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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    1850. Yes to NetMD Upload !!

    Posted by Jeff Wolk on 7/29/2002, 11:49:16

    As an amateur musician one of the reasons I bought the MiniDisc was for the live recording capabilities.

    1851. Let the music go!

    Posted by Damian Etienne on 7/29/2002, 11:50:15

    I love using minidisc on a daily basis. If I could rip music from my minidisc player and organize it on my pc. I would be sure to purchase a NetMD recorder. I am delaying my decision to buy NetMD with hopes that this feature will be added soon.

    1852. PC-MD recording

    Posted by Ignatius on 7/29/2002, 12:39:10

    I'd like to see more internal md decks for pc sold separately since the Sony's pc's with NetMD are about $2500 and Sonicstage seems to have many errors

    1853. MD upload for live recording

    Posted by Curt Allen on 7/29/2002, 12:45:59

    I am a musician that originally bought a minidisc recorder for live recording (of me and group). I have wanted to get some of these recordings to PC for archival, editing, etc. for a long time. MD upload would facilitate this action greatly.

    Please consider this feature for future products (or digital out as an alternative.)

    Thank you.

    1854. Desirability to rip audio from ATRAC3 MDLP discs

    Posted by John on 7/29/2002, 13:45:56

    WE LOVE YOU, in the media dept. of Westminster Seminary, we record A LOT of classes and seminars on minidisc [some also to DV...but that's another story--and never nmind that they aren't Sonys--I wasn't here for that purchase]. There is just NOTHING else that provides the quality and portability. But, alas, sometimes the recordings are the full mono 2-1/2 hours. In order to digitize for production to cassette or CD, it takes the full 2-1/2 hours to play back from our Sony MDS-JE520 and record to our VAIO towers [RX360DS & R556DS]. I see your new products have a "PC Link." I've looked over your NetMD FAQs and was pleased to find this forum via Our SERIOUS need is to rip audio at more than real-time speed FROM the minidisc--ideally, to "mount" the minidisc, and desktop copy audio as a file, or extract using Sound Forge 6 or EZ CD DA extractor. Or your proprietary software.
    Do you already have such a product for broadcast users with Scott, ENCO, Klotz automation systems? We are installing an ENCO DAD PRO 32 system at WFIL/WZZD where I also work and such an option would be a GODSEND, as we use A LOT of minidiscs, for long-form programming. I suspect broadcast users, already big into minidiscs, would SWAMP you with orders.
    BTW: Dream product: Your CD/MD combo, rackmount with MDLP, with RCA, optical, SPDIF and combo-XLR/AES analog/digital audio play/record, keyboard entry of data, AND USB2 or FireWire interface to a host computer, with the ability to read/write both CD-RW and MD-RW, both appearing as assigned drives on the desktop, both internally at at least 4x speed, MD-to-CD/CD-to-MD, inside the unit, and externally via the PC link to/from the host computer...a Sony VAIO, of course!

    Thank you for your time.

    1855. vergognoso!!!!!!!!!!1

    Posted by Nicola on 7/29/2002, 14:49:27

    (In Italian)
    Ho comprato il NetMD e non posso utilizzarlo come voglio!!!!
    SIa il commerciante che sulla scatola stessa della confezione, non si parlava assolutamente della sua limitazione nel fare upload di brani musicali!!!!!!
    Pagato ben 300 Euro!!!!!

    1856. MD->PC uploads

    Posted by John Coleman on 7/29/2002, 14:56:57

    Dear Sony,

    There will be a day when the music of the world prevails your infinite greed. Please allow digital uploads from MD->PC, thank you.

    John Coleman

    1857. NetMD upload

    Posted by Jeff on 7/29/2002, 15:00:12

    MD to PC, quickly !

    1858. Open MG - Only not 'That' Open!

    Posted by Stuart Lawn on 7/29/2002, 16:31:31

    Two days ago I bought the Sony MZN-707. I bought this model as it had a microphone input and being in a rock band, I sensibly thought that I could make recordings of our group rehearsing and then using the USB connection upload them to my PC for editing. I was wrong.

    It seems a great product but I think it may have to be returned for a refund as the software seriously cripples its value to musicians. Please put personal recording uploads into the next release of software. We need this ASAP.

    1859. NET md is crippled without UPLOAD of personal recordings

    Posted by Chris Laporte on 7/29/2002, 16:32:18


    1860. NetMD Upload

    Posted by FG on 7/29/2002, 16:36:12

    I take music lessons and record them on minidisc. I would like to upload this records to my home computer (PC) and realise a database but OpenMG doesn't allow this despite there is no copyright.
    ATRAC3 quality would be enough for this purpose.
    Can't you please a little open the door from the NetMD TO the computer ?

    1861. This is a must!!

    Posted by Robin on 7/29/2002, 17:29:37

    I've brought a lot of different devices from sony, and have been amazed by their quality and functionality, and once I saw this MD player, with USB support, I thought Sony had hit the jackpot. So why doesn't it allow upload of files back to the computer? The main feature is the USB support, and I'm going to be using my player to record my music (which I hold the copyright), and it would have just made the perfect tool for the job, and to say the least I'm utterly disappointed, I really hope for your dedicated customers you can write an update for your software, to help us restore confidence in sony again.

    1862. Another annoying point is..

    Posted by Detlef Mueller on 7/29/2002, 17:31:25

    ..the "Serial Copy Management System" -- From the MZ-N1 manual:

    "You cannot make copies from a digitally
    connected source which was itself recorded using digital connection."

    Think about that a minute.

    Right now it prevents me from recording audio of _my_ DVD's...

    Brave new world where the layperson is not trusted at all.

    1863. Why don't we stop the progress?

    Posted by Christian on 7/29/2002, 18:42:47

    I'm wondering if Sony is not going to stop the progress stopping me to use this new NetMD technology to upload my music! I buyed a Mz-N1 and now that I'm starting to record everyday my music I raelly miss that Upload function!
    Please don't do that!
    I always trusted Sony please let me trust you more for the future!

    An Italian NetMD unhappy user.

    1864. Still no upload link from my MD to a PC

    Posted by Simon Handley on 7/29/2002, 19:35:18

    I have been a great fan of the minidisc since I bought my first one. Which happened to be a sharp MD-MS-702. A great unit I had in 1998 and it was priced much lower, and had more user function.

    As a musician, this format appealed greatly to me, but still years later after getting your best unit to date, the MZR-909, yes I imported it from japan because it seemed to have all the goodies on it that I wanted, but still there are a few options that it lacks.

    I am tired of spending my time in a digital recording studio and using all digital equipment, only to be reduced to a stereo 1/8" headphone jack into the back of the PC sound card line in.

    Right back to analog, so what's the point of this? Once I had to rent a minidisc deck with an optical out, and a fostex professional CD recorder worth about $3500 just to transfer the album that I had made onto a master CD so that I could have copies made by CINRAM.

    Now after all of the technological advancements of mankind in the last twenty years don't you think that a two way street is the best avenue to take?

    I want to upload to a PC so I can burn

    1865. I feel sick inside. This must be a world record!!

    Posted by Nyland on 7/29/2002, 20:44:52

    I am a musician, recording an album right now. I've always loved MD, and have bought about eleven different players by now. NetMD should be what MD should have always been: The possibility to use MD as a storage media for whatever kind of data you could please! Why should it not be possible to use MD the way you use CD-RW? WHY?! Nobody can answer that question, because there ain't one. Uploading from MD to PC is an absolute must, but it should really be able to do whatever a CD-RW drive can. When I bought my MZ-N1 today, I expected to be able to drag and drop any .mp3 or .wav to the open window representing my MD, AND BACK AGAIN! -Even if it didn't come from the computer in the first place. This is the worst product I have ever bought, and never did I think I would say that about something from SONY. My stomack hurts...

    1866. Pull yaselves together men

    Posted by Tim Mumford on 7/29/2002, 22:11:43

    CMON...why dont you take a stand against the status quo. we have been faithful to you and your format, we stuck by it when you charged us ridiculously high costs, why dont u be faithful to us..its sorta a two way street sony!

    regards, tim

    1867. MD would be a lot more successful...

    Posted by Justin Nawrocki on 7/29/2002, 23:35:02

    ...if you gave it the full function it is capable of and deserves. OpenMG is a pile of crap. At least make the NetMD function well and then you can compete with MP3 players...finally.

    1868. download

    Posted by Otto on 7/29/2002, 23:56:42

    How can I have the NetMD program?

    1869. MD Uploading

    Posted by Jimmy T on 7/30/2002, 0:09:26

    I'm returning my MD player until it's actually of some viable USE.

    Too bad Sony won't be getting my money as well as countless other musicians who want their live performance on computer.

    1870. Upload from minidisc to Apple Computers

    Posted by SC on 7/30/2002, 0:14:51

    I would like to add my voice to those requesting that Sony make it possible to UPLOAD MUSIC from MINIDISC to APPLE COMPUTERS. It would make the minidisc format MUCH more appealing to consumers like me!

    1871. Upgrading software to allow upload of recorded material from Md to Pc

    Posted by Mark Christofersen on 7/30/2002, 0:25:39

    After a week at fiddle camp recording teaching and Jam sessions I was heartbroken to discover that the tracks recorded on my Net MD Walkman could not be uploaded and edited on my PC. Editing out the conversations and useless tracks and compiling my own practice CD was the reason I bought the digital recorder. I was stunned to find that wasn't possible. There is a huge market waiting for a recorder that can take digital recordings on a convenient format and upload them into a pc. I feel like the salesman really misled me when I bought this device. If I wanted to listen to music I would have stuck to my mp3 player or just burned another CD.

    1872. Go create (...I wish I could)

    Posted by Neil on 7/30/2002, 2:46:47

    The netMD line of products is a real breath of fresh air in Sony's thinking about the new age of high speed transfer computer based compressed media systems. Like it or not this is the future and I am glad to see Sony has taken it's first tentative step in that direction. Unfortunately its not all good news, the netMD has enormous potential as it fills a current gap in the portable player/recorder market. Namely an affordable player that allows high speed transfer from mpr3 etc... but the major factor is media cost and then also the ability to record onto the player in a high quality format. So here's the problem: I want to record myself and my mates playing guitar etc... or as I sometimes do collect sounds to mix into sound effects - Great I can record them on my shiney new MZ-N1 but then I have to do an analogue real time transfer to put it on my PC :-(

    What had made Sony a successful company was it's comitment to innovation. Rathar than running from a technology that appears to be baring all it's teeth at them they would use to there advantage. Well what's happened! This whole digital rights mess has meant a wave of semi-functional devices that on the box (or from the sales men) claim to give you the moon and more but then you get the thing and it tells you that sorry you don't own the moon and no you can't have it! We need a company to cut through the crap especially of some very shorted sighted associations in America and that a sensible approach to digital rights management so that our liberties are not infringed too. There used to be a good economic saying "The consumer is king" I don't think so anymore.

    PS: Please sort openMG out. It brings my computer to its knees (a 700Mhz AMD with 256Mb RAM)!

    1873. NetMD uploaD

    Posted by Frederic Pecourt on 7/30/2002, 7:43:36

    Sony, PLEASE do not miss the market and let lower quality mp3 taking the monopole over the flexibility of the minidisc!

    1874. how could you not provide

    Posted by Matt on 7/30/2002, 8:33:46

    i agree with the before mentioned petition pertaining to a md->pc function.

    it is totally pathedic not to provide it!!!

    1875. Audio Uploads for Digital Editing

    Posted by Wayne Bealer on 7/30/2002, 8:52:22

    I was interesting in purchasing a NetMD player so I could easily digitally edit transfers from LP completed on my MDS-JE320 MD unit. Now that I realize I cannot do this, I will not purchase an NetMD player.

    1876. as an engineer...

    Posted by Marco Sajeva on 7/30/2002, 9:17:36

    We use the minidisk to record our weekly reports and meetings. It would be very useful to manage in a digital way all the files and would improve the process of storing all the data in less time.
    Hope you will accept our request.
    Marco Sajeva

    1878. NetMD could be the perfect solution for amateur musicians ...

    Posted by Christoph Zauner on 7/30/2002, 10:12:41

    All the amateur musicians out there that can't afford
    expensive recording equipment are relying on low-budget solutions like MiniDic Recorders. NetMD, with the ability to upload your recordings directly to your PC via USB, is like a heaven's gift for most of them, including myself.

    That's why I appeal to Sony to enable tranfsers via the USB port using the NetMD technology.

    1879. NetMD Uploading

    Posted by Brent Larson on 7/30/2002, 10:51:30

    I currently own one MD recorder. With NetMD Uploading capability, I'd buy more recorders. I could see having four in my family. I'd need one to leave permanently in my guitar gig bag. I'd need one for my kids so they can record and eventually "make their own CDs." I'd get one for my wife, who is a singer, and lastly one for work.

    I see NetMD Uploading as being compelling for Sony. This capability will lead to greater profits.

    Please don't think I'm kidding about owning four recorders! Between wife, kids and myself, we've got three pianos, inluding a grand Steinway, four guitars, four amps and a midi computer with all the software etc. I also have a zillion cables and a handful of mics. Of course we have thousands of CDs and tons of printed music as well. We are ready to spend our money.

    1880. Uploading lecture recordings to pc

    Posted by Adrian on 7/30/2002, 11:45:24

    Yah, thats the main point. Record the lectures and store it in the pc. Better way than storing it in many, many small md's

    1881. Net MD upload essential for media production

    Posted by Bob Lennox on 7/30/2002, 12:38:32

    This product would solve my problem of interviev and voice-over recording for video production on my Sony PC100 which has useless microphones. This nonesense destroys the value of an excellent piece of kit which could replace expensive radio mikes.

    1882. Net Md

    Posted by Alejandro Le´┐Żn on 7/30/2002, 13:45:18

    Do it! Add more power to this already expensive machines.

    1883. NetMD Uploading for lectures

    Posted by Amanda on 7/30/2002, 16:24:49

    Being a freshmen in college I intend on using my mini disc player to record lectures for more effective study sessions. I feel that if NetMD had uploading capabilties I would better be able to organize my notes on my computer, also attaching lectures to those notes so studying would be organized and a breeze. I think that uploading capabilities would allow for better study sessions for all students. I understand the issue of pirating music from other audio sources, yet napster clones, cd ripping softwear, and cd burners are all in existance. If nothing else, to be able to at least upload analog recordning would be an improvment, yet, personaly, I see no real reson that uploading should not be a new capability of the NetMD unit and softwear. I think more good and innovatoin would come of it than harm. Thank you for you time and considering the comments and opinons on this petition.

    1884. are you crazy

    Posted by meudon on 7/30/2002, 17:06:27

    i have about 7 Md of personal work (radio work) and i can't use them in my computer : what a shame, scandalous thief !!!

    the shop( FNAc) is going to refund me, what a piece of shit your MZ-N505 !!!!!!!

    Incredible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1885. making my life easier

    Posted by Phillip Miller on 7/30/2002, 17:07:38

    I love MDs ability to record my life, friends, and samples of nature. I am not into video recorders and have used portable tape recorders for years. I am on my second MD and I like the ability to transfer MD to PC via USB, but I really use it for live recording. I was sad and even angry at sony for allowing this to happen for I am 'prosony' and have been since I was a teen. It may be because of legal issues, but if there is any way to allow us to transfer PC to MD, please, please, please do so.
    Phillip Miller

    1886. do it now

    Posted by Jeff Pristelski on 7/30/2002, 18:51:15

    I want to be able to upload music to my computer. There are many bands that allow recording equipment at concerts for bootlegged recordings even famous bands such as dave matthews band even allow for this, however my minidisk recorder is useless since this feature is not present

    1887. Net MD

    Posted by Thijs Beijnsberger on 7/30/2002, 20:01:00

    Do it now!!!, now restrictions please

    1888. NetMD uploading

    Posted by Ken Bowers on 7/30/2002, 21:00:02

    My wife and I, who are both musicians, use a Sony NetMD-enabled mini-disc recorder to demo songs, record practices, and the like. We would greatly benefit from the ability to upload the resulting recordings to our MacOS X computer for editing and eventually burning onto a CD.

    1889. Why can't I upload even microphone recordings?

    Posted by Max on 7/30/2002, 21:23:24

    This system anoying I Do sound recordings and I an't even upload that.
    I also don't understand Why sony does this It only draws back their sell rate,Sony itself has nothing to do with the music industry
    ("Sony" has nothing to do with "sony Music")

    I would like to know more about why they Sony does this


    1890. If only I could upload....

    Posted by Eric The Red on 7/30/2002, 21:24:28

    With a USB connection I foolishly was undewr the impression I would be able to drag and drop the LIVE recoded files of myself off of my Mini Disk player. It wasn't until I got the unit home and started to play with it that I discovered there is no way of grabbing the files digitally. Really this makes little difference if I am recording with an analog micropgone but it would be nice if I am recording from the digital board.

    1891. My minidisc player

    Posted by Peter T. on 7/30/2002, 23:38:45

    I brought my MD player three years ago. I mainly using the optical output from my computer to record music. I want to buy a new MD player since the Net MD just came out. However, I brought a MP3 player instead. Why, just because I can move the music from my player to my PC.

    1892. Net MD Uploading

    Posted by Trevor Maybee on 7/30/2002, 23:56:24

    As a musician, I would find the ability to upload recorded rehersals/gigs that I have played onto my computer so I could have an archive. I could also post some clips of past shows on my band's website.

    I am also a student and I would find that the ability of archiving recorded lectures a HUGE asset.

    I REALLY want a MD recorder and the only reason that I have held back on buying one is that I am waiting for an upload feature (analog recordings at all quality levels) to be added. The day I can upload, I will purchase a MD recorder.

    1893. NetMd --> PC via USB

    Posted by Scott Murray on 7/31/2002, 0:15:35

    I've just purchased an MZ-N707. It's one of the most expensive SONY purchases I've ever made and has some amazing features. I've had 5 different SONY cassette walkmans, the last two were recording walkmen. I've made significant use of the sound card in my PC to copy from the cassette tape recordings I made into digital format on the PC for archiving. The new NetMD system seemed to be perfect for what I wanted to do, and I feel you treat my trust in you with disrespect by locking out the ability to transfer recorded tracks from my NetMD to the PC via USB. While I understand your motives, and respect your decision to take a stand against piracy in this way, It would restore my, perhaps blind, faith in Sony up to this point.


    Scott Murray

    1894. MD and PC a perfect pair

    Posted by John on 7/31/2002, 1:02:15

    Survival of the MD format depends on it being BETTER/DIFFERENT than alternative forms.

    Live recording is why many people use MD. The ability to rapidly move this data to a PC (including Macintosh) where it can be easily edited would provide a wonderful addition to the format.

    Wake up Sony!

    1895. If Sony doesn't add this feature, someone else will

    Posted by Rob on 7/31/2002, 1:15:40

    And everyone will be buying their product and not Sony's.

    1896. Please add the upgrade

    Posted by Arup Gupta on 7/31/2002, 2:41:08

    Please add the upgrade. It is only software.

    1897. Upload! Now!!

    Posted by Andreas on 7/31/2002, 2:56:57

    Imagine what this can do for your in all aspects great product!

    1898. Minidisc uploading

    Posted by Marc Eymard on 7/31/2002, 3:22:06

    I'm a DJ and my aim was to burn my live mixes.
    Sony has nothing to loose with opening Net MD, sincerly.

    1899. Let it all be digital

    Posted by Vivek Shankar on 7/31/2002, 7:36:09


    Being a taper of live music shows (bands who legally allow taping) I implore you to ad this feature.

    Surely, your good selves know the importance of the two digits - 0 & 1.

    Please oblige your users,
    Best Regards,
    vivek shankar

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