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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    1750. MD recording transfer to PC

    Posted by Daryl Catt on 7/24/2002, 1:37:15

    I use my MD to record my saxophone playing & want to be able to archive my pieces then put them on a CD.
    I also want to use the MD as a dictaphone.
    The protection system stops me doing what is a logical extension of an excellent tool.

    1751. I agree

    Posted by Robert Thornton on 7/24/2002, 2:46:00

    This is a much needed function.

    1752. Upload useful for recording interviews for qualititative research

    Posted by Tom Fitzpatrick on 7/24/2002, 5:06:23

    My girlfriend is just completing her PhD in the social sciences. Part of this work involved her recording many hours of interviews in the field. I bought a Sony MD recorder (MZR55) for her to use due to the amazing sound quality which allowed much more detail to be captured - including 'quiet' speech which a standard field tape recorder would not have picked up. Transcribing all these interviews is NOT a fun task, but would have been made a lot easier were the interviews on a PC - and would have allowed direct coding from the files from within packages such as Atlas/TI. Now, it is of course possible to 'analog' record these discs, but having to sit there monitoring levels and start/stop recording software and split into files would be pretty time consuming. Being able to pull off individual files direct-to-hard drive would be a fantastic addition - and an absolute killer feature for anyone undertaking research involving interview recording etc. I appreciate that there are obvious copyright protection issues here (eg recording live concerts), but at the end of the day there are so many other ways to do this (for example my Sony TRV320 digital camcorder allows me to record 90mins of 48KHz audio and digitally upload it to an .avi file and then to a .wav!...) that MD upload is really a drop in the ocean. On the other hand, providing it on the portable MDs would turn them into the most amazing value unbelievably useful little devices - and really deliver on the Sony catchphrase "go create"... :-)

    1753. Forgot to mention!

    Posted by Tom Fitzpatrick on 7/24/2002, 5:13:46 , in reply to "Upload useful for recording interviews for qualititative research"

    On the strength of my girlfriend's experiences using the MD for recording interviews, three of her colleagues have gone out and bought identical models! Come on guys, there's a market there for end-to-end digital interview capture, coding and archiving! :-)

    1754. Vite que l'upload sur les march´┐Ż

    Posted by l'inconnus on 7/24/2002, 5:29:24

    Yes at the upload
    Oui a l'upload sur md

    1755. Convert field recordings to MP3

    Posted by Wolfgang Eder on 7/24/2002, 9:14:53

    I am using my NetMD to record my own music, and nature sounds that I use for sampling, and would
    like to transfer those to my PC. It would be very
    convenient to be able to do that without loss of quality, and preserving the track marks and titles of the MD.
    The current unability to do that is a major
    annoyance for me, and would be a big benefit
    to be added to the NetMD protocol.
    Thanks for listening

    1756. Upload...

    Posted by Flanger sound on 7/24/2002, 10:27:50

    only this... add upload onto pc.

    1757. Open up or give up

    Posted by Ross Golder on 7/24/2002, 11:38:06

    I would like to buy a minidisc player, but so far nobody has produced a minidisc player that has a decent data interface (for higher-than-audio-speed transfers), and/or released the specifications required for the various operating system communities to produce drivers for them. So, until the hardware manufacturers wake up and open up, I'm keeping my money in my pocket.

    1758. Upload function needed to compete with mp3!!

    Posted by Aaron Amiot on 7/24/2002, 12:07:55

    The upload function would solidify MD's dominance in the field of portable audio. Eventually, with enough advertisement, wiping out portable mp3 players and controlling the market. Which means Sony controls the market...

    1759. I need upload capability

    Posted by Emery Guevremont on 7/24/2002, 13:19:47

    I'm a DJ, and the MD technology seems to fill all my needs except for one. I can't record stuff on an MD player and then transfer it back to my computer so I can edit or transfer my mixes on my computer.

    I still haven't bought an MD player/recorder and I won't buy one until I can transfer from an MD to a PC.

    1760. as ronny reagan said: "Mr. (Sony), tie down the wall"

    Posted by MysterE on 7/24/2002, 14:36:17

    I own a 4 track mdm-x4 recorder and another portable md recorder. Cause the multitracker lacks digital outputs (a shame) I have to go a long way to transfer stereo recordings from the x4 to the portable over its digital out to an digital in of a yamaha usb device and finally over usb to harddisk.
    Much better would be:
    Take the MD out of the X4 in to the NET-MD gear and loadup to harddisk.
    Just DO it, and I will have a reason to buy ONE MORE SONY.

    1761. Recording on MD and distributing on CD

    Posted by Will Light on 7/24/2002, 14:48:08

    I would like to use my Sony MDS-JB930 to record the concerts which I organise at a local church and to make CD's from the resulting material on my computer

    1762. NetMD Upload

    Posted by James Cunningham on 7/24/2002, 15:32:06

    The ability to upload from MD is absolutely what is necessary for this technology to overtake all others. I record many shows from radio, both directly on my MD units, and sometimes on my PC (MP3 format), and would like to be able to catalogue what I record in OpenMG (or something like it). Impossible under the current circumstances. If we could either upload what was recorded in "analog" form to the PC, or be able to record directly on the PC in "OMG" or "ATRAC3" format, this would be great.

    1763. Totally agree with others

    Posted by SIMANA Thierry on 7/24/2002, 15:43:54

    I think you must understand that very important for you like for us. With the MD we have a deck (all fonction, cut, divide...) recorder but with the qualities sound's of a CD. Now with the Net MD MZ1, we can download music on minidisc for listen. Just have the download and UPLOAD of data or music on MD is like the 7th sky. Please HELP US. Thank and sorry for my poor english.

    1764. Upload needed to edit live recorded music

    Posted by Marco Mondini on 7/24/2002, 15:52:44

    I am a jazz doublebass player.
    I would like to use the MD recorder to record live rehearsals of my group and be able to edit digitally on PC.
    This way it could be easy to make fairly good recordings (CD, e-mail MP3, ...) for demos, for friends and for us to remember and enjoy!

    When I read about NetMD I thought that upload was obviously included, but then I did a little research and was very disappointed discovering that it is not. I will think more and more if it is worth for me to buy that fantastic (but expensive MZ-N707)...

    1765. NetMd Upload

    Posted by Adam Gann on 7/24/2002, 15:58:11

    This would be a really helpfull thing to be able to do. I like to record guitar pieces that I have written and It would be great to be able to put them on my computer and then be able to work with them even more!

    1766. Upload needed for my own music

    Posted by Ed van Nunen on 7/24/2002, 16:02:40

    I need the upload for the recordings i make with my own band. Not any copyrighted stuff.

    1767. Make it easy for the user...pls

    Posted by Magnus Nystrom on 7/24/2002, 16:27:13


    1768. Duh, !!

    Posted by Steve Shearer on 7/24/2002, 16:32:57

    WEll duh, at least for personal use at least

    1769. Use for recording wedding audio

    Posted by Jeff Jewell on 7/24/2002, 16:33:47

    Currently I am trying to find a good way for doing interviews and recording audio for my video work, such as wedding ceremonies. I was very disappointed after spending about 4 hours researching and deciding on a Sony Minidisc recorder to find that the feature that was most critical to me had been crippled. Please reconsider your decision to limit the ability of NetMD, as I do honestly believe that in the long run, if Minidisc does not eventually allow fast uploads to the PC, a device for doing so with the MP3 will be developed, if it has not been done so already. I can say right now, in my current situation, that if I knew where to get such a device, I would buy it today. I would have bought the Minidisc recorder last night except that I learned of this severe limitation and find that it will be unsatisfactory for my needs. Thank you.

    1770. Support the "KID" Principle!

    Posted by Glen Zachary on 7/24/2002, 17:11:47

    I was really excited about the Net MD machines - until I found out that I couldn't upload audio recorded via analog to my PC for further processing. In a world of high-powered digital tools, it is very frustrating to have to resort to real-time analog transfer. Let's use the "KID" principle - Keep It Digital!


    1771. Uploading from md to computer

    Posted by Jim Johns on 7/24/2002, 22:45:07

    My main use for the md is recording interviews for radio essays. Uploading to computer is essential for this process. I support this petition.


    1772. Very Useful Improvement

    Posted by Andrew Madsen on 7/25/2002, 3:47:08

    I use my MZ-N707 MD recorder to record live audio via a microphone for a sort of audio scrapbook, and live lectures. I use my PC to clean up the audio, edit out unwanted segments, and burn the audio to regular CDs for archival purposes. As I often fill whole 80 min discs with audio in LP4 mode, a high speed audio upload feature would be and incredibly useful addition to what is already a wonderful system.

    Andrew Madsen

    1773. It's absolutely a right for us,

    Posted by Pablo Cabeza on 7/25/2002, 5:59:11

    so I support this claiming. I consider that if we have payed for a potencially good tool to manage our music (music made by ourselves), to store other kind of files to transport, we would have to have the right for that.

    1774. activating upload does NOT promote illegal mp3 distribution

    Posted by Otto Carlquist on 7/25/2002, 6:28:35

    the idea of netMD is that you can download music from the internet and record it to your walkman, that's how sony promotes it. if they think that is correct and not illegal then uploading it to your computer from a MD disc corretc too?

    1775. Please make it possible

    Posted by Easttea on 7/25/2002, 7:38:53

    I record many lectures,each one is about 3 hours long!I can only SYNC record them to my PC, it's a suffer!Please make the upload function possible!please please!

    1776. Audio Upload is nessecairy

    Posted by Tyras on 7/25/2002, 8:30:50

    Why? they mensioned all the resons. it would surely be better for the MD-world. i hope it will happen.
    Gr. Tyras

    1777. excellent home studio tool IF we can upload

    Posted by Phil Sambati on 7/25/2002, 12:53:22

    Dera Sir/Madam

    I use this for interviews and recording but assumed that the usb was 2 ways analogue is all very well but to upload from the minidisc would make all my editing so much easier.
    Please consider this
    Phil Sambati (Spain)

    1778. I'm tired of it!

    Posted by Adam Juslen on 7/25/2002, 14:46:14

    I'm sick and tired of seeing the adds for the Sony Vaio with the net MD built in. I myself have a Kenwood Portable MD Recorder/Player and an Aiwa Minisystem with a 5 minidisc carousel. I would like to be able to burn music directly from my laptop on to MD, without having to hook up my portable or having to burn a CD first. I would also like to be able to burn CDs from my MDs. Please bring it to the USA.

    1779. the reason I got this recorder

    Posted by Matt on 7/25/2002, 17:02:01

    the reason I got this md player/recorder was it seemed like the easiest way to transfer recorded files from a portable device to a computer. Now I find out that this cannot be done. I am very dissapointed and was hoping you could enable this feature

    1780. sggfs

    Posted by nco on 7/25/2002, 17:35:06


    1781. Copy Protection???

    Posted by Miisamm on 7/25/2002, 18:06:12

    What is the problem with sony? If I would copy a cd or something i would put it in my computer and burn it (then copy it to minidisc). I wouldn't copy the cd to minidisc than back to my computer and then burn it to cd (or second minidisc). sounds logic, no? If you could upload songs, recordings, dictations, compositions, whatever, you could store it onto a computer(digitally; faster better quality), then tune up the quality for band recordings for example, cut the songs in right pieces add sounds etc. ,and then burn it to cd or write it back onto md, for demo tapes. that would even help new bands and wouldn't hurt the rich bands.I don't see the problem.

    1782. Uploading is needed

    Posted by Vomit on 7/25/2002, 18:13:40

    The NetMD would be an ESSENTIAL purchase for anyone in a new band if uploading was possible.

    1783. I agree with Matt

    Posted by Andrew on 7/25/2002, 21:54:45

    I really have to agree with Matt. Thats the reason I bought mine.

    1784. Yay for uploads

    Posted by Pheonix405 on 7/25/2002, 21:55:49

    yes yes yes!

    1785. Re: I agree with Matt

    Posted by Stephen on 7/25/2002, 21:58:10 , in reply to "I agree with Matt"

    you need to be able to import files onto your computer

    1786. I like to help people out, so...

    Posted by Ben Tyndall on 7/25/2002, 22:37:25


    1787. Really needed.

    Posted by hong fang on 7/25/2002, 22:49:25

    I am waiting for buying a MD which has the capbility of up-load to PC.

    1788. Minidisc could be a standard for musicians

    Posted by NIcolas Bernier on 7/25/2002, 22:56:23

    Sony seem's to push MD forward to become the new Walkman. Music listeners already have Walkman's...

    But what about music makers? As the music of today is more and more about computers and sampling (music made with sounds recorded on "the streets"), we need to be able to put the samples that we grabbed on our computer!

    We should be able to digitally transfer the samples that we've done ourselves with our microphones.


    1789. Disappointed DJ

    Posted by Dan on 7/26/2002, 0:34:31

    I would like to record my mixes onto MD, then transfer them to the PC to burn a CD so I can listen to them in the car, etc. I was VERY disappointed to find that they don't support uploading from the player into the computer...major flaw. I'm may just return the thing for a refund.

    1790. class notes

    Posted by Mark on 7/26/2002, 4:32:30

    Having an audio upload from the MD player would be so beneficial in organizing class lectures I have recorded on MD, on the PC.

    1791. Please add this feature !

    Posted by Johannes Marschall on 7/26/2002, 5:15:07

    Statements found above tell everything.

    1792. MD needs expansion

    Posted by david wilkins on 7/26/2002, 5:53:52

    MD's have many pros, but this would make it the perfect music storage device.

    1793. Transferring from MD to PC

    Posted by Raymond on 7/26/2002, 7:57:44

    It would be extremely beneficial to record non-copyrighted PERSONAL voice/sound files recorded by the NZ-M1's record function and to transfer these through OpenMG to the PC. Now, the only way to use these voice files is by listening to them on MD-enables devices ONLY (the majority of computers are NOT MD enabled).


    SONY, If you want to be one of the first companies to help people transfer sound from audio cassetes (analog media), which is a big concern of many users of the digital society, THEN PLEASE ENABLE TO MD to PC UPLOADING through OpenMG Jukebox software. If not, then the MiniDisc media will disappear and be replaced by other, more flexible media types such as DVD or memory cards.

    1794. (no subject)

    Posted by pestinyo on 7/26/2002, 8:02:52

    It's strongly necessary to do it . I'm musician and I need to work my MD songs upload my PC. Please !!

    1795. And me

    Posted by ilya on 7/26/2002, 8:17:24

    And me

    1796. I can't believe it

    Posted by Johan Tufvesson on 7/26/2002, 8:36:50

    I got the message from the seller that upload should be possible, but I have now discovered that it is not. It is such a basic and obvious function that I could not imagine that Sony had not implemented it. I have bought a MZ-N707 and a ECM-MS957 mic for a lot of money to do high quality recordings of my and my partners music making. Without this function I will never ever recommend this Sony solution to anybody, not to mention the lower quality my Sony recordings will have.

    1797. Won't buy again without!

    Posted by Jeff on 7/26/2002, 8:49:59

    I purchased a Sony N707 for legit live recording. Upon learning that the only way to do a quality upload to PC was to purchase yet another home deck I returned it. I will not support Minidisc again until this restriction is removed for original live work.

    Very Frustrating!


    Posted by Cheesey Ballsac on 7/26/2002, 10:13:27

    Plese agree with this petition

    1799. Feel cheated

    Posted by Jeffrey on 7/26/2002, 12:47:24

    To who it may concern:

    The entire reason I bought this MD player was so that I could upload songs recorded in my home studio so that the other members of my band could listen to them at home. Without that function, I might as well have stuck with my old MD player.

    What are all of you so afraid of?


    Jeffrey Lam

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