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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    150. NetMD uploads are a college student's dream

    Posted by Joe Edwards on 5/1/2002, 15:18:48

    I also would like to request that SONY reconsider a upload option with the current NetMD MD recorders.
    I use my R909 for recording several of my lectures. The limitation that the MD players have regarding uploading forces me to spend several hours copying the lectures to my PC. If the NetMD players had upload capabilities, I would be able to save several hours a day transferring lectures.
    Please reconsider the upload option carefully. If the NetMD machines I would wholeheartedly embrace a N1, but until then I will just continue to use my R909.

    Thank you.

    Joe Edwards...a potential N1 consumer.

    151. Use for Field Recording...

    Posted by Aaron Ximm on 5/1/2002, 15:29:01

    I use MD to make extensive field recordings, and participate in users' groups with many more people who do -- professionally, for education, for reseach, for artwork, and as a hobby.

    MD has been a real winner in this domain because of its unparalled ease of use, battery life, and size in the field.

    For myself and others like me, it would be an incredibly good thing to be able to make high-speed, digital uploads of our own recordings. Currently, I am working on moving over 120 hours of recordings to a PC; this is not atypical for serious users. You can imagine the difference high-speed, lossless transfers would make!

    Note that for this community it would be perfectly acceptable for 'audio upload' to be limited to our *own* recordings, made via analog inputs or digital ins from our own external mic preamps. In the latter case, I believe the lack of SCMS data would indicate when recordings are our own.

    Best regards, and congratulations on a fine product. I look forward to continuing to use MD in my work.
    aaron ximm

    152. NetMD Audio Uploading

    Posted by Dor Shahaf on 5/1/2002, 15:29:21

    NetMD Audio Uploading Could be the best thing that happend to the mini disc format over the years. That Must Be Include.

    153. Audio Upload from MiniDisc to Computer

    Posted by Brent Green on 5/1/2002, 15:30:43

    I have been an avid fan of MiniDisc for over five years. In fact, I transferred all of my CD collection onto MiniDisc and gave the CDs away to my family and friends. Since the new MD systems supports MDLP, it would be nice to get my songs up to the PC so that I could convert them to LP2. By the way, I love NetMD - way to go!


    154. Live Recording

    Posted by Tim Corcoran on 5/1/2002, 15:32:27

    I use my R900 minidisc to record piano recitals. My only gripe is how difficult it is to get these files onto my PC for editing. I will purchase a NetMD unit the DAY it supports uploading. Until then, NetMD is far less useful than my Sony Clie for holding MP3 songs.

    155. i am waiting for this to happen before a buy a md recorder.

    Posted by Craig Thomas on 5/1/2002, 15:33:31

    do this and sell a lot of product.
    full duplex (even in mono) would be absolutely superb also...

    156. I need uploading

    Posted by Mujtaba Shah on 5/1/2002, 15:40:52

    I record live concerts but cant upload them to my pc.

    157. Allow Uploading

    Posted by Phillip Taylor on 5/1/2002, 15:43:53

    I am in a band and we frequently record live show with my Mini Disc. I would love to be able to upload these files with Net MD. Thanks!

    158. please add netmd uploading

    Posted by brian dalton on 5/1/2002, 15:45:35

    i use minidisk to record my live performances on the piano...and i would really like it if i would be able to upload it onto my computer to edit, modify, save, and create a cd of my performances.


    159. So Close...

    Posted by Michael Robbins on 5/1/2002, 15:55:41

    I have used your format since the beginning, have purchased thousands of dollars of equipment since, and use it for work and pleasure, you are so close to major success with the format, please take it to the next level by implementing the upload feature.

    160. Archival use

    Posted by Dr. J.B. Axelrod on 5/1/2002, 15:56:14

    As an Historian, I often need to conduct oral history interviews. Minidisc is a near ideal tool for this purpose. Its only serious flaw is its current inability to upload digitally into my computer (Macintosh, by the way) for storage and editing. As it currently stands, NetMD is of absolutely no use to me, as I seldom manipulate mp3 files. With digital uploading of mic-recorded samples, however, NetMD would be invaluable to field researchers such as myself, and would certainly contribute to your equipment and media sales.

    161. Take NETMD to its logical conclusion

    Posted by Tim Dunne on 5/1/2002, 16:00:52

    Uploading ability makes sense. This is a great product - please reconsider the castration of it by software

    162. Please allow uploading

    Posted by Thomas Davie on 5/1/2002, 16:15:39


    163. Uploading

    Posted by Alex Goldvarg on 5/1/2002, 16:18:24

    Please add this very important feature!

    164. Product Markting mistake

    Posted by J on 5/1/2002, 16:35:18

    Having a NetMD audio uploading function on the new line would make up my mind. I also wonder whats up with the missing Mac software for the new NetMD Sony products. A lot of Mac people will NOT buy a NetMD and if you look at the numbers the low cost of this software is well worth the return. Sony is missing some BIG markting points by overlooking the needs and wants of the MD market. Ask the people what they want and give them
    the best for a fair price.

    165. The Next Step

    Posted by James Speed on 5/1/2002, 16:39:24

    Please take MD to the next level by adding USB upload capability. I know countless musicians who would benifit personally and professionally from the added capability.

    166. Great for Amateur Musicians

    Posted by Benjamin Stern on 5/1/2002, 16:44:06

    I think that if there were a way to digitally transfer music from minidisc to PC, minidisc would soon become the accepted standard for amateur and student musicians. They could:
    - keep a record of their practice/rehersals
    - send mp3s to their teachers or friends to evaluate
    - make basic demo recordings and post them on the web.

    167. Sony, don't let me down

    Posted by Terry on 5/1/2002, 16:49:46

    I've been your loyal customer since MZ-1. Please don't turn me down and I know you can make it!!


    168. Upload Recordings of Meetings

    Posted by James Hoagland on 5/1/2002, 17:14:19

    Being able to record meetings and lectures on MD then upload the recording to a computer would be a great asset.

    169. Build it and I'll buy it

    Posted by Steve on 5/1/2002, 17:29:49

    As Jonathan Parker's message. If this was available, I would buy it. I am a keen supporter of Minidisc and have friends in a band whom I would like to record.

    170. Facilitation of student studying

    Posted by Patrick Dean on 5/1/2002, 17:37:56

    I often use the minidisc format to record lectures in class, a habit that has aided me greatly. However, the slow method of recording to my PC using a the sound card is irksome at best. I would Much appreciate the addition of Net MD upload.

    171. NetMD USB upload Mac and PC

    Posted by SonyTEL on 5/1/2002, 17:40:55

    This is a very important feature to keep MD on top of audio recorder, Mac and PC.

    172. add audio upload

    Posted by Alan Vosper on 5/1/2002, 17:47:33

    Minidisc is a great technology, as versatile as the tape deck was in the eighties. Tapes gave many options to people as to what to do with their music with affordable equipment. The advent of CD's has made this versatility disappear due to higher costs of recording equipment untill only the last few years. While MD and NetMD does already have great versatilty, it can only be increased by the addition of an audio upload capabilty. Such a feature would even surpass the capabilities of audio casette tapes. With all these wonderful features, the quality level of the sound stored, and the affordability of blank minidiscs, Minidisc would have literally no competeion as a choice of music medium for the future.
    -Alan Vosper

    173. MD audio upload

    Posted by Mark Bausch on 5/1/2002, 17:49:01

    To the folks at Sony: I have several uses for Minidisc...probably the most important pertains to my job as an organic chemistry professor. One of the things I've used the internet for, in my first semester organic class, is a repository for the audio from my lectures. I use the MD format to record the lectures, but then to get them into the RealAudio format I am currently required to move the audio, in real time, to my computer prior to compressing it for the 'net. Oh how I have often desired the ability to move the lecture audio to my computer in the same way that I can move other files/images etc. I trust that you folks have the brainpower to work out anti-copying schemes...but to have the ability to move analog audio to computer, file-by-file...would be a tremendous achievement. In addition, you would knock all of the digital voice recorders out of the water. Thanks for your time.

    174. Please add this feature!!

    Posted by Bernard Carville on 5/1/2002, 17:55:02

    As a professional musician of many years standing the upload feature would be an absolute blessing! Minidisc has been a wonderful tool for recording live perfofmances,rehersals,etc. I don't own a computer but I would love to be able to share with the other musicians I work with. I am sensitive to the bootlegging issue but the guys who do that are going to find a way no matter what! Please don't make us all pay for the dishonesty of a few! Mini disc has been a wonderful tool for me. I've become a better musician for having it!

    175. Additions to NetMD

    Posted by Marck Evers on 5/1/2002, 18:04:15

    On behalf of the edittors of, the biggest Dutch site about MiniDisc we want to let you know that the first lack we found in NetMD was not to be able to transfer your own live recordings from you MD back to your PC.

    So we fully agree with the proposals done in this petition and think that it is possible without violating any copyright issues.

    Sincerely, team: Marck, Niels, Sjoert, Erik & Gerben

    176. MD Is The Best !! It Could Be Even Better With Audio UPLOAD !!! [Read my message for more detail]

    Posted by Alejandro Abad on 5/1/2002, 18:04:33

    The Minidisc format is incredible. I use my MZ-R900 EVERY DAY, and charge it ONCE A WEEK or less. Ii have bought an MZ-N1 and I feel that Audio UPLOAD would make the Minidisc even more superior. When I sing with my band, it would be ideal for me to be able to use my -N1 to upload recordings to my computers to so I could pass MP3's of our performances to other members of the band that don't own an MD player/recorder. There are countless uses for Audio UPLOAD, and it really wouldn't make Copyright Infirngement an issue if it were well implemented. I would be willing to pay a reasonable price for an OpenMG upgrade. Thankyou for your time, and I hope my words will help to convince you. If this is not the case, so be it, I'll still support Minidisc EVERY DAY !!! I suppose we must also realise that maybe audio Upload is technically more difficult, I really don't know. If it is a hardware limitation that Prohibits audio UPLOAD, then Sony could do us the favour of informing us, so that we could understand the problem and not try to ask for something that simply cannot be done. Again, thankyou for your time. Best regards,
    -Alex Abad.

    177. Stifled

    Posted by John Anthony Ramirez on 5/1/2002, 18:08:26

    I believe Minidisc has the capability of becoming the next great personal media of choice. However, without the ability to upload to a PC, it will be delegated to a second-rate option, with limited sales appeal. Sony, forget for a moment, that you own artists, and think of the artists that you can foster. More importantly, for your shareholders sake, think of the bottom line potential.

    178. Please don't give other competitors' products reason to succeed over MD!

    Posted by Frank Roberts on 5/1/2002, 18:28:20

    I've been an MD enthusiast for a long time, but whereas once it was THE choice for portable players and recorders, now customers are being seduced more and more by other alternatives. Better software, with more flexibility will do much to *keep* MD on top. Thanks.

    179. My digital recordings should stay digital

    Posted by Todd Bainbridge on 5/1/2002, 18:38:05

    I would switch from Sharp to Sony if this function were implemented.

    180. As a musician, NetMD upload capability puts me in your pocket

    Posted by Orlando Montalvo on 5/1/2002, 18:43:09

    By adding a feature like this to a minidisc recorder, already a top quality and strong music device, I will be able to spend only a fraction of the cost it would take to record my music digitally. Other devices have this capability, but cost a great deal, meaning essentially, thats money and word of mouth Sony will miss out. Don't let that happen, MD has the potential to become one of the most popular recording mediums of all time.

    181. This is a critical part of a buying decision.

    Posted by Kevin McCoy on 5/1/2002, 18:45:09

    NetMD looks wonderful, but it needs to be useful in both directions, recording to and from the MD.

    182. This factor will decide whether I (and many others i believe) buy

    Posted by Jonathan Chang on 5/1/2002, 19:07:08

    This feature, if enabled, will make so much more appealing and give it an edge on the mp3 dominated scene.
    This factor is one of the things that will decide whether I buy a Net.MD unit or not

    183. MD recorder useless to me without uploading...

    Posted by Clint Fisher on 5/1/2002, 19:14:19

    Dear Sony,
    Since the Compact Disc is so prevalent, your real market for the MiniDisc player (at least in the United States) is for people who are recording with it. Period. I'm sure your sales figures for pre-recorded MiniDisc titles will accurately reflect this.

    I would've purchased a MiniDisc long ago had I found a unit that would do native digital output to my computer. Why? Because I record live music, and I want to upload it to my computer to ultimately master and publish this music.

    As a recording engineer, I can not tolerate the signal loss incurred when outputting to analog only to be re-sampled again in digital -- which is the procedure I would have to go through now were I to use MiniDisc as a format.

    Please breath new life into the MiniDisc format and implement digital uploading from your line of MiniDisc recorders.

    If you are concerned about copyright violation, please keep in mind that the majority of MD users are likely using it for personal recording anyway, and will not be even playing copyrighted material with these units.

    Thank you,
    -Clint Fisher

    184. My MZ-N1 would be top notch...if it had an upload function.

    Posted by Seth Bert on 5/1/2002, 19:24:52

    I love my MZ-N1 and it is great for recording my drum work and Dave Matthews concerts. Minidiscs are one of the most versatile formats around, but not allowing a NetMD upload holds back alot of people from buying the new portables. A firmware update or software update would be wonderful if possible for the MZ-N1. Even if the uploading was limited to microphone recordings it would help alot. Thanks for listening Sony (hopefully) .

    185. musicians need this!!!

    Posted by jason henry on 5/1/2002, 19:27:04

    As an amateur guitarist and music teacher being able to upload live recorded content to my computer for tweaking and editing in it's original recorded state would be an invaluable tool. I understand there are obvious reasons why this may not be desirable from the music industry's standpoint, but I believe the net result among the MD enthusiast community would be nothing but positive and those who could possibly use this feature for unethical applications are in the vast minority. Please thoughtfully consider the minidisc community's voice in this matter and we will be grateful.

    jason henry

    186. Sony could profit from MD meeting minutes recording

    Posted by Steve Bennett on 5/1/2002, 19:34:50

    I would happily purchase Sony's $500 professional MD recorder for my City to record Council and Planning Commission meetings IF there was an fast way to upload the recordings to a computer and from there to our website so interested citizens could listen to the preceedings at their convenience. But there's I won't.

    187. Upload would seperate NETMD from MP3 Players!

    Posted by Nassib Khayat on 5/1/2002, 19:40:26

    Ok, that's nice. Highspeed computer done downloading. But what about uploading? If it does not have uplading then I might as well by an MP3 player. It will only take a simple software upgrade!

    188. This is vital function

    Posted by Nathan Pullar on 5/1/2002, 19:42:45

    And a deal breaker in whether or not what I decide to purchase a "netMD" recorder.

    I will not buy one until this function is available.

    189. Minidisc to PC

    Posted by Scott Thistle on 5/1/2002, 19:49:14

    I've been a Minidisc user since 1997, and it is a wonderful digital recording format. Although I wish portable MD recorders could have an optical digital output, the next best thing would be to upload FROM the MD to the PC. The more versatile the MD format is, the more acceptance it will have in America.

    190. Recording Live Interviews

    Posted by Dan Dawson on 5/1/2002, 20:11:05

    Greetings! I bought the MZ-N707 for the sole purpose of recording live audio interviews of persons I met in my travels to foreign countries. I then use these audio clips in slideshows and video presentations I put together. I bought this unit because I completely expected it to be capable of it, and was completely surprised to find that it was not able.

    I would hate to have to record beautiful digital audio only to drop it to analog through my soundcard in order to get it back into the computer! Thanks for your work and creating of an [almost] great product!


    Dan Dawson

    191. Classroom recordings!

    Posted by Robert Ye on 5/1/2002, 20:19:43

    This would be very helpful for notes that I will record in College. I don't want to have like 100's of Minidics to shuffle through, I'd rather be able to upload those recordings onto my computer and keep them there. Also, saving recordings my many other things in life onto the computer would be great!

    192. Please....

    Posted by Jonus on 5/1/2002, 20:24:07

    For those of us who use your technology as a cheap, simple, and effective means of recording: classes, concerts, our own music, interviews, and a million other things. What good is NetMD if it is crippled? What good is a recording of my band on NetMD if I can't put it on my computer simply with you technology?
    Thanks. Peace.

    193. Perfect Portable Music Player

    Posted by Matthew Chimes on 5/1/2002, 20:56:03

    I'm a huge MD fan, but much desired features are still left out of current portables, audio uploading just being one of them. Combined with the best features from Sharp's portable line, Sony Minidisc would finally catch on in the US... but do market it better!

    194. A feature necessary for survival and growth of the MD format

    Posted by Girish N on 5/1/2002, 20:56:46

    People pay for convenience, which is why competing formats have always overshadowed MD in the US till now, despite the excellent potential of the medium.

    Custom upload and on-PC editing/track management capabilities are a must for the format to survive at this stage in the era of digital music players, and time seems to be running out. Please consider the opinions of the many fans here (of which I am one) and introduce upload and editing before they become disillusioned with a format they clearly love.

    195. uploading is essential

    Posted by v kowtha on 5/1/2002, 21:10:44

    My seven year old has been using the sony minidisc player fir vocal lessons that she got when she was 3 years olds at Montgomery Wards and has amassed several hundred minidiscs of her personal recorded music. We have not erased one of them and we would love to have a way for her to edit her own music on a computer. Please make her day by allowing the minidiscs to be uploaded on to the computer asap.

    196. less time transferring sounds is more time for making films

    Posted by Bohus Blahut on 5/1/2002, 21:19:23

    I was attracted to MiniDisc due to its small size, high quality, and the ability to run at synch speed. I am a professional editor and cameraperson for both film and video. I have been able to stop lugging around heavy recording equipment for location sound recording.

    This audio has to get transferred into the computer for editing and as you know time is money. I'd rather spend my time in a creative pursuit than in a menial task like copying audio from MD to computer in realtime.

    Please consider adding the abilities cited in this petition. You will be helping independent filmmakers all around the world in the process of making better films.

    I am also a musician and we record our practice sessions on MiniDisc. I want to make CD copies of these practices, but have not done so since that would mean spending hours trasferring material, and losing the digital quality of the original.

    I own three minidisc recorders. The thing that would make me buy a fourth immediately is if you were to implement these proposed changes in the next version of Net MD. Thank you.

    197. Using MD in music education

    Posted by Paul Schroeder on 5/1/2002, 21:24:51


    I use the MD to record classes vocal and instrumental performances. It is a great tool and is so superior to the old days of cassette recording. (Students also think MDs are cool.) I would love digital upload capability to shuttle these recordings to the PC. Please consider including digital upload capability in future versions of NetMD products. Thank you.

    198. My creative content

    Posted by Clay Schneider on 5/1/2002, 21:32:40

    Please -- allow me to upload my live recordings to the pc for edit.

    199. A brighter future

    Posted by George Singer on 5/1/2002, 21:59:22

    Allowing music to be uploaded to the computer digitally over USB can only serve to increase the market for minidisc, especialy one with such amazing encoding capabilities as the type R dsp processing on the Sony NetMD based minidisc recorder. The difference between the allowed analog and digital uploading is only one of convienence. Why not make the minidisc an integral part of every individuals life (utilizing music and data?) Sony has its hands on a gem; improved error correction and at least audio uploading will allow your NetMD minidisc recorders to redefine our digital world.

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