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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    550. do it!

    Posted by nicola on 5/8/2002, 4:07:17

    do it

    551. It would be a great feature to overcome MP3/CD

    Posted by Delaval Stephane on 5/8/2002, 4:27:01

    NetMD / OpenMG offer wonderful features and creativity, and goes much beyond MP3 on CD. Adding uploading feature would definitively overcome MP3 / CD !

    552. This would surtenly give NetMD some advantages over MP3

    Posted by Rudi Respen on 5/8/2002, 5:03:24

    Let's get this thing on the road, I don't expect too much technical problems.

    553. Minidisc isnt just about playback

    Posted by Andrew on 5/8/2002, 5:44:22

    Allowing upload will complete what NetMD is. The original strong points I saw in minidisc over other portable sound devices was recording. If i could upload via NetMD it would make a hell of a difference to me and the market for NetMD

    554. Please Sony, do it!

    Posted by Dmitri Kalintsev on 5/8/2002, 5:44:34

    Please guys! Do the right thing!

    555. Essential for net md to take off

    Posted by Dave Wyatt on 5/8/2002, 6:39:42

    Ithink that it is essential to enable net md uploading to compete with the plethora of mp3 players that now exist. This functionality is vital to ensure net md's survival

    556. Uploading feature

    Posted by Edward Gibbins on 5/8/2002, 7:55:50

    I bought the MZN1 because it has netMD and recording facilities so i thought i could record lectures and put them on the computer to edit and stuff. Obviously thought the software won't allow it. I am going to take my new minidic recorder back and buy something else instead (mp3 recorder)

    557. I SUPPORT THE Petition Asking Sony to Enable NetMD-Based Audio Uploading from MiniDisc to Computer

    Posted by Chris Hansford on 5/8/2002, 8:40:45

    I SUPPORT THE Petition Asking Sony to Enable NetMD-Based Audio Uploading from MiniDisc to Computer

    558. Dust is covering my current MD equipments...

    Posted by Marc Herbert on 5/8/2002, 9:07:46

    ...but I will buy the first NetMD recorder with upload capability.

    559. Upload function for NetMD. Please!!!!!

    Posted by Davann on 5/8/2002, 10:26:09

    NetMD is a big one-way highway... on the other side is but a walk in the park with a turtle.
    NetMD is great but can be greater!!!

    560. Add audio upload

    Posted by Bill Bothe on 5/8/2002, 11:44:14

    This would be a great feature for all MD users

    561. Make my MD more valuable!

    Posted by Andres Werner on 5/8/2002, 12:24:18

    It will help both Sony and consumers. It makes sense.

    562. I wont get one, unless...

    Posted by David on 5/8/2002, 12:55:28

    you add that feature!

    563. Release the Hounds!

    Posted by Robert on 5/8/2002, 13:04:27

    I sic scurvy upon all ye Sony exec's that withhold from me the pleasures of uploading.

    564. Let the recording go

    Posted by Kirk Fast on 5/8/2002, 13:31:50

    While I think the minidisc is a great device, having the ability to upload recorded songs/speeches faster than real-time to the pc would be a great asset.

    565. I support adding upload abilities to MD hardware

    Posted by Neil Koomen on 5/8/2002, 13:42:35

    To Sony:

    I think adding this feature would be an excellent addition to the functionality of MD hardware and ensure that MD would be competitive with other music formats.

    Although I already have one JVC and two Sony MD players and/or recorders, I would be willing to buy more hardware ASAP, if you add this feature to MD hardware.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter,
    Neil (in the US)

    566. Please allow the transfer of recorded sound from the minidisc to the PC

    Posted by Gabe Chambers on 5/8/2002, 14:12:53

    I use the minidiscs for recording client meetings and phone conversations. I have to keep a catalog of how I use those disks. If I could upload those, then the pc could catalog them for me. Consequently these are not copywritable conversations. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

    567. NetMD and DJ mixes

    Posted by PaKo on 5/8/2002, 14:16:39

    I'm a DJ , and i think it will be very interresting to add upload for NetMD, for analogic recording , because when i record mixes on my md i need sometimes to do some changes with my pc (soundforge ...), and for burning my mixes. i waste a lot of time when i transfert mixes from my md to my pc. Please Mister Sony think about djs! (sorry for my very bad english, i'm french!)

    568. I support the petition, why is Sony the odd one out?

    Posted by Ed Beecroft on 5/8/2002, 15:26:30


    569. I want the upload feature too.

    Posted by Olivier Kaloudoff on 5/8/2002, 15:44:24

    I really need the upload feature of NetMD,
    as I need to work on sounds captured in nature,
    and want to use it on my PC.

    NetMD is great, but it would be far better
    with this feature.

    Help The Minidisc community grow.

    570. uploading capability - just do it!

    Posted by Zach Hoyt on 5/8/2002, 16:44:47


    571. It would be a real boon to have fast digital transfer!

    Posted by Ross Kendall on 5/8/2002, 17:48:47

    Dear Sony,

    I work for a non-profit organisation, we use mini-disc for recording seminars, conferences, interviews etc. Minidisc seems to be the best digital format for our purposes, both for it's flexibility and affordability.

    I have recently been tasked with making seminars and talks available on the web (in wma and mp3). This is something that I can do, but if you could add an upload facility similar to that suggested in this proposal it would save us a lot of time, and confirm to us that we have made the right decision with minidisc.

    Thankyou for your consideration.

    Ross Kendall
    (webmaster: )

    572. Ultimate avenue for low-budget musical expression

    Posted by Lee Tucker on 5/8/2002, 17:58:17

    I am currently in an a cappella group that seeks to create a CD. We are very small and thus have a minimal budget to work with. While minidisc technology has vastly improved what we can do and has helped us to channel our creativity, not having a means of digital transfer is a real letdown, and probably keeps many other groups from experimenting with such technologies. On-site minidisc recording is not only convenient and inexpensive, in the realm of a cappella music especially it does things that really aren't even possible by traditional means. With digital NetMD uploading you could corner the market in addition to significantly promoting musical creativity and expression among those who will never have large budgets or record companies, but who do things like this solely for love of the music.

    573. Upload would be great addition

    Posted by Lionel Chow on 5/8/2002, 18:39:27

    I use md's to archive my music so being unable to upload them back to the com when I need to is very inconvenient.

    574. Uploading my digital recordings

    Posted by Richard Blackburn on 5/8/2002, 19:02:52

    When I discovered MiniDisc I was immediately excited about the ability to make field
    recordings of family, my borther-in-laws band, computer conferences I attend, etc.,
    and digitally upload them to my computer to edit. Please give us this ability to match
    the implicit promise that every Sony MD recorder purchaser assumes!

    575. J'en ai r�v�, Sony l'a fait !

    Posted by PELLETAN Lo�c on 5/8/2002, 19:31:05

    J'adore Sony, c'est d'apr�s moi la meilleur boite d'�lectronique du monde... mas c'est vrai que de restreindre le NetMD n'�tait pas la meilleur id�e pour d�velopper cette merveilleuse technologie...
    Une fonction Upload serait vraiment le top du top !!! Et aussi, pourquoi ne pas permettre le vrai taux du mode SP dans OpenMG ?

    576. upload to pc

    Posted by Sunpreet Singh on 5/8/2002, 20:21:03

    I record a lot of live religious events, i have over 300 mds all in SP. After each event i come home and do the painful process of recording in real time to PC so it can be available on the net, this looses quality and also takes ages so everyone has to wait for it to come up. if you look at my site.. and visit the guest book, u will see.
    Please make it easier and quicker for me and add MD upload to NET MD! PLEASEEEEEEEEE

    Kind Regards

    A loyal Sony Fan!!

    577. Uploading would be a great addition to an already wonderfully designed player!!

    Posted by Bobby Wong on 5/8/2002, 20:41:03

    We must not look at the view of pirating music but to think of the uploading as a way for many people who want their own recordings or live audio to share with others. And by doing so, you would eliminate other competitors and make the NetMD #1. I hope you consider this as a benefit for everyone for the consumers and future musicians out there.

    578. Audio Upload & Mac Support

    Posted by Timothy King on 5/8/2002, 21:13:36

    I also encourage the ability to upload music from minidiscs; I have a library of over 2000 CDs, and it drives me crazy the hoops that I have to jump through to listen to my music the way I want to.
    Part of that problem is the lack of Macintosh support with MiniDiscs, esp. the new NetMD features, which are part of the reason I am reconsidering my plan to replace my cassette library with minidiscs.

    Tim King

    579. please allow uploading!!!

    Posted by michael mckamey on 5/8/2002, 22:16:00

    i just bought the new mz-s1 MD and it is great! i have downloaded nearly every song i listen to while exercising onto the one MD it came with. then i read about new copy protected CD's. uh- how am i supposed to buy the CD's i want and listen to them on my NEW MD??? that kinda makes my new $180 purchase obselete-right? do you think i'll still buy sony when i have nothing new to listen to on my MD walkman???

    580. I strongly support

    Posted by Angel Guarniz on 5/8/2002, 22:24:10

    This feature would blow the competition away.

    581. Makes recording useless

    Posted by Richard Malcolm-Smith on 5/8/2002, 22:24:18

    The one thing holding me back to get a portable recorder it that without any way of getting it off the device, its pretty much useless. I can use a component MD deck and SPDIF in, but thats just as bad as analog as far as glitches on the PC causing dropouts in the sound, and with the LP speeds, I will be waiting all day for the dub to be done.

    CD-R has the ability to go in and out of a computer all day, but without the availability of a portable cost-effective standalone recorder. While copying onto the player only satisfies people looking for a portable player for music stolen off the internet or copied off there CD's, it doesnt address the issues of in the field live recording, and the ability to manipulate that data ones self.

    582. I want to be able to upload recordings i make with my band

    Posted by Jeff Manning on 5/9/2002, 1:22:50

    I simply want to upload recordings i make of bands onto my computer so i can make cd's of them
    this would make up for alot

    583. Add audio upload !!

    Posted by misskin on 5/9/2002, 6:20:15


    584. strongly agree with upload

    Posted by fofanator on 5/9/2002, 7:54:14

    yep yep yep

    585. I wont buy Sony NETMD until..

    Posted by Dave on 5/9/2002, 10:28:11

    The new Sony NetMD looks really cool, but the new capabilities seem to only go half the distance. I would love to easily transfer digital music files to and from my minidisc player and computer. I currently own a Sharp minidisc player/recorder. If Sony makes the suggested improvements to its NETMD line, I will definatly give them my buisness.

    586. NetMD is great hardware, but I won't buy with the current software.

    Posted by Scott on 5/9/2002, 11:14:43

    The NetMD hardware from Sony is very nice and I'd love to own a NetMD player. That said, I WILL NOT purchase a NetMD with the current software. The "check-in/check-out" restrictions are ridiculious. I understand that Sony owns a large record label and is paranoid about music piracy, but this restrictive feature will cause NetMD to fail commercialy. Uploading from the player to the PC is also a necessity.


    587. Teacher needs to upload dialog

    Posted by Rick Marcus on 5/9/2002, 11:16:40

    As a foreign language teacher, I'd like to be able to upload dialog from native speakers so that I can create language learning and testing materials for my students.

    My MZ-R700 makes amazingly clear recordings (which students appreciate!!!!). Please simplify my life by allowing me a means to upload this to my Mac.

    Rick Marcus

    588. A more viable medium

    Posted by Dan Pockrus on 5/9/2002, 11:21:21

    As a musician, I record all my band's practices (where the genesis of most of our songs originate) and performances. I've been transferring the recordings to my PC using the headphone out through my sound card. Yet, even the best manipulation I can do using Sound Forge can't overcome the noise that's creeping in via the analog transfer. I fully support a digital transport and strongly urge you to consider it.

    589. Upload needs

    Posted by David Huewes on 5/9/2002, 11:49:27

    I defenitly need the upload funcion. I used to make many field recordings, and this capability will speed up my work and increase it's quality.
    I also want the possibility to DOWNLOAD using SP, not only LP2 or LP4.

    590. Need easy way to copy DJ sets back to my computer

    Posted by Mark Seabourne on 5/9/2002, 15:20:41

    When I purchased my Net MD walkman I thought that it was possible to record a live dj set on a minidisc and then transfer it to my computer to burn on cd. Well I tried this for the first time yesterday and found out that this was not possible. For now I'm using total recorder and recording from my minidisc to my computer, sure it works but what a pain in the butt. Not sure if I'm losing any quality but it would be much more convenient if I could just import them without risking losing any sound quality. Hopefully you include this functionality soon.
    Mark Sesbourne.

    591. Upload my song, please

    Posted by alberto corazzol on 5/9/2002, 15:32:28

    I spent a fortune to buy MZN-1 for recording and editing digitally my song.
    Please make it possible.

    592. Make it so!

    Posted by Benny Har-Even on 5/9/2002, 16:57:15 , in reply to "Agree strongly"

    NetMD is a great addition to the MD format, though it took a long time coming. Hopefully we won't have to wait so long for the next step. Make MD's transition to a 21st century technology complete - and add an upload to PC facility.

    593. Modern features for a great format

    Posted by Marc Britten on 5/9/2002, 18:18:07

    I'm not a musician and I'm against peer to peer music sharing. However I understand and see the need for a feature that allows tracks to be uploaded from the NetMD unit.

    The proposal that is being presented opens no problems that already existed and supports a userbase that may be driven away in the near future without consideration for them on your part.

    594. PLZ!!! SONY

    Posted by squigo on 5/9/2002, 19:38:38

    with the ability to upload music recordings to pc your MD sales would skyrocket... and the ones who have already bought a MD unit will not return it

    595. A necessary feature

    Posted by Tim Anderson on 5/9/2002, 19:49:03

    MD to PC upload
    PC to MD at SP quality

    596. UPloading

    Posted by Gary Giles on 5/9/2002, 20:21:23

    Please, please impliment this feature, or it will be the death of the midi disc. I am a profesional sound tech. Its so frustrating not to be able to upload.


    597. Sony, why do you have to be so complicated?

    Posted by Steve Rosegger on 5/9/2002, 21:08:13

    You are just making it harder to get around it, but we wll anyways.

    598. Audio upload would be wonderful

    Posted by Jon Anderson on 5/10/2002, 1:07:07

    I have been looking for a portable, high quality digital audio recording device to record my children's music recitals, etc., and allow me to transfer the digital audio to my PC for editing/storage. Audio upload would bring the world of affordable, high quality digital audio recording to the market. I personally would love to see it happen. From what I gather from your website, your VAIO MX Desktop Series computer with built in Net MD drives already have the capability to record from MD to another media. Since you have done this already in this system, I don't really see the ethical debate as such as issue. Please consider implementing the recommendations found in the NetMD Audio Uploading Proposal.

    599. MD is great!

    Posted by Axel Bellivier on 5/10/2002, 8:02:31

    Save it!

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