quality. This way Sony would gain a lot of filmmakers as appreciative new MD customers!

    405. PLEASE!!!

    Posted by Tin Po on 5/4/2002, 15:16:54


    406. Audio Upload is *very* important to me

    Posted by Vince Ready on 5/4/2002, 16:39:52

    I bought a Sony MZ-N707 and a high quality microphone with the expectation that I could record my own music sessions (acoustic guitar and vocals) and UPLOAD them to my PC where I can edit them. As the performer, I am the copyright holder, and as such -- should have the ability to copy the files to my PC.

    This is a surprising limitation, and one that will deter me from buying future Sony NetMD products.

    PS: I also bought a Sony Vaio MXS20 with Net MD, so I actually have purchased two of your OpenMG enabled products to date.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Vince Ready

    407. Uploading is vital to MD

    Posted by Andy on 5/4/2002, 17:55:52

    I use minidiscs to record my music rehearsal sessions to see the improvement that I make over a period of time. I'm very disappointed that you (Sony) has not added a basic function like uploading to the new line of NetMDs. Many people I know only bought their Minidisc recorders for the sole purpose of high-quality digital recording capabilities, and the ability to upload their recordings to their computers. Taking away the uploading function only deters both new and old minidisc enthusiasts from buying a NetMD. I ask that you please include a form of uploading so that we can record and store our information easily. Thank you.

    408. Yes!!!!

    Posted by Lukas on 5/4/2002, 17:57:37

    We would all definatelly appriciate an oportunity of uploading to the computer as a logical way back from NetMD downloads from OpenMg.

    409. Upload Feature will be a MAJOR improvement

    Posted by Gaurav R. Vij on 5/4/2002, 18:06:03

    The MD is a GREAT format. I have been a part of this revolution since its debut - Novemeber of 1992.

    I have seen the format grow and mature, and have been happy with the improvements so far, BUT we really NEED this feature in this format. All my live recordings are really suffering from not getting to the computer for further editing and storing.

    Please do try to include this feature in a future version of this amazing technology.

    410. Upload feature is essential for live recording

    Posted by Daniel Hayden on 5/4/2002, 18:24:04

    Being in a band, and persuing the recording of many live bands that allow live recording, using the minidisc has created a simple way of capturing such recordings. However uploading is always a problem, for posting on the web, and for archiving on CD or manipulating using software, and rerecording on CD. I am a faithful sony product purchaser (Vaio laptop, DSC, miniDV camcorder, S1 MD) and would like to see some comprimise on the upload function.
    Alot of people in the live recording world don't like the comprimise of the MD compression versus DAT or CD. If the uploading feature was added it would persuade many to use this medium.

    411. Audio uploading

    Posted by Inigo Pascual on 5/4/2002, 18:25:41

    Uploading songs would make Net-MD that much more attractive.

    412. Uploading recorded material

    Posted by Dave Morrison on 5/4/2002, 18:31:24


    As an amateur musician, I use my Sony MZ-N1 to record the music I create with my friends.

    A digital transfer from the minidisc UP to my PC would make life a lot easier, and complete those functions that should be built in to such a great format.

    Please consider our request!


    Dave Morrison
    SLC, UT

    413. MD has only one backdraw. No UPLOAD!!!

    Posted by Merlin Lo on 5/4/2002, 19:49:51

    it's true. that's what most of my friends are waiting for. around 5 friends

    414. Yes to uploading!

    Posted by Evan on 5/4/2002, 19:58:46

    I was thinking about buying a NetMD recorder, but when I found out that you could upload recordings made on a microphone, I decided not to. If they had this option, I would definantly buy a unit, and Im sure so many other people would too.Thanks


    415. oops typo

    Posted by Evan on 5/4/2002, 20:00:15 , in reply to "Yes to uploading!"

    I meant "When I found out you COULDNT" . Sorry


    416. For musicians

    Posted by Justin on 5/4/2002, 20:40:53

    We can make a tape from Minidisc. I would love to be able to make a CD of my own playing from Minidisc. There is no copyright infringment in that.

    417. Audio upload NEEDED

    Posted by Scott Printz on 5/4/2002, 20:44:27

    I bought NetMD and a $140 microphone as a "cheap" way to record my jazz quartet's gigs. What's recorded through my line-in mic is my band's own material, and obviously WE have the claim to any copyright. How shocked I was to learn that I couldn't even transfer the audio directly TO my PC. Why? By electing to ship the product WITHOUT such a feature, a feature I believe any rational consumer would expect, Sony has essentially slapped the consumer in the face. Everyone knows there are less convenient, indirect methods to get the audio onto a PC, so why punish those who violate no copyrights; the ones who want to violate copyright will STILL find a way to do so. In the end, the only ones you're truly affecting with your "no MD to PC uploads" policy are those of us who would use such a feature for legitimate purposes.

    418. We need upload facilities (amongst MANY others!)

    Posted by Robert John on 5/4/2002, 21:37:33

    Dear Sony,

    Please make music transfers from minidisc to PC possible.

    Songs I have written on Music 2000 (on PS1), and MTV Music Generator 2 (on PS2) have been recorded to minidisc. I cannot transfer them to my PC for ease of access unless I record them via my soundcard (analog only). This lowers sound quality.

    Ps - And while you're at it ...

    [1] Please get rid of OpenMG and as a replacement, allow the Simple Burner software to convert wav,mp3 files etc to minidisc - not just CDs to minidisc.
    [3] Allow your users to make SP 292kbps recordings via netMD.
    [4] Allow NetMD music tracks to be deleted on minidisc devices, not just on a PC.
    [5] Stop using digital rights management on NetMD/OpenMG - it is costing me too much disc space to store ATRAC3 files on my computer!

    419. NetMD Upload

    Posted by Graeme Tonkin on 5/4/2002, 21:55:14

    Dear Sony,
    I recently purchased a NetMD to enable the recording of Wild Bird sounds with a view to producing a CD. I was truley dissapointed when I discovered I am not able to upload the recorded sounds directly to my computer via the USB capability. Please consider enabling this feature.

    Yours Faithfully
    Graeme Tonkin

    420. Don't hold back the technology

    Posted by arice on 5/4/2002, 22:01:06

    Atrac is the greatest invention for music compression since mpeg layer 3.Don't hold back this technology as it will jeapordize its popularity among consumer.

    421. radio docs....

    Posted by Sean Story on 5/4/2002, 23:01:48

    I got the sony MD in order to get high quality digital recordings that I would be able to edit radio documentry's on home computer...well I was sold on the ease of use and the ability to dump from computer to md and md to computer. well get home out of box and found that you can't make a digital transfer to the am reduced to dumping in analog...I thought that it would be great if it could be controled via iEEE 1394 connection...
    please come up with a way to allow me the full use of the great quality recordings that I make with the unit...

    for your time

    422. My singing classes will never be the same!

    Posted by Ramesh Nair on 5/4/2002, 23:06:15

    It would be great if I could upload recordings of my singing lessons and listen to them on my laptop and perhaps make into CDs on my desktop computer. I can't think of a better way to make the MD format more useful and ubiquitous. Besides myself, I'm sure many people would welcome such a convenience, such as reporters, artists, students, etc.

    Live recording is one of the biggest advantages of the MD format, and NetMD Upload would only help to make it the standard format for on-the-run high quality recordings.

    I thank you for your time.

    423. I need it to record my school bands

    Posted by Daniel Ouellette on 5/4/2002, 23:14:36

    I'm a music teacher and I'm doing recordings of my school bands. The minidisc is a perfect media to do my stereo mixdown.

    The problem is that I cannot transfer the recorded material digitally to my PC in order to edit and master it before burning the tracks on a CD to give to my students.

    Enabeling this function would be fantastic for my work.

    Daniel Ouellette

    424. A must for professionally trained musicians

    Posted by Dr. Scott Beckett on 5/5/2002, 0:01:22

    The only thing lacking about the MD format is the PC upload feature. I have been using MD since the MZ-R1, and I have waited for years for something like this feature to come to fruition. For all the hard-working and well-trained musicians that need to record their students and themselves in a flexible format and in many venues, please make this happen.
    Also, this one move could really boost MD popularity and sales.

    425. Uploading for NetMD

    Posted by Ali A on 5/5/2002, 0:05:00

    Please Sony make it possible. I record lectures and will save me so much time & money if i can upload the lectures to my computer.

    Thank you

    426. MD For Me.

    Posted by Eun on 5/5/2002, 0:54:07

    Noting Yet

    427. audio upload

    Posted by Dan Valega on 5/5/2002, 1:02:48

    Please add this feature, we need it !

    428. I agree! Great for students!

    Posted by Michael Chong on 5/5/2002, 1:19:16

    I fully agree with the above statements. Would help me with uploading taped lectures to PC... Try recording 5 hours worth of lectures thru the analog line-in!

    Plus, improve OpenMG for greater than 132K encoding!

    429. Please......

    Posted by Mighty on 5/5/2002, 2:00:28

    I want to upload ..... Please help.

    430. NetMD makes NO sense without upload!

    Posted by Nick Winkworth on 5/5/2002, 2:38:16

    As many before me have noted, live recording is the one area where the minidisc format is unchallenged. Plenty of people choose to carry their tunes on mp3 or CD players, but nearly every musician and live recordist I know uses minidisc. For these core MD enthusiasts (among whom I count myself), NetMD provides absolutely no value as it stands - and yet the potential if it were fully implemented is immense. (You try uploading a four hour rehearsal session to PC for editing in "real time"!)

    It so happens I recently bought a new MD portable. No, it does not have NetMD and, unlike my last unit, it is NOT a Sony! If Sony wants to win my business back in the future they must listen to their customers and include features which add value to the way their products are really being used. If they do, I'll be first in line to buy.

    431. Hardware Good, Software ungodly

    Posted by J Martin on 5/5/2002, 3:19:34

    I love my new NetMD 707, I think it sounds wonderful, and everything is good about the unit itself. However, the software makes me wanna cry. I have never had to battle something so much in my entire life, except for MS stuff, but thats a different world.

    432. Agree strongly

    Posted by Hans on 5/5/2002, 5:29:44

    I really hope sony can provide this kind of function.

    433. The Truth

    Posted by Michael Jabbour on 5/5/2002, 6:52:15

    Sony as other large companies hold by the Golden Rule. Who has the gold, rules.
    I hope our petition is successful in opening the gates of music to us all.

    434. Please add USB upload of analog recordings.

    Posted by N. de Beijer on 5/5/2002, 7:23:36

    Hello Sony,

    Please add USB upload of analog recordings in the next generation of NetMD Minidisc Recorders. This would be a great feature, and it must be possible to prevent the upload of digital recordings.


    435. net md uploading

    Posted by michael on 5/5/2002, 7:27:41

    in my opinion net md devices (as any others) have their advantages and disadvantages. but adding uploading an uploading feature will raise net md units' level higher than any other units offer.
    i don't want to teach sony what they should do but i think it is too obvious to miss the demand.

    436. teaching online

    Posted by James McEwan on 5/5/2002, 7:38:51

    I would love to record interviews with folks researching in psychology and up load that to the intenet from MD

    Why cant I?

    437. unleash potential

    Posted by henrik molkte on 5/5/2002, 7:47:00

    in this era, you either try to stem the tide or move in front of it. there�s no question as to what is most intelligent.
    Sony should unleash the full potential of the MD format and enable upload of both digital and analog material to a PC, from MD.

    438. Achieve true integration

    Posted by Mike Lavocah on 5/5/2002, 7:57:16

    Dear Sirs

    MD has become the medium of choice for enthusiasts of old dance music and I use it extensively for DJing and to organise my music collection.
    If I could integrate an MD player with my PC it would be a dream for me, enabling me to interchange all formats. Please add upload to Net-MD and make this possible.

    Best Regards
    Mike Lavocah

    439. Live recording, class notes, so many useful options...

    Posted by Rob Hayes on 5/5/2002, 12:27:57

    Thank you so much for making MD one of your top priorities. MD means much to me, because I record events in my life for listening to at a later time. I love the fact that I can edit anytime, anywhere. Since NetMD has come out, I've been itching to get my hands on the MZ-N1. But what's keeping me from buying it? The lack of true SP and most importantly upload options. I record my high school marching band at contests and regular games. Since we write the music, there are no copyright issues. I'd love to make a CD for all of my band mates and director, but I can't get my computer to make a copy even close to the great quality of MD! Uploading would be such an asset to an almost perfect format. You could even restrict the uploading to analog tracks that originated from a mic. Thank you again for your time and effort.
    -Rob Hayes

    440. MD as a learning device

    Posted by Ian Mikita on 5/5/2002, 13:15:58

    The MD could be used for choirs and bands to easily record themselves wherever they are, then upload the files to the net for downloading by the group. They could then analyze and discuss their sound and improve their performance.
    The ability to upload audio samples for recording faster than real-time would be an asset.

    441. NetMD Upload

    Posted by Reynaldo Carcana on 5/5/2002, 13:16:05

    It would allow me to use the NetMD recording capabilities with a good microphone to record audio tracks for film at a lower cost than DAT. I'm sure it can also be a great help for class notes, etc. It's merely nonsensical to include an upload option. I will say this for certain, I've always had an interest in minidisc technology, since it first came to the market. The only reason I haven't purchased one yet is the lack of a means to directly upload from an MD device to my computer. Throw that in (and maybe an (Sony's trademark name for IEEE 1394), but that's just being really greedy) and you'd definitely have not only another customer, but a returning customer.

    442. Please let us upload!

    Posted by Bardo on 5/5/2002, 13:23:48

    Please, please, please with sugar on the top. Let us UPLOAD.

    443. NetMD-Upload

    Posted by Affenfreund on 5/5/2002, 13:26:11

    It is very important that it is possible to upload files from MD to your computer, because if your make your own recordings for exmaple by mic you want to edit them without a loss of quality at your PC.

    444. NetMD Audio Upload

    Posted by William Bernal on 5/5/2002, 13:59:53

    dear sony,

    the integration of MD into digital audio for the 21st century is nearly complete. the only thing missing is audio upload. MD is a powerful, versatile format that is capable of being a market leader in the U.S. please do not handicap it by not including audio upload. affordable, quality live recordings are a strong point in MD's arsenal. please take it to the next level by allowing audio upload.

    thank you for your time,
    william bernal

    445. NetMD Upload capabilities

    Posted by Jason on 5/5/2002, 14:37:26

    As an avid music lover and computer user, I find that the minidisc format is perfect for my needs. I believe too, that with some intensive, aggressive marketing campaigns fueled WITH uploading capabilities, MD would become the perferred choice of music meduim in the North American market as it is in Japan. PLEASE impliment uploading capabilities for NetMD!
    Thank you!

    446. What I've Been Waiting For

    Posted by Ryan Beard on 5/5/2002, 14:40:37

    Ever since i bought my MZ-R700, i have been in love with the MiniDisc technology. Yet, being a musician, i would consider it a big help if you were to add the ability to upload music from the MD player onto a computer, creating a perfect, digital replica of the original track. Seeing as i do all my recording on a laptop, this would make it a lot easeir to re-mix and polish live audio to be added to one of my albums. I know it is within your capabiilities to make such technology available to the public, and i trust you will respond to the demands of the consumer.

    447. Furthur MD's Future!

    Posted by Patrick on 5/5/2002, 15:16:25

    Ever since I was introduced to the MiniDisc medium, I have been captured and faithful. I originally "borrowed" my fathers, and then found myself using it so much that I went out and bought my own. I have been recording live performances for two years now, and have begun to see more and more MiniDisc's in the field -it always brings a smile to my face. To further MiniDisc's stance in the market (one which is becoming less hesitant), Sony should implement an easy way to transfer audio to AND from the MiniDisc easily. MiniDisc has failed to pick up a large following for pre-released music, however it has captured a large audience with it's construction and ability to record at an inexpensive cost!

    448. Upload ability with NetMD

    Posted by Bryan Almaguer on 5/5/2002, 15:47:10

    I too would like to see better software than OpenMG, and the ability to upload the things that I record.

    I love the format, and thoroughly enjoy minidisc. I believe this would make it a much more valuably product, and keep it around for years to come.

    449. please please please make an upload facitlity

    Posted by Rajiv on 5/5/2002, 16:05:40

    please ,please ,please make an upload facitlity in NetMd its it'll save time for everyone. Sony will be miles away form whot competiters can offer technolgy wise causeing more people 2 buy sony netmds.

    450. give fair use a fair chance

    Posted by Joseph Russ on 5/5/2002, 16:28:42

    give fair use a fair chance

    451. This is what is needed Sony!

    Posted by Arun Takhar on 5/5/2002, 16:33:34

    This is what is needed Sony!

    452. PLEASE HELP US!!! WE need this!!

    Posted by jim buys on 5/5/2002, 17:58:07

    i HATE CD's, this would be perfect for me to buy my music cd's for home stereo use and MD's for travel and car. It takes forever to transfer them to MD, i NEED something faster!!!!

    453. Give it back to the people...

    Posted by Max Crowley on 5/5/2002, 19:20:26

    Sony has stinted the growth of mini discs by holding back technologies like allowing uploading and until recently high speed transfers. Certain features have disapeared too, multiple headphone jacks, backlight, ect. For once stop thinking of yourselves and give the technology back to the people. I know how easy it could be for you to make a OpenMG alternative!

    454. Bravo Sony but you need to do a bit more

    Posted by Rich on 5/5/2002, 19:52:10

    Mini disc players/ recorders portable and home units should allow the ability to extract the digital information on to
    >pc hard drive quickly just the same way a floppy disk, cd or another hard
    >drive or other media can. Or is there away to do this that is unknown perhaps (maybe via software)???
    >Also.. why no mini disc disk drives? Compact, quick, great capacity & simple...
    >need i say more? Also, a mini disc recorder portable or otherwise should have the ability to retrieve it's
    >information if mistakingly
    >erased.. I'm sure there are many people myself included that have for one
    >reason or another lost music etc without any hope of retrieving it! I can make other suggestions but these are the biggies and the only other thing i can think of that I would like to ad is that when you ad features please don't subtract or take other features away unless you plan to have an entry level priced unit, middle of the road unit and top of the line models in mind! You guys create such wonderful products but I feel you are holding back on all of us who are and have been loyal Sony supporters! I dig the new Sony mini disc model 707 & 909 but am reluctant to upgrade and purchase because of the shortfalls that I mentioned above. Also a back lit lcd would be nice too! I think you ought to continue to be leaders, innovators and ground breakers before someone else takes the floor from you and while you still have so many supporters? Remember that the future is "NOW" and we want quality products of the future!!! Thanks for listening.

    455. Won't buy into NetMD until this is supported

    Posted by Shane Lord on 5/5/2002, 21:19:06

    I am an avid Minidisc user, with two "deck" recorders, one portable recorder and a in-car minidisc player.

    I have been waiting for some form of computer link such as NetMD for many years, and now it is here I find it hard to understand why it is limited in such a fashion as to not allow uploading of original recorded audio via the USB connection.

    Please Sony, provide the functionality as recommended in the proposal. Only then will I make the move to the NetMD format.


    456. I Agree

    Posted by Peera on 5/5/2002, 22:21:40

    I'm a student. I've using MZR-55 for my lecture all the time when I'm in the lecture room and transfer lecture to my PC and distributed to my friends who don't in class by CD-R. it's so take much timeand tried to do that . 4 days ago I think I've found a new way in Sony web site about Net MD , it's a USB, WOW... then I decide to buy it for 10 minutes, yesterday I've it from my brother that he came from Japan, Great Great, it has USB, my eyes was extenddddd......I can't read Japanese Manual ok don't mind, I play it all night and try it the way of software you gave .............finally I felt BAD after I know I can't transfer my class lecture to PC..... Oh it's hurt me so much

    457. I refuse to buy a minidisc player that does not have netMD audio upload.

    Posted by Syb on 5/5/2002, 22:38:02

    my boyfriend wants netMD audio upload, i think you should put it on there because it would make him happy and make lots of people happy! and he'd go out and buy like 20 of them!

    458. we need this

    Posted by Taklas Demetri on 5/5/2002, 22:48:39

    i only use MD for original field recordings and sample collection, yet it is crippled, in that there is no way to digitally transfer my files??? why? this makes no sense to have to go through it's D/A to another A/D. Very frustrating, I know many including myself (until recently) who have avoided the MD format because of this. This has limited the acceptence of MD as a legitimate format.

    459. Please Allow uploading

    Posted by Dale C. Price, III on 5/5/2002, 22:51:33

    I was rather dissapointed when I had taken some CD's to work and put them on my MZ-N1 and when I got home found out I had to re-rip the songs and rebuild the mix I had made.

    460. (no subject)

    Posted by brian zimmerman on 5/5/2002, 23:06:46

    We're doing it anyway - just through our line-ins - so make it easier!

    461. Please add this necessary features to MD recorders

    Posted by Martin Schiff on 5/6/2002, 0:36:50

    Many mp3 player/recorders already have the ability to transfer audio to PC's by copying files through USB and Firewire. In order for minidisc to remain competitive it needs this capability.

    462. Audio Uploading

    Posted by Justin Fahndrich on 5/6/2002, 0:48:42

    The potential is there. Please set up software to make hard copies of audio Md's.

    463. I am sure that will take only 10 min to your programmer to fix that mistake

    Posted by Yannick Phaneuf on 5/6/2002, 0:59:58

    Does it legal to let suppose on the box that the md can upload and download file but it not the case? It make the third time i have problem with sony thing if they don't do something for this problem i think i have my lesson. I have a band and we want to save our practice on that and what sony done they over protect my own copyright and i have a useless md that cost me 500$ and have to do the analog thing to transfer so i have the same quality than a cassette for 500$. And you know wath my sony saleman does'nt know about that problem and is salemarketing man from sony to. So what the problem they want to kept it secret or wath.

    464. Make Net MD even better

    Posted by Klaas-Wim van Diermen on 5/6/2002, 1:26:11

    Net MD is a good product, but unfortunately it is not perfect yet. You cannot upload music from the MiniDisc to the PC. So your own live recordings cannot be saved on your PC. I hope Sony will make Net MD even better by adding an "upload music from MiniDisc to PC" feature to the software.

    465. You want my business?

    Posted by Nick Gustafsson on 5/6/2002, 1:52:11

    Just over a year I finally invested into MD & love it. Am very tempted to upgrade to NetMD, but at this stage it seems you haven't quite got it right. Get the feature set (including the software!) right and you can be sure everyone will want it!

    466. Should i NetMD?

    Posted by Brian on 5/6/2002, 1:55:33

    I am thinking of purchasing one of the new NetMD units. I've visited the Sony web site and researched and priced around the web. This process lead me to same place I researched my MZ-R70 that I purchased about a year ago. I love the portability of the unit, the relatively skip-free play, the wonderful battery life and of course, the durability of the media. My original intent was for burning 'mixed tapes' of my CD collection. I have a cd burner yet don't like the bulkiness of portable cd units...tapes, out of the question, same bulk, poor quality. The recording feature of MD played about a 35% role in deciding to buy. Why? To capture nature sounds while out for a hike. To record conversations with friends, to cut and past audio into some of the slideshows I edit...I'm an artist specializing in digital media. To record some of the shows my girlfriend performs...she's a jazz singer...wonderful I might add, the standards.
    All of this can still be accomplished with the unit I have. But the quality lacks and the time it takes makes it not worth the trouble. So to upgrade or not to upgrade...the 32x download speed is a big draw for me. The upload issue will probably play another 35% role in my discussion again this go round. Sony has my business that is not in question. But with these issues drawn I will wait for an outcome to this petition before purchasing a unit. The outlined proposal seems logical and well thought out. I hope these issues will be addressed in the near future. Thank you.

    467. Please take the final step, enable HS audio upload from MD to PC!

    Posted by Greg Miller on 5/6/2002, 2:31:31

    I would love to use my present MZR37 for more live field recordings, which are ultimately destined for editing and archiving on my PC. The MD format is crippled by the inability to quickly upload the digital ATRAC files from the MD to the PC. Please take the final step in the evolution of the MD format, and allow high speed transfer in BOTH directions!

    468. Please allow download/upload

    Posted by Cornet Jean-Yves on 5/6/2002, 2:39:44

    To the folks at Sony: I have several uses for Minidisc...probably the most important pertains to my job as an organic chemistry professor. One of the things I've used the internet for, in my first semester organic class, is a repository for the audio from my lectures. I use the MD format to record the lectures, but then to get them into the RealAudio format I am currently required to move the audio, in real time, to my computer prior to compressing it for the 'net. Oh how I have often desired the ability to move the lecture audio to my computer in the same way that I can move other files/images etc. I trust that you folks have the brainpower to work out anti-copying schemes...but to have the ability to move analog audio to computer, file-by-file...would be a tremendous achievement. In addition, you would knock all of the digital voice recorders out of the water. Thanks for your time.

    469. Digital audio transfer USED to be possible, why not now?

    Posted by Dave Hooper on 5/6/2002, 6:00:32

    A PC-compatible MD unit was marketed some time ago by Sony. There is still a demand for such a unit - NetMD would be the obvious platform. Disallowing audio upload from MD to PC makes little sense to the consumer given that alternative technologies already allow it (CD-R, portable MP3 players)

    470. This is what i want

    Posted by Erwin on 5/6/2002, 6:50:55

    This is what i want

    471. Add Audio Upload

    Posted by Peter Ravn on 5/6/2002, 7:03:35

    I considered NetMD, but when I realized that it did not allow highspeed upload to a PC I did not buy any new MD product. Please allow highspeed audio upload to a PC, Sony! Or you will loose a huge market.

    472. Minidisc recordings to create a CD-rom on Sound

    Posted by Alistair Edwards on 5/6/2002, 8:13:57

    I recently bought an MZ-N707 for a project I am undertaking. The objective is to create a CD-rom on the subject of Sound. I want this to be a comprehensive publication, investigating and illustrating sounds as we find them in our environment - both natural and artificial. My idea was to record such sounds on the minidisc and then upload them to be incorporated on the CD. Now, of course, I find I cannot do this. This is most frustrating.

    I am NOT attempting to infringe anyone's copyright; the sounds would be my own recordings. The salesman told me I could do what I wanted. I suppose I could take the recorder back on that basis, but I would prefer not to. I would not want to have to revert to analogue technology to achieve my aims.

    Alistair Edwards,
    Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
    University of York

    473. NetMD upload option

    Posted by Henri LeComte on 5/6/2002, 8:14:28

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    The (semi-)professional musicians and musiclovers that I know, including myself, are very enthousiastic about the portable Sony Minidisc recorders. Especially their reliability and sound quality favour Sony over other brands.

    The only drawback is the lack of uploading options. This option would enable live recordings to be used for further composing, editing and placement on web sites.

    I feel this option will be included in the future, if not by Sony, than by another brand. However, it is clearly in your own interest if you are the first to include this option (if not, check the writings by the economist Schumpeter).

    With kind regards,

    Henri LeComte

    474. Please add important feature

    Posted by Jacques Saint-Pierre on 5/6/2002, 9:55:05

    I support this proposition because I feel that with this ability, minidisc becomes even more attractive to users like me and many others.

    475. Add upload feature !

    Posted by Noy Raz on 5/6/2002, 10:17:33

    I use the netMD and my sony microphone to collect sounds, but I have to upload it in a quite strange way to my computer. PLEASE ! add the upload feature and make my life easier !

    476. NetMD back to the shop until upload facility becomes available

    Posted by Stephane Rousseau on 5/6/2002, 10:46:17

    It's great sound, great design, easy to use, but unfortunately we can't upload MD files on the PC. Well, I'll stay with my CD player until it becomes available...

    477. Embrace the potential of Net MD

    Posted by Tim Pitman on 5/6/2002, 11:06:17

    Adding audio upload capability to Net MD minidisc recorders will fulfill the potential of this format to be a valuable recording medium.

    478. SONY don't spoil your good work

    Posted by IVAN M on 5/6/2002, 11:15:02

    i hope you could add the upload function.

    479. NetMD & Live recordings

    Posted by Michael Sauer on 5/6/2002, 11:32:49

    Dear Sirs,

    Thank you for taking the time to read this correspondence. As a Live Music Enthusiast, one who records live music at band's concerts where recording is permitted, I have found that you overlooked an important aspect of the NetMD technology. I realize that there are Copyright concerns involved, but we are talking about music that has been compressed and less than what it originaly was. My DAT (Digital Audio Tape) counterparts are one up on me because they can master their recording on their PC without such barriers. If you find a way to allow legitmate users to perform this transfer I think you have solved part of the equation in the complex formula of getting Mini Disc and NetMD into the mainstream. Regards, Michael Sauer

    480. enable upload to computer

    Posted by Charles Schmidt on 5/6/2002, 12:10:37

    SONY'S magnificent format Minidisc has transformed my life as a musician and listener to music. How unfortunate that I am unable to upload ATRAC files directly to my computer. I am SONY'S biggest advocate; I implore you to please consider modifying your product. Both SONY and customers will benefit. Thank you!

    481. please add uploading features

    Posted by W G Jones on 5/6/2002, 12:22:50

    Please add uploading features! Don't make the Minidisc obsolete!

    482. Uploading is Safe

    Posted by Kevin Murray on 5/6/2002, 12:39:08

    With the impending high-end encryption planned for all commercial music CDs, Sony should not have to worry about adding an uploading feature to NetMD. If you poll the primary demographic of MD buyers you will find that pirating music is not the motivation of MD buyers. We are a loyal and almost fanatical customer base who are committed to the MD format. By adding the uploading feature you will keep your customer base happy and in turn you will see that customer base grow exponentially. Thank you

    483. recordist hungars for uploading capability

    Posted by Louis Rosen on 5/6/2002, 12:46:09

    Being able to quickly up load my MD live recordings files rather than having to transfer in real time would be a great time saver for me. Come on Sony. You can do it!

    484. Having upload would spur me to upgrade my existing MD...

    Posted by Michael Drofdarb on 5/6/2002, 13:16:01

    since I use mine for recording both live sound and my own original creations.

    485. Vital Upgrade

    Posted by Jesse on 5/6/2002, 13:47:45

    If this were implemented, the implications would be huge. Professionals like myself would have greatly increased productivity if we were able to upload audio. Please bring this about.

    486. A Vital Boost to the MiniDisc Market to make it a viable competing format

    Posted by Tom Conquergood on 5/6/2002, 14:17:53

    MiniDisc usage around the globe has only continued to grow since the introduction of the format so many years ago. In America, however, we have seen lack-luster growth due to the commercial image that MD is a fad. To the hordes of Internet users that own MD players/recorders, we know it is not just a fad and has been around for years and years to come. With the advent of NetMD and bringing high speed dubbing to the portables, Sony has a chance to revitalize the American market, and open the door for competition (as we see clearly in the Japanese market). Without Audio upload capabilities though, very quickly the Mp3 players with record capabilities will outpace the MiniDisc, leaving MiniDisc to be successful every where in the world but America. Why should we let America be the only country moving backwards in Audio technology? MiniDisc is a format restricted only by corporations and the government, please let us use the music we own and create in a way that makes sense for us.

    487. Sony, DO NOT ALLOW uploading!

    Posted by Jeff Dubin on 5/6/2002, 14:34:15

    Sony, thank you for your anti-consumer, pro-corporate attitude which groups amateur musicians alongside international bootleggers.

    Having a household name such as Sony's behind these DRM schemes is going to be a great advantage when explaining to average consumers how the music industry and consumer electronics giants are trying to control their listening habits.

    By forcing amateur musicians to break the digital chain when transferring their own music from a Minidisc recorder to a PC, you'll be doing more to encourage them to use open standards and support consumer-friendly companies than I ever could alone.

    Sony's Minidisc could have been easily taken on Iomega's ZIP format to become the removable media of choice in the late 90's. And even now, with memory chips costing 32x or more that of a similar capacity Minidisc, flash memory is the consumer's preferred format to store compressed audio. However, your current form of DRM, where I as a musician cannot be trusted with my own recordings, really takes the cake.

    So in a year from now, as I'm using my 1GB CF card to record whatever it is I want to and a recording device utilizing an open-standard audio format, I'll try to remember to say thanks to you again when I'm transferring my music to my PC. This solution might be a little pricier, but I suppose it's a small price to have for the freedom to record or listen to whatever I want to.

    To continue the fight for freedom, I urge Sony to NOT ALLOW UPLOADING.

    Thank You,
    Jeff Dubin

    488. Minidisc Forever

    Posted by Pablo Tupuola on 5/6/2002, 14:41:55

    Dear Sony,
    I have been a fan of MD since 1994,and I will continue to be a fan.Adding upload capacity to NetMD would keep it from loosing to other formats like MP3 or Dataplay.I am a musician and have increased my music sales by putting my song samples on the internet.Upload through NetMD would make this so much easier.Thanks So Much

    489. MD will die

    Posted by chivot on 5/6/2002, 15:04:42

    minidisc is not very adapted for using with a computer. Even with NetMD, due to the slow transfer rate, audio transcoding and all the security rules like "no uploading". This last feature will be very usefull for all professionnal and musicians using the minidisc, and it does not go against music editors companies' interests.
    Without this very usefull feature, the one used by those who really use their minidisc units, not as a tomporary mp3 gadget, Minidisc wont be competitive for a long time and will die (look at the new promising technologies like DataPlay....)

    490. I agree wholeheartedly!

    Posted by Claude Zachary on 5/6/2002, 15:16:50

    The MD is a wonderful tool for recording in the field, and really needs uploading capacity to enhanced the editing process.


    491. I will buy more MD and so will my friends.

    Posted by Jeremy Davis on 5/6/2002, 15:58:34

    And only sony.. we swear.

    492. I agree

    Posted by David Cano on 5/6/2002, 15:59:16

    Copy music to a MiniDisc must to be 1 step

    493. Please, implement uploading audio to PC

    Posted by Antonio Cruz on 5/6/2002, 16:25:02

    I do use my portable player all day, but when working I would like to be able to listen to my music with the PC.

    Also, it would be a big improvement to be able to share our meeting�s audio to the members, whithout major trouble, using NetMD, of course!

    Thank you.


    494. Cant a way of uploading without breaking copyright be provided?

    Posted by D Wilde on 5/6/2002, 16:26:46

    Cant a way of uploading without breaking copyright be provided?

    495. MD Lover

    Posted by Sebastiao R. Lima on 5/6/2002, 16:32:49

    I am one of the people who always loved the minidisco media. It sure be much better if the NETMD could upload data.
    Thank you,
    Sebastiao R. Lima

    496. NetMD Uploading

    Posted by Lee Sainsbury on 5/6/2002, 16:35:33


    I have been a fan of the MD format since 1995 - and I have purchased (and sold on!) a number of models. I recently bought a NetMD MZ-N1 but returned it to the supplier when I found that I could not "upload" tracks to my PC. I see this feature as the next great "feature" Sony could introduce. As for the present time....I am the owner of a MZ-R909...

    Whist on the subject of "features" how about adding the ability to "encode" data? I know the MD format can only store aproxx 150MB worth of data, but it would come in handy for transfering a larger amount of data between home and work!


    497. Please Make Uploading Possible !!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Jeff96 on 5/6/2002, 17:04:10

    I record every live moment of my band, rehearsal or otherwise, with my Sony Minidisc recorder. I then make this audio available to other members of the band on cd. Using an analog connection is time consuming and of lesser quality. An uploading function would make this process a breeze.

    Currently I own three Sony Minidisc recorders of varying ages. They were all purchased because of smaller size and functionality upgrades. They all still perform flawlessly, and none of them are NetMD recorders. The only feature that would make me purchase another Sony recorder with NetMD capability, would be this upload function. Please Sony, consider this petition strongly and make it happen.


    498. A major step in MD advancement

    Posted by Yang Li on 5/6/2002, 17:24:26

    A major step in MD advancement

    499. Re: NetMD Upload

    Posted by amid choueiri on 5/6/2002, 18:06:37 , in reply to "NetMD Upload"

    The major advantage of minidisc was the abilty to record at a better quality than cassets for professional and peronal use. With the advent of computers its only logical that an upload feature to be added inorder to truly take advantage of the minidisc capabilities. Without having the ability to upload through an optical out and the USB, there seems to be no enticing reason for minidiscs to became more popular.

    500. NetMD upload - Its what MDs all about!!!

    Posted by Richard Brown on 5/6/2002, 18:19:56

    I have Sony MD units everywhere - my HiFi, my car, my micro-system and now incorporated into my computer with my N1. No other system offers this versatility.

    But the N1 slightly misses the point. MD is all about DIGITAL recording and once recorded I want to use my recordings quick and efficiently. An audio upload facility would allow me to do this. It�s an essential feature - please add it!

    501. Mission from God

    Posted by Heffy Reetz on 5/6/2002, 20:35:08

    We are getting the band together and
    would really like to record ourselves
    for our own use. My 707 is great but
    with a little openmg tweak it could be perfect.

    502. MP3 readability on MiniDisc

    Posted by John on 5/6/2002, 20:40:16

    The ability to read mp3 / wma on MiniDisc players woudl greatly increase my interest in the medium. Thanks

    503. Add Audio Upload

    Posted by Jack Geller on 5/6/2002, 20:40:36

    Come on... do us a favor...

    504. No uploads, you got to be kidding

    Posted by Gerhard on 5/6/2002, 22:25:03

    I did't even think that this was not possible when I bought my N707, I might as well kept my cassette. I can't believe it, now I have to buy a DAT. Come on, why do you think your sales are so slow in the US for these products. A quick software fix would do it, just put it on your website and let us download it.

    505. Please add audio upload to NetMD!

    Posted by Phil Nunnally on 5/6/2002, 22:37:26

    I didn't realize NetMD couldn't upload audio to a PC. I haven't bought a NetMD recorder yet and won't plan to until you can upload original material digitally at high speed to a PC. We really need this. Thanks!

    506. Net MD upload

    Posted by John on 5/6/2002, 23:26:51

    The Net MD upload feature is a much neede upgrade to myself as a student. Recording lessons, or even the capability to use the portable minidisc player as a high capacity disc drive. The capability of minidisc recorders is much higher than its current use--fulfill the dream of every minidisc and make it more than just a music playback medium!

    507. Stop Holding Back Advancement of a Great Format.. MD!!!

    Posted by Rich on 5/6/2002, 23:42:48

    By not allowing or building in the capabability to allow uploading of digital information from mini disc to pc quickly you are putting a choke hold on the mini disc's future longevity itself... i believe the format has already suffered and probably 999 out of every 1000 consumers are demanding and would like to see this feature added to your portable mini disc line and very soon!!! Keep this format alive and kicking and secure its future! If mp3, cd & other formats can do it then why not mini disc too??? In fact you had a model available i believe that had the capability so why back pedal now? To not build in this capability and give the loyal Sony customers what they want is very rediculous!!! Ad this feature to your new line of mini disc portable recorders now! Don't forget other features as well.. such as back lit lcd display, accidental erase retrieve feature and please don't take other features away in leiu of new ones like you have on some of the latest models! Also keep the nice styling and make the features easy to use. C'mon.. you can do it!!!

    508. compare with SONY digital video

    Posted by Greg Conquest on 5/7/2002, 0:22:44

    I have a SONY digital video camera. It is useful and easy to use. Being digital means I can become a hobbyist using my computer. Yet I can't do the same with digital audio.

    The market for digital video has exploded with digital camcorders. It is becoming a decentralized, hobbyist's paradise -- yet Hollywood movies haven't suffered at all because of this.

    What would happen if audio were unleashed in the same way? Sure, there would be some copying, but that's not the point; it's only a side-effect. The point is people finding new freedom to record, edit, preserve, and use audio in their lives.

    We won't know what shapes these new industries will take until after the "consumer-friendly" digital audio recorders/players/mixers start coming out.

    Please, let this market bloom. It will be good for SONY, it will be a sustainable market, and it will be great for the people.

    Thank you.
    Greg Conquest

    509. Another Sony triumph, limited by proprietary greed

    Posted by Tim Walsh on 5/7/2002, 0:30:13

    If Sony would ever learn from their mistakes, maybe one day they will release a flawless product. With the likes of Macintosh and others, Sony limits the availibility and potential of their product. It's a shame, the MD could have truly taken over the cassette and the CD-R, but Sony is too scared or too greedy to open up the MD to it's full potential.

    510. Valuable addition for anyone working with multimedia

    Posted by Simon Mackay on 5/7/2002, 3:23:51

    I agree that the Audio upload feature should be added to the NetMD standard. This is because the MD format is being used as a "sound collector" for multimedia applications.

    Uploading could be permitted from recordings derived from analog inputs or "exempt category" sources such as external A-D converters.

    Then the recordings should be able to be exported to WAV at least so they can be edited using audio-editor programs like CoolEdit for example. The recordings can then be used in multimedia applications like Macromedia Flash or PowerPoint. This could also mean that MiniDisc could end up as a "feeder" audio format for A/V workstations like Avid.

    With regards,

    Simon Mackay

    511. give us upload netmd POWER!!!!!

    Posted by samirah on 5/7/2002, 3:49:11

    please don't treat all people as piracy kiddies...

    512. Audio Upload is a Must

    Posted by Martin Clinton on 5/7/2002, 4:59:52

    Considering the flexibility of other formats, audio upload is a must in order to keep MD's popularity.

    513. good for creativity, no use for pirates

    Posted by james day on 5/7/2002, 5:08:42

    I urge you to incorporate an audio upload facility in NetMD. There are very few pre-recorded MDs available, so the potential impact of piracy is minimal. However, the possibilities for creativity via uploading of live recordings are immense. Having an upload feature will provide an enormous impetous to people to "go create" with MD, rather tha just being passive listeners!

    514. MD uploads

    Posted by Shawn Chesley on 5/7/2002, 5:14:09

    I record live music from bands that allow it, and it is a needlessley difficult step to get the info into the computer. Please Change this! Thanks!

    515. Upload your own creation !

    Posted by Raphael on 5/7/2002, 5:36:34

    All dj's will understand what i'm talking about. Whenyou record your own mix on a md through your turntable, you may need to fix some "bugs"!

    516. My band

    Posted by Mike on 5/7/2002, 5:52:35

    We record stuff on MD and it'd be REALLY handy to be able to move it onto computer digitally to allow me to mix and burn to CD without quality loss through analog inputs.

    517. Essential Functionality!

    Posted by Nick Wall on 5/7/2002, 6:44:10

    To Whom It May Concern at Sony,

    Please do not allow MD to die a premature death - it NEEDS the Upload funtionality to move it on to the next level and become THE must have recordable media.


    Nick Wall, England

    518. Possibilities are endless...

    Posted by Chris Lewis on 5/7/2002, 7:16:15

    Not only would an upload facility mean that I can record my band's album directly to MD rather than having to use a PC in the studio, but also it would allow my microphone recordings taken in lectures at university a storage point on my computer to allow the reuse of my minidiscs.

    With an upload facility, Minidiscs could also finally become the portable hard drives all PDA fans have wanted for years! Imagine a 156Mb backup facility which costs just �1......

    519. Audio Upload? Yes, Please

    Posted by Joe Tymecki on 5/7/2002, 7:48:17

    Please implement a feature to allow an audio upload feature as described in the diagram above. Thank you, Joe Tymecki - Atlanta, GA
    a **huge** MD fan and user

    520. Yes please!!

    Posted by Gordon Macgregor on 5/7/2002, 8:22:21

    Please implement NetMD upload as described in the above article. From a dedicated MD user.

    521. OK

    Posted by Huba Marosi on 5/7/2002, 8:49:08

    I agree!

    522. it would be very cool if audioupload is there

    Posted by yoep on 5/7/2002, 9:44:01

    it would be sooo cool for my band to so we can upload ouer music and send them by email to ouer friends family etc....

    thanks for now

    523. MD Uploading

    Posted by Brian on 5/7/2002, 9:52:50

    This woudl be a great addition to an already great format.

    524. Audio Upload will be so valuable to minidisc owners

    Posted by Sunil Panchal on 5/7/2002, 9:58:59

    It has taken this long for minidisc to finally become largely popular and affordable in markets such as the UK, and allowing audio upload will remove the final barrier holding back the total dominance of MD in the UK and around the world, as currently this factor is the only really major one that makes consumers look for a different audio solution!

    525. certainly makes sense

    Posted by kwok on 5/7/2002, 10:09:56

    sure it does, if a product can develop, y shouldn't it? are we moving forwards or shall we stay with tape?

    526. Creative people really need it

    Posted by Damien Bonvillain on 5/7/2002, 11:00:21

    Currently, you can't "Go create" with your MiniDisc portable recorder, hurdles are on your way. While breaking the upload wall, users are going to explore their ideas, follow their vision and express themselves fully.
    This limit is against the Sony philosophy.

    527. What would make MD the ultimate standard...

    Posted by Jed Lee on 5/7/2002, 13:42:19

    I teach classes on a regular basis. Some of my students wish an audio of a particular lesson if they aren't present (apparently, they'd rather get the audio than notes from their collegues). I used to use minicassette but got a portable MD player because the audio quality recorded is much better. I opted for an MD player over a digital recorder because the MD medium makes the capacity limitless and sounds much better than those digital recorders with memory sticks or other forms of storage. Plus, the MD player works better for recording other live events. I was also considering the purchase of a portable CDRW unit. However, the MD portable is superior to portable CDRWs because MD units are cheaper and smaller and can store more (in LP mode). The only advantage is that the CDRW medium is cheaper than the MD medium.

    Whatever the case, having to upload to a computer with my MD unit in real-time is a cumbersome task. The reason I upload to a computer is to make audio CDs for those students who do not have MD players. The material being transfered is not copyrighted by someone else. If there is no solution soon, maybe I'll have to go and get a portable CDRW unit... they are comparably priced now...

    528. Uploading

    Posted by Megan McLaughlin on 5/7/2002, 13:52:13

    Dear Sony,
    I too, would like to see Open MG support uploading of files. I am a radio journalist who records to MD. My interviews and audio commentary could be done far faster if I didn't have to put it in in real time and the edit it. THe analog quality is also undesireable in these situations. I understand and fully support Sony's efforts to protect copyrighted material, but please don't let the actions of a few thoughtless individuals make your products inferior for those of us who would use this technology responsibly.

    529. great marketing potential for minidisc

    Posted by Iwan Negro on 5/7/2002, 15:02:20

    i have my new mz-n1 and i have to admitt that it is really great product but to use the full potential of net md it needs to have a uploading and downloading function in atrac1 files. this would make the minidisc the perfect interface between computer and digital music device. the potential to the market is very high as minidisc has a superior soundquality to mp3 but listening to a minidisc in atrac3 sound is a disappointment for every md lover. so why don't we (the consumers) merit the best things?

    530. Quite perfect...just need upload!!

    Posted by Carlo de Mori on 5/7/2002, 15:04:45

    1) this restriction doesn't prevent copyright "violations": if I cannot upload my md tracks to the PC I can either use the analog jack or download the tracks from the internet in mp3 format. Therefore, I think it just makes people waste more time to have tracks on the PC than preventing whatever. In other words, if I want that track on my PC I can get it anyway!!
    2) it makes people want to use other formats (mp3) or make people who could be interested in MD format not be interested anymore.
    3) If sony were not a record industry too I guess they wouldn't be so worried about md upload.
    4) why can I make it with an audio CD or an mp3 medium and not with MD? Can I break the rules by buying a CD and not with an MD? This is musical racism!
    5) I could bet on the fact that sony would only take advantage out of this situation because they would make people want to convert themselves to the MD format and not disadvantage (and any record industry neither) because, as a matter of fact, copyright protections are by-passable in any other way!!
    6) this doesn't make a definitive format out of MiniDisc, making people either want to integrate it with other mediums or use other definitive formats like mp3, whose only disadvantage with respect to MD is of some abilities and facilities which MD has and mp3 doesn't which, for many people though (and this is the point) don't make it worth to buy MD!
    7) I can create an MD, infinite MD out of a CD or mp3s which I downloaded but not the contrary! I mean, from where do we obtain music at most? from CDs someone lends us or from mp3s which we download, which we copy to MD. Can't I upload them to my PC? Well, I can keep the mp3 on my PC or re-download it if I deleted it / I transform the CD I borrowed to mp3 format and keep the tracks on my PC. SO what's the difference?! It is a useless restriction!!
    That's all...anyway, MD forever!!!!!!

    531. Please add audio uploading

    Posted by Q. Phan on 5/7/2002, 16:30:38

    This would my recording our band sessions so much easier. For higher end recording we would use our 16 track but for practice sessions we don't want to go through the hassle.

    Thanks for listening

    532. Re: Sony, DO NOT ALLOW uploading!

    Posted by nico on 5/7/2002, 16:44:20 , in reply to "Sony, DO NOT ALLOW uploading!"

    Don't worry, they wont !
    As long as competition stays away, SONY� has no interest to break their own market...
    That's sad.
    That's so sad for all musicians, teacher and reporter all around the world.
    Some new standard may arise hopefully (and MD will die as died DAT)

    533. NetMD Uploading

    Posted by Frederick Glaser on 5/7/2002, 16:44:40

    Dear Sony
    Please can you accept the merits of this petition and allow the loyal fans of Sony's Minidisc format the freedom to upload their audio directly to their PC's without any hindrence of Digital Rights Management software. If mp3/hard-drive portable units have this freedom then why can't Minidisc?

    534. Please allow upload capability

    Posted by Paul Witney on 5/7/2002, 16:46:25

    I am a composer and bought the Sony NetMd as I thought I was able to upload recordings of my music to my PC. I also bought it with the intention of recording samples to use in electronic pieces I compose. (no copyright laws broken here)

    If I knew the Sony Netmd didnt have the capability to upload from the MD to PC, then I could have bought a much cheaper MD.

    Please add this function to the NetMD, so that I can use the MD to its full capacity

    535. That's the problem for Sony (in french)

    Posted by Jean-Louis on 5/7/2002, 16:59:22 , in reply to "Rapid audio upload would make MD a killer format"

    C'est oublier que Sony est engag� dans bien d'autres march�s concurrents et qu'ils n'ont aucun int�r�t � rendre le MD supercompatible ! Ce serait vraiment le serpent qui se mord la queue...

    Sony a une tr�s bonne division marketing, dommage que le customer support ne soit pas au niveau !!!

    Il n'est jamais trop tard pour changer , les gars !

    536. Re: Sony, DO NOT ALLOW uploading!

    Posted by nico on 5/7/2002, 17:11:25 , in reply to "Sony, DO NOT ALLOW uploading!"

    Don't worry, they wont !
    As long as competition stays away, SONY� has no interest to break their own market...
    That's sad.
    That's so sad for all musicians, teacher and reporter all around the world.
    Some new standard may arise hopefully (and MD will die as died DAT)

    537. Come on guys!

    Posted by Adam Swier on 5/7/2002, 18:03:53

    This is simply wrong, to prevent people from moving data as they wish!

    538. for the continued success of MD

    Posted by peter baldes on 5/7/2002, 18:09:24

    Why hinder data transfer of MD audio. You will make my work with MINIDISC more simple, which in turn will allow me to reccomend MD to other artists and let you sell more units.
    it just makes sense
    mac support would be wonderful too....

    539. Please add the upload feature, at least for analog recording!

    Posted by Jim Yeh on 5/7/2002, 20:22:14

    I do a lot of recording for church and usually I bring the disc back for cleaning before I convert it into RealAudio for use in streaming. Now I use SPDIF digital transfer which take a lot of time to do and direct USB transfer would at least halve the time. Please, I don't use MD for any other purpose. And if NetMD upload is enabled, we would buy a bunch of them to archive more sermon.

    540. need upload

    Posted by aaron m lafferty on 5/7/2002, 20:27:20

    Greeings, id love to be able to make voice journals and upload them to my pc and website....

    541. NetMD features or alternatives to NetMD

    Posted by Ramon on 5/7/2002, 20:32:43

    You should not limit your products by skimping on features. You want to entice us consumers into buying your products. I was contemplating buying a NetMD player/recorder at first but the more I read the less I started to like the restrictions and limitations imposed on the device. You should know better than anyone that there are alternatives to MD player/recorders. MP3 players are already popular and if MP3Pro takes off it will only become more popular. As time goes on MD tech. becomes older and MP3 player's get smaller and increase their capacity.Look at IMB's Microdrive technology, not to mention mini DVD's. Don't limit your potential customers by limiting your products.

    542. eliminate the competition! breathe new life into a great product!!

    Posted by Curt Branum on 5/7/2002, 21:13:02

    Being a musician who utilizes MD as a mixdown/transport medium as well as a concert taper and a casual music listener I can testify that adding a digital output to a portable MD recorder would be the most valuable/useful/desirable feature that could possibly be added to an already great audio medium. I would personally purchase the first available unit, and would certainly NOT BE ALONE in doing so. The sheer quantity of people contributing to this petition on a tiny internet site is pure proof of that. Thank you for your consideration. Curt Branum

    543. please...please!!! uploading....

    Posted by suresh ramachandran on 5/7/2002, 21:43:47

    it's so unfair that this feature doesnt exist in such an Xlent media.
    please.....SONY .. please...

    544. This is the only thing keeping me from buying a netmd recorder.

    Posted by Bijan Soleymani on 5/7/2002, 23:00:47

    As i already have a recorder a player and a cd/md deck, I really don't need netmd. However if the netmd could upload my analog tracks back to the computer, I would buy it in a second. I am sure many other people are in the same position. Without upload netmd is like an ordinary mp3 player, albeit one with cheaper memory.

    545. the MD format has so much potential..

    Posted by Riyadh Chowdhury on 5/7/2002, 23:18:25

    the MD player will be bigger then mp3 players if upload is added..

    546. It is very important

    Posted by Rinat on 5/8/2002, 2:00:43

    This both ways full communication.
    Need it badly

    547. Transfer of Source MD Recordings onto PC and Beyond

    Posted by Morgan Yew on 5/8/2002, 3:35:45

    I specifically bought the MZ-N707 for it's extremely valuable recording capacity recently only to find that I am unable to transfer onto my PC--it has very little use for me in the way of listening to general compilation MiniDiscs and am surprised that it is not marketed as a highly versatile recording device that one can easily transfer the contents of onto a PC without dumbing it down through analog means.

    Personally, I am extremely happy with all the functions of the MiniDisc format but the lack of audio uploads. Aside from this I am indeed happy with my purchase but would have expected the inclusion of said abilities to be in existance and hope to see the availablility of such a program in the near future.

    Making such an addition would greatly enhance your already wonderful product and obviously make many people content with and be willing to continue pursuing independant interests with the help of a reliable company such as I still believe Sony is.

    Morgan Yew

    548. Uploading features show support for the Arts!

    Posted by IDX1274 on 5/8/2002, 3:54:39


    As a noise sculpture and soundscape creator I wanted to say that if you don't add upload capabilities to the product at hand, you are shunning the Arts!

    This product is a strong tool to many musicians, writers, poets and artistic experimentors, but only if the upload features are added! Otherwise it's merely an expensive toy and not the cutting edge product it's alleged to be.

    I hope you see the light and add the features.

    Thanks for your time....


    549. Extend NetMD to win!

    Posted by Max Vlasov on 5/8/2002, 3:58:54

    The price falling of flash memory is a matter of time. Extend NetMD to win!

    550. do it!

    Posted by nicola on 5/8/2002, 4:07:17

    do it

    551. It would be a great feature to overcome MP3/CD

    Posted by Delaval Stephane on 5/8/2002, 4:27:01

    NetMD / OpenMG offer wonderful features and creativity, and goes much beyond MP3 on CD. Adding uploading feature would definitively overcome MP3 / CD !

    552. This would surtenly give NetMD some advantages over MP3

    Posted by Rudi Respen on 5/8/2002, 5:03:24

    Let's get this thing on the road, I don't expect too much technical problems.

    553. Minidisc isnt just about playback

    Posted by Andrew on 5/8/2002, 5:44:22

    Allowing upload will complete what NetMD is. The original strong points I saw in minidisc over other portable sound devices was recording. If i could upload via NetMD it would make a hell of a difference to me and the market for NetMD

    554. Please Sony, do it!

    Posted by Dmitri Kalintsev on 5/8/2002, 5:44:34

    Please guys! Do the right thing!

    555. Essential for net md to take off

    Posted by Dave Wyatt on 5/8/2002, 6:39:42

    Ithink that it is essential to enable net md uploading to compete with the plethora of mp3 players that now exist. This functionality is vital to ensure net md's survival

    556. Uploading feature

    Posted by Edward Gibbins on 5/8/2002, 7:55:50

    I bought the MZN1 because it has netMD and recording facilities so i thought i could record lectures and put them on the computer to edit and stuff. Obviously thought the software won't allow it. I am going to take my new minidic recorder back and buy something else instead (mp3 recorder)

    557. I SUPPORT THE Petition Asking Sony to Enable NetMD-Based Audio Uploading from MiniDisc to Computer

    Posted by Chris Hansford on 5/8/2002, 8:40:45

    I SUPPORT THE Petition Asking Sony to Enable NetMD-Based Audio Uploading from MiniDisc to Computer

    558. Dust is covering my current MD equipments...

    Posted by Marc Herbert on 5/8/2002, 9:07:46

    ...but I will buy the first NetMD recorder with upload capability.

    559. Upload function for NetMD. Please!!!!!

    Posted by Davann on 5/8/2002, 10:26:09

    NetMD is a big one-way highway... on the other side is but a walk in the park with a turtle.
    NetMD is great but can be greater!!!

    560. Add audio upload

    Posted by Bill Bothe on 5/8/2002, 11:44:14

    This would be a great feature for all MD users

    561. Make my MD more valuable!

    Posted by Andres Werner on 5/8/2002, 12:24:18

    It will help both Sony and consumers. It makes sense.

    562. I wont get one, unless...

    Posted by David on 5/8/2002, 12:55:28

    you add that feature!

    563. Release the Hounds!

    Posted by Robert on 5/8/2002, 13:04:27

    I sic scurvy upon all ye Sony exec's that withhold from me the pleasures of uploading.

    564. Let the recording go

    Posted by Kirk Fast on 5/8/2002, 13:31:50

    While I think the minidisc is a great device, having the ability to upload recorded songs/speeches faster than real-time to the pc would be a great asset.

    565. I support adding upload abilities to MD hardware

    Posted by Neil Koomen on 5/8/2002, 13:42:35

    To Sony:

    I think adding this feature would be an excellent addition to the functionality of MD hardware and ensure that MD would be competitive with other music formats.

    Although I already have one JVC and two Sony MD players and/or recorders, I would be willing to buy more hardware ASAP, if you add this feature to MD hardware.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter,
    Neil (in the US)

    566. Please allow the transfer of recorded sound from the minidisc to the PC

    Posted by Gabe Chambers on 5/8/2002, 14:12:53

    I use the minidiscs for recording client meetings and phone conversations. I have to keep a catalog of how I use those disks. If I could upload those, then the pc could catalog them for me. Consequently these are not copywritable conversations. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

    567. NetMD and DJ mixes

    Posted by PaKo on 5/8/2002, 14:16:39

    I'm a DJ , and i think it will be very interresting to add upload for NetMD, for analogic recording , because when i record mixes on my md i need sometimes to do some changes with my pc (soundforge ...), and for burning my mixes. i waste a lot of time when i transfert mixes from my md to my pc. Please Mister Sony think about djs! (sorry for my very bad english, i'm french!)

    568. I support the petition, why is Sony the odd one out?

    Posted by Ed Beecroft on 5/8/2002, 15:26:30


    569. I want the upload feature too.

    Posted by Olivier Kaloudoff on 5/8/2002, 15:44:24

    I really need the upload feature of NetMD,
    as I need to work on sounds captured in nature,
    and want to use it on my PC.

    NetMD is great, but it would be far better
    with this feature.

    Help The Minidisc community grow.

    570. uploading capability - just do it!

    Posted by Zach Hoyt on 5/8/2002, 16:44:47


    571. It would be a real boon to have fast digital transfer!

    Posted by Ross Kendall on 5/8/2002, 17:48:47

    Dear Sony,

    I work for a non-profit organisation, we use mini-disc for recording seminars, conferences, interviews etc. Minidisc seems to be the best digital format for our purposes, both for it's flexibility and affordability.

    I have recently been tasked with making seminars and talks available on the web (in wma and mp3). This is something that I can do, but if you could add an upload facility similar to that suggested in this proposal it would save us a lot of time, and confirm to us that we have made the right decision with minidisc.

    Thankyou for your consideration.

    Ross Kendall
    (webmaster: )

    572. Ultimate avenue for low-budget musical expression

    Posted by Lee Tucker on 5/8/2002, 17:58:17

    I am currently in an a cappella group that seeks to create a CD. We are very small and thus have a minimal budget to work with. While minidisc technology has vastly improved what we can do and has helped us to channel our creativity, not having a means of digital transfer is a real letdown, and probably keeps many other groups from experimenting with such technologies. On-site minidisc recording is not only convenient and inexpensive, in the realm of a cappella music especially it does things that really aren't even possible by traditional means. With digital NetMD uploading you could corner the market in addition to significantly promoting musical creativity and expression among those who will never have large budgets or record companies, but who do things like this solely for love of the music.

    573. Upload would be great addition

    Posted by Lionel Chow on 5/8/2002, 18:39:27

    I use md's to archive my music so being unable to upload them back to the com when I need to is very inconvenient.

    574. Uploading my digital recordings

    Posted by Richard Blackburn on 5/8/2002, 19:02:52

    When I discovered MiniDisc I was immediately excited about the ability to make field
    recordings of family, my borther-in-laws band, computer conferences I attend, etc.,
    and digitally upload them to my computer to edit. Please give us this ability to match
    the implicit promise that every Sony MD recorder purchaser assumes!

    575. J'en ai r�v�, Sony l'a fait !

    Posted by PELLETAN Lo�c on 5/8/2002, 19:31:05

    J'adore Sony, c'est d'apr�s moi la meilleur boite d'�lectronique du monde... mas c'est vrai que de restreindre le NetMD n'�tait pas la meilleur id�e pour d�velopper cette merveilleuse technologie...
    Une fonction Upload serait vraiment le top du top !!! Et aussi, pourquoi ne pas permettre le vrai taux du mode SP dans OpenMG ?

    576. upload to pc

    Posted by Sunpreet Singh on 5/8/2002, 20:21:03

    I record a lot of live religious events, i have over 300 mds all in SP. After each event i come home and do the painful process of recording in real time to PC so it can be available on the net, this looses quality and also takes ages so everyone has to wait for it to come up. if you look at my site.. and visit the guest book, u will see.
    Please make it easier and quicker for me and add MD upload to NET MD! PLEASEEEEEEEEE

    Kind Regards

    A loyal Sony Fan!!

    577. Uploading would be a great addition to an already wonderfully designed player!!

    Posted by Bobby Wong on 5/8/2002, 20:41:03

    We must not look at the view of pirating music but to think of the uploading as a way for many people who want their own recordings or live audio to share with others. And by doing so, you would eliminate other competitors and make the NetMD #1. I hope you consider this as a benefit for everyone for the consumers and future musicians out there.

    578. Audio Upload & Mac Support

    Posted by Timothy King on 5/8/2002, 21:13:36

    I also encourage the ability to upload music from minidiscs; I have a library of over 2000 CDs, and it drives me crazy the hoops that I have to jump through to listen to my music the way I want to.
    Part of that problem is the lack of Macintosh support with MiniDiscs, esp. the new NetMD features, which are part of the reason I am reconsidering my plan to replace my cassette library with minidiscs.

    Tim King

    579. please allow uploading!!!

    Posted by michael mckamey on 5/8/2002, 22:16:00

    i just bought the new mz-s1 MD and it is great! i have downloaded nearly every song i listen to while exercising onto the one MD it came with. then i read about new copy protected CD's. uh- how am i supposed to buy the CD's i want and listen to them on my NEW MD??? that kinda makes my new $180 purchase obselete-right? do you think i'll still buy sony when i have nothing new to listen to on my MD walkman???

    580. I strongly support

    Posted by Angel Guarniz on 5/8/2002, 22:24:10

    This feature would blow the competition away.

    581. Makes recording useless

    Posted by Richard Malcolm-Smith on 5/8/2002, 22:24:18

    The one thing holding me back to get a portable recorder it that without any way of getting it off the device, its pretty much useless. I can use a component MD deck and SPDIF in, but thats just as bad as analog as far as glitches on the PC causing dropouts in the sound, and with the LP speeds, I will be waiting all day for the dub to be done.

    CD-R has the ability to go in and out of a computer all day, but without the availability of a portable cost-effective standalone recorder. While copying onto the player only satisfies people looking for a portable player for music stolen off the internet or copied off there CD's, it doesnt address the issues of in the field live recording, and the ability to manipulate that data ones self.

    582. I want to be able to upload recordings i make with my band

    Posted by Jeff Manning on 5/9/2002, 1:22:50

    I simply want to upload recordings i make of bands onto my computer so i can make cd's of them
    this would make up for alot

    583. Add audio upload !!

    Posted by misskin on 5/9/2002, 6:20:15


    584. strongly agree with upload

    Posted by fofanator on 5/9/2002, 7:54:14

    yep yep yep

    585. I wont buy Sony NETMD until..

    Posted by Dave on 5/9/2002, 10:28:11

    The new Sony NetMD looks really cool, but the new capabilities seem to only go half the distance. I would love to easily transfer digital music files to and from my minidisc player and computer. I currently own a Sharp minidisc player/recorder. If Sony makes the suggested improvements to its NETMD line, I will definatly give them my buisness.

    586. NetMD is great hardware, but I won't buy with the current software.

    Posted by Scott on 5/9/2002, 11:14:43

    The NetMD hardware from Sony is very nice and I'd love to own a NetMD player. That said, I WILL NOT purchase a NetMD with the current software. The "check-in/check-out" restrictions are ridiculious. I understand that Sony owns a large record label and is paranoid about music piracy, but this restrictive feature will cause NetMD to fail commercialy. Uploading from the player to the PC is also a necessity.


    587. Teacher needs to upload dialog

    Posted by Rick Marcus on 5/9/2002, 11:16:40

    As a foreign language teacher, I'd like to be able to upload dialog from native speakers so that I can create language learning and testing materials for my students.

    My MZ-R700 makes amazingly clear recordings (which students appreciate!!!!). Please simplify my life by allowing me a means to upload this to my Mac.

    Rick Marcus

    588. A more viable medium

    Posted by Dan Pockrus on 5/9/2002, 11:21:21

    As a musician, I record all my band's practices (where the genesis of most of our songs originate) and performances. I've been transferring the recordings to my PC using the headphone out through my sound card. Yet, even the best manipulation I can do using Sound Forge can't overcome the noise that's creeping in via the analog transfer. I fully support a digital transport and strongly urge you to consider it.

    589. Upload needs

    Posted by David Huewes on 5/9/2002, 11:49:27

    I defenitly need the upload funcion. I used to make many field recordings, and this capability will speed up my work and increase it's quality.
    I also want the possibility to DOWNLOAD using SP, not only LP2 or LP4.

    590. Need easy way to copy DJ sets back to my computer

    Posted by Mark Seabourne on 5/9/2002, 15:20:41

    When I purchased my Net MD walkman I thought that it was possible to record a live dj set on a minidisc and then transfer it to my computer to burn on cd. Well I tried this for the first time yesterday and found out that this was not possible. For now I'm using total recorder and recording from my minidisc to my computer, sure it works but what a pain in the butt. Not sure if I'm losing any quality but it would be much more convenient if I could just import them without risking losing any sound quality. Hopefully you include this functionality soon.
    Mark Sesbourne.

    591. Upload my song, please

    Posted by alberto corazzol on 5/9/2002, 15:32:28

    I spent a fortune to buy MZN-1 for recording and editing digitally my song.
    Please make it possible.

    592. Make it so!

    Posted by Benny Har-Even on 5/9/2002, 16:57:15 , in reply to "Agree strongly"

    NetMD is a great addition to the MD format, though it took a long time coming. Hopefully we won't have to wait so long for the next step. Make MD's transition to a 21st century technology complete - and add an upload to PC facility.

    593. Modern features for a great format

    Posted by Marc Britten on 5/9/2002, 18:18:07

    I'm not a musician and I'm against peer to peer music sharing. However I understand and see the need for a feature that allows tracks to be uploaded from the NetMD unit.

    The proposal that is being presented opens no problems that already existed and supports a userbase that may be driven away in the near future without consideration for them on your part.

    594. PLZ!!! SONY

    Posted by squigo on 5/9/2002, 19:38:38

    with the ability to upload music recordings to pc your MD sales would skyrocket... and the ones who have already bought a MD unit will not return it

    595. A necessary feature

    Posted by Tim Anderson on 5/9/2002, 19:49:03

    MD to PC upload
    PC to MD at SP quality

    596. UPloading

    Posted by Gary Giles on 5/9/2002, 20:21:23

    Please, please impliment this feature, or it will be the death of the midi disc. I am a profesional sound tech. Its so frustrating not to be able to upload.


    597. Sony, why do you have to be so complicated?

    Posted by Steve Rosegger on 5/9/2002, 21:08:13

    You are just making it harder to get around it, but we wll anyways.

    598. Audio upload would be wonderful

    Posted by Jon Anderson on 5/10/2002, 1:07:07

    I have been looking for a portable, high quality digital audio recording device to record my children's music recitals, etc., and allow me to transfer the digital audio to my PC for editing/storage. Audio upload would bring the world of affordable, high quality digital audio recording to the market. I personally would love to see it happen. From what I gather from your website, your VAIO MX Desktop Series computer with built in Net MD drives already have the capability to record from MD to another media. Since you have done this already in this system, I don't really see the ethical debate as such as issue. Please consider implementing the recommendations found in the NetMD Audio Uploading Proposal.

    599. MD is great!

    Posted by Axel Bellivier on 5/10/2002, 8:02:31

    Save it!

    600. Pour le prix...

    Posted by Christophe Aeschlimann on 5/10/2002, 9:01:29

    Il me semble que pour le prix que l'on paie ces MiniDisc on aurait au moins le droit d'avoir un bon logiciel (ce qui n'est pas le cas) parceque votre OpenMG Jukebox est une vraie M... ! Il me semble que pour une firme qui se dit professionnelle...utiliser une base de donn�e access c'est le comble ! Je poss�de un grande quantit�e de mp3 et j'ai tout bonnement arr�t� d'essayer de les y entrer car c'est tout bonnement impossible car bcp trop lent.

    De plus il es imp�ratif d'ajouter cette fonction Upload ce qui pourrait m�me �tre fait au travers d'un correctif logicil car le firmware de vos NetMD est stock� sur une flash donc pas de probl�me pour la mise � jour !

    Merci de tenir compte de la voie du peuple !

    Christophe Aeschlimann : Switzerland.

    601. The ultimate improvement

    Posted by Stephen Emmell on 5/10/2002, 10:38:07

    I am hereby signing this petition. The 'upload feature' would truly make this device the top of the line personal audio unit.

    602. I'm a musician

    Posted by tonin on 5/10/2002, 10:42:28

    ... and i need to transfer live recordings on my PC

    603. Uploading and Mac support

    Posted by Mark Stroup on 5/10/2002, 11:01:04

    I'm an amateur musician and field recorder. The ability to upload music/voice in one easy method and NetMD support for a Macintosh OS are two crucial factors in my next purchasing decision.

    604. Sony, evolve...

    Posted by Harald on 5/10/2002, 13:54:00

    Dear SOny,

    For so many years, you made uncomplete products, whether cool designed or nice-featured. Take the step into 21st century now: complete products.

    Redesign Software, free it like said here (audio upload, simpler music download), flash hardware for full compliance with MP3.

    Or else you're not worth your place, consumers are ranking you.

    Harald from Vienna
    [email protected]


    Posted by Phil Altamura on 5/10/2002, 14:40:46



    Posted by JERRY COLON on 5/10/2002, 14:45:44

    Not having the upload available is hurting MD now. I hope that I don't have to say goodbye to the format.

    It is much better than CD but it is not flexing its muscle. ---> Thanks again Sony!

    607. A necessary feature

    Posted by Mauro Medda on 5/10/2002, 17:46:42

    A necessary feature

    608. I'm So disappointed

    Posted by Jason Ellis on 5/10/2002, 18:16:40

    This is so disappointing. I was exstatic to get this machine and then read about all this copy right protection. I don't want to steal music, I want to make my own, and upload it to computer, I want to record my family history with a mic and upload it to computer, I want to be able to upload my music to my second computer if I want. What is this?! I'm definetly going to be returning this item and spreading the word to other people. SOny how could you

    609. Sooner or later.

    Posted by Kevin Humble on 5/10/2002, 19:50:19

    I understand that there is a desire to protect recording rights but this is over the top. If the situation does not change sooner or later somene somewhere is going to crack the protection system. You can bet that they will not just enable this vital missing facility - it will become totaly un-restricted. Upload, download,copy do what you want.

    Unless things change this is bound to happen.

    610. Just one more step to take...

    Posted by Cristobal Negrete on 5/10/2002, 22:56:52

    Dear Sony Designers

    In my humble opinion, there's one final step to be taken to make minidisc a fully-functional state of the art technology: netmd uploads. Please develop this technology, as it is already possible with your direct competion (mp3 players) and would put minidisc back on top as it deserves to be.


    611. My MD stole my Copyright!

    Posted by Paul Cameron on 5/10/2002, 23:38:50

    And I can't get it back! My MD will only let me listen to what I have painstakingly recorded for use in my compositions.
    I recently bought an N1 recorder (after much deliberating over what would be the best portable recording medium for my use), thinking that it was capable of the fastest transfer between MD and PC of the sony range. It turns out I needednt have spent all that money on it at all as I can't download things any faster than 1x anyway, AND I didn't need to wait for the built-in USB feature either!
    After watching introductory MD advertising campaigns and being fascinated with the technology ever since, I'm now terribly disappointed by yet another electronic product that doesn't deliver in the key areas it should.

    612. Please "just do it"

    Posted by Yang Zhou on 5/11/2002, 4:39:52

    just do it

    613. Please do it!

    Posted by Peter Sorensen on 5/11/2002, 8:05:44

    This would mean a huge improvement

    614. There is no reason not to add UPLOAD!!

    Posted by Carlos Centilmen on 5/11/2002, 8:33:17

    If YOU (Sony) are worried about copy protection / pirating CDs or internet audio... Well too late, the CDRW drives have already taken care of that. Now there is no excuse. So get with the program and become a true Sony (VAIO) company!!

    615. I bought this product to record live music

    Posted by Roger Holmes on 5/11/2002, 8:40:50

    I am in a small band and bought this device to help us to write songs and rehearse. I also organise school musical events and intended to record these.

    I specifically bought the most expensive model to obtain both the mic recording input and the Net MD capability as my laptop is the centre of my recording, digital photo, etc world.

    I also recommended it to my neighbour on the same basis (she's in a jazz band). She was concerened about having to move to analog and back to digital and I actually told her that the Net MD would avoid all that.

    We both bought machines and no-one in the Sony shop warned us about this limitation. In fact it was only several weeks later when I first recorded my band and tried to transfer the files to my laptop that I realised the limitation.

    I feel very let down by Sony both for myself and in terms of my recommending it to a friend.

    I also cannot understand the reasoning. Assuming that it is based on not wanting to encourage pirating music, I would have thought that vast vast majority of that is based on copying already recorded music from a computer CD or downloaded files, both of which are supported (indeed are the very basis of the Net MD idea) although with some restrictions.

    Diabling the download of files recorded on the minidisc itself, however, has very little impact on the amount of music pirated, but interferes with key functionality that people will have bought the mic recording models for.

    This really does need to rectified, or I for one will think very carefully before buying any Sony products in the future.

    616. Musician/Sounddesigner

    Posted by Johan Salomonsson on 5/11/2002, 9:03:15

    An upload feature would be a great addition.
    Since I record outdoor soundeffects it should be so easy to just record and then transfer to PC for further editing. No hassle with DAT tapes and rewind/forward.
    Also useful when recording/mastering your own songs as a musician. This feature should make many professional musicians/sounddesigners considering the minidisc as a really serious tool.

    //Johan, Sweden

    617. Recording of lectures

    Posted by Philip F on 5/11/2002, 12:00:36

    Personally, it would be a great help to be able to upload at faster than realtime for me because of the sheer quantity of material I will be recording from class lectures and so forth. This would help me quickly move everything to my computer so that I don't have to carry around a whole slew of MDs in order to make sure I catch everything in class. Once I have it on my computer, it would also make it easier to edit it for studying purposes.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.



    618. Akio Morita's Dream

    Posted by Patricio Marchant on 5/11/2002, 13:11:30

    Dear SONY Leaders:

    I am sure that you like Akio Morita dream SONY to be leader in technology and the market.Please, try to add the uploading to PC to your magnificents MD recorders and why not to ad a radio like you did in the MZ-F40.

    As an old SONY customer I hope to hear good news from you and be able to transfer my MD recordings to my SONY VAIO Notebook.

    Thanks for the good music and moments you are giving us

    Patricio Marchant

    619. please please....................add upload feature

    Posted by S.Nuntapoom on 5/11/2002, 14:07:36

    please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please....................

    620. Please extend NetMD and add upload

    Posted by Stephen Seay on 5/11/2002, 16:20:24

    I have been a Minidisc user for years. Please reconsider your policy regarding allowing uploads from NetMD Players. I have just purchased a New Sony NetMD Player and would like to use the missing Upload fucntionality.

    621. No point in NetMD without an upload capability

    Posted by Thomas on 5/11/2002, 23:12:19

    I'm looking into purchasing a broadcast quality digital field recording system. The MD format is ideal and all aspects of the new NetMD system seem great except that you simply can't upload your field recordings! WHY???

    622. Open MG Jukebox

    Posted by Jeff Anderson on 5/12/2002, 0:03:25

    What a gret product. You could finally have a winner, but not with the current restrictions.

    623. final solution of the md problem

    Posted by saif aziz rizvi on 5/12/2002, 8:09:58

    uploading will finally rid the md the menace of the mp3 cd players and digital players......go on sony go for the knock out punch

    624. Complete the loop

    Posted by Adam Hearn on 5/12/2002, 11:01:01

    You supply a MIC for some NetMD models - surely live recordings have a place on a PC as well as music?

    625. The only way to go

    Posted by Julian Jares on 5/12/2002, 15:11:44

    I use my minidisc to record my university classes. Not copyrighted content. Not having upload capabilities means I loose ~2hrs each class uploading the tracks for my classmates.

    626. A must for this product

    Posted by Jim Gisler on 5/12/2002, 15:51:24

    The primary reason for purchase of MZ-N707 was to make audio recordings, microphone and transfet to my PC for further editing (CD burn, etc. Imagine my surprise after spending $400 that I CANNOT do this. The Best Buy guy says I can use a mini plug cable to bring the sount in through my sound card. It seems wrong to go record digital, transfer through audio and then go back to digital on the PC. I am sure a lot is lost in all the translation. I hope you will incluse this feature in a soon to be released softwae update. Thanks!

    627. Please give us more control

    Posted by Jeremy Chrzan on 5/12/2002, 16:31:57

    Representatives of sony,
    I currently own a sony MD player which does not have the NET MD function, but was planning on purchasing the 707 model. Unfortunately, I read quite a few reviews from users which said that the Net MD was very restrictive. The fact of the matter is that if you're contantly changing the songs that you upload to your player, you're obviously going to upload some songs more than 2 times. This restriction about number of uploads in conjunction with the inability to move my live recordings to my computer (which I must do on an almost weekly basis at band practice and shows) makes it seem like a waste of money to go out and get this new model when it really doesn't do all that much more than the older sony model I've got. Please look at fixing these restrictions on Net MD so that minidisc can be the media choice that it should be.
    Thanks for listening
    -Jeremy Chrzan

    628. What a bummer :(

    Posted by xinti on 5/12/2002, 17:55:04

    I'm a musician and bought the MZ-N505 so i could sample sounds on my coming holiday in ysland to transfer those samples with as less as possible sound degradation to my pc to make music with find out that there is no possibillity to transfer those sounds to my pc??? ( What a bummer, i'm not sure if i should take it back to the store and get the money back.....don't want that, cause for everything else i like the thing....

    could there pleeeze be this 1 extra function???

    tnx anyway...


    629. just a nice extra function

    Posted by Dennis on 5/12/2002, 18:02:46

    by making this possible the md format hasn't got any disadvantages compared to the better mp3 players who do support that

    630. live recordings

    Posted by jeff garbutt on 5/12/2002, 19:19:17

    One of the most under-used capabilities of minidisk is their excellent recording capabilities, especially for live performances.
    But those of us who record our practice and live sessions also need th capability to upload our music to computer for further processing and storage. Please give us a MD-upload facilty.

    631. Recording my band...

    Posted by Dan Shoop on 5/12/2002, 20:23:22

    I use MD to record my band in concert; if there was a quick, digital way of getting the recordings to my computer, it would save me LOADS of time.

    632. Customer Request

    Posted by Chris on 5/12/2002, 22:43:19

    You Customers want a net md upload feature, you should respond unless you want your customers to go elsewhere for their portable music.

    633. is there something better than music?

    Posted by k b on 5/13/2002, 8:39:47

    just let them build, their build is air for us, music and technology lovers

    634. Please!!

    Posted by Brian Hubert on 5/13/2002, 9:46:50

    I use my MD to record band practice and would love to be able to upload it to my computer.

    635. Musicians will abandon MD format

    Posted by Nathan Logus on 5/13/2002, 10:23:46

    I know alot of musicians who are switching to USB drive/mp3 recorders (I bought a NetMD, but may also switch formats). MD vendors who want to hold on to their customers will add MD->pc upload features.

    636. A must before MD will be a big hit

    Posted by Nick Wiley on 5/13/2002, 10:43:19

    I'm a 14 year old musician and I was about to buy a netMD player till I found out that you can't upload it. I mean that's just insane. It would be really useful because I could record my lessons and stuff but it's a waste of money and a no good feature unless you Sony makes the recordings uploadable. I guess it's just Sony's way of making you buy a separate MD player but I'm just gonna wait.

    637. yes-it is needed sucks though i would have to buy a new one to get it.

    Posted by Kevin on 5/13/2002, 12:31:44

    add it--dont like waiting in real time to upload live shows

    638. (no subject)

    Posted by sheep on 5/13/2002, 12:35:47

    its easy!
    sony will add this option or
    we all use in future only mp3
    and forget minidisk.
    so i will do!

    639. Please go ahead with the upload feature!!

    Posted by Alex Karargyris on 5/13/2002, 12:42:49

    I am new minidisc fan!I am 100% sure that the upload feature will attract far more customers to the minidisc market. I am a student in engineers and a lot of my collegues are very interested in buying an NetMD recorder in the upcoming months. They say if the NetMD had enambled the upload feature they would have gone right now with the buy.

    640. Try to trust those who buy Sony

    Posted by Shinrae on 5/13/2002, 12:48:58

    Next 10 year WE will evaluate if you tried to listen to us.

    641. MD is the format of the future; Give us full digital control

    Posted by Joe Consola on 5/13/2002, 14:47:59

    MD and Digital music go hand-in-hand. Please add the feature set that will make our investment in MD secure well into the future. NetMD and MP3 make a perfect couple.

    642. The REAL digital initiative

    Posted by MuzikJunky on 5/13/2002, 16:17:28

    MiniDisc users, the digital illuminati, should be able to do the same things with MD as with CD. Obviously MD-to-anything copies are not allowed (as it should be), but allowing users to upload their tracks to a computer should be a non-issue. NOW HOW ABOUT MAC OS X SUPPORT FOR NET MD AND OPEN MG? Peace.

    643. Make the Best Even Better!

    Posted by Eddie on 5/13/2002, 21:53:44

    Nuff said

    644. NetMD - Musician's Powerful Tool

    Posted by Ben Watters on 5/13/2002, 22:11:28

    I use NetMD to do music recordings which I import into my computer via analog. I have to do this to burn them onto a CD, which is the unfortunate medium of choice by so many. However, in converting them, I loose so much of the quality of the original recording. Allowing for digital uploads would not only make my job easier, but also it would make my end results better as well. Please take us consumers and musicians into consideration, Sony.

    Ben Watters

    645. uploading field recordings to pc

    Posted by daniel trewartha on 5/13/2002, 23:25:25

    when i first heard about net md i was very excited. i had been planing to by a portable unit to record environmental sounds, then alter them on pc, and thought the net md would be perfect. alas the new system does not allow uploading, and i am unsure if i will now purchase one.
    also another feature i would love to see, is radio record on a portable unit.if this is available in the near future im getting it straight away! looking forward to future developments, thankyou, daniel trewartha

    646. md

    Posted by jskmm on 5/14/2002, 1:26:53

    ������ �ݿ���~�÷�

    647. Upload is needed to keep format alive and growing.

    Posted by Brad on 5/14/2002, 2:25:37

    Please allow this new format that you have created to be used to its fullest potential.

    648. Upload

    Posted by Sascha Beaumont on 5/14/2002, 4:07:56

    While I love the minidisc for recording live performances, jam sessions and the occassional speech, the hassle of transfering from MD to PC via analogue cable could be well avoided with the addition of the features petitioned here. I brought my particular model for the increased speed of transfer with the USB cable. I was led to beleive that the upload feature existed, and to later find that as a copy-protection measure this was unavailable. I would have thought transferring from mp3 to the MD is a higher cause for concern. Please enable a two way transfer method, this incomplete system we are currently dealing with is far from satisfactory.

    Yours, Sascha Beaumont.

    649. MiniDiscs are a Singer/Songwriters Favorite Tool!

    Posted by Christopher Meyer on 5/14/2002, 10:00:03

    I utilize the MiniDisc player to record my ideas while on the road. What a great tool for the confines of a tour bus or hotel room to capture new ideas! The MiniDisc would be an even better tool if the files could transfer directly to the laptop for storage and manipulation.

    Please consider allowing files to upload via the USB. Thank you, Christopher

    650. No upload forces me not to able to share class lectures.

    Posted by David on 5/14/2002, 13:40:59

    I record lectures for class. If I can't upload the lectures, so I can send them to other classmates, what good is it to me. They can't all have minidisc player.

    651. upload good

    Posted by Bill Grady on 5/14/2002, 15:21:15

    techno-fear bad

    652. USB Upload in the Digital Domain

    Posted by sylvain Monod on 5/14/2002, 16:54:53


    653. NetMD could be EXCITING

    Posted by Matthew Lauckhart on 5/14/2002, 17:21:43

    I, like so many others, have greatly anticipated the coming of NetMD. I couldn't wait to do away with time-consuming and lossy MD -> Computer transfers of my live recordings. All my eagerness became quickly replaced with complete disappointment. Not only am I still unable to digitally transfer my legitimate recordings, but another format is availabe for those to listen to their illegally copied music. I think it is a question for you to ask yourselves... who are you catering to? Your new product is severely limited, even useless, to the legitimate user. There are products out there that become more appealing because they already offer this feature(e.g. Creative's Nomad Jukebox). Please realize that by excluding this feature you are only hampering those who would use this feature within the law, there are plenty of alternatives for users with their own agendas.
    That said, I truly love your products... I have owned one of your portable MD recorders for 4 years and still use it regularly. I would love to upgrade it when the features deem it necessary... digital uploading would deem it necessary.

    654. Es Necesario

    Posted by Federico Errazuriz on 5/14/2002, 19:06:23

    Me parece que incorporar la capacidad de traspasar grabaciones hechas en el MD al PC es algo necesario, de hecho fue una mala noticia enterarme que los NetMD carecen de esta funcion.

    656. (no subject)

    Posted by bone on 5/14/2002, 20:14:38

    upload yeah

    657. MD should replace floppy disk

    Posted by Jean-Patrick Gelas on 5/15/2002, 11:28:35

    Everythings are in your hands, just do it...


    658. Important for musicians

    Posted by Stefan Werner on 5/15/2002, 17:52:53

    This would be a killer feature for musicians! Most people with MD recorders I know are musicians that use portable devices for on-the-road recordings. Please givce us the the posility to copy their recorded material directly on their computers for production!

    659. Hmm...Give us a break!

    Posted by Dvesh on 5/15/2002, 18:15:20

    So the "artists", only because of technology that allows digital enhancement of voices, and music companies, a multi-BILLION dollar industry are going to lose a few dollars. I don't think it wil lhurt. Any anyway, give it a few months and there will be a way to do it, it will be done if Sony are a part of it or not. Also, I think it'll help their sales.


    660. Please allow audio upload from MDtoPC

    Posted by Maryse st-onge on 5/15/2002, 22:04:40

    I am a musician who need this option please let us be creative.

    661. Just make it upload!

    Posted by O.Ramos on 5/15/2002, 22:16:18

    Just make it upload!

    662. NetMD -> PC necessary to remain competative

    Posted by David Hardy on 5/15/2002, 22:33:42

    I believe in order for you [Sony] to stay competitive with existing and emerging technologies is at least keep pace and allow digital transfer from NetMD to PC. Several MP3 units already have this funcitonality. I cannot really see how allowing this would damage the recording industry in anyway, and it would be boon to both MD consumers and Sony MD sales. This is a much needed feature if MD is to become a long term, viable format.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    David Hardy

    663. Audio Upload/Data Drive

    Posted by Jack Capper on 5/15/2002, 22:42:16

    The two thing that are sorely lacking as far as Mini Disc is concerned are: Allowing NetMD Audio Uploads, and a Data drive. those two thing would easily put minidisc over the top.

    664. Important for musicians!

    Posted by Rick Nakahara on 5/16/2002, 0:39:32

    Please impliment this uploading function. As a musician, my main concern is to be able to record live sounds and be able to edit them in my computer.

    665. Important for interview recording.

    Posted by Matt Bryant on 5/16/2002, 1:23:16

    A NetMD upload function would make easier radio news and documentary production. Imagine giving radio professionals a unique tool that speeds the transition of actualities from the portable to the editing enviroment.

    I started my career lugging around a Marantz cassette player, transitioned to smaller units later, and now I understand many radio newsrooms use HDD MD equipment. This is a chance for Sony to capture a loyal professional market.


    Matt Bryant

    666. Band recordings are not illegal

    Posted by Mark Haldane on 5/16/2002, 8:50:29

    We just want to be able to put our bands live recordings on computer so we can distribute it more easily, We NEED Audio Upload Sony!

    667. This would help secure the future of MD as a format.

    Posted by Nigel Thomas on 5/16/2002, 8:52:48

    As an MD user for 4 years now, I am very happy with the format. But I am concerned that MD as a format will go the same way as Betamax in the face of competition from CD-RW and MP3 players.
    I'm sure making the MD format even more flexible and useful would secure it's future for many years to come.

    668. Audio Uploading private recordings via NetMD

    Posted by Mario Vano on 5/16/2002, 10:56:27

    Please consider adding this the capability of uploading private recordings to a computer at high speed (for non-digital recordings only, of course) to the NetMD specification.

    This feature would greatly enahance our use of the format in various community radio and webcasting production tasks, and I don't believe that such a move is at any way in odds with Sony's current policies for protection of copyright material.

    I presently own an NetMD, and am part of a small community of programmers and engineers associated with KFAI community radio in Minneapolis. We all use privately owned MD for interviews, ad-hoc music recording and as a fallback recorder for important concerts we record for airing (with permission, of course).

    Allowing digital uploading of things we have recorded via the analog input would save us hours.

    We presently are finding that non-MD solutions (such as direct HD recording) save us time this way, but we would much prefer to exploit the MD device's unique properties and to help Sony further both their product's success and our own desire to help ordinary people produce radio programs of professional quality.


    Mario Vano

    669. Yes Please

    Posted by David Shipp on 5/16/2002, 12:50:18


    670. Uploading

    Posted by Ben on 5/16/2002, 16:35:00

    I didn't know you couldn't upload files. I've just ordered the NetMD SONY MZ-N1 and I just assumed that uploads would be possible. But even if you can't upload files through the Net MD software you can still just put it through the line in on your sound card and record it as .wav and then convert it to MP3 later if you wish. With this being easily done anyway I can't see why Sony didn't integrate uploading into Net MD because it doesn't exactly stop people doing it. Unless of course it isn't possible (I cant see why not)


    Posted by GUILLERMO FERRER on 5/16/2002, 21:56:45 , in reply to "Es Necesario"


    672. Won't buy one until you fix mg and add upload capability

    Posted by Will Maxwell on 5/17/2002, 0:10:01

    I have money sitting in my pocket and your not going to see it unless you do as everyone is asking i will buy from your competitors that said i really want a 707 but i wont buy one that is crippled!! just adding my voice

    673. I bought the MZ-N707 thinking it would allow me to upload!!!

    Posted by Michael Koons on 5/17/2002, 0:30:49

    Now I think I may take this minidisc recorder back to the store.

    674. Denied a useful feature

    Posted by Jason Tan on 5/17/2002, 0:53:52

    I'd just like to add my support to this cause. An upload feature would make the format even more popular than it is now. Lets make it happen.

    675. Uploading worthwhile feature

    Posted by Bach on 5/17/2002, 1:04:56

    Sony seems to enjoy leaving out the most useful features of a product. Seems as if they like to screw the comsumers.

    676. allow uploading to the pc!

    Posted by Daniel on 5/17/2002, 5:13:11


    677. Digital Recording Without Digital Output?

    Posted by Susan Tucker on 5/17/2002, 9:52:35

    I purchased my MD recorder to record live music that I create, wanting to get away from the problems of analog media and noisy sampling with my soundcard. The next step for me is burning it onto a CD. It's staggering to think that these great recorders don't feature a digital output. This policy seems to be driven by the idea that the majority of the users are thieves and pirates. Please abandon what seems to be a cynical and crippling design decision. And thank you for your consideration.

    678. Por que no?

    Posted by Francisco Montes on 5/17/2002, 13:29:23 , in reply to "LO NECESITAMOS , ES IMPORTANTE"

    No entiendo esta limitacion en el NetMD, ya que no perjudica derechos de autor y si a los usuarios que queremos grabar nuestra musica producida por nosotros mismos y que no es ilegal. Esperamos una solucion ya! Mi MZ-N707 no es precisamente barato...

    679. Please allow uploading from Minidisc to PC.

    Posted by Timothy Brown on 5/17/2002, 14:20:13

    One thing i'd love to see in a Minidisc player is the ability to quickly upload data I take in the field (voice and background audio) to the PC. Right now, I have to use a laptop with a microphone input, but my life would be significantly less complicated if this capability were added. The lack of this capability means that I will not be purchasing a Minidisc player right now, however; if this capability were added I would purchase one immediately.

    Please do the right thing and listen to your community of avid listeners.


    Posted by Santus on 5/17/2002, 14:56:06

    Please do a totally free version of OpenMg Jukebox

    681. Petition Signature

    Posted by Mark Fullen on 5/17/2002, 17:22:51

    Petition Signature

    682. Posibilidad paso MD a PC

    Posted by Javier on 5/17/2002, 18:25:47

    Precisamente era de comprarme un aparato de sobremesa con posibilidad de conectar el MD al PC, ya que suelo hacer grabaciones en directo con micr�fonos (conciertos de coros, sobre todo), y me ha llegado el momento en que tengo temas en MD's desperdigados. Quer�a pasarlos digitalmente al PC, y despu�s compendiarlos. Precisamente, entraba aqu� para enterarme bien. Para mi disgusto, veo que no se puede. Me lo voy a pensar.

    683. request for an upload function

    Posted by Brian Su on 5/17/2002, 20:14:13

    I don't really have to much to say... I suppose some other people would say it better but, please try to fulfill the requests of all of us. I know that I'll be getting a NetMD soon myself, and I would find it convenient if I were able to upload at least something

    684. Net MD is awesome... Make it work the other way around

    Posted by josh on 5/17/2002, 22:33:07

    High speed transfer from MD to PC would rock! Please make it possible...

    685. let�s make it better!!!

    Posted by abel on 5/18/2002, 5:37:52

    it�s sure that if you don�t make a free net-MD uploading it will desapear, because what we want it�s to get free music. haven�t you think why md don�t succed? think for a while and make things better for everybody, and not only for comercial music houses!!!

    686. If there is no direct pc upload from minidisc, I think I will go for a MP3 player

    Posted by Edwin Lau on 5/18/2002, 6:37:38

    Minidisc have great sound quality. However, the fact that I can't upload my own music/lecture/interview/memo to a PC directly hold me from buy a minidisc player. I am very much a computer guy who store everything one a computer. If there is no direct pc upload from minidisc, I think I will go for a MP3 player. The sound may be not as good (for now). But convenience is more important factor for me. btw, if minidisc player have that capability, I am sure the rest of the "digital-oriented" region like North America and Europe will love it.

    687. Uploading with a mindisc recorder/player

    Posted by Nick Reinig on 5/18/2002, 14:11:10

    As a DJ in the 21st century, I find the easiest way to record my sets being with minidisc technology. Unfortunately the inability to upload what I have recorded greatly hinders the possibility of using such technology to a great advantage. I would love to be able to record a set, then upload it to my computer for a quick and simple burn of my recording to be distributed as a demo of myself as a DJ. I ask Sony, or even a 3rd party, to create a system in which minidisc recordings may be uploaded.

    688. I need to transfer mic recordings to my PC

    Posted by Gregory Wilpert on 5/18/2002, 14:47:09

    I specifically bought the Net MD MZ-N707 with the belief that I could digitally transfer my interview recordings from the MD to my PC and then archive them on a CD. While I can do it through the line-in, it degrades the quality too much, since I plan to use some of my recordings for an audio documentary. Also, it takes much too much time. Please introduce this capability. I feel cheated. I could just as well have bought a much cheaper tape recorder.

    689. I have not bought a new Minidisc because there is no upload

    Posted by Jon Hassall on 5/18/2002, 16:56:04

    If there was upload I would have bought a NETMD player, as I often make field recordings. Please remedy the situation.

    690. petition

    Posted by Mil Koh on 5/18/2002, 18:20:00

    improve your product

    691. It is the only thing missing that would make it a worthwhile purchase in my field

    Posted by Terese Johnson on 5/18/2002, 19:20:53

    I deal with original audio files only and need a quality, compact way of recording in the field with ease of transfer to my pc for processing. I, like most people, have respect for other'c copyrights and would not intend to use this for anything other than legal purposes, since the unit already differentiates the type of input, it seems to be a simple task to differentiate what is allowed to be output. Eventually some company will offer this capability, why not you? Please consider this request seriously. Thank you.

    692. Disappointed

    Posted by Timothy Kepple on 5/18/2002, 19:34:17

    I bought the NetMD so that I can record spoken word performances... and I'm highly disappointed that I cannot then directly upload these recordings to my pc.

    693. I need to upload interviews on my PC

    Posted by Pascal on 5/18/2002, 21:13:11

    As a journalist, I'd like to use interviews registered on a MD to work on them on my PC. Please make it possible.

    694. Upload would be great for storing class lectures

    Posted by Christian Abegg on 5/19/2002, 12:16:04

    Since I have started to use the MiniDisc, I often record my lectures (two to four hours a day). The problem is that it takes hours to copy the MD on my computer for storing them.
    With the new NetMD, it's possible to have high-speed downloads from the computer to the recorder.
    It would be great if you could add the possibily to upload MD tracks with high-speed on the computer.

    Thank you.


    695. I would buy a new MD for that.... sure !

    Posted by Mulet on 5/19/2002, 13:43:23


    696. What a great device it would be...

    Posted by Nico on 5/19/2002, 14:41:43

    ... if only all that were possible !!

    697. Uploading

    Posted by Geoffrey Calderone on 5/19/2002, 16:03:16

    The only good way to forever keep an important live recording!


    Posted by Jeremy Johnson on 5/19/2002, 18:25:49

    I am in a band and take my MD player on tour with us...I would like to be able to upload our sets to my computer...this would save me hours of time that I waste after an already time consuming tour...

    699. Add upload for filmmakers and live event recording!!!

    Posted by Frederic Thomas-Dupuis on 5/19/2002, 20:38:00

    I would definitely use this function for our movies and live event recording.


    700. Audio upload to PC

    Posted by Earl Da S.Q.R.L. on 5/20/2002, 1:47:48

    I record comedy shows & live performances professionally,& would love to use this format to help speed up the process & burn promo CD's,as well as sending files to customers,for them to listen to & approve copy for production!!!

    701. I want some !!!

    Posted by CutKiller on 5/20/2002, 6:58:55

    please just permit this kind of transfer and then the MD will be very interesting ( more than MP3 players) and then I will buy one... THX

    702. Give us audio upload

    Posted by Gareth Griffiths on 5/20/2002, 7:15:46

    I have several friends in a band, who I can record onto minidisc, however at the moment it is very awkward copying this music onto PC to master.

    It would be much simpler and easier (and not to mention perfectly legal), to be able to copy this music to the PC via the Net MD interface on my MZ-N1.

    These could then be put on cd much easier.

    Please do this!

    703. MD was dying until netMD

    Posted by James Lawton on 5/20/2002, 9:33:08

    The whole point of bringing out netMD was to compete with the range of mp3 players that had been taking away sales from MDs. netMD is brilliant and I'm sure that the sales of MD will have gone up, but that won't last. If you make this SMALL change, which will only require a patch then many more people will choose to come back to MD and many more will choose to stay. It wouldn't cost much to do the patch but if you don't then you will just lose know it makes sense

    704. NetMD

    Posted by John on 5/20/2002, 10:51:45

    If you had an audio uplaod function, i wouldn't have to transfer my MDs to a CDR before ripping to a computer. This would be great because then I wouldn't have to waste an entire CD-R each time i need to make MP3s of my band.

    705. upload mic recordings via USB...please

    Posted by Steve Oakes on 5/20/2002, 13:15:58

    I purchased the 707 and a mic with my main objective being to record personal, uncopyrighted events. If I can't dump these recordings onto my PC in the most convenient way, I'm not happy.

    Please make this more accessible.



    St. Paul, MN

    706. Je suis pour l'upload des fichiers via la transmission NetMD

    Posted by Adrien COLLOMB on 5/20/2002, 14:04:06

    Je veux pouvoir r�cup�rer mes enregistrements live, donc je suis pour l'uplaod sur le syst�me NetMD.

    707. My sounds, not yours... MDs shouldn't be optimized for ripping only.

    Posted by Dave Haynie on 5/20/2002, 14:47:05

    I'm relatively new to MD; I recently purchased a NetMD, primarily as a field recorder, for when its impractical to lug along my DAT deck. And on the positive side, the recording experience is fine -- small, quiet, well-made MD player, very good sound with the latest ATRAC Type R, etc.

    Then we get home... and I'm forced to pretend that this digital recorder is little more than a small Philips cassette machine. I'm forced to dub analog to analog for PC editing (as if anyone does audio anywhere else). Ok, sure, I could run S/PDIF or Sony consumer optical with a home unit. I can run S/PDIF or AES/EBU with my DAT, too. I don't care to invest in more MD gear to use what I already bought. It's still a reasonable recorder, but only until something better comes along. If affordable MP3 or DataPlay units with field recording AND digital upload capability existed today, I probably wouldn't have considered a NetMD.

    Then there's the ripper's side. Sony's claim is that they're opposed to piracy, and that's as it should be. As a person only concerned with fair use, I don't have a problem with the copying limits imposed. In fact, the system seems to only give a bit of annoyance to anyone who would mass produce digital copies. It really doesn't prevent permanent "trading" of music on MD.

    So basically, I see a nicely streamlined system for the casual pirate, with digital recording via optical or fast digital recording via USB. Field recording, on the other hand, is not well served. And I'm recording music, generally at SP mode, so analog upload to the PC isn't a major issue in realtime. But the system with LP4, small size, long battery life, and fast computer uploads would be just perfect for dictation, interviews, other forms of speech recording. Only, without that upload, we have a 5-hour play-in. Ouch!

    Please consider valueable features for the totally legit use of the MD units.

    708. Audio free Upload and Backup

    Posted by Pavel Gonzalez on 5/20/2002, 16:31:35

    Since I became a MD user, I�m waiting for this option, last year i spend $100 bucks just for the pc-link, and it�s awful. I think if you let us backup in pc�s owr tracks it would be wonderful. I don�t think (Md User�s) want to make a buck if you set us free.

    709. enable MD to PC or I will just get rid all of the Sony products

    Posted by Binh Nguyen on 5/20/2002, 16:38:16

    I am doing a lot of "on the field" interviews. However, I need to have ways to upload my interviews into the computer to edit them. Right now, I am stuck with the audio content on the md disc only. It is crappy now w/o the function editting my own audio. I am going back to cassett tapes until this stupid SCMS is gone.

    Producer of the Youth forum on KREH

    710. The perfect replacement for floppy ?

    Posted by Claude Chaudet on 5/20/2002, 18:07:04

    Just immagine that your MD could be successful
    where Zip and Jaz failed... A low cost, reliable
    and rewritable storage media. I am really tired
    of being the victim of dumb commercial politics.

    711. [email protected]

    Posted by Yin Gerard on 5/20/2002, 21:32:18

    Dear Sony,

    You new portable MZ-N1 is great, and I consider getting advantage of my studies in Japan to buy one. However, the impossibility to tranfer data from MD to PC is in my humble opinion a major drawback. I would personnaly use my MD recorder as a mean to record and edit live performance of my jazz band, but acutally I'm afraid of the possible limitations of the product.
    I respect your company and your products a lot, please don't deceive us by a choice that is purely strategic, and not in any way technical.
    Best regards,
    Gerard Yin, French student in Japan

    712. upload TO MAC needed!!!!!!!!

    Posted by michael on 5/20/2002, 22:15:07

    I need to UPLOAD my original atmosphere and voice over recordings TO MY MAC, so i can edit digitally.

    713. MD Survival: Help let it thrive.

    Posted by paul titone on 5/20/2002, 23:06:26

    I live in the United States where I have had to sadly watch the MD get less than positive responses from those people who don't want to change. The companies supporting MD technology are making leaps and bounds in enhancing the usefulness of the Minidisc. Net MD is an almost required option for the push towards MD Survival in the Market place. The things that Sony has done with this format in its home country of Japan have made me, more than once, wish to be able to speak Japanese so I could live in Japan and fully enjoy all this great format has to offer.

    Please, for me and all the others that love the Minidisc format, don�t hold back in your advancement, let the world see what the Mighty Minidisc can do.

    714. Like a laptop with FAX only

    Posted by Toshi on 5/20/2002, 23:18:25

    Dear Sony:

    Minidisc without upload is like a laptop computer with no network interface. Imagine if every document you created could only be put on the Internet by sending a FAX that was OCR-ed at the receving end! How popular an item do you suppose that would that be?


    715. Uploading would be great for Student Government Meetings

    Posted by Tony Hanlon on 5/21/2002, 0:28:33

    It would be perfect for my student Gov. meetings i could put the meetings on cd-r's for all the senators. it would be about 50x faster than tapes and everyone has a cd player. I also need uploading for class lectures and puting other inportand live recordings on cd's.

    716. Make it Happen!

    Posted by J.P on 5/21/2002, 0:30:01

    With the existing technology available there is no reason that the option to up-load audio from minidisc to computer isn't included in the players/recorders that are being made. Please make this happen in the upcoming models. THIS OPTION IS VITAL and is one of the determining factors in my upgrading now or later. Be the first to make this available in your models and the competion will be nonexistant!!!!

    717. NetMD could be the next big thing, if it were not crippled.

    Posted by Douglas Henke on 5/21/2002, 0:34:07

    In the 15th century, England became a medieval superpower when they trusted the common man with longbows.

    In the 1990s, a Finnish student made commercial operating systems irrelevant when he gave people source code.

    It is 2002. Sony has a choice to make. You can take your insanely great hardware, and let people use it to record their own performances, and write their own software for it, and use it in myriad ways you'll never anticipate.

    Or, you can cripple it, and watch it join Betamax in the ranks of good technology that never quite caught on. And, another vendor -- or a dozen others -- will rush in to fill the void with products that aren't deliberately made to not work based on the unsupported assumption that the user is a thief.

    The current policy has not and will not stop or even inconvenience one pirate bent on stealing commercial recordings. The only ones hurt will be musicians who want to record their own performances, scientists who want to make quality recordings in the field, and ordinary users who have found more enlightened software choices than Microsoft Windows.

    Please reconsider.

    718. Sony has lost my business

    Posted by Ben Costello on 5/21/2002, 2:56:49

    I am taking back my mindisc player becuase Sony will not allow audio uploads. The recording feature is why I bought it. Many of my friends have also turned away from minidisc because of this exact problem.

    719. just do it

    Posted by Thomas on 5/21/2002, 3:26:51

    and the minidisc will be your greatest product !

    720. Don't shoot yourself in the foot Sony.

    Posted by Brandon Kiesling on 5/21/2002, 3:37:32

    I don't see the point in preventing uploads under openMG/NetMD recorders. If I want my digiral copy of the contents of my minidisc, I can get it with my deck. If people want to pirate music with minidisc, they're wastin their time, Mp3 and Burned CD's work just fine. I will not buy a Net MD recorder untill such features are availiable, untill then I consider it to crippled to be of any use to me.

    721. Field recording

    Posted by geoffroy montel on 5/21/2002, 4:30:59

    I'm doing some fields recording and really need the upload function. I already own a regular Minidisc recorder and upload the analog way, but I would swap it for a Net-MD if it has the upload function.


    722. please extend the Md net

    Posted by hendrix john on 5/21/2002, 6:16:34

    yes it could be a good idea

    723. P�tition pour Sony

    Posted by Vincent Barthomeuf on 5/21/2002, 6:36:56

    A quand le upload sur les MD?

    724. Audio Upload

    Posted by Chuck Wigley on 5/21/2002, 7:27:47

    Don't let the MD go the way of the Beta VCR. Allow the NetMD to upload audio. Thanks

    725. Expand possibilitie and succes

    Posted by Mark Devlaeminck on 5/21/2002, 8:26:39

    My nephew who, like me, like to record our DJ-ing attempts, will not buy the NetMD without this upload feature. Only uploading analog recordings can't be such a problem?

    Furthermore I have a laptop and a PC. Synchronising between the would be an asset. It would be a shame if this was only possible with a hacked program. Copy protection is good and rightfull, but only in ways that do not hinder our creativity!

    726. Extend NetMD with "upload"-functionality or else...

    Posted by Gies on 5/21/2002, 10:52:42

    Hi Mr. Sony,

    Back in '93 I was amazed by Sony's MD introduction. Sony proved to be far ahead of its competitors.
    Now I am changing my attitude. It is very un-Sony that it takes so much time and effort to distribute one's private recording by CD or internet. Deciding not to enable NetMD upload comes down to deciding to harm Sony's reputation.


    727. What is the point?

    Posted by Simon Pinnock on 5/21/2002, 11:46:14

    What is the point of being able to down load without uploading? I use my MD machine for recording lectures and want to upload quickly into my PC for editing and final storage on CD. I have no time to with an analogue cable. I have absolutely no use for downloading. Therefore I will not by a net MD until an upload capability is available.

    728. I have simple needs- why make things so difficult

    Posted by Dino on 5/21/2002, 12:15:47

    ..well actually I think I know WHY, but thats not the point..

    All I want to do is record MY OWN SOUNDBITES for video editing, and conveniently 'upload' them to my PC instead of having to record them back REALTIME WITHOUT INDEXING..I don't think I'm asking too much and I dont believe i'm breeching any copyright laws unless of course I decide to sue myself.

    I am new to the digital audio scene, but I have spent a LOT of time researching. My search led me to the MiniDisc format, and I was really excitited about it until I heard about the upload limitation.

    I'll have to be blunt.

    Fix it, or I'm buying an MP3 recorder.

    Thank you.

    729. "ze kol hashoni"

    Posted by yoav on 5/21/2002, 14:06:43

    in hebrew there is a nice slogen for sony
    saying: "ze kol hashoni" meanig that's all the difference so sony live up to your slogen and make all the difference .

    730. Practicality

    Posted by Christian Mathews on 5/21/2002, 14:47:29

    As a live sound engineer, I often make record to MD. Can't really do much with those recordings though, as I don't really like the D/A/D conversion that I'm stuck with using my sound card.

    731. Dammit!!!

    Posted by RIck on 5/21/2002, 15:53:05

    Come on Sony. I bought the mz 505 thinking because it had a digital optical in I could connect my digital studio and record on the mini disk and then to computer then cd Etc etc...

    732. L' upload est VITALE pour l'avenir du MD

    Posted by Charles on 5/21/2002, 16:36:31

    Chez monsieurs de chez Sony,

    Vous avez �t� assez g�niaux pour cr�er le mini-disc, petit cd ultra compact et ultra r�sistant car prot�g� par une bo�te en plastique.
    Vous avez s� faire �voluer les lecteurs et enregistreurs avec brio, pour arriver � des lecteurs qui font maintenant � peine l'�paisseur de 2 MDs superpos�s.
    Mais vous ne vous �tes pas arr�t�s l�, vous avez s� habilement prendre le virage de la musique au format MP3, gr�ce au fameux et tr�s contrevers� NETMD.
    C'est d'ailleurs sur cette invention que je souhaite m'�tendre: pourquoi le brider ????
    Vous avez s� cr�er quelque chose d'absolument GEANTISSIME, alors pourquoi vous auto-censurer.
    L'argument de limiter la copie num�rique sauvage ne me semble pas recevable pour la bonne et simple raison que de toutes les fa�ons tot ou tard la protection sera cass�e, alors quel est l'int�r�t de s'obstiner � vouloir en faire...

    De toutes les mani�res l'upload ne sera que b�n�fique pour vous, car vous pourrez enfin pr�tendre avoir un produit concurrentiel des lecteurs MP3s.

    Donc c'est vous qui voyez...

    733. Return NetMD recorder!

    Posted by Steven Smith on 5/21/2002, 17:37:20

    Why did Sony make a recordable MD device that doesn't let you transfer your recorded material to your computer? Haven't they heard of MP3 CD players?

    I returned my NetMD recorder because I couldn't believe how foolish Sony was to only let you transfer locked, copy-protected material which you will have purchased from them, or one of their compliant media affiliates.

    Sony is taking control of more media-related companies. I guess they think they're going to have a monopoly on music distribution. It's not enough to buy the minidisc product from Sony. They want to keep charging you money to use it -- They're selling these MD "recorders" as little cash machines that ultimately kick money back to Sony.

    I have a five year old minidisc recorder that transfers audio to the computer (in an analog connection) just as well as the NetMD, so I'm not giving them another cent of my money! I would encourage everyone boycott their products too, then maybe they'll wake up...

    734. Long live MD - NetMD Full Duplex

    Posted by Jay Ireland on 5/21/2002, 21:15:13

    I have been a strong proponent of Mini Disc and the much overdue NetMD capability, however, the job isn't finished yet, the much anticipated NetMD capability is only half there ...

    735. NetMD must reach perfection thanks to SONY...

    Posted by David Nunez on 5/22/2002, 2:34:34

    ... so let the uploading begin.



    736. I WANT UPLOAD!!!

    Posted by Joe Pham on 5/22/2002, 6:52:56

    My uncle is in a band and plays live gigs at clubs. I have done some recordings with my MZ-N1, and wish to upload it from my MD to the computer as an mp3 but the N1 does not allow for this. Very dissappointing! it would be the ultimate recording device if it allowed for audio upload. think of all the things you could do.

    737. It is an essential function!!

    Posted by Timothy Sin on 5/22/2002, 8:53:25

    we need it for our various live recordings

    738. go sony go

    Posted by antonin herbert on 5/22/2002, 9:00:22

    Because just by sitting in your chairs, about 300 guys are ready to buy this product, imagine how many people will buy it if you do some commercials.

    739. I would like to use my MD with my computer

    Posted by Fontanin Alain on 5/22/2002, 9:30:52

    I've got a MZ-R700PC (also a PS2 and a DSC P5!!!)

    I would like to use more efficiently my MD with my

    Please do something.

    Best regards,
    Alain Fontanin.

    740. net MD

    Posted by farli on 5/22/2002, 10:37:46

    We are consumers and we want the MD free....
    I'm french and I wanna know why you don't care about what we want ....


    Posted by Mike on 5/22/2002, 12:14:45

    PLEASE!!!! I do a LOT of recording (interviews, church worship etc...) It would be SOOOOO nice to be able to transfer those audio files to the PC at high speeds. It would literally save me HOURS and HOURS and HOURS of work.

    Thank You,
    Mike Sims

    742. Upload Function on NetMD is a real need !

    Posted by Jos� Mauricio on 5/22/2002, 13:24:15

    I've sure that Sony will provide this function on future units if their users request for it.

    743. Then I Can Use My Vinyl Again

    Posted by Jay Sidhu on 5/22/2002, 14:10:41

    If you guys create the upload function on the netmd, I can be able to put my vinyl records onto my computer and listen to them while I'm working or put it on a cd. I can already do this process, but as you know it's a long process and it would be easier if the upload function was created. thanks

    744. Digital Upload Important

    Posted by Eric Goodwin on 5/22/2002, 17:48:23

    I record many live events that I am involved with. From musitian friends, to theater that I am involved with to meetings and interviews, I record them all to MD. I love the quality and have setup the best system I can to get the files onto my computer for archiving, editing, and CD mastering. What I would love more than anything would be to pop the md disk into a NetMD drive in my computer & rip the file from that directly to wav or full quality mp3.

    Thanks to Sony for any concideration of our request.

    745. Will only purchase MD with Digital Upload

    Posted by Darren McKinstry on 5/22/2002, 19:04:46


    I regularly use an old MD recorder to record research meetings and interviews. I then re-record these to mp3 to have them transcribed.

    I would INSTANTLY buy a new Sony Net MD if it allowed me to quickly transfer and convert my recordings to the PC/MP3. This would save me a considerable amount of time and the hassles of the analogue recording process.

    746. Radio journalists in community and commercial radio need this ability

    Posted by Neal Mathers on 5/22/2002, 19:55:50

    Radio journalists record non-copyright spoken word audio. This can be an interview for news or documentary programming or the recording of lectures and events for broadcast or for streaming on the internet.

    Many community and commercial radio stations now use MiniDisc as the format of choice for field recording, and particularly use affordable MD portables as professional DAT, PCMCIA, MiniDisc and cassette recorders are prohibitively priced.

    In my city (Toronto, Canada) many stations use Sony MD portables such as the BZ-3 and the popular though discontinued MZ-R50 portable.

    The ability to transfer lengthy (74-148 minute) recordings to computer hard drive for editing as data files via the NetMD connection, as opposed to currently transfering in realtime over line level audio inputs would be a considerable improvement to the useability of minidisc for radio journalism.

    Please consider this requirement for future additions to the Sony MiniDisc portable product line.

    Neal Mathers
    Toronto, Canada

    747. For school

    Posted by Junior Gonzales on 5/22/2002, 23:34:19

    this would be perfect for my speech and debate class. my friend could record class sessions and put it on disc and vice versa. i could actually use it for all my classes.

    748. audio uploading

    Posted by Dean M. Velazquez on 5/22/2002, 23:34:33

    I bought this MD Walkman to record my band live, upload it back to my PC and burn it on to a normal cdr. However, because you people are so worried about people using Open MG Jukebox for piracy us musicians looking to put our original material on CD have to deal with your lame inferior software. Isn't SONY rich enough without ripping off the average middle class person? Either you guys have to greatly improve your Open MG Jukebox software, or you have to drastically lower the cost of your products.

    749. NETmd UPLOAD on n'en reve SONY va le faire

    Posted by CAPON on 5/23/2002, 1:26:01

    NETmd UPLOAD on n'en reve SONY va le faire

    750. Please sony!

    Posted by Lars Brouwer on 5/23/2002, 1:54:24

    Please Sony! This would be very handy if you have a band or something, just like me...

    Lars Brouwer, dear MZN707 user

    751. I agree to

    Posted by Nicolas Porte on 5/23/2002, 3:12:26

    I'm a musician and when we do concerts with my little orchestra, I register it into my minidisc recorder. The quality is unbelivable ! But after, i can only use the exit used by headphones to connect it to my computer in order to register with a different quality. So the USB is a great opportunity for me.

    752. Improve the functionalities of the MD technology !

    Posted by Jo�l Tetard on 5/23/2002, 3:23:43

    To: Sony Corporation
    Tokyo, Japan Sony Corporation
    New York, USA

    From: The Community of MiniDisc Users on the Web

    Dear Sony MiniDisc Designers:
    Sony's NetMD extension is a wonderful boon to the Minidisc format and has helped bring Minidisc into the networked world of online music distribution. Our petition seeks an enhancement to the Minidisc's NetMD facility to enable Minidisc users to move their audio recordings directly from Minidisc to PC. It is not our intention to cause general trouble or engage in ad hominem harassment of Sony. On behalf of all MiniDisc users, we kindly ask that you heed our petition, as follows:

    Minidisc recorders are ideally suited to making digital field recordings, and
    Users frequently need to move recordings they make onto a computer (PC, Mac, Unix/Linux or otherwise) for processing or further distribution, and
    A Minidisc recording is intrinsically a digital format, and
    The only existing method of moving Minidisc recordings onto a computer involves "recording" the signal through the computer's sound card, a lengthly and cumbersome process that generally degrades the signal by converting it to analog format and back to digital form, and
    All Minidisc recorders already flag their recordings to indicate those tracks that have been recorded through the digital inputs (and are copy-protected) and those that have been recorded through the analog inputs (and are not copy-protected), thereby allowing the upload function to prevent unwanted copying, and
    Sony's existing NetMD function already provides for direct transfers of compressed audio from computer to Minidisc,

    kindly request that Sony extend NetMD so that it can be used for uploading compressed audio directly from Minidisc to PC, thereby providing users with a quick, convenient, and lossless method of moving their Minidisc recordings to PC.

    Jo�l TETARD

    753. Invaluable addition to an already excellent product

    Posted by Ian on 5/23/2002, 7:34:28

    The ability to upload our clinical trials interviews with patients directly to PC would be an excellent addition to the NetMD product line.

    I would encourage Sony to consider this addition



    754. Upload functionality a great addition

    Posted by Jen Abildsoe on 5/23/2002, 8:51:03

    I have so far avoided upgrading my current md recorder hoping that the NetMD functionality would improve. I think that the addition of the ability to upload would help convince myself and many others to reinvest in the newer units.

    755. allow uploading

    Posted by jean-alexis lauricella on 5/23/2002, 11:26:51

    this is the greatest idea since netMD!
    go ahaed sony!

    756. great for social scientists

    Posted by Dan Meyer on 5/23/2002, 12:57:53

    I use MD to record student group work sessions, and love the quality. However, I then need to convert the recordings to mp3 files for analysis. Digital transfer capabilities would greatly ease this process, and retain the quality that is so appealing.

    757. Strange that own recorded music can't be uploaded!

    Posted by Paul on 5/23/2002, 13:07:25

    I find it very strange that even my own recordings can't be uploaded to the PC from the MD.
    It would be a very valueable adittion, and I hope it will be possible.

    758. why o why

    Posted by Timothy Fredriksz on 5/23/2002, 13:38:09

    Dear sony,

    I've been using a mdrecorder for a long time now and I thuoght that the new netmd would make lit alot easier to copy songs back to my computer. I was very, very dissapointed that it only works from pc to md. Still bought the netmd though, I like the transfer speed.

    Sincerely yours,

    Timothy Fredriksz

    759. Digital Uploading

    Posted by Chris Miller on 5/23/2002, 14:33:43

    The lack of this important feature will likely prevent myself and a number of other users from embracing the NetMD technology. Add this feature now and make the new software available on your website as a free upgrade for existing users!

    760. MD for film and video - upload a must

    Posted by toby wallwork on 5/23/2002, 15:28:04

    I am involved in the production of low budget and NO budget films and videos. I have used MD on many occasions to acquire high quality audio on location. Nothing touches the MD for price quality and convenience. The prospect of maintaining digital integrity all the way to the edit suite makes me more eager to add a NetMD device to my arsenal. Until now the analog transfers have been (begrudgingly) acceptable, but a fully digital pathway has been out of reach, the NetMD holds the promise of changing that.

    761. Re: Audio Upload & Mac Support

    Posted by toby wallwork on 5/23/2002, 15:31:27 , in reply to "Audio Upload & Mac Support"

    I agree. I use Macs to edit video and audio, until now I have had to import audio thru an analog cable. Macs have USB, so why can't MacUsers have the full functionality of the NetMD?

    762. MD Upload to PC for personal live recordings desired

    Posted by David Sayen on 5/23/2002, 16:54:27

    It would be wonderful to be able to use the MD the way I use my digital cameras, to record my own musical performances then edit them on the PC.

    763. MD uploading

    Posted by Phil Roberson on 5/24/2002, 1:44:53

    Dear Sirs,

    Minidisc is the most versatile recording format on the planet. Why not create a portable with High Speed digital upload capability and make it the most versatile recording format in the universe!?

    It's the next logical step.

    Phil Roberson-Owner
    MiniDisc Access
    [email protected]

    764. Audio Upload to computer

    Posted by Lachlan Gilbert on 5/24/2002, 2:00:40


    I find it strange that MiniDisk has gone for this long without having an optical out capability on the players. I do computer animation, and highly value the ability to get sound of a good quality easily, using a very portable machine such as the MD players. Would it be so hard to do? It looks like from this petition there are plenty of people who would love to have this function in-built into the MDs.

    765. Needed for Recording nature!

    Posted by Kolby Kirk on 5/24/2002, 2:43:14

    I bought the MD recorder with the intention to record natural "music" from the rainforests of Borneo. It's upsetting to discover your MD recorders will not allow me to upload them digitally onto the computer.

    766. DO IT

    Posted by Wojciech Sobczuk on 5/24/2002, 5:26:56

    Please don't do harm to your own products by supplying it with broken software.

    767. Petition

    Posted by Cedryc Jouniaux on 5/24/2002, 9:05:58

    Dear Sony MiniDisc Designers:
    Sony's NetMD extension is a wonderful boon to the Minidisc format and has helped bring Minidisc into the networked world of online music distribution. Our petition seeks an enhancement to the Minidisc's NetMD facility to enable Minidisc users to move their audio recordings directly from Minidisc to PC. It is not our intention to cause general trouble or engage in ad hominem harassment of Sony. On behalf of all MiniDisc users, we kindly ask that you heed our petition, as follows:

    Minidisc recorders are ideally suited to making digital field recordings, and
    Users frequently need to move recordings they make onto a computer (PC, Mac, Unix/Linux or otherwise) for processing or further distribution, and
    A Minidisc recording is intrinsically a digital format, and
    The only existing method of moving Minidisc recordings onto a computer involves "recording" the signal through the computer's sound card, a lengthly and cumbersome process that generally degrades the signal by converting it to analog format and back to digital form, and
    All Minidisc recorders already flag their recordings to indicate those tracks that have been recorded through the digital inputs (and are copy-protected) and those that have been recorded through the analog inputs (and are not copy-protected), thereby allowing the upload function to prevent unwanted copying, and
    Sony's existing NetMD function already provides for direct transfers of compressed audio from computer to Minidisc,

    kindly request that Sony extend NetMD so that it can be used for uploading compressed audio directly from Minidisc to PC, thereby providing users with a quick, convenient, and lossless method of moving their Minidisc recordings to PC.

    768. MiniDisc

    Posted by Yannick PHILIPPE on 5/24/2002, 9:20:55

    Signature de p�tition pour un MiniDisc sur PC

    769. Upload Function for NetMD

    Posted by Katharine Johnson on 5/24/2002, 10:45:10

    I think it would be a great advantage to add this capabilaty to NetMD units, enabling an alrady versatile and easy to use format to compete fully with the growing number of MP� units availible

    770. NetMD Macintosh / Unix Compatibility

    Posted by Julian Skidmore on 5/24/2002, 12:49:56

    The MD format is perpetually full of unfulfilled promise. Even now that NetMD is available, it's restricted to only one O/S and it's therefore pointless me buying it or promoting it to my Mac (or PC friends). Surely, given that Sony has a long-standing history of Mac support, it could be extended to their USB MD devices?

    -cheers from jules @P.

    771. Please save the format

    Posted by hugo manrique on 5/24/2002, 22:47:17

    The MD format is in desperate need of a revamp, this new NET MD feature might as well save the format, or it will leave it in

    the dust for sure if it doesn't raise the bar.
    First off, there is no way MD ,as much as I love it (I have three md walkmans and 2 component decks from sony and aiwa), will

    be able to compete with mp3 hardware, unless sony spends some big bucks in advertising and make this NET MD thing really

    A good start would be making the Open MG software more flexible, by broadening the spectrum of compression options (sorry but

    132k as the maximun quality for SP mode doesn't cut it!), currently, for those of you who haven't noticed, the quality for SP

    should be 292k as it has always been for conventional MD standards.
    And remember that most people stayed away from mp3s beacause they sounded crappy and embraced MD for the higher quality.
    If sony decides to look the other way at this quality downgrade that the NET MD format represents (at least with the current

    end user software) it might end up not convincing the hardcore MD followers
    about the need for this new NET MD feature, making some snobish noses
    to turn away from the format and not convincing the general public either,
    which at this point needs to be enticed with more options and
    flexibility (yes, I believe this is the key word here) than the ones they would get with their current mp3 toys.

    This flexibility would include of course, the uploading of recorded material to a computer.

    I am sure many people like parents would buy the units for lets say, making high quality digital recordings at an incredibly cheap price (where else would they turn for this?) of their sons first words or piano lessons or students who might want to

    record their teachers' speeches or whatever you can think of, and then uploading the data (I also think data is the best way to think as of the material recorded onto an MD) to a computer where it would be nicely preserved and then if that's an option, reproduced.

    The thing is all about value at this point for NetMd and what might honestly, and sadly may very well be the final days of the format, that is unless drastic improval is made.

    772. Net MD without upload is like one hand clapping...

    Posted by Pete on 5/25/2002, 9:01:05

    I haven't upgraded my MD deck since 1997. I really thought that Net MD would be the initiative to make me change. Without upload, I still won't change.

    773. USB upload capability => HEAVEN

    Posted by Dominic on 5/25/2002, 10:25:00

    please find a solution, I've bought a NetMD product and it would be geat if I could upload!

    774. Upload a must to not lose it to MP3-players

    Posted by Gary Niels on 5/25/2002, 10:51:54

    Upload a must to not lose the fight completely to MP3-players. I short cheap Ipod-like players will flood the market. Where will MD be then?

    775. Live recording upload

    Posted by Roberto Villani on 5/25/2002, 12:32:36

    Being minidisc a typically pro-recording device, I think the presence of a USB port is absolutely useless if it doesn't allowd upload to PC. I won't buy a NetMD till this problem will be solved.

    776. Audio Uploading

    Posted by Ian Coulton on 5/25/2002, 14:16:23

    This would be a nice to have feature, as I have lots of minidiscs which I would like to build compilations from.

    777. Has been waiting to go for MD, but not now until you have Upload feature

    Posted by Chotechai Piyavongsiri on 5/25/2002, 23:08:34

    I've been following MD technology for several years, but do not jump to buy one because I am waiting for " fast transfer between MD and my PC".

    I will mostly use MD for listening to music, but occasionally I intend to record seminar, meeting, etc... which later want them to be downloaded to my PC.

    I then opt for Nomad II several years ago. It serves me very well, only that the SmartMedia card is too expensive.

    778. Upload my music

    Posted by Dodo=tje on 5/26/2002, 5:32:03

    Hi. It would be very need indeed to upload my own recorded music in the studio so I can edit and change it like normal music!
    Thnx for the attention!

    779. digital output

    Posted by Paul Speckens on 5/26/2002, 5:50:45

    dear Sony,
    For rehearsel recordings and stage performance recordings we currently use minidisk because its small size and good quality.
    Three reasons for need for digital output:
    1.Dont want to use DAT because after some time the tape gets dropouts. With a disk the data is more secure.
    2.dont want to use DAT because (for example for reheasels a small minidisk is easier to take along and works on bateries) loss off data by using the DA converter of the minidisk (output) and then again the DA converter of the homecomputers soundcard (input).

    best regards Paul Speckens

    780. Valuable as a working musician

    Posted by carl olson on 5/26/2002, 10:10:38

    It is of value to working musicians to be able to record on the NetMD and upload into the computer for editing.

    781. I need to tranfer my recordings

    Posted by Carlo Bolchini on 5/26/2002, 13:24:29

    Yesterday I bought the top of Sony Miinidisc Portable players,
    spending around 300$, since on Thursday I will play live
    with my band and wanted to record the show on a reliable
    medium and on a small and portable machine not so huge
    as the CD recorder we used so far. With my surprise I discovered
    that I cannot download in any way my own recordings, for which I am
    the record owner and producer, onto my PC for editing and
    mastering. Tomorrow I will return the recorder to the seller
    and will buy another solution that will fit my need.
    You should really consider adding that capability to the recorders,
    they're good hardware really, but not everyone are music
    theft, and there must be a way for a legal record owner to work
    on his intellectual proprierty.

    Best regards.

    782. Uploading to PC

    Posted by jack on 5/26/2002, 13:48:10

    I understand you're trying to protect rights on music. But, we need this features for more than that. Uploading to PC is necessary when you record live sounds like interviews....
    There's nothing about rights....
    why can't we upload my grandmother voice to my PC, is that you're bussiness ??

    Best regards

    783. don't fight the future...

    Posted by justin on 5/27/2002, 0:38:57

    With a constant struggle to stay alive in the states, minidisc seemed to be a dieing force that couldn't be reborn in the USA.

    with the explosion of mp3 technology, minidisc has a door that has been blown wide open for which to rightfully pass through...

    mp3, computer technology, and minidiscs are a combined force which should be allowed to show its fullest capabilities without being buckled down and masked for years to come...

    don't fight the future, don't fight technology... give the masses what they want... give them the right to experience the underestimated giant that is the minidisc...

    784. Get it asap

    Posted by Edwin on 5/27/2002, 5:42:36

    Dear Sony,

    You have been able to sell a lot MiniDisk equipment the past few years. Now is the time to make it possible to use MiniDisk in a way that even more people are willing to buy. This should be enough for you to go around.
    For myself, I will buy a MP3 recorder if MiniDisk is not able to forfill the need as discriped in the petition quickly.

    785. I sure haven't copy-protected my audio diary!

    Posted by Christopher Granade on 5/27/2002, 6:44:51

    Let me archive my digital diary!

    786. Improve MD by direct uploadfacility and I'll still buy Sony.

    Posted by huib smink on 5/27/2002, 6:45:12

    For recording my own music this would be a real improvement. The beautifull quality of MD can be used more easily without loss from an unnecessary D-A-D conversion. And furthermore...for copying.. I'll buy Sony-CD's as long as Sony contracts my favourite musicians. ;-)

    787. MD-recording (via mic-in) upload to PC via USB

    Posted by Jaap Bastiaans on 5/27/2002, 8:44:26

    Dear sirs,

    Recently I bought a NetMD recorder to record musical rehearsals for later evaluation.

    Easy and digital uploading of these recordings to my PC would make my life a lot easier. Actually, when I bought the recorder, I was under the impression that I could both up- and download from/to a PC. Therefor it was quite a disappointment to find out I could not do this.

    Therefor I would like to ask Sony to implement upload facilities, like those presented in Eric Woudenbergs proposal, in the next OpenMG release. If done so, this would be greatly appriciated!

    Kind regards,
    Jaap Bastiaans

    788. Uploading would be so great !

    Posted by Xavier Halgand on 5/27/2002, 12:54:54

    for field recordings !

    789. plus de facilit� pour the MD&PC community

    Posted by Lecompte on 5/27/2002, 13:05:56

    Messieur de SONY et autres fabriquant et cr�ateur de produit sympatique, pour nous petits consommateur, auriez vous l'amabilit� de nous facilit� la t�che en ce qui concerne la communication des donn�es entre la manifique machine que vous appelez le MD et mon personal computer.


    790. Portable recording is what MD is all about

    Posted by Matt Zykan on 5/27/2002, 14:48:59

    Don't castrate NetMD by witholding upload capabilities.

    791. Help independent artists

    Posted by Max Nealon on 5/27/2002, 18:09:34

    I was very impressed with the recording quality of my Sony MD after a recent coffeehouse concert I staged. After spending 3 hours trying to download my own music to my computer, I'm shocked that Sony has not taken into account the needs of the performing musician!

    Please remedy this because it's an embarrassment to your software's capabilities.

    792. One big flaw in an otherwise great product......

    Posted by Andrew on 5/27/2002, 20:23:57

    Please add the upload feature and save real users alot of time !!!

    793. NetMD-uploading

    Posted by Yuri on 5/27/2002, 20:30:14

    I faithfully and wholeheartedly support the community of loyal MiniDisc users in their grassroots efforts to urge SONY to add uploading capabilities to NetMD. I believe this is a natural and logical evolution for MiniDisc as a true digital audio recording format that will enable its enthusiasts to create, record and playback music. If MD is to maintain its superiority and compete against other formats such as MP3s and WAVs it must add these uploading capabilities. In fact I recently purchased a SONY VAIO MX in belief that NetMD was the quintessential embodiment of Audio Integrated Operation. However, I do believe the this only a slight fallback and SONY will eventually realize the MiniDisc's full potential and incorporate uploading capabilities to NetMD.

    a loyal MD user

    794. digital out is a must hae

    Posted by richard on 5/27/2002, 20:49:02

    Digital out would enable exact quality dupes of live sets and recording, helping to better establish the MD for amatuer recording studios.

    795. Musicians need this feature

    Posted by silver on 5/27/2002, 20:57:46

    Sony, Sony, Sony! - surely you see why musicians need this feature to make the best use of your product!

    796. MZ-N707 microphone recorded tracks cannot checkin

    Posted by Chetan on 5/27/2002, 22:43:42

    I bought the MD thinking I can check in the files (street interviews) which I recorded using a Microphone, onto my computer as wave files ...and then edit the interviews to make them presentable to be played on the radio. But i supose SONY designers did not thing about this feature. I would like this feature very much in it. i am currently using a Cable to input into the computer and record the stuff using the MusicMatch Juke box to make the wave files and edit them using Adobe priemiere.

    I have N-707. Please let me know if SONY people are clever enough to understand this simple thing.


    797. I have wanted an uploading option for the longest time....

    Posted by Anthony bruscella on 5/28/2002, 0:48:46

    I am VERY happy with my MZ-R70 MD walkman but a nice, high quality digital out and upload utility would make this line of players so great!

    798. So close to perfection

    Posted by Erik Lundberg on 5/28/2002, 3:43:49

    Your product is so close to the perfect sampling tool, with the bonus of portable personal audio.

    For simple portable personal audio I would use an mp3 player or an ipod clone. What sets your product apart is it`s ability to record good DIGITAL audio in a convenient package.

    Please bring your product to it`s full potential so that I can buy it. I would even force myself to use MSwindows! (if I had to)

    799. Make NetMD worthwhile

    Posted by William Blakeley on 5/28/2002, 8:09:11

    I am using an older model deck, a Sony MDS-JE640, and will continue to use it until I see some incentive to move to a new deck. Group function, ATRAC Type-S and NetMD as it is now are not enough to make me move to a new deck, but as soon as there is an upload function (and the proposal mentioned by is an exceptional one), I shall swagger down to my local store and make a new purchase!

    Come on, Sony, do it for my money and customer loyalty, and that of everyone who has signed this petition.


    Posted by rams ramone on 5/28/2002, 11:50:08

    OUIN MOI AUSSI JAIMERAIS POUVOIR FAIRE TOUT Ca, et meme sue je connais pleins de personne encore hesitantes qui seraient pretes a acheter un enrgistreur md si cette technologie existait...

    801. It's sad it has to end like this.

    Posted by jason hagan on 5/28/2002, 12:43:34

    Let me first say that I am a loyal MD user and have been for 8 years. (on the verge of evangelical at times!)I've owned
    many different models (Sony R900, R90, R55, R50, R30, B3, JE-500, R3, R2, MZ-1 and MDM-X4 Multitrack, and Sharp MS-200)
    I've also convinced friends buy MD gear...
    2 JE-500's, 1 JE-510, 1 R30, 1 R50)

    Most recently I've added a N707 to my collection.

    Since I compose/perform rough takes of my OWN ORIGINAL music/sounds I NEED the ability to upload with no (further) lose to PC for further tweaking and to send to my out of state collaborators for sound additions/comments.

    Also, I, myself "own" my recordings of my OWN ORIGINAL music/sounds. This is not a request for the ability to violate other people's copyrights as I would not want mine violated either.
    What I want is MY music to be unchained.

    With that said, I will be returning the Sony N707 tomorrow. I sincerely hope we can do business again Sony.

    802. So close and yet so far.

    Posted by Jeffrey Lanham on 5/28/2002, 16:36:46

    Without an upload facility, it's not close enought Sony!

    803. why a digital capturing tool(md) can't "speak" digital?

    Posted by George Volakakis on 5/28/2002, 17:26:48

    Dear Sirs,
    why a digital capturing tool(md) can't "speak" digital?
    How useless would be my digital camera
    if I can't download and edit my images to my PC ?

    804. Recording seminars

    Posted by John Duke on 5/28/2002, 18:28:59

    We record seminars and lectures with Minidisc. It's a great portable medium that requires no extra sound reinforcement system. But it takes a long time to re-record all these lengthy speeches back into the computer. On top of that you lose some sound quality in the Digital-to-Analog-to-Digital exchange. A quick digital upload to the PC would make our life much simpler and better.

    805. For a student in lecture halls

    Posted by Jeffrey Leng on 5/28/2002, 19:18:56

    In college courses, teachers can often speak faster than the average person can write sparse notes. With a minidisc and the ability to upload quickly and effectively, Archiving notes can be great for last minute studying for midterms and final exams. Think about the Students! Thanks.

    Jeff Leng

    806. MiniDisc Universal Format For all OS

    Posted by Emmanuel Mourier (France) on 5/28/2002, 20:15:05

    Dear Sony Corporate,
    I'm studying Theology to be a pastor and I'am using a lot of registering for courses, personnal notes, songs etc. I'm computer fan (Mac fan) and I'm desparatly looking for THE solution that could record with best quality, quickly transfer files from MD to my Macintosh (upoad and doawnload) and serve to transport any file.

    with MiniDisc you've got a Universal Format For audio transfert for all Operating systems !!!
    The Best'one and not expensive !!!
    Why don't you make it true ?

    I dreamt of it, Will you do it ?

    807. Portable Sampling

    Posted by Jim Cosby on 5/29/2002, 1:36:59

    I am musician/audio technician and use Sony MiniDisc to
    sample vocals, instruments & drum loops etc when in the field
    so to be able to directly upload these samples to PC in the studio
    would increase quality, vastly decrease studio time and hence increase productivity -

    I will be First in the queue !!!

    (or better still a PC drive)

    808. Artists want it

    Posted by Matthew Mullenweg on 5/29/2002, 1:37:38

    As a musician I think this would be a killer feature.

    809. I'm musician

    Posted by Fabrice Umiglia on 5/29/2002, 2:50:26

    I'm Musician and i do a lot of live recordings it's absolutely stupid that i schould not transfer it on my PC through USB !

    810. (no subject)

    Posted by Angel Padrino on 5/29/2002, 4:28:33


    I have just bought a MZ-N707 walkman to store my recordings from my group into my PC for further developments.

    I can not believe that i can store any other song but not mine!

    Please do it
    Regards, A. Padrino

    811. it isn't so difficult!!

    Posted by francesco mastroeni on 5/29/2002, 6:18:31

    and don't tell us about piracy and so on...

    you sell also cd recorders and so on!!!!

    812. I'd love to listen to my vinyl collection on the road

    Posted by Rohan Cook on 5/29/2002, 6:43:26

    I had my NetMD just two days and I thought I'd tape some of my old vinyl collection to listen to whilst I commute. I thought the NetMD would help me store and manage this collection on the PC.

    So I connected the NetMD to my amp analog output and proceeded to record three hours of MDs at SP, adding the track marks manually as I went.

    Well now the crunch comes...I take the NetMD to the PC and find that it was a complete waste of time - I can't simply download the tracks to the PC, I have to re-record them in analog mode, taking another three hours.

    So now I'm simply recording in analog direct to the PC and uploading from there.

    The NetMD is great, but it could have been the ultimate MD recorder. It still could be - a software patch could add this ability. I understand the need to protect copyright but a recording uploaded to the PC could be locked to the NetMD recorder it came from thus continuing the protection.

    813. Please let the user upload numeric from MD to Computer with USB enhancement

    Posted by Sebastien MEDARD on 5/29/2002, 9:14:27


    With MD compression, the quality is less interesting than Digital Audio Tape .... but it is cheaper ..... but to transfer sounds or live music onto my computer I have to use the MD numeric/analogic converter and then the analogic/numeric converter of my computer sound card ...

    Each conversion ... the quality is decreasing ....

    Thanks to allow us Uploading music/sound from MD to computer via USB features.

    Thanks again.


    814. bring it on!

    Posted by Brett Friedman on 5/29/2002, 10:30:32


    815. A qd le mindidisk reliable a haute vitesse sur ordi pour sauvegarde de donner

    Posted by RODRIGUEZ on 5/29/2002, 14:31:40

    Il serait bien de pouvoir permettre au possesseur de MD de pouvoir utliser a fond les possibilit� du MD. En augmentant les capacit� du MD li� aux ordinateurs vous y gagneraient car cela attirera plus de monde

    816. This feature would be greatly beneficial to Sony

    Posted by Scott Bennett on 5/29/2002, 15:38:43

    This feature would increase the use, efficiency, and productivity of the already great Minidisc format, thereby increasing the demand for MD players and recorders. This would increase business for Sony, which already makes some of the best MD players and recorders around.

    817. one step forwards two step backwards for you sony

    Posted by johan verbrugge on 5/29/2002, 16:04:44

    babylon rising...

    818. Make MD the professional digital recorder

    Posted by Ryan Miglavs on 5/29/2002, 17:17:44

    The MiniDisc format is meant for recording. Why can't we edit on our computers with a pure digital copy?

    819. Pirating via MD? Absurd!

    Posted by Michael Booye on 5/29/2002, 17:53:48

    Any jerk with a $100 CD-ROM burner can pirate music all day long on cheap, cheap media. Handcuffing the NetMD product in this way does nothing to address this -- it merely cripples an otherwise fine product and medium.

    Please reconsider. Audio I've recorded via microphone is *mine*, and not subject to any sort of DRM scheme that will enforce the copyright of my own material.

    This sorry state of affairs is the product of many , many management types completely isolated from the consumers, and how the consumers actually use the product. Everyone involved in this fiasco should be lined up and shot. You will succeed in killing the MD format, and little else.

    Why make a product that records so beautifully, and shackle it to software that will not allow you to retrieve the recordings in any other than real-time?


    820. uploading would push the md format to the top.

    Posted by Ernesto Bonilla on 5/30/2002, 1:05:28

    I'm doing some fields recording and really need the upload function. I already own a regular Minidisc recorder and upload the analog way, but I would swap it for a Net-MD if it has the upload function.

    821. Only reason why I don't use MDs

    Posted by Jean-Alexis Montignies on 5/30/2002, 10:19:49

    The portable minidiscs are very useful for recording live events or rehersals especially with the microphone entry.

    However I don't want to buy a deck player and an audio interface just to transfer digitally.

    822. PLEASE

    Posted by Adam on 5/30/2002, 11:01:41


    823. I thought i bought a recorder...

    Posted by Per Kristiansen on 5/30/2002, 11:20:50

    That I could use to record meetings and archive them on the computer.

    824. Add upload of analog record audio to PC

    Posted by Martin Knudsen on 5/30/2002, 11:20:59

    I'm using the NetMD for conducting field interviews and it is pretty cumbersome to have to copy the record audio manually through my soundcard instead of allowing the NetMD software to do this. Please add this feature in the software.

    825. The only thing missing

    Posted by Stephen Emmell on 5/30/2002, 12:23:49

    If it weren't for copy protection rules and company paranoia, this would be the ultimate product, and I am truly disapointed that this feature was not included.

    826. Mes enregistrements personnels

    Posted by Olivier Tye Gingras on 5/30/2002, 12:47:12

    Je trouve g�nial le fait de pouvoir enregistrer facilement les performances vocales de mon groupe, mais je trouve totalement ennuyeux de ne aps pouvoir les tranf�rer directement sur PC, et d'en faire des CD d�mos. Repensez votre syst�me de protection, car je crois quwe pr�senentment il est plus d�rangeant que b�n�fique.

    827. An opportunity missed!

    Posted by Kieran Desoer on 5/30/2002, 17:42:03

    I would love to get into wildlife sound recording. I have had a minidisc recorder in the past but sold it on due to it's lack of versatility. With my new interest I thought it was time to look into MD's again. NetMD! WOW! can actually transfer files between your PC and MD. Wait a minute! theres a catch, you can only transfer files from your NetMD that have been transferred from your PC in the first place. Oh well, another dream shattered. What are you thinking of Sony, aren't you in the business of making money? If so why haven't you realised that you are losing mega bucks in lost sales due to this missing function.
    GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER SONY, and fill the gap in the market that MP� players leave wide open.

    828. incorporate USB Connections for Data Transfer on future MD units...

    Posted by strasser on 5/30/2002, 23:25:28

    It'll be cool to incorporate data transfer capabilities through USB connections... aka MD Data... the media is cheap and it stores 140Mb per disc

    829. digital freedom

    Posted by Justin on 5/31/2002, 1:02:27

    It is understood that the idea of the OpenMG concept is to protect the owners of copyrighted material from being infringed upon.

    It is also understood that the only form of infringement method that is being protected against by this method is production of digital copies via download & upload through the Mini Disc mechanism. However, considering the main distribution, and consumer use, of the copyrighted material in question is via Compact Discs, the protection provided for the owners is minimal, at best.

    Improved features for the mini disc format, including digital upload for further processing, manipulation, and production has mainly gains for all involved. Users can finally have the true replacement for the compact tape format, and manufacturers would have only increased media sales in return.

    Considering the digital revolution that Sony has helped to create, it is only logical that Sony provide an upload mechanism to seal the original intent of the minidisc...which was to replace the compact tape.

    830. I need to upload my sounds on my PC

    Posted by Eric on 5/31/2002, 5:52:15

    Si le chargement de ses propres enregistrements n'est pas possible, alors le NET MD me sert � rien.

    831. N707 Would Be The Best Walkman EVER.

    Posted by Jon Douglas on 5/31/2002, 7:06:42

    Having had an MD recorder since the MZ-R3, I love the format, MD-LP made it great, NetMD made it greater. Uploading of analogue recordings (not direct digital, just analogue stuff) would make it the best Walkman in the world. Period.

    Please allow uploads over USB.

    832. I'd love to record jam sessions and to use an MD-based sampler.

    Posted by Andy Walker on 5/31/2002, 11:19:22

    I'm a musician, and often I've found myself in a jam session, wishing I could record this and transfer it to computer for easy access while I incorporated the ideas into my own work. The recording facility of the MD would also come into its own coupled with a microphone, for use in sampling live sound - anything from taking a hundred different samples from a drum kit to standing by a road and recording the cars going past.
    With this amount of audio - I can easily spend an hour in a single non-stop jam - recording by analogue means would be tedious. Why should I have to wait hours for my samples to transfer, wait again for noise-reduction processing to remove transfer noise, then spend yet more time splitting up the single long analogue recording into single samples, when I could just transfer them all digitally?
    Sony, please heed the voice of the people buying your products. I've been wanting something like this for a long time.

    833. MD uploading should be available to ALL!!!!

    Posted by Kimmy on 5/31/2002, 13:28:21

    My Resolve issue:...

    The Digital age of music is here. MD is
    taking muisc by the mass. MDLP transfer rates
    up to 32x in LP4 mode. MP3 players and MD players
    are now finally on a level playing field in USA.
    But still MP3 players have the advantage of Uploading. Why does Sony NetMD wont allow us MD loyal customers to transfer our MD collection over
    to new MD at high speeds? There seems not a problem with me for uploading. If you can download why not upload? The files that we already have should be able to transfer to other
    MD at high speeds. It clearly makes no sense.

    In regards I don't know much of the technology
    like you guys at do but I do
    know that uploading live recording or music
    should be allowed. PLEASE NETMD ALLOW UPLOADING

    834. MD uploading should be available to ALL!!!!

    Posted by Kimmy on 5/31/2002, 13:28:35

    My Resolve issue:...

    The Digital age of music is here. MD is
    taking muisc by the mass. MDLP transfer rates
    up to 32x in LP4 mode. MP3 players and MD players
    are now finally on a level playing field in USA.
    But still MP3 players have the advantage of Uploading. Why does Sony NetMD wont allow us MD loyal customers to transfer our MD collection over
    to new MD at high speeds? There seems not a problem with me for uploading. If you can download why not upload? The files that we already have should be able to transfer to other
    MD at high speeds. It clearly makes no sense.

    In regards I don't know much of the technology
    like you guys at do but I do
    know that uploading live recording or music
    should be allowed. PLEASE NETMD ALLOW UPLOADING


    835. defineatly a ''must feature'' for a NetMD

    Posted by Dennis Goh on 5/31/2002, 17:39:52

    not being able to upload is really a gret set back for the netMD.... allowing it would allow greater flexibility for the format....

    836. Please respect the desires of artists

    Posted by Simon Tooke on 5/31/2002, 18:24:36

    .. who wish to use your equipment to record their own original music, and upload it to their own PC in an unrestricted format.

    Thank you,

    -Simon Tooke

    837. Who's rights are you protecting?

    Posted by John Karlsson on 5/31/2002, 19:02:11

    One of the big pros of having an MD player was to record own material. Ok, maybe it should not be possible to transfer music from one PC to another via MD (who does anyway?? It's possible to send RAW cd data over the internet quicker these days). Ok, maybe it should not be possible to have more than four copies of a track. But I cannot see why I shouldn't be able to record something with a mic, or analoge at all, from my instruments, and move it to my computer for editing or archiving. Shouldn't you protect my rights to use my own material in the first place? If not, the piece for $400, is not what i payed for. The recording capability is the key function in the MD concept. You are choking your own market.

    838. md - pc

    Posted by Paul Dzurec on 5/31/2002, 21:33:29

    Allowing MD to PC uploading would open up a whole new world to garage bands, like Weezer and Stone Temple Pilots once were to get into the spotlight to create CDs easier. I don't see any hard in allowing this as individuals have the ability to burn CDs, why not make the next move to MDs?

    839. Good Business

    Posted by Jonathan on 5/31/2002, 21:46:51

    MD creators,
    Many consumer media electronics manufacurers produce personal, portable, audio units which have the ability to transfer media from the player to the PC. The manufacurers (including Sony) produce MP3 players, nearly all of which have this capability. It seems ludicrous as a customer to purchase a media device which does not have this capability. Net MD and Sony MD players need to be brought up to date in order to compete in the portable media player market.
    I am an avid MD advocate. I have a younger brother who insists his Lyra MP3 player out performs my Sony Md player. Of course he is wrong but until i am able to refute his platform of "mp3's go pc to player to pc" I will be unable to defend my currently less capable Sony MD player.

    840. Re: md - pc

    Posted by Jonathan on 5/31/2002, 21:50:29 , in reply to "md - pc"

    Paul Dzurec brings of a very good point. Giving start up musicians easier, more effective means of creating music allows the recording industry to more easily identify now talent and business prospectives.

    841. Re: Good Business

    Posted by Mike Mofal on 5/31/2002, 21:53:40 , in reply to "Good Business"

    As a business marketer and co-owner of a corporation call .OrezD., I much agree with the business opportunities that Sony is missing out on that Jonathan is speaking about. Why not just allow these new MD Players to go MD~PC? I'll buy it!

    842. MD - PC

    Posted by Gao Yin on 5/31/2002, 21:54:18

    Dear Sony,

    I'm implied in helping young musicians play in concerts and promote their activity, and I would surely be using the MD to PC upload to record their performances, and to make sound samples available on the association website. For now, I already have a recording solution, so I can wait a few moments more. And I'm sure you will understand that, since so many people request this feature (you will, no doubt have to add it eventually), I'm am going to wait until the next solution comes up (no matter how long, we know that you'll have to release it). And I wished that your company making us wait is not a poor marketing trick such as "Let's waits XMas, there will be much more buyers". I will buy the next evolution of NetMD (if it features the MD to PC transfer), no matter when it is released.
    We, customers, are just awaiting a move from you. Why don't you make an announcement you show us that you've heard us, announcing the next release of the NetMD within a few months (weeks?).


    843. NetMD won't be a new standard without this feature

    Posted by Wiphu Rujopakarn on 5/31/2002, 22:19:10

    NetMD won't be a new standard without this feature

    844. Why's this product line marketed without uplink-ability?

    Posted by Arden Bercovitz on 5/31/2002, 23:47:46

    I called Sony support today and found out the awful truth, that a big discrepancy exists in the capability of my minidisk recorder. I've got hours of recorded presentation and no quick or convenient way to transfer that digital information to my PC, to my web site, to any other format. Nobody told me about this missing link, when I purchased my MD Walkman. Sony, this is no way to treat or serve your customers.

    845. With uploading capabilities, NetMD units would be ideal for my needs

    Posted by Tyler Hauck on 6/1/2002, 0:12:48

    When I first heard about NetMD, I was excited. I had been considering buying a minidisc unit for some time for the purpose of making minidisc recordings of my record collection for portability purposes. NetMD seemed even better--I thought I would be able to back up my collection on my computer hard-drive relatively easily.

    I also am an amateur journalist and thought NetMD would be a great way to put recorded interviews up on the website I write for.

    I also bet there are many many more people who would love an uploading feature with NetMD for one (or both!) of the reasons I just mentioned. Please, let the data flow both ways!

    -Tyler Hauck

    846. Upload capabitlity would greatly expand the uses and lifespan of MDs

    Posted by Ray Ambrosi on 6/1/2002, 3:46:02

    I am a social science researcher and our project team often needs to cataloge taped interviews. It would be very useful indeed if we could record on MD in the field, edit the tracks on a computer and store the edited tracks on computer.

    I sincerely hope to see this feature added to new Sony Decks or portables in the future

    Thank you for your consideration


    847. Pour la survie du MD !

    Posted by Gum on 6/1/2002, 5:03:47

    Cette �volution est vraiment n�cessaire pour que le MD puisse survivre aux nombreux supports qui arrivent et qui vont arriver, offrant tjs plus de possibilit�s...


    848. Bought it for this feature, I feel misled.

    Posted by Joe from Boulder on 6/1/2002, 5:31:17

    June 1, 2002

    To whom it may concern:

    I produce a variety of types of radio broadcasts, from actuals to interviews to radio theater. I am a long time Sony customer and own many pro- and consumer-grade Sony audio and video devices.

    I was led to believe that this recorder would allow me to use an external microphone to record live audio onto MiniDisc digital media and later transfer it to my computer for editing via the USB interface.

    The inability to do this severely diminishes the utility of the device, rendering it effectively an analog recorder for any live audio application. While I realize you may have legal concerns that led you to disable this capability, you are penalizing many faithful customers with endless legitimate uses to prevent the hypothetical acts of a narrow few.

    Please remedy this by enabling audio recorded via the microphone input to be uploaded to a computer and saved as a standard audio file format.

    Thank you for your consideration of this request, as well as for your contributions of many great products over many years.

    Here's wishing for our continued mutual success!

    Joe P
    Boulder, Colorado

    PS - My device has a "Rec" (Record) button next to which is a sticker that says "ATRAC3-MP3-WMA-WAV Compativility" [sic], and "USB Connection"...

    PPS - and while we're at it, can you please make it work with the iMac?

    849. Why not

    Posted by RienkJan on 6/1/2002, 6:19:42

    Why can't i make own recording of my band to my computer over mine usb cable ? Is this the japanse freedom in the World ?

    850. Why not ?

    Posted by Tim Valbert on 6/1/2002, 6:25:51

    The MiniDisc system would be even better,
    so it will convince more people
    to buy a MiniDIsc system instead of a mp3 player !

    851. Show us why MD players are better than MP3 players!

    Posted by Hop Ho on 6/1/2002, 8:00:08

    Show us why MD players are better than MP3 players!

    MD are rewritables while MP3-Cds are not! Take Advantage!

    852. MD free!!

    Posted by nicolas on 6/1/2002, 8:57:39

    live us free, please..

    853. please!

    Posted by alex on 6/1/2002, 10:05:10

    854. Please.

    Posted by Leon Shmulevich on 6/1/2002, 10:19:44

    Uploading music form MD to the PC is the next
    generation in MD, it is the only feature that
    is a must in the next MD product.

    855. Live Music Needs

    Posted by Ashley on 6/1/2002, 11:54:19

    Echoing the sentiments of other users above, I too wish to express how convenient it would be for me to be able to upload my live music recordings from my net md player onto my hard drive. I do not, nor do I wish to use this function for pirating or bootlegging purposes. I simply need to be able to burn the music of my own band, and those of my friends, onto my computer. The methods available for cirumventing the restrictions of the Open MG software are useful but ultimately cumbersome. Why not put the power into the hands of the music owner to manipulate their recordings as they see fit? I understand the logic behind your restrictions, however as an avid MD user and musician I implore you to examine this request, as it is the sentiment of so many others as well. Thank you.

    856. Sound recording for micro budget movies

    Posted by Simon Cooper on 6/1/2002, 12:32:26

    I am currently in post production for a feature length movie I have written and directed. I bought the Net MD believing that I could upload recordings I made to my PC through the USB connection. I am re-recording clean dialogue to drop in the edit. I was very dissapointed when I discovered that Sony had hobbled the NetMD. The quality of sound for my movie could be significantly increased if Sony relented.

    857. MZ-N707 is misleading

    Posted by Mark Bacchus on 6/1/2002, 12:43:41

    One of the main functions that I bought the
    minidisk for is being blocked. Consumers should have been/should be notified of this feature before they bought/buy this player. This was done

    858. (no subject)

    Posted by Tobias on 6/1/2002, 12:44:19


    859. MZ-N707 is misleading

    Posted by Mark Bacchus on 6/1/2002, 12:45:10

    One of the main functions that I bought the
    minidisk for is being blocked. Consumers should have been/should be notified of this feature before they bought/buy this player. This was done
    intentionally by Sony. And this will prevent me
    from buying any more Sony products.

    860. Up for USB Upload!

    Posted by killian on 6/1/2002, 12:58:40

    Up for USB Upload!

    861. Please allow uploading of netmd audio to PC

    Posted by Gary Fesler on 6/1/2002, 13:28:05

    SONY, please remove the serious restrictions that legitimate users have to face with your netmd products. I bought the NZ707 and love it. I need to upload live digital recordings made on the netmd to my pc !!

    862. Please allow MD->PC transfers

    Posted by Matt Harmon on 6/1/2002, 16:38:45

    Dear Sony;

    It would be advantageous for those of us using your NetMD recorders for making recordings of non-copywrited material to be able to transfer the digital audo to our PC's for editing without having to go d->a and then a->d with the resultant lossin quality. I am very impressed with the MD technology, but this one deficit is annoying.

    863. md petition

    Posted by boursier on 6/1/2002, 16:52:48

    it will permit me to record more quickly

    864. USB Uploading Required.

    Posted by Richard Cross on 6/1/2002, 17:22:04

    I spent money on this device, expecting that it would be able to transfer home made recordings back to my pc for mixing and editing. But alas, the NetMD while great in other respects falls short at the last hurdle.
    Quality recording is what I expect and get from the minidisc, and as a musician, a portable minidisc is great for recording live audio. It would be great to transfer it digitally back to my pc, quickly and without loss in quality.

    865. MD great for Archiving

    Posted by Duncan Wilcock on 6/1/2002, 20:39:37

    I have started archiving my Cassette Tapes on MDs - i should be able to back them up on the PC.

    866. Gives us the right to upload

    Posted by Tony B. on 6/1/2002, 21:25:29

    Since you have the ability to download why not the ability to upload also? There's many people who would like this feature. I am a musician and having the ability to upload by bands songs would help me greatly. Until then I'll use cd r's to mix my bands song on my computer. Sony whose side are you on?

    867. Upload Please!

    Posted by Philip Brown on 6/1/2002, 22:44:53

    I do a lot of recording of my own songs and performances using a MiniDisc recorder. It would be ideal to be able to use my MZ-N1 ro upload digitally into the computer, rather than having to record in real-time in the analogue domain.

    Please consider the option!

    868. Just do it ! make it upload.

    Posted by DAN NITESCU on 6/2/2002, 0:07:26

    ....also do some changes on OPENMG jukebox ! What is this ? ATRAC3 132 kbps ? Why this limit ?

    869. If you make it, i'll buy one...

    Posted by Daniel on 6/2/2002, 0:15:15

    It isn't hard to prevent copyright infringement...

    870. cant SAMPLE without uploading capabilities!

    Posted by Erin Keeffe on 6/2/2002, 2:32:45

    i just bought a netMD sony minidisc player, mainly becuase i needed a portable devise to take good qualtiy audio samples for making my own music, and im thoroughly upset that i cant digitally upload! the netMD minidisc player has great potential as a beginers portable sampling tool... but not being able to quickly upload through USB and being forced to upload through the analogue phone jack is a major pain... especially when the technology is right there, but is unable to be used! please allow uploading, your products have so much untapped potential! thank you.

    871. Live Recording

    Posted by Andrew on 6/2/2002, 3:31:50

    I do live recording... what good is the one way speed of usb?

    872. Grosse deception

    Posted by Julien DESCOTTES on 6/2/2002, 4:07:48

    J'ai achet� le MZ-N1 et je trouve d�plorable qu'� ce prix on nous interdise de r�cup�rer ce que l'on enregistre avec un microphone sur son PC !

    Il faut faire quelque chose !

    873. It sure would help my line of work !

    Posted by Simo Savisaari on 6/2/2002, 7:12:34

    I'm a theatre sound designer and I use minidiscs as the main sound source in our performances. I also use a portable MD for recording sound effects of my own... the possibility of transferring data (faster than real time) from MD to PC for editing purposes and then back to MD would be greatly appreciated by me and my colleagues all over the world.
    I've been waiting for something like this since 1993!

    874. I am angry about OpenMG 2.2

    Posted by J.Lukas on 6/2/2002, 8:25:05

    I'm Musician too, and i do a lot of live recordings it's absolutely stupid that i schould not transfer it on my PC through USB !

    875. Back support

    Posted by Gary Jung on 6/2/2002, 9:00:38

    I don't know, if this was stated before, but i still own an old mz-r55, i love everything about it. But i'm kinda dissapointed, why you don't or can't back back compatabilty to support NETMD for this MD player? i already have xitel usb transfer, and would love to use simple burner, i would gladly buy the program. Well hope this isn't totally out of subject disscusion, but i hope sony make the upload.

    876. Digital Recording Without Digital Output?

    Posted by Alexis Waltz on 6/2/2002, 9:13:58

    Digital Recording Without Digital Output?

    this is crap! sony the company for the last century!

    alexis waltz

    878. The MD could be a universal support!

    Posted by Ekoh on 6/2/2002, 10:43:25

    For mp3, wav and other and why not informatical data?

    PS: I'm a young french and my english is a little bad... I use the MZR-900

    879. petition

    Posted by romain on 6/2/2002, 11:01:07

    vive l'upload


    Posted by Mohamed on 6/2/2002, 11:14:49



    881. Critical for staying with MD!

    Posted by Bjarne Mjelde on 6/2/2002, 11:17:01

    I upload many own MD recordings to PC, and I find it obtrusive to being denied the opportunity to do so in a more flexible way.

    882. enable upload.

    Posted by Frank Gruska on 6/2/2002, 12:55:20

    I am a musician and like to use my NetMD for live recordings and later postprocessing on my PC. An uplaod function is critical for me.

    883. Microphone users need some love!

    Posted by Andy Weston on 6/2/2002, 13:18:25

    I need my own live recordings on my PC in a digital way!

    884. A revolutionary product, If....

    Posted by jon perkins on 6/2/2002, 14:14:17

    This feature would make minidisc, NET MD, the undisputed leader in digital portable audio.

    885. This is technology.. THERE SHOULD BE NO RESTRICTIONS

    Posted by Tareq Fadel on 6/2/2002, 16:02:02

    Could you please remove the restriction of being able to upload files from a minidisc to the PC. It is possible.. so I cant see what the problem is. Thanx

    886. The strongest argument for MD upload of recordings using an analog source:

    Posted by Don Kruger on 6/2/2002, 19:00:52

    I am so glad this website exists. I am a professional musician, and I have been using the MD format for more than 3 years now for recording of live performances.
    Thank you, webmasters, for writing such a good petition to SONY. The strongest part of the argument is: . . . WHEREAS,
    All Minidisc recorders already flag their recordings to indicate those tracks that have been recorded through the digital inputs (and are copy-protected) and those that have been recorded through the analog inputs (and are not copy-protected), thereby allowing the upload function to prevent unwanted copying . . .
    May SONY listen to their customers. I might have to change formats to the Archos Jukebox recorder/hard-drive (oh but the ease of editing on the MD is so good . . .!)

    887. I love SONY. Pitty that my love isn't mutual.

    Posted by Ghost on 6/2/2002, 19:33:38

    So strange that I can use my SAMSUNG digital voice recorder ($100) to store digital voice recording, but I can't to do the same with MZ-N1 ($350). Just afraid that we will be able to buy a spaceship sooner that SONY fix this strange problem.

    888. I need MD -> PC Transfer Capability

    Posted by Ken Knollman on 6/2/2002, 20:47:47

    I record live performances and need to transfer them to PC, ultimately to CD so they can be played, for one, in my car! Please make this part of your lineup!

    889. Need upload from MD to PC function

    Posted by Bobby on 6/2/2002, 21:00:33

    We need it in order to organize our old music on our old MD's.

    890. MD --> PC

    Posted by Sue on 6/2/2002, 21:07:58

    I require MD to PC upload for interviews.

    891. I don't have any reason to buy a MD recorder without digital upload capability to a PC

    Posted by Paul on 6/3/2002, 1:56:14

    My whole purpose in getting a minidisc recorder is to record live music from musician friends who want to have CD's of their performances. I thought the way to do that was to record on the MD player, then connect to a PC and burn a CD.

    It seemed obvious to me, so I'm surprised that this function is not available. This is very disappointing.

    892. Come on Sony - Let the upload working

    Posted by Sylvain on 6/3/2002, 3:11:49

    I'm very dispointed that we cannot upload to PC.

    It's a shame !

    893. Uploading from MD is essential

    Posted by Steve Groves on 6/3/2002, 3:46:07

    As an amateur social historian, recording the recollections of people about historical events in the lives I find it frustarting that I cannot digitally upload these to my PC from my Net MD recorder.

    894. This is the next step for mindisc to be a standard

    Posted by MOUNEYRES RAPHAEL on 6/3/2002, 5:35:07

    As a long term user of minidisc for it reliability and excellent sound, i often transfer music recorded everywhere (for example a live session) to my home PC to treat them with mastering software. Copying this takes a long time, and an essential tool for the minidisc is a rapid transfer FROM the MD TO the PC.
    More and more people are using minidiscs, averyone would apreciate a such usefull feature.
    sincerely, Rapha�l.

    895. I need MD --> PC transfer

    Posted by Ferez Gatrif on 6/3/2002, 8:55:25

    I need to transfer my interviews and my live recordings to my PC, that would let me edit them and store them in my hard disc.

    896. Upload recorded tracks to MAC/PC

    Posted by Jan Beckman on 6/3/2002, 11:37:46

    In my business I have to record (via microphone) many hours of spoken word to the MD. I do not wish to send these in an analog manner to the Mac or PC but want to use them digitally directly. It would save me lots of time (money) and result in better quality. I really dislike the fact that material that I created and therefore own the copyright of cannot be transferred digitally.

    897. I was disappointed

    Posted by Andreas Garzotto on 6/3/2002, 12:43:39

    I often record concerts of our choir to MD and then create a CD from it. The "worst part" of it is moving the data from MD to CD, so when I heard about NetMD I was very delighted and immediately purchased a Sony N1 - and only then I found out that NetMD does not allow moving (analog!) recordings to the computer digitally.

    898. Original Music Recording Transfer Needed

    Posted by Phil Macino on 6/3/2002, 13:59:59

    As a member of a band I would like to see the functionality of writes from Mini-Dasc to Hard Drive enabled. I find it rediculous that this functionality is not available. Afterall, who is to stop anyone from using a Laptop with a Microphone and a CD/RW to accomplish the same task? (CD-RW's are now standard equipment on most shipping laptops).

    899. Field -> MD -> PC (via USB)

    Posted by Sean Burak on 6/3/2002, 14:12:00

    Let's give the iPod and nomad a run for their money. High speed 2-way transfer would do the trick!

    900. MD-->PC !

    Posted by Marion COUTET on 6/3/2002, 14:54:16

    il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut ! il le faut !

    901. What a fool I am

    Posted by Bill Kowalczyk on 6/3/2002, 15:46:01

    I bought the sony Net MD as a means of recording my oen music. I spent more time and energy findiong the right microphone set up than I did the the minidisc player. I just assumed sony would be the best, due to their continued excelence in sound quality. But now I can't even make copies of my OWN music. Since when did sony copywrite my music.
    bill kowalczyk

    902. University Lectures would be made much easier

    Posted by Rafal Kubat on 6/3/2002, 17:47:48

    Simply put, when i bought my NetMD recorder, one of the main selling points was the quick transfer of music. As i quickly came to realize, this transfer only occured downstream to the MD, and could not be done MD to PC. As a university student who wants to be able to record lectures for future reference, the current transfer process is very cumbersome. I would love to have a high-speed upload from MD to PC.

    903. Microphone Created Audio

    Posted by Willem v/d Zel on 6/3/2002, 18:49:55

    Microphone Created Audio files should be recognized as free of copy-right and allowed to be uploaded to the PC.
    Thank you,
    Willem J.

    904. Uploading is important

    Posted by Todd Moore on 6/3/2002, 19:58:14

    I need fast audio uploading. When i record tracks for my band they all have to wait for me to get the time to record all of the tracks onto my computer (80)Min and then i have to go in and split up the tracks (even more time)since the recorder will record the whole disk as one track. Then i have to convert the files to mp3's from the wav files i create. The only reason i was so interested in the Net MD was for uploading. Downloading is defiantely nice but for me uploading is more important.

    905. audio upload would be helpful....

    Posted by ken vigil on 6/3/2002, 20:28:53

    i would like to see the possibility to upload tracks to the pc. As a semi-professional musician i often record simple demos and ideas on to md so i can send them to other players I work with over the web. It is possible now by recoding through the analog input of the computer but a direct digital upload would be far simpler and useful.

    thank you.

    906. Audio Upload Is A Necessity!

    Posted by Dustin Palmer on 6/3/2002, 21:01:31

    Audio upload is a necessity for the minidisc product line. You do not want to wait for 1 to 1 upload time. You can buy various MP3 player/recorders that will do this!

    907. I regret purchasing your product now

    Posted by Dr. Kevin A Swartz on 6/3/2002, 21:23:31

    I did not realize the limitations that you built into your minidisc player (MZ-S1) and frankly, at close to $200 I regret buying it and will candidly tell anyone who asks that this is how I feel until your OpenMG software allows the user more freedom to use THEIR OWN data. I understand your concerns for copyright protection, but just because you CAN severly limit the utility of your digital product doesn't mean that you SHOULD or that it is the most APPROPRIATE manner.

    Again, I like this MD player, but the software stinks and I would have taken it back, but the retailer refused to take it back since it was opened and was not defective.

    - Kevin

    908. Perfect NetMD

    Posted by F.L. on 6/3/2002, 21:33:39

    Please allow it, that will make NetMD perfect.

    909. Let's Just Try It!!!!

    Posted by Chuck on 6/3/2002, 21:45:43

    Allow us to make the choice

    910. For the student

    Posted by Edward Frankovic on 6/3/2002, 22:01:32

    This would be very helpful because it would allow for easy archiving of recorded lectures.

    911. Re: I regret purchasing your product now

    Posted by Rich on 6/3/2002, 22:47:38 , in reply to "I regret purchasing your product now"

    I agree in as far as the software issue is concerned and find it really retarded that you are limited like a way one way street in the fact that you can upload to minidisc but not from minidisc to computer? I mean if piracy or copyright is an issue then that is an issue totally thrown out the window since this if need be can still be achieved by anyone if they wanted to. It would just take more time, duh.. making the Sony limitations a joke and an utter insult to its customers as well as their own ingenuity. Also... what gives... near $300.00 and the best they can do is give a backlit controller? Nice but what about the unit itself... I don't use the remote so it really sucks when you are in a low light situation period!!! This unit would have scored a perfect 10 if it had only included these two other additions which many myself included deem more as necessity as opposed to just additions. I could have included one or two others but these are the main complaints right now as far as i can tell with the 1st of the aforementioned needing priority! -Rich-

    912. Sony Should Offer Free Digital Out Software Upgrade to its Minidisc Customers!!!

    Posted by Rich on 6/3/2002, 23:44:08

    As indicated as far as the software issue is concerned I as most others find it really retarded that you are limited like a way one way street in the fact that you can upload to minidisc digitally but not out from minidisc to computer or other digital source? I mean if piracy or copyright is an issue then that is an issue totally thrown out the window anyway since this if need be can still be achieved by anyone should they want to. It would just take more time, duh.. making the Sony limitations a real joke and utter insult to its customers as well as to Sony's own ingenuity. Also... what gives... near $300.00 and the best Sony can do is give a backlit controller? Nice but what about the unit itself... I don't use the remote so it really sucks when you are in a low light situation period!!! This unit would have scored a perfect 10 ( I am referring to model MZ-1N) if it had only included these two other additions which many myself included deem more as necessity as opposed to just additions. I could have included one or two others but these are the main complaints right now as far as most are concerned with the 1st of the aforementioned needing priority! I have seen similar mistakes made before on products that could have really kicked ass in the past but except for the companies short sightedness and lack of customer concern failed to do it... One company that comes to mind is Sega.. now rightfully out of the arcade hardware business! Granted the minidisc itself may probably not make or break Sony but Sony can enrich itself, the future of the much deserved and under appeciated minidisc format as well as it's loyal customer base! C'mon Sony do the right thing! Propell this great audio format into the statosphere and don't hold it back as has already been the case as set by the restrictive limitations already imposed! I suspect the limitation is none other than software related and can and should be updated to include the digital out as a free upgrade and offer to its minidisc customers! I play in a band situation and record and it's a real pain in the ass and theres nothing pirate or infringing about that (my or our own music being recorded and transferred digitally out to my pc hardrive)!!! But no.. instead i have to wait 74-150 or 320 minutes while the damn thing records manually!!!

    913. Upload

    Posted by Lee Hardin on 6/4/2002, 0:42:02

    Pleas add the upload functionality. Ready for a REAL user friendly Device? I AM!

    914. Please add MD to PC upload

    Posted by Steve Dossick on 6/4/2002, 1:30:15

    It would be great to finally use my MD portable as a way to move music from one of my computers to another.

    It would be great, too, if I could transfer non-music files somehow between computers.

    915. Please i need it 4 a school science experiment

    Posted by peter on 6/4/2002, 1:59:55

    Please i need it 4 a school science experiment
    that goes like this
    REcording -> minidisk -> Computer

    916. it's a shame ......

    Posted by keko on 6/4/2002, 2:02:28

    all is made as usual to protect the billionaire interest of the big recording and music production houses wich are getting rich with with
    the talent and creativity of the bands and musicians .
    This big shit must change and it will soon ...fortunally .

    917. Necessary FEATURE!

    Posted by Jason Wright on 6/4/2002, 4:14:17

    Please make it happen!

    918. i need this.......

    Posted by Chris Hayden on 6/4/2002, 4:29:39

    not only does the sheer weight of atrac3 files on my pc slow it down, its also crippling my storage space. having waited for ages for this netMD, then paying �200 for it, am i going to then have to expand my already 20gb hard drive just to save myself time?

    919. This restricts Live recording & editing

    Posted by BillDelPrere on 6/4/2002, 8:36:19

    I purchased my MD to make live recordings of my band. My hopes were to be able to easily (& digitaly transfer these recordings to my pc for editing & archiving. This restriction is silly & should be changed.

    920. why not?

    Posted by jolle on 6/4/2002, 9:53:46

    This recorded-md to pc feature should be a necessary next evolution

    921. audio upload - p�tition pour Sony

    Posted by Nicolas Presseau on 6/4/2002, 10:28:09

    un plus pour le NetMD !

    922. Please make our dream come real

    Posted by Nicolas on 6/4/2002, 11:03:49

    We think that if you give us this facility, you will certainly give more attration to your product making it one of the more interactive and pleasant item in the high technologies market, please make it ...

    923. A true digital MD computer interface goes both ways.

    Posted by Steve Torrens on 6/4/2002, 11:16:52

    I was so disapointed to fine that I could record digitaly on my new MD-707 which has USB but could not send audio out through the connection. Mac and PC support of this would make the MD a hit.

    924. Would be a great thing

    Posted by Saul Areyzaga on 6/4/2002, 12:47:47

    I just switched to MD from CD-MP3 and although Net-MD's are great, the possibility of uploading your recordings digitally would make MD the best music product.

    925. It will not sell if this is not done

    Posted by Paul Riley on 6/4/2002, 12:49:16

    If this capability is not added, I would never buy it and neither would most people. Please help keep MD alive by changing. thanks

    926. This is why everyone hates the RCAA

    Posted by Jim Gardner on 6/4/2002, 13:48:50

    This is highly oppressive and just plain wrong. There are many things which someone may need to record an item and then email the sound file to someone else. I can think of many times this could be used in the law firm I work for. This is just like Microsoft and their "copyright protection". Someone will find a way around it, so why even try to stop it?

    927. After calling tech support. I want to return NetMD.

    Posted by William Ho on 6/4/2002, 13:52:58

    Having connected the idea of having a RECORDER, MICROPHONE IN, and USB, I bought the MZ-N707 minidisc recorder without reservations.

    I called into tech support for some answers prior to seeing this petition. The engineer, Doug (call no. E17251859) (1-866-456-7669), said it's not Sony's problem, and to look for answers elsewhere. I was very disappointed by the call. Having seen this petition, the problem I have with the product is widespread.

    The main reason I bought the minidisc recorder (MZ-N707) was to import audio for digital video onto my Macintosh or PC via USB. Turns out there's no support for Macintosh, and I can't import audio recorded via USB on either platform.

    Please, add this capability to NetMD. It WAS the main reason why I bought it in the first place.

    928. md is a optomagnetic cdrw

    Posted by Panagiotis Sambanis on 6/4/2002, 14:36:23

    puting softawre/hardware restrictions only makes it a less appealing device.

    929. National Geographic needs digital uploading to justify supporting the format

    Posted by Brian Strauss on 6/4/2002, 15:15:12

    Currently i have 10 Sony MD recorders in inventory for recording natural sound and interviews for National Geographic Magazine's Award winning website.

    Why must i re-digitize my digital content to use it on our website?

    In order to transcribe interviews, i must dub the digital recordings to tape.

    If i had a simple digital upload method, i could rapidly inventory the MD recordings on a server and have a business model to justify supporting the format.

    Please enable this needed functionality for analog recorded MD content

    Brian Strauss
    Manager Digital Multimedia

    930. archiving my band's rehearsals

    Posted by Arnaud Bourge on 6/4/2002, 15:25:48

    I am a musician and I use my portable MD recorder as a powerful tool in the scope of rehearsals. Any improvised idea is caught on the MD and can be included in a song even after everybody has forgotten it. The only drawback for the moment is that it is painful and time-consuming to archive all this on the PC (where I could easily organize the data in appropriate folders). This is why I would greatly appreciate the possibility to UPLOAD the my music from the MD to the PC.

    931. ever heared of the snowball effect ??

    Posted by Uli on 6/4/2002, 15:28:45

    Hi . first of all: in the past i was very satisfied with Sony Products . i`ve got a sony monitor a sony amplifier(over 15 years old and still doin its job) a sony Dv cam (PC 100) a sony tuner a sony cd player , and : a Sony NETMD
    . i would like to have the sony broadcast mobile , too . but it `s a bit too expensive ...:-)
    so i come to the point : please solve the problem we have with the NETMD-mans .

    933. Minidisc Upload : a need

    Posted by earion on 6/4/2002, 15:37:40

    We need uploading for practical reasons !

    934. Semiprofessionals

    Posted by Christoph klenert on 6/4/2002, 15:48:11

    I bought a sony quality product. And it doesn�t keep what it promises. It�s so restricted, i could cry. I just want to take to my computer what i created myself. Manage what you want, don�t manage MY RIGHTS!

    935. le md upload pour remplacer la disquette

    Posted by david on 6/4/2002, 15:57:33

    Je poss�de quasiment tout les accessoires MD et je pense qu' avec le MP3 cela aiderait pour le transferts de donn�es et le stockage.

    936. Please don't let this technology die.

    Posted by Nick Smith on 6/4/2002, 16:25:44

    I enjoy using the minidisc in making field recordings. However, the limitation of digitally inputing the MD audio onto a PC is a pain. The quality suffers, and more time is required to cover up 'generational loss'. Screw this, I'm going back to DAT for now.

    937. Allow us to save Recordings.

    Posted by Don on 6/4/2002, 17:32:04

    Allow us to save the recordings that we make and share or personal recordings of our family and the events that our children perform in (i.e. band and choir).

    Thanks for your consideration.

    [email protected]

    938. Why microphone

    Posted by Chris on 6/4/2002, 17:40:48

    I just purchased a MZ-N707.. one of the reasons I went for the expensive model was that is has a microphone input. I was shocked to learn that the things I record with my minidisc I cannot transfer to my pc without using a plain old record function. We are back in the days of analoge tape here.. we need upload as well please.

    939. I want to upload audio

    Posted by Patricio Oelckers on 6/4/2002, 18:54:33

    Sometimes I record the audio of my clases and conferences. I had the idea of doing with my Sony minidisc recorder, but it is very disappointing to have to play it and transfer it in analog format to my computer for storage. I believe that audio uploading will make the big difference with MP3 players

    940. upload is absolutely necessary for this product to maintain its presence.

    Posted by greg payne on 6/4/2002, 23:31:52

    I have 5 minidisc recorders that I use for recording live masters for garage bands. If I want to master these I then have to record via analog or digital to my desktop via a high quality digital capable sound card in real time. It would be so much easier to be able to upload directly from the disc. This makes the minidisc a viable and convenient component of my mobile studio. Soon I will have to consider bypassing the MD altogether and recording straight to a computer or start using Recordable CDs. Until upload is available I will have to return the NetMD unit that I purchased. If it does come available soon I will continue to support MDs, if not it will go the way of my DCC decks.
    Thank you

    941. Stop the restrictions and let the a great product go where it should, the top

    Posted by Joe Tran on 6/5/2002, 0:04:27

    I love the sony minidisc format. Everything about it is awesome. But given that, why is it being nindered by software restrictions concerning unploading/downloading via PC? Stop playing games and give the format some freedom to grow; it has the potential.

    942. Uploading Capabilities

    Posted by Eddie Smith on 6/5/2002, 0:39:41

    I bought the Sony MD MZ-N1 for the single
    purpose of taping my teaching, uploading
    it to my PC, editing it, and making it
    available to my students. The salesman
    told me it was no problem. So I bought
    it and brought it home. The first thing
    I discovered was that it would not do
    what the salesman and common sense would
    say it should. What do you suggest now?

    943. I agree, there needs to be a way to import audio.

    Posted by Brian Hartvigsen on 6/5/2002, 1:05:11

    I am attending college this fall, and it would be nice if I could record the professor, and upload his lectures to my pc for later reviewing.

    944. net md upload

    Posted by GENE Z. on 6/5/2002, 1:19:29

    sony, need md pc upload, md boombox too please

    945. It'll be perfect with this feature!

    Posted by Wynne on 6/5/2002, 1:26:08

    As title! Please add it!

    946. Rien n'arr�te le progr�s, alors aidez-le donc!

    Posted by Paul on 6/5/2002, 1:46:52

    Rien n'arr�te le progr�s, alors aidez-le donc!

    947. Field Recording

    Posted by George Macklin on 6/5/2002, 2:29:03

    I would like to use my minidisc as field recorder. Simple as that. Presently it is too much of a hassle to record and then have record again when I get home.

    948. A benefit to all

    Posted by Daniel Lopez on 6/5/2002, 2:30:10

    I don't play any instruments but love listening to music. I could see original artists really getting use of an upload feature. DJ's and other artists already use MD because of its convenience but I'm sure would be thrilled to be able to upload and give themselves much needed exposure. I would also appreciate the upload feature so I can record interviews and upload them for videos I shoot and edit.

    949. Fixing the Netmd Bugs

    Posted by Marcus on 6/5/2002, 3:21:59

    There are some Nasty Problems with NetMD that should be fixed.

    1. Linux support
    2. upload audio recorded over line-in or mic in to pc (allows minidisk as replacement for dat recorders)
    3. Allow to "burn" Atrac 1 instead of atrac 3 via usb-upload (for playing ion old players)
    4. remove the deleting and managing lock that prevents to kill or change netmd tracks directly on the player. I am not willing to keep 10 gb of "playlists" in order to be able to delete my disks
    5. 32x upload with 66 kbit/sec (lp4) was said by the marketing. 3x is reality. please change that
    6. netmd players should also run on an active usb hub
    7. many people reported on problems with openmg: crashes at 8%, even without a hub, only solvable by reinstalling windows.
    this is bullshit! please fix this open mg bugs! this has to run without reinstalling every 3 weeks
    8. Add a line-out to the players. The headphone out is not the best way for analog recording to a pc. a digital line-out also would be interesting

    Even if point 2 and 8 will not be done because of the copyright problems (but who is such stupid to use netmd for mp3 exchange? this means 3 conversions mp3 --> atrac3 ---> mp3. ) such a loss of quality! everyone exchanges mp3 via cd-r and that can never be prevented with such childish "copyright protections". ) , the other points are normal bugs that do not infrige copyright and should be fixed!

    Noone would buy a car that only runs with the fuel of one brand and where the motor stops working all 20 miles!!!!

    950. lost a sale

    Posted by Richard Simpson on 6/5/2002, 7:39:10

    I purchased a sony mz707, but quickly realised that I could not transfer mono speech recordings to my Pc using the openmg software. So I took the machine back and got a refund. So thats sony �200 out of pocket.

    951. Upload my own music to arrange and mixe it

    Posted by Fernand05 on 6/5/2002, 9:12:49

    Dear MD inventor,
    I'm a musician in a rock band in France. We play a lot of music and we would like to store our own music. Like this, we can record easly on a numerical support an we can arrange the sound of songs by the PC to make a numerical demo of our music and send it to our producter.

    I think is a good think to all the people that use MD. Don't stop the progres.



    952. NetMD upload

    Posted by Dan Martin on 6/5/2002, 10:29:00

    I use 2 MD Recoreders for additonal tracks for VIDEO production and recording our church services each week. I would be great to have UPLOAD capabilities for my audio instead of doing it it real time this would save me hours each week.


    953. md upload

    Posted by marc dolgin on 6/5/2002, 11:15:25

    I was clearly among a considerable number of people who only discovered this problem, to their dismay, after having bought the MD recorder. I had hoped to use it to transfer my kids' performances to CD and would be pleased to accomodate copyright concerns in some way if that made it possible.

    954. Re: I agree to

    Posted by Marc Dolgin on 6/5/2002, 11:17:26 , in reply to "I agree to"

    Hi. That solution is better than nothing at all - how do you do that?

    955. Net MD

    Posted by Brian on 6/5/2002, 11:31:26

    I purchased Sony Mindisc Car, Home and Portable products. Unfortunately they did not have the MDLP capability. I now have to purchase all new equipment. This also means I have to transfer my 95 minidiscs (SP mode) full of music over to the new mode (LP mode) as well. The problem is, there is not a way to get it there from MD-->MD or from MD-->PC-->MD. I need the capability or there will be no point in upgrading....which means loss of a huge sale and loyal Sony customer.

    Thank you,

    Brian luckey

    956. enable mac

    Posted by hapo on 6/5/2002, 12:37:38

    Sony should support creative Mac users.
    Please extend it connectivity and possibility to transfer to your USB MD devices!

    cheers from a newbie MZ-N505 and all time Mac-User

    957. An excellent product hindered by a lack of upload

    Posted by Ray on 6/5/2002, 14:29:35

    The excitement that I had when I bought my MZ-N505 quickly turned into a disappointment soon after I installed the software on my computer. I do understand the PC to MD copyright management features and I can live with them, but being unable to upload your own recordings to your own PC is simply not acceptable. I would say until Sony finds a better scheme to protect copyright owners this feature should be disabled as it reduces the useability of a good product by a big margin. Sony let us manage our own recordings... Please!!!!

    958. audio upload, along with higher quality copying, is the ONLY way netMD can gain market share for MD

    Posted by Ben Allen on 6/5/2002, 15:27:08

    Minidisc's have their niche. Recorders. that means live recordings and studio recordings. with a multitrack minidisc recorder and a netMD recorder, a musician should be able to make high quality recordings of his own music and upload his creation to his computer. restricting uploads may be useful in preventing copyright infringement, but only alienates md's core audience, musicians and recorders. please respect the community and make md an even better recording tool for the musicians who use it.

    959. Make md win the battle against other formats

    Posted by Juan Sebasti�n V�lez on 6/5/2002, 15:32:24

    I�m sure md will disappear when a reliable solid state format arise. But, until then, you can make md the KING of all the formats out there by simply putting this upload feature on. It�s a great innovation that will be apreciated for all of us, the md users comunity.

    960. allow uploading

    Posted by Stego on 6/5/2002, 17:15:16

    it could be a great system...

    961. Upload Net MD - A logical competitive step

    Posted by Cam on 6/5/2002, 17:40:53

    The Minidisc medium in the long term will be bound to fail if upload of Net MD is not allowed. MP3 does and is already taking making substantial inroads into the MD market. It will wipe MD out if the Net MD format is not allowed the same freedom of movement of audio. Please make my net MD purchases worthwile Atrac is preferable and I do not want to have to shift my allegiances to the inferior MP3!

    962. Digital IN-OUT

    Posted by David on 6/5/2002, 19:25:28

    Minidisc technology is more easy to cary than CD. Due to its size, you can easily put it in your pocket to do jogging. Much more difficule with CD formats... That's my first point of interest.
    But I travel a lot, and I already have a "CD-Radio" in my car (don't know the word in english!). When I hear music in other countries, In my car, I connect my laptop to the output of my radio to record music. Then back to home, I send all songs to my PC and then burn then on CD.

    The great interest with minidisc is that you can record music with many sources: Analogic,Optical,USB. BUT no way to sent them back to my PC with DIGITAL QUALITY.
    Now that we entered in the world of all numeric, with DVD in example, I'm looking fo something to keep the best quality for my personal records.

    Converting datas from analogic to digital (Radio-MD) then digital to analogic then analogic to digital (MD-analog cable-PC). As you know,this is not so good to keep best quality.
    If DI-Output was working, I would only have analogic to digital conversion between my radio to my PC. Much more interesting...

    2 month ago, when I saw new minidiscs players with USB link, I thought it was that I needed. But before buying one, I tryied to get informations on the net, and big problem: DI-O is not possible.

    So I will continue to do as before: with my laptop in my car...

    Now that you can buy MP3 players with USB link so DIGITAL IN-OUT, I think Sony MD would be much more interesting than MP3 because sound quality is much better. But at the moment, MP3 is one step before MD, because you can do all you want with link to PC.

    OK, MD is a little bit expensive, but when I will see that it's posible to store my music to my computer, I will buy one MD in a couple of days. (In french: J'en ai r�v�, sony l'a fait) So,please do it.

    I continue seeking for news about that...

    963. MiniDisc as a Versatile as... storage medium

    Posted by Assaf Litai on 6/5/2002, 21:28:54

    I use USB drives and compact flash to store information (and music).

    In the post SDMI days, MP3 jukeboxes allow saving and retrieval of more than just Audio, it would make sense for MD to compete on these applications as well: 160MB is very usable and would make MD the most cost effective portable storage available.

    964. Logical and useful and absent

    Posted by Ron Spalletta on 6/6/2002, 0:00:11

    The MD to PC transfer should be part of the MD package if MDs are ever to gain wider use. If use of MDs are restricted in this way, the already semi-obscure format of MDs will be less able to compete with the highly manipulable formats of CDRs and flashmedia powered MP3 players.

    965. I want uploading

    Posted by Simon on 6/6/2002, 3:36:19

    Please! I have lots of live recordings to upload.

    966. MZ-N1

    Posted by Kowar Anna on 6/6/2002, 4:04:23

    Ich finde f�r den Preis vom MZ-N1 sollte schon mehr Service dabei sein, denn ich habe zwar sehr viele alte CD, aber wo kann ich gratis Musik auf meinen MZ-N1 laden.
    Au�erdem ist die Bedienungsanleitung umst�ndlich.
    Es sollte eigentlich im Interesse von Sony sein, eine 'einfache' Anleitung zu entwerfen.
    Denn ich kann sooo nicht den MZ-N1 weiterempfehlen.
    KOWAR Anna
    Teuflstr. 20
    4020 Linz

    967. Why cripple an otherwise great product?

    Posted by Andrew Masch on 6/6/2002, 4:33:50

    I bought my MD recorder, as opposed to an MP3 alternative, because it could *RECORD*. To find that it has been crippled and doesn't allow uploading digitally onto the computer is upsetting to say the least. This omission is worse than being unable to use the software at a bit rate better than 132! Sony sort this out please.

    968. Don't cripple me with crippled products.

    Posted by Hawkeye King on 6/6/2002, 5:48:01

    Your product will be better if you enable this simple feature. Give the greed factor a rest!

    969. Uploading plus Linux support

    Posted by Nigel Hannam on 6/6/2002, 7:09:50

    I have minidiscs that friends have used to record their own band material. Uploading from these discs to PC would make life easier.

    Also, there are a LOT of people out there that use Linux as their main O/S. It is Sony's interest to open the potential benefits of NetMD to the widest possible audience, so support for the Linux O/S should be high on the list of priorities.

    970. Uploading

    Posted by Andrew Jeffries on 6/6/2002, 9:16:08

    Please extend NetMD so that it can be used for uploading compressed audio directly from Minidisc to PC. Make this software work the way it should have been configured.

    971. YES TO UPLOAD !!!!!!!!

    Posted by azaza on 6/6/2002, 9:30:20

    YES TO UPLOAD !!!!!!!!

    972. upload plz

    Posted by Kwok Kei on 6/6/2002, 10:06:26

    Where is sony afraid for? copyrights? dont think MD alone will make any different (mp3/cdr combo).
    M$ is already exporting its wma into consumer markets, having an export feature will def. increase MD's appeal.

    973. Upload function for all kinds of file

    Posted by Bernard Giroux on 6/6/2002, 10:47:00

    What would interest me greatly would bo to use a Net MD device for all its current capabilities, but also as a sort of portable external drive to carry any kind of digital data (not only music) from one USB PC to another (and for Mac OS and linux machines too :-))


    Thank you

    974. I would buy one if . . .

    Posted by Josh Schnarr on 6/6/2002, 12:23:33

    I would buy a Net MD recorder if it had digital upload capability. I'll just have to wait for MP3 recorders to mature (take a look at the Archos Recorder). All recordings that I would do on a MD would be legal. The main copyright problem with portable players is the use of MP3s from the Internet. Why punish enthusiasts who want to do something good with their equipment?

    975. More functionality = Greater Sales

    Posted by Al Verbenko on 6/6/2002, 12:37:32

    If the NetMD can be used for a wider variety of tasks, it will inherently draw a wider userbase. Expanding functionality with a possible firmware upgrade seems elementary.

    More compression options would also be greatly appreciated.

    976. Md upload

    Posted by Richard on 6/6/2002, 13:54:13

    i do this on my desktop through a digital output from my md deck to digital board on pc so why not make it easier and availible on the laptop, this is half the point in my mind. frustrating. surely someone will deliver a hack for it at some point as it is only software restrictions right?

    977. Uploading from Minidisc NET MD Walkman MZ-N707-R

    Posted by Noel Trigg on 6/6/2002, 15:55:54

    I too bought a minidisc for recording our West Gallery quire music during rehearsals. I wish to edit it and distribute it to the quire members, via CDs. I selected the NET MD for its high specification and was advised by the Sony store, to buy the best possible microphone that I could afford, to create excellent recordings.
    The results were good but I was dismayed to find that the Jukebox program had no upload capability since my own recordings were regarded as 'copyright'. I contacted the store and Sony staff and was told that there was no way of doing what I had bought the equipment to achieve.
    Please enable this capability as soon as possible.

    Regards, Noel Trigg

    978. Uploading from Minidisc NET MD Walkman MZ-N707-R

    Posted by Noel Trigg on 6/6/2002, 16:00:08

    I too bought a minidisc for recording our West Gallery quire music during rehearsals. I wish to edit it and distribute it to the quire members, via CDs. I selected the NET MD for its high specification and was advised by the Sony store, to buy the best possible microphone that I could afford, to create excellent recordings.
    The results were good but I was dismayed to find that the Jukebox program had no upload capability since my own recordings were regarded as 'copyright'. I contacted the store and Sony staff and was told that there was no way of doing what I had bought the equipment to achieve.
    Please enable this capability as soon as possible.

    Regards, Noel Trigg

    979. Not having this feature hurts musicians

    Posted by Scott Windsor on 6/6/2002, 19:30:52

    I have been using my netMD to record jam sessions, but then they become limited to only minidisc format! I can't burn the really good ones and send them to anyone. The only way is to play out via analog and record in to my PC (which makes it sound terrible b/c of the digital to analog to digital conversion). Please help out amateur musicians who can't afford expensive studio recording equipment!!!

    980. One more sale lost to Sony

    Posted by Shawn Dehkhodaei on 6/6/2002, 19:49:09

    All I can say is that I was waiting four months for the NetMD products to come out, and when they did, I was extremely dissapointed and aggravated that Sony completely missed an opportunity to capture a reasonable market segment. It's completely illogical to have USB connection on the device and not use it. Why just use a "one-way" connection? Why not allow people to put their own amateur or jam-session recordings on their own computer? There is not digital rights issues involved. No one can make sense of this deliberate and harmful decision. I guess it's Sony's loss. They just lost one more opportunity to pocket $400 for their bad decision-making.

    981. Home recording studio is a good selling point

    Posted by Charles Foley on 6/6/2002, 22:44:59

    Not that you crooks would be cool...

    982. My contribution

    Posted by Emmanuel A. on 6/7/2002, 2:55:47

    Dear Sony,

    Although I am not planning to buy myself a Net-MD, I would like to help those who are asking the upload feature.

    I'm a keeper in a French electronic store, and since the launch of the NetMD, I've seen maybe 8 or 10 people coming in the store and trying to get their NetMD refunded. All of them were excepting that an upload function be available, but as it was not the case, they were deceived from them. My boss' policy is not to refund items, so they couldn't get their money. My boss, afraid of the fact that this could give a bad reputation to the store, finally decided to took that seriously, and wrote clearly that sign "Chers clients, Nous vous mettons en garde sur le fait que le NetMD offre la fonction de dowload du PC vers le MD mais n'offre pas la fonction d'upload du MD-PC." (Dear customers, We'd like to warn you on the fact that NetMD allows to download from the PC to the MD, but doesn't allow uploading from MD to PC). And he gave clear indications to all the sellers, telling us to warn every customer who wanted to buy the NetMD.

    This is not really serious from a company such a Sony. Why don't you react quickly (I when I write quickly, I mean real quickly). This petition is about to have 1000 people who have signed, but maybe it doesn't count all the people who were angry at me because I couldn't refund their device. Really, this is not serious.

    So, what are you doing Sony? It's time to react *fast*.

    Emmanuel A., France

    983. Why

    Posted by Vincent on 6/7/2002, 6:04:51


    984. It's Impossible

    Posted by Marco Veneziani on 6/7/2002, 8:51:22

    I'm a Piano player, I use to record my works in Md and I need to upload my music (that has'n got copyright)from Md to Pc..... Why Do I can't do it?
    It's Impossible

    985. Necesito calidad digital de grabaci�n para mis estudios.

    Posted by N. Celia Vich on 6/7/2002, 10:30:09

    Soy musico (soprano y pianista), he comprado su magn�fico grabador de minidisc porque necesito su calidad de registro, en especial para mi voz l�rica. Debo presentar muestras de mis audiciones y s�lo puedo trasferirlas por la salida anal�gica que resta calidad. El aparato tiene conexi�n USB y s�lo unas lineas de c�digo en su programa me dar�an la grabaci�n digital de calidad. Con esta idea lo compr�. Comprender�n mi sorpresa y frustraci�n al no poder hacerlo, ya que a nadie perjudico con ello. �Querr�an resolver este problema? Les quedar�a muy agradecida. �Qu� les puedo decir a mis compa�eros de estudios que piensan comprarlo? -�Les puedo decir que el programa de "download" va a salir a la luz?. Gracias.

    986. I need to transfer my records to PC.

    Posted by Boris on 6/7/2002, 13:18:52

    NetMD is perfect quipment, but restriction for transfer my recordings to PC is not right.

    987. Recording

    Posted by Jim McCormick on 6/7/2002, 15:26:38

    I want to be able to record interviews and upload to my pc. I want to publish my interviews on the web.

    988. It will be FANTASTIC !!!

    Posted by Jeremy on 6/7/2002, 16:33:53

    Please do it for your customers......................... We love SONY and it would be bad to buy electronics in another company.

    989. Upload!!!

    Posted by JoNNy on 6/7/2002, 17:50:08

    I want to upload to my PC what I am recording, such as samples, loops and other audio clips not loosing quality by normal jack cable!!!!!

    990. I want to upload my minidisc files, for my work

    Posted by Julian Middendorf on 6/7/2002, 18:29:59

    I cannot understnd Sony and why they block uploads. please make the uploads avaibale it would be so helpful for my work as an professional performance artist.

    991. uploading

    Posted by D Hunter on 6/7/2002, 21:04:08

    Sony really need to look at this

    992. How can you do away without Upload!

    Posted by Jagjeet Singh on 6/7/2002, 21:11:11

    I do some music recording of my own and want to save it in mp3 format. Is it ever going to be possible?

    993. Uploading would liberate live music recording communities.

    Posted by Matt Kennedy on 6/8/2002, 0:37:25

    The ability to digitally upload my live recordings would be invaluable. I would own a sony netMD player/recorder by now, but have been baffled by the lack of digital outputs on it.

    994. open import/export possibilities

    Posted by Gregor Bruhin on 6/8/2002, 10:46:57

    Please publish technical info's so the netmd could be used with linux, somebody intersted to write a driver with me ?

    995. meetings,uni classes etc...would be great to upload!!!

    Posted by Adam on 6/8/2002, 13:05:39

    I fully understand what you are trying to do, however I think that if you would include uploading you would profit more in this way. It would make is so much easy for the customer and you would produce a better and more wantable unit, anyway keep up the good work!!!

    996. Upload from minidisc to PC

    Posted by R. Durand on 6/8/2002, 14:37:38


    Could you study the possibility to transfer numeric datas from minidisc to PC
    It should be very useful for musicians that have to work after having record live music during courses.

    Thanks for your attention.

    It should give to you a lot of customers that are today waiting this foncyion

    997. digital upload

    Posted by James Kim on 6/8/2002, 16:03:41

    We are currently using your MD technology but we are changing over to a CD recorder for recording music - it is cheaper and we are able to take it digitally to the computer.

    We really like the MD technology and would like to continue to use it but because of the lack of digital out to the computer it takes too long to record via analog AND the quality drops.

    We looked into some high end MD ones with digital out capability but they are too much...

    If you put in this capability there are a lot of others to whom I would recommend your technology - even if it cost a little bit more...


    998. NETMD Uploading

    Posted by Keith Schreifels on 6/8/2002, 16:39:45

    I will not buy any more sony products until this issue is resolved!!! I have been severly BURNED by the OpenMG restrictions. I cannot even copy over my songs from other MD's.

    Pissed off consumer!

    999. Uploading

    Posted by Vernon Williams on 6/8/2002, 17:14:39

    Why am I unable to listen to the music on my MD by storing it on my hard disk to listen to it at home!

    1000. Music lessons on MD

    Posted by Jim Ventola on 6/8/2002, 19:33:48

    I know I can copy my music lessons from the MD using line out--but why not make it easier? Also, I would like to create some lectures for my students (not music, philosophy) on the fly and be able to stream them. The MD is so close to being useful it is very frustrating.

    I hope you sell a ton of them--then someone will figure out how to serve customers.

    1001. For UNESCO Choir in Paris, and for the entire world !

    Posted by Olivier Moiron on 6/8/2002, 20:13:59

    Thanks for your wonderfull product ! But, the ONLY specification I want to use is not possible with the Net MD recorder: To make a CD from microphone recorded tracks with a digital quality instead of analogic signal... For sure, your positive decision would be greatly appreciated in our choir !

    1002. Upload and copyright protection need to be revamped.

    Posted by Daniel Robertson on 6/8/2002, 20:50:39

    Upload and copyright protection need to be revamped in order to make full use of my minidisc product, there needs to be digital data transfers in both directions. And automatically putting a restricted copyright-original flag onto the recorded data does not aid in the recording/distribution of my band.

    1003. Net MD can actually be useful with uploads!

    Posted by Brandon Thompson on 6/9/2002, 0:26:23

    Preventing people from uploading with NetMD is a sign that the American government feels that the American public is not to be trusted, just as when the Framers of the Constitution created the electoral college to elect future presidents. The common man was viewed as being too incompetent to be trusted to choose who should be president. Have we really come this far, only to realize we haven't gone anywhere at all?

    1004. I need the feature...

    Posted by Ken on 6/9/2002, 3:58:47

    Read the subject

    1005. Academic needs upload for fieldwork, classroom

    Posted by Benjamin Smith on 6/9/2002, 5:01:48

    I have been curious about MD technology for quite sometime, partly because I want a format that won't skip while jogging/that is more convenient for travel than easily scratched CD's/that does not have the storage limitations of Mp3 players. When I heard about the microphone record option, the tremendous storage capacity of the MD became very appealing for field interviews/notes and for having copies of my lectures for absent students. Unfortunately, after much research on your product, unless there is upload (one HAS to back up their fieldnotes and not all students who need lectures have MiniDisks), I will continue jogging and recording with tapes. Otherwise it is another expensive electronic toy that would take more time than it is worth to switch to a new format. Please make what is by all indications an excellent product fully functional.

    1006. Record inprovements

    Posted by Nodus on 6/9/2002, 5:17:26

    Why did Sony do that ? If we buy their products, we should be able to use them by our own.

    1007. Upload from MD to PC based broadcast playout systems

    Posted by Martin Cox on 6/9/2002, 7:43:24

    I am the Senior Broadcast Engineer at Radio Humberside, a BBC Local Radio station in the UK. We have used Sony portable MD recorders for news gathering and music recording since 1994. We have a PC based playout and editing system and audio material originated on MD has to be dubbed in real time, often unfortunately as analogue audio.

    The ability to upload digitally directly from MD to PC would speed up the process and minimise any loss in audio quality. As a broadcaster, the ability to download to MD is of little use but an upload facility would be invaluable.

    We are starting to look at solid state recorders using memory cards. However these machines are, in my opinion, overpriced and overcomplicated. The one advantage is the ability to upload material to PCs. If the MD format would allow uploading it would be unbeatable for our application.

    1008. I own it. I should be able to upload it. You opened the door, you might as well let us in.

    Posted by david morris on 6/9/2002, 10:53:20

    I am in the same situation as many others. I bought your product will full expectations of being able to record a lecture and be able to upload that lecture to my PC but to my surprise, NOPE.

    I have always been a supporter of Sony but this time I think you guys really dropped the ball. Since the largest majority of copyrighted audio on the market is in CD format (with the exception of some leftover people of the 70's and early 80's still using tape and vinyl), the flooded market of CD rippers are used to extract that data and store them on the PC. Also, with the file sharing resources available like the highly publicized Napster, the intention was still to store the files on the PC.

    To that end, I cannot realistically image that many if any would actually use the MD recorder to originate copyrighted material. The only exception I can think of is when MD's were first released, there were prerecorded selections available. My local store that sold them stopped quite a while ago so I don't even know if they are sill being produced.

    So let us recap. The possibility is higher that the data being stored on the MD via NetMD originating from the computer is pirated than the data originating on the MD and being uploaded to the PC.

    Being a programmer myself, I cannot believe that this simple realization did not come up in any of your war room meetings (that is what I always liked to call them) during the initial design of this software. Or maybe it did and was dismissed. Either way, the decision was very poor and desperate needs to be reanalyzed or you may end up losing my of your supports than you think. This one included. Blowing $225.00 on a non-usable product but a vendor is not how I like spending my money and if you pull a shenanigan like this on one product, who knows what else you will try.

    In conclusion, please reconsider your position on this matter. Appease your client base because we are the ones that keep you in business.

    1009. ####_Open MG

    Posted by Deschamps on 6/9/2002, 11:31:33

    I haven't got any netmd, only a md
    but I want to buy one soon and I just wait for
    a new version of open MG without any restriction

    1010. To use combined with my Sony VX2000

    Posted by Juliana Nicolela on 6/9/2002, 12:48:02

    I'm a film student and I use the Sony minidv camera. I bought the MZ-N707 thinking I could record better my actors with Lavoisier microphones (I also bougth a Sony microphone). But I can't upload the sound to computer and edit (I have a Sony Vaio!). I use a whole bunch of SOny products, SO YOU SEE YOU PEOPLE COULD DO SOME MARKETING ABOUT THIS SYSTEM TO ALL FILM STUDENTS AND MINIDV USERS. Until there, I'm getting the NetMD back to the store.

    1011. Sampling and Easy Recording

    Posted by Erik Ramseth on 6/9/2002, 13:53:15

    it would be great so i can easily get samples without having to buy an enormously expensive professional sampler!

    also then you could record portions or segments of a song and master them later on the PC.... all in better quality because it is not going through the analog wire.

    1012. (no subject)

    Posted by Mathieu Prentout on 6/9/2002, 15:42:34

    Sauvegarde de donn�es, transport... pleins de bonnes raison pour le faire ! Vite !

    1013. Live musicmaking and processing.

    Posted by Egon Joergensen on 6/9/2002, 16:46:15

    I would like to use the MD in the same way I can with a CD-Recorder/Player. The MD is more mobil and more convinient to use in the field.

    1014. Please bring upload and MAC Support

    Posted by Douglas Dobbins on 6/9/2002, 17:20:53

    I would love to be able torecord my bands sessions for making demos. I would also love to see support for the Mac platform, as well.

    1015. This is not fair from Sony!

    Posted by Felix Griesser, Switzerland on 6/9/2002, 18:52:04

    SHARP devices don't have any shrinking methods but same price... I will switch it, if you won't change your policy.. YOU DON'T OWN MY VOICE...

    1016. (no subject)

    Posted by CthulHu on 6/9/2002, 18:53:29

    au prix d'un lecteur, pourrai bien faire ca.....

    1017. i wont buy a new one till its a feature

    Posted by cole reed on 6/9/2002, 21:04:11

    i was considering buying a new sony netmd model until i found out theres no digtal uploading feature. i will not be buying a new one until this feature is included. i would hope that its exclusion is do to technical contraints at the present time, and not greed. this is a necessary if feature if minidiscs are to continue to be the choice for sound experimentors.

    1018. Digital recording for consumers

    Posted by Steve Rentmeesters on 6/10/2002, 1:56:45

    Having a digital upload for recordings I make myself on MD would provide the most economical way to digitally record. There is no reason why consumers should be deprieved of this capability.

    1019. need to upload my concerts and need mac support!

    Posted by Arthur Richards on 6/10/2002, 2:03:24

    as a musician, making recordings of rehearsals and concerts are essential for further development of skills and artistic enrichment. minidisc recorders have proven to be a magnificent medium through which to record, however transfering my live recordings to another medium (i.e. my computer) is incredibly difficult and burdensom. with the advent of NetMD, i was thrilled with the thought that i'd be able to upload my recordings to my computer quickly and seamlessly, but i was crushed to find that NetMD does not currently support uploading from the MDR to the computer. also, as an artist, i've come to rely heavily on macintosh computers as a superior tool to PCs for digital music recording, editing and publishing, and i am incredibly disapointed that NetMD currently has no macintosh support. i am forced to rely on Open/NMD software that isn't as reliable or stable at this point in comparrison to that which is released for PC with NetMD. i hope that in the future these minor inconveniences will be remedied with future models. thanks for pioneering the digital audio frontier!

    1020. net-md needs uploading!!!

    Posted by Andrew Zinn on 6/10/2002, 2:36:31

    Why can't Sony cater even slightly to those who record with minidisks? A method of uploading minidisk audio to PC would make minidisk the format for field recording...

    1021. upload facility

    Posted by John Spitz on 6/10/2002, 3:40:03

    I think it would be of great a benefit for all users of Minidiscplayers to have the upload facility.
    I for myself would really appreciate it.


    1022. netmd

    Posted by Jan Weimar on 6/10/2002, 4:33:48

    I strongly support flexibility and ease in using md

    1023. MD > PC data transfer

    Posted by David Brown on 6/10/2002, 5:37:20

    I have just been given an MZ-N707 as a gift so I can record my DJ mixes. This is important to help me improve the quality of my work. I was very surprised and disappointed to find out the limitations of the device and the software. Entering the data through the PCs sound card wasn't an option in the first place as the recording is less than perfect, not to mention a hassle.

    Why is there a limitation of the uploading af data from the MD to PC? If it's a copywrite issue then it's a ludicrous standpoint. This kind of restriction won't stop pirating of songs. Especially since you can dl from somewhere like Napster and then put the information on MD!!

    What you have done by limiting the types of data that can be transferred is something you've had to plan and organise. It took effort to do so. It is more difficult for you to design software that precludes this type of transfer than it would be to simply allow any data to be uploaded.

    In this way, you have effectively denied the rights of your customers to enjoy the full benefits of what is otherwise incredible technology.

    I would go as far as to say MDs are sold under false pretences. What's next? You're going to make it so your cameras won't be able to photograph things like Coke cans and McDonalds signs due to trademark and copywrite issues.

    1024. CDR vs. MD

    Posted by Karl Williams on 6/10/2002, 8:12:34

    I've recently purchased an expensive Sony MD full-sized deck for recording church sermons using LP4 mode. My intention was to upload these using a NetMD portable to a PC to archive them and make them available on our web-site to our church members and missionaries abroad. I had initially decided to purchase a Philips CDR deck but changed my mind at the last minute when I found out about NetMD. Unfortunately I did not investigate it thoroughly enough and I am extremely disappointed at the lack of upload facility. I now greatly regret adopting the MD format over CDR.

    1025. allowing UPLOAD will help Sony NOT hurt it.

    Posted by David Harding on 6/10/2002, 10:42:17

    Dave Harding

    1026. Useless without Upload to PC?!?

    Posted by F.Gruender on 6/10/2002, 11:47:57

    Upload was the first missing function of the N505. I haven't found any hint of this restriction on the package. It's annoying.

    1027. Mini Disc Future

    Posted by Luis A. Del Moral on 6/10/2002, 12:28:26

    The only way Mini Disc will survive as format is to allow two way digital communication. Download and Upload - Mini Disc from/to PC.
    Please seriously consider option.

    1028. this would be the key feature for many people

    Posted by heinz erhard on 6/10/2002, 13:15:42

    because i think a lot of people do analog recording - why should they transfer it to PC in such an oldfashioned way?
    netMD as it is now is useless!
    and *please* support the macintosh community!

    1029. don't lose your marketshare!

    Posted by Celina Guerrero on 6/10/2002, 13:49:33

    After purchasing my MZ-N707 I realized that there's no digital output! All my musician friends are just waiting. Please make this possible. Secure your piece of the marketshare!! Not everyone is going to wait around for Sony to make the smart move to upload. Other companies will move first, and we'll all follow.

    1030. I don`t buy one if this is not feature

    Posted by Heiko Laug on 6/10/2002, 14:29:55


    i went to my electronicshop to buy me a netMD.
    Nobody told me before that i can`t upload any songs.

    In my humble opinion it is a must have.


    Heiko Laug

    1031. NetMD: A useless tool

    Posted by Michael Konrad on 6/10/2002, 15:21:09

    As an artist, I like to record my own original sounds with a microphone to my MDLP unit. Then I transfer these sounds to my PC and edit them. The NetMD restrictions make this impossible and restrict me from uses that aren't even against copyright law! Please get rid of these ridulous restrictions. Until then, you've lost another customer.

    1032. I assumed uploading was there, but will now return my NetMD

    Posted by Anand Dholakia on 6/10/2002, 16:02:05

    When I used my new NetMD to record on of my own live shows, I was extremely excited about it's ease of use and recording quality. I looked forward to easily transferring the gig to my PC and making a live demo cd, until I tried the software and it didn't work. Searching online I found out this is not a capability.

    Although I am not aware of the reason behind this, I am a disappointed customer and will be promptly returning my NetMD.

    1033. Shock at Sony's restriction on digital upload

    Posted by Atmapoorna Saraswati on 6/10/2002, 19:32:10

    Dear Sony
    We have just purchased a Net MD walkman to record yoga lectures and meditation practices. We are deeply shocked and dissapointed to find that there is no way to transfer the digital recording on to the PC for editing. If Sony continues to restrict this practice then it should make it clear in all literature that it is unsuitable for making good quality recordings. Sony will definately loose out in the long run when the truth becomes wellknown. AP

    1034. we need upload functionality!

    Posted by Sasha Kipervarg on 6/11/2002, 2:12:22

    The only thing that is keep me from buying any of the new model minidiscs is the lack of upload capability. Sony, the window to dominate the market is small! Please make the functionality available before we are forced to switch to MP3

    1035. Digital uploading is a crucially important capability

    Posted by Bret Durrett on 6/11/2002, 3:04:59

    I am a member of a small church choir that occasionally performs in Europe. We would like to be able to record our concerts and perhaps pull the best tracks out to put on a CDS. The sales of this would greatly help our choir obtain new music. I recorded our last concert on my MD 505 and was looking forward to being able to put it on my PC to remaster it since a professional recording and mastering is simply beyond our budget. I am EXTREMELY disappointed that I am unable to do this digitally and therefore have to resort to an analog transfer. As you are aware, the quality difference is staggering and for a 20 voice choir that sings classical unaccompanied music, it makes a difference in the usability of the recordings for commercial sale later. I respectfully request that the digital uploading capability be added to the NetMD family as soon as possible so that the users have the ability to do what they need to do with their legally owned/recorded materials.

    Thank you
    Bret Durrett\

    Member of the choir of the
    Anglican/Episcopal Church of Christ the King
    Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    1036. Live Music Needs

    Posted by John Michael Tinio on 6/11/2002, 3:46:57

    As disk jockey, i need a md player to record my live sessions in order to evaluate my progress and create mix tapes. The lack of Uploading my own mixes limits the purpose and functionality of the new NetMD technology.

    1037. need to make CDs of amateur performance recordings

    Posted by Michael Yourshaw on 6/11/2002, 3:54:42

    I purchased a MZ-N707 on the salesperson's claim that I could use it to record live amateur folk music performances, upload them to a PC, and make audio CDs. Apparently this harmless activity is blocked by the copy protection scheme. I'm returning the unit for a refund.

    1038. MD-->PC

    Posted by MICAUX D on 6/11/2002, 5:31:44

    MD--> PC �a me semblait �tre une �vidence!...

    1039. Uploading capability for musicians

    Posted by phil chaundy on 6/11/2002, 6:26:26

    It is very dissappointing that the net md players can not upload to PC. This would be a hugely beneficial feature to a musician like myself that finds mini disc an ideal live recording tool for ideas, rehearsals etc to share with other musicans. When will this be available? Surely the present NEt md players are capable, but the software is not enabled. If Sony doesnt do it, someone else will.

    1040. md to pc

    Posted by greg macchi on 6/11/2002, 10:54:27

    There are no laws being broken by recording something one owns onto md then wanting to transfer it onto a pc so it can be burned onto a cd.

    1041. md recording to pc

    Posted by Chris E on 6/11/2002, 11:49:15

    i bought the new netMD player solely for recording my grade 10 piano because it is digital and would have a better sound for me to upload it through USB rather than sound port and record a CD off of it. yesterday i discovered that you can't even upload your own recording to the computer using OpenMG 2.2

    1042. It's ideal for recording events

    Posted by S A Fahmy on 6/11/2002, 12:01:05

    I use MiniDiscs to record events, talks and lectures, and this is precisely the problem I've been trying to solve. We need this functionality. I know more MiniDisc recorders would be sold if it happened.

    1043. s'il vous plait

    Posted by Miscopain Adrien on 6/11/2002, 12:18:42

    Je soutient tout mes coll�gues.
    Je serai heureux que vous puissiez faire quelquechose en notre faveur.

    1044. it's only user unfriendly, not 'copy proof'

    Posted by Jo�l Meurisse on 6/11/2002, 12:49:04

    I'll just have to transfer to my pc the old way... sampling. As a musician, it's very usefull to make recordings of my own performances and rehearsals. And most of the time, the recordings are to be processed on pc.

    1045. Its "win win" for everyone

    Posted by Joseph on 6/11/2002, 13:10:44

    Sony, you have the technology and after reviewing the legal issues you can only come to one conclusion. Transferring live recordings from MD to PC is much less a hot issue than transferring internet music to MD. Furthermore, augmenting your software enhances the benefits of Minidisc players versus MP3 players allowing the ability to record and transfer live audio to a PC which would prove very useful for many people. The MP3 player market will soon recognize this and it would behoove Sony to get the jump on all of that and compete as an equally viable platform. Minidiscs are instant archives versus the hassle of storing music/audio recordings from computers to disks or CDs. PLease consider this relatively basic request and ultimately practical solution.
    Thank You

    1046. Want to buy one but not without upload

    Posted by EOD on 6/11/2002, 15:46:30

    I have been debating picking up either an archos or creative MP3 player to play all my stuff while mobile. I thought the NetMD was perfect when I say it as an alternative - long playback - decent capacity - and real light - perfect........but I want to be able to record brainstorming sessions and distribute the content across the company. When the product pages said you could do voice recording i was sold on the product. Now that I realize I cant upload the recordings however I just cant buy it. discs are designed for mobility - not as an archive storage system for digital media. Back to the archos for now......If we get upload on MD I'll change to MD

    1047. And furthermore...

    Posted by David du Plessis on 6/11/2002, 17:45:59

    I don't own a minidisc player, but had been seriously considering buying one until I discovered the unnecessary limitations imposed by this new NetMD technology - if a person owns the music why shouldn't they have the right to make as many copies as they want? How am I supposed to make compilation MDs with one of these things (or at least, any more than three times with each track)?? What happens if you lose an MD or it gets damaged? Doesn't this mean you would no longer be able to make three copies, but only two; and what happens when these get damaged/lost?

    I'm personally not so bothered about upload facilities, but I can see everyone's point; and if someone is determined enough to pirate music they will find another way to record digitally (like through a laptop).

    Most importantly, I think, there is no point to building copy protection into the NetMD program, as cracks will become available for it and everyone will use them to get the program they should have been given in the first place.

    All of this is academic as far as I'm concerned, as Sony haven't made a version of the program available for Macs, and until they do there's less than no point in my getting one of these things; but if they did make one available, unless it had no copy protection whatsoever I wouldn't buy any Sony MD player knowing what I should be able to do with one. I'll stick to burning compilation CDs... and since people can do this and download music with impunity what is the bloody point of copyprotecting MDs except to make them less popular?

    1048. this is annoying as hell

    Posted by Jeremy Gilchrist on 6/11/2002, 21:41:35

    I am a muscian and purchased the mini disc as a way to record cheaply my live performances for quick demo purposes. I was disappointed when the software didn't allow this because of copy protection. It is MY music !

    1049. je veux le md net upload !

    Posted by Sebastian on 6/12/2002, 3:04:01

    je veux le md net upload !

    1050. My Rehersals

    Posted by Stephan on 6/12/2002, 5:11:12

    I'm playing in a band as many others on this petition and I need the upload feature, because it's MY MUSIC and I don't know who would be interested in preventinting me from dubbing my OWN tunes ... the 707 could be THE killer thing for any musician !!

    1051. MD naar PC

    Posted by Marcel on 6/12/2002, 7:05:36


    1052. Active upload

    Posted by YODA44 on 6/12/2002, 8:47:12

    Active Upload !

    1053. Love to transfer choral recording to PC

    Posted by JC Trouilhet on 6/12/2002, 9:06:35

    I was planning to by the Sony MZ-N1 for making recording of my mother's choral and transfer the recording to CDs using my computer. As I cannot yet upload NetMD recording, I'll have to wait for the Upload facility to be enabled before I can purchase the equipment.

    1054. Let me use my NetMD!

    Posted by Keeran Hawoldar on 6/12/2002, 9:09:36

    Why so restrictive? This unit cost a fortune and can't do half of the things the packaging leads you to believe. Sort it out please!

    1055. Let me download

    Posted by Russ on 6/12/2002, 10:16:29

    I made a legit copy of a cd to md on one pc then tried to check out the files to my other pc with no luck, please allow me to upload the songs to my PC

    1056. NetMD

    Posted by Antonio Nocera on 6/12/2002, 12:02:05

    You should allow users to upload to PC. I am a huge fan of your products, buy I have always resented the fact that you trade features and quality parts for future business and upgrades. From the current NetMD issues to your cheap lasers in cd players and overall TERRIBLE cheapness in construction of your PS1 and PS2 consoles, you need to respect your customers a little more.

    1057. Upload of music recording

    Posted by Mike Farnsworth on 6/12/2002, 12:09:16

    As a musician, it would be very desirable to be able to upload music recorded onto minidisc onto my PC, even if it stayed in ATRAC3 format.

    1058. uploading of recorded tracks would make me buy one

    Posted by thomas hallaran on 6/12/2002, 12:11:57

    I am a journalist with the saint louis independent media center. The IMC has been evaluating the usefulness of MD technology
    for our work but has decided against it because
    of the lack of the ability to upload tracks from the MD our editing stations digitally. A marantz field recorder better fits our needs than the Net MD.

    1059. PC >> MD Plz listen to your customers.

    Posted by Norick on 6/12/2002, 12:30:00

    With all due respect, plz take your customers reclamations into account, so that we can keep on enjoying buying your quality products. So that u can keep selling them as well. Don't forget, theres always a limit not to cross, and customers' points of view matter in order to keep things withing acceptable boudaries.

    In adv, thx for your consideration.

    1060. Musician usage of MD

    Posted by Donald Adams on 6/12/2002, 12:42:34

    I am a musician and have been considering buying a MD recorder for quite some time. My purpose is to record my work and upload it to my computer for editing. I expected to buy a NetMD for that purpose, but now I find it will not work. So much for the NetMD! Would be nice to see a change! Thanks.

    1061. upload osx

    Posted by Parrot on 6/12/2002, 13:23:08

    et le mac ?

    1062. We need uploading!!!!

    Posted by Don Downey on 6/12/2002, 13:28:10

    Please add the upload feature to NetMD! Don't let this great technology get passed by!

    1063. Misleading advertising

    Posted by Mike Feigin on 6/12/2002, 13:54:52

    Can Sony be taken to court for misleading advertising?

    When they say that there is a USB cable that can transfer files, you'd think you could upload your own recordings using a microphone! That is the only purpose I bought the player for... now I have to use analog anyway.


    Posted by Duy-Anh Dinh on 6/12/2002, 14:40:06

    I am a student and require to record lectures....thus please make netMD upload function, functional.

    1065. i just wanted to sign the petition

    Posted by nate on 6/12/2002, 15:22:41

    i agree please do allow this

    1066. Enable digital audio uploads

    Posted by Piotr on 6/12/2002, 16:22:07

    It`d be really useful.......that`s all...

    The choice between MD , and mp3 players would be much easier then...


    1067. copyrights vs. user's rights

    Posted by Duane Galensky on 6/12/2002, 17:45:33

    I am a musician. I already pay a premium to purchase DAT tape to record my own music. I already pay a premium to purchase "music CDRs" to record my own music. This drives me nuts. No one is sending me a royalty refund.

    Now that I've discovered NetMD, it's deja vu all over again.

    It seemed to be a perfect tool to allow a raw capture and then upload to a PC to do editing of between-song time, etc. when we do practice sessions. I was just about to order a new MD with the feature when I discovered I cannot upload my own music over the USB port. Suck!

    Since this offers absolutely no advantage to me over the MD I've already got (I *never* re-record other artists' music onto MD or DAT or CD for that matter), you can be certain that I'll not be purchasing an MD upgrade until until this deficiency is fixed.

    There has to be some way of both meeting your copyright concerns and allowing rapid uploading of captures. Let's face it: a committed pirate will just as easily to an intervening analog conversion and for their purposes get a recording of sufficiently high quality, even over multiple tandem encodings. Whether or not you save them a few minutes by offering a faster-than-real-time option is not relevant to them.

    But as it stands, if I choose MD, I have to do that intervening analog (real-time) step myself for music that I own (dammit! I OWN IT not Sony), so I'm really better off either going directly to laptop or using the Creative Labs Nomad hard disk jukebox. That's too bad, because the MD is really otherwise quite a nice form factor.

    Oh well. You lose.

    1068. Handicapped technology

    Posted by Matthew MacDougall on 6/12/2002, 17:58:21

    The product has incredible potential to carry any file type or allow uploads of recorded meetings or lectures.

    1069. Crippleware

    Posted by Jean Pierre Lavoie on 6/12/2002, 18:24:30

    why not make it upload
    at least for analog recordings

    1070. upload would make my netmd 10x more usable

    Posted by Richard Giddens on 6/12/2002, 20:19:55

    I DJ- and use my MZ-n505 walkman to record mixes. It would be very useful to be able to upload mixes I make to my PC for burning to CD. Would buy another NetMD walkman with this capability if it becomes available....

    1071. Upload was the reason I bought, I am returning!!

    Posted by Evan Housh on 6/12/2002, 21:05:37

    If I can't upload my recordings this thing is useless to me for recording my speaches. I will just go back to my digital recorder. AND Return my MD. Its like a car with no wheels.

    1072. It would be such a better value

    Posted by Dan Diamond, MD on 6/12/2002, 23:55:31

    Please reconsider and allow an update to the current software that would allow us to update live recordings. I recently recorded my son's high school band concert with my new NetMD device only to be discouraged to find that I couldn't make a copy for the band director. The Sony MD device has such potential. Please help!!!

    1073. Capabilities

    Posted by Eirik R. Thormodsrud on 6/13/2002, 3:27:29

    Upload capabilities would be great, giving an already good product the edge.
    More support for fileformats would be nice as well. Possibility to rip to mp3 inside OpenMG eg. And support for bitrates up to 320kbs. I always rip my CD's into 320kbs, and I find it annoying to have to "down-code" them before I can copy them onto my MDplayer...

    1074. uploading

    Posted by Barry A. Kintner on 6/13/2002, 5:51:20

    -- Accident interviews, witness interviews, recorded statements, statements to be played in court, news stories, my classroom and seminar presentations, even childrens storytelling sessions.
    -- Many of these are uses which the 2000 members of one of my groups could make use of for very legitimate and legal recordings.
    -- Many have been looking for a way to move to digital recording, but the harsh restrictions placed on recordings made for business make MiniDisc a dead format as we are restricted to real-time loading to the computer.
    -- Give us the ability to use the 650meg (Data II) disc also, as well as the use of rechargeable AA batteries and NOT AAAs or proprietary batteries - if you want businesses to adopt the use of MiniDisc.

    1075. Please add MD -> PC connectivity

    Posted by David Wicken on 6/13/2002, 6:46:51

    It would indeed be a usefull addition to what is already an exciting line of products. Use MD to record from live souces, so stuck with real time recording via 'generic' Analog sound card, so losing quality. This addition would remove this quantisation problem as a direct digital to digital transfer.

    1076. Open MD or Close Shop

    Posted by Rasada on 6/13/2002, 9:02:03

    Please make the software for the Mini Disc do what all we know it can do

    1077. Please let the NETMD live!

    Posted by Murilo Freitas Coutinho on 6/13/2002, 9:25:25

    Let the Net MD LIve , it will die without connectivity.

    1078. Bands would apreciate it

    Posted by Nuno Melo on 6/13/2002, 10:28:28

    I have a garage band and only with upload capabilities NETMD has some interest for us..and i'm sure lot's of "us" out there.

    1079. Yes, please...

    Posted by Clinton Hammond on 6/13/2002, 10:41:12

    I am also a musician, and bought the MD with the intention of using it to out together a demo CD...

    The intervening 'real time' step is not an insurmountable obstacle, but sound quality would be sooo much better, were the connection digital...

    Streaming would be a HUGE convenience...

    Pleaee do consider adding software to support this feature...

    Thank you

    Clinton Hammond

    1080. Digital out from MD to PC is needed.

    Posted by Saurabh Saxena on 6/13/2002, 12:03:35

    Being from the movie industry, this capability will enhance audio production immensely in my profession. Please do consider the capability to record and then upload the digital sounds and music from MD to a PC through MiniDiscs.


    1081. MD to PC Transferablility

    Posted by Scott Daniels on 6/13/2002, 12:46:14

    I work as a musician. I must say the MD is crutial to my work, and MD to PC transferability is crutial as well. Please allow the technology to be built for this. Your MD audience in the U.S. needs this.

    1082. Upload and SP download. Enable them!

    Posted by Michael Munie on 6/13/2002, 14:03:28

    It's really a reasonable request. And now since you've even allowed for your downloadable music to be burned to CD in UNENCRYPTED format, why needlessly restrict Mini-Disk usage?
    Thank you.

    1083. Uploading would help in my work teaching children

    Posted by Bon Davis on 6/13/2002, 14:37:05

    Greetings Sirs:
    I would be most appreciative if you would consider adding uploading capabilities to the NETMD units. I work teaching handicapped children to play music and interact with others. If I were able to record the music they make and edit it on my macintosh portable I would be able to give them a finished CD to listen to THAT DAY. This sort of direct feedback could be very benefical in the children's development to productive society members and future Net/md sony consumers.
    Please add upload and Macintosh compatibility for the many educators and artists who would like to purchase your technology. Thank you very much.
    Bon Davis, Drums Not Guns (501c Not For Profit Organization)

    1084. i got this minidisc to record interviews for work...

    Posted by Grant Burningham on 6/13/2002, 15:27:20

    The limits are stupid.


    Posted by Richard on 6/13/2002, 16:02:17

    Sony Dudes - This is not the dark ages is it??? Whats up with the one way limitations of minidisc uploading??? I need to be able to upload from minidisc to pc. I think everything about the model MZ-1N portable recorder rocks (looks, ease of use, slim design etc.) except for two very important things!!! The inability of upload 32X or faster to pc and what no lcd backlight! For near $300.00 you are absolutely killing me!!! Please do the right thing by your customers and at the very least give a software upgrade that allows the md to pc upload capability!!!!!

    1086. md uploads

    Posted by shannon on 6/13/2002, 17:39:04

    allow them

    1087. Please allow transfer from MD to PC

    Posted by Greg Geter on 6/13/2002, 23:59:48

    I do live recordings of my own music and would love to be able to digitally transfer these to the computer. Thanks.

    1088. If CD's can, why not MD's

    Posted by Jeff Markowski on 6/14/2002, 0:01:57

    I and everyone I know who uses MD's just uses CD's to up load and then downloads back to MD's. Because of this, none of us has committed to MD's, even though we all would in a heart beat if they where as convenient as CD's

    1089. I bought it to record my daughter

    Posted by Nick on 6/14/2002, 2:28:54

    I did not know it had a stupid restriction that prevented me to move private recordings from the MD to my pc in digital format. I will have to return the unit to the store.

    1090. Bring it

    Posted by Yikong on 6/14/2002, 2:50:09

    Upload would be nice for mic recordings

    1091. audio upload

    Posted by gilles Cloiseau on 6/14/2002, 6:25:18

    I bought my MZ N707 netMD thinking the function was possible, I do interviews for research. Terribly dissapointed!! I feel I've been conned.

    1092. petition

    Posted by Julien on 6/14/2002, 8:15:29

    je suis pour une utilisation plus large du MD.

    1093. Let NetMD reach its full potential

    Posted by R�mi PLAYE on 6/14/2002, 8:24:49

    There is no valuable reason for crippling that amazing technology.

    1094. No uploading is too restrictive

    Posted by Ananga Sivyer on 6/14/2002, 10:19:05

    I am a musician who masters my own music to mini disc - which I then cannot upload via my NetMD device to my own PC.

    This is a major restriction - had I been aware of it before purchasing I would not have bought this mini disc player

    1095. I'd like to upload to PC

    Posted by Chris Tsai on 6/14/2002, 11:32:43

    I record lectures at school, and there are times when I would rather have the files on my computer rather than on my MD. I have found that my friends would like to listen to my recordings sometimes, especially if htey missed a couple classes, but they don't have MD, so I can't share my class notes.

    1096. MD --> OC

    Posted by Tijl on 6/14/2002, 11:40:29

    I want to upload my music, recorded with a microfone, to my computer by USB

    1097. Makes me want to exchange it for an MP3 player

    Posted by Trevin Joyner on 6/14/2002, 12:46:25

    I chose the Net MD over mp3 players because I liked the idea of being able to record my own music and upload it to the computer for editing. This is a valuable feature over mp3 players and the like. Since I can't do this I might as well return it and get the mp3 player which are supported by Windows Media player and RealPlayer. I hate the OpenMG software, very buggy. The songs on the player do not always show up.

    1098. #### you sony

    Posted by susy on 6/14/2002, 12:48:39

    it's time to change your ####ed up politics.

    ... and, yes, i'll buy the thing then....

    1099. Re: #### you sony

    Posted by susy on 6/14/2002, 12:54:39 , in reply to "#### you sony"

    of course i was gonna write:
    fck you sony.
    it's really getting annoying with censorship, copyright control, proprietary systems and suchalikes....

    1100. MD-->PC USB Upload for Mic created audio

    Posted by Mark Duffin on 6/14/2002, 12:55:01

    Adding upload functionality will improve the quality of recorded interviews (news/PR content) AND allow for backup of irreplaceable audio content.

    1101. upload

    Posted by Lyle on 6/14/2002, 14:24:08

    The whole reason I bought this unit (MZ-N1) was because I was under the impression that I could take my demos that I do on mini disc (I am a songwriter) and transfer them to my computer digitally and have instant demo CDs. PLEASE HELP, this was a very expensive unit $645! I promised to have new demos in the mail today, now I am in trouble! If anyone can help, please send me info at [email protected]


    1102. I miss this feature

    Posted by John Kivac on 6/14/2002, 17:58:27

    It would be much faster and easier for me to move my live recordings from MD to PC if you enabled this feature.

    1103. Please!

    Posted by Joe on 6/14/2002, 19:25:39

    I almost consider myself tricked into buying my MZ-N707. I thought that it would be at least as capable as an mp3 player. This is my third MD Recorder(first NetMD)....and my LEAST favorite. Please enable me and my fellow consumers to do what we most wanted with these devices.

    1104. A Bit of a Rip-Off

    Posted by Mike Thomas on 6/14/2002, 22:58:39

    I bought my MZN 505 to record live music (public domain) in the church where I work. I thought I was getting USB transfer to upload to the computer, and the Sony Authorized Dealer's salesman did not advise me otherwise, though I explained my purpose. Now I find that I really have no better USB transfer than with the MD 500s that lack a USB port. Sony (and the rest of the industry) is just a bit too paranoid about rip-off of copyrighted material. How about the rip-off of the customers who bought the "new, improved" USB-enabled machine, only to find it only works for ripping pre-recorded material from a computer.

    1105. The benefits of uploading outweigh the possible detriment

    Posted by Paul Imseih on 6/14/2002, 23:15:33

    The benefits of uploading outweigh the possible detriment.

    The NetMD devices would be infinitely more useful if files could be transferred both ways. What Sony is doing is issuing a challenge to hackers who will gladly accept and defeat the system somehow, sometime.

    As we saw with DVD in Australia, hacked DVDs able to play region 1 discs finally became the norm when the numbers of people beating the "system" was too much to ignore.

    If sony was worried about copyright infringement, they should not have entered the party with netMD.

    Oh, by the way, don't believe all the crap coming from the "Copyright Club" of Sony, BMG et al. Corporate dinosaurs will realise that the consumer is well ahead of them on all counts and they better catch up or miss out altogether. They will tell you about the "artist's loss" but they are really talking about their fatcat, greasy executives who are trying to protect "shareholder interest".

    Scaremongering doesn't need fact, only a semblance of it. If you look closely enough, you'll only see a few facts, only true in parts.

    I bought the MZ-N1 and am pretty happy with it so Sony's got my cash. Let's see it used at its full potential.

    Looking forward to seeing the hacker's breakthrough!

    1106. upload my own compositions?

    Posted by andrew cromwell on 6/15/2002, 1:33:10

    i need to upload music i create to use at performances etc, its why i bought a sony mzn707!

    1107. Uploading MD to PC

    Posted by Arvinder Singh on 6/15/2002, 2:39:01

    I bought a new 707 to do live recordings. Even though I spent a lot of time comparing different models, I didn't realize Sony doesn't allow digital uploads of live recordings. That sucks. I regret the decision now. I also didn't realize this thing doesn't let you change recording levels during a recording. Why the hell does it have to keep switching to auto rec level every time I stop. I now realize that Sharp listens to its customers and Sony doesn't.

    Add the uploading feature!

    1108. Audio upload is a natural evolution of the md

    Posted by OPERON on 6/15/2002, 6:36:34

    According that a bidirectionnal communication is necessary for a lot of musical applications, MD recorders are not actually very interesting devices. Many people would prefer buy MP3 devices.
    This is a non-sense, MD technology is born many years before, and is not as mature as MP3...

    1109. Also, Mac support

    Posted by Ben Byrne on 6/15/2002, 10:20:11

    any time now, guys....

    1110. Give me uploading capability, and I will buy!

    Posted by Michael Healy on 6/15/2002, 11:47:33

    I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of Sony audio equipment in the past 10 years, including one of the first MDBundle sets. That said, I've been searching for a reasonable way to convert my collection of vinyl LP's to MP3 format. I thought that NetMD might serve as a useful go-between until I found out that there is no MD to PC capability.

    If the capability to go from MD to PC (either to WAV, or directly to MP3) was to be added to your software, I could guarantee you at least one sale, most likely a top-of-the-line unit.

    1111. Annoyed customer....

    Posted by Fran Ambrose on 6/15/2002, 13:07:33

    I have just bought a Net MD. It doesn't do the precise thing I bought it to do. It wasn't obvious from the sales pitch that it wouldn't do it either....

    1112. Imagine all the LOYAL MD users you could make happy....

    Posted by Kristin on 6/15/2002, 15:00:22

    You're missing the boat here without MD to PC uploading capabilities. Please consider what is important to MD users. It is frustrating when you are trying to record your own music and the unit that you bought to help you do this instead restricts you. Also remember many audiophiles are Mac users...Thanks

    1113. You have such a wonder product here, don't betray the faithful MD owners...

    Posted by Paul Scott on 6/15/2002, 15:51:47

    Well, I've been a loyal MD owner for close to 10 years now, and NetMD is a welcome addition to what has been a fine tradition of killer personal audio electronics gear from Sony.

    I personally would LOVE to have the ability to upload (or is it downloading from the MD unit? Go figure) data from my MD recorder (I just bought a Sony MZ-N1 unit this week - love it) to my computer. I own an HP laptop with 3 USB ports on it, and I do enjoy recording concerts/shows/etc just for posterity's sake. I'm not looking to rip off any artists, I just like to have a recording for memory.

    The ability to upload/download to and from a NetMD unit would only increase the likelihood that more people would buy NetMD units.

    Sony: If you're reading this, don't screw us this time around. You have a wicked evil cool product (the best kind) and people would love it that much more if (IF IF IF) you would just go that extra mile and give us what we're looking for.

    Supply and demand folks... if Sony doesn't acquiesce to our *request* (since it hasn't gotten to the *demand* status yet), we can choose not to buy their products.

    Just my two cents...

    1114. let's aim a bit better the struggle for copyright

    Posted by Antonio Savorelli on 6/15/2002, 16:42:50

    This time the request is not a matter of "freedom of listening": it's, as far as I see it, a matter of "freedom of creating". Now Sony has provided us with the perfect technology -- more versatile, more portable, simply easier than CD burning, and more reliable than mp3 -- and it would take just a small step to make Sony's motto a reality: GO CREATE.
    --Tony, Bologna (Italy)

    1115. Please add upload

    Posted by Valentin Descamps on 6/15/2002, 18:06:50

    This is THE feature to have with netMD : transfer analogicaly recorded tracks on PC (and add mac support at the same time...)
    Thanks a lot.

    1116. Not only Audio Files (pls) but any file

    Posted by Peter Purcell on 6/16/2002, 2:11:50

    Imagine the additional uses...

    1117. (no subject)

    Posted by wendy mouthaan on 6/16/2002, 6:37:27

    on this moment i hate my buy

    1118. Need audio upload

    Posted by David Horton on 6/16/2002, 11:14:44

    This whould let me up load live recordings for fast editing

    1119. Need audio upload

    Posted by FX on 6/16/2002, 13:12:07

    This whould let me up load my live recordings.

    1120. Piano Recordings

    Posted by Brandon Lester on 6/16/2002, 14:07:21

    I love my new MZ-N1, and furthermore I have no respect for anyone who says they "didn't know" the machine won't upload because they didn't do their homework. However, I am a piano player and love to play, I've acquired a decent amount of pieces I'd like to record to CD. I would appreciate the ability to transfer from MD without quality degradation. Thanks.

    1121. I will move to Sharp units

    Posted by Luis Guarapo on 6/16/2002, 14:56:24

    I have a R700 unit and recently purchased a N707 unit... very bad choice.
    I love the MD format and recomends the Sony units to everyone that i know, but only after 2 days of playing with it, i am disappointed by restrictions and bugs in the OpenMG, NetMD unit and quality recording.
    One of the reason of my purchase was the recording of meetings with microphone and then upload the recording to the corporate Intranet of the company i work for. However, it is posible only in the old way: ANALOG RECORDINGS!!! what is going on?

    1122. Horribly restrictive

    Posted by Mike M on 6/16/2002, 17:43:33

    subject says all. i have writers' block today or something.

    1123. No point to not having it

    Posted by Phil Cazaban on 6/16/2002, 18:02:44


    1124. I need this function!

    Posted by Jason Small on 6/16/2002, 23:06:16

    I do a lot of live recording and record my guitar playing through my minidisc. Having a digital upload to the computer would be invaluable. Friends of mine have mentioned that this drawback holds them from buying minidisc themselves. Please add this feature so that the NetMD models can upload their digital content!

    1125. Sony: Corporate assholes.

    Posted by C. Browning on 6/16/2002, 23:16:14

    Sony owns a bunch of music rights, so they will probably go down fighting for their MiniDisc technology, as well as their pathetic MP3 anti-piracy offerings.

    1126. Can't listen to all media at once!

    Posted by Max Riethmuller on 6/16/2002, 23:40:23

    Given I copy all my original (paid for) cd's to different media for playback in different environments (Car, Home, Work etc), and given that I can't be in two places at once, how can it then be in contravention of copyright law to copy to other media. I can only listen to any one copy at one time, and my intention in copying is not to broadcast, but only to ensure I can listen to MY music when I feel like it.

    OPENMG limits the useability of the MD device and I am very disappointed that I paid $530 AUD for a digital device that doesn't accept native digital formats (such as the widely popular mp3), nor can I upload recordings to my computer without using the ANALOG features of my soundcard, and suffer the inherant loss of signal quality that poses.

    I also find it disturbing that I cannot use the device to transfer files from my home computer to my laptop or work machine. These three computers all belong to me and are only used by me. Again there is no contravention of the spirit of the copyright act in my listening to music on these different machines. Since I have paid a royalty to the owner of the Music for the right to use that music for my own, non-commercial, personal purposes, I consider that I am entitled to copy the music to other media, providing I don't broadcast the music or oncopy it for other people.

    Sony consistantly demonstrates it's contempt for consumers by dictating through equipment design, how consumers listen to and manage their music collections. Sony in effect has taken away consumer choice with regard to the MiniDisc format, due to a petty and narrow minded approach to protecting Record Company profits. If Sony showed true creativity and an interest in looking after consumers, they would find a means of protecting the copyright without throttling back the native capability of the MD recorders.

    1127. MXS10 NetMD joke - betamax is back

    Posted by Jerry Cohen on 6/16/2002, 23:46:07

    I recently purchased a Sony MXS10 "Digital Studio" computer with NetMD minidisc. While to TV portion of the machine is great, the minidisc is a joke. My MZ-R70 & MZ-R3 are faster and they've never trashed a disc. If you're looking for the ultimate in minidisc editing, look elsewhere. I'm afraid Sony's going to take MD the way of the BETAMAX!

    1128. md uploads

    Posted by Jostein Lima on 6/17/2002, 2:59:56

    Please make sure that we can upload audio. And, since my computer also runs Linux only, please provide drivers for the Linux platform.

    Best Regards,

    Jostein Lima

    1129. I am very disappointed uploading wasn't considered by default!

    Posted by Marcel Oats on 6/17/2002, 3:26:13

    I record a lot of material, ranging from mucking round at home, to music I compose, to such things as a journey through the 2002 "Audio Expo" here in New Zealand using minidisc. All reasons stated in the text of the partition apply to myself, and I wish to add another possible clause: that the Net-md software itself, is modified to use standard windows keystrokes, so as someone (such as myself) who is totally blind, can use it with a screen reader, easily and simply; it's near impossible at present to use the software which is loaded onto a windows-based system, with _speech_output_alone!! I want to keep my recordings completely in the digital domain.

    1130. MD->PC->MD OPEN THE DOOR

    Posted by Markus Marweg on 6/17/2002, 4:20:18

    There is a right for free data/voice/music transfer from MD to PC and vice versa.
    Open the door and unlock this barrier.

    Thank you.

    1131. Please allow NetMD Uploads!

    Posted by Jeff C on 6/17/2002, 5:33:18

    I'm sure there are many other users who like me do field recordings of various things such as sound effects (which MD was advertised as a sound effects recorder in Australia). I would like to be able to transfer these back to my PC, even if it is in realtime I wouldn't mind as that would be better than plugging in a headphones port and in to the MIC/LineIn port but high speed would be appreciated.

    It would also be very cool if you could possibly add some kind of data storage to current MDs which can use CURRENT mds (and not those special data ones).

    1132. Good Player, Bad Software

    Posted by Joshua Dessert on 6/17/2002, 7:06:39

    I just "upgraded" my first Minidisc Portable player/recorder from a MZR-500 to the MZ-N505. This is perhaps the best unit I could have hoped for. Unfortunatly, its downfall is the OpenMG software and the copyright protection that will potentially cause me to return my 2 day old unit for my previously analog player. The ability to upload is not particularly a feature I intend on using, but would allow many of my friends a cheap portable alternative to DAT. My 1300 MP3s on my comp were obtained LEGALLY from my own rips of my CDs. Internet audio is not high quality. I patch my comp through to my stereo for the ease of quick, customized playlists. OpenMG will not successfully import all music at once without crashing. I also do not need it to make another copy of every song I send to my MD in another format. This just makes it difficult to conserve hard drive space and wastes my time in deleting it after every use. I do not mind waiting for the program to convert every file before it sends them to my MD. Its still faster than real time. By writing this, I not only hope to have you change your mind/policies, but I hope to encourage a third party to re-create the music transfer software or at least a ATRAC3 file editor so we can change copy issues to allow us full us of our MDs when we are away from our computers. I personally do not like being shackled to my computer being forced to conform to your rules about MY music. I agree with Grant Burningham who would like too use them at work. A friend of mine was really interested in an MD until I told her you could not upload or at least have a line out. She runs her own radio program with many interviews and a variety of music edited on her home computer. You have ruined a very good product.

    1133. don't turn MD in a struggling niche more than it is

    Posted by eric hanuise on 6/17/2002, 9:13:49

    The last thing minidisc needs is artificial limitations and hindrances.

    Minidiscs are far superior to tape and lend themselves to many professional uses.
    Such limitations only hinder large acceptance.
    Pros want to be able to record live events, and upload them to their PC's to work on them, as wav or mp3 files, unrestrictedly.
    Pirates won't be hindered by these limitations as they have other ways around.

    Tahe a good look at what happened with CD's, is happening with CD copyprotection schemes, software protection, electronic books, and all DRM-related events.
    The consumers don't need or want this
    the pros will always turn to platform without these
    free the minidisc from that crap.

    1134. I would like to be a Sony customer

    Posted by Paul Geary on 6/17/2002, 9:32:28

    I have decided not to purchase the MZN707 purely because it does not have the ability to upload.

    Everything I read about the product sounds great, but this lack of functionality makes it just too limiting.

    1135. NetMD needs Digital Uploading to survive in the market!

    Posted by Brian on 6/17/2002, 11:03:11

    You really need this feature to make Minidisc worthwhile in the marketplace. It isn't necessary for this to be so restricted, it doesn't protect anyone, and we would really benefit from the change.

    I'll be selling my MD if this doesn't change.

    1136. Upload to PC !

    Posted by Jeff on 6/17/2002, 12:08:33

    I would like to be able to upload my own audio to my PC (for archival purposes). Please allow for uploading of MD audio to PC!!!

    1137. netmd upload

    Posted by djguard on 6/17/2002, 12:50:13

    sil vous plait la protection pour le transfert md pc merci

    1138. I would buy one, but...

    Posted by Darcy on 6/17/2002, 13:01:56

    If I can't upload, I won't.
    I take sound recordings for field research purposes and would love to be able to transfer recordings directly to my pc to edit. I borrowed a minidisc recorder for this purpose and loved everything about it, except the lack of upload and that is a deal breaker for me. Unfortunately the only option if I use minidisc is to jack into my sound card and play each recording one by one to record to the pc--this takes DAYS AND DAYS to accomplish, then I can finally begin editing. If they ever make the minidisc upload capable I'll buy it, but until then it is useless for my work.

    1139. NetMD Uploading

    Posted by Steven LeBeau on 6/17/2002, 13:31:22

    Please realize the potential of this great technology and allow us to upload ATRAC data from mindisc to PC. Also, by ignoring the macintosh you guys are severely limiting your marketability. Support the Mac!

    1140. I would buy into NetMD if...

    Posted by Darren Krattli on 6/17/2002, 15:35:52

    The only way I would invest into NetMD is if it allowed uploads and truly acted like many of todays MP3 players.

    1141. Considering using NetMD for recording

    Posted by Yaron on 6/17/2002, 16:35:57

    MD recorders seem like an ideal format for recording my own music inexpensively. However to get the music off the MD onto a computer involves converting it to analog and then back to digital, a ridiculous and unneccesary process. I will not go into the MiniDiscs until this is changed.

    1142. change please

    Posted by Mathew Graff on 6/17/2002, 17:09:00

    I don't like the way you can't upload your tracks from minidisc to computer. and transfering songs to the minidisc I don't like the way you have to convert everything to the compressed ATRAC3 format
    you guys say it only takes 3 min. to copy a song but for me to copy a cd it takes about a half an hour to a hour.

    this idea is a verygood one but badly excuted. and i also have been reading that the openmg software is really buggy.(i haven't had any problems with it.) You guys should change the name to Sony Media

    1143. I bought 707 to be able to upload seminars...

    Posted by Chris Stockwell on 6/17/2002, 17:09:30

    I believe that Sony in disallowing uploads to a pc is being deceptive and dishonorable in their business practices.

    I also mainly utilize the superior macintosh O.S. and your lack of mac support is appalling!

    I own a bunch of Sony equipment. But it wasn't until three days ago I learned just how "Orwellian" your business tactics really are.

    I will rethink my electronics purchases in the future due to you lack of putting your customers first.

    Chris stockwell, D.C.

    1144. Re: Also, Mac support

    Posted by Mathew Graff on 6/17/2002, 17:14:30 , in reply to "Also, Mac support"

    Also can you guys(SONY) give support to macintosh Please I also use the Mac's.

    1145. Making a fool of me

    Posted by Yngve Nordkvelle on 6/17/2002, 17:14:56

    I have waited a long time before buying a MD. NetMD looked very promising for my use: scholarly work on recorded material. The MiniDisc salesperson promised me this was THE thing to get. Discovering this silly regulation was a tremendous disappointment. I want my money back!

    1146. NetMD

    Posted by D Cone on 6/17/2002, 17:23:49

    I love my D-5 cassette portable, but after 20 years it's time to step up to a digital portable. Sony has all the technology in place, with affordable, good-sounding MD recorders, and now a direct PC connection. Why did you have to cripple it with a software design that presumes your customers are all stealth-recording criminals? We use your products to get work done!!

    1147. Bought one, exchanged it.

    Posted by Sammy Harris on 6/17/2002, 17:31:40

    A potentially wonderful device made nigh useless by one stunningly stupid limitation.

    1148. Live recordings

    Posted by Michael J. Ackerman on 6/17/2002, 17:49:04

    I use MD to record my shows. I am a performing musician and I thought that netMD would allow me the time saving ability to upload my music at high speed rates. I already have other MD recorders and I didn't need another one. How disappointing it was to find out after purchase that it can't do what I need it to.

    1149. MD to PC

    Posted by Erik Easton on 6/17/2002, 20:47:58

    First of all, I love the MD!

    As for the MD to PC, I did by the NetMD in hopes that I would be able to record 2-3 hour seminars into a good digital recording and then be able to transfer that file to my PC vs. using my BIG laptop to do the recording. Please consider this as a future enhancment. I think you'd be glad you did.

    By the looks of the popularity of this feature and I'd be willing to bet you could OWN (at least be the 1st to market) this part of the MD industry by advertising it as such! Just an idea?

    I'm going to return the NetMD for now, (I already own 5 home units and 2 portables so I don't need another. ) but will be on the look out.

    I'll be honest, regardless of whether this ever makes it to market, I love Sony products! Nobody produces so many incredibly cool, high quality products as you guys! Keep on keeping on!


    A huge fan from MN!

    1150. Let's be reasonable!

    Posted by Matthew McFarlane on 6/17/2002, 21:28:24

    It's silly to have a recording device for PERSONAL use that cannot interface with other media storage options. This is 20th century thinking. I would love to be able to record law school lectures and archive them in a logical format on my computer, but I can't. So this remains a stand-alone technology. I'll use it because of convenience but when another more flexible option comes along, I'll take it.

    1151. Make the lives of musicians like me easier

    Posted by Colm Fitzmaurice on 6/18/2002, 0:14:50

    Dear Sony,

    As a young singer, I love your minidisc because I can record all my performances, pick my favorites and burn my own cd's on my PC. In the transfer of information to my PC, i find that the line-in port tends to diminish the quality of my recordings. Creating a digital upload link would really make your product more attractive in the future especially since I am much more interested in uploading to my pc than downloading to minidisc. Your product is a goldmine for young artists like me. Please remember us "uploaders" when considering your future models.

    1152. Digital upload

    Posted by Matt Anderson on 6/18/2002, 0:19:08

    I have to say I was disappointed that digital upload wasn't supported. I have absolutely no interest in pirating music. I would simply like to record lectures and be able to upload them quickly to my computer. I would greatly appreciate an upgrade that would allow this to happen.
    I read the owners manual and understand that music pirating is of key concern in the design of the Net MD. I feel it is unfair that copyright protection is being added to hardware making it less useful for honest uses. If there is any way digital upload could be supported while still preserving the copyright protection I, for one, would love to have it. I would also be proud to tell friends and relatives what a great and useful product the Sony Net MD is. Thank you.

    1153. Uploading and Mac OS X support a must!

    Posted by Jose Lemus on 6/18/2002, 1:56:36

    There are millions of Mac enthusiasts that buy your products. Please give us support.

    1154. I want to upload my own music to my PC for editing

    Posted by Shaun Darragh on 6/18/2002, 2:13:55

    I just purchased an MZ-N707 to record my own music and digitally upload it to my PC for editing in Cakewalk. I purchased this machine so that I don't have to always use my DAT for this purpose. Now I find that the simplest of features has been intentionally left out of the software in a ridiculous bid to limit piracy. Guess what, you're not limiting pircy, but you are annoying folks with legitimate uses for your technology. If I don't find a decent way to upload my music shortly, this machine is going back to the store it was purchased from and I will warn all of my musician friends against buying any of your products in the future.


    1155. I nned it for my band records

    Posted by Florian Zierer on 6/18/2002, 4:05:57

    Why is this uploading MD>PC restricted?
    I often record my band and want to edit this records with my PC, but I have to use my soundcard for this.

    NET MD is really great, but this function needs to be implemented soon, please.


    1156. Please, Sony, give us audio upload !

    Posted by Etienne on 6/18/2002, 4:30:14

    And the MD will definitly be the BEST portable audio ever.

    A french MD fan...

    1157. deceiving NZ707

    Posted by r.goetty on 6/18/2002, 4:38:42

    I will never buy a Sony product again and i'll tell it to other people.

    1158. Re: Please, Sony, give us audio upload !

    Posted by fab on 6/18/2002, 6:17:06 , in reply to "Please, Sony, give us audio upload !"

    And the MD will definitly be the BEST portable audio ever.
    A french MD fan...

    1159. Give the NetMD recorder UPLOADING capabilties

    Posted by George R. on 6/18/2002, 7:15:48

    Dear Sony,

    Digital uploading capabilities are necessary to people in my profession (archiving), for quick and easy uploading of speeches and interviews to computer. Do you know how crippling it is to the modern world of live recording it is to have virtually NO convenient devices via which one can record an event in a high-bitrate format, and then upload it to a computer without the fuss of real-time delays? Extremely crippling.

    There exists, in reality, no such product on the market.

    If you, Sony, give the NetMD this simple feature, AND advertise it properly, I guarantee you will triple your sales of Minidisc recorders. They are convenient, they are high-quality, and if digital uploading is implemented, they will be the PERFECT format for recording interviews and speeches by archivists world-wide.

    --George D. R.

    1160. Net MD Upload

    Posted by Eric Pace on 6/18/2002, 7:59:11

    I bought Net MD recorder for the sole purpose of recording my digital piano and then converting the recordings to CD. I an very disappointed that I can't upload the recodings digitally. Once again Sony has produced a great product my hamstrung their customers with restrictive practices. One more reason to limit my purchases of Sony equipment.

    1161. Need audio download

    Posted by Terry Edwards on 6/18/2002, 8:38:30

    The mini disk is a wonderful recording device.
    Give us improved downloading. Sony builds great products!!

    1162. MD must survive the MP3 players and such

    Posted by Philip Mangione on 6/18/2002, 9:19:48

    With all the MP3 and digital audio players having the ability to download and upload at really fast speed, the only main advantage the MD units still offer is the ability the user has to have a lot of recorded minidiscs to choose from at any time. Otherwise the Minidisc market is losing ground. FAST.

    1163. Must include audio upload

    Posted by Greg on 6/18/2002, 11:41:03

    You must include audio upload if you want this device to be used by the public. We OWN this music and therefore MUST be allowed to copy it to whatever device(s) we please. If you don't we will just not buy your hardware or software. There are too many alternatives in today's market for this not to happen... "if you don't build it, they WILL leave!!!!!"

    1164. Net MD Uploads FOR SURE!!!

    Posted by Derek Lowes on 6/18/2002, 12:03:43

    The upload feature would allow me to keep audio dictation on my computer for reference and editing purposes - we would all use more discs - and if you dont i am sure some clever developer will produce shareware that will counter act your copywright bullshit!!! - you do not hinder piracy with this restriction -


    1165. Come on Sony

    Posted by Rob Gaskell on 6/18/2002, 12:29:10

    Do it

    1166. Won't buy another without audio upload

    Posted by John Mathews on 6/18/2002, 13:38:14

    Unless this feature is added, I would never buy another MD player. It's too bad that the product is so frustratingly crippled, because I love the ability to record. MD player/recorders could totally outclass all the low-quality MP3 devices out there.

    1167. Perfect MD goes like this:

    Posted by Jan Yskout on 6/18/2002, 13:45:41

    Changes that would make the portable minidisc recoder perfect:

    *Use the 650MB MD Data2 Media as used in the Sony Discam series, in addition of the traditional MD's

    *Offer SP/LP2/LP4 modes + a hardware mp3/wma decoder chip.

    *Build in Li-Ion battery, recharges through usb (2.0) or firewire or AC Adapter

    *USB 2.0 or Firewire connection, with full speed SP transfers

    *Backlight LCD display on the main unit (as featured on the Sony MZ-S1)

    *Last but not least, upload to PC of (analog) recorded material.

    I hope you are aware that these changes are necessairy to compete with flash/harddisk based mp3 players..

    1168. net md upload to pc

    Posted by Mark on 6/18/2002, 18:18:11

    I play in a Band and record rehearsals & gigs, and feel that as easy method of upload from md to pc would be fantastic as I can then burn to cd, or archive on pc,

    1169. Where's the needed USB Audio Upload?

    Posted by Greg M on 6/18/2002, 20:14:22

    Dear Sirs,

    I have recently purchased a NetMD MZ-N707 Type-R. So far I have enjoyed it very much and I love seeing the look on friends' faces when I brag to them how I got four complete Simon & Garfunkel albums onto "this tiny little disc" with bonus tacks AND room to spare. They always ask me "what is THAT? A CD of some type?" And then I explain to them (and promote) the Mini Disc. And then I suprise them further my showing them that the device that can play and record Mini Discs can fit in one's pocket. Then I tell them how you can record on the disc over and over and over unlike a CD. Then I tll them they can use their computer to delete and rename songs and change song order via the USB connection. They are always impressed and rightfully so.

    And, you know what? I don't mind at all the restrictions placed in OpenMG which supposedly stop piracy. I don't mind the check-in check-out scenario allowing only 3 copies of a song to be exported to MD since I don't personally need to copy a song more one time from CD to MD. I think OpenMG is pretty good software since I can copy bunches of CDs to HD in very little time and play back songs on the juke box using any number of playlist options.

    Here is what DOES bother me about the NetMD. When I initially purchased it, it was not really for the purpose of having portable music. What I wanted was a simple way of recording my own music and then transfering to my computer either for further processing in either CakeWalk or Logic and then burning to CD. Unfortunately, I cannot at this time digitally transfer my own recordings of my own original songs to my PC from MD. And, I've got friends and family whom I am dying to distribute to.

    To be honest after thinking about it, the NetMD really would not be useful for pirating music anyway even if audio upload were implemented with no restrictions. One could to that with just a CD burner and the appropriate software with very little trouble. (I neither practice nor endorse pirating music)

    But, the NetMD would be extremely useful for people like those who have posted above, people like myself- songwriters and musicians. Not to mention the journalists and college students who simply want to record interviews and lectures.

    In short, the MD format is perfect. All I need now is the ability to upload my own personal live recordings and recordings I might make of my band to OpenMG for the purpose of:

    #1 Add to an OpenMG Jukebox playlist

    #2 Export to *.wav format for use in CakeWalk or Logic

    #3 Export to *.mp3 format for archiving and burning direct to CD

    Thank you for an otherwise perfect product as well as your kind consideration in this matter.

    Greg M
    (A somewhat satisfied customer)

    P.S. The amendment proposition seems to include only allowing the uploading of music recorded through the analog input and not the digital input. But, I hope I can upload music recorded through the digital input because the mixer I use in my studio (Roland VM-300 Pro) has a digital output which I really would like to take adventage of when using it to make some simple recordings of my own songs.

    Thanks again!

    1170. Re: I need this function!

    Posted by Norbert on 6/18/2002, 21:13:26 , in reply to "I need this function!"

    I just bought mine and becouse it does not have this function I'll return my back to the store . If I would like to record my own farts and load it into my hard disk I coudn't do it . Not fair !

    1171. We Need this featur

    Posted by Calvin Coolidge on 6/19/2002, 0:15:52

    Please allow us to upload home recordings!

    1172. Upload capability for musicians

    Posted by John Wygonski on 6/19/2002, 2:03:09

    I am a musician and frequently record myself using Minidisc. I would love to have an upload capability, and if a new technology presented itself with this feature, I would buy it.

    1173. Voice to PC to CD ?

    Posted by Ron S on 6/19/2002, 3:20:55

    I recently recored a meeting . It was transmitted via FM radio. I used a fm radio to sony ne505 recorder. great job, but could not transfer direct to pc (check in). Yes you can use audio connections to pc but direct pc interaction is so much easier. Please add a feature.
    Thanks for reading this far (smile) have a nice day

    1174. As a Sales Trainer I need this function.

    Posted by Bruno Mortier on 6/19/2002, 4:09:30

    Please make it available, it would save me a lot of work.

    1175. NetMD is great, but OpenNetMD would be so much better!

    Posted by Stuart on 6/19/2002, 10:35:59

    Dear Sony,

    I recently purchased the MD N505 NetMD unit. I was very impressed with the speed at which I could download my music onto an MD, and with the quality of the SP4 codec. However I was a little more than disappointed upon finding that I was not able to make a recording and then upload it to my PC through the USB cable. At the time of purchase I was under the impression that it was possible for me to load my own recordings from my MD to my PC.

    Since finding this out, I have done some research and found that many of your loyal customers are extremely disstisfied with the lack of such an obvious feature. I'm sure you can sympathise with all of us, there are many people signing petitions around the world I am sure in order to show their support for Sony as well as their support for a MD to PC feature, it is not difficult to find websites to demonstrate the amount of support and demand such a feature has.

    I work for a large retailer in Melbourne and most of the people I've talked to regarding the NetMD complain that it can't upload and would rather stay with CD or go with MP3 players than to set their sites on MD which is a shame because it's such a great format, I'm really impressed with it, except for the lack of an upload function.

    In closing I would like to thank you for reading my letter, and would ask that you provide us (your loyal customers) with a workable and worthwhile solution in the near future.

    Best regards,
    Stuart Bowden.

    1176. Musician in a group ask for MD->PC Uploads

    Posted by Bertrand Faure on 6/19/2002, 12:49:43

    I'm a musician and me and my music group can't do digital tranfers from the MD recorder we use to PC to be able to mix or burn CD-Audio.
    Please allow for uploading of MD audio to PC!!!

    1177. Re: Musician in a group ask for MD->PC Uploads

    Posted by J. Kingsford on 6/19/2002, 12:57:26 , in reply to "Musician in a group ask for MD->PC Uploads"

    For those of us who love getting that once in lifetime set on tape/MD.. The pain and ardure required to real-time dump seems an antiquated procedure, especially in an era of digital information. The ease and utility of a method to upload md-pc would be an immense improvement on an already great idea. I think I speak for the majority of musicians when i say, this needs to be implemented.

    1178. MD > MAC upload urgently needed!

    Posted by Susan Deikman on 6/19/2002, 13:29:54

    I use my MD recorder to record my voice lessons, lectures and choir rehearsals. I desperately need to be able to digitally transfer files to my MAC so that I can burn CDs to listen to (and practice with) in my car. I do alot of commuting and I used to use cassettes this way. At the moment, I'm forced to record from my MD to my MAC in real time and it has to go digital>analog>digital. Much is lost in time and quality. Please, please correct this and provide a digital output with software to convert files to AIFF or WAV. I don't want to have to switch to a MP3 recorder. I love the quality of my MD recorder and want to continue to use this format. Please let me know when the technology is available and be sure to make it MAC complatable!

    1179. MD Uploads needed

    Posted by Roland Aalto on 6/19/2002, 15:22:34

    I bought the n707 and thougt an upload function was a default option but altough the gadget being ever soo nice this is a major drawback!

    1180. Do it yourself !!

    Posted by douveneau on 6/19/2002, 17:45:07

    Do it yourself or we'll find a way to do it on our own !!!!

    1181. Unacceptable Product Limitations

    Posted by Chris Dibble on 6/19/2002, 18:16:55

    Think about it sony, your just shooting yourself in the foot.

    If anyone knows best, its the people BUYING your products. A wise decision would be to satisfy customers, not push them away.

    1182. Sony Electronics mus stay apart from Sony Music

    Posted by Luis Guarapo on 6/19/2002, 19:20:25

    When a large corporation have diferent divisions like Sony, they must stay completly apart each other and work for their own interests (business) or both wil suffer the consecuences of bad joint practices.
    The goal of Sony Electronics is to satisfy customer and let Sony Music to fight against piracy without afecting the satisfaction of MD customers.
    This stupid limitation (UpLoad) and bad software (OpenMG -has nothing of "Open") will stop the grow of interest of new customer in the product.
    I have a 700DPC and N707 units and i am still using the Xitel digital link for recording. I have lost my money with the N707.

    1183. I like cake

    Posted by Seamus on 6/19/2002, 20:12:13

    Now that your reading, please include an upload feature. I honestly would not have bought my MZ-N707 if i knew it was basicly a crippled Rio player...

    1184. Uploading music is key for minidisc

    Posted by Ben on 6/20/2002, 2:03:04

    Please, Sony i have owned and loved minidisc products for years. Netmd can really help minidisc, but you have to let people upload music for it to survive in today's marketplace!

    1185. It really just makes sense.

    Posted by Jesse Dhillon on 6/20/2002, 3:23:38

    Please Sony, don't let your interests in the recording industry ruin what could be a great addition to a good technology.

    1186. Mr SONY, please listen to your customers !!

    Posted by Brunitou on 6/20/2002, 5:41:07

    1) Sony music must stay appart from Sony Consumer products!!

    1b) a volontary product limitation is unacceptable from a hardware maker

    2) there should be a respect from Sony to their customer, who keep a certain fidelity to the brand

    3) this system defenetly won't stop the piracy thing - personaly, I sometime CHOOSE to buy a CD (when I really like the artist) and having 10,000 copied CDs DOSEN'T MEAN 10,000 lost CD sales!!

    1187. Let MD live!

    Posted by Em�lio Corneta on 6/20/2002, 7:30:35

    What's the point in imposing the upload restriction to MD? The technology needs to advance, you need to prove MD is better than MP3! So let net.MD UPLOAD music!!

    1188. Add audio upload to PC

    Posted by Hannibal on 6/20/2002, 8:32:00

    Please Sony add the audio upload!

    1189. We can do it anyway, make it better

    Posted by Douglas on 6/20/2002, 12:24:49

    As current, we can already record from our minidisc to our computers. This is useful for live concerts and recording ones own songs and voice audio. It only makes sense to allow digital uploading, preserving the quality of the recording and making things simple.

    1190. bound...

    Posted by joseph bigham on 6/20/2002, 13:10:28

    one of the features i looked forward to in this product was recording lectures and environmental sounds as samples..what the paranoid ####s breaking the ankles of your own products and decieving your shoud be castrated if you all have testicles or some kind of female equivilent

    1191. Sony NetMD

    Posted by Abhijeet Shah on 6/20/2002, 13:14:53

    I have 2 MD recorders, one is a Sharp MD-MS 702 and the other is the Sony NetMD n707. I would really appriciate if Sony could somehow enable uploading of files from a MD to a computer using the usb port

    1192. I would buy if you enable MD to PC Uploads

    Posted by Jose on 6/20/2002, 14:20:50

    Please, please, please....

    1193. uploading md

    Posted by Robert on 6/20/2002, 16:25:23

    I don't see how a device as good as this can be left without the upload capabilities needed for creative people, which I believe is the market for the walkman md. Just think of how many more could be sold using the uploading of live digital music to the pc as a selling feature!

    1194. Do I have to wait for portable mp3 recorders?

    Posted by Wieger on 6/20/2002, 17:31:41

    Dear Sony,

    Minidisc recording has virtually all the features that I'm looking for: small size, digital, and the disks are cheap. But why would you want to prevent me from transferring my own recordings digitally to my computer? It's not even possible to make a backup. I'm confused.



    1195. Net MD uploads

    Posted by Greg on 6/20/2002, 17:48:07

    Add this functionality, there are bands that allow recordings of their live shows, and MD is a nice portable technology to use. Net MD with uploads is off the hook.

    1196. Field Recordings

    Posted by Cole Vanicek on 6/20/2002, 20:24:14

    Minidisc units would be far more versatile with ability to upload to computer. I have been looking into buying a MiniDisc player/recorder in order to capture sounds, upload them to my computer then digitally edit and arrange to make electronic music composition. I am now not sure if I will purchase a MD player/recorder.

    1197. Another frustrated musician who needs upload

    Posted by Yitz on 6/21/2002, 1:19:15

    I am ready to buy a huge Archos Jukebox 20 to make a live recording of my band. Please make MD's uploadable!

    1198. MD is the premier amateur recording medium

    Posted by Berm Lee on 6/21/2002, 2:55:21

    There are not yet any medium that rivals this-- MP3 encoders are hard to find and often unreliable, and you're always worrying about running out of space or "when am I going to upload this?" I like how you can carry a pack of MDs, record a few sessions with my band, and carry the stack back. The only thing that kept me from keeping that trial MD recorder was the fact that now I have a stack, and I won't ever do anything with them because I can't edit them. To edit them, I would have to load them onto my PC. I don't have the patience to wait for "realtime" uploading.
    Please don't let this awesome medium die.

    1199. MD to PC and MD to Mac !

    Posted by JM Couturier on 6/21/2002, 5:06:39

    I am a french student in electro-acoustic music and I use an MZ-N1 to record sounds for my musical compositions. I will be glad if I could upload my recordings quickly and digitaly. A lot of students and composers are waiting for this feature.
    Moreover, as the most inportant part of the musical community, I am using a macintosh computer, so I would be enhanced if you will develop netMD solutions for mac (for example, an itunes plug-in or openMG for mac).


    Jean-Michel Couturier

    1200. Please enable digital upload

    Posted by Eric Williams on 6/21/2002, 5:09:13

    I am planning to buy an MZ-N707 to record an oral history of my family as told by aging relatives. I would dearly like to be able to transfer these recordings digitally so that I can 1) digitally edit the stories, 2) make multiple backups without sound degradation and 3) make copies for the rest of my family without degradation. This project would in no way infringe upon any copyrights. Given that NetMD already distinguishes between recordings from the mic and recordings from digital inputs, please give us the capability to transfer our own recordings digitally. If anyone has the inclination to make illegal digital recordings, they can do so with other products. Keeping this capability from MD recorders only hurts those who will use them for their own legal recordings.

    1201. upload my own music

    Posted by Toni Dabic on 6/21/2002, 6:00:24

    please enable upload of my own music

    1202. MiniDisc for Radio Interviews

    Posted by Edgar Wilson on 6/21/2002, 7:00:16

    The Sony series MDs were justifiably well recommended by the profession audio experts HHB Inc for their convenience, facilities, robustness and audio quality for radio reporters. As radio studios are becoming more and more automated, a digital upload facility from a NetMD would so simplify the procedure and make the newroom storycutting digital all the way from the microphone.

    1203. What A Disappointment!

    Posted by Cathcart Weatherly on 6/21/2002, 10:48:44

    All the technology and no way to party! Come on Sony enable digital uploading from your minidisk range.

    1204. MD to PC more important than PC to MD for me

    Posted by Dave Lewis on 6/21/2002, 12:26:32

    I wish to speak for the many people who have chosen to use Minidisc recorders to record the audio portion of a video shoot. Amateurs and professionals alike use the MD's because of the high quality and extreme portability. I own one recorder (MZ-R900) which I purchased soon after the became available. LP2 recording duration was what made it viable for me to use. A DAT recorder was never an option for me because of its cost and size.

    We record live productions with the intent of using the audio in the video edits. We MUST upload from the MD unit to PC to do this.

    Many issues can and do arise while uploading not the least of which is that the computer must be configured not to make any sounds of its own. It is cumbersome and because the process is subject to problems it is neccessary to preview the audio once it is on the PC to ensure quality. This takes time and taxes confidence.

    Due to the inherent difficulties in that process, I don't want to use the MD as an archive medium. Once I upload, I burn to CD because I can get the same file back without issues. Video projects require the files to be exact duration. Digital Video tape is an archive medium because I can recapture the identical footage because it is doing a file transfer from camcorder to PC. You sell camcorders that do this very thing. You should do the same with MD.

    Providing support for uploading analog audio from MD to PC will allow me and others like me to rely more on the MD recorder both as a source medium and as an archive medium. That would most certainly bring about more sales of blank discs and accessories. I'm predict it would explode sales of MD units.

    1205. Please allow NetMD upload

    Posted by Don Downey on 6/21/2002, 13:22:36

    Pls keep the minidisc format alive!

    1206. Please Allow Digital Upload

    Posted by Michael Brown on 6/21/2002, 14:47:00

    Dear Friends:

    Your NetMD concept is so fantastic, all it really needs to complete it is digital upload and Mac OS X support. I'm sure I speak for many artists when I say this.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    1207. sony netmd enable upload recordings to pc

    Posted by retrobongo on 6/22/2002, 3:19:45

    no shit sherlock!

    1208. It would be great if......

    Posted by Peter Timms on 6/22/2002, 8:36:02

    this feature was enabled. Our church is trying out different options for recording the service. At the moment we are trying Minidisc as opposed to MP3 on a computer. However the time taken to transport it back to a PC for editing is a real downside to this technology. For the sake of original recordings please enable this feature, thanks, Peter Timms

    1209. Net MD upload

    Posted by Paul Crivellari on 6/22/2002, 10:39:14

    As an independant filmmaker I choose the Minidisc format as an inexpensive alternative for recording sound on set, and ambient environmental recordings. I'm constantly balancing price against quality and these decisions are often made more critical due to small budgets and tight shooting and post production schedules. Adding audio upload to md would not only give me the higher quality that I need, but also save me valuable time while transferring sound to the pc.

    In my mind I see this feature as an inevitable evolution of md and one that Sony will not want to miss.

    1210. check in live audio

    Posted by S. Ansems on 6/22/2002, 12:54:51


    I want yo check in my live audio recording to my computer. I'm singing in a choir and record the singing with my minidisc recorder. But now I can't check in my live recording. It is my own recording so I want to get it on my computer!!!
    Please take care for it and make it possible to do so!! If not I won't buy any thing from Sony any more! I want to control my own recordings!! I understand that you want to protect the copying of CD's and other music, but this live roecording are my own stuff.
    Make it possible!

    1211. Sony Wake Up!! Do you really fear MD users?

    Posted by Brent Lemons on 6/22/2002, 13:41:29

    I own 5 different MD devices ranging from car to portable and have tons of music recorded on the MD format. Bought the MZ-N707 yesterday. What a great product this WOULD HAVE BEEN if I could use it to upload my existing music to my PC. I am returning the MZ-N707 today. Will buy it again once this LAME restriction is removed.

    1212. It sounds like I need to buy a digital HD recorder

    Posted by Allen Strand on 6/22/2002, 20:10:57

    As an artist/producer, the MD design issue that doesn't allow high-speed digital transfers to AND from a real-time editor for post processing is very limiting. Please add this capability to the mini-disc.

    I understand the Copyright issue. I for one don't like my works being copied but someone can always break copyright schemes. I am not convinced that adding this level of copy protection to MDs does anything other than keep them from being used for low-end recording projects. Additionally, medium budget recording projects might want to interface with digital inputs to improve the A/D conversion. With the current limitation on digitial MD transfers it doesn't sound like they can be used in my studio equipment rack.

    Please consider adding the digital to/from transfers to MD.

    1213. Waiting to buy

    Posted by Ken Mikos on 6/22/2002, 23:05:23

    I begin working on my Masters soon and am planning on recording lectures for later review. I would prefer the Mini-disc format for quality, however, I cannot spend 4 additional hours getting the information onto my PC. I was forced to buy an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder which uses a Smart Media card to store recordings. While the quality isn�t near as good, it will serve my needs. Please enhance an already wonderful technology by removing the uploading restriction.

    1214. What Sony doesn't want you to know

    Posted by michael rosen on 6/23/2002, 0:47:53

    Everyone looks at the copyright issue surrounding the inability to upload with netMD. Obviously a distraction from the real issue: Sony makes money on every minidisc that is sold. If the upload feature were added to netMD, those who use mini discs to record in the field would simply record on one or two MD's, send the recording to the computer and, if needed, burn it to (a much cheeper) CD-r. Money, as usual, is the answer; The end.

    1215. Language researchers need this feature

    Posted by H Ta on 6/23/2002, 2:53:30

    For people like me who use a lot of minidiscs to collect human speech, we definitely want this feature. SONY, please don't make your customers' life miserable when they buy your products without this feature.

    1216. Uploading is a must

    Posted by jeroen on 6/23/2002, 9:38:09

    To all Sony portable gear developpers

    For a lot of people Uploading is a must. I own a MD-player, but want to buy the N1-recorder. I only buy it if uploading is possible because i need it for making recording from our bands music. SO MAKE IS POSSIBLE OUT LOSE A POTENTIAL CLIENT!

    1217. MiniDisc to Mac Uploads.

    Posted by Gordon on 6/23/2002, 10:18:24

    A Sony Store employee lied through his teeth the other day and told me I could use the MiniDisc recorder I was about to buy from him to upload to my Mac using USB. Not entirely trusting him, I pulled out my Powerbook and puti it on the counter to test it out. He balked and then his manager announced to me that it couldn't be done. What use is this thing to me without USB uploading? I would have to take my MiniDisc player back to my house and transfer it through analog signal chain to my G3 and then ethernet that back to my Powerbook! Give me a break!? I can't believe all of the Mac audio people wouldn't be cash enough to inspire Sony to have the decency to include this obvious option. I guess since Sony is in the blank business as well as the record label business they're just trying to sell more CD's and blanks with their technology rather than enable creatives to get the job done. Another lost sale until they (or a third-party) get on board with Mac uploads. Thank god I didn't shell out 400 cash before finding out the sad truth.

    1218. It would be so much better!

    Posted by Mark on 6/23/2002, 11:15:51

    the fact that you can not upload data from the MD to the PC makes a very strong point for me not to but the Sony MZ-N1 Mini disc, i have loved using my sony MZ-R91 for over a year now for caputring audio for media projects, and the pc connection fuction of the N1 made a much better device for me to use, but when i found out that you can not upload audio to a pc i was forced to decide not to but this product.

    if this feture could be added, and say the software downloadable from the internet or shiped wil all systems it was make the Mz-N1 miles apart from other systems, which ithink it fails to do at present.

    1219. Transcribing Lectures

    Posted by John F. Wilson on 6/23/2002, 12:55:11

    One of the most useful applications of Mini Disc recorders is taking them to training classes and recording lectures. This simplifies note-taking and reduces the pressure if you miss something along the way. When transcribing lectures it would be so much easier to just copy the file to the PC and play it back with keyboard stop/start control while typing. I do not understand why this function is not available as standard - it would broaden MD's appeal enormously and make it a must-have product for every University student in the world. Surely not a small market?!

    1220. analogue dj seeking digital transfer

    Posted by Chris on 6/23/2002, 15:49:51

    As an analogue DJ I lose enough quality as it is. To be required to record through analogue port on a sound card using my MD player simply to transfer digitally recorded data is an unacceptable loss of quality, especially when a USB port is provided on the unit itself. I would have recommended to my community the use of this product if it were not for arcane attempts at copyright protection, which only hurt the recording industry.

    1221. MD to PC upload would be so useful for DJs

    Posted by David Morales on 6/23/2002, 15:57:14

    Dear Sony Designers,

    I am a professional DJ and have been using MD equipment in my mixes for 5 years now. I currently own three Sony MD units (MZR-900, MZE-900 and a MZ-N1). I use a pro MD deck as a playback device during my mixes, and my MZ-N1 to record. However if I want to record the mix into my computer for playback or burning into a CD-ROM I have to use the analog output / input of my sound card which degrades the sound quality.

    An audio upload facility would be extremely useful in terms of audio quality and time, especially since I spend in the order of hundreds of punds every month in original records.

    Thanks for your attention and time


    David Morales

    1222. MD Uploads

    Posted by Michael on 6/23/2002, 16:53:00

    I often use my MD recorder to record myself playing with my band. Unfortunatly it is impossible to upload from OpenNetMD !
    Please help us ...

    1223. Stupid Restrictions!

    Posted by Michael Walles on 6/23/2002, 17:34:20

    The first thing i wanted to do when i bought my Minidisc player was to download the music that i had recorded on a friends minidisc player from a drum and bass event put on for the Anthony Nolan Trust in the UK. Downloading the Audio would allow me to compile a cd which i could then sell to people who came to the event and who were part of the society for drum and bass which would have provided additional money to donate. Instead i had to record it live which took all of 60 min or so for each minidisc, and when i record one for 300min it will take me a few hours! What a stupid restriction, i think sony really shot themselfs in the foot, why not may dvd just read only, that would be just as clever?!

    I am hoping someone will crack the program so that i can use it as it seems a complete waste of money having the usb link and not being able to use it.


    1224. Please help make NetMD become 2nd to none!

    Posted by Barney Kahn on 6/23/2002, 18:28:00

    Dear Sony,

    I have been a audio hobbyist for over 25 years and never bought any portable audio gear,
    that is until MD arrived onto the market. And because MD has so many advantages over
    other portable audio digital devices, I feel that MD can be the number one choice for
    consumers and professionals if only a few limitations could be removed and some new
    features added.

    Allowing NetMD to quickly upload audio to the PC would greatly add to the usefulness,
    ease of use and help extend MD's market share particularly since there are other portable
    digital audio devices currently on the market that already allow for this type of function.

    Allowing NetMD to easily upload and download full quality ATRAC Type-R recordings
    even if only in real-time or faster would take full advantage of the high quality audio that
    MD is capable of. Doing so would greatly benefit audio hobbyists such as myself to keep
    the quality of my audio mixes as high as possible for use in my car and portable MD

    And finally, if future MD products could be designed to store the same amount or more
    memory than what a regular CD holds, that would effortlessly allow for CD quality on a
    MD and would greatly extend the recording/playback time in regular ATRAC and much
    more recording/playback time using compressed ATRAC (LP2/LP4)...easily making MD
    top choice for audio quality and playback time for portable audio devices.

    MD was designed with the future in mind and has nicely matured in the last 10 years.
    With the few suggestions above, I can easily see the MD format continuing to be very
    competitive even in a market where digital technology changes very rapidly.


    Barney Kahn

    1225. MD -> PC Transfers for personal recordings

    Posted by Olivier TG on 6/23/2002, 22:10:08

    I work a lot with choirs and singers, and I was hoping to make cd demos with my computer. But net MD presently doesn't allow me to transfer my recordings, and analogic tranfer causes great losses in quality. In the name of all the ones in my situation, I beg you to reconsider this restriction.

    1226. banning uploading is doing nothing but cost sony sales

    Posted by Tyler Maynard on 6/24/2002, 0:26:30

    everyone knows that music was, is, and always will be shared freely across the net. people download songs put them on cds share the cds, and they go aroundif you can put songs on a cd, you can take it and put the tracks on someone elses computer for their convienience, and nothing is wrong with that but u cant with md? not allowing us to is just one more reason to not spend our hard earned money

    1227. Please allow uploading.

    Posted by Joshua Sidwell on 6/24/2002, 2:19:01

    I am a university student who wants to be able to upload my lectures to my PC without having to record the out signal on my in port for my audio card.

    1228. I'm postponing my purchase for this...

    Posted by Patrick McNally on 6/24/2002, 2:22:31

    I'm putting off buying a MiniDisc until Sony implements this. The simple fact is, I want to be able to make digital recordings of my friends band (Car Bomb Dating - "More Rocking than a Rocking Horse"), but at the moment I don't have thousands of pounds to spend on my equipment. Come on Sony - I want an MZ-N2!

    1229. Allow uploading any kind of format vs PC

    Posted by stefano on 6/24/2002, 4:55:08

    Allow uploading any kind of format vs PC

    1230. What's up with my private records?

    Posted by Gerhard Beck on 6/24/2002, 5:03:53

    ...this limit is not accapteble!!

    1231. MD to PC

    Posted by ComaR on 6/24/2002, 6:57:21

    it would be great to record with a good quality my dj set.
    Moreover, using it for storing datas would be nice to

    1232. petition

    Posted by damien on 6/24/2002, 8:09:33

    je vote pour ce projet

    1233. md to pc upload for my mz n1

    Posted by Gilles Gottlieb on 6/24/2002, 8:36:53

    i have bought a mz n1 to make live recording of my musical group and ...
    i cannot digitally upload my recordings to my computer to work on them
    i bougth this exellent product just to do that and i feel now it is not a good choice because of this nasty limitation
    i don't care about making copies of commercial CDs. I didn't bought my recorder to do this
    please make me trust that i didn't make a mistake in buying Sony products

    1234. Re: MD to PC upload would be so useful for DJs

    Posted by G-ROM on 6/24/2002, 10:52:59 , in reply to "MD to PC upload would be so useful for DJs"

    Merci � sony de penser a nous (DJ), qui mixons a partir de vinyl et pour qui il est plus compliqu� de passer nos mix du MD au PC.Le seul moyen que j ai actuellemnt (pour ne pas perdre de qualiter) c est d enregistrer mes MD sur CD en passant par un graveur CD de salon.
    Alors s'il vous plait penser � nous, car le MD est un produit a fort potentiel qu 'il faut developper.
    Merci de toute l'attention que vous apporterez � mon message.

    1235. Theatre use

    Posted by nchstechie on 6/24/2002, 11:40:42

    I am involved in High School theatre, where we use MiniDisc estensivly, both playing sound effects, and recording our productions. Yes it is legal for each person in the crew and cast to have one copy of the show. The problem is that most people don't have MD. So without the ability to upload quickly to a PC to make a CD version, it rquires MUCH MUCH MORE TIME. Time that I don't have.

    1236. very useful for pro audio

    Posted by david cavuto on 6/24/2002, 13:04:37

    we make recordings of our own live performances. it would be extrememly useful to be able to archive and burn those performances directly to CD from the minidisk.

    1237. Sorry, I retuned my MD-payer after frustrating week

    Posted by Albert Dommer on 6/24/2002, 13:24:06

    When I learned about netMD in my electronics store I thought this is just the right thing and spontaneously bought the nice gadget. After on week I returned it: Ther is no way to operate it together with my Mac even with Virtual PC, There is no upload, the way from to MP3 to MD seems to be long and dreadful. I would have love to use MD instead of harddisk or Chipdrive based devices, but not with this present solutions...
    Sorry Sony.

    1238. netmd good, openmd software focking crappy :@

    Posted by /Timon\ on 6/24/2002, 13:24:26

    i just use a audio cable to record from my netmd recorder :D, perfect quality but not fast, but i don't mind

    1239. Please allow Digital NETMD upload.

    Posted by Gustavo Sanchez on 6/24/2002, 13:30:44

    I love the minidisc and I consider it the best portable gear in digital audio, and without the posibility to upload digital info from a MD to a computer; the "beauty" of this "beast" is gone, because if the intention of this restriction is to eliminate piracy (which I agree), is completelly absurd,becasue there are other thousand ways to copy music. So why limit the posibilities of the equipment when you can transform it into the #1 prefered gear.With all due respect, I beleive Mr. Akio Morita would wanted that way. Please follow his path providing to the consumers inovative and versatile products.

    1240. dire need to upload

    Posted by greg on 6/24/2002, 16:30:11

    Please consider a upload/path. My needs are to upload my own notes. I had hoped this function was common to the mz-n707. I was stunned at the short sightedness of Sony not to include this basic need. This will cause great disfunction in Sony's attempt to establish this format to the marketplace. Consider CNET's comments about this Sony product. Almost half who purchased the MZ-N707 are very upset including myself about the lack of the upload feature.

    1241. I want to record lectures and copy them to pc.

    Posted by Shaun Kanak on 6/24/2002, 17:12:24

    I'm looking for a way to make good quality recordings of speakers and store them on my pc. Currently, I have to copy via analog connections in real-time. This is time consuming and rediculous since there are no copyright issues involved.

    1242. Restrictions get on my nerves!

    Posted by Lucas Rendon on 6/24/2002, 19:49:17

    Come on guys! Whats with all the restrictions to upload md files? Give us consumers what we want and we'll keep on buying

    1243. I am extremely disappointed with OpenMG

    Posted by Sterling Wu on 6/25/2002, 4:35:21

    I am a dj and was hoping to use my MD as a convient way to record my music. MD's are excellent at breaking up continuous music into tracks, which is why I bought mine, however, finding that OpenMG doesn't support uploading "original" music, my sole reason for buying the damn thing, I'm left back at square one and all the poorer for my "faith" in Sony

    1244. Uploading from Net MD

    Posted by Damian Watson on 6/25/2002, 7:12:57

    Having an extensive md collection already before buying my net MD, being unable to upload my existing MD tracks onto my computer is so frustrating. Specifically this means I cannot have the existing music I own on minidisc in OPEN MG format. Sony should be very concerned about this as it destroys the 'create my own music' philosophy they communitate and I associate with sony products.

    1245. Mac support / Uploading

    Posted by S Holledge on 6/25/2002, 9:20:06

    Mac support and uploading urgently needed. Can Sony pull their collective heads out of the sand? SH

    1246. DO IT YOURSELF ! !

    Posted by Richo on 6/25/2002, 9:53:21

    Dear Sony engineers,
    Please free ourself from your proprietary code, let us write on net MD recorder what we want when and how we want ... otherwise I'll ripp all the Sony production af the world for eavrybody in the WORLD ! ! !... so be serious and give a second chance to MD ...!

    1247. MD to PC Transfer

    Posted by Steve Walker on 6/25/2002, 16:39:10

    As a musician I want to be able to record on my portal mini-disc and copy to my PC for editing. This seems like a simple request and I would like to be able to buy a new NetMD to do it - but I can't !

    1248. Our Performances need to be recorded by the best technology - yours! Please let us.

    Posted by Steve Risebury on 6/25/2002, 16:51:17

    I fully respect the copyrights held by recording artists, but the unfortunate situation is cd copiers are taking advantage of them. However, restricting uploading of MD data to PCs merely affects people like myself, who would like to archive their own musical performances on MP3.

    Please allow us to do this, and let your technology fully blossom.

    1249. What happened to 'The customer is always right'?

    Posted by Timothy Mulla on 6/25/2002, 18:04:06

    I was looking forward to buying a new NET MD to make recording and storing the counselling sessions I run easier. However when I found out I can't upload my own recordings I realised it would be a waste of time buying one.
    What I really struggle to understand is the there is a clear market for a product with this funtion but no one seems to care.
    If you are so scared of copy right abuse then may I suggest you ban recording anything and start prosecuting people.
    People will always find a way around the copy right law, but does that give you the right to make things harder for those of us who honour the law.
    As a result of your shortsightness you've lost a loyal customer. Over the past 15 years the majority of my music equipment has always been Sony. However, I've decided to stop buying your stuff and I am telling all my friends to same.
    With Sharp making strides with their own Net MD maybe they'll get smart and corner the market before you wake up.
    In a changing world companies that don't put their customer first and think long term won't last long. Don't forget what happened to IBM, Bill Gates is a richer man for their stupidity.

    1250. Upload on Net MD Please

    Posted by J Murray on 6/25/2002, 18:25:59

    Hello, I use my net md walkman to record my friend's band, and he always asks if I can burn him a CD so he can play it in his car, at home or even send it off to record lables. It is such a hassle to do this, as I have to go to another friends house who happens to have a sound card with digital inputs. I'd love to be able to upload the music to my PC using USB then burn it from my CD writer. I hope you will be able to produce a new version of the PC Software that will enable this useful function. Many Thanks in advance, J. Murray - UK

    1251. My Recording, My Copyright... Common Guys

    Posted by Stephen Lantz on 6/25/2002, 19:58:56

    Please allow me to access my own recordings with technology from this century.

    Thank you in advance.

    [email protected]

    1252. Audio gathering for video use

    Posted by Bill Wallace on 6/25/2002, 20:07:31


    I saw my first Net MD units earlier this year while my wife and I were in Hong Kong. I thought that I had found the perfect device for recording audio for video, good sound quality, small size, and MD robustness. I did not purchase it immediately since I was not familiar with the technology.

    I made the correct decision not to buy at this time since there is no digital upload capability via USB. I would rather not have to run my video through the units Digital Analog Converter and then my audio cards Analog Digital Converter wit