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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    1150. Let's be reasonable!

    Posted by Matthew McFarlane on 6/17/2002, 21:28:24

    It's silly to have a recording device for PERSONAL use that cannot interface with other media storage options. This is 20th century thinking. I would love to be able to record law school lectures and archive them in a logical format on my computer, but I can't. So this remains a stand-alone technology. I'll use it because of convenience but when another more flexible option comes along, I'll take it.

    1151. Make the lives of musicians like me easier

    Posted by Colm Fitzmaurice on 6/18/2002, 0:14:50

    Dear Sony,

    As a young singer, I love your minidisc because I can record all my performances, pick my favorites and burn my own cd's on my PC. In the transfer of information to my PC, i find that the line-in port tends to diminish the quality of my recordings. Creating a digital upload link would really make your product more attractive in the future especially since I am much more interested in uploading to my pc than downloading to minidisc. Your product is a goldmine for young artists like me. Please remember us "uploaders" when considering your future models.

    1152. Digital upload

    Posted by Matt Anderson on 6/18/2002, 0:19:08

    I have to say I was disappointed that digital upload wasn't supported. I have absolutely no interest in pirating music. I would simply like to record lectures and be able to upload them quickly to my computer. I would greatly appreciate an upgrade that would allow this to happen.
    I read the owners manual and understand that music pirating is of key concern in the design of the Net MD. I feel it is unfair that copyright protection is being added to hardware making it less useful for honest uses. If there is any way digital upload could be supported while still preserving the copyright protection I, for one, would love to have it. I would also be proud to tell friends and relatives what a great and useful product the Sony Net MD is. Thank you.

    1153. Uploading and Mac OS X support a must!

    Posted by Jose Lemus on 6/18/2002, 1:56:36

    There are millions of Mac enthusiasts that buy your products. Please give us support.

    1154. I want to upload my own music to my PC for editing

    Posted by Shaun Darragh on 6/18/2002, 2:13:55

    I just purchased an MZ-N707 to record my own music and digitally upload it to my PC for editing in Cakewalk. I purchased this machine so that I don't have to always use my DAT for this purpose. Now I find that the simplest of features has been intentionally left out of the software in a ridiculous bid to limit piracy. Guess what, you're not limiting pircy, but you are annoying folks with legitimate uses for your technology. If I don't find a decent way to upload my music shortly, this machine is going back to the store it was purchased from and I will warn all of my musician friends against buying any of your products in the future.


    1155. I nned it for my band records

    Posted by Florian Zierer on 6/18/2002, 4:05:57

    Why is this uploading MD>PC restricted?
    I often record my band and want to edit this records with my PC, but I have to use my soundcard for this.

    NET MD is really great, but this function needs to be implemented soon, please.


    1156. Please, Sony, give us audio upload !

    Posted by Etienne on 6/18/2002, 4:30:14

    And the MD will definitly be the BEST portable audio ever.

    A french MD fan...

    1157. deceiving NZ707

    Posted by r.goetty on 6/18/2002, 4:38:42

    I will never buy a Sony product again and i'll tell it to other people.

    1158. Re: Please, Sony, give us audio upload !

    Posted by fab on 6/18/2002, 6:17:06 , in reply to "Please, Sony, give us audio upload !"

    And the MD will definitly be the BEST portable audio ever.
    A french MD fan...

    1159. Give the NetMD recorder UPLOADING capabilties

    Posted by George R. on 6/18/2002, 7:15:48

    Dear Sony,

    Digital uploading capabilities are necessary to people in my profession (archiving), for quick and easy uploading of speeches and interviews to computer. Do you know how crippling it is to the modern world of live recording it is to have virtually NO convenient devices via which one can record an event in a high-bitrate format, and then upload it to a computer without the fuss of real-time delays? Extremely crippling.

    There exists, in reality, no such product on the market.

    If you, Sony, give the NetMD this simple feature, AND advertise it properly, I guarantee you will triple your sales of Minidisc recorders. They are convenient, they are high-quality, and if digital uploading is implemented, they will be the PERFECT format for recording interviews and speeches by archivists world-wide.

    --George D. R.

    1160. Net MD Upload

    Posted by Eric Pace on 6/18/2002, 7:59:11

    I bought Net MD recorder for the sole purpose of recording my digital piano and then converting the recordings to CD. I an very disappointed that I can't upload the recodings digitally. Once again Sony has produced a great product my hamstrung their customers with restrictive practices. One more reason to limit my purchases of Sony equipment.

    1161. Need audio download

    Posted by Terry Edwards on 6/18/2002, 8:38:30

    The mini disk is a wonderful recording device.
    Give us improved downloading. Sony builds great products!!

    1162. MD must survive the MP3 players and such

    Posted by Philip Mangione on 6/18/2002, 9:19:48

    With all the MP3 and digital audio players having the ability to download and upload at really fast speed, the only main advantage the MD units still offer is the ability the user has to have a lot of recorded minidiscs to choose from at any time. Otherwise the Minidisc market is losing ground. FAST.

    1163. Must include audio upload

    Posted by Greg on 6/18/2002, 11:41:03

    You must include audio upload if you want this device to be used by the public. We OWN this music and therefore MUST be allowed to copy it to whatever device(s) we please. If you don't we will just not buy your hardware or software. There are too many alternatives in today's market for this not to happen... "if you don't build it, they WILL leave!!!!!"

    1164. Net MD Uploads FOR SURE!!!

    Posted by Derek Lowes on 6/18/2002, 12:03:43

    The upload feature would allow me to keep audio dictation on my computer for reference and editing purposes - we would all use more discs - and if you dont i am sure some clever developer will produce shareware that will counter act your copywright bullshit!!! - you do not hinder piracy with this restriction -


    1165. Come on Sony

    Posted by Rob Gaskell on 6/18/2002, 12:29:10

    Do it

    1166. Won't buy another without audio upload

    Posted by John Mathews on 6/18/2002, 13:38:14

    Unless this feature is added, I would never buy another MD player. It's too bad that the product is so frustratingly crippled, because I love the ability to record. MD player/recorders could totally outclass all the low-quality MP3 devices out there.

    1167. Perfect MD goes like this:

    Posted by Jan Yskout on 6/18/2002, 13:45:41

    Changes that would make the portable minidisc recoder perfect:

    *Use the 650MB MD Data2 Media as used in the Sony Discam series, in addition of the traditional MD's

    *Offer SP/LP2/LP4 modes + a hardware mp3/wma decoder chip.

    *Build in Li-Ion battery, recharges through usb (2.0) or firewire or AC Adapter

    *USB 2.0 or Firewire connection, with full speed SP transfers

    *Backlight LCD display on the main unit (as featured on the Sony MZ-S1)

    *Last but not least, upload to PC of (analog) recorded material.

    I hope you are aware that these changes are necessairy to compete with flash/harddisk based mp3 players..

    1168. net md upload to pc

    Posted by Mark on 6/18/2002, 18:18:11

    I play in a Band and record rehearsals & gigs, and feel that as easy method of upload from md to pc would be fantastic as I can then burn to cd, or archive on pc,

    1169. Where's the needed USB Audio Upload?

    Posted by Greg M on 6/18/2002, 20:14:22

    Dear Sirs,

    I have recently purchased a NetMD MZ-N707 Type-R. So far I have enjoyed it very much and I love seeing the look on friends' faces when I brag to them how I got four complete Simon & Garfunkel albums onto "this tiny little disc" with bonus tacks AND room to spare. They always ask me "what is THAT? A CD of some type?" And then I explain to them (and promote) the Mini Disc. And then I suprise them further my showing them that the device that can play and record Mini Discs can fit in one's pocket. Then I tell them how you can record on the disc over and over and over unlike a CD. Then I tll them they can use their computer to delete and rename songs and change song order via the USB connection. They are always impressed and rightfully so.

    And, you know what? I don't mind at all the restrictions placed in OpenMG which supposedly stop piracy. I don't mind the check-in check-out scenario allowing only 3 copies of a song to be exported to MD since I don't personally need to copy a song more one time from CD to MD. I think OpenMG is pretty good software since I can copy bunches of CDs to HD in very little time and play back songs on the juke box using any number of playlist options.

    Here is what DOES bother me about the NetMD. When I initially purchased it, it was not really for the purpose of having portable music. What I wanted was a simple way of recording my own music and then transfering to my computer either for further processing in either CakeWalk or Logic and then burning to CD. Unfortunately, I cannot at this time digitally transfer my own recordings of my own original songs to my PC from MD. And, I've got friends and family whom I am dying to distribute to.

    To be honest after thinking about it, the NetMD really would not be useful for pirating music anyway even if audio upload were implemented with no restrictions. One could to that with just a CD burner and the appropriate software with very little trouble. (I neither practice nor endorse pirating music)

    But, the NetMD would be extremely useful for people like those who have posted above, people like myself- songwriters and musicians. Not to mention the journalists and college students who simply want to record interviews and lectures.

    In short, the MD format is perfect. All I need now is the ability to upload my own personal live recordings and recordings I might make of my band to OpenMG for the purpose of:

    #1 Add to an OpenMG Jukebox playlist

    #2 Export to *.wav format for use in CakeWalk or Logic

    #3 Export to *.mp3 format for archiving and burning direct to CD

    Thank you for an otherwise perfect product as well as your kind consideration in this matter.

    Greg M
    (A somewhat satisfied customer)

    P.S. The amendment proposition seems to include only allowing the uploading of music recorded through the analog input and not the digital input. But, I hope I can upload music recorded through the digital input because the mixer I use in my studio (Roland VM-300 Pro) has a digital output which I really would like to take adventage of when using it to make some simple recordings of my own songs.

    Thanks again!

    1170. Re: I need this function!

    Posted by Norbert on 6/18/2002, 21:13:26 , in reply to "I need this function!"

    I just bought mine and becouse it does not have this function I'll return my back to the store . If I would like to record my own farts and load it into my hard disk I coudn't do it . Not fair !

    1171. We Need this featur

    Posted by Calvin Coolidge on 6/19/2002, 0:15:52

    Please allow us to upload home recordings!

    1172. Upload capability for musicians

    Posted by John Wygonski on 6/19/2002, 2:03:09

    I am a musician and frequently record myself using Minidisc. I would love to have an upload capability, and if a new technology presented itself with this feature, I would buy it.

    1173. Voice to PC to CD ?

    Posted by Ron S on 6/19/2002, 3:20:55

    I recently recored a meeting . It was transmitted via FM radio. I used a fm radio to sony ne505 recorder. great job, but could not transfer direct to pc (check in). Yes you can use audio connections to pc but direct pc interaction is so much easier. Please add a feature.
    Thanks for reading this far (smile) have a nice day

    1174. As a Sales Trainer I need this function.

    Posted by Bruno Mortier on 6/19/2002, 4:09:30

    Please make it available, it would save me a lot of work.

    1175. NetMD is great, but OpenNetMD would be so much better!

    Posted by Stuart on 6/19/2002, 10:35:59

    Dear Sony,

    I recently purchased the MD N505 NetMD unit. I was very impressed with the speed at which I could download my music onto an MD, and with the quality of the SP4 codec. However I was a little more than disappointed upon finding that I was not able to make a recording and then upload it to my PC through the USB cable. At the time of purchase I was under the impression that it was possible for me to load my own recordings from my MD to my PC.

    Since finding this out, I have done some research and found that many of your loyal customers are extremely disstisfied with the lack of such an obvious feature. I'm sure you can sympathise with all of us, there are many people signing petitions around the world I am sure in order to show their support for Sony as well as their support for a MD to PC feature, it is not difficult to find websites to demonstrate the amount of support and demand such a feature has.

    I work for a large retailer in Melbourne and most of the people I've talked to regarding the NetMD complain that it can't upload and would rather stay with CD or go with MP3 players than to set their sites on MD which is a shame because it's such a great format, I'm really impressed with it, except for the lack of an upload function.

    In closing I would like to thank you for reading my letter, and would ask that you provide us (your loyal customers) with a workable and worthwhile solution in the near future.

    Best regards,
    Stuart Bowden.

    1176. Musician in a group ask for MD->PC Uploads

    Posted by Bertrand Faure on 6/19/2002, 12:49:43

    I'm a musician and me and my music group can't do digital tranfers from the MD recorder we use to PC to be able to mix or burn CD-Audio.
    Please allow for uploading of MD audio to PC!!!

    1177. Re: Musician in a group ask for MD->PC Uploads

    Posted by J. Kingsford on 6/19/2002, 12:57:26 , in reply to "Musician in a group ask for MD->PC Uploads"

    For those of us who love getting that once in lifetime set on tape/MD.. The pain and ardure required to real-time dump seems an antiquated procedure, especially in an era of digital information. The ease and utility of a method to upload md-pc would be an immense improvement on an already great idea. I think I speak for the majority of musicians when i say, this needs to be implemented.

    1178. MD > MAC upload urgently needed!

    Posted by Susan Deikman on 6/19/2002, 13:29:54

    I use my MD recorder to record my voice lessons, lectures and choir rehearsals. I desperately need to be able to digitally transfer files to my MAC so that I can burn CDs to listen to (and practice with) in my car. I do alot of commuting and I used to use cassettes this way. At the moment, I'm forced to record from my MD to my MAC in real time and it has to go digital>analog>digital. Much is lost in time and quality. Please, please correct this and provide a digital output with software to convert files to AIFF or WAV. I don't want to have to switch to a MP3 recorder. I love the quality of my MD recorder and want to continue to use this format. Please let me know when the technology is available and be sure to make it MAC complatable!

    1179. MD Uploads needed

    Posted by Roland Aalto on 6/19/2002, 15:22:34

    I bought the n707 and thougt an upload function was a default option but altough the gadget being ever soo nice this is a major drawback!

    1180. Do it yourself !!

    Posted by douveneau on 6/19/2002, 17:45:07

    Do it yourself or we'll find a way to do it on our own !!!!

    1181. Unacceptable Product Limitations

    Posted by Chris Dibble on 6/19/2002, 18:16:55

    Think about it sony, your just shooting yourself in the foot.

    If anyone knows best, its the people BUYING your products. A wise decision would be to satisfy customers, not push them away.

    1182. Sony Electronics mus stay apart from Sony Music

    Posted by Luis Guarapo on 6/19/2002, 19:20:25

    When a large corporation have diferent divisions like Sony, they must stay completly apart each other and work for their own interests (business) or both wil suffer the consecuences of bad joint practices.
    The goal of Sony Electronics is to satisfy customer and let Sony Music to fight against piracy without afecting the satisfaction of MD customers.
    This stupid limitation (UpLoad) and bad software (OpenMG -has nothing of "Open") will stop the grow of interest of new customer in the product.
    I have a 700DPC and N707 units and i am still using the Xitel digital link for recording. I have lost my money with the N707.

    1183. I like cake

    Posted by Seamus on 6/19/2002, 20:12:13

    Now that your reading, please include an upload feature. I honestly would not have bought my MZ-N707 if i knew it was basicly a crippled Rio player...

    1184. Uploading music is key for minidisc

    Posted by Ben on 6/20/2002, 2:03:04

    Please, Sony i have owned and loved minidisc products for years. Netmd can really help minidisc, but you have to let people upload music for it to survive in today's marketplace!

    1185. It really just makes sense.

    Posted by Jesse Dhillon on 6/20/2002, 3:23:38

    Please Sony, don't let your interests in the recording industry ruin what could be a great addition to a good technology.

    1186. Mr SONY, please listen to your customers !!

    Posted by Brunitou on 6/20/2002, 5:41:07

    1) Sony music must stay appart from Sony Consumer products!!

    1b) a volontary product limitation is unacceptable from a hardware maker

    2) there should be a respect from Sony to their customer, who keep a certain fidelity to the brand

    3) this system defenetly won't stop the piracy thing - personaly, I sometime CHOOSE to buy a CD (when I really like the artist) and having 10,000 copied CDs DOSEN'T MEAN 10,000 lost CD sales!!

    1187. Let MD live!

    Posted by Em´┐Żlio Corneta on 6/20/2002, 7:30:35

    What's the point in imposing the upload restriction to MD? The technology needs to advance, you need to prove MD is better than MP3! So let net.MD UPLOAD music!!

    1188. Add audio upload to PC

    Posted by Hannibal on 6/20/2002, 8:32:00

    Please Sony add the audio upload!

    1189. We can do it anyway, make it better

    Posted by Douglas on 6/20/2002, 12:24:49

    As current, we can already record from our minidisc to our computers. This is useful for live concerts and recording ones own songs and voice audio. It only makes sense to allow digital uploading, preserving the quality of the recording and making things simple.

    1190. bound...

    Posted by joseph bigham on 6/20/2002, 13:10:28

    one of the features i looked forward to in this product was recording lectures and environmental sounds as samples..what the paranoid ####s breaking the ankles of your own products and decieving your shoud be castrated if you all have testicles or some kind of female equivilent

    1191. Sony NetMD

    Posted by Abhijeet Shah on 6/20/2002, 13:14:53

    I have 2 MD recorders, one is a Sharp MD-MS 702 and the other is the Sony NetMD n707. I would really appriciate if Sony could somehow enable uploading of files from a MD to a computer using the usb port

    1192. I would buy if you enable MD to PC Uploads

    Posted by Jose on 6/20/2002, 14:20:50

    Please, please, please....

    1193. uploading md

    Posted by Robert on 6/20/2002, 16:25:23

    I don't see how a device as good as this can be left without the upload capabilities needed for creative people, which I believe is the market for the walkman md. Just think of how many more could be sold using the uploading of live digital music to the pc as a selling feature!

    1194. Do I have to wait for portable mp3 recorders?

    Posted by Wieger on 6/20/2002, 17:31:41

    Dear Sony,

    Minidisc recording has virtually all the features that I'm looking for: small size, digital, and the disks are cheap. But why would you want to prevent me from transferring my own recordings digitally to my computer? It's not even possible to make a backup. I'm confused.



    1195. Net MD uploads

    Posted by Greg on 6/20/2002, 17:48:07

    Add this functionality, there are bands that allow recordings of their live shows, and MD is a nice portable technology to use. Net MD with uploads is off the hook.

    1196. Field Recordings

    Posted by Cole Vanicek on 6/20/2002, 20:24:14

    Minidisc units would be far more versatile with ability to upload to computer. I have been looking into buying a MiniDisc player/recorder in order to capture sounds, upload them to my computer then digitally edit and arrange to make electronic music composition. I am now not sure if I will purchase a MD player/recorder.

    1197. Another frustrated musician who needs upload

    Posted by Yitz on 6/21/2002, 1:19:15

    I am ready to buy a huge Archos Jukebox 20 to make a live recording of my band. Please make MD's uploadable!

    1198. MD is the premier amateur recording medium

    Posted by Berm Lee on 6/21/2002, 2:55:21

    There are not yet any medium that rivals this-- MP3 encoders are hard to find and often unreliable, and you're always worrying about running out of space or "when am I going to upload this?" I like how you can carry a pack of MDs, record a few sessions with my band, and carry the stack back. The only thing that kept me from keeping that trial MD recorder was the fact that now I have a stack, and I won't ever do anything with them because I can't edit them. To edit them, I would have to load them onto my PC. I don't have the patience to wait for "realtime" uploading.
    Please don't let this awesome medium die.

    1199. MD to PC and MD to Mac !

    Posted by JM Couturier on 6/21/2002, 5:06:39

    I am a french student in electro-acoustic music and I use an MZ-N1 to record sounds for my musical compositions. I will be glad if I could upload my recordings quickly and digitaly. A lot of students and composers are waiting for this feature.
    Moreover, as the most inportant part of the musical community, I am using a macintosh computer, so I would be enhanced if you will develop netMD solutions for mac (for example, an itunes plug-in or openMG for mac).


    Jean-Michel Couturier

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