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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    200. Live recording

    Posted by Anant on 5/1/2002, 22:01:25

    I really think audio uploading feature will put NETMD on par with all the current
    MP3 technologies and MD will really have kickstart.
    Sony should not deprive the users for their own recordings.


    201. This could be the breakthrough

    Posted by Chris on 5/1/2002, 22:08:39

    it would be so great if i could upload my live recordings on to my computer. If this feature was included, I think MD would skyrocket to be the best and most popular portable audio format.

    202. Add Audio Upload

    Posted by Mike Marmo on 5/1/2002, 22:25:23

    Minidisc is a very versatile format and is in heavy competition with other formats such as mp3 and cd-rw. Audio upload will benifit minidisc users and its popularity.

    203. Simplify Music Transfer via USB

    Posted by Fabian Lamaestra on 5/1/2002, 22:31:54

    The mp3 to ATRAC is far too slow, to say the least. Please work on a more flexible way of tranfer.

    204. I plan to return my MZ-N1, Why NO UPLOAD.

    Posted by Dan Conde on 5/1/2002, 22:45:30

    I saw the adds about 32 speed PC transefers and assumed it was 2-way. I plan to retun the MZ-N1 to the GoodGuys before my 30 days is up and complain about false and deceptive advertising. You should be able to transfer your own recordings to a PC. This is not copyright infringement. Are we milking the features so we are forced to buy the next new version next year??? Sony?

    205. NetMD Upload. Where art thou??

    Posted by Daniel Chun on 5/1/2002, 23:05:56

    I Have used sony products ever since i bought my R37. Now I have the R55 R37 R700 R500 R909 and N505.
    Sony has been doing good all along but I bought my N505 hoping to be able to upload some of my bands recording. Please fufill this request to add the upload feature to the NetMD software.


    206. upload feature

    Posted by matthew leo on 5/1/2002, 23:13:23

    minidisc is an awesome format and i believe an upload feature would further enhance minidisc

    207. Live Recording

    Posted by Wilson on 5/1/2002, 23:15:30

    This was just what i was waiting for.. i wanted to use my md to upload live recordings to my computer... to my dissapointment.. this is still an unavaliable option =(

    208. MD NEEDS THIS!!!

    Posted by Mike Ruley on 5/1/2002, 23:40:05

    I, along with many other MD users, feel that this capability would drastically boost interest in the minidisc format, which many have already considered extinct for a few years now. Not only that, uploading digitally 32x faster than normal sure beats dubbing via analogue input in realtime!
    I would also take this opportunity to ask Sony to manufacture an in-Dash Car MD/CD combo receiver with all the high end features currently in demand of car audio, such as 3-sets of high voltage preamp outputs, parametric EQ, Subwoofer controls, and of course the high quality of the Sony name.

    209. The next logical step...

    Posted by Andy Owen on 5/1/2002, 23:48:55

    Now solid state MP3 players are beaten on sound quality and convenience for download, why not put them out of the game with uploading ability?

    210. creativity

    Posted by spinyhedgehog on 5/1/2002, 23:54:17

    to supress some one's creativity limits one's life

    if you don't open the channel then some one will and some one will walk away and some one will not

    ever hear of the Brelin Wall

    211. Add Audio Upload !

    Posted by Eitel Gerhard on 5/1/2002, 23:59:01

    The people want it !

    212. Complete the MD package!

    Posted by Nathan on 5/2/2002, 0:10:52

    Sony please consider adding this important feature to an otherwise outstanding product line. NetMD will be very successful with the addition of uploading capabilities, and this in turn will also satisfy your most loyal MD customers! Thank you.

    213. Student

    Posted by Joe Hoffman on 5/2/2002, 0:25:43

    As a student, this would be extremely beneficial to me in that i could record lectures and store them on the computer. It would also be a great addition for anyone in a band who would convert a live recording into a CD, or even just to use a computerized mixing program after recording

    214. Keep leading the way

    Posted by Dorian Staps on 5/2/2002, 0:49:33

    Keep MD, a medium that revolutionized handling of audio recordings, versatile and competative. Even, or rather especially, in nowadays environment which relies on the simple and fast transfer of information, customers expect Sony to lead the way.


    D. Staps

    215. a former MD user's thoughts

    Posted by A.L. on 5/2/2002, 1:06:49

    MiniDisc is a fantastic product and represents one of the most flexible mediums for the enjoyment/recording of music currently on the market. However, I gave up on MD some months ago in favor of solid state and hard-disk based recording due to NetMD's lack of an upload feature. Having to transfer a compressed digital signal to another medium via A/D conversion and back to digital through a computer's soundcard is an archaic, time-consuming method that results in unacceptable recordings. Two ideas that would help MD gain more respect as a recording format: 1. Allow analog and digital (S/PDIF) uploads of uncopyrighted (i.e. original) material via NetMD 2. Ship new units with a 650MB MD2 drive to allow for uncompressed PCM recordings. If Sony were to offer uncompressed MD audio recorders/players, the CD would look obsolete in comparison due to size, and MD could gain the audiophile approval that CD's have garnered for years.

    216. Live recordings

    Posted by Luke James on 5/2/2002, 1:18:18

    I love the new net MD idea its really going to help bring MD to the masses. but its kinda pointless if you cant take your own matrial off the MD back to the computer.

    217. Uptake upload

    Posted by Gary Ayre on 5/2/2002, 1:26:45

    Why would Mr/Mrs Average purchase an expensive MD system that doesnt upload when there are plenty of other cheaper MP3 based systems that do?

    218. absurd + linux + soundcard

    Posted by stefan geissler on 5/2/2002, 1:26:50

    itīs among the absurdest things that one pays for
    technology (the netmdplayer) and also a fee when buying datastoragehardware (i.e. here in austria), and the result is that you cannot even transfer your OWN (I mean selfmade) music with this technology.

    what is missing, beside uploading of course, is a LINUXclient. and really the most beautiful thing would be that one can use netmd as a kind of soundcard with datastorage function which i.e. can record directly onto harddisk and which also can be mounted into the directorytree without using stupid clientsoftware.


    219. NetMD to be the wave of the future

    Posted by John Michael Carmona on 5/2/2002, 1:41:21

    I believe that the MD format is so much superior to any MP3 format. Before the only con for MD is the real time recording but now that's past. But Sony should not just stop on equalling this capability but surpass it. MD records have proven to be very good portable recorders, that is it can record from any source with great quality. And since this time of the world, everyone is interconnected through the Internet, a fast and feasable way should be implemented to share these portable recordings done with the MD, and with this petition, I ask Sony to give into consideration the facts stated here and to keep in mind that we will continue to be great supporters of this audio format

    220. switching digital

    Posted by Christophr C. Coloma on 5/2/2002, 2:12:51

    I am what you may call as an outdated audiophile. I have music set-ups that use analog electronic equipments, 'cause here in the philippines new digital equipments are very expensive. But I am always updated with reports, writeups, comments etc on new formats. I have long considered buying an MD. But I still find it a very premature RAW music media format. I believe that designing your MD format to allow uploading of music files to PC will eventually maxed its design, capability and superiority over the other formats. Revolutionize!

    221. Hey Sony, remember BetaMax?

    Posted by Concerned 707 owner on 5/2/2002, 2:23:22

    Beta should be your lesson in history here. Let me emphasize *history*... You tried to charge royalties on that format. Oops. Every time you see a VHS tape, be reminded that people will deal with less quality to not have to be hassled by big brother.

    And what's the point of not letting uploads created on an MD not be transferred? The DCMA protected against digital copying, but ATRAC is a compression scheme that +by definition+ degrades the quality of the audio anyhow! It's essentially the same as crippling a digital upload to "analog quality". So if I get a mic, plug it in, and record in a LOSSY FORMAT, what's the point of regulating that?

    Look - you can enable this, or I'm going to need to return the unit and buy a portable preamp for my Creative Nomad. I'd rather use the ruggedness and portability of MD, but if this isn't able to upload, I'll deal with my Nomad. It records 16-bit 48000 wav. Oh, and it has a little more room... I just hate to lug that thing around! Knowing I can upload with it will motivate me, however.

    Bulky, but unrestricted (VHS)
    Sleek, convenient, but crippled (Beta)

    For your sake, and especially ours, don't make the same mistake again!

    222. Audio Upload is a must

    Posted by Daniel on 5/2/2002, 2:34:21

    To compete with other recording media and codecs, the Minidisc format and the ATRAC codec need this addition to its funcionality

    audio upload is a must

    223. Need the audio upload!!

    Posted by Howard Liu on 5/2/2002, 2:48:07

    It would be very very convenient for n1 users such as me to have the upload ability

    a perfect example would be my band's music

    since i use my netmd to record music from my band practise, it would be extremely awesome if i could upload onto my computer and send it to my friends, instead of jus lendin my md around for listenin

    so yeh netmd audio upload would be great sony!!! i have supported u guys, and always will, so keep up the good work in providin wot users want!

    224. please add audio upload

    Posted by John Wu on 5/2/2002, 2:53:44


    225. This uploading capability is essential

    Posted by Jesus Nunez on 5/2/2002, 3:07:08

    I'm talking for every minidisc user when i say that MD-PC uploding should be more felxible. I currently own an mz-n1 and have owned several models in the past. When I heard of the new NETMD technology I truly believed that my previous recorders were obsolete and felt forced to trade them for sony's latest. Please agree to the petition, and you will reach NETMD perfection! You will make all of our dreams come will reach one of your main technological objectives: simlpify life. You will attract a broader public; you will surpass evey one of your once potential competitors - this is your chance to kick dataplay out of the market. Listen to our creed and do what you guys do best. Innnovate and be STYLISH at the same time! Then let sharp and panasonic follow your lead (even though I'll stick with you guys, ALWAYS). Make the uploaded tracks playable only in your openmg software; use unique file encoding to prevent copyright issues...or don't mind what I said and do it your way. Please, you guys, enhance md recoders and strengthen the md community. Oh, by the way, when will the website be operating again?

    Jesus Nunez

    226. Future enhancements

    Posted by Julien Barret on 5/2/2002, 3:18:14

    A list of possbible future enhancements for MD, that would be great:

    -Net MD Audio Upload
    -"Super MD" (MDHD, same as MD Data 2 Sony's MD Discam) for audio devices
    -Firewire input for faster upload/download

    227. adding net-md upload function

    Posted by Pascal Charbonneau on 5/2/2002, 3:20:56

    Music students around the globe will be grateful for this function. Music students are already great consumers of minidisc products. Adding this function would permit them to transfer the live performances they give onto a more standard format. (i.e. : demo and audition tapes)

    228. Need the ability to upload please.

    Posted by Ashish Joseph on 5/2/2002, 3:25:20

    I am an avid fan of Sony products in general especially its minidisc players.

    However, I would love the ability to be able to upload live guitar recordings of mine to my personal computer from my mindisc recorder.

    Consider this a plea to include this feature in the NetMD software!

    229. The missing LINK!!

    Posted by Nicholas Chong on 5/2/2002, 3:36:03

    NetMD is great technology but without the uploading feature, it's missing what it takes to be AWESOME. Currently, I can only fiddle with my recordings in the form of MDs and that doesn't seem to be very cool when i'm surrounded by computers and all which cannot manipulate these recordings. Computers are the present and the future as we know it and MDs can very well co-exist with them given the right ingredients. AllI can say is that MD and NetMD would be just another thing of the past if Sony doesn't play the right cards. P.S. Secure!=Future-proof

    230. Please add audio upload

    Posted by Ursus Schneider on 5/2/2002, 4:29:28


    I have just bought a NetMD N1 version and actually wanted to use it for taking notes while traveling around the world for 1 year. My idea was that I could connect the N1 to any PC using USB and upload my audio notes and send them home. I now know that this cannot be done using the hardware I bought.

    I do understand that their are piracy issues involved but, please, make the NetMD's useful by adding audio upload via USB.

    Thanking you in advance
    Ursus Schneider

    231. Please add audio uploading

    Posted by John Chrapowicki on 5/2/2002, 4:29:51

    Other audio recording devices allow direct uploading to the hard disc so why let MD slip behind them? Please add this feature ASAP and bring MD fully into the 21st Century.

    232. pro use

    Posted by thomas on 5/2/2002, 4:47:06

    as a journalist, i could use this function. we need it! pleeeeease!!!!!!!!!

    233. you can do it sony!

    Posted by aziz on 5/2/2002, 5:12:22

    you can do it sony!!

    234. NetMD audio upload

    Posted by Rogier Pieters on 5/2/2002, 5:34:36

    Dear Sony,

    A lot of the minidisc users use their (Net)MD equipment to make live recordings, for school, concerts or interviews. It would be very usefull for them to be able to upload the audio they have recorded at high speed and with high quality to their PC.

    Thank you very much,

    Rogier Pieters & all minidisc users arround the world

    235. Yes, Sony you can do it

    Posted by Dusan Krizaj on 5/2/2002, 5:36:41

    Ja, Sony to moras maredit !
    (Yes Sony, you can do it !)

    236. NetMD Audio upload: Why I deserted NetMD!

    Posted by Hatem Eldoronki on 5/2/2002, 5:41:03

    I have a huge collection of audio tapes that I needed to convert into digital format. NetMD, I thought was the solution. But I also needed to edit the sound quality digitally, AND be able to re-produce these recordings to CD-R and MP3 format too. Imagine how many hours I wasted trying to record these tapes to NetMD in real-time, then REPEATING the process again, from MD to PC (to edit the sound quality), then from PC to NetMD which doesn't take long now, but is almost like a closed-end contract, meaning that once I've made my final MD production, I can't really use it as a master that is directly transferrable to other audio formats. That's why I gave up NetMD, and got me an Archos 10GB MP3 Player/Recorder, but I still miss the 'Sony' brand name on it.
    At least make a lightweight high capacity MP3/digital recorder if you don't want to enable NetMD upload to PC.

    237. MD Digital Upload is essential!

    Posted by Yota Yoshimitsu on 5/2/2002, 5:45:52

    As a avid MD user who often makes live recordings, having the facility to upload MD audio digitally to PC would make it much easier to edit and store such recordings. It would greatly enhance the versatility and superiority of the MD format - for fully-digital recording, playback and editing. It would make an already excellent format even better.

    238. I agree with petition from

    Posted by Vincent FONTAINE on 5/2/2002, 5:59:51

    Please add the new function decribed by

    Also, can I ask for the MD2 (second generation of MD capacity), i.e. MD of 640 MBytes using blue lazer technology as DVD. It should by interesting to put 80 minutes of UNcompressed music on a single little carbridge (with same information that on a CD), and more hours of compressed music with ATRAC without MDLP. Why not more of ten hours of compressed music with the MDLP ...


    239. MD-PC upload- YES PLEASE!

    Posted by Movi on 5/2/2002, 6:06:51

    Adding such a function would (IMHO) complete the functionality of the OpenMG format. Sony, please do not think:
    every user=pirate music (mp3, or whatever)distributor

    240. NetMD Audio Upload

    Posted by Adam Gladys on 5/2/2002, 6:35:01

    It would be great to be able to upload the long lectures into the computer.

    241. MD Upload function is essential

    Posted by Vaidy Narayanan on 5/2/2002, 6:48:14

    Dear Sony:
    Minidisc is a great format, but it really needs compressed audio upload to make it complete.

    242. Add audio upload via NetMD

    Posted by Andrew Kirkby on 5/2/2002, 7:39:15

    It would help greatly if I could upload the saxophone music I record via NetMD as it would improve the sound quality a great deal, and would allow faster transfer, without jumps or skips in my music

    243. Archive and cleanup of old family music

    Posted by Scott Sprabery on 5/2/2002, 8:06:16

    To Sony Corportation:
    Please consider the ability to upload music from minidisc to computer. My family has old recordings that we would like to keep on minidisc and be able to upload to the computer. Once in the computer we can use audio cleaning software to make the music pop and click free, and then have a wonderful clean archive.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    244. The only thing preventing MD from being "perfect".

    Posted by Tim J on 5/2/2002, 8:09:12

    Dear Sony,
    The only thing that prevents MD from being the "ultimate" music format is the upload of music from the unit to PC. Hey, you're already halfway there! Why not finish what you started? There are undoubtably thousands of people out there who use MD for journalist/recording engineering work who would say that having an upload feature would be the icing on the cake for this great format.
    As for the average Joe user like myself, I would love the idea of being able to make my own mixes of music on MD that I PAID FOR on my PC.
    If piracy is your main concern, why not do as Microsoft did with MediaPlayer, and have it so that you can only use your uploaded files on one PC, with the option of "migrating" the files, or maybe you could even "buy" a multi-pc liscense?

    We know that you have a record company to protect, but why treat us like pirates? OpenMG is a joke.

    Here's hoping, Sony.

    245. NetMD lectures upload

    Posted by Pavel Duda on 5/2/2002, 8:12:10

    I'm often use my MD to record lectures and so faster uploading to the computer will make me happy.

    246. Sony, Sony

    Posted by Peter Slavik on 5/2/2002, 8:19:20

    Mr.Sony, why didnīt you make this important thing ?

    247. Loyal Sony business customer...

    Posted by Y.Goulnik on 5/2/2002, 8:21:39

    I I just bought a second MD

    248. Loyal Sony business customer...

    Posted by K.orsay on 5/2/2002, 8:24:25

    I just bought a third MD recorder but I decided not to support Sony NetMD technology because as a musician, for live and practice recordings, this is of no use to me.
    I am a great advocate of minidisc technology, also owns a Sony MD 4-track recorder. And I would not hesitate one second to buy yet a fourth one if it did support NetMD upload and download of my own analog recordings unlimited

    249. Without audio upload OpenMD and Net MD is crippled

    Posted by Linus on 5/2/2002, 8:33:24

    While being able to download my mp3's to MD "quickly" in digital form is usefull. Not being able to digitally upload from my MD back to my computer (in mp3) really cripples the customer proposition.

    To make things clear, NOT being able to upload files that originated as digital recordings is OK by me.

    But please ALLOW analog recordings to be digitally uploaded (and exported to a meaningfull format like mp3) to my computer.

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