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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    950. lost a sale

    Posted by Richard Simpson on 6/5/2002, 7:39:10

    I purchased a sony mz707, but quickly realised that I could not transfer mono speech recordings to my Pc using the openmg software. So I took the machine back and got a refund. So thats sony �200 out of pocket.

    951. Upload my own music to arrange and mixe it

    Posted by Fernand05 on 6/5/2002, 9:12:49

    Dear MD inventor,
    I'm a musician in a rock band in France. We play a lot of music and we would like to store our own music. Like this, we can record easly on a numerical support an we can arrange the sound of songs by the PC to make a numerical demo of our music and send it to our producter.

    I think is a good think to all the people that use MD. Don't stop the progres.



    952. NetMD upload

    Posted by Dan Martin on 6/5/2002, 10:29:00

    I use 2 MD Recoreders for additonal tracks for VIDEO production and recording our church services each week. I would be great to have UPLOAD capabilities for my audio instead of doing it it real time this would save me hours each week.


    953. md upload

    Posted by marc dolgin on 6/5/2002, 11:15:25

    I was clearly among a considerable number of people who only discovered this problem, to their dismay, after having bought the MD recorder. I had hoped to use it to transfer my kids' performances to CD and would be pleased to accomodate copyright concerns in some way if that made it possible.

    954. Re: I agree to

    Posted by Marc Dolgin on 6/5/2002, 11:17:26 , in reply to "I agree to"

    Hi. That solution is better than nothing at all - how do you do that?

    955. Net MD

    Posted by Brian on 6/5/2002, 11:31:26

    I purchased Sony Mindisc Car, Home and Portable products. Unfortunately they did not have the MDLP capability. I now have to purchase all new equipment. This also means I have to transfer my 95 minidiscs (SP mode) full of music over to the new mode (LP mode) as well. The problem is, there is not a way to get it there from MD-->MD or from MD-->PC-->MD. I need the capability or there will be no point in upgrading....which means loss of a huge sale and loyal Sony customer.

    Thank you,

    Brian luckey

    956. enable mac

    Posted by hapo on 6/5/2002, 12:37:38

    Sony should support creative Mac users.
    Please extend it connectivity and possibility to transfer to your USB MD devices!

    cheers from a newbie MZ-N505 and all time Mac-User

    957. An excellent product hindered by a lack of upload

    Posted by Ray on 6/5/2002, 14:29:35

    The excitement that I had when I bought my MZ-N505 quickly turned into a disappointment soon after I installed the software on my computer. I do understand the PC to MD copyright management features and I can live with them, but being unable to upload your own recordings to your own PC is simply not acceptable. I would say until Sony finds a better scheme to protect copyright owners this feature should be disabled as it reduces the useability of a good product by a big margin. Sony let us manage our own recordings... Please!!!!

    958. audio upload, along with higher quality copying, is the ONLY way netMD can gain market share for MD

    Posted by Ben Allen on 6/5/2002, 15:27:08

    Minidisc's have their niche. Recorders. that means live recordings and studio recordings. with a multitrack minidisc recorder and a netMD recorder, a musician should be able to make high quality recordings of his own music and upload his creation to his computer. restricting uploads may be useful in preventing copyright infringement, but only alienates md's core audience, musicians and recorders. please respect the community and make md an even better recording tool for the musicians who use it.

    959. Make md win the battle against other formats

    Posted by Juan Sebasti�n V�lez on 6/5/2002, 15:32:24

    I�m sure md will disappear when a reliable solid state format arise. But, until then, you can make md the KING of all the formats out there by simply putting this upload feature on. It�s a great innovation that will be apreciated for all of us, the md users comunity.

    960. allow uploading

    Posted by Stego on 6/5/2002, 17:15:16

    it could be a great system...

    961. Upload Net MD - A logical competitive step

    Posted by Cam on 6/5/2002, 17:40:53

    The Minidisc medium in the long term will be bound to fail if upload of Net MD is not allowed. MP3 does and is already taking making substantial inroads into the MD market. It will wipe MD out if the Net MD format is not allowed the same freedom of movement of audio. Please make my net MD purchases worthwile Atrac is preferable and I do not want to have to shift my allegiances to the inferior MP3!

    962. Digital IN-OUT

    Posted by David on 6/5/2002, 19:25:28

    Minidisc technology is more easy to cary than CD. Due to its size, you can easily put it in your pocket to do jogging. Much more difficule with CD formats... That's my first point of interest.
    But I travel a lot, and I already have a "CD-Radio" in my car (don't know the word in english!). When I hear music in other countries, In my car, I connect my laptop to the output of my radio to record music. Then back to home, I send all songs to my PC and then burn then on CD.

    The great interest with minidisc is that you can record music with many sources: Analogic,Optical,USB. BUT no way to sent them back to my PC with DIGITAL QUALITY.
    Now that we entered in the world of all numeric, with DVD in example, I'm looking fo something to keep the best quality for my personal records.

    Converting datas from analogic to digital (Radio-MD) then digital to analogic then analogic to digital (MD-analog cable-PC). As you know,this is not so good to keep best quality.
    If DI-Output was working, I would only have analogic to digital conversion between my radio to my PC. Much more interesting...

    2 month ago, when I saw new minidiscs players with USB link, I thought it was that I needed. But before buying one, I tryied to get informations on the net, and big problem: DI-O is not possible.

    So I will continue to do as before: with my laptop in my car...

    Now that you can buy MP3 players with USB link so DIGITAL IN-OUT, I think Sony MD would be much more interesting than MP3 because sound quality is much better. But at the moment, MP3 is one step before MD, because you can do all you want with link to PC.

    OK, MD is a little bit expensive, but when I will see that it's posible to store my music to my computer, I will buy one MD in a couple of days. (In french: J'en ai r�v�, sony l'a fait) So,please do it.

    I continue seeking for news about that...

    963. MiniDisc as a Versatile as... storage medium

    Posted by Assaf Litai on 6/5/2002, 21:28:54

    I use USB drives and compact flash to store information (and music).

    In the post SDMI days, MP3 jukeboxes allow saving and retrieval of more than just Audio, it would make sense for MD to compete on these applications as well: 160MB is very usable and would make MD the most cost effective portable storage available.

    964. Logical and useful and absent

    Posted by Ron Spalletta on 6/6/2002, 0:00:11

    The MD to PC transfer should be part of the MD package if MDs are ever to gain wider use. If use of MDs are restricted in this way, the already semi-obscure format of MDs will be less able to compete with the highly manipulable formats of CDRs and flashmedia powered MP3 players.

    965. I want uploading

    Posted by Simon on 6/6/2002, 3:36:19

    Please! I have lots of live recordings to upload.

    966. MZ-N1

    Posted by Kowar Anna on 6/6/2002, 4:04:23

    Ich finde f�r den Preis vom MZ-N1 sollte schon mehr Service dabei sein, denn ich habe zwar sehr viele alte CD, aber wo kann ich gratis Musik auf meinen MZ-N1 laden.
    Au�erdem ist die Bedienungsanleitung umst�ndlich.
    Es sollte eigentlich im Interesse von Sony sein, eine 'einfache' Anleitung zu entwerfen.
    Denn ich kann sooo nicht den MZ-N1 weiterempfehlen.
    KOWAR Anna
    Teuflstr. 20
    4020 Linz

    967. Why cripple an otherwise great product?

    Posted by Andrew Masch on 6/6/2002, 4:33:50

    I bought my MD recorder, as opposed to an MP3 alternative, because it could *RECORD*. To find that it has been crippled and doesn't allow uploading digitally onto the computer is upsetting to say the least. This omission is worse than being unable to use the software at a bit rate better than 132! Sony sort this out please.

    968. Don't cripple me with crippled products.

    Posted by Hawkeye King on 6/6/2002, 5:48:01

    Your product will be better if you enable this simple feature. Give the greed factor a rest!

    969. Uploading plus Linux support

    Posted by Nigel Hannam on 6/6/2002, 7:09:50

    I have minidiscs that friends have used to record their own band material. Uploading from these discs to PC would make life easier.

    Also, there are a LOT of people out there that use Linux as their main O/S. It is Sony's interest to open the potential benefits of NetMD to the widest possible audience, so support for the Linux O/S should be high on the list of priorities.

    970. Uploading

    Posted by Andrew Jeffries on 6/6/2002, 9:16:08

    Please extend NetMD so that it can be used for uploading compressed audio directly from Minidisc to PC. Make this software work the way it should have been configured.

    971. YES TO UPLOAD !!!!!!!!

    Posted by azaza on 6/6/2002, 9:30:20

    YES TO UPLOAD !!!!!!!!

    972. upload plz

    Posted by Kwok Kei on 6/6/2002, 10:06:26

    Where is sony afraid for? copyrights? dont think MD alone will make any different (mp3/cdr combo).
    M$ is already exporting its wma into consumer markets, having an export feature will def. increase MD's appeal.

    973. Upload function for all kinds of file

    Posted by Bernard Giroux on 6/6/2002, 10:47:00

    What would interest me greatly would bo to use a Net MD device for all its current capabilities, but also as a sort of portable external drive to carry any kind of digital data (not only music) from one USB PC to another (and for Mac OS and linux machines too :-))


    Thank you

    974. I would buy one if . . .

    Posted by Josh Schnarr on 6/6/2002, 12:23:33

    I would buy a Net MD recorder if it had digital upload capability. I'll just have to wait for MP3 recorders to mature (take a look at the Archos Recorder). All recordings that I would do on a MD would be legal. The main copyright problem with portable players is the use of MP3s from the Internet. Why punish enthusiasts who want to do something good with their equipment?

    975. More functionality = Greater Sales

    Posted by Al Verbenko on 6/6/2002, 12:37:32

    If the NetMD can be used for a wider variety of tasks, it will inherently draw a wider userbase. Expanding functionality with a possible firmware upgrade seems elementary.

    More compression options would also be greatly appreciated.

    976. Md upload

    Posted by Richard on 6/6/2002, 13:54:13

    i do this on my desktop through a digital output from my md deck to digital board on pc so why not make it easier and availible on the laptop, this is half the point in my mind. frustrating. surely someone will deliver a hack for it at some point as it is only software restrictions right?

    977. Uploading from Minidisc NET MD Walkman MZ-N707-R

    Posted by Noel Trigg on 6/6/2002, 15:55:54

    I too bought a minidisc for recording our West Gallery quire music during rehearsals. I wish to edit it and distribute it to the quire members, via CDs. I selected the NET MD for its high specification and was advised by the Sony store, to buy the best possible microphone that I could afford, to create excellent recordings.
    The results were good but I was dismayed to find that the Jukebox program had no upload capability since my own recordings were regarded as 'copyright'. I contacted the store and Sony staff and was told that there was no way of doing what I had bought the equipment to achieve.
    Please enable this capability as soon as possible.

    Regards, Noel Trigg

    978. Uploading from Minidisc NET MD Walkman MZ-N707-R

    Posted by Noel Trigg on 6/6/2002, 16:00:08

    I too bought a minidisc for recording our West Gallery quire music during rehearsals. I wish to edit it and distribute it to the quire members, via CDs. I selected the NET MD for its high specification and was advised by the Sony store, to buy the best possible microphone that I could afford, to create excellent recordings.
    The results were good but I was dismayed to find that the Jukebox program had no upload capability since my own recordings were regarded as 'copyright'. I contacted the store and Sony staff and was told that there was no way of doing what I had bought the equipment to achieve.
    Please enable this capability as soon as possible.

    Regards, Noel Trigg

    979. Not having this feature hurts musicians

    Posted by Scott Windsor on 6/6/2002, 19:30:52

    I have been using my netMD to record jam sessions, but then they become limited to only minidisc format! I can't burn the really good ones and send them to anyone. The only way is to play out via analog and record in to my PC (which makes it sound terrible b/c of the digital to analog to digital conversion). Please help out amateur musicians who can't afford expensive studio recording equipment!!!

    980. One more sale lost to Sony

    Posted by Shawn Dehkhodaei on 6/6/2002, 19:49:09

    All I can say is that I was waiting four months for the NetMD products to come out, and when they did, I was extremely dissapointed and aggravated that Sony completely missed an opportunity to capture a reasonable market segment. It's completely illogical to have USB connection on the device and not use it. Why just use a "one-way" connection? Why not allow people to put their own amateur or jam-session recordings on their own computer? There is not digital rights issues involved. No one can make sense of this deliberate and harmful decision. I guess it's Sony's loss. They just lost one more opportunity to pocket $400 for their bad decision-making.

    981. Home recording studio is a good selling point

    Posted by Charles Foley on 6/6/2002, 22:44:59

    Not that you crooks would be cool...

    982. My contribution

    Posted by Emmanuel A. on 6/7/2002, 2:55:47

    Dear Sony,

    Although I am not planning to buy myself a Net-MD, I would like to help those who are asking the upload feature.

    I'm a keeper in a French electronic store, and since the launch of the NetMD, I've seen maybe 8 or 10 people coming in the store and trying to get their NetMD refunded. All of them were excepting that an upload function be available, but as it was not the case, they were deceived from them. My boss' policy is not to refund items, so they couldn't get their money. My boss, afraid of the fact that this could give a bad reputation to the store, finally decided to took that seriously, and wrote clearly that sign "Chers clients, Nous vous mettons en garde sur le fait que le NetMD offre la fonction de dowload du PC vers le MD mais n'offre pas la fonction d'upload du MD-PC." (Dear customers, We'd like to warn you on the fact that NetMD allows to download from the PC to the MD, but doesn't allow uploading from MD to PC). And he gave clear indications to all the sellers, telling us to warn every customer who wanted to buy the NetMD.

    This is not really serious from a company such a Sony. Why don't you react quickly (I when I write quickly, I mean real quickly). This petition is about to have 1000 people who have signed, but maybe it doesn't count all the people who were angry at me because I couldn't refund their device. Really, this is not serious.

    So, what are you doing Sony? It's time to react *fast*.

    Emmanuel A., France

    983. Why

    Posted by Vincent on 6/7/2002, 6:04:51


    984. It's Impossible

    Posted by Marco Veneziani on 6/7/2002, 8:51:22

    I'm a Piano player, I use to record my works in Md and I need to upload my music (that has'n got copyright)from Md to Pc..... Why Do I can't do it?
    It's Impossible

    985. Necesito calidad digital de grabaci�n para mis estudios.

    Posted by N. Celia Vich on 6/7/2002, 10:30:09

    Soy musico (soprano y pianista), he comprado su magn�fico grabador de minidisc porque necesito su calidad de registro, en especial para mi voz l�rica. Debo presentar muestras de mis audiciones y s�lo puedo trasferirlas por la salida anal�gica que resta calidad. El aparato tiene conexi�n USB y s�lo unas lineas de c�digo en su programa me dar�an la grabaci�n digital de calidad. Con esta idea lo compr�. Comprender�n mi sorpresa y frustraci�n al no poder hacerlo, ya que a nadie perjudico con ello. �Querr�an resolver este problema? Les quedar�a muy agradecida. �Qu� les puedo decir a mis compa�eros de estudios que piensan comprarlo? -�Les puedo decir que el programa de "download" va a salir a la luz?. Gracias.

    986. I need to transfer my records to PC.

    Posted by Boris on 6/7/2002, 13:18:52

    NetMD is perfect quipment, but restriction for transfer my recordings to PC is not right.

    987. Recording

    Posted by Jim McCormick on 6/7/2002, 15:26:38

    I want to be able to record interviews and upload to my pc. I want to publish my interviews on the web.

    988. It will be FANTASTIC !!!

    Posted by Jeremy on 6/7/2002, 16:33:53

    Please do it for your customers......................... We love SONY and it would be bad to buy electronics in another company.

    989. Upload!!!

    Posted by JoNNy on 6/7/2002, 17:50:08

    I want to upload to my PC what I am recording, such as samples, loops and other audio clips not loosing quality by normal jack cable!!!!!

    990. I want to upload my minidisc files, for my work

    Posted by Julian Middendorf on 6/7/2002, 18:29:59

    I cannot understnd Sony and why they block uploads. please make the uploads avaibale it would be so helpful for my work as an professional performance artist.

    991. uploading

    Posted by D Hunter on 6/7/2002, 21:04:08

    Sony really need to look at this

    992. How can you do away without Upload!

    Posted by Jagjeet Singh on 6/7/2002, 21:11:11

    I do some music recording of my own and want to save it in mp3 format. Is it ever going to be possible?

    993. Uploading would liberate live music recording communities.

    Posted by Matt Kennedy on 6/8/2002, 0:37:25

    The ability to digitally upload my live recordings would be invaluable. I would own a sony netMD player/recorder by now, but have been baffled by the lack of digital outputs on it.

    994. open import/export possibilities

    Posted by Gregor Bruhin on 6/8/2002, 10:46:57

    Please publish technical info's so the netmd could be used with linux, somebody intersted to write a driver with me ?

    995. meetings,uni classes etc...would be great to upload!!!

    Posted by Adam on 6/8/2002, 13:05:39

    I fully understand what you are trying to do, however I think that if you would include uploading you would profit more in this way. It would make is so much easy for the customer and you would produce a better and more wantable unit, anyway keep up the good work!!!

    996. Upload from minidisc to PC

    Posted by R. Durand on 6/8/2002, 14:37:38


    Could you study the possibility to transfer numeric datas from minidisc to PC
    It should be very useful for musicians that have to work after having record live music during courses.

    Thanks for your attention.

    It should give to you a lot of customers that are today waiting this foncyion

    997. digital upload

    Posted by James Kim on 6/8/2002, 16:03:41

    We are currently using your MD technology but we are changing over to a CD recorder for recording music - it is cheaper and we are able to take it digitally to the computer.

    We really like the MD technology and would like to continue to use it but because of the lack of digital out to the computer it takes too long to record via analog AND the quality drops.

    We looked into some high end MD ones with digital out capability but they are too much...

    If you put in this capability there are a lot of others to whom I would recommend your technology - even if it cost a little bit more...


    998. NETMD Uploading

    Posted by Keith Schreifels on 6/8/2002, 16:39:45

    I will not buy any more sony products until this issue is resolved!!! I have been severly BURNED by the OpenMG restrictions. I cannot even copy over my songs from other MD's.

    Pissed off consumer!

    999. Uploading

    Posted by Vernon Williams on 6/8/2002, 17:14:39

    Why am I unable to listen to the music on my MD by storing it on my hard disk to listen to it at home!

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