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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    1400. Prises de sons pour video editing

    Posted by C�dric D on 7/4/2002, 19:51:30

    J'ai achet� un MZ-N707 pour prendre des sons d'ambiance dans le but de les introduire dans des montages vid�o.

    Si j'avais su que je devrais faire mes uploads en analogique, j'aurais peut-�tre achet� un MD Sharp, moins cher car ne poss�dant pas ce port USB qui ne me sert � rien!!!

    Je suis certain qu'une ou deux lignes chang�es dans la programation d'OpenMG pourraient aider pas mal de gens sans rien changer au piratage.

    Merci d'avance.

    1401. want to record concerts with mic and upload. Why can't I?

    Posted by Michael Davis on 7/4/2002, 21:06:48

    I wish I could find a crack for this.

    1402. Liberty

    Posted by Vector on 7/4/2002, 22:51:23

    Laissez nous faire des montages audio de qualit�

    1403. OpenMG will be cracked anyway!

    Posted by Steve Ashby on 7/4/2002, 23:39:31

    Sony, you may as well get on the good side of technology and allow upload/download of music directly to PC w/o the need for check-in/out procedures. You know one day the code will be broken and cracks will ensue. Sell more MDs! Remove the security!

    --a MZ-N707 owner.

    1404. i record live music

    Posted by Jamie Lay on 7/5/2002, 0:23:34

    this would be nice...

    1405. I Record live music and my own tracks

    Posted by Babis Dousgos on 7/5/2002, 2:54:34

    I got out and bought a netmd only to be greatly dissapointed like many other people by the lack of being able to upload from md to pc. Since the only way to record the live sessions to my pc is through analog recording or at best using spdif but since using spdif would make me buy an extra deck md that also means more expenses for me for something that i should be able to do using only my netmd.

    An MZ-N707 owner

    1406. Broadcasting

    Posted by Arno van Jaarsveld on 7/5/2002, 5:18:51

    As a reporter I would love to be able to make a recording on my net md player. Later back in the studio transfer it to our digital audio workstation to edit my recording.

    1407. Yes, I want to upload!

    Posted by Oliver Boldt on 7/5/2002, 5:22:20

    The only reason why I bought a Minidisc is to make live recordings of my selfmade music. When I heard of NetMD I first thought "that's it" but later found out that NetMD is just one-way. I could actually live with one-way, if it were the other way round (MD->PC).
    I know a lot of musicians who have the same problem and do not understand why this has not been understood by the MD makers.

    1408. netMD upload capability

    Posted by Jan Buitenhuis on 7/5/2002, 5:42:46

    Using MD in combination with a PC is a necessity. The combination of OpenMG, Simple Burner and RealOne make downloading music to the netMD very easy. Only thing missing is an upload capabilty. MD can be used for a multitude of purposes, not only copying CD music. The possibilities (recording on the MD and uploading to the PC) are at this moment disregarded. Copy protection seems more important then optimum use of a very useful recorder. Please update exiting software.

    1410. Upload

    Posted by Kevin Lowther on 7/5/2002, 8:38:53

    Completely agree that the restrictions on uploading is heavy handed and detracts from the value of an otherwise good product. Come on Sony - change the program.

    1411. Upload would be fantastic

    Posted by Richard Kent on 7/5/2002, 8:52:53

    As a home musician the ability to make recordings on my MD and upload and edit them digitally would be fantastic. I currently have to sample them into my laptop at real-time and using analog sampling. There's no need.

    While on the subject why can't NetMDs store other data files (so can be used as big floppies). Would kill Zip drives instantly...

    1412. T�l�chargement minidisk vers PC.

    Posted by Yves Prigent on 7/5/2002, 12:47:05

    Ce serait si bien de pouvoir t�l�charger facilement ses enregistrements du MD vers le PC !!! Je crois que d�s que ce sera possible il sera temps de remplacer mon MD Sony MZ-R91. Tant que ce n'est pas possible je crois que je vais attendre ...
    I would be so nice to upload easily music recording from MD to PC !! As soon as it will be possible I think I will have to replace my old MZR91. Well, I will wait for that ...

    1413. NetMD audio Upload

    Posted by Arno Theron on 7/5/2002, 16:19:27

    - Bought PlayStation 2: Loved it.
    - Bought MTV Music Generator: Made my own music
    - Bought NetMD: copied music to NetMD (Kewl!)
    - Wanted to burn CD of my music from MD: I can't
    Now I am most upset.
    Please Sony!! DO IT!

    1414. Please allow a NetMD uploading facility

    Posted by John on 7/5/2002, 16:52:00

    Dear Sony,

    Please allow a NetMD uploading facility so that we can easily transfer our music "to" and from PCs digitally and conveniently without loss of quality.

    Thank you


    1415. Current Software does not complement the hardware

    Posted by Timmy Dax on 7/5/2002, 17:52:02

    The current software; OpenMg 2.2(.07) does not include anything of any real use to me, and the ability to upload is nmot included. I would greatly appreciate this capability, as it means i could backup my current files to my laptop.

    1416. Please do it!

    Posted by Sergio Massaglia on 7/5/2002, 18:28:11

    allow us, common deadly men to download music for our divine minidiscs!

    1417. PLEASE!!

    Posted by Paul Holland on 7/5/2002, 18:45:24

    This function would be fantastic and greatly increase the demand of NETMD.

    1418. Uploading

    Posted by Fitzroy Wright on 7/5/2002, 20:15:07

    Anybody who really wants to steal music will find ways to do it. It makes no sense to make honest people suffer because you cant find a way to catch the dishonest ones.

    1419. Do it for a long time supporter of sony.

    Posted by Ben G,. on 7/5/2002, 21:56:49

    Ever since I was a child I have been around the sony brand name. And today I am still with the brand. MY tv, boombox, game system, any thing that is electronic is sony. So I was dissapointing to find out that netmd didn't allow me to upload my class lectures. I know that you strive to be the best but this time you have let me down when you didn't include this function in the program. If you were to include this soon you can be sure that you and I will do business for a long time if not you will have an thus you will probably drive me away. So please listen to my plea, I really enjoy "most" of your products. Thank you for your time.

    1420. I sample audio in the field, for the aviation training industry, what a crock that I can't upload!!

    Posted by Troy Saxton-Getty on 7/6/2002, 3:18:21

    I record audio for aviation training video creation. The Sony MD is a wonderful digital sampler. What a rip-off, everyone I know feels they have been defrauded by Sony.

    It isn't clear on the packaging, and I am sure at least 20% of their MD sales would drop off if they cleared it up.

    It is time for Sony to come clean and allow two way transfers digitally.

    Troy Saxton-Getty
    The Flight Institute

    1421. Upload capability will make MD an unbeatable portable audio player

    Posted by Rosav on 7/6/2002, 3:37:50

    The upload function will definitely make NetMD an absolute number one in the world of portable audio.

    1422. Sony is going to lose the support of musicians

    Posted by David Diaz on 7/6/2002, 3:58:23

    As a musician, a large part of the reason I bought a NetMD walkman was to be able to easily record and edit live music. Minidisc is a great format for this purpose.

    The lack of support for uploading recorded music to a computer is a major limitation, and as it is essential for musicians to be able to digitize music in order to sample, mix, and add effects, the current implementation of minidisc just doesn't cut it. Having to copy music to a computer in real time after it's already been recorded in real time results in a loss in quality and a loss in precious time.

    The ability to upload recorded tracks via USB to a computer would vastly broaden the range of minidisc applications and can only be a sound business decision.

    To boot, it must be blatantly obvious, looking back at the history of technology, that NetMD will eventually be hacked and made to suit the needs and desires of its users, which include digital upload capability. Possibly even before that happens, Sony's competitors will probably respond to the desires of their customers in providing such capability, unless Sony takes the cowardly legal road to quashing such free market activity.

    The argument that digital upload capability would allow illegal reproduction of music is rather moot, as CD burners are ubiquitous and just as easy to use to distribute music. Even so, upload capability could be implemented to avoid such reproduction by only allowing the upload of sound recorded directly to minidisc via the microphone or line in jacks.

    In short, give us USB upload capability. It can only be a good thing for Sony and its customers.

    1423. Upload function would assist in so many ways!

    Posted by Mark Balducci on 7/6/2002, 4:24:02

    The main purpose i use, and sell sony minidisc recorder walkmans, are for recording interviews, group sessions, focus groups, market research, the ability to upload it and put it on the clients file would be the most helpful took available!!!

    1424. Bidirectional digital audio connection (both ways)

    Posted by Anton van Kinderen on 7/6/2002, 4:42:29

    I have all equipment in place to upload and download my recordings to and from the computer.
    I use a SPDIF*-card in my computer that happily strips ANY protection method from the SPDIF signal. This protection discarding is common practice in PROFESSIONAL equipment. Also sold by Sony.
    So why, WHY, please do explain me WHY this digital sound upload functionality is stripped from the USB connection on the MZ-N50SS?
    I am NOT copying or selling protected recordings illegally, I just want to handle my OWN made records in a way that meets MY standards.

    Best regards,
    Anton van Kinderen.

    By the way: Any recordable MD, CD and Compact Cassette that is sold in the Netherlands readily includes an amount of money that is given to the Dutch Media Rights Controllers (BUMA, STEMRA).
    That money is always paid for even if one uses the medium to record the sounds of your cat or the ticking of your alarm.

    SPDIF - Sony Philips Digital InterFace

    1425. AUDIO UPLOAD IS A MUST !!!

    Posted by ANTONY CASTLES on 7/6/2002, 8:00:24


    1426. please include audio uploading

    Posted by Kaye Amul on 7/6/2002, 8:28:01

    audio uploading would really be useful and you'd cater to more customers if you include this in your software. thank you.

    1427. Please allow uploading

    Posted by lolali on 7/6/2002, 10:53:27

    I would love to record my chorus practises and upload it to the pc for storage and future rehearsals. Please put in the uploading feature via USB and please also provide a way to upgrade our existing NetMD player to have the capability so that we need not buy a new one. I don't see why uploading should be barred since Sony digital voice recorder (ICD-BP350) has it! Sony, please do it quickly before competitor does it!

    1428. I make music

    Posted by Jasper on 7/6/2002, 12:43:33

    I would like to plead for an uploading feature on netMD because, just like a lot of people with me, MD is a cheap and good way to record your own music.
    So when I heard that Sony brought the netMD to me, I was very thrilled. I went to the electro store and bought my very own netMD. But when I got to the point of mixing my own music on my computer I realized that uploading was not possible. I was very angry with this because I thought that there had finally been a breack-through I recording music for the small man.
    Just for this reason I return my new netMD to the store to get my money back.

    I am really waiting for a MD player walkman with the possability of uploading my own music to my PC.

    Yours, Jasper van Zuijlen; the Netherlands

    1429. The only thing holding me back from a purchace.

    Posted by Scott Schick on 7/6/2002, 14:41:18

    I have read of a hack that will allow you to use a minidisc as a storage device as well as play mp3s in mp3 format rather than a converted form. It is by Pony Engineering and it is for the MZ-N1 and that will be the only unit I buy but only if it can be found. I know that it is downloadable and that it is an actual firmware update so your existing MDs will be usless but hte advantage is that you now have a portable "ZIP" Type drive as well. Why is this not avaliable to the public. This is excelent technology that is so limited by stupid software.

    1430. upload for content creators. . .

    Posted by Robert Holford on 7/6/2002, 15:26:18

    I have long been into multimedia projects of all sorts. The current trends in computer "filmmaking", independent film, and Shockwave style media authoring leaves a large vacuum for a small (size & budget), yet high quality means for capturing sound. This is the perfect format, but I have held of on any purchase for the lack of ability to capture voice, music, and field recording and then upload the digital file for editing. Please consider this for the future.


    Rob Holford

    1431. Llibertat per l'MD

    Posted by Igor Jan� Guasch on 7/6/2002, 15:43:13

    Semblen absurdes les limitacions que se'ls han imposat, per una banda s'expandeixen les seves possiblititats amb el Net, donant un gran pas, que per altra banda sembla fet amb por, i jo em pregunto, por a que? El que passa ara �s que en podem baixar al md tots els continguts que volguem, per� per a pujar-ho ens hem de "morir" fent-ho a temps real. O �s absurd, o jo no n'entenc els motius. L'�nic que s'aconsegueix amb aix� �s demostrar les possibilitats del format (i tamb� un motiu publicitari), per� ni de bon tros, se'n treu tot el suc que es podria. Com �s possible que un reproductor senzillot d'mp3 sigui totalment lliure i que els mds haigin d'estar tan restringits? Recordeu que tots s�n al mateix mercat, i a la mateixa votiga. No esteu sols al m�n. Gr�cies. Espero que es tinguin en compte totes aquestes peticions.

    1432. DJ Needing to upload and distribute demos of own work

    Posted by Adam Cotterall on 7/6/2002, 16:11:22

    Current software limitations are highly impractical for the user and this is my main complaint regarding the NetMD. It has led me to advise some friends and other DJ's to avoid purchasing the equipment unless it became upload capable.

    Thank you.

    1433. MDS-NT1 no upload possibility

    Posted by Harm Wierenga on 7/6/2002, 18:09:09

    Dear Sony MDS-NT1 designers,

    An example of my use of MD:
    At a local (low budget) Radio Station I record (on MD) small stories in dialect.
    Some 20 stories are recorded in one session (about 1 hour in total).
    I take the recorded MD home, via a MDS-JE510 I copy the MD via a digital input on my soundcard into the computer.

    In the computer I divide the one hour recording in several tracks and do all the necessary editing to delete the coughs and correct the mistakes made by the story teller, and I make some level corrections.

    These 20 tracks are recorded on CD-R, not on MD because it is much faster on CD-R than on MD and I do not need to manual divide into tracks again on MD). Each week a track is used in a radio-program.

    My MDS-JE510 broke down and I'm looking for a replacement. Attracted by the multispeed and direct (USB) connection I came at the MDS-NT1.

    My default perception of recorders is, in analogy with all kinds of recorders (tape, CD, hard disk, MD...), that you can also read from recorders (at multispeed). The information in your publications does not clearly state that upload is not possible. Luckily I discovered by consulting the information in this discussion group that upload is not possible. So I will BUY an MDS-NT2(?) when the upload is possible. Meanwhile I will use my good old MD walkman to copy the MD into my computer (via analog line in).

    Harm Wierenga
    The Netherlands

    1434. Radio Production work requires this feature

    Posted by David Shipp on 7/6/2002, 19:23:33

    I do production work for my student radio station and I require the ability to record from MD to my PC, and to be able to do this via NetMD would be a god sent.

    1435. uploading capabilities would mean the world to musicians

    Posted by Nicholas Piercy on 7/6/2002, 20:58:30

    I myself am a musician, and i appreciate being able to record my performances in order to listen to them at a later time. i have found that recording onto mini-disc by far sounds better than any other way of recording that i have acess to. i actually bought the MZ-N707 thinking that music could be uploaded to a computer for editing, and sharing with friends, and people possibly offering opurtunities for me to join a band. i also have recently spend thousands of dollars constructing a recording studio, and had hoped to record into my mini-disc player, and then edit it on my computer for a great end result. Sony needs to make uploading to a PC possible, not having that feature is a definet design flaw.

    1436. NetMD Upload Feature Needed !!

    Posted by Justin marks on 7/6/2002, 21:10:48

    I will be returning my NetMD minidisk player/recorder as it does not allow me to take field recordings and then upload them into my home studio equipment. This feature would help out musicians and homestudio owners considerably.

    Sony is fooling themselves by believing that by keeping this feature unavailable people will pirate less music. Just search any peer-peer network and you will see that illegal music piracy is taking place excessively and will continue unimpacted by this insignificant decision by Sony. The main and simplest method of music piracy is to take any CD and with free software such as WinAmp convert the CD into MP3. No wonder Sony has not been able to achieve much success with the MiniDisk platform.

    1437. As a DJ...

    Posted by Chris Carlson on 7/7/2002, 0:13:25

    I often make recordings from my mixer into the analog input of my Sony portable Minidisc player. I absolutely love the quality my Minidisc players provides to me, but am disappointed with the inability to digitally transfer my own recordings to my PC to further edit them and convert them to MP3 or burn them to CD.

    1438. MD Upload

    Posted by Chris Healey on 7/7/2002, 1:13:18

    Recording from my guitar to MD, then placing on computer would be greatly beneficial for my schoolwork + future musicianship

    1439. if you know whats best for the company then itll fall in place!!!!!

    Posted by justin on 7/7/2002, 3:09:25

    i only have one practical use for this would be aditional feature, and that is when i film, i use audio traks from my mini disc (wich were recorded from vinl or tape) and record them into my comp via sound recorder through my audio in jack for video editing purposes. and it would make my life easier if i could do this in a fraction of the time, i hope that this will be seen in future models and wish that it would become a standard.

    1440. Uploading files from an MD to a computer

    Posted by Casey Moore on 7/7/2002, 4:15:24

    I would like to strongly encourage that Sony quickly make possible the ability to upload files, being as the reasons for owning an MD are quickly diminishing.

    I purchased my MZ-N707 to replace my previous MZ-R50, with the specific intention that I would be able to quickly transfer files recorded on my MD, to my Computer. You can image my supprise, and frustration to find this wasn't the case.

    We also own a Creative Nomad II MG, which I can record on and easily transfer files back and forth between computer and player. The only reason for suffering through the use of a machine with tenuous vulnerable parts, is the potential for higher quality recordings than currently possbile with MP3 player/recorders and the the lower cost media. Aside from that, the MD is outdated technology.

    If we are not provided revised software allowing this operation very soon, I will dump my MD on the market, and vosiferously express my opinion as to why no-one should wast their time and money on this technology.

    I will be looking forward to hearing from you SOON!

    Casey Moore

    1441. No PC upload = return MD Recorder for refund

    Posted by Togay Atac on 7/7/2002, 4:43:52

    I record class lectures as well as my own live music . The inability to directly upload to the PC is enough to make me want to return the MZ-S1.

    1442. 32bit ATRAC codec for Wavelab?

    Posted by Graham Walker on 7/7/2002, 5:21:13

    As "unprofessional" as the format may be, the MD format has nonetheless captured the heart and soul of many a fine performance, only to be locked-up forever in the ATRAC file format.

    Please set these souls free.

    1443. Professional musicians need NetMD upload facility

    Posted by jeff miller on 7/7/2002, 7:33:53

    I, like many professional musicians, rely heavily on field recordings of rehearsals and performances. I have recently purchased a Sony NetMD recorder to facilitate these recordings, only to find that digital upload is not possible. As these are my own recordings of my own material, I cannot see the sense in this.

    If you wish the MD format to succeed in the serious professional market, you need to improve the digital interaction between pc and recorder, or consumers will look elsewhere for technology that serves their needs.

    1444. Live recordings upload

    Posted by Jake on 7/7/2002, 10:29:38

    I bought this md thinking I would be able to upload my performances up to my computer so I could work on them on such programs as Spark. Ofcource as soon as i tried to do so it wouldn't let me and I had to use a program to covert digital-analogue-digital reducing the sound quality and very time consuming, USELESS. And why do I pay all this money for the most expensive md and get the same shitty headphones as the cheapest.

    Not happy

    1445. Sony minidisc

    Posted by JCourtis on 7/7/2002, 11:51:00

    Please would you alter the software to allow uploading, as it seriously affects the potential of the legal use of the new technology.

    1447. Audio Uploads

    Posted by Alex Burns on 7/7/2002, 14:34:24

    I use MD to record field research, classes
    and personal DVD commentaries. The lack of an
    MD-PC upload feature "compromises" my workflow and the quality of the final recordings. Copyright protection is clearly Sony's concern; their decision remains a barrier to many field researchers who would prefer supporting the MD format over rival products (such as Creative Labs' MP3 players).

    Alex Burns
    [email protected]

    1448. Wy am I not allowed to transfer own recording to my PC?

    Posted by Jelmer C. on 7/7/2002, 14:52:52

    I paid 280 euro's for my mz-n505 which to me is a lot of money. I was looking forward to being able to transfer recordings of my band digitaly to my PC to enhance sound quality. I'm really dissapointed in Sony that they do not reckon with musicians like me. I insist that they will fix this very soon!

    1449. MD to PC

    Posted by DNWJr on 7/7/2002, 15:01:50

    I am a professional musician. Including a way to record from mini-disc to PC would greatly improve the functionality of your equipment. Most of the people I know are musicians who either own Md players or desire to purchase one. I would be able to strongly recommend your products with the inclusion of this feature. It would be so much easier to release live mp3 footage of recent performances to the web. Thanks

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