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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    600. Pour le prix...

    Posted by Christophe Aeschlimann on 5/10/2002, 9:01:29

    Il me semble que pour le prix que l'on paie ces MiniDisc on aurait au moins le droit d'avoir un bon logiciel (ce qui n'est pas le cas) parceque votre OpenMG Jukebox est une vraie M... ! Il me semble que pour une firme qui se dit professionnelle...utiliser une base de donn�e access c'est le comble ! Je poss�de un grande quantit�e de mp3 et j'ai tout bonnement arr�t� d'essayer de les y entrer car c'est tout bonnement impossible car bcp trop lent.

    De plus il es imp�ratif d'ajouter cette fonction Upload ce qui pourrait m�me �tre fait au travers d'un correctif logicil car le firmware de vos NetMD est stock� sur une flash donc pas de probl�me pour la mise � jour !

    Merci de tenir compte de la voie du peuple !

    Christophe Aeschlimann : Switzerland.

    601. The ultimate improvement

    Posted by Stephen Emmell on 5/10/2002, 10:38:07

    I am hereby signing this petition. The 'upload feature' would truly make this device the top of the line personal audio unit.

    602. I'm a musician

    Posted by tonin on 5/10/2002, 10:42:28

    ... and i need to transfer live recordings on my PC

    603. Uploading and Mac support

    Posted by Mark Stroup on 5/10/2002, 11:01:04

    I'm an amateur musician and field recorder. The ability to upload music/voice in one easy method and NetMD support for a Macintosh OS are two crucial factors in my next purchasing decision.

    604. Sony, evolve...

    Posted by Harald on 5/10/2002, 13:54:00

    Dear SOny,

    For so many years, you made uncomplete products, whether cool designed or nice-featured. Take the step into 21st century now: complete products.

    Redesign Software, free it like said here (audio upload, simpler music download), flash hardware for full compliance with MP3.

    Or else you're not worth your place, consumers are ranking you.

    Harald from Vienna
    [email protected]


    Posted by Phil Altamura on 5/10/2002, 14:40:46



    Posted by JERRY COLON on 5/10/2002, 14:45:44

    Not having the upload available is hurting MD now. I hope that I don't have to say goodbye to the format.

    It is much better than CD but it is not flexing its muscle. ---> Thanks again Sony!

    607. A necessary feature

    Posted by Mauro Medda on 5/10/2002, 17:46:42

    A necessary feature

    608. I'm So disappointed

    Posted by Jason Ellis on 5/10/2002, 18:16:40

    This is so disappointing. I was exstatic to get this machine and then read about all this copy right protection. I don't want to steal music, I want to make my own, and upload it to computer, I want to record my family history with a mic and upload it to computer, I want to be able to upload my music to my second computer if I want. What is this?! I'm definetly going to be returning this item and spreading the word to other people. SOny how could you

    609. Sooner or later.

    Posted by Kevin Humble on 5/10/2002, 19:50:19

    I understand that there is a desire to protect recording rights but this is over the top. If the situation does not change sooner or later somene somewhere is going to crack the protection system. You can bet that they will not just enable this vital missing facility - it will become totaly un-restricted. Upload, download,copy do what you want.

    Unless things change this is bound to happen.

    610. Just one more step to take...

    Posted by Cristobal Negrete on 5/10/2002, 22:56:52

    Dear Sony Designers

    In my humble opinion, there's one final step to be taken to make minidisc a fully-functional state of the art technology: netmd uploads. Please develop this technology, as it is already possible with your direct competion (mp3 players) and would put minidisc back on top as it deserves to be.


    611. My MD stole my Copyright!

    Posted by Paul Cameron on 5/10/2002, 23:38:50

    And I can't get it back! My MD will only let me listen to what I have painstakingly recorded for use in my compositions.
    I recently bought an N1 recorder (after much deliberating over what would be the best portable recording medium for my use), thinking that it was capable of the fastest transfer between MD and PC of the sony range. It turns out I needednt have spent all that money on it at all as I can't download things any faster than 1x anyway, AND I didn't need to wait for the built-in USB feature either!
    After watching introductory MD advertising campaigns and being fascinated with the technology ever since, I'm now terribly disappointed by yet another electronic product that doesn't deliver in the key areas it should.

    612. Please "just do it"

    Posted by Yang Zhou on 5/11/2002, 4:39:52

    just do it

    613. Please do it!

    Posted by Peter Sorensen on 5/11/2002, 8:05:44

    This would mean a huge improvement

    614. There is no reason not to add UPLOAD!!

    Posted by Carlos Centilmen on 5/11/2002, 8:33:17

    If YOU (Sony) are worried about copy protection / pirating CDs or internet audio... Well too late, the CDRW drives have already taken care of that. Now there is no excuse. So get with the program and become a true Sony (VAIO) company!!

    615. I bought this product to record live music

    Posted by Roger Holmes on 5/11/2002, 8:40:50

    I am in a small band and bought this device to help us to write songs and rehearse. I also organise school musical events and intended to record these.

    I specifically bought the most expensive model to obtain both the mic recording input and the Net MD capability as my laptop is the centre of my recording, digital photo, etc world.

    I also recommended it to my neighbour on the same basis (she's in a jazz band). She was concerened about having to move to analog and back to digital and I actually told her that the Net MD would avoid all that.

    We both bought machines and no-one in the Sony shop warned us about this limitation. In fact it was only several weeks later when I first recorded my band and tried to transfer the files to my laptop that I realised the limitation.

    I feel very let down by Sony both for myself and in terms of my recommending it to a friend.

    I also cannot understand the reasoning. Assuming that it is based on not wanting to encourage pirating music, I would have thought that vast vast majority of that is based on copying already recorded music from a computer CD or downloaded files, both of which are supported (indeed are the very basis of the Net MD idea) although with some restrictions.

    Diabling the download of files recorded on the minidisc itself, however, has very little impact on the amount of music pirated, but interferes with key functionality that people will have bought the mic recording models for.

    This really does need to rectified, or I for one will think very carefully before buying any Sony products in the future.

    616. Musician/Sounddesigner

    Posted by Johan Salomonsson on 5/11/2002, 9:03:15

    An upload feature would be a great addition.
    Since I record outdoor soundeffects it should be so easy to just record and then transfer to PC for further editing. No hassle with DAT tapes and rewind/forward.
    Also useful when recording/mastering your own songs as a musician. This feature should make many professional musicians/sounddesigners considering the minidisc as a really serious tool.

    //Johan, Sweden

    617. Recording of lectures

    Posted by Philip F on 5/11/2002, 12:00:36

    Personally, it would be a great help to be able to upload at faster than realtime for me because of the sheer quantity of material I will be recording from class lectures and so forth. This would help me quickly move everything to my computer so that I don't have to carry around a whole slew of MDs in order to make sure I catch everything in class. Once I have it on my computer, it would also make it easier to edit it for studying purposes.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.



    618. Akio Morita's Dream

    Posted by Patricio Marchant on 5/11/2002, 13:11:30

    Dear SONY Leaders:

    I am sure that you like Akio Morita dream SONY to be leader in technology and the market.Please, try to add the uploading to PC to your magnificents MD recorders and why not to ad a radio like you did in the MZ-F40.

    As an old SONY customer I hope to hear good news from you and be able to transfer my MD recordings to my SONY VAIO Notebook.

    Thanks for the good music and moments you are giving us

    Patricio Marchant

    619. please please....................add upload feature

    Posted by S.Nuntapoom on 5/11/2002, 14:07:36

    please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please....................

    620. Please extend NetMD and add upload

    Posted by Stephen Seay on 5/11/2002, 16:20:24

    I have been a Minidisc user for years. Please reconsider your policy regarding allowing uploads from NetMD Players. I have just purchased a New Sony NetMD Player and would like to use the missing Upload fucntionality.

    621. No point in NetMD without an upload capability

    Posted by Thomas on 5/11/2002, 23:12:19

    I'm looking into purchasing a broadcast quality digital field recording system. The MD format is ideal and all aspects of the new NetMD system seem great except that you simply can't upload your field recordings! WHY???

    622. Open MG Jukebox

    Posted by Jeff Anderson on 5/12/2002, 0:03:25

    What a gret product. You could finally have a winner, but not with the current restrictions.

    623. final solution of the md problem

    Posted by saif aziz rizvi on 5/12/2002, 8:09:58

    uploading will finally rid the md the menace of the mp3 cd players and digital players......go on sony go for the knock out punch

    624. Complete the loop

    Posted by Adam Hearn on 5/12/2002, 11:01:01

    You supply a MIC for some NetMD models - surely live recordings have a place on a PC as well as music?

    625. The only way to go

    Posted by Julian Jares on 5/12/2002, 15:11:44

    I use my minidisc to record my university classes. Not copyrighted content. Not having upload capabilities means I loose ~2hrs each class uploading the tracks for my classmates.

    626. A must for this product

    Posted by Jim Gisler on 5/12/2002, 15:51:24

    The primary reason for purchase of MZ-N707 was to make audio recordings, microphone and transfet to my PC for further editing (CD burn, etc. Imagine my surprise after spending $400 that I CANNOT do this. The Best Buy guy says I can use a mini plug cable to bring the sount in through my sound card. It seems wrong to go record digital, transfer through audio and then go back to digital on the PC. I am sure a lot is lost in all the translation. I hope you will incluse this feature in a soon to be released softwae update. Thanks!

    627. Please give us more control

    Posted by Jeremy Chrzan on 5/12/2002, 16:31:57

    Representatives of sony,
    I currently own a sony MD player which does not have the NET MD function, but was planning on purchasing the 707 model. Unfortunately, I read quite a few reviews from users which said that the Net MD was very restrictive. The fact of the matter is that if you're contantly changing the songs that you upload to your player, you're obviously going to upload some songs more than 2 times. This restriction about number of uploads in conjunction with the inability to move my live recordings to my computer (which I must do on an almost weekly basis at band practice and shows) makes it seem like a waste of money to go out and get this new model when it really doesn't do all that much more than the older sony model I've got. Please look at fixing these restrictions on Net MD so that minidisc can be the media choice that it should be.
    Thanks for listening
    -Jeremy Chrzan

    628. What a bummer :(

    Posted by xinti on 5/12/2002, 17:55:04

    I'm a musician and bought the MZ-N505 so i could sample sounds on my coming holiday in ysland to transfer those samples with as less as possible sound degradation to my pc to make music with find out that there is no possibillity to transfer those sounds to my pc??? ( What a bummer, i'm not sure if i should take it back to the store and get the money back.....don't want that, cause for everything else i like the thing....

    could there pleeeze be this 1 extra function???

    tnx anyway...


    629. just a nice extra function

    Posted by Dennis on 5/12/2002, 18:02:46

    by making this possible the md format hasn't got any disadvantages compared to the better mp3 players who do support that

    630. live recordings

    Posted by jeff garbutt on 5/12/2002, 19:19:17

    One of the most under-used capabilities of minidisk is their excellent recording capabilities, especially for live performances.
    But those of us who record our practice and live sessions also need th capability to upload our music to computer for further processing and storage. Please give us a MD-upload facilty.

    631. Recording my band...

    Posted by Dan Shoop on 5/12/2002, 20:23:22

    I use MD to record my band in concert; if there was a quick, digital way of getting the recordings to my computer, it would save me LOADS of time.

    632. Customer Request

    Posted by Chris on 5/12/2002, 22:43:19

    You Customers want a net md upload feature, you should respond unless you want your customers to go elsewhere for their portable music.

    633. is there something better than music?

    Posted by k b on 5/13/2002, 8:39:47

    just let them build, their build is air for us, music and technology lovers

    634. Please!!

    Posted by Brian Hubert on 5/13/2002, 9:46:50

    I use my MD to record band practice and would love to be able to upload it to my computer.

    635. Musicians will abandon MD format

    Posted by Nathan Logus on 5/13/2002, 10:23:46

    I know alot of musicians who are switching to USB drive/mp3 recorders (I bought a NetMD, but may also switch formats). MD vendors who want to hold on to their customers will add MD->pc upload features.

    636. A must before MD will be a big hit

    Posted by Nick Wiley on 5/13/2002, 10:43:19

    I'm a 14 year old musician and I was about to buy a netMD player till I found out that you can't upload it. I mean that's just insane. It would be really useful because I could record my lessons and stuff but it's a waste of money and a no good feature unless you Sony makes the recordings uploadable. I guess it's just Sony's way of making you buy a separate MD player but I'm just gonna wait.

    637. yes-it is needed sucks though i would have to buy a new one to get it.

    Posted by Kevin on 5/13/2002, 12:31:44

    add it--dont like waiting in real time to upload live shows

    638. (no subject)

    Posted by sheep on 5/13/2002, 12:35:47

    its easy!
    sony will add this option or
    we all use in future only mp3
    and forget minidisk.
    so i will do!

    639. Please go ahead with the upload feature!!

    Posted by Alex Karargyris on 5/13/2002, 12:42:49

    I am new minidisc fan!I am 100% sure that the upload feature will attract far more customers to the minidisc market. I am a student in engineers and a lot of my collegues are very interested in buying an NetMD recorder in the upcoming months. They say if the NetMD had enambled the upload feature they would have gone right now with the buy.

    640. Try to trust those who buy Sony

    Posted by Shinrae on 5/13/2002, 12:48:58

    Next 10 year WE will evaluate if you tried to listen to us.

    641. MD is the format of the future; Give us full digital control

    Posted by Joe Consola on 5/13/2002, 14:47:59

    MD and Digital music go hand-in-hand. Please add the feature set that will make our investment in MD secure well into the future. NetMD and MP3 make a perfect couple.

    642. The REAL digital initiative

    Posted by MuzikJunky on 5/13/2002, 16:17:28

    MiniDisc users, the digital illuminati, should be able to do the same things with MD as with CD. Obviously MD-to-anything copies are not allowed (as it should be), but allowing users to upload their tracks to a computer should be a non-issue. NOW HOW ABOUT MAC OS X SUPPORT FOR NET MD AND OPEN MG? Peace.

    643. Make the Best Even Better!

    Posted by Eddie on 5/13/2002, 21:53:44

    Nuff said

    644. NetMD - Musician's Powerful Tool

    Posted by Ben Watters on 5/13/2002, 22:11:28

    I use NetMD to do music recordings which I import into my computer via analog. I have to do this to burn them onto a CD, which is the unfortunate medium of choice by so many. However, in converting them, I loose so much of the quality of the original recording. Allowing for digital uploads would not only make my job easier, but also it would make my end results better as well. Please take us consumers and musicians into consideration, Sony.

    Ben Watters

    645. uploading field recordings to pc

    Posted by daniel trewartha on 5/13/2002, 23:25:25

    when i first heard about net md i was very excited. i had been planing to by a portable unit to record environmental sounds, then alter them on pc, and thought the net md would be perfect. alas the new system does not allow uploading, and i am unsure if i will now purchase one.
    also another feature i would love to see, is radio record on a portable unit.if this is available in the near future im getting it straight away! looking forward to future developments, thankyou, daniel trewartha

    646. md

    Posted by jskmm on 5/14/2002, 1:26:53

    ������ �ݿ���~�÷�

    647. Upload is needed to keep format alive and growing.

    Posted by Brad on 5/14/2002, 2:25:37

    Please allow this new format that you have created to be used to its fullest potential.

    648. Upload

    Posted by Sascha Beaumont on 5/14/2002, 4:07:56

    While I love the minidisc for recording live performances, jam sessions and the occassional speech, the hassle of transfering from MD to PC via analogue cable could be well avoided with the addition of the features petitioned here. I brought my particular model for the increased speed of transfer with the USB cable. I was led to beleive that the upload feature existed, and to later find that as a copy-protection measure this was unavailable. I would have thought transferring from mp3 to the MD is a higher cause for concern. Please enable a two way transfer method, this incomplete system we are currently dealing with is far from satisfactory.

    Yours, Sascha Beaumont.

    649. MiniDiscs are a Singer/Songwriters Favorite Tool!

    Posted by Christopher Meyer on 5/14/2002, 10:00:03

    I utilize the MiniDisc player to record my ideas while on the road. What a great tool for the confines of a tour bus or hotel room to capture new ideas! The MiniDisc would be an even better tool if the files could transfer directly to the laptop for storage and manipulation.

    Please consider allowing files to upload via the USB. Thank you, Christopher

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