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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    1050. My Rehersals

    Posted by Stephan on 6/12/2002, 5:11:12

    I'm playing in a band as many others on this petition and I need the upload feature, because it's MY MUSIC and I don't know who would be interested in preventinting me from dubbing my OWN tunes ... the 707 could be THE killer thing for any musician !!

    1051. MD naar PC

    Posted by Marcel on 6/12/2002, 7:05:36


    1052. Active upload

    Posted by YODA44 on 6/12/2002, 8:47:12

    Active Upload !

    1053. Love to transfer choral recording to PC

    Posted by JC Trouilhet on 6/12/2002, 9:06:35

    I was planning to by the Sony MZ-N1 for making recording of my mother's choral and transfer the recording to CDs using my computer. As I cannot yet upload NetMD recording, I'll have to wait for the Upload facility to be enabled before I can purchase the equipment.

    1054. Let me use my NetMD!

    Posted by Keeran Hawoldar on 6/12/2002, 9:09:36

    Why so restrictive? This unit cost a fortune and can't do half of the things the packaging leads you to believe. Sort it out please!

    1055. Let me download

    Posted by Russ on 6/12/2002, 10:16:29

    I made a legit copy of a cd to md on one pc then tried to check out the files to my other pc with no luck, please allow me to upload the songs to my PC

    1056. NetMD

    Posted by Antonio Nocera on 6/12/2002, 12:02:05

    You should allow users to upload to PC. I am a huge fan of your products, buy I have always resented the fact that you trade features and quality parts for future business and upgrades. From the current NetMD issues to your cheap lasers in cd players and overall TERRIBLE cheapness in construction of your PS1 and PS2 consoles, you need to respect your customers a little more.

    1057. Upload of music recording

    Posted by Mike Farnsworth on 6/12/2002, 12:09:16

    As a musician, it would be very desirable to be able to upload music recorded onto minidisc onto my PC, even if it stayed in ATRAC3 format.

    1058. uploading of recorded tracks would make me buy one

    Posted by thomas hallaran on 6/12/2002, 12:11:57

    I am a journalist with the saint louis independent media center. The IMC has been evaluating the usefulness of MD technology
    for our work but has decided against it because
    of the lack of the ability to upload tracks from the MD our editing stations digitally. A marantz field recorder better fits our needs than the Net MD.

    1059. PC >> MD Plz listen to your customers.

    Posted by Norick on 6/12/2002, 12:30:00

    With all due respect, plz take your customers reclamations into account, so that we can keep on enjoying buying your quality products. So that u can keep selling them as well. Don't forget, theres always a limit not to cross, and customers' points of view matter in order to keep things withing acceptable boudaries.

    In adv, thx for your consideration.

    1060. Musician usage of MD

    Posted by Donald Adams on 6/12/2002, 12:42:34

    I am a musician and have been considering buying a MD recorder for quite some time. My purpose is to record my work and upload it to my computer for editing. I expected to buy a NetMD for that purpose, but now I find it will not work. So much for the NetMD! Would be nice to see a change! Thanks.

    1061. upload osx

    Posted by Parrot on 6/12/2002, 13:23:08

    et le mac ?

    1062. We need uploading!!!!

    Posted by Don Downey on 6/12/2002, 13:28:10

    Please add the upload feature to NetMD! Don't let this great technology get passed by!

    1063. Misleading advertising

    Posted by Mike Feigin on 6/12/2002, 13:54:52

    Can Sony be taken to court for misleading advertising?

    When they say that there is a USB cable that can transfer files, you'd think you could upload your own recordings using a microphone! That is the only purpose I bought the player for... now I have to use analog anyway.


    Posted by Duy-Anh Dinh on 6/12/2002, 14:40:06

    I am a student and require to record lectures....thus please make netMD upload function, functional.

    1065. i just wanted to sign the petition

    Posted by nate on 6/12/2002, 15:22:41

    i agree please do allow this

    1066. Enable digital audio uploads

    Posted by Piotr on 6/12/2002, 16:22:07

    It`d be really useful.......that`s all...

    The choice between MD , and mp3 players would be much easier then...


    1067. copyrights vs. user's rights

    Posted by Duane Galensky on 6/12/2002, 17:45:33

    I am a musician. I already pay a premium to purchase DAT tape to record my own music. I already pay a premium to purchase "music CDRs" to record my own music. This drives me nuts. No one is sending me a royalty refund.

    Now that I've discovered NetMD, it's deja vu all over again.

    It seemed to be a perfect tool to allow a raw capture and then upload to a PC to do editing of between-song time, etc. when we do practice sessions. I was just about to order a new MD with the feature when I discovered I cannot upload my own music over the USB port. Suck!

    Since this offers absolutely no advantage to me over the MD I've already got (I *never* re-record other artists' music onto MD or DAT or CD for that matter), you can be certain that I'll not be purchasing an MD upgrade until until this deficiency is fixed.

    There has to be some way of both meeting your copyright concerns and allowing rapid uploading of captures. Let's face it: a committed pirate will just as easily to an intervening analog conversion and for their purposes get a recording of sufficiently high quality, even over multiple tandem encodings. Whether or not you save them a few minutes by offering a faster-than-real-time option is not relevant to them.

    But as it stands, if I choose MD, I have to do that intervening analog (real-time) step myself for music that I own (dammit! I OWN IT not Sony), so I'm really better off either going directly to laptop or using the Creative Labs Nomad hard disk jukebox. That's too bad, because the MD is really otherwise quite a nice form factor.

    Oh well. You lose.

    1068. Handicapped technology

    Posted by Matthew MacDougall on 6/12/2002, 17:58:21

    The product has incredible potential to carry any file type or allow uploads of recorded meetings or lectures.

    1069. Crippleware

    Posted by Jean Pierre Lavoie on 6/12/2002, 18:24:30

    why not make it upload
    at least for analog recordings

    1070. upload would make my netmd 10x more usable

    Posted by Richard Giddens on 6/12/2002, 20:19:55

    I DJ- and use my MZ-n505 walkman to record mixes. It would be very useful to be able to upload mixes I make to my PC for burning to CD. Would buy another NetMD walkman with this capability if it becomes available....

    1071. Upload was the reason I bought, I am returning!!

    Posted by Evan Housh on 6/12/2002, 21:05:37

    If I can't upload my recordings this thing is useless to me for recording my speaches. I will just go back to my digital recorder. AND Return my MD. Its like a car with no wheels.

    1072. It would be such a better value

    Posted by Dan Diamond, MD on 6/12/2002, 23:55:31

    Please reconsider and allow an update to the current software that would allow us to update live recordings. I recently recorded my son's high school band concert with my new NetMD device only to be discouraged to find that I couldn't make a copy for the band director. The Sony MD device has such potential. Please help!!!

    1073. Capabilities

    Posted by Eirik R. Thormodsrud on 6/13/2002, 3:27:29

    Upload capabilities would be great, giving an already good product the edge.
    More support for fileformats would be nice as well. Possibility to rip to mp3 inside OpenMG eg. And support for bitrates up to 320kbs. I always rip my CD's into 320kbs, and I find it annoying to have to "down-code" them before I can copy them onto my MDplayer...

    1074. uploading

    Posted by Barry A. Kintner on 6/13/2002, 5:51:20

    -- Accident interviews, witness interviews, recorded statements, statements to be played in court, news stories, my classroom and seminar presentations, even childrens storytelling sessions.
    -- Many of these are uses which the 2000 members of one of my groups could make use of for very legitimate and legal recordings.
    -- Many have been looking for a way to move to digital recording, but the harsh restrictions placed on recordings made for business make MiniDisc a dead format as we are restricted to real-time loading to the computer.
    -- Give us the ability to use the 650meg (Data II) disc also, as well as the use of rechargeable AA batteries and NOT AAAs or proprietary batteries - if you want businesses to adopt the use of MiniDisc.

    1075. Please add MD -> PC connectivity

    Posted by David Wicken on 6/13/2002, 6:46:51

    It would indeed be a usefull addition to what is already an exciting line of products. Use MD to record from live souces, so stuck with real time recording via 'generic' Analog sound card, so losing quality. This addition would remove this quantisation problem as a direct digital to digital transfer.

    1076. Open MD or Close Shop

    Posted by Rasada on 6/13/2002, 9:02:03

    Please make the software for the Mini Disc do what all we know it can do

    1077. Please let the NETMD live!

    Posted by Murilo Freitas Coutinho on 6/13/2002, 9:25:25

    Let the Net MD LIve , it will die without connectivity.

    1078. Bands would apreciate it

    Posted by Nuno Melo on 6/13/2002, 10:28:28

    I have a garage band and only with upload capabilities NETMD has some interest for us..and i'm sure lot's of "us" out there.

    1079. Yes, please...

    Posted by Clinton Hammond on 6/13/2002, 10:41:12

    I am also a musician, and bought the MD with the intention of using it to out together a demo CD...

    The intervening 'real time' step is not an insurmountable obstacle, but sound quality would be sooo much better, were the connection digital...

    Streaming would be a HUGE convenience...

    Pleaee do consider adding software to support this feature...

    Thank you

    Clinton Hammond

    1080. Digital out from MD to PC is needed.

    Posted by Saurabh Saxena on 6/13/2002, 12:03:35

    Being from the movie industry, this capability will enhance audio production immensely in my profession. Please do consider the capability to record and then upload the digital sounds and music from MD to a PC through MiniDiscs.


    1081. MD to PC Transferablility

    Posted by Scott Daniels on 6/13/2002, 12:46:14

    I work as a musician. I must say the MD is crutial to my work, and MD to PC transferability is crutial as well. Please allow the technology to be built for this. Your MD audience in the U.S. needs this.

    1082. Upload and SP download. Enable them!

    Posted by Michael Munie on 6/13/2002, 14:03:28

    It's really a reasonable request. And now since you've even allowed for your downloadable music to be burned to CD in UNENCRYPTED format, why needlessly restrict Mini-Disk usage?
    Thank you.

    1083. Uploading would help in my work teaching children

    Posted by Bon Davis on 6/13/2002, 14:37:05

    Greetings Sirs:
    I would be most appreciative if you would consider adding uploading capabilities to the NETMD units. I work teaching handicapped children to play music and interact with others. If I were able to record the music they make and edit it on my macintosh portable I would be able to give them a finished CD to listen to THAT DAY. This sort of direct feedback could be very benefical in the children's development to productive society members and future Net/md sony consumers.
    Please add upload and Macintosh compatibility for the many educators and artists who would like to purchase your technology. Thank you very much.
    Bon Davis, Drums Not Guns (501c Not For Profit Organization)

    1084. i got this minidisc to record interviews for work...

    Posted by Grant Burningham on 6/13/2002, 15:27:20

    The limits are stupid.


    Posted by Richard on 6/13/2002, 16:02:17

    Sony Dudes - This is not the dark ages is it??? Whats up with the one way limitations of minidisc uploading??? I need to be able to upload from minidisc to pc. I think everything about the model MZ-1N portable recorder rocks (looks, ease of use, slim design etc.) except for two very important things!!! The inability of upload 32X or faster to pc and what no lcd backlight! For near $300.00 you are absolutely killing me!!! Please do the right thing by your customers and at the very least give a software upgrade that allows the md to pc upload capability!!!!!

    1086. md uploads

    Posted by shannon on 6/13/2002, 17:39:04

    allow them

    1087. Please allow transfer from MD to PC

    Posted by Greg Geter on 6/13/2002, 23:59:48

    I do live recordings of my own music and would love to be able to digitally transfer these to the computer. Thanks.

    1088. If CD's can, why not MD's

    Posted by Jeff Markowski on 6/14/2002, 0:01:57

    I and everyone I know who uses MD's just uses CD's to up load and then downloads back to MD's. Because of this, none of us has committed to MD's, even though we all would in a heart beat if they where as convenient as CD's

    1089. I bought it to record my daughter

    Posted by Nick on 6/14/2002, 2:28:54

    I did not know it had a stupid restriction that prevented me to move private recordings from the MD to my pc in digital format. I will have to return the unit to the store.

    1090. Bring it

    Posted by Yikong on 6/14/2002, 2:50:09

    Upload would be nice for mic recordings

    1091. audio upload

    Posted by gilles Cloiseau on 6/14/2002, 6:25:18

    I bought my MZ N707 netMD thinking the function was possible, I do interviews for research. Terribly dissapointed!! I feel I've been conned.

    1092. petition

    Posted by Julien on 6/14/2002, 8:15:29

    je suis pour une utilisation plus large du MD.

    1093. Let NetMD reach its full potential

    Posted by R�mi PLAYE on 6/14/2002, 8:24:49

    There is no valuable reason for crippling that amazing technology.

    1094. No uploading is too restrictive

    Posted by Ananga Sivyer on 6/14/2002, 10:19:05

    I am a musician who masters my own music to mini disc - which I then cannot upload via my NetMD device to my own PC.

    This is a major restriction - had I been aware of it before purchasing I would not have bought this mini disc player

    1095. I'd like to upload to PC

    Posted by Chris Tsai on 6/14/2002, 11:32:43

    I record lectures at school, and there are times when I would rather have the files on my computer rather than on my MD. I have found that my friends would like to listen to my recordings sometimes, especially if htey missed a couple classes, but they don't have MD, so I can't share my class notes.

    1096. MD --> OC

    Posted by Tijl on 6/14/2002, 11:40:29

    I want to upload my music, recorded with a microfone, to my computer by USB

    1097. Makes me want to exchange it for an MP3 player

    Posted by Trevin Joyner on 6/14/2002, 12:46:25

    I chose the Net MD over mp3 players because I liked the idea of being able to record my own music and upload it to the computer for editing. This is a valuable feature over mp3 players and the like. Since I can't do this I might as well return it and get the mp3 player which are supported by Windows Media player and RealPlayer. I hate the OpenMG software, very buggy. The songs on the player do not always show up.

    1098. #### you sony

    Posted by susy on 6/14/2002, 12:48:39

    it's time to change your ####ed up politics.

    ... and, yes, i'll buy the thing then....

    1099. Re: #### you sony

    Posted by susy on 6/14/2002, 12:54:39 , in reply to "#### you sony"

    of course i was gonna write:
    fck you sony.
    it's really getting annoying with censorship, copyright control, proprietary systems and suchalikes....

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