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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    50. I miss USB upload on my SONY MZ-N1, please make it possible in next OpenMG release!

    Posted by John Kenneth Grytten on 4/30/2002, 15:48:28

    IMHO it is meaningless to not allow USB transfer... At least it should be possible for mono-aural recordings (for interviews etc).

    51. NetMD audio upload would make minidiscs perfect

    Posted by Chris Zirker on 4/30/2002, 15:58:30

    I play alto saxophone in a jazz band, and many of my friends and relatives frequently request recordings of my band. Having NetMD audio upload would make e-mailing my own recordings much easier and faster. Also, I have made attempts at recording myself playing and mixing different parts I've written together, and it is much easier to do on the computer, but it is very difficult and cumbersome to upload all these tracks through analog cables. NetMD audio upload would be a useful tool for me and and other musicians like me who can't afford expensive recording equipment. Please add audio upload. Thanks!

    52. please add audio upload capability

    Posted by Wesley d'Haene on 4/30/2002, 15:58:38


    53. Please add uploading

    Posted by Mikail on 4/30/2002, 16:00:31

    I play the trumpet, and it would be much easier for me to upload my recordings, thanks

    54. Please add uploading for musicians!

    Posted by Matt Sanders on 4/30/2002, 16:22:29

    I use my Sony Minidisc recorder to record rehearsals and live performances for my two bands. It is extremely helpful, but it would be so much easier to be able to quickly upload the recordings to my PC for editing purposes. PLEASE add this functionality to your Minidisc line-up. It would be such a great thing; I'd go out and buy a new recorder immediately!

    55. NetMD Upload Please!

    Posted by Joe on 4/30/2002, 16:24:03

    some mp3 based hardware players allow upload to PC. Minidisc is my format of choice as the media is cheap but most importantly very reliable.

    It would be great if you were to add the upload feature to continue minidiscs competitive edge

    thank you

    56. Audio uploading

    Posted by Morgan Rivalin on 4/30/2002, 16:28:35

    Please add the hi speed audio uploading to your NetMD system. It will make the system perfect!

    Thanks for considering my point of view, as MD for 5 years now.


    Posted by Rick Lewis on 4/30/2002, 16:31:49

    Like minidisc -- would love it if I could upload my daily disctation to my computer, so my "voice recognition" software could transcribe it -- why not?

    58. Please allow the upload for NetMD

    Posted by Stuart Howlette on 4/30/2002, 16:35:10

    if the audio upload was allowed, it would spur many, including myself into buying into the product. Even limitations to what you can do with it would suit me, as long as i could do it.

    59. please add audio upload

    Posted by K Li on 4/30/2002, 16:49:55

    I have been a devoted sony consumer as long as i can remember. Sony devices were the first products I purchased when my family immigrated to America.

    Recently, though, Sony products seem to have fallen behind the technology curve. The entire clie line is devoid of any feasible wireless access, sony's own mp3 player is trapped by its own software.

    It brings me to my next point. Sony nearly missed the enormous potential of the minidisc format until someone created a digital to USB cable that revived the format. It seems that the company recognized this sort of rebirth and have been updating and marketing the next generation of minidisc technology.

    If sony is determined to remain a player in the future of digital music, there are only two options -- litigate against consumers' right to make copies or innovate. By adding an upload feature, in whatever form (other than analog), it would help stimulate the platform, aiding in consumer adoption.

    Please add this function. I would rather not purchase a device made by another manufacturer as I am a devoted sony consumer.

    60. please add the feature to copy directly from MD to PC

    Posted by Christian Becker on 4/30/2002, 16:51:08

    Please add this feature. It would be wonderful to have an easy way of copying my own recordings to PC to make it available for other people.
    Tnx, CB

    61. NetMD Upload

    Posted by Andy Adams on 4/30/2002, 16:51:50

    Having been a minidisc fanatic for 7 years (and having sold it to many of my friends), I can not wait to receive my first NetMD recorder. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to upload songs to the computer, and I hope that you will reconsider this functionality.
    One of the great things that minidiscs are used for is recording voice material by microphone. When one of my colleagues left last year, I brought my portable minidisc in and had everybody record their impressions. Blending that in with music from the time he was here was going to make it the perfect going-away gift. Trying to the get what we recorded to the PC so I could put it on a CD was a nightmare. He was a big mp3 player fan and we went back and forth about which was better, and he won in this instance.
    Hopefully, this will be rectified as soon as possible.

    62. Please add an Audio Upload Feature

    Posted by Neiertz Tom on 4/30/2002, 17:20:34

    Please add an Audio Upload Feature
    Thank you

    63. Please add audio upload functionality to NetMD

    Posted by James Crawford on 4/30/2002, 17:41:40

    Please add the above-mentioned functionality; it would make MiniDisc product the most desireable and best-selling digital audio format on the market.

    64. Faster than 1x uploading

    Posted by Nicholas on 4/30/2002, 17:58:38

    Definitly include this feature as it would make putting live recordings on the PC for mixing, etc... As MD needs to survive and this would make MD a 'complete' digital system and make it more popular.

    Also, for downloading please make it possible for standard ATRAC files to be downloaded faster than realtime. As I find having the limit of LP2 a bit dissapointing to say the least!

    65. Adding upload function is a matter of survival for the MD format

    Posted by Olaf Boedecker on 4/30/2002, 18:07:18

    I think it would be in your best interest to add an audio upload function to Net MD. I suspect that MD is really in danger of becoming obsolete otherwise, which would be really sad, since it is the most fascinating format around.
    Please go and create a unit that is capable of uploading!

    66. NetMD Audio upload from MD to computer

    Posted by Ofer Fuchs on 4/30/2002, 18:14:08

    Minidisc is a great format, but it really needs compressed audio upload to make it complete. Please do what's right for Minidisc and its users!

    67. It's what customers want

    Posted by Kingsley Smith on 4/30/2002, 18:34:31

    My customers want upload via USB to a PC, not for piracy, but for their own live recordings.
    Surely if they were wanted to copy they would just do so from CD.

    Add the feature to the software if possible, if not the next gen of hardware

    68. My Music is Trapped on MD

    Posted by Michael Worrell on 4/30/2002, 18:52:51

    Net MD is a great idea that has been a long time coming, but a two way street between the device and a PC is what it's going to take to get me to bite, and I'm a big fan of the format.

    69. Interviewing

    Posted by Peter Cowan on 4/30/2002, 18:56:18

    As someone that uses my minidisc player for recording interviews for radio, I urge you to PLEASE give the netMD software the ability to upload audio data to the computer.

    70. Help me to maximize my time!

    Posted by Tony Wall on 4/30/2002, 19:01:45

    I currenly am forced to "upload" or record my MD recordings (live seminars) via coaxial digital from my Sony JB940 Deck. Quality is perfect, but the problem is speed. 5 hours takes 5 hours. I am running out of time. (Aren't we all?) Please consider adding this feature to your MiniDisc line in some way. I will be among the first to buy your new product.

    71. MD format should be more popular in America if...

    Posted by Ronald Shikiya on 4/30/2002, 19:03:12

    ...its true potential is achieved. Real competicion with the CD-RW format it is just in the corner. Audio upload and download to a computer will definitely do it.

    72. Why I don't use my MD much anymore

    Posted by Matt Burt on 4/30/2002, 19:05:20

    I record (legal) live stuff. NetMD sounded promising, but it does nothing for my application. If I could upload I might consider getting a new MD recorder.

    73. Sorely disappointed when I found out

    Posted by James Watts on 4/30/2002, 19:09:42

    I think NetMD and MiniDisc format is awesome and really serves a niche here in the US. But have you asked yourselves why it hasn't really caught on here? It's because we aren't able to do live recordings and UPLOAD in "file" format or NetMD format. This would really make a huge difference here I believe. It's just to cumbersome to do a live recording, then have to take the time to do an analog UPLOAD in realtime. You have the technology and please give it to us.

    Jim Watts

    74. I do not want a second deck

    Posted by Josema Alonso on 4/30/2002, 19:19:11

    Dear Sirs,

    I've tried to use my brand new MZ-N1 as a replacement for my TCD-D8 portable DAT recorder.

    Unfortunately I cannot.

    I make legal live recordings with my DAT and then upload them for editing to my PC using the digital out of my D8.

    Since my MZ-N1 doesn't have a digital out I can't.

    A much better solution would be to let us go from our NetMD->PC using your software. Please, let us do it. If only for analog recordings would be enough for me. Then I should be able to transform to WAV or other uncompressed format and edit them to make samples or copies for my friends.

    Hope you finally listen to us. We deserve it.

    Best Regards.

    75. Do it and you'll make tons more money

    Posted by J on 4/30/2002, 19:19:52


    76. MD Uploading

    Posted by Cesar Castano on 4/30/2002, 19:27:02

    The format should be modified to have a way (may be in the TOC) to establish the source of the music files ( analog input, digital input, PC Downloaded, and Protected for those files you don't want to allow copy )

    77. Take on MP3 players and win!!

    Posted by Neil Deadman on 4/30/2002, 19:30:32

    I think that as todays technology advances MiniDisc will be left behind if this feature is not implemented and fast!!!

    Make MiniDisc win the battle with MP3 players by making an exsisting portable format equal to its rivals. You could even add a Memory Stick slot in the deck to give a wider audience and allow future compatibility!!!


    78. Even more editablilty

    Posted by Matt Hendrickson on 4/30/2002, 19:34:47


    Audio upload to a computer would work great for me! I record live music regularly (mostly from my church) and then try to archive it to my PC. This process is lengthy and archaic and results in a whole lot of distortion. Digital uploading would a) make my archiving process much easier; b) allow me to reduce my inventory of loose md's ;c) allow me to maintain recording quality in my archives; and d) (most importantly to Sony) encourage me to buy a new MD recorder! I've been awaiting this function for about 3 1/2 years now, and have been holding off purchase of a new recorder until this feature is added. I use my current recorder/player 10-15 hours a week and the wear is starting to show. I really want a new one, but I think I'll probably hold off untill digital audio upload is available.

    Thanks for listening!

    Matt Hendrickson

    79. Pleeeeeeeeeease add audio upload...

    Posted by Sanny Marr on 4/30/2002, 20:23:35

    allowing audio upload will benefit all minidisc users for sure!!!

    80. Net MD Uploading audio capability.

    Posted by Max Forkel on 4/30/2002, 20:25:35

    As others have already expressed the portable MD recorder is an excellent
    and easy recording medium except for its its lack of digital and fast
    uploading capabilities... for people who record live (legally recorded) music
    this added feature would make us much happier... our only options
    now are to record digitally , upload by analog at real time, subjecting the
    signal to several AD to DA to AD passes before having a digital signal
    to master in the computer... sometimes working , most times degrading our
    hopefully good master. The NET MD could replace DAT tapes completely
    if it used its USB capabilities to its fullest. Please listen to the legal tapers
    and users of your equipment and develop the MD Net to its full capabilities.

    81. Please

    Posted by Yosef Blanche on 4/30/2002, 21:11:05

    I have owned the MZ-N1 for about a month now and the only thing it lacks is the upload capability. Being a student, I love you minidisc to record lectures or to make my own study notes however, I am limited by not being able to upload and edit the discs. It would be greatly appreciated if this ability to upload recordings were permitted. As a committed minidisc user, I beg you to implement this feature in the next generation of players.

    Thank you.

    82. Minidisc Feature

    Posted by ihyei on 4/30/2002, 21:17:10

    Please help minidisc maintain an edge. We have to try to make these new minidisc recorders better than anything out there. This will help keep the minidisc format alive! thanks


    Posted by Roger Tseng on 4/30/2002, 21:26:32

    Sony, Please allow audio upload! the potential of NetMD has yet to be reached with the current restrictions! please. it would be a huge benefit to the international MD community.!

    Roger Tseng

    84. Net-MD Uploading

    Posted by James Baummer on 4/30/2002, 21:39:05

    Sony, you should change OpenMG to allow uploading. Yes, it will help people to steal music but it is vital for people recording concerts etc to be allowed to upload faster then real-time.

    85. Audio Upload

    Posted by Howard Bernier on 4/30/2002, 21:50:40

    Please add Macintosh support ! You've got a winning product. Let's make it the BEST !!

    86. Audio Uploading

    Posted by Kyle Paul on 4/30/2002, 22:14:29

    Everyone has already said what needs to be said. Please seriously consider adding this option. I don't want to see MP3 players take over the market here in the US.

    Thank you.

    87. Add audio upload - archiving medical school lectures

    Posted by Christopher Plescia on 4/30/2002, 22:17:10

    Not everyone is interested in pirating music. I am a medical student and I was hoping to be able to archive old lectures on my hard drive using the minidisc format. The lack of uploading functionality has been a real dissapointment with this unit.

    88. No new Piracy issues

    Posted by John Livdahl on 4/30/2002, 23:04:41

    Since Net MD marks all PC downloaded tracks just don't allow a PC downloaded track to be uploaded and the Net MD upload feature doesn't expose any new piracy issues. If some one can record a cd on a md then upload it they could also RIP the CD directly on the PC with out the MD compression loss.

    Please add upload for non-pc music soon...


    89. I am returning my MD MZ-N707 because it doesn't upload.

    Posted by Brian Asaro on 4/30/2002, 23:11:46

    I bought my MD because I thought it could I realize it doesn't do that. I waited over a month while it was on backorder because it was so new it hadn't hit the shelves yet, then I find it doesn't upload. I want to return it because it is otherwise useless to me. I bought it solely for recording live music that I could transfer onto my PC in MP3 format. I just got it the other day, it's brand new and I haven't even used it yet. After I read the manual and realized there was no facility to upload, I decided I'd return it. There's no way I'm paying $230 for something that won't do what I wanted it for. But I just remembered about this site and I was surprised to see this topic right on the front page, so it obviously a hot topic. And now I realize there are so many like me that need this feature to make the MD useful. I also realize that for this upload feature to happen, it would most likely be an all software solution, meaning that I could keep my hardware and wait for an update to the NetMD software. But I have roughly 25 days left to return my item free of charge and I will do so unless I know for sure that Sony will make this upload feature happen. Please SONY, let people like me know you will include this feature so I am not forced to return it. I have 25 days left.

    90. why not?

    Posted by Warren Bowman on 4/30/2002, 23:25:01

    I don't see why audio upload isnt aleady an enabled feature. I have bought eight MD decks or portables over the years, each time to take advantage of new features. Without audio upload, I may just skip buying any NetMD gear, and keep using what I have.

    91. Only thing holding me back from purchasing a NetMD

    Posted by Kyall Glennie on 4/30/2002, 23:34:20

    I own a Sony MZR-700, and I love the machine. I would purchase a NetMD if only if offered upload capabilities.

    Currently I do not record a lot of analog, but I plan on doing so if I had the capacity to upload it quickly and without sacrificing quality. It is very important for me to have this feature before I purchase another Minidisc unit.

    Please take serious this petition; your customers are die-hard fans who only seek the best out of their equipment!

    92. Audio upload

    Posted by Robert Matrai on 4/30/2002, 23:34:56

    I'd like to upload my old (3-4 years old) music to my PC so i can recorded to my new NetMD in LP2 or LP4 mode.

    93. campus radio

    Posted by Billy Tan on 5/1/2002, 1:37:38

    i used to do a show for school, and always had to do my recording in school. an uploading fucntion would give me the flexibility to work from home with my MD. i would buy straightaway if u added an uploading function.

    94. Add this function please!!!

    Posted by Max Gross on 5/1/2002, 1:49:21

    To who it may concern (any and all representatives of Sony) I would like to first like to express my absolute love for your Japanese domestic products that in more ways then I could possibly describe make my life wonderful and more convenient. However, with the possibly of adding an upload feature to minidisc I can without question say that you have the chance to outdo yourselves. I make live recordings of nature sounds to my minidisc and then edit them for use as samples in my dj mixes for songs (it�s a personal hobby), and to have an upload feature would save me a great deal of time and sound quality. If you do come out with a minidisc unit with this feature I will be sure to purchase it, as I am already quite happy with my MZ- R00, and MZ-N1. And I think that to add another would not be out of the question.
    Thank you

    95. Audio Upload

    Posted by Iain Frew on 5/1/2002, 1:57:23

    Please provide data transfer from NETMD to PC for live recordings editing/remastering. Mini CD portable recorders are scarce at the moment but more will follow. Mini DVD portable recorders are just around the corner with huge capacity potential. Both formats will soon be manufactured similar in size to minidisc, with power consumption to match and will be a huge threat. I expect we are still approx. 2 years away from 2nd generation recorders so there is nice market window opportunity for NETMD. Since you have the technical capability at your fingertips now, please take the next step with NETMD and provide what your customers are asking for..if may be too late.

    96. this is a long awaited feature...

    Posted by Benjamin Ho on 5/1/2002, 1:58:57

    i currently do lots of self-recording for archival purposes. this includes live performances. i'm pretty sure the reason we have this petition is because of the fact that we felt that this would be such a great attribute of the NetMD format.

    we really hope you consider this feature. thank you.

    97. Audio upload

    Posted by James Nakashima on 5/1/2002, 2:02:20

    This is the only feature missing from making NetMD a perfect product, in my eyes.

    98. A Great Idea

    Posted by Derek Ju on 5/1/2002, 2:09:07

    I think adding an upload feature would be an excellent addition to the NetMD technology as it would not pose a threat to any piracy.

    99. Audio upload is a must for music creators

    Posted by Kalin Fetvadjiev on 5/1/2002, 2:42:34

    I have a recent example on this one: a band asked me to record one of their lives. I did it, it sound great, but now they want the recording available on tape and cd. Audio upload would make this task a trivial one, whereas now I have to take my time and spend >1h, and still I am not sure of the results.

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