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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    1650. Lost, Damaged Or Stolen CD's

    Posted by MTraherne on 7/19/2002, 9:56:16

    Dear Sony,
    I have had a Sony MD since the first release of the Sony MZ-35. I bought this on the day it was released. Since then I have collected a massive selection of MD music, which I listen to mostly in the car. With the invention of LP4, virtually all my CD's are now also stored on MD. I have just purchased my fifth MD player, the MZ-N707, and I am very happy with it. My collection of old players is quite extreme. When my MZ-35 broke, I chose a cheaper sharp model. This was returned to the store in no less than 4 weeks, as the quality was far insuperior to my previous sony model. Since then I have purchased 2 more Sony Walkmans and one sony stack unit.
    However as I was sorting through my collection, to find all the MD's that I was too lazy to label I have found that many of my original CD's are damaged or lost, possible stolen. I would love to be able to transfer these old MD's to CDDA (Normal CD Audio), but unfortunately your software does not seem to permit this.
    In this case, where the original CD is owned but the music unavailable I feel that being able to transfer music from MD to CDDA is acceptable.
    Yours hopefully

    1651. Add this Sony!

    Posted by Phillip Jacobi on 7/19/2002, 9:56:34


    1652. deletion

    Posted by einars on 7/19/2002, 10:02:02

    i wana delete the files that i write from openmg!

    1653. uncomfortable

    Posted by benson on 7/19/2002, 11:06:02

    I�m thinking about to buy a NetMD-Walkman to sample my surroundings.
    As a musician, I am looking for an easy and portable way, to transfer my own md-recordings into my mac.
    Honestly, I was confused when I heard, there is no possibility to upload music to my computer, allthough there is usb. But the more I spend the time writing this petition, the clearer is that I don�t need a usb-md-player; I can use a regular one aswell (even the brand doesn�t matter) and use my audioInterface.
    This might be not as comfortable it could be.
    But it should work, quite well.

    1654. MD to PC uploading

    Posted by Jim McElroy on 7/19/2002, 11:43:15

    Like many others, I had assumed that this was possible. What a disappointment when, after a particularly unique rehearsal/performance, we learned that we couldn't easily make CD's for the musicians who participated.

    1655. Uploading would help the musician

    Posted by M.Mahoney on 7/19/2002, 16:01:27

    I use my minidisc recorder as a notepad to record musical ideas on my guitar. I would love to be able to upload to my PC some of the tunes I create.

    1656. Plead do so...

    Posted by Omer on 7/19/2002, 19:00:54

    not that the lack of this feature prevented me fron purchasing MZ-N1... but this would be a great option.

    1657. Recording

    Posted by Nelson Lee on 7/19/2002, 20:35:23

    I have to say that when MP3 players were released, I was certain that the MD industry would fall. As an owner of an MZ-R50, I am very pleased with the recording capabilities of MD technology. However, for listening to music, I would much rather own an IPOD for instance.

    With the release of NetMD, mini-discs now stand a fighting chance against other players. I am very interested in purchasing a NetMD player, but one key feature is missing: the ability to upload personnal tracks onto a PC. Include this feature and I am sure that like myself, many others will follow in joining the new movement in MD technology.

    1658. Please let us upload

    Posted by Juan on 7/19/2002, 21:18:45

    With this email i would like to make a petition to Sony , PLEASE let us upload the content's of our minidisc's into our computer


    Juan Gomez

    1659. I Would Like to See NetMD with Upload - Too Important to be Left Out!

    Posted by Joleen Locanas on 7/20/2002, 3:52:54

    I love MD, but I was disaapointed to see that NetMD does not support UPLOADING. I make recordings of my band as well as my friends band's, it is important that we can upload our work and create promo CDs and auditions. Also, i know too many people who refuses to by a NetMD because of this 'holdback'. I hate how people complaint about NetMD is just like a MP3 player if you cant edit the tracks or UPLOAD them. please prove them wrong! adding UPLOAD will be one step towards that direction. Thank you.

    1660. disappointing product

    Posted by Dan Sullivan on 7/20/2002, 5:28:28

    I feel quite cheated. The MZ-N707 has just been wrapped up, and will be returned to the store tomorrow. If you continue to have this 'no downloads' policy, please make it more well known among those who are selling your products and more prominent in your product literature.


    1661. Please add Upload!!!

    Posted by Fabian on 7/20/2002, 5:40:09


    I often record songs on my MD-Recorder with a microphone, so I'm very interessed in uploading my recorded-files to the computer.

    @Sony: Please add the upload-function to the NetMD-Players, couldn't you implement a copy-safety, so that we can upload only our analog-recorded songs?

    1662. Please add the upload feature.

    Posted by Alexis Leroy on 7/20/2002, 9:45:24

    I don't understand this limitation... The upload will be so usefull... Please do something...

    (Paris, FRANCE)

    1663. Don't let the iPod beat you!

    Posted by Doran on 7/20/2002, 10:29:24

    The iPod has (non apple based) software now so you can upload your songs back to your computer. With the digital recording ability of the MD (the main reason I bought it was to record street music in Memphis, TN) I want to be able to upload the digital file to my computer with all the quality I paid for in the MD. If you don't do it then an MP3 company will do it and MD will have to play catch up. Be leaders!

    1664. NetMD is nothing without upload functionality for self recordings

    Posted by Michael Kinoo on 7/20/2002, 11:08:09

    This doesn't make sense. Music copied from a PC to NetMD can be uploaded, but self recorded music can't.
    This is not logical: copyrighted music can be copied, but self recorded speech/music/whatever can't.
    So why do they put a recording function on it if you can't upload the recordings to your PC?

    1665. Upload via NetMD

    Posted by yves on 7/20/2002, 12:29:09

    Yes I would like to upload Music with NETMD

    1666. Re: Uploading would help the musician

    Posted by John Cesta on 7/20/2002, 13:03:56 , in reply to "Uploading would help the musician"

    I just recorded our Contemorary Christial Band last night onto my Sony NetMD. Now the rest of the band members want a copy. I come to find out that I can't get the music from my minidisc to the computer? Doesn't make sense. Boy, am I going to be embarressed when I tell them that I can't get them all a copy.

    1667. I wich I never purchased this thing now that I know this

    Posted by John Cesta on 7/20/2002, 13:06:32

    Da-n! I didn't know that I wouldn't be able to transfer the music from my MD to the PC until right now. Now that the other band members are all waiting for a copy of the recording I did. Doesn't make sense and I wish I knew this before I purchased this sucker. I guess I am the sucker.

    John Cesta

    1668. Would be of incredible use to an otherwise brilliant format.

    Posted by Michael Bradshaw on 7/20/2002, 13:06:40

    Hi, It would of great use to me If I could use the net md drive in my new laptop to upload tracks from minidisc. I use my sony laptop mainly in church and spent an extra �200 ($280) to get the md drive. We record seminars and talks to minidisc and then convert them to mp3 to send to other churches around the world. If we could use this technology to upload our recordings it would make it far easier and simpler. This is our material and thus no copyright infringements are made. I see no use in blocking uploads as most people want it so that they can preserve the digital nature of the information. Thus the material being uploading will have been procurred legally and legitimately.

    1669. Re: Would be of incredible use to an otherwise brilliant format.

    Posted by Michael Bradshaw on 7/20/2002, 13:15:21 , in reply to "Would be of incredible use to an otherwise brilliant format."

    Just to say that I spent over $3000 on this computer specifically because it was sony. All my other products are sony and would total over $6000 in cost. I will be considering other brands and formats in the future due to the dissappointment of such a good idea missing such an obvious feature. Let us upload our own material.

    1670. saving my live recordings to computer

    Posted by Jeffrey Brillhart on 7/20/2002, 13:54:09

    Wow, if I'd known that I COULDN'T save my live recordings to computer and burn CD'S of MY music I'd NEVER have purchased this machine! What a rip-off Sony!

    PLEASE add this capability to the OpenMG Jukebox software.

    1671. backup for MDs

    Posted by Andr�s K. Szab� on 7/20/2002, 14:09:05

    It would be able to secure my loved minidiscs on my harddrive if I loose them or somebody steals them from my car as it happened already. A big unsolved problem untill now... And I know it�s just politics behind it, it�s NOT a technical problem. So Sony, come on, don�t give an another reason to become even more unpopular...

    1672. Archive my foreign language lessons

    Posted by Trevor Bommersbach on 7/20/2002, 14:21:57

    I would love to upload my mono (LP2) recordings of my Chinese lessons to my PC to convert to low-bitrate MP3 and burn to CD for archive. I would also like to give copies of my English teaching sessions to my students as a value added service. Can't afford to keep spending $2 a day on MDs. Please Sony, make NetMD uploading a possibility, otherwise this will be my last MD unit. I'm going to have to switch to using my PocketPC as a realtime MP3 encoder instead.

    BTW, I own (4) portable minidisc recorders, all Sony. wass olely responsible for instilling the desire to purchase and upgrade my MD equipment. The opinions of the site operators represent the true voice of the MD community. Please take their recommendations very very seriously. Thank you

    1673. Upload to the computer!

    Posted by Rev. Eradio Valverde on 7/20/2002, 18:12:09

    Please allow uploads from our recordings on minidiscs to the computer. My intention is to edit my sermons from the minidisc to the computer to edit and enchance and filter recordings, transfer to CDs and cassettes. Thanks! And HURRY UP!

    1674. Recording 78rpm records

    Posted by Chris Hamilton on 7/20/2002, 19:15:30

    I use MiniDisc as the master medium for transferring 78s to CDs. I would like to upload the ATRAC files to my PC to remove surface noise and other noises without having to transfer them to CD first and then treating them on my PC and transferring them back to CD.

    1675. MD to PC upload

    Posted by Paulo Nogueira on 7/20/2002, 20:16:46

    This is the primary reason I bought my MD, to later find out it doesn't have this capability.

    Please, either allow MD to PC direct upload, or clarify in your packaging that this is not possible.


    1676. i record my records... and wish to have them on CD... that is why I bought this unit...

    Posted by Matthew Sai on 7/20/2002, 22:36:30

    copyright protection? i have legal copies of all my music. I have paid for my records and wish to have a CD copy for my car... i thought i would be able to do this with the MD Player I bought today... unfortunatly this will be the last sony product i buy unless you can reverse this problem.

    1677. signing petition

    Posted by Frederick Gray on 7/20/2002, 23:09:18

    Yes yes make it so!

    1678. Please add this functionality!

    Posted by Greg on 7/21/2002, 0:39:47

    Allowing users to upload recordings from the MD to PC would give a unique advantage over all the different MP3 players out there... for example, we use MD to record sermons at my church. being able to easily upload those to our PC would ease the task of making those available online for our members to listen to. Consider how many people you may shut out by leaving this function (uploading) out. Thanks.

    1679. Adding audio upload feature: small cost, high value

    Posted by Jan Majeed on 7/21/2002, 2:25:37


    Having just bought the highest model Sony minidisc player, I was confused about how to upload a recording of my own onto my PC. This confusion then unfortunately turned to incredulity when I discovered from this petition that Sony had intentionally left this feature out.

    This petition implies that the feature can be added without compromising copy-protection.

    I hope that you will now include this feature and protect Sony's image of providing customer benifits - benifits we are generally willing to pay for.

    It seems that adding this feature is a small cost that would add much to the perceived value of this product - this feature will be one of the points that I discuss when I am asked about this product by my fellow musicians.

    Sincere regards

    1680. This is really a missing functionality

    Posted by Jean-Claude Martin on 7/21/2002, 2:25:43

    I don't want the abiliy to upload pre-recorded disks, but only the discs I record by myself.

    1681. Please allow Minidisc to realise its full potential

    Posted by David on 7/21/2002, 5:57:10

    I fully support this petition. While Sony deserves much praise as a pioneer of the amazingly useful format that is Minidisc, it is frustrating to thousands of consumers that they are not now producing products that make full use of its potential.

    Adding digital uploads to NetMD recorders is vital. There are hundreds of perfectly legitimate uses for this feature in many market sectors, as detailed in many of the signatures of this petition. Not enabling this feature on the grounds that it would encourage piracy is both not realistic, given the copy-protection already present in Minidisc that flags recordings made through the digital input, and hypocritical, given that Sony's MP3 CD players, the D-CJ500 and D-CJ506CK, will do far more to encourage people to make compilations of and spread illegally-acquired music.

    Consumers are crying out for the ability to transfer digital recordings of their band, lecture, interview, phone calls, etc., onto their computers for ease of editing and archiving. There is no doubt that a technology will soon be available to service this need. If it is not implemented in Minidisc, then something like on-the-fly MP3 encoding will do it. As soon as devices like this start to appear, they will be certain to establish themselves very quickly, given the desire for such functionality expressed by the signatories to this petition, among others. While consumers may be very fond of Minidisc for many reasons, if another technology allows them to do something they have a strong desire to do, they will certainly switch, and not hang around in the hope that Minidisc will catch up at some point in the future. Minidisc will then be in the position of playing catch-up, which is a very difficult thing to do in this consumer electronics market. Unless Sony wants to risk seeing the Minidisc format die off altogether, they need to let it take the lead and provide a funtionality that is not already commonplace in the market.

    The Minidisc medium is perhaps the best all-around data-storage medium on the consumer electronics market today. It is much more robust than CD, easily portable, cheap, and has a decent capacity (more than the 128MB that is considered good for solid-state MP3 portables nowadays). The devices on offer must quickly take the next step to make the most of these characteristics before another technology or combination of technologies move into the markets that Minidisc could dominate. My ultimate portable Minidisc recorder of the future would be able to:
    -upload analog digital recordings to computer
    -play Minidiscs that hold MP3, WMA, or other formats of audio (i.e. do exactly what Sony's D-CJ500 can, just using Minidisc instead of CD as the storage medium)
    -have fast data transfer to computer via Firewire or USB2 connection (as USB2 is becoming increasingly common on new computers, and is backwards-compatible with USB v1.1 anyway)
    -be able to serve as an external data drive, allowing users to store up to 140MB of whatever sorts of files they want in a very robust, portable format (Sony already made MD data drives for computers years ago. Perhaps it was too early, but surely now the market would respond better to the availability of such products.)

    All of the above must surely be technologically possible right now. It is up to Sony whether they want to do it or not. Until they do, I see no compelling reason to upgrade from my current MZ-R900 recorder. Sony has the opportunity to boost Minidisc devices into something truly revolutionary. I hope they take it, but if they don't, I am sure someone will use another technology to provide the funtionality people seek. Sony must let Minidisc make the great leap into the future that the format is capable of, or risk seeing it disappear forever. The time to seize the opportunity is now, but the opportunity will not last for long. Let's hope that Sony can show the vision to make the most of it.

    1682. Net MD upload for Videography purposes

    Posted by Simon Fielding on 7/21/2002, 6:35:26

    I am about to buy a MiniDisc recorder and the main purpose of the unit will be to record live speeches for videography purposes.

    The unit I almost purchased without too much thought was the MZ-N1 for its 'NET' feature. The reason for this was the capability of high speed transfer through USB. Fortunately I asked a few knowledgable people of its benefits and I came to realise it had no practical benefit to me over any other minidisc recorder because I could only transfer to PC through anologue connectors and at real time only.

    I also feel that the sales material in the store I visited was very misleading. It states very clearly the benefits of the Jukebox software showing the 'check in/out' box. It does not say you have to record to MD first to be able to recapture to PC. I find this very misleading as it is the main feature I required from it.

    I am now unsure what to purchase because I feel this may be an area you upgrade your software for in the future but that I will have to pay a significant premium on the chance that this 'might' happen.

    I fully understand this is a feature included to prevent piracy, but the majority of people now have access to CD burners with which they can copy almost any CD they want to without fear of being caught. To prevent your own customers using such a useful feature as PC upload is in my opinion one which will restrict the success of the Net models.

    Piracy is already huge and a major problem but restricting this will not in any way solve that problem.

    Please see sense and bring out a software patch to allow high speed MD to PC transfer. As soon as it happens I will purchase one of your Net models, unless in the meantime I choose a different approach for my videography needs.

    Thankyou for listening.

    1683. this is SMART tech!

    Posted by Raffaele Turra on 7/21/2002, 7:32:46

    would be really interesting

    1684. I hope you can do this

    Posted by Paul Johnson on 7/21/2002, 7:56:47

    I really want to get a netmd but when I realised that no upload can be done, I was disapointed. The reason is I make my own music at my home studio and to be able to do this will put up large amount of song faster on the web with the speed of 32x uploading it will be easyer then going the sound card way which I do now.

    1685. I'm not informed well, neither is the salesman.

    Posted by Tijl van der Velden on 7/21/2002, 8:39:54

    I've bought the Sony MZ-N707. I've bought this, so I could record my friends' band and my fathers band and put it digital on a CD or on a MD and send it my e-mail. For that, the check-in must be transferred by USB. Many of our friends would like this without losing the quality of the sound. I hope that there will be an update soon, so everyone can put there music quick on the computer. Many people have invested in their product, and in the catalogue isn't mentioned that it isn't possible to check-in your music if you haven't checked-out first. The salesman who sold it to me, didn't know it either. On the website from sony is it mentioned on one place, but it's very difficult to find that. And if sony says, that you can transfer up to 32x, I think, and many with me, that it's possible for us to transfer your one recorderd music, with e.g. a microphone, to you computer. It's very disapointing for me and a lot of other people, that sony doesn't inform salesman and customers about these issues. The next time will buy a product, I'll think twice before buying a product of Sony.

    Tijl van der Velden
    The Netherlands

    1686. What I forgot

    Posted by Tijl van der Velden on 7/21/2002, 8:46:14

    It would be nice, if in the futur is possible to put software on your NetMD. It would be very easy for me and my friends. Diskettes are not quick enough and the space on a diskette is to small. I think that there's more space on a MD. But I don't know. I don't know de system of Atrac3

    Tijl van der Velden
    The Netherlands

    1687. Uploadings from MD

    Posted by Ouke J. Pijl on 7/21/2002, 9:15:50

    Hi Sony,

    This month I became the proud owner of an N1. I'm very enthousiastic about is. Please add the proposed upload-posibilities to this fine system. Thank you Sony!

    Greetings from Holland.

    1688. We need the MD 2 PC upload function

    Posted by Hans-Georg Eversheim on 7/21/2002, 9:20:58

    I bought the Sony MZ-N 707/S; cause of it's facility to be connected to the PC via USB;
    When I tried to load my life-recording (organ in church) to my computer, I was totally surprised, that it is not possible. I did not count with that.
    That restriction can only be driven for copyright purposes; but as You see i my case it does not make any sense.
    I would apreciate, when the upoad functionality is added.

    1689. md evolution

    Posted by matt on 7/21/2002, 9:51:26

    hi there, just to say well done, md is the best:easy to carry, protected cd's that last forever, and the edition possibilitees...wonderfull.but come on it has so much more potentiel.forget cd's long live the MINI-DISK.

    1690. NetMD: Wonderful! Although....

    Posted by Luke Cantwell on 7/21/2002, 9:55:21

    The limits on functionality are limiting the appeal of the Net MD, which otherwise is a fantastic product. I've bought one, but it is difficult to convince others that it is a worthwhile investment.

    1691. I am pondering over buying a sony netmd portable recorder, and uploading would be a great feature!

    Posted by Paul Franc on 7/21/2002, 10:39:21

    I am pondering over buying a sony netmd portable recorder, and uploading would be a great feature to have. All I have to say is, it would greatly help us md users because it adds practicability to a system your going to spend over 300$ on and it wont make sony or anyone else loose money in any way...all it can do is help them make some IMHO.
    All I ask is for them to consider it.Its a start. Its Hope.
    If they want people to spend a hefty ammount of money on a netmd instead of a way cheaper portable mp3 player, I dont see what else they can do.

    1692. Multinacionales ciegas por dinero...

    Posted by Roberto on 7/21/2002, 11:39:09

    Creo que es un error por parte de Sony no permitir transferir archivos desde un minidisc a un PC (o MAC). Si intenta evitar la pirateria con esta restriccion, se equivoca. La pirateria se acabar� cuando la musica est� al alcance de todos los usuarios.

    1693. Original Material

    Posted by Micah Aills on 7/21/2002, 12:41:47

    I was under the impression when I bought my Net MD that I could upload my bands live recordings to my computer (for editing) at up to 32x speed. Well I found out really quick that it wasn't possible. I plead with Sony to please add this feature. It is the only reason I bought your Net MD product. Actually, in my opinion you have a whole market of musicians you can sell this product to, so why not target it to them?

    Micah Aills

    1694. DJ mixes/archiving vinyl

    Posted by Ben Alexander on 7/21/2002, 12:48:14

    Transfering from vinyl to MD to PC via USB would be a major improvement over existing means.

    1695. Il serait tellement dommage de ne pas le faire...

    Posted by Tibo on 7/21/2002, 14:01:58

    En ajoutant cette fonction permettant d'uploader l'enregistrement num�rique du MiniDisc vers un poste informatique, vous nous vendriez un produit aboutit, parfaitement adapt� � la demande de tous les consommateurs.

    1696. need upload function

    Posted by Andreas Maurer on 7/21/2002, 14:12:39

    when I travel, I would like to record sounds from Place I go. I would like to have them on the PC for editin...

    thanks for listening

    1697. Let our dreams come true!

    Posted by Arnoud Dekker on 7/21/2002, 15:54:20

    Please add the requested function! Net MD is one of the best things I came across lately but it's such a waste the software is so crappy and limited. Please correct it quickly!

    1698. MD upload to PC

    Posted by Ramli on 7/21/2002, 16:55:52

    MDs are mostly now used for live recordings. It does great justice to have MD to PC uploads!

    1699. What about my albums?

    Posted by Grant Armstrong on 7/21/2002, 18:12:53

    I am very interested in seeing an audio upload capability. I fooled myself into thinking such a thing existed on the NetMD I recently purchased. Wishful thinking, I suppose. After years of real-time recording as a reporter, I though I'd seen a better way with the NetMD. Sadly, the input does not support microphones, and I couldn't upload the audio anyhow.
    I figured this out after trying to record some of my albums (I am the owner, and am well within my rights) from vinyl to CD by way of my NetMD. Again, I was dissappointed to discover that I cannot transfer my own music using my own NetMD onto my own computer to burn onto my own CDs. What's the point? CD players are not much more cumbersome than the NetMD. If you cannot use it to its full capability, it just isn't worth the expense.
    Grant Armstrong
    FVH, IL

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