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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    1800. minidisc uploading

    Posted by John Hammer on 7/26/2002, 13:06:53

    I attend live Irish jams and would like to be able to record on MD and upload.

    1801. NetMD upload would save A LOT of time

    Posted by Anthony Pham on 7/26/2002, 14:56:09

    Instead of having to do a line-in recording via the soundcard, it would be nice to be able to upload via usb research group meetings I attend. Not everyone is pirating music. I hope Sony will realize this and begin offering upload capability to improve the lifestyles of those who use their NetMD products. Thank you.


    1802. Added feature would be profitable

    Posted by mike colon on 7/26/2002, 15:39:11

    Dear Sirs:

    Adding an uploadable feature to your software would probably increase sales. It would be a great marketting tool for tape traders all over the world. In most taping trees, Minidisc recordings is one in a thousand of DAT recordings. Considering the Minidisc's ease of tracking, it should be the other way around. If you made a transfer protocol that didn't require a good sound card and digital to analog back to digital conversion, tapers might see the significance of owning a Minidisc recorder. The cost of a minidisc recorder is probably the biggest plus of having one over a DAT tape recorder. But the consumption of sound quality in the digital to analog to digital converting is not worth the cost savings to most appreciators of music. Please rectify this problem.

    Mike Colon
    Software Engineer
    VisionAIR, Inc.

    1803. existentielle

    Posted by jean duval on 7/26/2002, 16:05:10

    i do electroaccoustic music, for my work i need to record a lot of "natural" sound. it would be very useful to me to be able to upload on my computer all those sound i have taken on nature.

    1804. I just want to burn MY OWN musics in CD-R

    Posted by Rafael Campanh� on 7/26/2002, 16:12:12

    I write musics and use md to record it, and if i could use NETmd to upload my musics digitally, it would be fantastic!

    1805. NetMD Upload

    Posted by John on 7/26/2002, 17:15:21

    i need to be able to QUICKLY upload my music from my MD to my PC. I hate using the analogue cable. PLEASE make it possible to upload to PC via USB etc

    1806. Simply, do it !

    Posted by Claudio on 7/26/2002, 20:31:17

    I think that the uploading function is the most important functionality that "close the circle" of MD flessibility.

    Whitout this function the MD life is short.. very short!

    1807. Please fix the one huge flaw in the great technology that is NetMD

    Posted by cathy B on 7/26/2002, 20:33:10

    NetMD would be a wonderful product if only digital audio upload from MD to PC was possible. The addition of "faster than real-time" transfer in *both* directions would be an innovative step by Sony and welcomed by almost all users of NetMD devices. Unless this function is introduced soon the large market of digital music users will be looking to purchase other technologies that meet *all* their needs. It would be foolish of Sony to ignore the views of the people who buy, use and love their products.

    1808. lecture recording upload

    Posted by Mr. King on 7/26/2002, 22:55:00

    Uploading of lectures to my pc is the only reason I bought the unit. It is implied that with the usb option you can upload and download, the packaging does not say that you are limited to the downloading only.

    1809. Why are we even letting Sony make/extend the standards?

    Posted by Peter Dyson on 7/26/2002, 22:59:29

    There should be an open media format, that the community can design and create. That way it will better represent what the PEOPLE want, not what a corporation wants to maximise its bottom line and profits. We need to create an open media format that is only created for being usable,useful, extendable and unrestricted. No more limitations for the sake of greed, no more monopolistic control by corporations. Ogg Vorbis ( has already succeeded in created the digital music format that is free from royalties and is open and free, now we just need decent hardware media standards to match.

    1810. Uploads needed

    Posted by RB Jones on 7/26/2002, 23:01:32

    I was shocked to learn that none of the data that
    I recorded on my new Sony minidisc can be uploaded to my computer! This was the whole purpose of getting it. Why can't I work on MY OWN CREATIONS on my home computer? This is crazy!

    Please reconsider these restrictions.


    1811. Could have been possible 5 years ago already !!!!!!

    Posted by Ralph Berner on 7/27/2002, 0:49:43

    Where is the small digital energy efficient recording system with fast connection to PC?
    When will we got this finally. It is boring! Sony is sleeping and all the MP3 device producers develop useless tamagochis for disco-yupees only or harddiscmonsters where you cannot even make microphone recordings. We don't even talk abaut the energy management of these things. They write " X hours with one Accu charge" in their technical spec. But what to do if your accu is going empty during a recording? The disandvantage of all these systems seems longer to me than the advantage.
    MD has external battery and internal accu at least. So to change of the one or the other is very easy during a live recording. The automatic gain controll of the sony device is perfect for recording lectures.
    But theese stupid marketing freaks of all these companies are not able to use their brain, because they think for money all the time only. So take the technicians and the customers more seriously, please.

    1812. I would buy if it had this!

    Posted by CJ on 7/27/2002, 6:12:15

    Dear Sony,

    A friend of mine recently got this MD and I was very impressed until I found out about the lack of an audio upload feature. They were also very disappointed when they realised. If it had the ability to upload to my pc I would buy tomorrow! As it is I will have to look at other manufacturers to fulfill my audio requirements...

    1813. Lecture uploading

    Posted by Francesco on 7/27/2002, 9:05:30

    The uploading of analogue recording would make Minidisc the unreplaceble tool of any student (fun and work utility in just an hand-fit recorder). Moreover a true SP download (from PC to MD) would be appreciate.

    1814. Upload needed to transfer my own rehearsals and performances

    Posted by Bart Groenendijk on 7/27/2002, 10:18:37

    Subject says all, I'm a musician and i'm recording every performance and rehearsal.
    Needless 2 say i would be helped much with transferring the songs via USB.

    kind regards,
    Bart Groenendijk

    1815. I can't believe it doesn't do this!

    Posted by Andy Read on 7/27/2002, 13:32:50

    I bought the Net MD specifically with the intention of digitally recording my own material onto it and then uploading to my PC for further editing and processing. Maybe even cutting to CD. This seems to be one huge obvious excellent application for minidisc technology: easy recording of large amount of sound in good quality format, small device. Digital means it holds pitch and can be played against or sung against at pitch.

    I'm only just coming to realise that for some bizarre reason it won't let me do this! Why not? It's nothing to do with copyright: what I record through the mic/line input is mine! I can copy it to who/what/where I like!

    I would not have wasted money on a device with all the bells and whistles of easy PC connectivity, which the Net MD has, if I'd realised it couldn't do this. I feeled I've been conned into buying a restricted device.

    Not a happy consumer!

    1816. upload needed for Dragon Naturally Speaking & my own music

    Posted by myint on 7/27/2002, 13:41:15

    I strongly urge Sony to allow upload.

    1817. this is the reason i bought the damn thing

    Posted by r0ck0 on 7/27/2002, 19:13:01

    add this feature and ill buy it again cause im returning it now.

    1818. Such a shame !

    Posted by antoine on 7/27/2002, 19:17:11

    I bought a MZ-N707... I tried to use OpenMG Software to transfer my mp3 to the NetMD. What a pity ! Huge amount of hard disk is taken, it's complex and boring to use and it crashes most of time ! Could you please just create an easy & fast interface to transfer audio files from/to the MDNet ? Something that would be like an external mass storage controller for example.

    1819. MD to PC, why not?

    Posted by Andres on 7/27/2002, 21:19:32

    I'm a student from Spain. I�m making my final career project and the university where I study have bought a NET MD MZ-N1. We need the minidisc to make digital recordings to make interviews: We are making a web site and I can�t stand why NET MD can�t make uploading to PC.

    1820. I sell my sony minidisc...........

    Posted by Jim on 7/28/2002, 0:58:52

    When i first connect my md to the pc and tried to upload a song, i think that i make some error on installing openmg. but then i realise that it's impossible to upload songs to pc.... i sell my md to buy a cheaper and more beautiful md, because, for doing upload with an analogic cable, i can do it with a sharp who is cheaper, smaller and nice. i use to like sony, but now i'm really desapointed. at least, u can wrote on the box that upload it's not possible. (but if u do it, you don't sell no more MD.....)

    1821. Videographere Requests Digital Uploading

    Posted by Sal Giambruno on 7/28/2002, 1:47:45

    I use MD to record various audio tracks at Weddings - MD is very nice/handy.

    But, I am shocked and amazed, not to mention angry that Sony would go out of their way to place a big road block and "DO NOT ENTER" sign when it comes to uploading digital copies to my Non-linear (read: digital) video editing workstation. That really sucks.

    I just bought a unit and spent $279. I'll be taking it back if I can't do digital uploads. Heck, I'll just buy the HHB DAT deck - what a beauty that is.

    1822. Upload to PC from MD is just fair use!

    Posted by Mark Ross on 7/28/2002, 3:03:55

    Please give us back our fair use rights.

    1823. I would buy this product if what is proposed is done.

    Posted by Gene Hamilton on 7/28/2002, 3:11:48


    1824. yes

    Posted by Andrew on 7/28/2002, 4:09:12


    1825. Still in shock!

    Posted by Adi on 7/28/2002, 6:51:08

    NetMD is a great improvement and I commend Sony for its efforts. However, as you are probably awhere by now that loyal sony customers are a little shocked that the NetMD is not able to up-load. I record many lectures and ease of up-loading was my reason for buying the netMD.

    1826. petition

    Posted by naila on 7/28/2002, 7:19:30

    Il est d' une logique que l'on puisse faire un tranfert rapide lorsque le MD est equip� d'accessoire comme le micro en utilisation dictaphone .il ni a pas que la musique qui soit prioritaire

    1827. petition

    Posted by naila on 7/28/2002, 7:21:43

    It is of a logic which one can make a fast tranfert when MANDELEVIUM is equipped with accessory like the microphone of use il dictaphone nor does not have that the music which either priority

    1828. Live Recordings to CD

    Posted by Tim Howe on 7/28/2002, 9:52:58

    I am a member of a band and have recently purchased a Sony MZ N707 with which to record rehearsals and gigs.
    I (naievely) expected this equipment to permit digital upload of material, of which I own the copyright over USB so that I could burn it onto CD.

    The tradgedy is, as it stands anyone can rip-off commercial audio via an audio connection with no noticeable loss in quality. This restriction on MiniDisc digital out / USB functionality will do little to prevent unauthorized audio copying and IS A COMPLETE NUSANCE to prople who want to create their own material.

    Tim Howe, Senior Technology Consultant and musician.

    1829. Please fix that bug

    Posted by S�bastien Bocq on 7/28/2002, 9:53:09

    I consider this as a bug and not as a feature. I won't buy any NetMD product until it is not there and convince other people to do so.

    1830. Sony is treeating me like a bad guy, I�m not.

    Posted by Robert Tarnell on 7/28/2002, 12:17:08

    So, I did return my 707, now I�m looking at the Ipod, dubble the price, so what?...

    I own all the records I want to put on my portable music machine...

    1831. Make this device more useful

    Posted by Erik Bartels on 7/28/2002, 13:58:51

    By allowing uploads from the netMD, it would make the record function much more useful.


    1832. As a musician...

    Posted by Lorne Thomson on 7/28/2002, 14:47:49

    As a musician with a net md I can record acoustic tracks onto my md with a microphone.It would be excellent if I could then upload it to my computer so I could email it to interested parties.

    1833. Very necessary feature

    Posted by Alejandro Aguilar Sierra on 7/28/2002, 14:50:56

    We want to be able to copy digitally our own productions and conferences. This should be an obvious feature, please add it.

    1834. Uploading capability is a must-have.

    Posted by Wayne Lacey on 7/28/2002, 15:09:17

    I agree, the ability to upload is an essential feature, and I can't imagine why it's been left out.

    1835. make MD uploading to PC possible

    Posted by Belinda Reynolds on 7/28/2002, 15:12:03

    As a classical composer, the value of the MD in rehearsal and recording situations is worthless unless there is some way for me to transfer the materials to a computer so that I may make a CD-W. In classical music, this would have NO impact on the commercial music industry, yet would help immeasurably musicians in the non-profit world of chamber classical music.

    1836. Great product, except...

    Posted by Monique on 7/28/2002, 15:27:20

    The inability to upload is a real disappointment. I bought my son a Sony minidisk player/recorder so that he could record and edit his piano compositions. Please reconsider this restriction on uploading.

    1837. NetMD Upload

    Posted by Graham Sharples on 7/28/2002, 18:51:18

    Please please please - why can I not transfer my own compositions and performance recordings to my PC without having to use the sound card? Please rethink - you only stand to gain, respect as well as profit!

    1838. Upload needed to transfer reheasals of our chorus.

    Posted by Nur on 7/28/2002, 19:47:51

    Upload needed to transfer reheasals of our chorus.

    1839. I Paid 3500 NOK for useless crap

    Posted by Einar Johan Tr�an S�m�en on 7/28/2002, 21:03:48

    I Paid 3500 NOK for useless crap!!!
    N-707 will only record from PC, not upload to. WHY NOT????? Just protect it from uploading OpenMG stuff, and all will be fine, or won`t it?

    1840. NetMD Uploading

    Posted by Bryan Burt on 7/28/2002, 22:37:05

    The lack of an uploading audio feature is the only thing preventing me from purchasing a NetMD player.

    1841. upload capability

    Posted by Lou Kohley on 7/28/2002, 22:55:20

    I have been using minidisc for years now and recently purchased a NetMD.
    I do alot of field recording of recitals and my university(Shenandoah University)
    I would greatly appreciate a way to upload recording I've made into my computer for further processing and backup.
    Also it would be great if it could expand upon my existing NetMD rather than require me to purchase a new model.
    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    and Thank you for creating such a great recording medium as well as a great product.

    1842. Getting What I paid FOR!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Pete Stone on 7/28/2002, 23:10:05

    I am attempting to sway Sony into allowing the feature of getting the stored data off of the NetMD that I put on the disc. I bought this unit thinking to my self wow I can copy all of my CD's onto MiniDiscs so I dont have to carry 300CD's in my car. But I have made some shuffles and things and would like to burn them on CD for storage and NOPE cant do it because Sony wants to play BIG BROTHER and control people. This only will piss people off and make them find new ways to accomplish what they want too or just stop buying your products like the Magic Gate memory sticks good idea force people to another mem format oh well looks like I better stock up on Mini Discs fast before you cant buy them anymore

    1843. Please allow upload of md data to pc.

    Posted by Chris Schaub on 7/28/2002, 23:49:59

    I am a classical guitarist needing to make quick, quality demos "of my playing" on my netmd minidisc and then upload them to my pc for burning to cd or to put on my website. Your copyright protection intentions have rendered my netmd unit less functional than a dated portable cassette tape recorder, especially if I have to use the analog output to transfer my own recordings. Please leave copyright enforcement to governments and start building more functional products.

    1844. That can't be true!

    Posted by Carsten on 7/29/2002, 3:58:11

    After purchasing the MZ-N1, I was so disappointed of the limitation not to be allowed to upload tracks created by my own from the MD to my PC. That's ridiculous and annoying! I assumed high flexibility of this equipment like DAT has but I was disapointed by Sony's "security" policy.
    I would never buy anything like that again with restrictions like these!!!
    I really don't understand this constraint with the MD-technology, because there are many, many other ways to make digital copies of your own music as often as you want in any direction!

    1845. this makes no sence..

    Posted by Slava on 7/29/2002, 5:17:33

    I've made a recording of myself and I cannot transfer it to computer.
    What copyright law am I violating???

    1846. only realy affects honest people

    Posted by velvet on 7/29/2002, 6:27:32

    The policy of not allowing you to upload and down load files to computers that they where not created on is counter productive. I have 4 computers I work on this means I have to have four copies of every thing, which is a pain in the ass. How are most of them transported from one computer to the outer burnt on my CDRW in MP3 format so where douse that leave your security? No where. So who is affected? The law-abiding person that forked out 170 pounds for a device that was crippled on purpose.

    Makes no sense to me. I only bought it to listen to tunes on the move and it douse this great. But having to copy them from my lap top to my base unit to my server to my work computer is just a hassle as is capturing thing on the mike or digital input but then having to copy them to the computer in analogue format. Stupid!

    1847. Why these stupid restrictions?

    Posted by Matias on 7/29/2002, 6:50:39

    Why these stupid restrictions?

    1848. Really disapointing...

    Posted by Fr�d�rik Bilhaut on 7/29/2002, 7:01:11

    I just bought one to record my *own* music, since I can't transfer it to my pc without quality loss, I'm going to bring it back to my reseller... I will probably buy a Sharp instead...

    1849. Minidisc uploading

    Posted by Benjamin on 7/29/2002, 7:53:54

    I'm a DJ and my aim was to burn my live mixes (with my discs = music i bought !!). What a disapointment.
    Sony has nothing to loose with opening Net MD, sincerly.

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