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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    350. NetMD Uploads...

    Posted by Chris De Vivo on 5/3/2002, 11:52:35

    I have used MiniDisc since the MZ-1, the only portable player/recorder that I know of that can do SPDIF INPUT & OUTPUT! It has been sorely missing from ALL other Portable MD's since then. NetMD's could be the ULTIMATE format IF you would give the user the freedom to upload too. In my case, with my MZ-1, I would use the Opto-Link to archive lectures on my hard drive, and remix our bands live gigs. The MD community needs this capability to realize the full potential of these fine products. From business prospective MORE people will want one and that translates to more blanks & accessories which translates to more MD based revenue...

    Chris De Vivo

    352. USB Upload in the Digital Domain

    Posted by Eddie Doyle on 5/3/2002, 11:57:21

    I currently use minidisc for music, recording from FM radio and dictation. The latter two would greatly benefit from a a quick, hi-quality transfer mechanism to the PC.

    To really compete with and stay ahead of MP3 devices (including the newer devices with vast storage via hard disc) the minidisc format needs to remain a compelling and long lasting proposition for the consumer.

    The ability to upload and download files (both ATRAC and ATRAC3) is a critical next step in keeping the minidisc format alive and evolving. You have made the important first step.

    353. CopyProtected CD's wont work from CD to MD using SCMS?

    Posted by Damain Norton on 5/3/2002, 12:04:47

    sony, listen. we all have invested our hard earned dollars purchasing your electronics and music cd's. If i can't DIGITALLY copy those LEGALLY PURCHASED cd's (((((((****HASSLE FREE*****)))))) to my MD recorder SCMS copy prohibited with the blank MD inside that i PAID ROYALTIES ALREADY FOR when i bought the blank md then you sony just might have a lawsuit on the front of your doorstep. It's not my problem you can't find a way to stop pirates, it's yours. Love your company, love the technology, please don't alienate the customers who are willing to pay for real digital music, and the customers who can actually hear the diffrence between a 15.00 cd and a free MP3 track. Theres no comparison, you get what you pay for. You wrote the rules when you created this innovative little format. We understand where your comming from, please dont slam the door in our faces. Ill never buy an MP3 player, because if i wanted to hear music that sounds like its been on a tape sitting in the sun for ten years, i would still be using tapes. Ive been spoiled with digital sound, and i don't want to go back. DON'T DO THIS TO ME, DON'T LET ME BUY A CD AND NOT BE ABLE TO HIT 2 BUTTONS AT NIGHT AND HAVE A SCMS COPY PROTECTED ATRAC1 DIGITAL MD COPY IN THE MORNING. PLEASE. THIS IS THE EASIEST WAY TO LEGALLY COPY DIGITAL MUSIC. NO, THIS IS THE EASIEST WAY TO COPY MUSIC, PERIOD. I'VE BURNT CD'S BEFORE. IT"S A PAIN IN THE ASS COMPARED TO MD CD (LEGAL) DIGITAL DUBBING.

    354. (no subject)

    Posted by Tim Loeschke on 5/3/2002, 13:04:16

    Yes, please!

    355. Audio uploading to NetMD

    Posted by Tony Cella on 5/3/2002, 13:26:28

    With the addition of adding audio uploading to the NetMD software , you would be doing a great favor to consumers, and also providing an added incentive for the minidisc form factor to grow as an audio/data storage medium.

    Thank you

    356. Estoy convencido...

    Posted by Blas Gonzalez on 5/3/2002, 13:29:19

    que Sony incorporar� esta caracteristica en futuras versiones del MD, y conseguir� de esta forma que el numero de fans a este formato crezca vertiginosamente.

    Los que usamos el minidisc para hacer grabaciones en directo necesitamos alguna utilidad que nos permita editar nuestra propia musica.

    Gracias SONY

    357. please add uploading of analog recordings!

    Posted by Vesa Karhila on 5/3/2002, 13:32:01

    Dear Sony,
    I am using my two Sony MD units for recording FM radio (JB940) and live music & speech (MZ-R900). Currently I can make digital copies of my live recordings only in real time. I am not able to combine live recordings from different MDs into a single "master" MD and then make copies of the master. If your NetMD system would allow me to fast upload my own recordings, edit and combine them in my PC, and then fast download them to a single MD, if this was possible I would immediately upgrade my MD recorder. Thank you in advance.

    358. allow upload please.

    Posted by Brian Call on 5/3/2002, 13:40:23

    I would really like these features to be added because i would love to be able to make CDs of myself playing instruments, so that i could send them out in place of audition tapes. It act as a sort of makeshift home studio.

    359. NetMD uploading

    Posted by Drew Hilling on 5/3/2002, 14:14:24

    Adding an upload feature to NetMD will make MD my format of choice for live recording. I will upgrade my equipment, and even further extol the many virtues of the MD format. A move like enabling uploading of live recordings can only enhance the position of MD in the market and take it beyond a mere mp3-like device in most people's minds.

    360. Please allow audio upload from MDtoPC

    Posted by Germ�n Vargas on 5/3/2002, 14:23:08

    Sony you can do it now! I am wating for this feature to buy an MD unit.

    361. Audio upload.

    Posted by Brad on 5/3/2002, 14:24:14

    Our jazz ensamble often records its performances and some practice pieces, and we usually end up spending money to get copies out to each member to practice with or listen to. I think that it would be of great help to be able to share our talents with the internet freely, or to share practice pieces with the members, saving time, money and energy for all involved.

    362. NetMD upload

    Posted by wAi C. Yim on 5/3/2002, 14:29:11


    363. Please add an audio upload feature and improve the NetMD software!

    Posted by Mark Cho on 5/3/2002, 14:37:50

    Please add an audio upload feature and improve the NetMD software!

    364. Please consider the upgrade of allowing md transfer to PC

    Posted by Eric Rosario on 5/3/2002, 14:43:03

    This would greatly increase minidisc value to those who like to make recordings and like to manipulate them using a computer. This wouldn't be hurting the record industry or any artists.

    365. It would make a grate product that much better

    Posted by Zac Collins on 5/3/2002, 14:51:17

    I have the M1 and love all but the lack of function of uploading to my PC through Net MD, I feel it would be a great addition to a allready great product to all such a feature!
    Zac Collins

    366. NetMD Audio upload should be implemented

    Posted by Tao Tong on 5/3/2002, 15:50:40

    After I received my NetMD 505, I was excited about the audio file download feature. It is natural to expect it can also upload my MD tracks to my PC. I was disappointed when I found this feature is missing.

    Adding this feature would certainly boost the NetMD sales and satisfy the customers.

    367. Live Music Lives!

    Posted by Simon on 5/3/2002, 16:10:01

    The Minidisc format has made live recording amazing!
    Keep going by facilitating uploading to my computer!

    368. Net MD

    Posted by Dave Conner on 5/3/2002, 16:50:16

    For any format to catch on it must, repeat must be user friendly. Net MD is 1/2 of the way there. Please make Net MD 100% user friendly.


    369. Audio upload - What a smart move Sony can make!

    Posted by David Jendiroba on 5/3/2002, 16:54:23

    I support the petition above and agree that restrictions uploading recordings (music or live recording) to the NetMD are limiting the use of such a wonderful portable device. I myself record various types of lectures, including scientific and religious, and most of the times I wish I could share those with friends who can't afford an MD player. It's very frustating! DJ.

    370. MD Uploading Capabilities

    Posted by Chris Dowd on 5/3/2002, 16:57:44

    I've got an "old" Sony MZ-R55. I'd make the jump to a new model, if it had uploading capabilities for my large collection of radio recordings (Blues Hour and Dead Hour).

    Thanks for the consideration!

    371. What people want

    Posted by Rabbhi on 5/3/2002, 17:01:15

    I think ading an uploading feature to Minidisc systems would be great for us users and the business. For someone like me who records from my band and lectures it would be ideal to have this function. Maybe it will attract more people to MD also as it would be a popular addition.

    372. We want true net MD

    Posted by Victor on 5/3/2002, 17:17:52

    The net MD is a minidisc player with awsome capabilities. Its by far the easiest and best format for storing mp3's. However, to make this truely great, and to get computer users to embrace this technology over flash, sony needs to allow uploading. Also, Open MG technology is not ready yet. Its hard to use, and as an independent artist, I have been unable to mass copy my work on LP4, having to go back to the slower method of my old Minidisc recorder.

    373. Limited Features = Limited Popularity

    Posted by Mark Bossard on 5/3/2002, 17:19:31

    Why is Sony hamstringing itself?
    The netMD idea has so much powerful potential, yet Sony is killing the MD by severely hampering it's capabilities.
    The net MD interface should be fully open:
    -Direct control of the MD contents from the PC (or MAC) ON DISC not just on hard drive
    -Upload.. please.... where is the sense in killing uploads
    -Track Protect? Why? That makes the netMD a pain in the but for recording tracks... It kills the MD's rewritability AND simple MD functions on the netMD recorders
    -WHERE is the FULL bitrate conversion?
    -I could go on and on....

    I am severely disappointed in Sony's netMD.
    The way Sony treats the MD community makes me feel like dumping the MD scene all together.

    -Mark Bossard

    374. NetMD Audio upload should be implemented...

    Posted by David Karon on 5/3/2002, 18:23:56


    375. Uploading = at least $1000 to Sony from me

    Posted by Jeff Fuesting on 5/3/2002, 19:08:10

    Uploading = at least $1000 to Sony from me

    376. benefits the consumer

    Posted by Detox on 5/3/2002, 19:16:51


    377. I thought it was there when I bought my MZN505

    Posted by Bill Anderson on 5/3/2002, 21:26:49

    I thought I had this ability when I purchased my MZN505. I am very dissapointed that it doesn't and am thinking of returning it.

    --Bill Anderson

    378. My Use of NetMD Upload Feature

    Posted by John Planckaert on 5/3/2002, 21:44:51

    I am a hobby party DJ, hoping to eventually make a name for myself. I like to record a lot of my mixes so I can listen to them and make corrections. The minidisc recorder makes it extremely easy for me to do that. I used to run back and forth to my computer for recording, then break it all down into tracks which is a very tedious job. Then I bought my NetMD MiniDisc recorder and was really happy with it. Actually, I THOUGHT I was happy with it. Then I found out that it isn't possible to upload recordings from the MiniDisc recorder. This is the only major flaw in this product. As I said before, I bought it because it's simple to record to, I can easily break up my mixes into tracks, and was hoping to be able to transfer them to my computer easily. I could record it to my computer using an analog cable from the headphone jack to the line in on my computer, but that would degrade the quality and take longer than just recording it directly to my computer. I have no use for this product now so I will be returning it. Unless a new version of OpenMG will allow checking-in or Sony comes out with a product that will let you check files in. Or Sony could modify the NetMD Simple Burner so it could burn from MD right to CD. Please consider adding this feature.

    379. Upload a huge advantage

    Posted by Zenith Mason on 5/3/2002, 21:44:51

    Hi I'd love to be able to transfer my recorded sounds from my MD unit to the PC through USB using NetMD. I believe this will add huge value to the portable units. Currently I extensively use MiniDisc as a format for recording sounds to create "sound collages" and atmospheric ambient surround sounds using binaural microphones. Being able to transfer these personal records to my PC would vastly improve the efficiency and usefulness of MiniDisc as a format, and would instantly prove that MD is the superior format. Being able to encode my CDs to MD using ATRAC (not ATRAC3) to allow full quality (without the ATRAC3 LP2 down conversion first) would also be a huge advantage, as I listen to MD in my car and having that bit of extra quality is very useful. Thanks for taking the time to hear what your loyal customers would like to be able to do with this already excellent format!

    380. Pleassse

    Posted by James Brooks on 5/3/2002, 21:49:29

    Do it, if only to help the minidisc format flourish even further...

    381. My life will only be easier

    Posted by Casey Cane on 5/3/2002, 22:09:39

    Please do are able to.

    382. Usage in the recording industry for PC uploading

    Posted by Tristan Gulyas on 5/3/2002, 22:29:27

    I currently use MD for recording bootlegs and interviews where it would be useful if I could upload it to a PC via USB as I don't own an MD deck with optical out or a soundcard with optical in.

    383. upload!

    Posted by john on 5/3/2002, 22:49:13

    The upside of this feature is astounding! with the above proposal you safe guard everything! You can't lose. Do the right thing.


    384. School - MiniDisc

    Posted by James on 5/3/2002, 22:57:20

    When I'm at school listening to lectures, I want to record then on my MD.
    Being able to upload to my computer via netMD would be much much more convienent for me!
    Have audio upload, it's a must!

    385. Net-MD uploading

    Posted by Scott A. Cabler on 5/3/2002, 23:07:16

    Uploading songs would make Net-MD that much more attractive.

    386. NetMD

    Posted by Eric Shu on 5/3/2002, 23:10:10

    It would be very useful to upload from the MD and many people would buy more MD's in the future

    387. Upload more than just music.

    Posted by Darrin Behm on 5/4/2002, 0:19:52

    The only thing I record on my MD via the microphone is the voice of my 4 yr old boy. He just loves to talk into the microphone and then hear his voice played back. The ability to burn this directly to CD and any future media would be the best thing to happen to minidisc. Having this available on CD would not only benefit me but also my entire family who live 400+ miles from me. I could easily transfer files to CD and mail them to the relatives. Currently I am sending tapes but would like nothing more to transfer the recording faster on the PC.

    Also having his recorded voice in a format that he could listen to yrs from now would be wonderful. I still sit back and listen to the tapes of my brother and I from 1972.

    The current benefit of NetMD to me is not cost effective. I record my CDs in SP mode only for the best fidelity and since that is not even easily accomplished with the NetMD units I see no reason to upgrade my Aiwa AM-F80 to the MZ-N1. If the uploading feature was present I would order it immediately. However for now I wait and live within the analog realm for my voice recordings.


    388. Audio uploading from NetMD

    Posted by Charles Muccia on 5/4/2002, 0:25:57

    Dear Sony,
    Why not make a NetMD unit that can do it all? Record from any source,SP,LP2,LP4 modes,download and upload,and please,an adjustable recording level! It could be a digital audio workhorse like my DAT D8. If a NetMD unit had all these features it would be hard to compete with it! I would definitely buy one to replace my DAT! Thanks.

    389. Might as well continue to purchase Sharp recorders because Sony certainly Net Md as it stands is a j

    Posted by Hodedo on 5/4/2002, 0:32:03

    What possible advantages over solid state does net md have without uploading, sure it's nice to be able to have separate discs, however with the bullshit limits you've imposed you will kill the most viable digital medium out there. If you have no advantages over Sharps. I will continue to buy the better built underdog for live recording. Period. You must give me a reason to switch over beside your lame format as it stands.

    390. Upload spoken word recordings

    Posted by Barry Jacobson on 5/4/2002, 2:18:56

    MD provides a high-quality, inexpensive and easy way for my church to record our sermons, worship services, educational programs, etc. However, copying and distributing this non-copyrighted material is more difficult than it would be if Net MD allowed both upload and download of files.

    391. Please allow uploads--my dream come true!

    Posted by Andrew on 5/4/2002, 2:27:30

    I do live recordings of community based arts events to MD. Then I transfer them to my hard drive clean them up and burn them to Audio CDs to give to the artists. Allowing upload would make my job infinitely easier!


    392. If you don't, your market in North America will be lost to MP3 players.

    Posted by George Ohki on 5/4/2002, 2:59:51

    The only edge that Minidisc technology has over MP3 players (at the moment) is that MD recorders can record live audio. Because of this capability many musicians and other professionals in the music/audio field use MD to record live sound. However with the recent advent of stand-alone CD-R (and eventually DVD-R!!) decks capable of recording in real time, MD's niche of usefullness is quickly drawing to a close. If MD uploading technology does not grow with the times to compete with faster-than-real-time CD-R extraction and MP3 up/downloads, it will become obsolete, at least to the North American general public. Come on, Sony! You can do it!

    393. How MD to PC upload will help me

    Posted by Paul Yeo on 5/4/2002, 4:01:58

    I need to make Audio CDs of seminars i conduct, instead of bring a 3 kg laptop around with sound recording software, i could have use the Net MD (with time stamp) and upload it later to PC for further editing. i could also record my lectures and upload it to server for my students' convenience!

    394. Good for artists, samples, and field recordings.

    Posted by Matthew Cameron on 5/4/2002, 4:22:56

    I now use an MZR-900 and use a home deck with digital outputs to transfer files to my computer.

    I would like to do this faster then realtime.

    thank you.


    395. Possibility of Upload is really interessant

    Posted by Herv� S. on 5/4/2002, 5:01:50

    Possibility of Upload is really one more, why not have to develop it ? Me, I would be really to interest by this type of thing. This is why I estimate that you lose customers.

    Too bad.


    396. add audio upload capabilities and UPDATE OPEN MG JUKEBOX

    Posted by Kelvin Hew on 5/4/2002, 5:47:55

    Adding audio upload feature to the Net MD will allow greater usability of MD. The flexiblity of MD now is vry limited unless the uploading feature is added. My suggestion to meet the SCMS standard like just allow audio uploading to the use's PC, not anyone else's PC. Secondly, allow the audio upload to playback in any media player like Winamp, not just playback in Open MG Jukebox because the audio is in the user's PC so, it won't run anywhere. We consumers are not trying to cause any infringement of copyright materials. We just want to make life easier and that feature will defintely make MD a true audio format meduim. Finally, please update Open Mg Jukebox which came with the Net MD Walkman. Because that software is full of problems. You should really take notice of consumers' feedbacks and comments. I can tell you what the problems are but there are to many. Its not a bug but a lot of dissapointment in the software. The latest version is 2.2, so I expect to see version 2.3 later with all the necessary changes. Please do the right thing Sony. Thanks!!

    397. Why would you wait for the other companies?

    Posted by Abel B. on 5/4/2002, 7:08:17

    The point is that if Sony won't add this feature, well,
    then sooner or later some other second-line company WILL. Therefore, this isn't just OUR interest.

    Sony says "Go create".
    And we say: Now it's YOUR turn!

    398. totally agree

    Posted by Rapha�l Marinier on 5/4/2002, 9:00:48

    I totaly agree with the petition..

    399. completely agree with the idea

    Posted by Albert Mu�oz i Garcia on 5/4/2002, 11:09:16

    please don't block the infinite possibilities of the MD .

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