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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    1450. Networked Drive Access!!

    Posted by Andrew on 7/7/2002, 15:33:52

    I store my MP3 files on a network file share. Sony: Please allow me to copy these files across to my NetMD without first copying them onto my harddrive.

    Hardware-wise, the NetMD MZ1 I purchased is fantastic - it's such a pity that the supplied software is such a letdown..

    1451. Save community radio - free DIGITAL upload!

    Posted by Reuben Walker on 7/7/2002, 18:25:22

    Thankyou for producing such a fine product... HOWEVER, I purchased a MZ-N707 with the hope of easy digital transfer and editing of speaches recorded for my local community radio station. Of course we all know that this is not possible and thus we waste hours of our time transfering audio in real time. PLEASE free uploads, the MD community in Australia is a small sector of the music world mainly using your product for recording private events... not pirating music (as so many other petition signers have argued). There are so many easy ways to rip and distribute music that the restrictions you impose will have no effect save infuriating and frustrating those of us that want to use the MD to its real potential!

    Reuben Walker.

    1452. uploading DJ sets

    Posted by Eric Pop on 7/7/2002, 18:40:01

    As a college radio station DJ and a mobile DJ, I've been looking for the perfect portable solution for recording my (and other DJs) sets. The one thing keeping me from getting a NetMD player is its inability to upload those sets back onto a computer and share them with friends or promoters. Please consider enabling this feature. It will help make the MD format more popular.

    1453. I bought the N707 to upload to PC

    Posted by John Siemens on 7/7/2002, 20:11:19

    I bought the N707 to record my own live music and then upload to PC. Please allow transfer of files to the PC. Thank you.

    1454. Allow upload

    Posted by Aldert Hoogland on 7/7/2002, 21:51:37

    I sign the petition

    1455. why create a product that doesn't work?

    Posted by Jeff M on 7/7/2002, 23:24:23

    i have recently bought a sony netmd and a microphone. i have since used the mike to record tracks onto a minidisk.. now i want to figure out how to transfer these minidisk files onto my harddrive and convert to either wav or mp3.. the sony software only seems to go backwards, ie take mp3 and convert to minidisk.. but it doesn't recognize these microphone-recorded tracks..

    even worse, the saleman at the store that sold me this sony product mislead me by stating that this type of transfer was possible.

    bottom line, if sony is unable to provide software to convert minidisc files to mp3 on harddrive, i will be forced to return the product for a refund as it will be of no use to me.

    1456. Why not?

    Posted by Matthew Hill on 7/7/2002, 23:36:27

    Another draconian digital rights "feature" from Sony.

    1457. please allow upload

    Posted by dong nan on 7/8/2002, 6:12:10

    If it's allowed it is a great advantage for the Sony products.

    1458. Upload to PC of home and field recordings

    Posted by Chris Jackson on 7/8/2002, 7:10:48

    If I could digitally upload home/field live recordings made on a portable minidisk, this would be fantastic. I (and millions of others) would definitely purchase such a product. It would be the perfect home/field recording device - allowing easy digital transfer to PC where it could be mixed, enhanced, edited and burnt to CD. As it is, the MD format will lose out and other formats will win.

    Sony, keep the Minidisk format alive and introduce this upload feature quickly!

    1459. please

    Posted by Hannes on 7/8/2002, 7:47:43


    1460. Keep it fluid, uploading completes the circle.

    Posted by Gryffen on 7/8/2002, 8:38:31

    We are excited and amazed by every glamorous vision of the future not because of the new technology, but by it's seemless integration into our everyday lives.

    Be fearless Sony, you have the technology to make it work.

    This is why people don't like multinational corporations.

    1461. pleace

    Posted by Pawel Raczkowski on 7/8/2002, 9:03:49

    MD to PC necessery for every musician.

    1462. I wont buy until you allow upload from MD to PC

    Posted by Ian Dodson on 7/8/2002, 9:48:50

    I have a requirement to use digital recording devices in a government department for reporting purposes. The inability to transfer these recordings to PC eliminates MD as an option.


    1463. NetMD Audio Upload

    Posted by Jonathan Flaxman on 7/8/2002, 11:14:17

    I record my class lectures every day and I really would enjoy being able to store them in and organized manor on my computer. Please allow for NetMD audio upload!

    1464. Allow uploads to PC

    Posted by Bob Bowler on 7/8/2002, 12:37:47

    Allow uploads to PC

    1465. NetMD-Based Audio Uploading from MiniDisc to Computer

    Posted by Malte on 7/8/2002, 12:43:11

    NetMD-Based Audio Uploading from MiniDisc to Computer

    1466. do it

    Posted by Stanislaw Raczynski on 7/8/2002, 12:48:37

    i can't think of any reason why shouldn't you do it...

    1467. Please allow MD-PC upload

    Posted by Aaron on 7/8/2002, 12:50:14

    Dear Sirs,

    I purchased my MD specifically for recording live talks and performances. These are all allowed to be recorded and the MD makes it easier than carring a lot of bulky equiptment.

    The only way I can listen to the material outside of the player is to transfer to a CD. I also need to email this material to other clients so that they can hear the discussions.

    I understand that you are concerned about copyright infringements, but it is the operator, not the tool that causes these problems.

    I will be forced to return my product and purchase a competitors recoding device if this request cannot be met. Thank you for your consideration with this matter.

    Aaron Bailey

    1468. I really would like to copy my voice recordings to my PC.

    Posted by Jason Rasmussen on 7/8/2002, 13:14:44

    I am a student and use my NetMD all the time to record lessons. If I could upload my live recordings back to my PC it would help a lot. I could archive all my important lessons, back them up, even send them to other students if they needed them.

    While not being a student I work on audio production and the NetMD is a great way to sample sounds. To keep the audio quality high, I would love the ability to transfer my samples back to the PC.

    I totally understand the need to have digital rights management, but what about my rights? Copying digitally secure music back to the PC should be prohibited, but any live recordings I make I should be able to transfer digitally back to my PC. Thank you.

    1469. Bi-Directional MD audio transfer

    Posted by Aaron Roberts on 7/8/2002, 13:19:44

    Adding upload capability to the NetMD line of Sony products would be a wonderful addition to a superior product. Many students use MDs to record lecture notes and should have a way of uploading these notes to computer. I have seen reporters use MDs in the field, who I'm sure would love to transfer their field recordings to computer.

    Thank you,
    Aaron R>

    1470. supporting the above data transfer parameters

    Posted by sandor gyurkovics on 7/8/2002, 14:50:04


    1471. come on!

    Posted by tim on 7/8/2002, 17:05:39

    when I got this i though I would be able to take old recordings and copy the orignal atrac onto the computer for compression to mp3 or burning to the cdr for other friends

    1472. please...

    Posted by guru rattan khalsa on 7/8/2002, 19:13:24

    the minidisc is useless to me without upload. i might as well use 3 inch CDs. not only should you allow uploading, you should also allow data storage and transfer of all types on the MD format. afterall it is a data disc. only then will i buy a player.

    1473. Uploading as a music instructional tool

    Posted by Pat Japenga on 7/8/2002, 19:33:27

    Please add the ability to upload field recordings to the PC to the NetMD feature set. As an active musician playing Irish music, the Sony Minidisc is an ideal field recording tool. I use it to record live music "sessions" in pubs and in house sessions. These are spontaneous jam sessions, in which musicians participate for the fun of it, and maybe a pint or two of Guiness. New tunes are traded between musicians, and the folk tradition continues. When a particularly wonderful session occurs, it would be great to be able to upload my minidisc recording to PC and burn it onto a CD for sharing with other musicians who want to learn new tunes.

    I was very disappointed that this feature was not included. Since the "check-in" feature exists, I just assumed that it was possible to transfer any recording from the MD to the PC over the USB connection.

    Thank you
    Pat Japenga

    1474. do it

    Posted by akira on 7/8/2002, 20:15:24

    go on please

    1475. please

    Posted by gary crowe on 7/8/2002, 20:16:25

    please do it

    1476. allow upload

    Posted by jim hanak on 7/8/2002, 21:50:15

    Sony should take the position of Apple. Make the hardware, leave the moral decisions to the users.

    1477. NetMD Audio Uploading Proposal

    Posted by eddie padilla on 7/9/2002, 0:31:43

    Give this poor multimedia student a break will ya! Allow upload. - eDDie m. p.

    1478. Live recordings upload

    Posted by Olav Naayer on 7/9/2002, 5:06:26

    I agree, this is a feature that I am looking for a very long time.
    Make a net MD with speedy upload, or release the internal computer MD's as found on the Japanese market.

    1479. Why have record function on Net-MD

    Posted by Rich Perkins on 7/9/2002, 5:42:03

    Without the ability to save it to your computer. Makes for recording speaches, and notes pretty much useless.

    1480. Demand for free uploading

    Posted by Jernej Krmelj on 7/9/2002, 6:03:51

    Like all the musician who make their own music there is also me who want to transfer it into PC. So their is a need to make open upload for all music recorded on NetMD and similar devices.

    1481. why ?

    Posted by fernando tornisiello on 7/9/2002, 7:05:36

    why i cannot edit my md recordings on pc ?

    1482. DO IT PLEASE

    Posted by Lannon frederic on 7/9/2002, 7:26:58


    1483. MD integration

    Posted by Giorgui on 7/9/2002, 8:11:36

    Come on guys, stop stalling. We all know its gonna happen one day, so lets just make it happen sooner. �200 for a Net Md and u cant have both way compatibility; the corporate machine loves one way streets.

    1484. Uploading would help distribute my sound recordings

    Posted by Alan Mountain on 7/9/2002, 9:15:26

    To whom it may concern,

    I am currently recording songs, and would really find it helpful to upload my songs onto computer, and then record them onto CD to distribute.

    Alan Monutain

    1485. Upload Capabilities

    Posted by Eric Yang on 7/9/2002, 9:50:54

    Please include upload capabilities to the NetMD Interface

    1486. MD Upload

    Posted by Loic Matthey on 7/9/2002, 12:34:23

    I'm for this modification.
    It's a bad limitation, and it limites the utilisation of MD for private use

    1487. Uploading would be cool!

    Posted by Jonathan Wise on 7/9/2002, 14:55:32

    Please add this feature!

    1488. Field Recording PC Transfer Required

    Posted by Yanai Danan on 7/9/2002, 15:25:47

    After purchasing my NetMD, I was very excited, the possibilities seems endless, but I quickly realized that Sony had placed restrictions on those possibilities. Restricting the transfer analog recorded material to computer, greatly dimished the value to the NetMD and with the addition of several of the protection features that significantly complicated the music file management system and the inconsistent behavior of the copyright detection system (the system will transfer a mp3 track extracted from a CD, but refuse the next). I see no alternative to returning the player.

    I hope to solve those problems and add the necessary features to the player as they don't diminish the copyright protect.

    Thank for taking into consideration my request and those of users worldwide,
    Yanai Danan

    1489. Uploading urgently needed!

    Posted by Chris on 7/9/2002, 15:54:08

    I support the petition to Sony to enable uploading. I am a DPhil Student of Modern History and I have do a lot of interviews. Being able to edit them on the PC would be most convenient and time-saving. Please add this feature.


    1490. NetMD and upload function

    Posted by Arnie on 7/9/2002, 16:53:26

    I am musician and I often use MD to record my guitar parts or my band at concerts. I already have 3MD units and I was planning to buy the new NetMD system but .... I was amazed to learn there is no possibility for uploading from MD to PC !
    I think that would be great to have an Uploading option on the NetMD.
    I hope you'll work on that feature for the next releases, and surely I'll buy new MD recorder !
    Thanks for the great devices you are providing !

    1491. Lack of upload prevents purchase

    Posted by Britt Gathright on 7/9/2002, 17:55:57

    I work in a call center where we record agent's calls for quality purposes. The MD format is especially good for this potentially, but the lack of upload ability (so that the agents can listen to their calls from computer instead of the MD unit) prevents me from purchasing a MD unit at this time.

    1492. Upload makes sense

    Posted by Raymond on 7/9/2002, 18:33:07

    The minidisc format has been supported in large part by musicians who use it to record their work onto MD and now with netmd, would like to be able to edit their own recordings. This is a source of frustration for many people. Please help

    1493. Net;MD Audio upload

    Posted by Frederico Cunha on 7/9/2002, 21:23:35

    I would like very much if you could considerer this. It would be a great help mainly because i help a band in Portugal to edit their musics and i use MD to transfer the musics but when i try to record from the MD to the pc i loose quality in the process. I hope you read all opinios and that you considerer and include the upload in the NetMD. I own a mz-r35 wich can�t record and a mz-r91 which is impec and i'm going to buy a MZ-N1 mainly because of the NetMD. Thank you.

    1494. Uploads

    Posted by David Chan on 7/9/2002, 23:03:18

    Uploads would immensely simplify any live recordings I do of my own classical music (pipe organ) performances. Many thanks for your consideration..

    1495. Recording from MiniDisc to PC

    Posted by Seung-Ah on 7/9/2002, 23:31:26

    I am a student composer at Brandeis University. I use the MiniDisc recorder to record performances of the music I have written. I purchased the MZ-R900 recorder because of it's excellent recording capabilities. I am quite disapointed that I can't transfer my music to the PC. I would like to make CDs of my performances as well as potentially make some snippets or whole pieces available on the web to promote my music. I hope you reconsider adding the MD to PC recording capability to your future products.

    1496. Minidisc as data storage!

    Posted by Kit on 7/10/2002, 0:09:17

    Why not allow upload to PC, and use the MD recorder as a portable "floppy drive". Wouldn't it revolutionize the way we transfer data between computers, and provide us with a replacement for the floppy drive. The floppy is the oldest technology (and the slowest) in our computers (except the keyboard of course).


    1497. If Sony is ignoring this petition, why don't we...

    Posted by Ping on 7/10/2002, 2:34:22

    Send the petition to Sharp? I am sure that Sharp would appreciate suggestion to gain more MD market share.

    1498. MD to PC

    Posted by Simone Martelli on 7/10/2002, 3:28:17

    Take us the upload

    1499. From MD to Mac toooooooo!!!!

    Posted by Smalll on 7/10/2002, 5:30:38

    uff.. why not??

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