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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    650. No upload forces me not to able to share class lectures.

    Posted by David on 5/14/2002, 13:40:59

    I record lectures for class. If I can't upload the lectures, so I can send them to other classmates, what good is it to me. They can't all have minidisc player.

    651. upload good

    Posted by Bill Grady on 5/14/2002, 15:21:15

    techno-fear bad

    652. USB Upload in the Digital Domain

    Posted by sylvain Monod on 5/14/2002, 16:54:53


    653. NetMD could be EXCITING

    Posted by Matthew Lauckhart on 5/14/2002, 17:21:43

    I, like so many others, have greatly anticipated the coming of NetMD. I couldn't wait to do away with time-consuming and lossy MD -> Computer transfers of my live recordings. All my eagerness became quickly replaced with complete disappointment. Not only am I still unable to digitally transfer my legitimate recordings, but another format is availabe for those to listen to their illegally copied music. I think it is a question for you to ask yourselves... who are you catering to? Your new product is severely limited, even useless, to the legitimate user. There are products out there that become more appealing because they already offer this feature(e.g. Creative's Nomad Jukebox). Please realize that by excluding this feature you are only hampering those who would use this feature within the law, there are plenty of alternatives for users with their own agendas.
    That said, I truly love your products... I have owned one of your portable MD recorders for 4 years and still use it regularly. I would love to upgrade it when the features deem it necessary... digital uploading would deem it necessary.

    654. Es Necesario

    Posted by Federico Errazuriz on 5/14/2002, 19:06:23

    Me parece que incorporar la capacidad de traspasar grabaciones hechas en el MD al PC es algo necesario, de hecho fue una mala noticia enterarme que los NetMD carecen de esta funcion.

    656. (no subject)

    Posted by bone on 5/14/2002, 20:14:38

    upload yeah

    657. MD should replace floppy disk

    Posted by Jean-Patrick Gelas on 5/15/2002, 11:28:35

    Everythings are in your hands, just do it...


    658. Important for musicians

    Posted by Stefan Werner on 5/15/2002, 17:52:53

    This would be a killer feature for musicians! Most people with MD recorders I know are musicians that use portable devices for on-the-road recordings. Please givce us the the posility to copy their recorded material directly on their computers for production!

    659. Hmm...Give us a break!

    Posted by Dvesh on 5/15/2002, 18:15:20

    So the "artists", only because of technology that allows digital enhancement of voices, and music companies, a multi-BILLION dollar industry are going to lose a few dollars. I don't think it wil lhurt. Any anyway, give it a few months and there will be a way to do it, it will be done if Sony are a part of it or not. Also, I think it'll help their sales.


    660. Please allow audio upload from MDtoPC

    Posted by Maryse st-onge on 5/15/2002, 22:04:40

    I am a musician who need this option please let us be creative.

    661. Just make it upload!

    Posted by O.Ramos on 5/15/2002, 22:16:18

    Just make it upload!

    662. NetMD -> PC necessary to remain competative

    Posted by David Hardy on 5/15/2002, 22:33:42

    I believe in order for you [Sony] to stay competitive with existing and emerging technologies is at least keep pace and allow digital transfer from NetMD to PC. Several MP3 units already have this funcitonality. I cannot really see how allowing this would damage the recording industry in anyway, and it would be boon to both MD consumers and Sony MD sales. This is a much needed feature if MD is to become a long term, viable format.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    David Hardy

    663. Audio Upload/Data Drive

    Posted by Jack Capper on 5/15/2002, 22:42:16

    The two thing that are sorely lacking as far as Mini Disc is concerned are: Allowing NetMD Audio Uploads, and a Data drive. those two thing would easily put minidisc over the top.

    664. Important for musicians!

    Posted by Rick Nakahara on 5/16/2002, 0:39:32

    Please impliment this uploading function. As a musician, my main concern is to be able to record live sounds and be able to edit them in my computer.

    665. Important for interview recording.

    Posted by Matt Bryant on 5/16/2002, 1:23:16

    A NetMD upload function would make easier radio news and documentary production. Imagine giving radio professionals a unique tool that speeds the transition of actualities from the portable to the editing enviroment.

    I started my career lugging around a Marantz cassette player, transitioned to smaller units later, and now I understand many radio newsrooms use HDD MD equipment. This is a chance for Sony to capture a loyal professional market.


    Matt Bryant

    666. Band recordings are not illegal

    Posted by Mark Haldane on 5/16/2002, 8:50:29

    We just want to be able to put our bands live recordings on computer so we can distribute it more easily, We NEED Audio Upload Sony!

    667. This would help secure the future of MD as a format.

    Posted by Nigel Thomas on 5/16/2002, 8:52:48

    As an MD user for 4 years now, I am very happy with the format. But I am concerned that MD as a format will go the same way as Betamax in the face of competition from CD-RW and MP3 players.
    I'm sure making the MD format even more flexible and useful would secure it's future for many years to come.

    668. Audio Uploading private recordings via NetMD

    Posted by Mario Vano on 5/16/2002, 10:56:27

    Please consider adding this the capability of uploading private recordings to a computer at high speed (for non-digital recordings only, of course) to the NetMD specification.

    This feature would greatly enahance our use of the format in various community radio and webcasting production tasks, and I don't believe that such a move is at any way in odds with Sony's current policies for protection of copyright material.

    I presently own an NetMD, and am part of a small community of programmers and engineers associated with KFAI community radio in Minneapolis. We all use privately owned MD for interviews, ad-hoc music recording and as a fallback recorder for important concerts we record for airing (with permission, of course).

    Allowing digital uploading of things we have recorded via the analog input would save us hours.

    We presently are finding that non-MD solutions (such as direct HD recording) save us time this way, but we would much prefer to exploit the MD device's unique properties and to help Sony further both their product's success and our own desire to help ordinary people produce radio programs of professional quality.


    Mario Vano

    669. Yes Please

    Posted by David Shipp on 5/16/2002, 12:50:18


    670. Uploading

    Posted by Ben on 5/16/2002, 16:35:00

    I didn't know you couldn't upload files. I've just ordered the NetMD SONY MZ-N1 and I just assumed that uploads would be possible. But even if you can't upload files through the Net MD software you can still just put it through the line in on your sound card and record it as .wav and then convert it to MP3 later if you wish. With this being easily done anyway I can't see why Sony didn't integrate uploading into Net MD because it doesn't exactly stop people doing it. Unless of course it isn't possible (I cant see why not)


    Posted by GUILLERMO FERRER on 5/16/2002, 21:56:45 , in reply to "Es Necesario"


    672. Won't buy one until you fix mg and add upload capability

    Posted by Will Maxwell on 5/17/2002, 0:10:01

    I have money sitting in my pocket and your not going to see it unless you do as everyone is asking i will buy from your competitors that said i really want a 707 but i wont buy one that is crippled!! just adding my voice

    673. I bought the MZ-N707 thinking it would allow me to upload!!!

    Posted by Michael Koons on 5/17/2002, 0:30:49

    Now I think I may take this minidisc recorder back to the store.

    674. Denied a useful feature

    Posted by Jason Tan on 5/17/2002, 0:53:52

    I'd just like to add my support to this cause. An upload feature would make the format even more popular than it is now. Lets make it happen.

    675. Uploading worthwhile feature

    Posted by Bach on 5/17/2002, 1:04:56

    Sony seems to enjoy leaving out the most useful features of a product. Seems as if they like to screw the comsumers.

    676. allow uploading to the pc!

    Posted by Daniel on 5/17/2002, 5:13:11


    677. Digital Recording Without Digital Output?

    Posted by Susan Tucker on 5/17/2002, 9:52:35

    I purchased my MD recorder to record live music that I create, wanting to get away from the problems of analog media and noisy sampling with my soundcard. The next step for me is burning it onto a CD. It's staggering to think that these great recorders don't feature a digital output. This policy seems to be driven by the idea that the majority of the users are thieves and pirates. Please abandon what seems to be a cynical and crippling design decision. And thank you for your consideration.

    678. Por que no?

    Posted by Francisco Montes on 5/17/2002, 13:29:23 , in reply to "LO NECESITAMOS , ES IMPORTANTE"

    No entiendo esta limitacion en el NetMD, ya que no perjudica derechos de autor y si a los usuarios que queremos grabar nuestra musica producida por nosotros mismos y que no es ilegal. Esperamos una solucion ya! Mi MZ-N707 no es precisamente barato...

    679. Please allow uploading from Minidisc to PC.

    Posted by Timothy Brown on 5/17/2002, 14:20:13

    One thing i'd love to see in a Minidisc player is the ability to quickly upload data I take in the field (voice and background audio) to the PC. Right now, I have to use a laptop with a microphone input, but my life would be significantly less complicated if this capability were added. The lack of this capability means that I will not be purchasing a Minidisc player right now, however; if this capability were added I would purchase one immediately.

    Please do the right thing and listen to your community of avid listeners.


    Posted by Santus on 5/17/2002, 14:56:06

    Please do a totally free version of OpenMg Jukebox

    681. Petition Signature

    Posted by Mark Fullen on 5/17/2002, 17:22:51

    Petition Signature

    682. Posibilidad paso MD a PC

    Posted by Javier on 5/17/2002, 18:25:47

    Precisamente era de comprarme un aparato de sobremesa con posibilidad de conectar el MD al PC, ya que suelo hacer grabaciones en directo con micr�fonos (conciertos de coros, sobre todo), y me ha llegado el momento en que tengo temas en MD's desperdigados. Quer�a pasarlos digitalmente al PC, y despu�s compendiarlos. Precisamente, entraba aqu� para enterarme bien. Para mi disgusto, veo que no se puede. Me lo voy a pensar.

    683. request for an upload function

    Posted by Brian Su on 5/17/2002, 20:14:13

    I don't really have to much to say... I suppose some other people would say it better but, please try to fulfill the requests of all of us. I know that I'll be getting a NetMD soon myself, and I would find it convenient if I were able to upload at least something

    684. Net MD is awesome... Make it work the other way around

    Posted by josh on 5/17/2002, 22:33:07

    High speed transfer from MD to PC would rock! Please make it possible...

    685. let�s make it better!!!

    Posted by abel on 5/18/2002, 5:37:52

    it�s sure that if you don�t make a free net-MD uploading it will desapear, because what we want it�s to get free music. haven�t you think why md don�t succed? think for a while and make things better for everybody, and not only for comercial music houses!!!

    686. If there is no direct pc upload from minidisc, I think I will go for a MP3 player

    Posted by Edwin Lau on 5/18/2002, 6:37:38

    Minidisc have great sound quality. However, the fact that I can't upload my own music/lecture/interview/memo to a PC directly hold me from buy a minidisc player. I am very much a computer guy who store everything one a computer. If there is no direct pc upload from minidisc, I think I will go for a MP3 player. The sound may be not as good (for now). But convenience is more important factor for me. btw, if minidisc player have that capability, I am sure the rest of the "digital-oriented" region like North America and Europe will love it.

    687. Uploading with a mindisc recorder/player

    Posted by Nick Reinig on 5/18/2002, 14:11:10

    As a DJ in the 21st century, I find the easiest way to record my sets being with minidisc technology. Unfortunately the inability to upload what I have recorded greatly hinders the possibility of using such technology to a great advantage. I would love to be able to record a set, then upload it to my computer for a quick and simple burn of my recording to be distributed as a demo of myself as a DJ. I ask Sony, or even a 3rd party, to create a system in which minidisc recordings may be uploaded.

    688. I need to transfer mic recordings to my PC

    Posted by Gregory Wilpert on 5/18/2002, 14:47:09

    I specifically bought the Net MD MZ-N707 with the belief that I could digitally transfer my interview recordings from the MD to my PC and then archive them on a CD. While I can do it through the line-in, it degrades the quality too much, since I plan to use some of my recordings for an audio documentary. Also, it takes much too much time. Please introduce this capability. I feel cheated. I could just as well have bought a much cheaper tape recorder.

    689. I have not bought a new Minidisc because there is no upload

    Posted by Jon Hassall on 5/18/2002, 16:56:04

    If there was upload I would have bought a NETMD player, as I often make field recordings. Please remedy the situation.

    690. petition

    Posted by Mil Koh on 5/18/2002, 18:20:00

    improve your product

    691. It is the only thing missing that would make it a worthwhile purchase in my field

    Posted by Terese Johnson on 5/18/2002, 19:20:53

    I deal with original audio files only and need a quality, compact way of recording in the field with ease of transfer to my pc for processing. I, like most people, have respect for other'c copyrights and would not intend to use this for anything other than legal purposes, since the unit already differentiates the type of input, it seems to be a simple task to differentiate what is allowed to be output. Eventually some company will offer this capability, why not you? Please consider this request seriously. Thank you.

    692. Disappointed

    Posted by Timothy Kepple on 5/18/2002, 19:34:17

    I bought the NetMD so that I can record spoken word performances... and I'm highly disappointed that I cannot then directly upload these recordings to my pc.

    693. I need to upload interviews on my PC

    Posted by Pascal on 5/18/2002, 21:13:11

    As a journalist, I'd like to use interviews registered on a MD to work on them on my PC. Please make it possible.

    694. Upload would be great for storing class lectures

    Posted by Christian Abegg on 5/19/2002, 12:16:04

    Since I have started to use the MiniDisc, I often record my lectures (two to four hours a day). The problem is that it takes hours to copy the MD on my computer for storing them.
    With the new NetMD, it's possible to have high-speed downloads from the computer to the recorder.
    It would be great if you could add the possibily to upload MD tracks with high-speed on the computer.

    Thank you.


    695. I would buy a new MD for that.... sure !

    Posted by Mulet on 5/19/2002, 13:43:23


    696. What a great device it would be...

    Posted by Nico on 5/19/2002, 14:41:43

    ... if only all that were possible !!

    697. Uploading

    Posted by Geoffrey Calderone on 5/19/2002, 16:03:16

    The only good way to forever keep an important live recording!


    Posted by Jeremy Johnson on 5/19/2002, 18:25:49

    I am in a band and take my MD player on tour with us...I would like to be able to upload our sets to my computer...this would save me hours of time that I waste after an already time consuming tour...

    699. Add upload for filmmakers and live event recording!!!

    Posted by Frederic Thomas-Dupuis on 5/19/2002, 20:38:00

    I would definitely use this function for our movies and live event recording.


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