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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    1550. The future of MD is in large customer base, not buy for MD only music.

    Posted by John Perry on 7/13/2002, 2:26:41

    Currently the NetMD expansion of the MiniDisc only adds the very small online music buying customer base. This market may grow or may die, but a guarrenteed market is in the live recording market. I personally would love to be able to do all my audio for video projects on the MiniDisc format and then (through USB) transfer that digital audio file to my Mac so I can resync it with the video. There is a boom of new independant filmmakers that would gobble up the MiniDisc recorders as fast as you could make them for this same purpose. Our church would use the technology as well to make recordings of classes and sermons available on CD just minutes after the sermon. Finally there are (as you can see by other peoples comments) a huge number of bands that would flock to the MD format to make recordings and demos. I believe this current market far outweighs the potential markets you might be protecting by dissallowing uploading via USB.
    Please remove the barrier between the best format available and these huge markets.

    1551. Please Develope software to enable Upload from older or origonal disks

    Posted by Justin Dotson on 7/13/2002, 4:24:45

    I have many Minidisks that have My Personal Thoughts and meetings recorded on them. To be able to directley upload these and other audio files I have accumulated on MD over the years would be wonderful.

    1552. Upload recorded music

    Posted by Tim Jongen on 7/13/2002, 5:47:28

    I'm just wondering why it is illegal to upload field recorded material (analog) to your pc. I understand that it is illegal to copy digital recorded material. But it is nonsense that we can't upload our own recorded material.

    Regards, Tim Jongen

    1553. Please add this feature

    Posted by Sean Linkenback on 7/13/2002, 12:22:25

    As an active musician, I use my MD for a variety of fieldwork and can't believe I can't upload my recorded files to my harddrive.
    This is a vital function, please add it!

    1554. this will increase md sales by lot...btw this will b avalible in europe has well rite?

    Posted by Neal Tanna on 7/13/2002, 14:27:55

    this will increase md sales by lot...

    1555. Great for Post Production/Radio

    Posted by james kallas on 7/13/2002, 15:59:49

    we use thousands of minidiscs around the world. i am involved in foreign language media translation and have been looking for a way to transfer our own content back to our computers in a faster than real time method. this is something we desperately need.

    1556. Upload Please

    Posted by Neil Rogers on 7/13/2002, 17:23:08

    I would like to do "unplugged" recordings of my brother playing his music and then put it to CD for everyone else in the family. Please make this tech available.

    1557. Easy to convert SP to LP

    Posted by pau dominkovics on 7/13/2002, 18:57:26

    I changed my old md recorder for the new MZ-N1, I'm very happy with this cange.
    I like to convert some old md recorded in SP in LP mode to engoy music when I go out for a few days (the battery lifetime is great!!)
    For this reason and others (give my own music to my friends in a CD, or publish it in my web page,...) I ask you to make software that we can upload audio from minidisc to pc.
    I'm very happy if you tell me if there are news relationeted with my ask.Thanks.

    Pau Dominkovics Coll (Barcelona)
    [email protected]

    1558. Thank You

    Posted by Roy Lavender on 7/13/2002, 19:47:55

    If it were not for this petition, I would have thought direct MD to PC recordings were possible. As this is 100% of the feature-set I want in a minidisc recorder, I plan on waiting for a solution before I invest in one. Right now I record concerts for local bands under their permission and make CDs for them. I use a minidisc deck with a digital output connected to a digital input on my PC. It works great but is a 1x speed transfer. If NetMD could make this process 32x (as advertised), I would buy one in a heartbeat.

    1559. Upload from recorded and purchased MD is a positive thing.

    Posted by John Benini on 7/13/2002, 19:49:51

    Upload from recorded and purchased MD is a positive thing.

    1560. Draconian big brother software

    Posted by joe tittiger on 7/14/2002, 0:30:53

    You are only kidding your selves and making enemies with your pirating of song that I have purchased or created. Have you been paying attention to every other attempt at playing big brother on the net?
    write some decent software that does what your customers want it to do.....

    1561. Seriously thinking of returning my unit to where I bought it

    Posted by Michele Lanzetta on 7/14/2002, 1:56:23

    Dear Sirs,
    I am still in the 30 days grace period and testing my new MZ-N505 but have found the missing digital uploading a great defeat of the product I expected it to be COMPLETELY DIGITALLY PC CONNECTED (the NetMD...). I am very disappointed about that and I am observing my same reaction from all those I present my new gadget: a very bad image loss for Sony. I hope you will change your mind and policy.
    Please let me know.
    Michele Lanzetta

    1562. Why I have not purchased MD home or portable products.

    Posted by Elmer Sharp on 7/14/2002, 3:16:17

    The only reason that I have not purchased Sony MD equipment for by home and work place (music studio) is the inability to upload the recordings digitally from the MD to my computer for editing.

    I hope you will reconsider because an MZ-N1 sized device would be great for recording my jam sessions and teaching sessions and bringing back to my PC to edit and record back to MD's.

    E. Sharp

    1563. Please Adddddddddddd this feature!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Zengnan on 7/14/2002, 4:26:21

    i've bought a n1 recently, but i was pissed when i found it couldn't even check-in the digital image i recorded and this is not because of a hardware limitation.

    1564. MiniDisc Audio Upload + DATA Download and Upload

    Posted by Laurent Worms on 7/14/2002, 5:55:39

    I hope one day my Minidisc will be able to make audio uploads (from MD to PC) but also DATA downloads and uploads !



    1565. Adding Upload Capability to Net MD

    Posted by Ricco Law on 7/14/2002, 10:27:28

    As a dj I would be very grateful to sony if they would consider adding an upload feature to their Net MD . It would become as important to dj's worldwide as their decks and records. It would be an invaluable tool for me and other dj's across the globe. Regards: DJ Ricco Law ;-)

    1566. Sony breaks UK Sales of Goods Act (Revised).

    Posted by Richard Brunton on 7/14/2002, 11:01:14

    According to the UK Sales of Goods act (revised) goods should be sold as described and fit for purpose.

    When the full act is read and the limiting features discovered, it is clear that Sony is breaking this act of law in the UK.

    I purchased this item with the clear understanding that I could transfer any music format to the MD without restriction.

    However, once you start using the software it is clear that you are only allowed to transfer a track three times, now when the software repeatedly crashes and causes transfers to fail, and even freezes during conversion, this is entirely impracticle and unusable.

    This item contravenes the act on both of the above counts.

    1567. Please!

    Posted by Shaun on 7/14/2002, 11:14:33

    I hace just bought the mz n707 and think it is a great product! I will not use it for recording, but I can see that their is a great market for it and being able to upload music via usb rather than via the earphone jack would be a great asset - pushing the product into new markets - which can only be a good thing!

    1568. netMD is a REAL JOKE !!!

    Posted by phranc on 7/14/2002, 11:52:20

    I'm shocked ! no possibility to upload my best songs..that's really impossible ! if I can't upload my own songs, this product makes no sens. uncapability with other MD players (LP2,LP4) is although a problem.

    1569. I feel cheated

    Posted by jane on 7/14/2002, 12:21:57

    I bought this because I was under the impression that - finally - I would be able to upload material that I make for community radio on my MD at a pace a reporter needs. I am deeply distressed that I cannot do this.


    Posted by Guillaume BIET on 7/14/2002, 12:25:32

    So, We dreamed about it, Sony made it . You could think that was well done, but ...

    The software, this SHIT called OPENMG is very poor, and the number of bugs is highly greater than the number of good functionality....... GRRRRRRRR

    Now, I learn on the web that we can't upload a minidisc to the PC ; It's too...............

    Sony, don't profit of your monopoly in the NetMD world, and GIVE US SOFTWARES WE CAN CALL SOFTWARES, NOT SHITS !

    1571. I Need Uploading For my Band

    Posted by Mike H on 7/14/2002, 12:43:53

    I am extreamly disapointed with you, what is the point of having 'netMD' if you cannot upload from your MD player, and also i would use the 'line-in' to rec my band practicess, so what's the point of not being able to upload these to my computer.
    (this product cude have been a complete market shaker if you had allowed uploading)


    1572. Wasted my money, thanks to ****.

    Posted by Timo Finnil� on 7/14/2002, 18:12:12

    I bought my MZ-N707 in the hope that I'd be able to record my own band's jam-sessions and import them to my PC. And what did I get? This crappy MD-recorder which I can use to record our jam-sessions & playing, yes, but I can't upload them to my PC.

    1573. Have courage to add this feature !

    Posted by Sebastian Koehler on 7/14/2002, 18:23:04

    If you don't add this funtion (upload) potential customers will simply use the products of a competitor.

    There's already a truckload of other mp3 players that can record and can simply be connected to the PC without ANY limitations !

    This artificial limitations of MD is the ONLY thing that scares away customers, otherwise the MD (and especially NetMD) would be a real big seller.

    1574. Please add optical upload from MD to computer

    Posted by Daryl Joseph on 7/14/2002, 19:09:35

    as above

    1575. Two Way Transfers

    Posted by Chris Carpentier on 7/14/2002, 21:42:49

    Having the ability to move music and other recordings from the recorder up to the PC is critical to the complete functionality of your product. It gives the consumer freedom to manage their recording collections the way they see fit.

    1576. We're taking it back tomorrow. Too bad!

    Posted by Bradley Nelson on 7/14/2002, 22:04:20

    My daughter is a singer/songwriter. Last night she had her second paying performance at a local coffee shop, and I bought her a MZN-505. We got it working during her performance, and we were both amazed at how great it captured the sounds. Today, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to upload her music to the computer, so we could transfer them into .WMA files and post them on her website. Imagine. Imagine how disappointed we are to find out that no, for some incomprehensible reason, no uploading is POSSIBLE with this nifty little device. We have no choice but to return it and get our $149.00 back tomorrow. I can see now why this technology is going to go absolutely nowhere. What a shame! I suspect the cocaine-brained music business has had something to do with this, right? Well, if you people have half a brain, you will fix this problem.

    Great Idea, but hamstrung and doomed to fail.

    I rate your product an "F" since for us, it is basically useless. And we were both soooo excited, too.

    Brad and Kristi Nelson

    1577. Juz a guitarist trying out recording via MD to PC...

    Posted by Adrian on 7/14/2002, 23:39:16

    It certainly would make a difference in sound quality and time should transfering via USB be a success. Still pending on buying an MD juz becos of this fact. Was disappointed, tot NetMD already allowed this feature.

    1578. This is something I really need in my MD

    Posted by Mark on 7/15/2002, 2:38:19

    I record alot of meetings with my MD and need to edit these recordings on my PC. as of now I record then from my MD to my PC but it would save me much time if I could just upload them to my PC.

    1579. I've just wasted 250 Euro's

    Posted by Anthonie on 7/15/2002, 4:49:49

    I bought my MZ-N707 for one reason only: to make quick and easy digital recordings. Now it turns out I can't transfer anything to my PC. While I appreciate the fact that Sony wants to protect my pathetic amateur recordings, I would like to be able to transfer to my PC without DA-AD conversion. I am VERY disappointed, VERY VERY disappointed. And I've wasted a lot of money.

    1580. MD >>> PC Uploads, Sony would double their sales

    Posted by Richard on 7/15/2002, 6:31:29

    Let it be software restrictive only

    1581. we need it :-)!!!

    Posted by Max on 7/15/2002, 7:35:31

    we wait !

    1582. Usage for lecture recordings.

    Posted by Nick Grundy on 7/15/2002, 8:31:04

    I went and brought a NetMD to be able to use for recording lecture at University. I've also purchased a 150 dollar sony microphone to suit.

    I now find out that im reduced to using analouge output to get the lecture recording to my computer? Surely you are able to reconise when audio is live recorded such is the case of my lecutures.

    1583. almost perfect

    Posted by Karen Rodgers on 7/15/2002, 10:58:36

    I chose the minidisk over IC recorder options because i thought it would be a better all-round solution, and for the most part I'm satisfied. It allows me to use the same tool for voice notes as i use for entertainment.

    But how much more useful it would be if i could upload my vocal notes to my computer and process them through my voice recognition software! I'm hoping that the software will one day allow this, and then i will become your devoted spokesperson.

    I recognise and support the need for protection of music, but i also resent being treated like a pirate. I have no interest in making anything but personal copies of songs. When i upload CD's to my PC, i'm always careful to keep them out of my shared folder to avoid breaking copyright and making them available to all and sundry.

    When i download music from the free services (limewire, etc.) It is almost always either a rare item that is not available for purchase, or a sample. If i like it, i buy the CD.

    I honestly don't believe that being able to upload from NetMD will result in mass music piracy. I believe that music distributers might be satisfied that the MD format protects their interests if an alternate method is employed. Tag the uploaded files as watermarks are used by stock photographers. Use a leader or time-stamp solution for voice recordings which would interfere with music recordings but work adequately for dictation and/or interviews.

    Or employ your organisation's obvious creativity and resourcefulness to find a solution that also meets the needs of amateur musicians.

    Not allowing uploads from MD is a limitation that has a profound detrimental impact on the usefullness of the MD format. As an almost satisfied customer, I ask you to reconsider.

    1584. I want to uplaod my enviornmental recordings!!!!

    Posted by Sean Metrick on 7/15/2002, 11:54:04

    I want to be able to uplaod my recordings I make of birdsong etc. They are my recordings so why am I restricted?

    1585. Upload My sound Now

    Posted by Patrick S on 7/15/2002, 12:43:47

    c'est quand meme un comple pour un matos de ce prix la et de cette qualit� aue l'on ne puisse pas uploder ses banque de son sur sont pc dan sun but de cree des aplication multimedia on est oblig� de les recapturer en analogique avec un autre soft.
    Bravo !!! sony va faloir arreter de nous faire chi.r avec vos histoire de gros sous vous en avez pas assez.

    1586. I want to upload my live speech recordings on to my comp

    Posted by Vijay on 7/15/2002, 13:00:42


    I want to upload my live speech recordings on to my PC using MNZ 707.
    Just tell me HOW?

    Thanks & Regards,

    1587. MD is the future for the new music band

    Posted by Rouzaud on 7/15/2002, 13:40:07

    Depuis quelques temps avec mon groupe de rock, nous enregistrons nos concert, pour se souvenir de nos d�buts. Le probl�me s'est qu'ils sont long et pour les sauvegarder sur notre PC, il nous faut le faire en temps r�el, et cela repr�sente une perte de temps assez importante.

    1588. not worth it without it

    Posted by Luisa on 7/15/2002, 15:26:37

    I'm not purchasing a MD player/recorder until the uploading feature is included in the device. In the meatime, I'll continue to use the recording equipment I already have. I don't see the difference if I can't upload.

    1589. Professional Use

    Posted by Gareth Jeanne on 7/15/2002, 17:34:30

    I am a student studying at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, Wales, U.K. We are constantly looking at new equipment to use for audio editing and recording on the move. We where days away from buying 20 net MD recorders when we checked the fine print and discovered that uploads to a P.C are not available. Thi lead to us not buying the Minidisk recorders as we where going to use them to record external atmospheres and sound effects for use in theare, film, t.v soundtracks. I hope you can see that this feature not being available is almost certainly costing you a lot more money than you would ever loose through copyright infringement, people who want to take illegal copies of music on the move will just avoid your products and use a Hard Disk device that doesn't use such domineering and unneccisary "copyright" procedures.

    Your Sincerely

    Gareth Jeanne
    Castle Grounds

    1590. Improve the MD

    Posted by Martijn on 7/15/2002, 18:03:08

    Dear Sony,

    Please allow an upload possibility (MD->PC)...
    This would benefit me in several ways:
    1) I can save recorded classlectures on my pc
    2) I can save meeting minutes from my association on my and make it available as a download
    3) I can finally use an MD instead of the bulky stuff I use now to tape my friend's band.

    1591. Please let me upload my live recorded sound files from my Sony N707 to the PC.

    Posted by Arne Roedvik on 7/15/2002, 19:05:35

    I record my own music at the band rehearsals. Please make the 32X USB connection a 2-ways connection!

    1592. You lost the battle (remember where DIVIX is now?)

    Posted by Charles Barone on 7/15/2002, 22:25:29

    I don't really understand why you do not get it. I would of thought the VHS format would of shown you reality. A cheap easy format, yes beta was better but did not win. Everyone made money from VHS, how many Lion King videos were sold? sure there was copying. If you make it kiss ass simple to download and pay for then why all the controls. People will pay for good clean music.
    They will also find a way to crack your software and copy with out checking in and out..It is inevitable.

    PS I like MD's, much better than SD cards and 64 mb junk...
    You have a great product but are missing millions billions of dollars of revenue. I will buy dvd's for under $20, even $26 for special editions rather than pay $10 or less for a boot leg. Offer a product for a far price and you will make a ton of money. market something like the Divix crap and you will get burned!!

    1593. Please support upload!

    Posted by FanGoul on 7/16/2002, 0:06:33

    I just purchased a MZ-N707 and as this unit has no digital outputs besides USB it just makes sense to enable upload via the USB connection. Sony it is inevitable that if you do not enable this function that some enterprising individual will. Come on and be the hero of the MD community

    PS. We know you want to ;-)

    1594. SVP Rajouter cette fonction

    Posted by Teddy on 7/16/2002, 0:57:52

    IL est n�cessaire de rajouter cette fonction car c'est tout ce qui manque a ce chef d'oeuvre de technologie


    Posted by Korin Crawford on 7/16/2002, 1:26:16

    I bought this product so that I could upload live recordings of my music and lectures to the PC. Without this feature, this product is too limited. The value proposition is extremely diminished.

    1596. Live record to a PC hard disc

    Posted by gaetan perrotin on 7/16/2002, 3:58:09

    I'd like to import freely the tracks I record from my upright to my hard disc with no quality loose... I NEED IT !

    1597. dont castrate the power of MD

    Posted by mindjam on 7/16/2002, 6:20:54

    live recordings, notes, samples, and fair another ton of possibilities of MD -> PC uploading. a missing feature that makes MD less attractive in many users eyes. and heck, dont blame the enduser for piracy with limitations like that. its not bringing anything forward, its castrating potential. and btw ... piracy will find its way anyway. it always had, it ever will. realize it, face it and let us users not suffer from some individuals that dont understand fair-use. thnx.

    1598. please add the upload option in jukebox !

    Posted by Jo�l on 7/16/2002, 7:14:46

    as a musician I am a bit irritated about the fact that I cannot upload on an easy way what I record direct on my md-player (NetMD N505).
    I thought that md was very usefull for 'live' recording and then uploading it in my computer .. 2 bad that this is not true.
    I think it would be a very usefull option if it would be possible to upload my own music via OpenMG jukebox !!

    Ow .. another reason for me (at this moment) why I am telling people NOT to buy the NetMD is the fact that the compression (OpenMG compression) on SP,SP2 is too bad. when I take a cd, and am recording it on my MD via jukebox, the music is not clean anymore.
    And since I know that mp3 compresses too, I know it is possible to compress AND to keep a good sound. This would also be a good thing to put some more time and effort in.

    1599. (no subject)

    Posted by Roland Boilaux on 7/16/2002, 8:21:27

    Il me semble que l'ajout de cette fonction aurait peu d'incidence pour Sony mais nous serait tr�s utile. Aussi !!!

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