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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    1900. Yes to NetMD Upload !!

    Posted by C�dric POTHIN on 7/31/2002, 8:24:41

    Yes to NetMD Upload !!

    1901. MD - PC

    Posted by David Boldra on 7/31/2002, 9:09:43

    Sony, come on you would sell a lot more units if this valuable feature was available.

    I simply want to transfer my home cooked MD recordings to a DVD-r for safe keeping without loss of quality.

    Please agree to this.

    Kind regards

    David Boldra

    1902. Sony's a bad name. For now.

    Posted by Alvin Ang on 7/31/2002, 9:11:31

    Sony's NetMD - a bad name in Singapore.

    We musicians spend it on the Netmds and in the end we can't transfer them into computers so that we can have CDs out of it?! Smart inventions sometimes render the products useless.

    I've spent my whole month's salary on this.

    i just can't believe it.

    but it'd be a great job if Sony get the new program of upploading asap. Certainly, there's so many angry people out there now who got snooked after buying something so expensive like that without the important connection being made known clearly.

    Sony, please wake up. People can't help themselves to boycott your products in your future and your reputation is at stake among the musicians I know and the people around us here in Singapore and the rest of the world. This is a realistic and happening thing happening everywhere to the NetMD owners. Don't disappoint them further.

    Alvin Ang,

    1903. NetMD AUdio Upload

    Posted by Gr�ant on 7/31/2002, 9:24:23

    I agree

    1904. It's bad for Sony sales

    Posted by Dave Young on 7/31/2002, 9:39:12

    I would upgrade my Sony MD recorder if I could buy one that will let me transfer my field recordings easily to pc. Enough said.

    1905. Making audio-recordings from the microphone ...

    Posted by Vicki Dale on 7/31/2002, 11:33:12

    I purchased the NetMD MZ-N707 because it had the USB cable to support interchange of data with the PC. I'm most disappointed that I can't transfer sounds on the minidisk, recorded via a microphone (e.g. for interviews) digitally to the computer.

    1906. Allow microphone recordings to x-fer digitally to PC

    Posted by doug w. on 7/31/2002, 12:29:36

    Please allow microphone recordings to transfer digitally to PC files. It will boost your sales.

    1907. MD vs MP3 player

    Posted by Ken Latimer on 7/31/2002, 12:32:07

    Sony, there is no need for an MD player to simply download and listen to music digitally. One real need is to be able to record and transfer live music digitally to the PC. I have made many live recordings, usually on Reel to Reel recorder or cassette and would like to make digital recordings from these and transfer them through USB and edit them on the PC. You do not give that option, and without it I fail to see how the MD is markedly and marketably superior to MP3 players.

    1908. Please release Mac Software

    Posted by Alistair Bates on 7/31/2002, 14:06:25

    I am interesting in purchasing one of the NetMDs but only if I can use it with my iBook or Linux PC. Mac seems the obvious choice, please consider releasing it!

    Alistair Bates

    1909. (no subject)

    Posted by M.Lee on 7/31/2002, 14:45:49

    Agree that uploading recording to PC is critical to the NET-MD products.

    1910. enable!

    Posted by csakvary jozsef on 7/31/2002, 15:16:58

    i defenetley agree whith this proposal.

    1911. Net MD/Open MG

    Posted by Francois on 7/31/2002, 15:27:30

    I have experienced many problems using Open MG with my Net MD, and I must say I am looking for a method that would enable me to transfer my files to MDs without using Open MG. You should release a new version fixing all the superfluous security systems which made me lose my files after a computer crash. I definitely won't allow Sony to check the contents of my computer. And please make Macintosh versions, as many of my files are stored on a macintosh.

    1912. NETMD has great potential, but only if it's potential is allowed.

    Posted by John on 7/31/2002, 15:53:12

    As a student, I spend most of my time studying, in which I listen to music. As I will soon be going to university the idea of recording lectures, and speeches is great with the minidisc due to its size, and battery life. As you can see from the many people who have signed, upload capabilities through digital means has a lot of potential and demand, which is good for any business. I am aware you may be cautious about such abilities being available to the minidisc, but users who are in similar situations as I, would find this feature useful and beneficial and will most certainly be appreciated if it were to be incorporated into future plans.
    Thank You.

    1913. My minidisc is outdated!!!

    Posted by Nick Sibicky on 7/31/2002, 17:32:43

    Especially because digital pocket-sized 4-tracks are availible (i.e. "korg's"), my minidisc has lost a lot of its value to me. I am a musician, currently attending the Hartt School of Music, and would like to use my minidisc for a variety of reasons around school, but the lack of upload feature forces me to re-record anything that I legitimately record for my own use through my computer sound card. Highly inconvenient.

    1914. NetMD-Based Audio Uploading from MiniDisc to Computer

    Posted by Armin on 7/31/2002, 19:43:04

    I agree.

    1915. moving live recorded material to PC

    Posted by John Lawrence on 7/31/2002, 22:49:50

    I bought this item based on the outstanding quality. Then I find out I can't make a CD out of one of my own recordings for myself. Unbelievable!
    Please, I promise not to bootleg any material.
    Thank you.

    1916. Allow Uploads

    Posted by Marcos on 7/31/2002, 22:52:41

    I chose a MD player over an MP3 player for a good reasons, why not make it batter and allow uploads as well?

    1917. What do I tell your Customers?

    Posted by Michelle Vosika-Cooper on 7/31/2002, 23:05:41

    Hi there providers of high quality technology!

    I have worked as a customer service and sales person at a MAJOR Reatil store that carries LOTS of Sony products. As a matter of fact the local Sony Only and I have teamed up as they do not sell computers and we do, we have been helping your bottom line and spreading the word of sleek design, top notch quality and reliability for many years. Up until recently I could always suggest a wonderful new Sony gadget with faith that it does just what it not only promises to do, but what it is logically deductive it will do. IE - if a product says it's lightning fast burning audio from your PC to your MD, well doesn�t logic dictate that the opposite is also true?
    Alas this is no longer the case, old friend.

    I love the NetMD I have - will I recommend it?
    Well, that's up to what the customer wants to do.
    If they ask about recording, consider your S&P to be another $230 short.

    Don't blame me! Being a company that boast it flexibility in innovative audio technology, you guys did one heck of a job getting both feet in front on the barrel before you shot you feet off.
    I'm sorry old pals, but my Sony totting has ground to a hopeless halt.

    How can I intelligently promote a company that can't intelligently assess it's customer's needs?

    Sorry guys, but I�m out of answers.
    ~Michelle Vosika-Cooper
    Recoiling Retailer

    1918. Be an alternative to MP3 players...

    Posted by Jeppe Falck on 8/1/2002, 5:29:55

    I am sure there must be marketeers and sales people at Sony that are swearing beneath their breath at the missed opportunity to market NetMD as a true transportable digital media. Change it soon before the window of opportunity closes.

    1919. Strangling sales

    Posted by Paul Knapman on 8/1/2002, 8:31:55

    As a retailer of Sony MD, sales have been lost due to the fact that MD can not up load music.
    Please fix this error of judgement in the 2003 model range, and while your at it, add Mac software as well. How many Mac owners have bought an ipod that would have purchased an MZ-N1 ???

    1921. NetMD Audio Upload

    Posted by Chris Wheaton on 8/1/2002, 9:21:02

    Please make this happen for your loyal customers. Also, an american version of a minidisc (MDLP) would be great.

    Chris Wheaton

    1922. Music and File Transfer would make MD fly

    Posted by Philip Bowman on 8/1/2002, 11:08:22

    I support the proposal for allowing upload of recorded tracks from MD to PC. The ability to delete tracks from a disk from a device other than the original PC would make sense too. I already own a MD520 HiFi minidisc player, and I'd love to buy a NetMD MZ-N707 if you can sort out these issues

    I would also suggest that you take the logical step of making the MD devices work for storage and retrieval of non-audio files (i.e. work as an external USB drive). If Neo in The Matrix can store files on MD, that can't be bad advertising...

    Philip Bowman
    Watford, UK

    1923. I bought a Net MD thinking I could record my band...

    Posted by Tim Clark on 8/1/2002, 11:14:30


    Please consider the thousands of requests you have here from people who have used your device to record, mostly, uncopyrighted material. Then consider the frustration of having to jump through hoops just to upload it onto their PC.

    Whilst being a live musician I agree with copyrights and protection of the label/artist, I must conclude that I see no reason for your denial of this basic function.

    Please think about upgrading your OpenMG Jukebox software so that we may upload our own music and maybe even share it with others.


    Tim Clark

    1924. Power and flexibility is NOT in the hands of the consumer...

    Posted by chris giguere on 8/1/2002, 12:17:12

    Give us what we want...Unlock the software.
    Very poor performance!!! Write it in something
    OTHER than Delphi! I have a 1400mhz machine
    and its a nightmare.


    1925. MiniDisc Uploading

    Posted by John Cerilli on 8/1/2002, 12:26:49

    I own an older version minidisc (Sony MZ-G750) that I purchased last year. It can only download files in real time and I was disappointed then that I could not upload digital files -- even in real time -- from my MD to my computer.

    Now, with the new NetMD, I was thrilled to hear that it would be able to download at much faster than real time speeds and was all ready to invest until I researched and found that no uploading capability was added. For someone who uses his MD to make digital recordings OF MY OWN MATERIAL, I would love for an MD to have the capabilities to upload to my PC as easily as the NetMD seems capable of downloading from the PC. This way, I could edit my files with zero chance of quality loss. But, I will not bother to find out how fast the NetMD downloads until there is an MD product that can upload digitally in, preferably, faster than real time speed.

    Thank you.

    John Cerilli

    1926. MD >> PC

    Posted by Cem Cukurlu on 8/1/2002, 12:29:38

    SONY Engineers, we need MD to PC transfer! I got a N707 and i use it for live recordings, so i want to be able to upload that on my computer. And what's the deal on prohibiting this? We can save it in realtime if we want but don't make the tech hard for us.

    1927. come on, be fair

    Posted by Ben Powell on 8/1/2002, 12:32:31

    the format is great, the only flaw is.......

    1928. Come on Sony

    Posted by Darren Po on 8/1/2002, 13:00:46

    I'm currently using an old MZ-R50 and I'm thinking of upgrading to a NetMD player. The only thing stopping me from getting one is the lack of upload function.

    1929. Do you like annoying your customers?

    Posted by Justin Fielding on 8/1/2002, 14:41:18

    Surely by not allowing your customers to record music and then transfer it to PC formats, you are:

    1. Greatly reducing the number of customers you will have, as this renders the units pretty useless for people who need to record and store/transfer their recordings via PC (Bands, performers, reporters etc).

    2. Calling all of your customers criminals by saying that they cannot be trusted with this feature.

    Not good enough sony, sort it out. I have been pretty loyal to you guys (MD, TV, VCR, Car Audio, Home Cinema, DVD, VAIO Laptop and more) and Im sure most of your customers enjoy the good quality that you products normally offer.

    Would the reason for this feature being omitted be anything to do with the SONY music label?

    1930. I'm a french musician

    Posted by LE FLOCH Quentin on 8/1/2002, 16:23:10

    I have a mzn-707 and i want to transfert my records on my pc to do my compil on a cd.. It's a big problem for me. please stop my problem.

    1931. (no subject)

    Posted by Adam Henry on 8/1/2002, 16:37:51

    I borrowed an MD, but would buy one if I could upload recordings to my PC

    1932. NetMD uploading essential

    Posted by Jeremiah Taylor on 8/1/2002, 16:38:05

    I am a musician and a music enthusiast. Without uncluttered, unrestricted uploading my Minidisc experiance is severly limited. I can't really reccomend the format to any non-tech, because the work arounds are too much for most people. A unrestricted minidisc format would send hardware and disc sales sky high. A restricted format will eventually be left in the dust. Please add this capability to the netmd software

    1933. I am another french musician

    Posted by Rodolphe on 8/1/2002, 17:10:30

    I am another french musician

    1934. Open it up.

    Posted by Christopher Lecky on 8/1/2002, 18:14:50

    For Gods sake allow people to move their audio as they feel, and fix that POS openmg Jukebox

    1935. WHY NOT??? i just dont understand

    Posted by Justin Lieblong on 8/1/2002, 18:25:59

    it is completely illogical for the music industry to block the people who really love the music for personal reasons from making live recordings, but not being able to create a cd. i was disgusted when i realized that this was the case and feel mislead by the sony corporation. hopefully they will realize the mistake and allow transfer of ATRAC to the PC.

    1936. digital out

    Posted by Kenny Lyon on 8/1/2002, 19:04:30

    Until there is digital out for my live field recordings -- MY recordings... this is NOT a copyright issue -- mini disc is useless to me. As soon as digital out is available, I'll buy one.

    1937. Transfering Audio frm MD to PC

    Posted by Kevin on 8/1/2002, 19:27:52

    OpenMG should allow transfering of recording frm MD to PC.

    1938. Uploading would help me in college

    Posted by Michael Heinz on 8/1/2002, 21:48:50

    I purchased the NetMD because I wanted to have an outlet and an inlet for my music and recording. I have already spent $300 on this equipment and I want to use my NetMD to record my college lectures. I think it is rediculous to be able to record on the NetMD, for there to be a button on the player, and yet I cannot upload that media to my own computer so to archive and store such. If Sony made it possible to upload to PC, then I could record my lectures, upload them to my PC where I would store, organized, and turn to text through the voice-recognition software I own. I feel that this should not be a limitation after investing so much into Sony and a serious deterent from purchasing other equipment from Sony until such software is available.

    1939. MD to PC

    Posted by Ryan Kudelka on 8/1/2002, 23:06:31

    It would be great if sony created a new software that allowed you to transfer from a minidisc to your pc, in case anything happens to your PC then you would't have to redownload the songs you lost

    1940. ensuring the minidisc format will thrive

    Posted by Brett Jackson on 8/1/2002, 23:45:26

    I am so happy with my Minidisc recorder. I use it to record my bands reharsals and live performances and it does a great job, the audio quality and ease of use has made it invaluable and being able to use this technology has improved our songwriting and means we don't lose ideas that would be gone forever otherwise. The downside right now is the labourious realtime recoding on to a computer so editing of unneeded material and trimming of ideas can be done.
    Uploading over NetMD would make this process so much easier and I hope that SOny will consider adding this to the specification in the near future.


    1941. netMD should get popular, if...

    Posted by Kevin Yeoh on 8/2/2002, 2:39:05

    If not setriction on this issues. It will become a perfect toys for everyone who loves digital recording!

    1942. MD needs to Upload & Download at High Speed like all other digital formats or it will die...

    Posted by Tom Cooney on 8/2/2002, 3:36:47

    It seems to me, that Sony, being the major electronic innovator and manufacturer that it is, should provide a NetMD upload function for several reasons, in addition to the many reasons that other petitioners have listed. Sony themselves has already produced several PC products that incorperate MD Drives or recorders. the MD Data format and drives in 1996 promised the demise of the floppy and the introducion of the merging of digital audio and data. Current PC system offerings by Sony, such as the VAIO MX Series desktops also seem to make a perfect integration of audio and data, but only to just barely miss the entire point of the whole convergence concept altogether. If you want buyers to see the advantages of the MiniDisc format over the stiff competition from other fomats (all offered by yourselves, I may add), such as CD-R/RW, MP3, the various DVD formats, and others... you may want to consider taking emphasis off of "Sony Magic Gate" solid state MP3 players a little, and show the world that MD can do the job of ALL other digital audio devices in ALL environments.

    NetMD can be a great tool for uploading and downloading digital audio from and to portable and stationary MD units, but only if it can do the most fundamental thing that all competing formats can do; download *and* upload, and to do this at high speeds, like a CD Drive on a PC, or a n MP3 transfer to a portable player.

    Please dont make any more mistakes in marketing the MiniDisc format, like the confusion you made in the early 1990's of replacing CD's with MD's. Sony now faces a similar confusion in the marketplace, but now it is with so many other great digital audio formats. Sony has finally proven that MiniDisc can replace the aniquated Analog Compact Cassette, and is great for transferring analog audio from all sources to MiniDiscs. MiniDisc also remains the only affordable, digital portable recording medium, and is great at capturing live audio and from the world at large while on the move, and bringing it home.

    Now you need to make it the format that can do what all those MP3 players out there can't; UPLOAD the audio content and to do it QUICKLY like ripping a CD or trading an MP3 file, otherwise, it will be left to suffer in the dust... again. Let's show the world that MiniDisc can evolve and fill every person's void as a SINGLE format that fits everywhere!

    -- Thomas J Cooney, digital audio enthusiast


    1943. Playing music and saving it to PC

    Posted by Gabe on 8/2/2002, 4:13:26

    I play music, and I think it's useful for people who play music, to record on PC the own works. I use the PC like a mixer/multitracker and a MD is the powerful system to record and play in digital mode. Why I can't have the best from my MZ-707BLUE?

    1944. Go for it!!!

    Posted by Zohar on 8/2/2002, 5:48:08

    Yes!! I think that will impove the MD for using in outdoor recording, and working in digital enviorment.

    1945. Sony, and yet so far from useful

    Posted by Andy Mayo on 8/2/2002, 6:33:14

    Possibly the last gig I shall be able to play with a band I've been in for a while was recorded on a NetMD. I don't have one, and won't be buying one now...and I don't imagine I'll ever hear that gig again. Don't forget that the customer is always right...

    1946. There is nothing to lose, and a *lot* to gain ...

    Posted by Christian Grigis on 8/2/2002, 7:14:04

    Given that the end result is doable with other means anyway proves that this would not open new ways of copyright infringement.

    This feature would, however, tremendously ease *legitimate* uses, like live recordings of uncopyrighted material, and consequently dramatically strengthen MD's position on the market.

    Personally, I became interested to upgrade my portable MD recorder when I saw the appearance of NetMD, but decided against it when noticing the lack of the MD->PC link. With that feature, I would certainly give it a second thought!

    1947. IOMEGA already went wrong

    Posted by Arnie on 8/2/2002, 7:29:56

    Is Sony trying to do the same stupid thing??
    Minidisc could be the one and only Media ... but the way they sell the hardware prevents it from being !!!

    1948. Upload Recorded Gigs

    Posted by Ralf Nijholt on 8/2/2002, 8:10:00

    Upload function would be very very useful for me. I play in several bands and always record rehearshals and gigs on my MD. Uploading it to the PC using USB would be a great feature. Of course i can transfer it using the soundcard, but i guess that USB would be much faster. Looking forward to see this feature available in future soon. Regards, Ralf

    1949. I cant invest in NetMD without digital upload capability

    Posted by David on 8/2/2002, 10:14:59

    I'm a public speaker and need to upload my speeches into my computer for processing with my slide shows. As soon as you add this capability I will by a NetMD recorder.

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