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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    300. this will kill MD once and for all.

    Posted by Sean Stevens on 5/2/2002, 17:44:00

    you could own the market. charge another $40/unit to make up the "losses" you think you'll incur in your music biz.


    301. allow mdnet transfers from unit to pc

    Posted by david ku on 5/2/2002, 17:50:01

    this will make the unit better than mp3 players in everyway


    Posted by carlos velasquez on 5/2/2002, 18:02:21

    Upload feature will make minidisc a complete solution to people who love music!!!!

    303. Huge Market in Church Applications

    Posted by Phil Ouellette on 5/2/2002, 18:03:39

    I operate the sound system for my church and use my MD recorders every week. I record split traks onto MD for use during worship and I also record the pastors sermons and conference speakers for later distribution to the congregation. Since there is no way to quickly get the recordings into a PC I usually end up just creating a master tape real time for use in our tape duplicator. I would much prefer to rip the recording to a PC and burn CR-R's for distribution to the congregration, since this elimintes the real time recording nature of tape. However due to the artifical restriction on uploading recordings in MD systems I am unable to do so.

    Everyone who uses MD loves the portable recorders and editing capability, but not having any high speed way to get recordings into a PC means we have to keep using tape for distribution. This has the potential to be a very real growth area for MD since virtually every church faces this same issue. Applications like this are a market niche where MD could really thrive.

    Why is there this fixation on copyrite protection for MD? If I want to copy a CD I just stick it in the CD drive of my computer and duplicate it. Why on Earth would anyone want to go through a MD first if they are trying to rip off copyrighted music? This doesn't make any sense.

    Stop crippling MD and it will have a chance to really succeed in the USA!

    Phil Ouellette
    Vineyard Christian Fellowship
    Greenville, SC

    304. Support independent musicians

    Posted by Sachiko Honda on 5/2/2002, 18:23:06

    I am a musician whose source of income is not solely dependent on music-related activities. But, I'm very, very serious about it. To me the most effective way of improving the skill is listening to one's own recordings, which is already given by your MDs. And, not only that, archiving them without loss of quality for future reference or for gifts perhaps is an incredably attractive feature that a tiny piece of equipement can offer. Make it complete, please! Music is for everyone, not only for commercial producers!

    305. Don't miss the market potential of MDs in musician's home recording capabilites!!!!!!

    Posted by Darren Beveridge on 5/2/2002, 18:34:55

    As a musician, I absolutley love the recording capabilites of the MD. I have on many occasions recorded our band's live feed from the mixing board onto my MD. BUT...that music is then STUCK in MD format, which is useless to me other than for listening to. Because it is in .omg format, I cannot edit it, I cannot burn our music to CD etc. because it cannot be translated to other editable, burnable formats. In my opinion, SONY would benfit greatly by the provision of translation software to allow .omg to be translated to MP3 or wave, so it may be edited in standar music editing software. Every musician I know would be interested in having an MD recorder then. It's just such a small matter! Another suggestion is that SONY be smart about this too, because someone else will create a way to translate the format digitally, and they would lose any ability to profit from this conversion patch's only a matter of time...why not capture the market first themselves!!!!!!!

    306. Further enhance the versatility and usefulness of the MD

    Posted by Savio Yu on 5/2/2002, 18:57:49

    The addition of this function would greatly enhance the MiniDisc format as a storage medium and as a medium for amateur recording and sound editing. By allowing users to quickly edit and upload music on to their computers, they will have gained a new threshold of versatility for the Minidisc.

    307. Keep the format alive and flexible

    Posted by Pekka Johansson on 5/2/2002, 18:58:38

    Remember Beta? Think more open, data capabilities are today&future (could compete iPod).

    308. Please give us the tools!

    Posted by Michael Hughes on 5/2/2002, 19:03:03

    My appeal is simple. Give us the same tools and capabilities that mp3 users have. Otherwise I fear you will doom Minidisc to ultimate failure in the US. The first generation of NetMD is a great start, but is incomplete. Please give us the tools!

    309. Real Potential for Home/.small budget Video use

    Posted by Michael Veronneau on 5/2/2002, 19:28:46

    Please enable the digital transfer of recorded audio information from the mini-disk recorder to the PC. It would be a real boon for amateur video enthusiasts...

    310. My time is worth a lot to me and money to you.

    Posted by Randall Boudwin on 5/2/2002, 20:34:11

    The only reason I have a minidisc player/recorder is for recording myself and my family. From family songs to journals, it's all I use it for. The time I would save with this feature would be worth a lot to you in what I would spend and advertising I would give. It would be great that I could finally recommend MDs to my not so technical friends.

    311. Full NetMD Potential

    Posted by Wai Hung Fung on 5/2/2002, 20:56:39

    NetMD full Potential had never been reach. An updated version with upload function is needed.

    312. The almost-perfect recording medium--almost.

    Posted by Leonard Huang on 5/2/2002, 20:58:01

    By enabling uploading, NetMD will be a major contender in the portable recording medium. The question now is, will you allow it?

    313. Please, compatibility for MACINTOSH!

    Posted by Alberto Delisau Pizarro on 5/2/2002, 21:10:16

    It's essential for me. Thank you.

    314. Please!

    Posted by John English on 5/2/2002, 21:37:34


    315. A definite improvement

    Posted by Bob Greer on 5/2/2002, 22:15:53

    It would be another reason to buy MD instead of the other contenders.

    316. Garage Band Recording

    Posted by Andy Jennings on 5/2/2002, 22:28:11

    This may seem a bit primative but if a garage band or band without a record label makes music, putting all their inputs together with a mixer, the mixer can have an output to MiniDisc. Then it's much easier for a low budget band to get their music onto their computer and onto the internet with the NetMD technology (if this change occurs) than to use expensive software to record their music onto the computer.

    317. PLEASE

    Posted by david on 5/2/2002, 22:38:18


    318. Live recordings!

    Posted by Mark Story on 5/2/2002, 22:38:59

    Adding the proposed features, creates new avenues for emerging artists and business clientel as well.

    319. yes

    Posted by richard yi on 5/2/2002, 22:46:58


    320. Field Recordings are the key aspect for MD! Long live MD!

    Posted by John on 5/2/2002, 22:54:07

    322. please add upload feature

    Posted by Lance on 5/3/2002, 0:19:23

    323. We have supported MiniDisc in the us for 10 years! We only want to be able to upload our OWN music!

    Posted by Prateek S. on 5/3/2002, 1:01:30

    Dear Sony,
    I have purchased well over 6 of your MiniDisc units, and I plan on doing so for years to come. But I have restrained from purchasing 3 NetMD units. Simply because I cannot upload. I find that the unit should be able to upload my ametur band recordings so I may "brun" a cd and give it to those who are not fortunate enough to have a MiniDisc player. I do not like the fact that SP is supported, but the inability to upload is the major reason why I will not purchase a NetMD unit. I have written 4 articles on professional site, in all I promote NetMD, but I am seriously reconsidering my stance.
    Please allow SP & Uploading.
    -Prateek S.

    324. make our wish come true

    Posted by mantugaul on 5/3/2002, 1:25:44

    netMD sales will be increased like a rocket boss...

    325. (no subject)

    Posted by George Win on 5/3/2002, 1:40:02

    This will make MD the best music media in the world.

    326. MD

    Posted by JB MOREL on 5/3/2002, 2:57:47

    i would love to get my MD field samples on my computer with d/a to a/d.

    327. Please add this feature

    Posted by Johnny Ngo on 5/3/2002, 3:33:18

    328. Digital medium

    Posted by Martin Joergensen on 5/3/2002, 3:40:10

    Adding this feature will make Mini Disc much more vertisile.

    329. lets us upload!

    Posted by Tommy Ung on 5/3/2002, 4:46:34

    one of the main features of a minidisk is able to record live using the mic and its pretty useless if u can't upload it to ur computer.

    330. Go Create!

    Posted by Matthew Petty on 5/3/2002, 5:24:54

    An upload feature would open up a whole world of field recording - analogue loses quality. Theatre SFX, Vox Pops, interviews for web pages etc etc etc. Please think of all the possible uses and users you could 'go create'!

    331. Make minidisc the ULTIMATE medium

    Posted by Fernando Duque on 5/3/2002, 6:56:57

    Minidisc is not the ultimate medium for one reason, not having the upload capability. Other than that I would not change it for the world. Please add uploading, and put an end once and for all to the question of what is the best and most versatile audio format...MINIDISC.

    332. Upload with NetMD

    Posted by Fr�d�ric (FRANCE) on 5/3/2002, 7:50:05

    Upload with NetMD for the survival of Minidisc format !

    333. NetMD Upload

    Posted by Nikos Avlogiaris on 5/3/2002, 8:03:17

    Dear Sony not allowing the Upload from MD to PC the potential of an NetMD is restricted to half and this is not Desired for both the customers and you. Not allowing the Upload is not a good in order to restrict illegal copying is not a good reason because with the available technology this can be done easily cheaply and in many ways. Removing the Upload restriction will be very welcome from the Minidisc community and morover it would be a goud reason to temp customers towards NetMD rather than MP3 players.

    334. the only thing stopping me from purchasing current netmd

    Posted by Michael Silva on 5/3/2002, 8:06:34

    the only thing stopping me from purchasing current netmd

    335. Make Net MD a real phenomenon

    Posted by jon on 5/3/2002, 8:09:27

    If NetMD is supposed to be a new facet for the MiniDisc, it should be comprehensive. At the basic copyright and security issues are already in force. Cut some slack and allow uploads as well....
    Most Mp3 devices allow how can NetMD compete without allowing for uploads?

    336. Please add this feature!!!

    Posted by Tobias Berardo on 5/3/2002, 8:55:55

    I think it would be fantastic to be able to use a minidisk for more than just music. Like a diskette would be better.

    337. Pls Allow for such Features.

    Posted by Anirudh H on 5/3/2002, 9:13:32

    If you guys allow for these features you can literally take over the Mid-East market ...

    338. This is a necessary feature to compete with new devices

    Posted by Daryl Marco on 5/3/2002, 9:13:56

    The new Nomad Jukebox has the ability to record to wav and transfer via firewire, and I'm sure will a number of other upcoming products. With such a feature set, net md will need upload to compete.

    339. It's extremely vital!!!!!!

    Posted by Ong Jin Khang on 5/3/2002, 9:17:33

    It brings out the full potential of MD and will definitely be the giant leap in portable music. So please implement audio upload!!

    340. Waiting for this upgrade before I buy...

    Posted by Nathan Rao on 5/3/2002, 9:19:38

    Dear Sony,

    This is wonderful technology, but I need to upload audio recordings (live interviews, reports for webcast and FM radio) quickly once they're done. For the time being, I do it using old-fashioned cassettes; I'm waiting for the quick-upload capacity before switching to MD or some other digital technology.

    Yours sincerely,

    Nathan Rao

    341. Please let MD be a fully success.

    Posted by Javier Anton on 5/3/2002, 9:34:36

    MD has been out since 1992, but now, with MDLP and NetMD (a full working system for uploading/downloading, please) can be the great product that we all want.

    Thanks and greetings from Barcelona, Spain

    Javier Anton

    342. this lack keeps me from using MD

    Posted by Anna on 5/3/2002, 9:57:03

    Dear Sony,
    I love the minidisk format but as a composer I have had to go back to my cumbersome DAT in order to have digital upload to my computer. When I am able to digitally transfer from an MD to my (Mac) computer, I will immediately go out and buy one! (I already have digital in, but I need the digital ourt from the MD)
    Thank you for your consideration!

    343. Better features means more sales

    Posted by Kenny Liebschiet on 5/3/2002, 10:13:48

    I've been using minidisc for three years, and although was initially excited by NetMD, I quickly saw the shortcomings. I will not upgrade my portable recorder unless the new device has bidirectional audio transfer to the PC. I use my MD for language learning, and would love to more easily archive my lessons.

    344. Support up- and download

    Posted by Oliver Kranold on 5/3/2002, 10:25:43

    Please support up- and download of all audio data on all platforms (especially MAC).

    Thanks ahead,

    Oliver Kranold (Germany)

    345. NetMD is NOT an MP3 player even if the sales man says so!

    Posted by B4Art on 5/3/2002, 10:40:20

    Let do return this stupid Sony hardware.

    Lets play REAL MP3.

    Ban to ATRAC and there followers!

    346. recorded discussions

    Posted by matt yaple on 5/3/2002, 11:06:47

    Business, scholarly, and professional groups routinely record hours of discussions, presentations and colloquy. The ability to review,parse, edit, arrange and format this speech serves the interests of these groups and the owners of the enabling technologies. I strongly support the attached proposal.

    347. For Musicians

    Posted by Po Chen on 5/3/2002, 11:26:43

    Musicians of all sorts will flock to Minidisc technology if they could have a completely digital solution for recording, editing, and producing CDs.

    348. MiniDisc - Ideal for live recording. Real-Time Transfer is less than ideal!

    Posted by Michael Chiaramonte on 5/3/2002, 11:44:04

    I frequently like to record concerts that are given at school. These concerts are not always recorded by the group giving the concert (for example our Concert Band or Orchestra) and it would be ideal to be able to transfer the music recorded via a Sony Stereo Microphone to MiniDisc directly to a PC for processing and burning to CD. Please, grant us, the members of the loyal MiniDisc community, this functionality. Thank you for many wonderful hours of music provided by this tiny wonder.

    Yours, most gratefully,

    Michael Chiaramonte

    349. Audio Upload

    Posted by Greg on 5/3/2002, 11:50:56

    Audio Upload is a very important feature for musicians like myself. I want to be able to take a recording of myself and allow people to retreive it online.

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