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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    850. Why not ?

    Posted by Tim Valbert on 6/1/2002, 6:25:51

    The MiniDisc system would be even better,
    so it will convince more people
    to buy a MiniDIsc system instead of a mp3 player !

    851. Show us why MD players are better than MP3 players!

    Posted by Hop Ho on 6/1/2002, 8:00:08

    Show us why MD players are better than MP3 players!

    MD are rewritables while MP3-Cds are not! Take Advantage!

    852. MD free!!

    Posted by nicolas on 6/1/2002, 8:57:39

    live us free, please..

    853. please!

    Posted by alex on 6/1/2002, 10:05:10

    854. Please.

    Posted by Leon Shmulevich on 6/1/2002, 10:19:44

    Uploading music form MD to the PC is the next
    generation in MD, it is the only feature that
    is a must in the next MD product.

    855. Live Music Needs

    Posted by Ashley on 6/1/2002, 11:54:19

    Echoing the sentiments of other users above, I too wish to express how convenient it would be for me to be able to upload my live music recordings from my net md player onto my hard drive. I do not, nor do I wish to use this function for pirating or bootlegging purposes. I simply need to be able to burn the music of my own band, and those of my friends, onto my computer. The methods available for cirumventing the restrictions of the Open MG software are useful but ultimately cumbersome. Why not put the power into the hands of the music owner to manipulate their recordings as they see fit? I understand the logic behind your restrictions, however as an avid MD user and musician I implore you to examine this request, as it is the sentiment of so many others as well. Thank you.

    856. Sound recording for micro budget movies

    Posted by Simon Cooper on 6/1/2002, 12:32:26

    I am currently in post production for a feature length movie I have written and directed. I bought the Net MD believing that I could upload recordings I made to my PC through the USB connection. I am re-recording clean dialogue to drop in the edit. I was very dissapointed when I discovered that Sony had hobbled the NetMD. The quality of sound for my movie could be significantly increased if Sony relented.

    857. MZ-N707 is misleading

    Posted by Mark Bacchus on 6/1/2002, 12:43:41

    One of the main functions that I bought the
    minidisk for is being blocked. Consumers should have been/should be notified of this feature before they bought/buy this player. This was done

    858. (no subject)

    Posted by Tobias on 6/1/2002, 12:44:19


    859. MZ-N707 is misleading

    Posted by Mark Bacchus on 6/1/2002, 12:45:10

    One of the main functions that I bought the
    minidisk for is being blocked. Consumers should have been/should be notified of this feature before they bought/buy this player. This was done
    intentionally by Sony. And this will prevent me
    from buying any more Sony products.

    860. Up for USB Upload!

    Posted by killian on 6/1/2002, 12:58:40

    Up for USB Upload!

    861. Please allow uploading of netmd audio to PC

    Posted by Gary Fesler on 6/1/2002, 13:28:05

    SONY, please remove the serious restrictions that legitimate users have to face with your netmd products. I bought the NZ707 and love it. I need to upload live digital recordings made on the netmd to my pc !!

    862. Please allow MD->PC transfers

    Posted by Matt Harmon on 6/1/2002, 16:38:45

    Dear Sony;

    It would be advantageous for those of us using your NetMD recorders for making recordings of non-copywrited material to be able to transfer the digital audo to our PC's for editing without having to go d->a and then a->d with the resultant lossin quality. I am very impressed with the MD technology, but this one deficit is annoying.

    863. md petition

    Posted by boursier on 6/1/2002, 16:52:48

    it will permit me to record more quickly

    864. USB Uploading Required.

    Posted by Richard Cross on 6/1/2002, 17:22:04

    I spent money on this device, expecting that it would be able to transfer home made recordings back to my pc for mixing and editing. But alas, the NetMD while great in other respects falls short at the last hurdle.
    Quality recording is what I expect and get from the minidisc, and as a musician, a portable minidisc is great for recording live audio. It would be great to transfer it digitally back to my pc, quickly and without loss in quality.

    865. MD great for Archiving

    Posted by Duncan Wilcock on 6/1/2002, 20:39:37

    I have started archiving my Cassette Tapes on MDs - i should be able to back them up on the PC.

    866. Gives us the right to upload

    Posted by Tony B. on 6/1/2002, 21:25:29

    Since you have the ability to download why not the ability to upload also? There's many people who would like this feature. I am a musician and having the ability to upload by bands songs would help me greatly. Until then I'll use cd r's to mix my bands song on my computer. Sony whose side are you on?

    867. Upload Please!

    Posted by Philip Brown on 6/1/2002, 22:44:53

    I do a lot of recording of my own songs and performances using a MiniDisc recorder. It would be ideal to be able to use my MZ-N1 ro upload digitally into the computer, rather than having to record in real-time in the analogue domain.

    Please consider the option!

    868. Just do it ! make it upload.

    Posted by DAN NITESCU on 6/2/2002, 0:07:26

    ....also do some changes on OPENMG jukebox ! What is this ? ATRAC3 132 kbps ? Why this limit ?

    869. If you make it, i'll buy one...

    Posted by Daniel on 6/2/2002, 0:15:15

    It isn't hard to prevent copyright infringement...

    870. cant SAMPLE without uploading capabilities!

    Posted by Erin Keeffe on 6/2/2002, 2:32:45

    i just bought a netMD sony minidisc player, mainly becuase i needed a portable devise to take good qualtiy audio samples for making my own music, and im thoroughly upset that i cant digitally upload! the netMD minidisc player has great potential as a beginers portable sampling tool... but not being able to quickly upload through USB and being forced to upload through the analogue phone jack is a major pain... especially when the technology is right there, but is unable to be used! please allow uploading, your products have so much untapped potential! thank you.

    871. Live Recording

    Posted by Andrew on 6/2/2002, 3:31:50

    I do live recording... what good is the one way speed of usb?

    872. Grosse deception

    Posted by Julien DESCOTTES on 6/2/2002, 4:07:48

    J'ai achet� le MZ-N1 et je trouve d�plorable qu'� ce prix on nous interdise de r�cup�rer ce que l'on enregistre avec un microphone sur son PC !

    Il faut faire quelque chose !

    873. It sure would help my line of work !

    Posted by Simo Savisaari on 6/2/2002, 7:12:34

    I'm a theatre sound designer and I use minidiscs as the main sound source in our performances. I also use a portable MD for recording sound effects of my own... the possibility of transferring data (faster than real time) from MD to PC for editing purposes and then back to MD would be greatly appreciated by me and my colleagues all over the world.
    I've been waiting for something like this since 1993!

    874. I am angry about OpenMG 2.2

    Posted by J.Lukas on 6/2/2002, 8:25:05

    I'm Musician too, and i do a lot of live recordings it's absolutely stupid that i schould not transfer it on my PC through USB !

    875. Back support

    Posted by Gary Jung on 6/2/2002, 9:00:38

    I don't know, if this was stated before, but i still own an old mz-r55, i love everything about it. But i'm kinda dissapointed, why you don't or can't back back compatabilty to support NETMD for this MD player? i already have xitel usb transfer, and would love to use simple burner, i would gladly buy the program. Well hope this isn't totally out of subject disscusion, but i hope sony make the upload.

    876. Digital Recording Without Digital Output?

    Posted by Alexis Waltz on 6/2/2002, 9:13:58

    Digital Recording Without Digital Output?

    this is crap! sony the company for the last century!

    alexis waltz

    878. The MD could be a universal support!

    Posted by Ekoh on 6/2/2002, 10:43:25

    For mp3, wav and other and why not informatical data?

    PS: I'm a young french and my english is a little bad... I use the MZR-900

    879. petition

    Posted by romain on 6/2/2002, 11:01:07

    vive l'upload


    Posted by Mohamed on 6/2/2002, 11:14:49



    881. Critical for staying with MD!

    Posted by Bjarne Mjelde on 6/2/2002, 11:17:01

    I upload many own MD recordings to PC, and I find it obtrusive to being denied the opportunity to do so in a more flexible way.

    882. enable upload.

    Posted by Frank Gruska on 6/2/2002, 12:55:20

    I am a musician and like to use my NetMD for live recordings and later postprocessing on my PC. An uplaod function is critical for me.

    883. Microphone users need some love!

    Posted by Andy Weston on 6/2/2002, 13:18:25

    I need my own live recordings on my PC in a digital way!

    884. A revolutionary product, If....

    Posted by jon perkins on 6/2/2002, 14:14:17

    This feature would make minidisc, NET MD, the undisputed leader in digital portable audio.

    885. This is technology.. THERE SHOULD BE NO RESTRICTIONS

    Posted by Tareq Fadel on 6/2/2002, 16:02:02

    Could you please remove the restriction of being able to upload files from a minidisc to the PC. It is possible.. so I cant see what the problem is. Thanx

    886. The strongest argument for MD upload of recordings using an analog source:

    Posted by Don Kruger on 6/2/2002, 19:00:52

    I am so glad this website exists. I am a professional musician, and I have been using the MD format for more than 3 years now for recording of live performances.
    Thank you, webmasters, for writing such a good petition to SONY. The strongest part of the argument is: . . . WHEREAS,
    All Minidisc recorders already flag their recordings to indicate those tracks that have been recorded through the digital inputs (and are copy-protected) and those that have been recorded through the analog inputs (and are not copy-protected), thereby allowing the upload function to prevent unwanted copying . . .
    May SONY listen to their customers. I might have to change formats to the Archos Jukebox recorder/hard-drive (oh but the ease of editing on the MD is so good . . .!)

    887. I love SONY. Pitty that my love isn't mutual.

    Posted by Ghost on 6/2/2002, 19:33:38

    So strange that I can use my SAMSUNG digital voice recorder ($100) to store digital voice recording, but I can't to do the same with MZ-N1 ($350). Just afraid that we will be able to buy a spaceship sooner that SONY fix this strange problem.

    888. I need MD -> PC Transfer Capability

    Posted by Ken Knollman on 6/2/2002, 20:47:47

    I record live performances and need to transfer them to PC, ultimately to CD so they can be played, for one, in my car! Please make this part of your lineup!

    889. Need upload from MD to PC function

    Posted by Bobby on 6/2/2002, 21:00:33

    We need it in order to organize our old music on our old MD's.

    890. MD --> PC

    Posted by Sue on 6/2/2002, 21:07:58

    I require MD to PC upload for interviews.

    891. I don't have any reason to buy a MD recorder without digital upload capability to a PC

    Posted by Paul on 6/3/2002, 1:56:14

    My whole purpose in getting a minidisc recorder is to record live music from musician friends who want to have CD's of their performances. I thought the way to do that was to record on the MD player, then connect to a PC and burn a CD.

    It seemed obvious to me, so I'm surprised that this function is not available. This is very disappointing.

    892. Come on Sony - Let the upload working

    Posted by Sylvain on 6/3/2002, 3:11:49

    I'm very dispointed that we cannot upload to PC.

    It's a shame !

    893. Uploading from MD is essential

    Posted by Steve Groves on 6/3/2002, 3:46:07

    As an amateur social historian, recording the recollections of people about historical events in the lives I find it frustarting that I cannot digitally upload these to my PC from my Net MD recorder.

    894. This is the next step for mindisc to be a standard

    Posted by MOUNEYRES RAPHAEL on 6/3/2002, 5:35:07

    As a long term user of minidisc for it reliability and excellent sound, i often transfer music recorded everywhere (for example a live session) to my home PC to treat them with mastering software. Copying this takes a long time, and an essential tool for the minidisc is a rapid transfer FROM the MD TO the PC.
    More and more people are using minidiscs, averyone would apreciate a such usefull feature.
    sincerely, Rapha�l.

    895. I need MD --> PC transfer

    Posted by Ferez Gatrif on 6/3/2002, 8:55:25

    I need to transfer my interviews and my live recordings to my PC, that would let me edit them and store them in my hard disc.

    896. Upload recorded tracks to MAC/PC

    Posted by Jan Beckman on 6/3/2002, 11:37:46

    In my business I have to record (via microphone) many hours of spoken word to the MD. I do not wish to send these in an analog manner to the Mac or PC but want to use them digitally directly. It would save me lots of time (money) and result in better quality. I really dislike the fact that material that I created and therefore own the copyright of cannot be transferred digitally.

    897. I was disappointed

    Posted by Andreas Garzotto on 6/3/2002, 12:43:39

    I often record concerts of our choir to MD and then create a CD from it. The "worst part" of it is moving the data from MD to CD, so when I heard about NetMD I was very delighted and immediately purchased a Sony N1 - and only then I found out that NetMD does not allow moving (analog!) recordings to the computer digitally.

    898. Original Music Recording Transfer Needed

    Posted by Phil Macino on 6/3/2002, 13:59:59

    As a member of a band I would like to see the functionality of writes from Mini-Dasc to Hard Drive enabled. I find it rediculous that this functionality is not available. Afterall, who is to stop anyone from using a Laptop with a Microphone and a CD/RW to accomplish the same task? (CD-RW's are now standard equipment on most shipping laptops).

    899. Field -> MD -> PC (via USB)

    Posted by Sean Burak on 6/3/2002, 14:12:00

    Let's give the iPod and nomad a run for their money. High speed 2-way transfer would do the trick!

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