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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    2100. Critical for MD Survival & Expansion

    Posted by David Leete on 8/7/2002, 11:58:21

    I've been using the MD format for many years now and have always been impressed with it. Several years ago when I first bought a MD Walkman there were no real competitors apart from DAT and at that time DCC. However, MD had many clear advantages so my decision to purchase a unit seemed very straightforward.

    Since then I've purchased various units and have been using MD not only for storing my extensive catalogue of music, but also for Dj'ing. What has always impressed me is the way Sony has innovated and always brought out new functions, made size reductions etc. in order to improve its MD products.

    The problem now is that MD has more direct competitors than it used to and thus people (such as me) who may have always been committed to buying MD units now have to think twice and assess the other options (MP3 etc.). In my opinion the introduction of Net-MD drastically improved the whole MD package and allowed it to compete better with its rivals. However, the lack of an �Upload� capability is a big disadvantage for many users and I feel that if Sony doesn�t rectify this soon then only the die-hard MD users will continue to support the format.

    I would therefore please request that you introduce the upload function on new units so that MD products can continue to thrive and at the same time compete with their rivals.

    2101. Not just for play

    Posted by Phil on 8/7/2002, 12:05:39

    It would be of great advantage to b able to upload from the Net MD to the PC. It would enable meeting minutes to be recorder to CD in a compressed formate for long term storage without the hasstle of recording via anologe and recompressing to another formate before burning to a CD. Plese consider the advantage this would offer the business world of board meeting, conferences etc.

    2102. I was decieved!!!

    Posted by injektilo on 8/7/2002, 12:36:59

    I want SP quality and I wanna upload it to my pc.
    I recorded the tracks, why can I not have it in SP?
    I will not settle for analog recordings!!

    2103. Uploading for md?

    Posted by matt mcadam on 8/7/2002, 12:42:20

    When I go to rock concerts, I want to be able to upload my shows that I record to the hard drive. Why would I have to do it in real time?

    2104. Please Fix These

    Posted by Andrew Faull on 8/7/2002, 13:13:27

    I too am interested in live recording and uploading it into the PC digitally.

    Also, I have recorded a large number of vinyl recordings (many out of print) and have them stored as Monkey Audio Compression (APE) files. Could you please add this ability to your NetMD software?

    2105. Please add both upload and support for Mac OS X

    Posted by Brian Scott Oplinger on 8/7/2002, 13:27:38

    Please add these things.

    2106. Product improvement

    Posted by Gloria on 8/7/2002, 13:50:52

    Uploading would make a great product the best!

    2107. sony

    Posted by paolo rossi on 8/7/2002, 14:07:58

    I promise, i'll never buy any other SONY product.......

    2108. (no subject)

    Posted by a.georgeson on 8/7/2002, 14:15:26

    this would greatly enhance the functionality of the netmd, and im sure most people bought the product for this purpose

    2109. You will earn, not loose.

    Posted by Tor Skude on 8/7/2002, 14:20:02

    Seeing as you are one of the biggest record companies, you think you will loose money to music pirates. That is not the case. You will sell so many more units, it will compensate piracy (which is possible anyway).

    2110. Please add both upload and support for Mac

    Posted by Len Deddo on 8/7/2002, 14:57:29

    Please add both upload and support for Mac OS X

    2111. It will help the sales of MD here in the U.S.

    Posted by Oliver F. on 8/7/2002, 15:07:01

    I guarantee it..

    2112. mini disc uploading

    Posted by Diana Gay on 8/7/2002, 16:12:30

    Your mini disc players/recorders are wonderful, but would be even better if you could upload music. Please do this as soon as you can.

    2113. I want to use MD to record my guitar!

    Posted by Mike on 8/7/2002, 16:14:46

    I am a musician, and being able to record myself playing guitar would be of huge benefit to me. As it is, I won't buy a mic because I don't need it, but if Sony would update their software to allow for song uploading, I would definitely purchase a Sony Mic. Sony products rule in quality overall, so let's improve their support, too!

    2114. bring back all your sonys

    Posted by lucas on 8/7/2002, 16:29:32

    i have read many articels about the netmd, bought it and than.... were the hell is the possibility to get my tracks back on pc. in the manual you could read the following "you can return the tracks recorded on the NETMD back to the hard drive of your....." ---> i think they are don't tell us the truth. i'm not in america but i think sony gives a #### about us customers, they aren't interested in our petetion. it's time to do something.

    2115. Upload, please!

    Posted by Berto on 8/7/2002, 16:53:18

    I am very dissapointed that I can not upload my personal home and field recordings made with a mic or line input on my MZ 707, to my PC. Please, let us to upload our music to pc!!!

    2116. We need to upload

    Posted by Robert on 8/7/2002, 17:47:35

    I have been a fan of the minidisc since 1994. As a fan of the minidisc, I would like for you to implement an upload function. As a student this would have saved me time for my studying. Please consider this option.

    2117. Tranferring TO PC is what is needed

    Posted by Gary Tait on 8/7/2002, 17:49:19

    And to Mac also.

    2118. Uploading MD to PC

    Posted by C. R. McCandless, Jr. on 8/7/2002, 22:09:59

    Some of my MD's are getting old and I would like to transfer the music to newer discs as to prevent memory lost. It would also aid the process of re-arrangement between discs (some of my collection remain only on MD format, I have eliminated much of the hard copies to make room for newer titles- catch my drift). Make it happen so I can make my soundtrack happen! Rock on.

    2119. Upload analog audio

    Posted by Michael Meade on 8/7/2002, 22:47:05

    As someone who purchased this primarily for field recordings, I am now returning this product for a full refund, as it appears that uploading is not a possibility in the near future. Please reconsider.

    2120. Please help honest customers handle their legitimate recordings

    Posted by KH on 8/7/2002, 23:49:59

    Dear Sony,

    I bought your NetMD device without being aware that I would be unable to transfer recordings I had made via a microphone onto MiniDisc to my PC. You would make many people's lives a lot easier by allowing users to transfer their self-made recordings. NetMD is too great a product to let its capabilities go to waste.

    2121. PLEASE add uploading

    Posted by Laurie on 8/7/2002, 23:50:45

    Like most of the others who have already signed, I bought my minidisc recorder for the purpose of making live recordings and expected to be able to transfer them to CD. I am impressed with the sound quality and capabilities of my Sony recorder. However, I am extremely disappointed that I cannot upload to my PC, and so are a Middle School chorus, a women's chorus, members of our church musical group, and parishioners who would like copies of my sermons.

    I am also frustrated because it took me several weeks of promising all these various people that I would make copies for them just as soon as I figured out how to do so. It is not at all clear from the documentation that this is not possible. I was sure I could do it and thought was just missing something.

    PLEASE add uploading for those of us who want to record ourselves and have no intention of violating copyright.

    Thank you!

    2122. Uploading Feature

    Posted by Michael on 8/8/2002, 1:02:59

    I don't have a NetMD, had been looking into whether to get a NetMD or a mp3 player.. If NetMD supports uploading then I'll get NetMD for sure.

    2123. barrier for musicians

    Posted by Allan Lim on 8/8/2002, 1:38:23

    I feel exactly the same way Paul R does, as a musician the ability to upload music digitally to a computer is very important.

    2124. Audio Upload from PC/Mac to NZ 1

    Posted by Klenner Tom on 8/8/2002, 2:09:45

    Hallo Sony Designers & Programmers,

    please modify the Open MG, that is allowed, transferring Audio Material from MD-Porti to PC.

    And more important: Please write a OPEN MG Prog for Mac-Users!!! I'M very disappointed about this.

    Greetz Tom

    2125. Sony: Please Backup and UPLOAD some money!

    Posted by Brent on 8/8/2002, 5:52:23

    Time is money.� An UPLOAD feature would save lots of time for existing MiniDisc users, encourage more people to take up the format, and generate lots of money for Sony!

    An UPLOAD feature, as proposed, could be a solution to the most annoying aspect of the MiniDisc format: Digital copying causes all track marks to shift back in time by 1 to 3 frames, so that the very last part of the previous track is moved and becomes the start of the current track.

    I am not convinced that the current NetMD system (without UPLOAD) will allow a user to create a backup of their (potentially very large) NetMD music database and re-install it on a new PC if the original PC is stolen or suffers a hard drive failure, but:

    An UPLOAD feature, as proposed, would also provide an easy method of creating a safe backup without further infringment of copyright (I, like many other users, have a large collection of irreplacable recordings held on MiniDisc. My collection was created over many years using a standard ATRAC portable MD recorder and it includes: bird song, lecture notes, the musical talent of my kids, sound pressure level tests, and homemade unique MiniDisc tracks to control animated displays at a theme park.� I have even used voice-activated record mode to locate the very elusive deathwatch-beetle!).

    The MiniDisc format is excellent in all other respects. Thank you.

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