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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    1600. Upload from recorded and purchased MD is a positive thing.

    Posted by Gilles on 7/16/2002, 10:17:49

    Just do it !

    1601. Sony: Please enable MD to PC transfer

    Posted by Eric Limbach on 7/16/2002, 13:23:38

    I support this petition, this is my vote for it.
    Thank you

    1602. Adding this feature will show the user community that Sony is dedicated the MD format.

    Posted by Matthew Brown on 7/16/2002, 13:24:52

    Dear Sony Executives,
    I was disappointed when the Betamax video cassette format was outcompeted and abandoned. Just like Betamax, MD is a better format than comparable alternatives. Please allow this great format to compete with other digital formats by allowing high-speed upload. Unauthorized copying of copyrighted material could still be controlled. You must understand that unless the format can compete, it will soon be rendered obsolete. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thank you for your consideration.
    Best Regards,
    Matthew Brown

    1603. Good going

    Posted by Colby Collie on 7/16/2002, 13:50:32

    I have not yet purchased my NetMD because of this issue. Hopefully we can win this right in the near future. I would also hope that there would be a firmware upgrade, so that everyone who already has one can enjoy. I appreciate all your efforts and would like to offer my support to you as well. My Username is c78935156 and my e-mail is that plus feel free to contact me.

    1604. No point...

    Posted by Bill Daugherty on 7/16/2002, 14:17:02

    I don't see the point of this without uploading capabilites; I was previously interested in buying a NetMD device, but as there is no uploading available, I am most likely not to buy one, and will continue to look wearily for a solution, most likely away from Sony.

    1605. how to make money

    Posted by bob on 7/16/2002, 15:12:57

    very simple !! just listen users desire !!
    i've got a mp3 car system(jvc), but a lot of minidisc, what can i do ???? minidisc changer is not avalable for jvc, and cannot go to mp3 from minidisc .....

    1606. Uploading my mates sets

    Posted by Darian Moody on 7/16/2002, 16:02:25

    My mate is a dj, it would be so much better if i could record his sets easily and then upload quickly to my hard drive and then post it on my web page. Please make the uploading feature work with the MZ-N1, somehow, if its possible. And make SP transfer faster.Cheers

    1607. Upload of analog recordings essential

    Posted by charles martin on 7/16/2002, 18:07:35

    My main use of MD is for personal field recordings. Digital upload of these recordings is not a copyright threat of any kind. I will not purchase a NetMD device until this feature is made available.

    1608. i believed it was possible before buy it..really bad

    Posted by Alex Boilley on 7/16/2002, 21:05:34

    All is in subject...i hope that will be possible in the near future.
    Thanks for read

    1609. Extremely Disappointed

    Posted by Anna Green on 7/16/2002, 21:58:23

    I purchased my Sony Walkman N707 for the SOLE PURPOSE of recording myself playing improv jazz so I could make a CD to send in for an audition. I am now 2 MONTHS past the date the audition CD was due, because I could not upload the audition. I also wanted to be able to record my school band rehearsals (I am a band director) and play back to the students. Also to record concerts and make low cost recordings for the students as I work in a low income area.

    If I could take the unit back now I would. It is practically useless to me.

    Anna Green
    Kent, WA

    1610. Uploading to Hardrive

    Posted by Glen Thomas on 7/17/2002, 1:53:58

    As a film proffessional I beleived the writing on the box and thought I could
    Upload my location sound FX files...boy was I in for a shock. What is the reason for this very silly idea

    1611. Any attempt to intentionally cripple a device or technology...

    Posted by Oliver Gehrke on 7/17/2002, 2:34:20

    ...will be regarded as being put under tutelage by many
    users. Especially in the MD target group, ie young people.
    Think about it, Sony!

    1612. An important feature missing.

    Posted by Brett Johnson on 7/17/2002, 2:36:44

    As of now I dont have a NetMD minidisc player. But a feature like this in next year's model will convince me to upgrade from my R900

    1613. Please Support Upload

    Posted by Laura Baird on 7/17/2002, 6:39:22

    I am a musician and songwriter and as such believe that copyrighted materials should be protected by laws and ethical behavior, not by software that gets in the way of a majority of musicans and songwriters who are legitimately creating live recordings.

    I thought the minidisc recorder was PERFECT until I realized that it's inability to upload recorded music for which I myself own the copyright renders it practically useless to me and many other musicians.

    Too bad, cause this could have really been a ground-breaking product.

    -Laura Baird

    1614. Pourquoi pas!

    Posted by Kevin Ory on 7/17/2002, 7:36:52

    Ch�re Sony.
    Tout d'abord je m'excuse d'�crire en francais, je me rend bien compte que je suis le seul.
    Pour en revenir au NetMD, je pense que cette fonction est tr�s utile pour les utilisateur de MiniDisc. Moi m�me je n'en suis pas un, mais il est fort possible que je m'en ach�te un dans peu de temps. Et comme on peut l'imaginer, la fonction NetMD pourait �tre un argument majeur pour que j'ach�te un MiniDisc Sony ayant cette fonction au lieu d'un autre model. Alors pourquoi pas, cette fonction ne peut �tre qu'utile, et sans doute peu couteuse en d�veloppement.

    1615. NetMD would be so much better with UPLOAD!

    Posted by Philip Moline on 7/17/2002, 8:26:09

    NetMD would be so much better with UPLOAD!

    1616. Cross-platform NetMD

    Posted by Brendan Duffy on 7/17/2002, 10:05:36

    I'm a musician who has now put the last six years of my own work onto MD. To make NetMD a viable upload option for MP3 users would greatly increase the opportunity for myself and others like me to share our music.

    I already own 2 MiniDisc machines, both Sony, and it's only fair to say that they have completely changed the way I both consume and produce music. If you made it possible, I'd go out and buy a NetMD machine tomorrow. I can't see how anybody would lose out if you just take this simple step.

    1617. Voting with my dollars

    Posted by Edward Hansen on 7/17/2002, 10:45:25

    I'd be far more inclined to purchase more SONY products if I felt that the company was responsive to
    this consumer's needs and wants. You are largely a consumer products company. Produce products with features I want and I will purchase them. Don't and I will shop elsewhere. Simple.

    1618. Won't buy without it.

    Posted by Gordon Craig on 7/17/2002, 11:16:46

    I won't be buying NetMD unless it has 2 way transfere

    1619. Make MD even better than it is already! (In Dutch)

    Posted by Andries Tom on 7/17/2002, 11:50:54

    Ook in Belgi� wordt er opgenomen met MD's; het is immers het ideale toestel! Lijkt het dan ook niet meer dan logisch dat je je muziek digitaal op PC krijgt!?!
    Tom from Belgium

    1620. uploading from friends MD

    Posted by Alf on 7/17/2002, 13:47:04

    it would be awesomw if u can upload because my friend listens to rap and i would like to upload...and i listen to rock and he would like to upload know...

    1621. Sony you've lost another sale

    Posted by glenn judge on 7/17/2002, 15:33:06

    I want to upload voice recorded lectures during my university course and edit them on a pc. Since I can't upload with a minidisk I'm going to get a Creative Lab MP3 jukebox. Come on Sony sort this out before you lose more of your customers.

    1622. A Petition Asking Sony to Enable NetMD based audio uploads to computer

    Posted by Terry Little on 7/17/2002, 15:53:23

    Sounds like a great idea to me. I record 2hours of God's music at my churches each week and distribute them to home-bound parishoners. The MD format is an incredible asset to provide music and prayer services to those who cannot attend.
    Yours in Christ,
    Terry Little
    Singer/Guitar player/MIDI musician for the Catholic Church in Glendale,Az.

    1623. A Petition Asking Sony to Enable NetMD based audio uploads to computer

    Posted by Terry Little on 7/17/2002, 15:54:00

    Sounds like a great idea to me. I record 2hours of God's music at my churches each week and distribute them to home-bound parishoners. The MD format is an incredible asset to provide music and prayer services to those who cannot attend.
    Yours in Christ,
    Terry Little
    Singer/Guitar player/MIDI musician for the Catholic Church in Glendale,Az.

    1624. why are we waiting?

    Posted by alan on 7/17/2002, 17:10:57

    I've bought a lot of Sony equipment over the years - monitors, digicam, hi fi, televisions - but I will definitely NOT be buying a Minidisc Recorder until it has the upload features I require for my work. Sony - I believe you are missing a great opportunity here.

    1625. Come on you guys....

    Posted by Jose Ramos on 7/17/2002, 19:52:25

    This seems to be an ugly joke

    1626. Please and Thank you

    Posted by Steve Wood on 7/17/2002, 21:39:57

    I'd very much appreciate digital upload to the computer for editing of my recordings.

    1627. Uploading recordings from MD to PC

    Posted by Trevor on 7/17/2002, 23:44:27

    The MD is an ideal live recording medium but the inability to transfer the recorded data at high speed is a significant restriction. Not just the fact that the transfer has to be converted to analogue and back to digital, but that the transfer time is the same as the recording time! This means having to tie up a both your MD and PC for up to 4 hours to tranfer the recorded information! This takes us back to the dark ages of tape recording. Memory card recorders, while lacking the overall convenience and flexibility of MD, certainly provided the much needed transfer speeds.

    1628. por favor

    Posted by gabriel segundo on 7/17/2002, 23:54:33

    HAganlo por favor, es sumamente necesario esta capacidad en nuestros queridos aparatos dise�ados por ustedes

    1629. Minidisc to PC

    Posted by Padraig Maguire on 7/18/2002, 5:23:43

    I got a present of a Net MD from my wife. I used it to record some live Irish music (what I wanted it for) and was extremely happy with the recorded quality. Got a real shock when I found out there is no way to get my recorded music off my minidisc. This is a real let down.


    1630. I want to upload the recorings of my father playing music

    Posted by Alexander Sparkowsky on 7/18/2002, 6:13:56

    MiniDisc is a really cool format. ATRAC is far more better than MP3. The physical format perfectly sized and robust. My father started recording his playings on a MZ-R1. I really would like to get them to my PC easyly

    1631. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Dave on 7/18/2002, 6:22:12

    Sony needs to support there customers needs. Why offer a versatile product like the MD only to limit its capabilities and not updating its software. I say we reverse engineer it and do it ourselves

    1632. Using MD for Foley Recording

    Posted by Keith on 7/18/2002, 8:07:14

    I want to use the MZN1 to record foot steps and other sounds for use in video game sound effects.

    I obviously need to upload these using the USB feature, I want to keep the source material in it's native format for quality reasons.

    I will buy the MZN1 if this feature becomes available in the near future.

    1633. OpenMG Jukebox is crap

    Posted by Joris on 7/18/2002, 10:41:11

    The software that comes with Sony MD recorders (OpenMG Jukebox) does not allow you to transfer live recordings from MD to pc, which is exactly what I want to do. This has nothing to do with copyrights, so to my humble opinion this software is crap. Hope Sony will soon do something about it...

    1634. it would be great

    Posted by Ross on 7/18/2002, 11:44:51

    Pleas give us this functionality.

    1635. It seems a shame...

    Posted by Jake Yapp on 7/18/2002, 12:09:30

    ...For people making their own music etc to be penalised.

    1636. Can't send mic-recordings (lectures) to the PC (as Wave) for further workflow.

    Posted by Andr� Biedermann on 7/18/2002, 13:03:19

    These NetMD players seemed to be a good idea. I bought the MZ-N1 today. But it is rubish. Even the resellers can't handle this mess with abreviations and restrictions. The dealer told me something wrong. I will give this beta-fake back tomorrow. I need a recorder for recording lectures and transfering to PC. Not even that is possible. This should have been possible 4 years ago allready. It is a shame.

    1637. Stop Hindering Artistic Potential

    Posted by Dario Del Degan on 7/18/2002, 14:19:00

    Dear Sony,

    I am a professional musician and audio engineer who was given a NetMD MZ-N707 as a gift.

    I was thrilled to finally have a portable digital recorder to capture environmental sounds for original composition and to record my live musical performances and academic lectures.

    Unfortunately, the lack of support to digitally upload my original work for further editing and/or storage is infuriating.

    Please rectify this salient issue otherwise you risk alienating those of us who enjoy utilizing technology in the creation of new and original art.

    1638. Sony is a bunch of money-grubbing virgins

    Posted by Jamie Smith on 7/18/2002, 14:38:36

    Sony and this OpenMG/Spyware/Hard Drive Ruining/Unstable POS software need to go. They have no right to do this to us. They need to burn in hell with the rest of the greedy losers.

    1639. Missing significant market potential

    Posted by Greg Silsby on 7/18/2002, 14:58:46

    Among the numerous market segments that have weighed in with their request for MD to PC uploading capability, I would stress that in the very large U.S. market, the house of worship market potential, now mostly cassette-based, is huge (about 389,000 churches), but requires this capability for MD to take over.

    1640. audio uploading from minidisc to pc

    Posted by gennaro puorto on 7/18/2002, 16:23:58

    It would be great!!!!

    1641. Uploads from NetMD

    Posted by Diane Thackray on 7/18/2002, 17:01:21

    Without this facility your fantastic new product is only half finished - shouldn't you therefore be reducing your prices and stating the lack of this facility clearly on your packaging. Better still just add the feature before someone else does!

    1642. This is what the Minidisc is made for...

    Posted by Ben Chernivsky on 7/18/2002, 19:51:44

    The Sony Minidisc is made for people to record and mess with music. I am sure a lot of people record from the minidisc and would like to upload those tracks onto their computer at faster than realtime speeds. It is only logical. Halting this feature does not end piracy, it just enrages people who spend nearly $300 on a could-be-better piece of hardware.

    We all know this is a matter of a few software updates that would fix this problem. Easy task for Sony.


    1643. I had -no- idea ...

    Posted by Brek Allred on 7/18/2002, 19:52:03

    As a complete MD newbie, I was -astonished- to find that I couldn't upload my recordings (homemade, mind you) directly to my PC without the whole real-time sound-card capture nonsense. Pleeease support the ability to upload.

    1644. Look at apple

    Posted by Alberto Callerio on 7/19/2002, 5:20:56

    I recently bought a Sony 707 MD. It's hard to
    call OpenMG a software! Fortunately I downloaded
    Simple Burner, not included in the Italian
    Package (why?)!
    Look at apple IPod: it seems to work as an
    external drive, now also for PC. Why my NetMD,
    better than IPOD in many other features, not?
    Please Sony, let me download and upload anything on my MD! Thanks.

    1645. Whu buys this crap with all this restrictions and incapabilities ?????

    Posted by Ralph Berner on 7/19/2002, 5:41:56

    Can't even copy my live recordings to my PC as wave for further processing.

    1646. I brought this tamagochi back to the shop today and after insisting i got my money back!! :-))

    Posted by Andr� Biedermann on 7/19/2002, 5:52:42

    Fortunately i asked in the shop if upload of live recordings is possible, before i bought it.
    They sait yes. So they had to take it back.
    I've spend only a few hours of time instead a lot of money.
    >> It is allways good to ask before!!

    1647. Please add the upload option!

    Posted by Alastair Hill on 7/19/2002, 8:03:53

    Please add the upload option!

    1648. please add upload function

    Posted by ken carswell on 7/19/2002, 8:15:44

    I bought the MZ-N1 to take on my world travels with me. i planned to use it to make an audio diary of my time by recording sounds, music and interviews with people around the world. I thought the MZ N1 would be perfect for this and in all ways bar one it is. If it had an upload capacity I would be able to quickly upload all my data to a PC and in my own time edit it. However without this function it means a loss of quality when uploading and a much harder time for me in choosing and cataloguing my recordings.

    I understand your reasons for not allowing the uploading facility (piracy etc), but I think this is the wrong approach. the piracy of copyrighted music will not be dealt with by disabling such a wonderful product. All you are doing by this is alienating thousands of amateur musicians and artists who would benefit greatly from such a function. Lets face it, the piracy issue is already huge and so easy to do using CD�s. Will disabling a minidisc recorder in this way really do anything to combat this problem? Please think about it Sony. Define what you are trying to prevent by locking the upload facility and come up with a real solution.

    1649. Digital recording to PC

    Posted by Ingmar Heytze on 7/19/2002, 8:41:36

    As an enthousiastic user of the MD-recorder I would like very much an NetMD which can transfer my own recordings to PC.

    Kind regards,

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