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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    400. This would be a great addition to the NetMD features

    Posted by Richard on 5/4/2002, 13:02:39

    Especially an export to MP3 or WAV would be a great addition, so I could play my cd's on my comp more easily.

    401. I will not buy one without audio upload

    Posted by odilon on 5/4/2002, 13:30:55

    I as about to go buy a new Sony NetMD until I found that it had no audio upload feature.

    402. it's only logical

    Posted by eddie on 5/4/2002, 14:26:07

    a lot of people are waiting for this

    403. Medical practices NEED upload.

    Posted by Jason Whaley on 5/4/2002, 14:38:42

    Sony -

    The MD format is incredible, especially with MDLP as an option - but being held back by a lack of uploading capability.

    I've been interested in MD for 5-6 years, but only recently purchased my first gear - an MD walkman and MXD-D3 deck. This last week I retired them both - because I bought an MXD-D5C, ordered a new walkman, and will receive from Crutchfield a new MDLP deck and CD changer for my truck. I am now QUITE avid, and see MD as the best storage media for any recorded sound.

    I've considered tinkering with my MD player/recorder and trying to mate it up with something like ViaVoice or Dragon Naturally Speaking. I practice medicine, and if I could record my dictation on MD, and sync it to PC for electronic records (we already keep all-electronic patient charts in my clinic) it would be great. The speed at which I could generate electronic records after seeing my patients would be stupendous - if only audio upload was viable at any realistic speed, and in digital form.

    If Market Share is part of your interest, as I'm certain it is, unlock the door and go forth - add uploading capability (and a macintosh client) to MD and take the world by storm! Many people the world over love MD for size, flexibility and style, but the business world (outside the recording industry) is lacking. Pursue these options, and watch the 'bottom line' improve dramatically.

    I thank you for your time and consideration.

    Jason Whaley
    Casper, WY / Prudhoe Bay, AK

    404. Add an upload for student filmmakers

    Posted by Daniel Pimley on 5/4/2002, 15:14:25

    Many low budget student filmmakers use MD to record sound as an affordable alternative to the professional and very expensive DAT audio format. In the modern world of digital editing, it only makes sense that the sound recorded on a digital format can be transferred digitally and without loss of quality. This way Sony would gain a lot of filmmakers as appreciative new MD customers!

    405. PLEASE!!!

    Posted by Tin Po on 5/4/2002, 15:16:54


    406. Audio Upload is *very* important to me

    Posted by Vince Ready on 5/4/2002, 16:39:52

    I bought a Sony MZ-N707 and a high quality microphone with the expectation that I could record my own music sessions (acoustic guitar and vocals) and UPLOAD them to my PC where I can edit them. As the performer, I am the copyright holder, and as such -- should have the ability to copy the files to my PC.

    This is a surprising limitation, and one that will deter me from buying future Sony NetMD products.

    PS: I also bought a Sony Vaio MXS20 with Net MD, so I actually have purchased two of your OpenMG enabled products to date.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Vince Ready

    407. Uploading is vital to MD

    Posted by Andy on 5/4/2002, 17:55:52

    I use minidiscs to record my music rehearsal sessions to see the improvement that I make over a period of time. I'm very disappointed that you (Sony) has not added a basic function like uploading to the new line of NetMDs. Many people I know only bought their Minidisc recorders for the sole purpose of high-quality digital recording capabilities, and the ability to upload their recordings to their computers. Taking away the uploading function only deters both new and old minidisc enthusiasts from buying a NetMD. I ask that you please include a form of uploading so that we can record and store our information easily. Thank you.

    408. Yes!!!!

    Posted by Lukas on 5/4/2002, 17:57:37

    We would all definatelly appriciate an oportunity of uploading to the computer as a logical way back from NetMD downloads from OpenMg.

    409. Upload Feature will be a MAJOR improvement

    Posted by Gaurav R. Vij on 5/4/2002, 18:06:03

    The MD is a GREAT format. I have been a part of this revolution since its debut - Novemeber of 1992.

    I have seen the format grow and mature, and have been happy with the improvements so far, BUT we really NEED this feature in this format. All my live recordings are really suffering from not getting to the computer for further editing and storing.

    Please do try to include this feature in a future version of this amazing technology.

    410. Upload feature is essential for live recording

    Posted by Daniel Hayden on 5/4/2002, 18:24:04

    Being in a band, and persuing the recording of many live bands that allow live recording, using the minidisc has created a simple way of capturing such recordings. However uploading is always a problem, for posting on the web, and for archiving on CD or manipulating using software, and rerecording on CD. I am a faithful sony product purchaser (Vaio laptop, DSC, miniDV camcorder, S1 MD) and would like to see some comprimise on the upload function.
    Alot of people in the live recording world don't like the comprimise of the MD compression versus DAT or CD. If the uploading feature was added it would persuade many to use this medium.

    411. Audio uploading

    Posted by Inigo Pascual on 5/4/2002, 18:25:41

    Uploading songs would make Net-MD that much more attractive.

    412. Uploading recorded material

    Posted by Dave Morrison on 5/4/2002, 18:31:24


    As an amateur musician, I use my Sony MZ-N1 to record the music I create with my friends.

    A digital transfer from the minidisc UP to my PC would make life a lot easier, and complete those functions that should be built in to such a great format.

    Please consider our request!


    Dave Morrison
    SLC, UT

    413. MD has only one backdraw. No UPLOAD!!!

    Posted by Merlin Lo on 5/4/2002, 19:49:51

    it's true. that's what most of my friends are waiting for. around 5 friends

    414. Yes to uploading!

    Posted by Evan on 5/4/2002, 19:58:46

    I was thinking about buying a NetMD recorder, but when I found out that you could upload recordings made on a microphone, I decided not to. If they had this option, I would definantly buy a unit, and Im sure so many other people would too.Thanks


    415. oops typo

    Posted by Evan on 5/4/2002, 20:00:15 , in reply to "Yes to uploading!"

    I meant "When I found out you COULDNT" . Sorry


    416. For musicians

    Posted by Justin on 5/4/2002, 20:40:53

    We can make a tape from Minidisc. I would love to be able to make a CD of my own playing from Minidisc. There is no copyright infringment in that.

    417. Audio upload NEEDED

    Posted by Scott Printz on 5/4/2002, 20:44:27

    I bought NetMD and a $140 microphone as a "cheap" way to record my jazz quartet's gigs. What's recorded through my line-in mic is my band's own material, and obviously WE have the claim to any copyright. How shocked I was to learn that I couldn't even transfer the audio directly TO my PC. Why? By electing to ship the product WITHOUT such a feature, a feature I believe any rational consumer would expect, Sony has essentially slapped the consumer in the face. Everyone knows there are less convenient, indirect methods to get the audio onto a PC, so why punish those who violate no copyrights; the ones who want to violate copyright will STILL find a way to do so. In the end, the only ones you're truly affecting with your "no MD to PC uploads" policy are those of us who would use such a feature for legitimate purposes.

    418. We need upload facilities (amongst MANY others!)

    Posted by Robert John on 5/4/2002, 21:37:33

    Dear Sony,

    Please make music transfers from minidisc to PC possible.

    Songs I have written on Music 2000 (on PS1), and MTV Music Generator 2 (on PS2) have been recorded to minidisc. I cannot transfer them to my PC for ease of access unless I record them via my soundcard (analog only). This lowers sound quality.

    Ps - And while you're at it ...

    [1] Please get rid of OpenMG and as a replacement, allow the Simple Burner software to convert wav,mp3 files etc to minidisc - not just CDs to minidisc.
    [3] Allow your users to make SP 292kbps recordings via netMD.
    [4] Allow NetMD music tracks to be deleted on minidisc devices, not just on a PC.
    [5] Stop using digital rights management on NetMD/OpenMG - it is costing me too much disc space to store ATRAC3 files on my computer!

    419. NetMD Upload

    Posted by Graeme Tonkin on 5/4/2002, 21:55:14

    Dear Sony,
    I recently purchased a NetMD to enable the recording of Wild Bird sounds with a view to producing a CD. I was truley dissapointed when I discovered I am not able to upload the recorded sounds directly to my computer via the USB capability. Please consider enabling this feature.

    Yours Faithfully
    Graeme Tonkin

    420. Don't hold back the technology

    Posted by arice on 5/4/2002, 22:01:06

    Atrac is the greatest invention for music compression since mpeg layer 3.Don't hold back this technology as it will jeapordize its popularity among consumer.

    421. radio docs....

    Posted by Sean Story on 5/4/2002, 23:01:48

    I got the sony MD in order to get high quality digital recordings that I would be able to edit radio documentry's on home computer...well I was sold on the ease of use and the ability to dump from computer to md and md to computer. well get home out of box and found that you can't make a digital transfer to the am reduced to dumping in analog...I thought that it would be great if it could be controled via iEEE 1394 connection...
    please come up with a way to allow me the full use of the great quality recordings that I make with the unit...

    for your time

    422. My singing classes will never be the same!

    Posted by Ramesh Nair on 5/4/2002, 23:06:15

    It would be great if I could upload recordings of my singing lessons and listen to them on my laptop and perhaps make into CDs on my desktop computer. I can't think of a better way to make the MD format more useful and ubiquitous. Besides myself, I'm sure many people would welcome such a convenience, such as reporters, artists, students, etc.

    Live recording is one of the biggest advantages of the MD format, and NetMD Upload would only help to make it the standard format for on-the-run high quality recordings.

    I thank you for your time.

    423. I need it to record my school bands

    Posted by Daniel Ouellette on 5/4/2002, 23:14:36

    I'm a music teacher and I'm doing recordings of my school bands. The minidisc is a perfect media to do my stereo mixdown.

    The problem is that I cannot transfer the recorded material digitally to my PC in order to edit and master it before burning the tracks on a CD to give to my students.

    Enabeling this function would be fantastic for my work.

    Daniel Ouellette

    424. A must for professionally trained musicians

    Posted by Dr. Scott Beckett on 5/5/2002, 0:01:22

    The only thing lacking about the MD format is the PC upload feature. I have been using MD since the MZ-R1, and I have waited for years for something like this feature to come to fruition. For all the hard-working and well-trained musicians that need to record their students and themselves in a flexible format and in many venues, please make this happen.
    Also, this one move could really boost MD popularity and sales.

    425. Uploading for NetMD

    Posted by Ali A on 5/5/2002, 0:05:00

    Please Sony make it possible. I record lectures and will save me so much time & money if i can upload the lectures to my computer.

    Thank you

    426. MD For Me.

    Posted by Eun on 5/5/2002, 0:54:07

    Noting Yet

    427. audio upload

    Posted by Dan Valega on 5/5/2002, 1:02:48

    Please add this feature, we need it !

    428. I agree! Great for students!

    Posted by Michael Chong on 5/5/2002, 1:19:16

    I fully agree with the above statements. Would help me with uploading taped lectures to PC... Try recording 5 hours worth of lectures thru the analog line-in!

    Plus, improve OpenMG for greater than 132K encoding!

    429. Please......

    Posted by Mighty on 5/5/2002, 2:00:28

    I want to upload ..... Please help.

    430. NetMD makes NO sense without upload!

    Posted by Nick Winkworth on 5/5/2002, 2:38:16

    As many before me have noted, live recording is the one area where the minidisc format is unchallenged. Plenty of people choose to carry their tunes on mp3 or CD players, but nearly every musician and live recordist I know uses minidisc. For these core MD enthusiasts (among whom I count myself), NetMD provides absolutely no value as it stands - and yet the potential if it were fully implemented is immense. (You try uploading a four hour rehearsal session to PC for editing in "real time"!)

    It so happens I recently bought a new MD portable. No, it does not have NetMD and, unlike my last unit, it is NOT a Sony! If Sony wants to win my business back in the future they must listen to their customers and include features which add value to the way their products are really being used. If they do, I'll be first in line to buy.

    431. Hardware Good, Software ungodly

    Posted by J Martin on 5/5/2002, 3:19:34

    I love my new NetMD 707, I think it sounds wonderful, and everything is good about the unit itself. However, the software makes me wanna cry. I have never had to battle something so much in my entire life, except for MS stuff, but thats a different world.

    432. Agree strongly

    Posted by Hans on 5/5/2002, 5:29:44

    I really hope sony can provide this kind of function.

    433. The Truth

    Posted by Michael Jabbour on 5/5/2002, 6:52:15

    Sony as other large companies hold by the Golden Rule. Who has the gold, rules.
    I hope our petition is successful in opening the gates of music to us all.

    434. Please add USB upload of analog recordings.

    Posted by N. de Beijer on 5/5/2002, 7:23:36

    Hello Sony,

    Please add USB upload of analog recordings in the next generation of NetMD Minidisc Recorders. This would be a great feature, and it must be possible to prevent the upload of digital recordings.


    435. net md uploading

    Posted by michael on 5/5/2002, 7:27:41

    in my opinion net md devices (as any others) have their advantages and disadvantages. but adding uploading an uploading feature will raise net md units' level higher than any other units offer.
    i don't want to teach sony what they should do but i think it is too obvious to miss the demand.

    436. teaching online

    Posted by James McEwan on 5/5/2002, 7:38:51

    I would love to record interviews with folks researching in psychology and up load that to the intenet from MD

    Why cant I?

    437. unleash potential

    Posted by henrik molkte on 5/5/2002, 7:47:00

    in this era, you either try to stem the tide or move in front of it. there�s no question as to what is most intelligent.
    Sony should unleash the full potential of the MD format and enable upload of both digital and analog material to a PC, from MD.

    438. Achieve true integration

    Posted by Mike Lavocah on 5/5/2002, 7:57:16

    Dear Sirs

    MD has become the medium of choice for enthusiasts of old dance music and I use it extensively for DJing and to organise my music collection.
    If I could integrate an MD player with my PC it would be a dream for me, enabling me to interchange all formats. Please add upload to Net-MD and make this possible.

    Best Regards
    Mike Lavocah

    439. Live recording, class notes, so many useful options...

    Posted by Rob Hayes on 5/5/2002, 12:27:57

    Thank you so much for making MD one of your top priorities. MD means much to me, because I record events in my life for listening to at a later time. I love the fact that I can edit anytime, anywhere. Since NetMD has come out, I've been itching to get my hands on the MZ-N1. But what's keeping me from buying it? The lack of true SP and most importantly upload options. I record my high school marching band at contests and regular games. Since we write the music, there are no copyright issues. I'd love to make a CD for all of my band mates and director, but I can't get my computer to make a copy even close to the great quality of MD! Uploading would be such an asset to an almost perfect format. You could even restrict the uploading to analog tracks that originated from a mic. Thank you again for your time and effort.
    -Rob Hayes

    440. MD as a learning device

    Posted by Ian Mikita on 5/5/2002, 13:15:58

    The MD could be used for choirs and bands to easily record themselves wherever they are, then upload the files to the net for downloading by the group. They could then analyze and discuss their sound and improve their performance.
    The ability to upload audio samples for recording faster than real-time would be an asset.

    441. NetMD Upload

    Posted by Reynaldo Carcana on 5/5/2002, 13:16:05

    It would allow me to use the NetMD recording capabilities with a good microphone to record audio tracks for film at a lower cost than DAT. I'm sure it can also be a great help for class notes, etc. It's merely nonsensical to include an upload option. I will say this for certain, I've always had an interest in minidisc technology, since it first came to the market. The only reason I haven't purchased one yet is the lack of a means to directly upload from an MD device to my computer. Throw that in (and maybe an (Sony's trademark name for IEEE 1394), but that's just being really greedy) and you'd definitely have not only another customer, but a returning customer.

    442. Please let us upload!

    Posted by Bardo on 5/5/2002, 13:23:48

    Please, please, please with sugar on the top. Let us UPLOAD.

    443. NetMD-Upload

    Posted by Affenfreund on 5/5/2002, 13:26:11

    It is very important that it is possible to upload files from MD to your computer, because if your make your own recordings for exmaple by mic you want to edit them without a loss of quality at your PC.

    444. NetMD Audio Upload

    Posted by William Bernal on 5/5/2002, 13:59:53

    dear sony,

    the integration of MD into digital audio for the 21st century is nearly complete. the only thing missing is audio upload. MD is a powerful, versatile format that is capable of being a market leader in the U.S. please do not handicap it by not including audio upload. affordable, quality live recordings are a strong point in MD's arsenal. please take it to the next level by allowing audio upload.

    thank you for your time,
    william bernal

    445. NetMD Upload capabilities

    Posted by Jason on 5/5/2002, 14:37:26

    As an avid music lover and computer user, I find that the minidisc format is perfect for my needs. I believe too, that with some intensive, aggressive marketing campaigns fueled WITH uploading capabilities, MD would become the perferred choice of music meduim in the North American market as it is in Japan. PLEASE impliment uploading capabilities for NetMD!
    Thank you!

    446. What I've Been Waiting For

    Posted by Ryan Beard on 5/5/2002, 14:40:37

    Ever since i bought my MZ-R700, i have been in love with the MiniDisc technology. Yet, being a musician, i would consider it a big help if you were to add the ability to upload music from the MD player onto a computer, creating a perfect, digital replica of the original track. Seeing as i do all my recording on a laptop, this would make it a lot easeir to re-mix and polish live audio to be added to one of my albums. I know it is within your capabiilities to make such technology available to the public, and i trust you will respond to the demands of the consumer.

    447. Furthur MD's Future!

    Posted by Patrick on 5/5/2002, 15:16:25

    Ever since I was introduced to the MiniDisc medium, I have been captured and faithful. I originally "borrowed" my fathers, and then found myself using it so much that I went out and bought my own. I have been recording live performances for two years now, and have begun to see more and more MiniDisc's in the field -it always brings a smile to my face. To further MiniDisc's stance in the market (one which is becoming less hesitant), Sony should implement an easy way to transfer audio to AND from the MiniDisc easily. MiniDisc has failed to pick up a large following for pre-released music, however it has captured a large audience with it's construction and ability to record at an inexpensive cost!

    448. Upload ability with NetMD

    Posted by Bryan Almaguer on 5/5/2002, 15:47:10

    I too would like to see better software than OpenMG, and the ability to upload the things that I record.

    I love the format, and thoroughly enjoy minidisc. I believe this would make it a much more valuably product, and keep it around for years to come.

    449. please please please make an upload facitlity

    Posted by Rajiv on 5/5/2002, 16:05:40

    please ,please ,please make an upload facitlity in NetMd its it'll save time for everyone. Sony will be miles away form whot competiters can offer technolgy wise causeing more people 2 buy sony netmds.

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