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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    700. Audio upload to PC

    Posted by Earl Da S.Q.R.L. on 5/20/2002, 1:47:48

    I record comedy shows & live performances professionally,& would love to use this format to help speed up the process & burn promo CD's,as well as sending files to customers,for them to listen to & approve copy for production!!!

    701. I want some !!!

    Posted by CutKiller on 5/20/2002, 6:58:55

    please just permit this kind of transfer and then the MD will be very interesting ( more than MP3 players) and then I will buy one... THX

    702. Give us audio upload

    Posted by Gareth Griffiths on 5/20/2002, 7:15:46

    I have several friends in a band, who I can record onto minidisc, however at the moment it is very awkward copying this music onto PC to master.

    It would be much simpler and easier (and not to mention perfectly legal), to be able to copy this music to the PC via the Net MD interface on my MZ-N1.

    These could then be put on cd much easier.

    Please do this!

    703. MD was dying until netMD

    Posted by James Lawton on 5/20/2002, 9:33:08

    The whole point of bringing out netMD was to compete with the range of mp3 players that had been taking away sales from MDs. netMD is brilliant and I'm sure that the sales of MD will have gone up, but that won't last. If you make this SMALL change, which will only require a patch then many more people will choose to come back to MD and many more will choose to stay. It wouldn't cost much to do the patch but if you don't then you will just lose know it makes sense

    704. NetMD

    Posted by John on 5/20/2002, 10:51:45

    If you had an audio uplaod function, i wouldn't have to transfer my MDs to a CDR before ripping to a computer. This would be great because then I wouldn't have to waste an entire CD-R each time i need to make MP3s of my band.

    705. upload mic recordings via USB...please

    Posted by Steve Oakes on 5/20/2002, 13:15:58

    I purchased the 707 and a mic with my main objective being to record personal, uncopyrighted events. If I can't dump these recordings onto my PC in the most convenient way, I'm not happy.

    Please make this more accessible.



    St. Paul, MN

    706. Je suis pour l'upload des fichiers via la transmission NetMD

    Posted by Adrien COLLOMB on 5/20/2002, 14:04:06

    Je veux pouvoir r�cup�rer mes enregistrements live, donc je suis pour l'uplaod sur le syst�me NetMD.

    707. My sounds, not yours... MDs shouldn't be optimized for ripping only.

    Posted by Dave Haynie on 5/20/2002, 14:47:05

    I'm relatively new to MD; I recently purchased a NetMD, primarily as a field recorder, for when its impractical to lug along my DAT deck. And on the positive side, the recording experience is fine -- small, quiet, well-made MD player, very good sound with the latest ATRAC Type R, etc.

    Then we get home... and I'm forced to pretend that this digital recorder is little more than a small Philips cassette machine. I'm forced to dub analog to analog for PC editing (as if anyone does audio anywhere else). Ok, sure, I could run S/PDIF or Sony consumer optical with a home unit. I can run S/PDIF or AES/EBU with my DAT, too. I don't care to invest in more MD gear to use what I already bought. It's still a reasonable recorder, but only until something better comes along. If affordable MP3 or DataPlay units with field recording AND digital upload capability existed today, I probably wouldn't have considered a NetMD.

    Then there's the ripper's side. Sony's claim is that they're opposed to piracy, and that's as it should be. As a person only concerned with fair use, I don't have a problem with the copying limits imposed. In fact, the system seems to only give a bit of annoyance to anyone who would mass produce digital copies. It really doesn't prevent permanent "trading" of music on MD.

    So basically, I see a nicely streamlined system for the casual pirate, with digital recording via optical or fast digital recording via USB. Field recording, on the other hand, is not well served. And I'm recording music, generally at SP mode, so analog upload to the PC isn't a major issue in realtime. But the system with LP4, small size, long battery life, and fast computer uploads would be just perfect for dictation, interviews, other forms of speech recording. Only, without that upload, we have a 5-hour play-in. Ouch!

    Please consider valueable features for the totally legit use of the MD units.

    708. Audio free Upload and Backup

    Posted by Pavel Gonzalez on 5/20/2002, 16:31:35

    Since I became a MD user, I�m waiting for this option, last year i spend $100 bucks just for the pc-link, and it�s awful. I think if you let us backup in pc�s owr tracks it would be wonderful. I don�t think (Md User�s) want to make a buck if you set us free.

    709. enable MD to PC or I will just get rid all of the Sony products

    Posted by Binh Nguyen on 5/20/2002, 16:38:16

    I am doing a lot of "on the field" interviews. However, I need to have ways to upload my interviews into the computer to edit them. Right now, I am stuck with the audio content on the md disc only. It is crappy now w/o the function editting my own audio. I am going back to cassett tapes until this stupid SCMS is gone.

    Producer of the Youth forum on KREH

    710. The perfect replacement for floppy ?

    Posted by Claude Chaudet on 5/20/2002, 18:07:04

    Just immagine that your MD could be successful
    where Zip and Jaz failed... A low cost, reliable
    and rewritable storage media. I am really tired
    of being the victim of dumb commercial politics.

    711. [email protected]

    Posted by Yin Gerard on 5/20/2002, 21:32:18

    Dear Sony,

    You new portable MZ-N1 is great, and I consider getting advantage of my studies in Japan to buy one. However, the impossibility to tranfer data from MD to PC is in my humble opinion a major drawback. I would personnaly use my MD recorder as a mean to record and edit live performance of my jazz band, but acutally I'm afraid of the possible limitations of the product.
    I respect your company and your products a lot, please don't deceive us by a choice that is purely strategic, and not in any way technical.
    Best regards,
    Gerard Yin, French student in Japan

    712. upload TO MAC needed!!!!!!!!

    Posted by michael on 5/20/2002, 22:15:07

    I need to UPLOAD my original atmosphere and voice over recordings TO MY MAC, so i can edit digitally.

    713. MD Survival: Help let it thrive.

    Posted by paul titone on 5/20/2002, 23:06:26

    I live in the United States where I have had to sadly watch the MD get less than positive responses from those people who don't want to change. The companies supporting MD technology are making leaps and bounds in enhancing the usefulness of the Minidisc. Net MD is an almost required option for the push towards MD Survival in the Market place. The things that Sony has done with this format in its home country of Japan have made me, more than once, wish to be able to speak Japanese so I could live in Japan and fully enjoy all this great format has to offer.

    Please, for me and all the others that love the Minidisc format, don�t hold back in your advancement, let the world see what the Mighty Minidisc can do.

    714. Like a laptop with FAX only

    Posted by Toshi on 5/20/2002, 23:18:25

    Dear Sony:

    Minidisc without upload is like a laptop computer with no network interface. Imagine if every document you created could only be put on the Internet by sending a FAX that was OCR-ed at the receving end! How popular an item do you suppose that would that be?


    715. Uploading would be great for Student Government Meetings

    Posted by Tony Hanlon on 5/21/2002, 0:28:33

    It would be perfect for my student Gov. meetings i could put the meetings on cd-r's for all the senators. it would be about 50x faster than tapes and everyone has a cd player. I also need uploading for class lectures and puting other inportand live recordings on cd's.

    716. Make it Happen!

    Posted by J.P on 5/21/2002, 0:30:01

    With the existing technology available there is no reason that the option to up-load audio from minidisc to computer isn't included in the players/recorders that are being made. Please make this happen in the upcoming models. THIS OPTION IS VITAL and is one of the determining factors in my upgrading now or later. Be the first to make this available in your models and the competion will be nonexistant!!!!

    717. NetMD could be the next big thing, if it were not crippled.

    Posted by Douglas Henke on 5/21/2002, 0:34:07

    In the 15th century, England became a medieval superpower when they trusted the common man with longbows.

    In the 1990s, a Finnish student made commercial operating systems irrelevant when he gave people source code.

    It is 2002. Sony has a choice to make. You can take your insanely great hardware, and let people use it to record their own performances, and write their own software for it, and use it in myriad ways you'll never anticipate.

    Or, you can cripple it, and watch it join Betamax in the ranks of good technology that never quite caught on. And, another vendor -- or a dozen others -- will rush in to fill the void with products that aren't deliberately made to not work based on the unsupported assumption that the user is a thief.

    The current policy has not and will not stop or even inconvenience one pirate bent on stealing commercial recordings. The only ones hurt will be musicians who want to record their own performances, scientists who want to make quality recordings in the field, and ordinary users who have found more enlightened software choices than Microsoft Windows.

    Please reconsider.

    718. Sony has lost my business

    Posted by Ben Costello on 5/21/2002, 2:56:49

    I am taking back my mindisc player becuase Sony will not allow audio uploads. The recording feature is why I bought it. Many of my friends have also turned away from minidisc because of this exact problem.

    719. just do it

    Posted by Thomas on 5/21/2002, 3:26:51

    and the minidisc will be your greatest product !

    720. Don't shoot yourself in the foot Sony.

    Posted by Brandon Kiesling on 5/21/2002, 3:37:32

    I don't see the point in preventing uploads under openMG/NetMD recorders. If I want my digiral copy of the contents of my minidisc, I can get it with my deck. If people want to pirate music with minidisc, they're wastin their time, Mp3 and Burned CD's work just fine. I will not buy a Net MD recorder untill such features are availiable, untill then I consider it to crippled to be of any use to me.

    721. Field recording

    Posted by geoffroy montel on 5/21/2002, 4:30:59

    I'm doing some fields recording and really need the upload function. I already own a regular Minidisc recorder and upload the analog way, but I would swap it for a Net-MD if it has the upload function.


    722. please extend the Md net

    Posted by hendrix john on 5/21/2002, 6:16:34

    yes it could be a good idea

    723. P�tition pour Sony

    Posted by Vincent Barthomeuf on 5/21/2002, 6:36:56

    A quand le upload sur les MD?

    724. Audio Upload

    Posted by Chuck Wigley on 5/21/2002, 7:27:47

    Don't let the MD go the way of the Beta VCR. Allow the NetMD to upload audio. Thanks

    725. Expand possibilitie and succes

    Posted by Mark Devlaeminck on 5/21/2002, 8:26:39

    My nephew who, like me, like to record our DJ-ing attempts, will not buy the NetMD without this upload feature. Only uploading analog recordings can't be such a problem?

    Furthermore I have a laptop and a PC. Synchronising between the would be an asset. It would be a shame if this was only possible with a hacked program. Copy protection is good and rightfull, but only in ways that do not hinder our creativity!

    726. Extend NetMD with "upload"-functionality or else...

    Posted by Gies on 5/21/2002, 10:52:42

    Hi Mr. Sony,

    Back in '93 I was amazed by Sony's MD introduction. Sony proved to be far ahead of its competitors.
    Now I am changing my attitude. It is very un-Sony that it takes so much time and effort to distribute one's private recording by CD or internet. Deciding not to enable NetMD upload comes down to deciding to harm Sony's reputation.


    727. What is the point?

    Posted by Simon Pinnock on 5/21/2002, 11:46:14

    What is the point of being able to down load without uploading? I use my MD machine for recording lectures and want to upload quickly into my PC for editing and final storage on CD. I have no time to with an analogue cable. I have absolutely no use for downloading. Therefore I will not by a net MD until an upload capability is available.

    728. I have simple needs- why make things so difficult

    Posted by Dino on 5/21/2002, 12:15:47

    ..well actually I think I know WHY, but thats not the point..

    All I want to do is record MY OWN SOUNDBITES for video editing, and conveniently 'upload' them to my PC instead of having to record them back REALTIME WITHOUT INDEXING..I don't think I'm asking too much and I dont believe i'm breeching any copyright laws unless of course I decide to sue myself.

    I am new to the digital audio scene, but I have spent a LOT of time researching. My search led me to the MiniDisc format, and I was really excitited about it until I heard about the upload limitation.

    I'll have to be blunt.

    Fix it, or I'm buying an MP3 recorder.

    Thank you.

    729. "ze kol hashoni"

    Posted by yoav on 5/21/2002, 14:06:43

    in hebrew there is a nice slogen for sony
    saying: "ze kol hashoni" meanig that's all the difference so sony live up to your slogen and make all the difference .

    730. Practicality

    Posted by Christian Mathews on 5/21/2002, 14:47:29

    As a live sound engineer, I often make record to MD. Can't really do much with those recordings though, as I don't really like the D/A/D conversion that I'm stuck with using my sound card.

    731. Dammit!!!

    Posted by RIck on 5/21/2002, 15:53:05

    Come on Sony. I bought the mz 505 thinking because it had a digital optical in I could connect my digital studio and record on the mini disk and then to computer then cd Etc etc...

    732. L' upload est VITALE pour l'avenir du MD

    Posted by Charles on 5/21/2002, 16:36:31

    Chez monsieurs de chez Sony,

    Vous avez �t� assez g�niaux pour cr�er le mini-disc, petit cd ultra compact et ultra r�sistant car prot�g� par une bo�te en plastique.
    Vous avez s� faire �voluer les lecteurs et enregistreurs avec brio, pour arriver � des lecteurs qui font maintenant � peine l'�paisseur de 2 MDs superpos�s.
    Mais vous ne vous �tes pas arr�t�s l�, vous avez s� habilement prendre le virage de la musique au format MP3, gr�ce au fameux et tr�s contrevers� NETMD.
    C'est d'ailleurs sur cette invention que je souhaite m'�tendre: pourquoi le brider ????
    Vous avez s� cr�er quelque chose d'absolument GEANTISSIME, alors pourquoi vous auto-censurer.
    L'argument de limiter la copie num�rique sauvage ne me semble pas recevable pour la bonne et simple raison que de toutes les fa�ons tot ou tard la protection sera cass�e, alors quel est l'int�r�t de s'obstiner � vouloir en faire...

    De toutes les mani�res l'upload ne sera que b�n�fique pour vous, car vous pourrez enfin pr�tendre avoir un produit concurrentiel des lecteurs MP3s.

    Donc c'est vous qui voyez...

    733. Return NetMD recorder!

    Posted by Steven Smith on 5/21/2002, 17:37:20

    Why did Sony make a recordable MD device that doesn't let you transfer your recorded material to your computer? Haven't they heard of MP3 CD players?

    I returned my NetMD recorder because I couldn't believe how foolish Sony was to only let you transfer locked, copy-protected material which you will have purchased from them, or one of their compliant media affiliates.

    Sony is taking control of more media-related companies. I guess they think they're going to have a monopoly on music distribution. It's not enough to buy the minidisc product from Sony. They want to keep charging you money to use it -- They're selling these MD "recorders" as little cash machines that ultimately kick money back to Sony.

    I have a five year old minidisc recorder that transfers audio to the computer (in an analog connection) just as well as the NetMD, so I'm not giving them another cent of my money! I would encourage everyone boycott their products too, then maybe they'll wake up...

    734. Long live MD - NetMD Full Duplex

    Posted by Jay Ireland on 5/21/2002, 21:15:13

    I have been a strong proponent of Mini Disc and the much overdue NetMD capability, however, the job isn't finished yet, the much anticipated NetMD capability is only half there ...

    735. NetMD must reach perfection thanks to SONY...

    Posted by David Nunez on 5/22/2002, 2:34:34

    ... so let the uploading begin.



    736. I WANT UPLOAD!!!

    Posted by Joe Pham on 5/22/2002, 6:52:56

    My uncle is in a band and plays live gigs at clubs. I have done some recordings with my MZ-N1, and wish to upload it from my MD to the computer as an mp3 but the N1 does not allow for this. Very dissappointing! it would be the ultimate recording device if it allowed for audio upload. think of all the things you could do.

    737. It is an essential function!!

    Posted by Timothy Sin on 5/22/2002, 8:53:25

    we need it for our various live recordings

    738. go sony go

    Posted by antonin herbert on 5/22/2002, 9:00:22

    Because just by sitting in your chairs, about 300 guys are ready to buy this product, imagine how many people will buy it if you do some commercials.

    739. I would like to use my MD with my computer

    Posted by Fontanin Alain on 5/22/2002, 9:30:52

    I've got a MZ-R700PC (also a PS2 and a DSC P5!!!)

    I would like to use more efficiently my MD with my

    Please do something.

    Best regards,
    Alain Fontanin.

    740. net MD

    Posted by farli on 5/22/2002, 10:37:46

    We are consumers and we want the MD free....
    I'm french and I wanna know why you don't care about what we want ....


    Posted by Mike on 5/22/2002, 12:14:45

    PLEASE!!!! I do a LOT of recording (interviews, church worship etc...) It would be SOOOOO nice to be able to transfer those audio files to the PC at high speeds. It would literally save me HOURS and HOURS and HOURS of work.

    Thank You,
    Mike Sims

    742. Upload Function on NetMD is a real need !

    Posted by Jos� Mauricio on 5/22/2002, 13:24:15

    I've sure that Sony will provide this function on future units if their users request for it.

    743. Then I Can Use My Vinyl Again

    Posted by Jay Sidhu on 5/22/2002, 14:10:41

    If you guys create the upload function on the netmd, I can be able to put my vinyl records onto my computer and listen to them while I'm working or put it on a cd. I can already do this process, but as you know it's a long process and it would be easier if the upload function was created. thanks

    744. Digital Upload Important

    Posted by Eric Goodwin on 5/22/2002, 17:48:23

    I record many live events that I am involved with. From musitian friends, to theater that I am involved with to meetings and interviews, I record them all to MD. I love the quality and have setup the best system I can to get the files onto my computer for archiving, editing, and CD mastering. What I would love more than anything would be to pop the md disk into a NetMD drive in my computer & rip the file from that directly to wav or full quality mp3.

    Thanks to Sony for any concideration of our request.

    745. Will only purchase MD with Digital Upload

    Posted by Darren McKinstry on 5/22/2002, 19:04:46


    I regularly use an old MD recorder to record research meetings and interviews. I then re-record these to mp3 to have them transcribed.

    I would INSTANTLY buy a new Sony Net MD if it allowed me to quickly transfer and convert my recordings to the PC/MP3. This would save me a considerable amount of time and the hassles of the analogue recording process.

    746. Radio journalists in community and commercial radio need this ability

    Posted by Neal Mathers on 5/22/2002, 19:55:50

    Radio journalists record non-copyright spoken word audio. This can be an interview for news or documentary programming or the recording of lectures and events for broadcast or for streaming on the internet.

    Many community and commercial radio stations now use MiniDisc as the format of choice for field recording, and particularly use affordable MD portables as professional DAT, PCMCIA, MiniDisc and cassette recorders are prohibitively priced.

    In my city (Toronto, Canada) many stations use Sony MD portables such as the BZ-3 and the popular though discontinued MZ-R50 portable.

    The ability to transfer lengthy (74-148 minute) recordings to computer hard drive for editing as data files via the NetMD connection, as opposed to currently transfering in realtime over line level audio inputs would be a considerable improvement to the useability of minidisc for radio journalism.

    Please consider this requirement for future additions to the Sony MiniDisc portable product line.

    Neal Mathers
    Toronto, Canada

    747. For school

    Posted by Junior Gonzales on 5/22/2002, 23:34:19

    this would be perfect for my speech and debate class. my friend could record class sessions and put it on disc and vice versa. i could actually use it for all my classes.

    748. audio uploading

    Posted by Dean M. Velazquez on 5/22/2002, 23:34:33

    I bought this MD Walkman to record my band live, upload it back to my PC and burn it on to a normal cdr. However, because you people are so worried about people using Open MG Jukebox for piracy us musicians looking to put our original material on CD have to deal with your lame inferior software. Isn't SONY rich enough without ripping off the average middle class person? Either you guys have to greatly improve your Open MG Jukebox software, or you have to drastically lower the cost of your products.

    749. NETmd UPLOAD on n'en reve SONY va le faire

    Posted by CAPON on 5/23/2002, 1:26:01

    NETmd UPLOAD on n'en reve SONY va le faire

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