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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    500. NetMD upload - Its what MDs all about!!!

    Posted by Richard Brown on 5/6/2002, 18:19:56

    I have Sony MD units everywhere - my HiFi, my car, my micro-system and now incorporated into my computer with my N1. No other system offers this versatility.

    But the N1 slightly misses the point. MD is all about DIGITAL recording and once recorded I want to use my recordings quick and efficiently. An audio upload facility would allow me to do this. It�s an essential feature - please add it!

    501. Mission from God

    Posted by Heffy Reetz on 5/6/2002, 20:35:08

    We are getting the band together and
    would really like to record ourselves
    for our own use. My 707 is great but
    with a little openmg tweak it could be perfect.

    502. MP3 readability on MiniDisc

    Posted by John on 5/6/2002, 20:40:16

    The ability to read mp3 / wma on MiniDisc players woudl greatly increase my interest in the medium. Thanks

    503. Add Audio Upload

    Posted by Jack Geller on 5/6/2002, 20:40:36

    Come on... do us a favor...

    504. No uploads, you got to be kidding

    Posted by Gerhard on 5/6/2002, 22:25:03

    I did't even think that this was not possible when I bought my N707, I might as well kept my cassette. I can't believe it, now I have to buy a DAT. Come on, why do you think your sales are so slow in the US for these products. A quick software fix would do it, just put it on your website and let us download it.

    505. Please add audio upload to NetMD!

    Posted by Phil Nunnally on 5/6/2002, 22:37:26

    I didn't realize NetMD couldn't upload audio to a PC. I haven't bought a NetMD recorder yet and won't plan to until you can upload original material digitally at high speed to a PC. We really need this. Thanks!

    506. Net MD upload

    Posted by John on 5/6/2002, 23:26:51

    The Net MD upload feature is a much neede upgrade to myself as a student. Recording lessons, or even the capability to use the portable minidisc player as a high capacity disc drive. The capability of minidisc recorders is much higher than its current use--fulfill the dream of every minidisc and make it more than just a music playback medium!

    507. Stop Holding Back Advancement of a Great Format.. MD!!!

    Posted by Rich on 5/6/2002, 23:42:48

    By not allowing or building in the capabability to allow uploading of digital information from mini disc to pc quickly you are putting a choke hold on the mini disc's future longevity itself... i believe the format has already suffered and probably 999 out of every 1000 consumers are demanding and would like to see this feature added to your portable mini disc line and very soon!!! Keep this format alive and kicking and secure its future! If mp3, cd & other formats can do it then why not mini disc too??? In fact you had a model available i believe that had the capability so why back pedal now? To not build in this capability and give the loyal Sony customers what they want is very rediculous!!! Ad this feature to your new line of mini disc portable recorders now! Don't forget other features as well.. such as back lit lcd display, accidental erase retrieve feature and please don't take other features away in leiu of new ones like you have on some of the latest models! Also keep the nice styling and make the features easy to use. C'mon.. you can do it!!!

    508. compare with SONY digital video

    Posted by Greg Conquest on 5/7/2002, 0:22:44

    I have a SONY digital video camera. It is useful and easy to use. Being digital means I can become a hobbyist using my computer. Yet I can't do the same with digital audio.

    The market for digital video has exploded with digital camcorders. It is becoming a decentralized, hobbyist's paradise -- yet Hollywood movies haven't suffered at all because of this.

    What would happen if audio were unleashed in the same way? Sure, there would be some copying, but that's not the point; it's only a side-effect. The point is people finding new freedom to record, edit, preserve, and use audio in their lives.

    We won't know what shapes these new industries will take until after the "consumer-friendly" digital audio recorders/players/mixers start coming out.

    Please, let this market bloom. It will be good for SONY, it will be a sustainable market, and it will be great for the people.

    Thank you.
    Greg Conquest

    509. Another Sony triumph, limited by proprietary greed

    Posted by Tim Walsh on 5/7/2002, 0:30:13

    If Sony would ever learn from their mistakes, maybe one day they will release a flawless product. With the likes of Macintosh and others, Sony limits the availibility and potential of their product. It's a shame, the MD could have truly taken over the cassette and the CD-R, but Sony is too scared or too greedy to open up the MD to it's full potential.

    510. Valuable addition for anyone working with multimedia

    Posted by Simon Mackay on 5/7/2002, 3:23:51

    I agree that the Audio upload feature should be added to the NetMD standard. This is because the MD format is being used as a "sound collector" for multimedia applications.

    Uploading could be permitted from recordings derived from analog inputs or "exempt category" sources such as external A-D converters.

    Then the recordings should be able to be exported to WAV at least so they can be edited using audio-editor programs like CoolEdit for example. The recordings can then be used in multimedia applications like Macromedia Flash or PowerPoint. This could also mean that MiniDisc could end up as a "feeder" audio format for A/V workstations like Avid.

    With regards,

    Simon Mackay

    511. give us upload netmd POWER!!!!!

    Posted by samirah on 5/7/2002, 3:49:11

    please don't treat all people as piracy kiddies...

    512. Audio Upload is a Must

    Posted by Martin Clinton on 5/7/2002, 4:59:52

    Considering the flexibility of other formats, audio upload is a must in order to keep MD's popularity.

    513. good for creativity, no use for pirates

    Posted by james day on 5/7/2002, 5:08:42

    I urge you to incorporate an audio upload facility in NetMD. There are very few pre-recorded MDs available, so the potential impact of piracy is minimal. However, the possibilities for creativity via uploading of live recordings are immense. Having an upload feature will provide an enormous impetous to people to "go create" with MD, rather tha just being passive listeners!

    514. MD uploads

    Posted by Shawn Chesley on 5/7/2002, 5:14:09

    I record live music from bands that allow it, and it is a needlessley difficult step to get the info into the computer. Please Change this! Thanks!

    515. Upload your own creation !

    Posted by Raphael on 5/7/2002, 5:36:34

    All dj's will understand what i'm talking about. Whenyou record your own mix on a md through your turntable, you may need to fix some "bugs"!

    516. My band

    Posted by Mike on 5/7/2002, 5:52:35

    We record stuff on MD and it'd be REALLY handy to be able to move it onto computer digitally to allow me to mix and burn to CD without quality loss through analog inputs.

    517. Essential Functionality!

    Posted by Nick Wall on 5/7/2002, 6:44:10

    To Whom It May Concern at Sony,

    Please do not allow MD to die a premature death - it NEEDS the Upload funtionality to move it on to the next level and become THE must have recordable media.


    Nick Wall, England

    518. Possibilities are endless...

    Posted by Chris Lewis on 5/7/2002, 7:16:15

    Not only would an upload facility mean that I can record my band's album directly to MD rather than having to use a PC in the studio, but also it would allow my microphone recordings taken in lectures at university a storage point on my computer to allow the reuse of my minidiscs.

    With an upload facility, Minidiscs could also finally become the portable hard drives all PDA fans have wanted for years! Imagine a 156Mb backup facility which costs just �1......

    519. Audio Upload? Yes, Please

    Posted by Joe Tymecki on 5/7/2002, 7:48:17

    Please implement a feature to allow an audio upload feature as described in the diagram above. Thank you, Joe Tymecki - Atlanta, GA
    a **huge** MD fan and user

    520. Yes please!!

    Posted by Gordon Macgregor on 5/7/2002, 8:22:21

    Please implement NetMD upload as described in the above article. From a dedicated MD user.

    521. OK

    Posted by Huba Marosi on 5/7/2002, 8:49:08

    I agree!

    522. it would be very cool if audioupload is there

    Posted by yoep on 5/7/2002, 9:44:01

    it would be sooo cool for my band to so we can upload ouer music and send them by email to ouer friends family etc....

    thanks for now

    523. MD Uploading

    Posted by Brian on 5/7/2002, 9:52:50

    This woudl be a great addition to an already great format.

    524. Audio Upload will be so valuable to minidisc owners

    Posted by Sunil Panchal on 5/7/2002, 9:58:59

    It has taken this long for minidisc to finally become largely popular and affordable in markets such as the UK, and allowing audio upload will remove the final barrier holding back the total dominance of MD in the UK and around the world, as currently this factor is the only really major one that makes consumers look for a different audio solution!

    525. certainly makes sense

    Posted by kwok on 5/7/2002, 10:09:56

    sure it does, if a product can develop, y shouldn't it? are we moving forwards or shall we stay with tape?

    526. Creative people really need it

    Posted by Damien Bonvillain on 5/7/2002, 11:00:21

    Currently, you can't "Go create" with your MiniDisc portable recorder, hurdles are on your way. While breaking the upload wall, users are going to explore their ideas, follow their vision and express themselves fully.
    This limit is against the Sony philosophy.

    527. What would make MD the ultimate standard...

    Posted by Jed Lee on 5/7/2002, 13:42:19

    I teach classes on a regular basis. Some of my students wish an audio of a particular lesson if they aren't present (apparently, they'd rather get the audio than notes from their collegues). I used to use minicassette but got a portable MD player because the audio quality recorded is much better. I opted for an MD player over a digital recorder because the MD medium makes the capacity limitless and sounds much better than those digital recorders with memory sticks or other forms of storage. Plus, the MD player works better for recording other live events. I was also considering the purchase of a portable CDRW unit. However, the MD portable is superior to portable CDRWs because MD units are cheaper and smaller and can store more (in LP mode). The only advantage is that the CDRW medium is cheaper than the MD medium.

    Whatever the case, having to upload to a computer with my MD unit in real-time is a cumbersome task. The reason I upload to a computer is to make audio CDs for those students who do not have MD players. The material being transfered is not copyrighted by someone else. If there is no solution soon, maybe I'll have to go and get a portable CDRW unit... they are comparably priced now...

    528. Uploading

    Posted by Megan McLaughlin on 5/7/2002, 13:52:13

    Dear Sony,
    I too, would like to see Open MG support uploading of files. I am a radio journalist who records to MD. My interviews and audio commentary could be done far faster if I didn't have to put it in in real time and the edit it. THe analog quality is also undesireable in these situations. I understand and fully support Sony's efforts to protect copyrighted material, but please don't let the actions of a few thoughtless individuals make your products inferior for those of us who would use this technology responsibly.

    529. great marketing potential for minidisc

    Posted by Iwan Negro on 5/7/2002, 15:02:20

    i have my new mz-n1 and i have to admitt that it is really great product but to use the full potential of net md it needs to have a uploading and downloading function in atrac1 files. this would make the minidisc the perfect interface between computer and digital music device. the potential to the market is very high as minidisc has a superior soundquality to mp3 but listening to a minidisc in atrac3 sound is a disappointment for every md lover. so why don't we (the consumers) merit the best things?

    530. Quite perfect...just need upload!!

    Posted by Carlo de Mori on 5/7/2002, 15:04:45

    1) this restriction doesn't prevent copyright "violations": if I cannot upload my md tracks to the PC I can either use the analog jack or download the tracks from the internet in mp3 format. Therefore, I think it just makes people waste more time to have tracks on the PC than preventing whatever. In other words, if I want that track on my PC I can get it anyway!!
    2) it makes people want to use other formats (mp3) or make people who could be interested in MD format not be interested anymore.
    3) If sony were not a record industry too I guess they wouldn't be so worried about md upload.
    4) why can I make it with an audio CD or an mp3 medium and not with MD? Can I break the rules by buying a CD and not with an MD? This is musical racism!
    5) I could bet on the fact that sony would only take advantage out of this situation because they would make people want to convert themselves to the MD format and not disadvantage (and any record industry neither) because, as a matter of fact, copyright protections are by-passable in any other way!!
    6) this doesn't make a definitive format out of MiniDisc, making people either want to integrate it with other mediums or use other definitive formats like mp3, whose only disadvantage with respect to MD is of some abilities and facilities which MD has and mp3 doesn't which, for many people though (and this is the point) don't make it worth to buy MD!
    7) I can create an MD, infinite MD out of a CD or mp3s which I downloaded but not the contrary! I mean, from where do we obtain music at most? from CDs someone lends us or from mp3s which we download, which we copy to MD. Can't I upload them to my PC? Well, I can keep the mp3 on my PC or re-download it if I deleted it / I transform the CD I borrowed to mp3 format and keep the tracks on my PC. SO what's the difference?! It is a useless restriction!!
    That's all...anyway, MD forever!!!!!!

    531. Please add audio uploading

    Posted by Q. Phan on 5/7/2002, 16:30:38

    This would my recording our band sessions so much easier. For higher end recording we would use our 16 track but for practice sessions we don't want to go through the hassle.

    Thanks for listening

    532. Re: Sony, DO NOT ALLOW uploading!

    Posted by nico on 5/7/2002, 16:44:20 , in reply to "Sony, DO NOT ALLOW uploading!"

    Don't worry, they wont !
    As long as competition stays away, SONY� has no interest to break their own market...
    That's sad.
    That's so sad for all musicians, teacher and reporter all around the world.
    Some new standard may arise hopefully (and MD will die as died DAT)

    533. NetMD Uploading

    Posted by Frederick Glaser on 5/7/2002, 16:44:40

    Dear Sony
    Please can you accept the merits of this petition and allow the loyal fans of Sony's Minidisc format the freedom to upload their audio directly to their PC's without any hindrence of Digital Rights Management software. If mp3/hard-drive portable units have this freedom then why can't Minidisc?

    534. Please allow upload capability

    Posted by Paul Witney on 5/7/2002, 16:46:25

    I am a composer and bought the Sony NetMd as I thought I was able to upload recordings of my music to my PC. I also bought it with the intention of recording samples to use in electronic pieces I compose. (no copyright laws broken here)

    If I knew the Sony Netmd didnt have the capability to upload from the MD to PC, then I could have bought a much cheaper MD.

    Please add this function to the NetMD, so that I can use the MD to its full capacity

    535. That's the problem for Sony (in french)

    Posted by Jean-Louis on 5/7/2002, 16:59:22 , in reply to "Rapid audio upload would make MD a killer format"

    C'est oublier que Sony est engag� dans bien d'autres march�s concurrents et qu'ils n'ont aucun int�r�t � rendre le MD supercompatible ! Ce serait vraiment le serpent qui se mord la queue...

    Sony a une tr�s bonne division marketing, dommage que le customer support ne soit pas au niveau !!!

    Il n'est jamais trop tard pour changer , les gars !

    536. Re: Sony, DO NOT ALLOW uploading!

    Posted by nico on 5/7/2002, 17:11:25 , in reply to "Sony, DO NOT ALLOW uploading!"

    Don't worry, they wont !
    As long as competition stays away, SONY� has no interest to break their own market...
    That's sad.
    That's so sad for all musicians, teacher and reporter all around the world.
    Some new standard may arise hopefully (and MD will die as died DAT)

    537. Come on guys!

    Posted by Adam Swier on 5/7/2002, 18:03:53

    This is simply wrong, to prevent people from moving data as they wish!

    538. for the continued success of MD

    Posted by peter baldes on 5/7/2002, 18:09:24

    Why hinder data transfer of MD audio. You will make my work with MINIDISC more simple, which in turn will allow me to reccomend MD to other artists and let you sell more units.
    it just makes sense
    mac support would be wonderful too....

    539. Please add the upload feature, at least for analog recording!

    Posted by Jim Yeh on 5/7/2002, 20:22:14

    I do a lot of recording for church and usually I bring the disc back for cleaning before I convert it into RealAudio for use in streaming. Now I use SPDIF digital transfer which take a lot of time to do and direct USB transfer would at least halve the time. Please, I don't use MD for any other purpose. And if NetMD upload is enabled, we would buy a bunch of them to archive more sermon.

    540. need upload

    Posted by aaron m lafferty on 5/7/2002, 20:27:20

    Greeings, id love to be able to make voice journals and upload them to my pc and website....

    541. NetMD features or alternatives to NetMD

    Posted by Ramon on 5/7/2002, 20:32:43

    You should not limit your products by skimping on features. You want to entice us consumers into buying your products. I was contemplating buying a NetMD player/recorder at first but the more I read the less I started to like the restrictions and limitations imposed on the device. You should know better than anyone that there are alternatives to MD player/recorders. MP3 players are already popular and if MP3Pro takes off it will only become more popular. As time goes on MD tech. becomes older and MP3 player's get smaller and increase their capacity.Look at IMB's Microdrive technology, not to mention mini DVD's. Don't limit your potential customers by limiting your products.

    542. eliminate the competition! breathe new life into a great product!!

    Posted by Curt Branum on 5/7/2002, 21:13:02

    Being a musician who utilizes MD as a mixdown/transport medium as well as a concert taper and a casual music listener I can testify that adding a digital output to a portable MD recorder would be the most valuable/useful/desirable feature that could possibly be added to an already great audio medium. I would personally purchase the first available unit, and would certainly NOT BE ALONE in doing so. The sheer quantity of people contributing to this petition on a tiny internet site is pure proof of that. Thank you for your consideration. Curt Branum

    543. please...please!!! uploading....

    Posted by suresh ramachandran on 5/7/2002, 21:43:47

    it's so unfair that this feature doesnt exist in such an Xlent media.
    please.....SONY .. please...

    544. This is the only thing keeping me from buying a netmd recorder.

    Posted by Bijan Soleymani on 5/7/2002, 23:00:47

    As i already have a recorder a player and a cd/md deck, I really don't need netmd. However if the netmd could upload my analog tracks back to the computer, I would buy it in a second. I am sure many other people are in the same position. Without upload netmd is like an ordinary mp3 player, albeit one with cheaper memory.

    545. the MD format has so much potential..

    Posted by Riyadh Chowdhury on 5/7/2002, 23:18:25

    the MD player will be bigger then mp3 players if upload is added..

    546. It is very important

    Posted by Rinat on 5/8/2002, 2:00:43

    This both ways full communication.
    Need it badly

    547. Transfer of Source MD Recordings onto PC and Beyond

    Posted by Morgan Yew on 5/8/2002, 3:35:45

    I specifically bought the MZ-N707 for it's extremely valuable recording capacity recently only to find that I am unable to transfer onto my PC--it has very little use for me in the way of listening to general compilation MiniDiscs and am surprised that it is not marketed as a highly versatile recording device that one can easily transfer the contents of onto a PC without dumbing it down through analog means.

    Personally, I am extremely happy with all the functions of the MiniDisc format but the lack of audio uploads. Aside from this I am indeed happy with my purchase but would have expected the inclusion of said abilities to be in existance and hope to see the availablility of such a program in the near future.

    Making such an addition would greatly enhance your already wonderful product and obviously make many people content with and be willing to continue pursuing independant interests with the help of a reliable company such as I still believe Sony is.

    Morgan Yew

    548. Uploading features show support for the Arts!

    Posted by IDX1274 on 5/8/2002, 3:54:39


    As a noise sculpture and soundscape creator I wanted to say that if you don't add upload capabilities to the product at hand, you are shunning the Arts!

    This product is a strong tool to many musicians, writers, poets and artistic experimentors, but only if the upload features are added! Otherwise it's merely an expensive toy and not the cutting edge product it's alleged to be.

    I hope you see the light and add the features.

    Thanks for your time....


    549. Extend NetMD to win!

    Posted by Max Vlasov on 5/8/2002, 3:58:54

    The price falling of flash memory is a matter of time. Extend NetMD to win!

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