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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    2050. md-net

    Posted by peter on 8/6/2002, 10:43:39

    I bought the player just to record interviews and that does not seem to work, please help.

    2051. NetMD upload capability

    Posted by Owen Abbe on 8/6/2002, 10:45:01

    I was planning to buy the MZ-N707 because of the NetMD software until I learned that it does not have upload capacity. I will have to find another way to make high quality recordings to import onto my computer.

    2052. upload is a must have feature

    Posted by Jeremie Van Renterghem on 8/6/2002, 11:56:00

    If I choose MD, it is for live recording. If I cannot
    upload what is recorded, what is the use ?

    2053. (no subject)

    Posted by Dave D on 8/6/2002, 12:22:58

    Cmon now I have recorded several shows (with permission) and need a high quality upload option for my MZn505

    2054. Absolutely

    Posted by Mike B on 8/6/2002, 12:27:39

    As a public radio producer - this feature would be invaluable!

    2055. I am waiting for a reasonable uploadable device

    Posted by FHuntzicker on 8/6/2002, 12:30:38

    I have been waiting to buy a MD recorder for 3 years. It must have a digital upload. I only want to upload my own microphone recordings. As with most people, the lack of upload capability is a tremendous inconvenience. I am almost ready to buy an MP3 recorder, but would prefer to buy a Sony MD if it were available.

    2056. Uploading would make MD the ultimate field recorder

    Posted by Dale Greer on 8/6/2002, 12:37:21

    The MD format's functionality as a field recorder makes it a natural for the rapid uploading of digital audio to a computer for editing and post production. Why this feature hasn't been offered yet is a mystery to me. You will sell many more units if this pent-up demand is met. Also -- please add NetMD support for Mac OS X and Linux.

    2057. uploading netmd is good also...

    Posted by jake on 8/6/2002, 13:30:11

    they should make a firewire version of the netmd recorders, usb is too slow

    2058. NetMD uploading could also support Mac OS X and Linux

    Posted by Angela Hurd on 8/6/2002, 13:39:54

    The MD format's functionality as a field recorder makes it a natural for the rapid uploading of digital audio to a computer for editing and post production. Why this feature hasn't been offered yet is a mystery to me. You will sell many more units if this pent-up demand is met. Also -- please add NetMD support for Mac OS X and Linux.

    2059. Sony has a history of doing this!!!

    Posted by E.collins on 8/6/2002, 13:54:12

    I have been using Sony products for a long time and as far as MD products are concerned there have always been something to lessen the products functionality in one way or another. I thing this has to to with Sony's obsession with trying to stop the world from pirating music. (after all, they have a record lable of their own, so pirating does affect their bottom line.) A somewhat unfortunate result of this is that they at the same time manage to turn poeople off to there products. I personally prefer MD over CD but because Sony has chosen not to market it well,
    and to piss people off by limiting the functionality of the product, I think that this will be yet another superior format that will eventually fail because of Sony's policies.
    Do you all remember the beta max... nuff said!!!

    2060. midi and sound recordings

    Posted by David Major on 8/6/2002, 13:54:47

    There should be a way that Sony can allow uploading of midi and amateur sound recordings without jeopardizing the copyright of professional musicians

    2061. Sony has a history of doing this!!!

    Posted by E.collins on 8/6/2002, 14:06:32

    I have been using Sony products for a long time and as far as MD products are concerned, there has always been something to lessen the product's functionality in one way or another (like no optical outs on most MD Decks). I think this has to to with Sony's obsession with trying to stop the world from pirating music. (after all, they have a record label of their own, so pirating does affect their bottom line.) A somewhat unfortunate result of this is that they at the same time manage to turn poeople off to there products. I personally prefer MD over CD let alone MP3, but because Sony has chosen not to market it well, and to piss consumers off by limiting the functionality of the product, I think this will be yet another superior format that will eventually fail because of Sony's policies.
    Do you all remember the beta max... nuff said!!!
    Minidisc is way too awsome a format to have it slip through the cracks without having people recognize it's true potential, so Sony if your listening... Please don't screw this one up!!!

    2062. Make it so...

    Posted by Jens Schaller on 8/6/2002, 14:20:22

    ...but be sure to make it fast

    2063. our community student radio needs it

    Posted by ben kline on 8/6/2002, 14:32:17

    MD is the only cheap digital format accesable by all levels of audio producer. We stream audio on campus servers and broadcast on an AM antenna operated by the campus owned NPR affiliate.

    Please do not restict free speech in the name of corporate control of the producer/artist market!

    2064. PLease Let it Upload!!!

    Posted by Claudio on 8/6/2002, 14:39:13


    2065. Please add Mac Support too

    Posted by andrew on 8/6/2002, 14:50:10

    Please consider adding Mac support for us Mac would make NetMD more flexible and even more popular, because the majority of the audio industry uses macintosh...

    2066. Legalise it!

    Posted by Hantouche on 8/6/2002, 15:06:50

    Net md is a great technology. Please let us use it at its maximum possibilities!

    2067. OpenMG

    Posted by Matteo (italy) on 8/6/2002, 15:38:47

    Fix it!!! Too many bugs.

    2068. Uploading on NetMD

    Posted by James on 8/6/2002, 15:45:08

    To Sony,
    I respect your decisions so far on the MD technology. The inclusion of Net MD has been by far the best possible move towards showing what this medium is capable of.
    I do feel though that the exclusion of the ability to upload music is a hinderance to your ideal and that it will ultimately prevent people from using choosing your product, especially with CD-RW's out there.
    I sincerely hope that you will include the ability in the near future, as this will help out not only your consumers, but your business as well.

    2069. Upload disaster

    Posted by Humphrey Murphy on 8/6/2002, 15:55:03

    I bought the MD to record an expedition in the Himalaya's for a radio show. I now have 6 hours od sound (Voice)and editing software that are practically useless. If I had known that uploading was not possible I would not have bought the unit (Sales man at the store said that of course I could record it back to the computer.)
    Stop taking the easy way out and open up your market share, there are other ways to prevent piracy.

    2070. Please add uploading feature

    Posted by Susan Sevier on 8/6/2002, 16:23:58

    Whether or not you know it, most music students live and die by your minidisc recorders. But we need to be able to upload our own performances. Please, build a complete unit that is really useful.

    2071. Uploading the minidisk to my pc

    Posted by Pete Lips on 8/6/2002, 16:36:34

    I decided to pop for the best MD sony offered. Now after recording my own gigs, I find that I can't even upload them digitally to my computer! What a joke. I'm pissed off and now I am looking for another product that can perform the way I want it to. Lame job, Sony!

    2072. Missing Feature - Uploading

    Posted by CY on 8/6/2002, 17:23:01

    I would really like the ability to upload to my PC strickly for the purpose of reorganizing disks. It would be very much like the ability to move tracks to other disks for the purposes of keeping all of my music by one artist/genre on a disk.

    2073. Unfortunate barrier for musicians

    Posted by Paul R on 8/6/2002, 17:32:48

    I, like many of the petitioners here, require the ability to upload live performances recorded to minidisk into my pc for editing & archiving. My new Sony MZ-N707 is an excellent product and I am very happy with the sound quality but I am considering returning the product for a device which will allow for a two way transfer of my recordings. I love Sony products but this sort of limitation is forcing me to consider switching to another brand for my recording needs.

    2074. Disapponted

    Posted by Gulakur Zachariasen on 8/6/2002, 17:44:03

    I must say that I was very disappointed when I found out, that it wasn�t possible to transfer personal recordings to my PC. This was the reason for buying my MZ-N707. I and all the other members of my choir sincerely urge you to make the necessary changes, so we can all share our excellent digital recordings.

    2075. Audio Upload And PC File Transfer

    Posted by Rodney Topp on 8/6/2002, 17:48:38

    Thank you, Sony, for a good product. But - the NetMD is a device with tons of potential. You are not going to stop the determined copyright infringers. It is fine and good to make sure you don't make it easy for them, however don't cripple your product for the rest of us.

    2076. audio upload from Net MZ 707 to PC

    Posted by Richard Barbera on 8/6/2002, 17:59:05

    I am very dissapointed that I can not upload my personal home and field recordings made with a mic or line input on my MZ 707, to my PC. I was surprised to learn this only after I had already purchased the unit. I would not have bought it if I had known this. I intend to shop around and purchase one from another manufacturer that will allow me to upload my recordings to a PC.

    2077. I took it for granted that the MD-player supported uppload too. Very dissapointed :-(

    Posted by J.Steinthorsson on 8/6/2002, 18:50:39

    Come on guys...

    It seems very strange to have all the great features of "OpenMG" but not including the most obvious feature of them all.....UPPLOAD!

    2078. please consider adding upload

    Posted by timm mason on 8/6/2002, 20:04:55

    it's an easy way to edit field recordings

    2079. Uploading

    Posted by Paris on 8/6/2002, 20:19:23

    Adding uploading to the feature set would increase the applications available to the MD feature set.

    I strongly recommend adding this feature to the MD.


    2080. No upload makes your product usless

    Posted by Michael Dobony on 8/6/2002, 20:47:09

    My son bought a portable Sony MD player/recorder. I was hoping to use it to record seminars, convert to MP3, and put them on CD. I was also planning on purchasing another unit for masters of weekly sermons. Unfortunately, because the unit will not upload from the MD player/recorder, it is usless to me. As a result, I will have to be looking for something different. I am not sure now that I can trust a Sony product to do what is needed. Please add this vital function to you othrwise excellent product. Without the upload feature, it is as useful as a car without an engine!

    Michael Dobony

    2081. net MD

    Posted by jf. craig on 8/6/2002, 20:56:24

    at least make the fact that it doesn't upload obvious...i've been using MD technology for years and was overwhelmed that my mic recordings could now be uploaded digitally...but after purchasing the 707 i realized otherwise.

    if you're not going to fix this, at least inform your sales staff about the technology.

    as it stands i have a new MD that's inferior to my others, but was marketed otherwise.

    2082. disappointed parent

    Posted by Jean S. on 8/6/2002, 21:23:36

    I am so upset that I won't be able to listen to my son's clarinet recital. My husband was supposed to have made a copy of it on our Sony DAT tape recorder, but he had technical problems. My son had made a copy on his MiniDisc that came out perfectly, but then we find out you can not upload it on to the computer.

    2083. NetMD Upload

    Posted by David Leyda on 8/6/2002, 22:01:08

    Please enabled upload capabilities for the NetMD player. We use it to record our church sermons and need a convenient way to upload the audio to our website.

    2084. NetMD upload capability

    Posted by Dave Blair on 8/6/2002, 23:16:36

    I bought my MD-NZ707 as a digital recording unit. It surpasses other MP3 players for exactly that reason - that it can record. I often make use of this feature to record live (with the artist's permission) at local open-mic sessions. Unfortunately, MiniDisc is not widespread enough that it would be practical to distribute copies of a night's music on that format alone. With the current policy/limitations of the NetMD operations, however, it's impossible to let many others hear their music on a CD or mp3 format.

    With MD becoming more and more popular of a digital recording medium, this limitation will hold back its progress as more and more people see what they cannot do. Please add NetMD upload to future policies and products. Thank you!

    2085. Upload for medical conferences

    Posted by Mark Pham, M.D. on 8/7/2002, 0:41:02

    I use my Sony MZ-N707 for recording lectures at medical conferences. Upload would be useful, because I can convert them into MP3 and archive them on CDs along with my notes. One medical conference typically lasts about two days with around fifteen two-hour lectures. I don't have the time to record these lectures, then come home and record them again through line-in on my soundcard, and I seriously don't have the money to buy six or seven minidiscs every time I go to a conference. I'm a resident, not a surgeon who works a week and gets the rest of the year off to get naked in Tahiti. I still live on raman noodles and drive a dinky old Corolla for crying out loud. Please Sony, save me some time and money... at least until I become an attending.

    2086. Meeting audio uploads would open up a whole new market

    Posted by Dan Endthoff on 8/7/2002, 0:48:44

    I currently have a MZ-N707 that I use to play music and lectures. I would love to be able to throw away my little tape recorder and use the same device to record meetings and lectures. Uploading at digital speed would be a wonderful addition to this product and from what I understand would not jeapordize the security of the product in any manner.

    2087. Fast way to move recordings to pc

    Posted by Jaakko Aalto on 8/7/2002, 3:28:39

    Weekly I spend several hours in mastering recordings on my PC. I hoped, this will be nice help for saving time when transferring data to my pc but with no upload capability no time saving, even though there is USB and other things ready connected!
    Download ok for teenagers, but for more advanced hobby-use upload is necessary...

    2088. MINIDISC UPLOAD - Sony, Please tell Me

    Posted by Matt on 8/7/2002, 3:57:57

    This I don't understand. There is no minidisc uploadability to PC. Why? Is it only minidiscs that can record? Are there not other ways to upload to PC already? What is the size of all the music files that have been uploaded to the PC? Will minidisc be the first in upload technology? If upload has already been in operation, why is the MINIDISC lagging behind? Please tell me.

    From this long petition, SONY, you will find that only your minidisc customers are crying for upload facility - NOT those who already can upload through other means!!! So is upload the real problem or do you need good programmers??? Or what exactly is the problem here???

    2089. We need this now!

    Posted by Aron on 8/7/2002, 4:20:33

    Stop being silly!

    2090. uploading - a serious oversight

    Posted by Ian Griffiths on 8/7/2002, 4:29:07

    I, and my other friends who have minidisc recorders, all record "live" music (whether it be just us mucking around with instruments, or concerts) to minidisc. I think it is a serious limitation of NetMD that an upload capability was left out. It would be extremely useful to be able to upload the recorded songs to the computer, then burn them to a CD, thus providing "amateur" musicians a way to make high quality records cheaply.
    I can see that Sony would be concerned about the piracy issues (you could record a CD you don't "own" to minidisc using a digital connection, then upload it to the computer and burn it to CD) however I thought that the minidisc specification had provisions for copy protection. I'm not sure about this but I think that if you record something from an analogue source you can make one generation of digital copies from it. Since most of the use of uploading would be uploading things recorded from a microphone Sony could implent it in such a way as to only allow uploads of music which was recorded from an analogue source(ie. not via digital connections).

    2091. UpLoad is supposed to be there until...

    Posted by Andrea Costanza on 8/7/2002, 6:46:13

    As Sony knows, the upload function is believed to be there in NetMD recorders until you come to the bad news it isn't.

    Dear SONY, bad surprises on a format that is more that 10 years old is not in your STYLE.


    2092. NetMD uploading

    Posted by Tom Mertens on 8/7/2002, 6:51:45

    To:Sony Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
    Dear Sony MiniDisc Designers:
    Sony's NetMD extension is a wonderful boon to the Minidisc format and has helped bring Minidisc into the networked world of online
    music distribution. Our petition seeks an enhancement to the Minidisc's NetMD facility to enable Minidisc users to move their audio
    recordings directly from Minidisc to PC. It is not our intention to cause general trouble or engage in ad hominem harassment of Sony.
    On behalf of all MiniDisc users, we kindly ask that you heed our petition, as follows:
    Minidisc recorders are ideally suited to making digital field recordings, and
    Users frequently need to move recordings they make onto a computer (PC, Mac, Unix/Linux or otherwise) for processing or
    further distribution, and
    A Minidisc recording is intrinsically a digital format, and
    The only existing method of moving Minidisc recordings onto a computer involves "recording" the signal through the
    computer's sound card, a lengthly and cumbersome process that generally degrades the signal by converting it to analog
    format and back to digital form, and
    All Minidisc recorders already flag their recordings to indicate those tracks that have been recorded through the digital inputs
    (and are copy-protected) and those that have been recorded through the analog inputs (and are not copy-protected), thereby
    allowing the upload function to prevent unwanted copying, and
    Sony's existing NetMD function already provides for direct transfers of compressed audio from computer to Minidisc,

    kindly request that Sony extend NetMD so that it can be used for uploading compressed audio directly from Minidisc to PC,
    thereby providing users with a quick, convenient, and lossless method of moving their Minidisc recordings to PC.

    2093. NetMD for Backup

    Posted by Angy on 8/7/2002, 8:26:53

    Another way to use a netMD and then improving sales for sony, is to use the MiniDisc like a low cost backup disc. I love multimedia, I play music, I do design for children. I know that I can use NetMD like a burning CD only with an upload. Not yet then.

    2094. NetMD Upload allows backwards compatibility

    Posted by James Koutsis on 8/7/2002, 8:50:06

    I have a Sony MD changer in my car that is unfortunately not MDLP compatible. However I like to use LP2 for my portable MZ-N1 because of the fast NetMD download times and the space it saves on the MD itself. So I keep double sets of MDs; one set for my walkman in LP2 and one set for the car in SP. However I cannot easily transfer the music I had already recorded before and make these duplicates because I cannot upload with NetMD. I feel that uploading capabilities increases the ease of integration of the NetMD format and allows the wonders of NetMD to be used on earlier non-NetMD MD equipment.

    2095. Let the people upload their own recordings to PC

    Posted by Mikko Veijonen on 8/7/2002, 9:15:26

    Our band has recorded our own music with MZ-707. We'd like to spread our music via Internet. But now it's very difficult, because we cannot use USB upload.

    2096. I wanna record my own songs!

    Posted by Will Robinson on 8/7/2002, 9:30:32

    This is a great piece of equipment, it is great for downloading Mp3s etc. It has everything except the upload function! I only found out that I could not put my recordings onto the PC after I purchased it. PLEASE SONY...SORT IT OUT!

    2097. MD Update, ...

    Posted by Robert Bulkaen on 8/7/2002, 11:32:39

    , ... and with Linux support, my dream and i hope also the dream of Sony.

    2098. Please allow uploads

    Posted by Bill Endter on 8/7/2002, 11:34:55

    I mix sound and do live recordings at our church. I would like to upload the recordings to a PC without having to use the headphone output. Please allow USB uploads of analog recordings.

    Bill Endter

    2099. You were dreaming about it, Sony did it !!!

    Posted by Karim ZEBICHE on 8/7/2002, 11:50:01

    It was more of less your advertising title a few years ago.
    For this time, I'm carry on buying Sony products.
    I've bought the Net MD Sony MZN 707 a week ago.
    It has beenb a difficult choice beetwwen the large number of products to carry on everywhere your favorite music (Archos, MPMan, Apple Ipod ....).
    Today, I'm greatly disappointed to understand I won't be able to manage my MZN 707 like an external drive for my PC, to do simple drag and drops in both ways.
    You can do it with all the products above.
    So carry on the innovations and let us upload our files too.

    Thanks in advance.


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