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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    Posted by rams ramone on 5/28/2002, 11:50:08

    OUIN MOI AUSSI JAIMERAIS POUVOIR FAIRE TOUT Ca, et meme sue je connais pleins de personne encore hesitantes qui seraient pretes a acheter un enrgistreur md si cette technologie existait...

    801. It's sad it has to end like this.

    Posted by jason hagan on 5/28/2002, 12:43:34

    Let me first say that I am a loyal MD user and have been for 8 years. (on the verge of evangelical at times!)I've owned
    many different models (Sony R900, R90, R55, R50, R30, B3, JE-500, R3, R2, MZ-1 and MDM-X4 Multitrack, and Sharp MS-200)
    I've also convinced friends buy MD gear...
    2 JE-500's, 1 JE-510, 1 R30, 1 R50)

    Most recently I've added a N707 to my collection.

    Since I compose/perform rough takes of my OWN ORIGINAL music/sounds I NEED the ability to upload with no (further) lose to PC for further tweaking and to send to my out of state collaborators for sound additions/comments.

    Also, I, myself "own" my recordings of my OWN ORIGINAL music/sounds. This is not a request for the ability to violate other people's copyrights as I would not want mine violated either.
    What I want is MY music to be unchained.

    With that said, I will be returning the Sony N707 tomorrow. I sincerely hope we can do business again Sony.

    802. So close and yet so far.

    Posted by Jeffrey Lanham on 5/28/2002, 16:36:46

    Without an upload facility, it's not close enought Sony!

    803. why a digital capturing tool(md) can't "speak" digital?

    Posted by George Volakakis on 5/28/2002, 17:26:48

    Dear Sirs,
    why a digital capturing tool(md) can't "speak" digital?
    How useless would be my digital camera
    if I can't download and edit my images to my PC ?

    804. Recording seminars

    Posted by John Duke on 5/28/2002, 18:28:59

    We record seminars and lectures with Minidisc. It's a great portable medium that requires no extra sound reinforcement system. But it takes a long time to re-record all these lengthy speeches back into the computer. On top of that you lose some sound quality in the Digital-to-Analog-to-Digital exchange. A quick digital upload to the PC would make our life much simpler and better.

    805. For a student in lecture halls

    Posted by Jeffrey Leng on 5/28/2002, 19:18:56

    In college courses, teachers can often speak faster than the average person can write sparse notes. With a minidisc and the ability to upload quickly and effectively, Archiving notes can be great for last minute studying for midterms and final exams. Think about the Students! Thanks.

    Jeff Leng

    806. MiniDisc Universal Format For all OS

    Posted by Emmanuel Mourier (France) on 5/28/2002, 20:15:05

    Dear Sony Corporate,
    I'm studying Theology to be a pastor and I'am using a lot of registering for courses, personnal notes, songs etc. I'm computer fan (Mac fan) and I'm desparatly looking for THE solution that could record with best quality, quickly transfer files from MD to my Macintosh (upoad and doawnload) and serve to transport any file.

    with MiniDisc you've got a Universal Format For audio transfert for all Operating systems !!!
    The Best'one and not expensive !!!
    Why don't you make it true ?

    I dreamt of it, Will you do it ?

    807. Portable Sampling

    Posted by Jim Cosby on 5/29/2002, 1:36:59

    I am musician/audio technician and use Sony MiniDisc to
    sample vocals, instruments & drum loops etc when in the field
    so to be able to directly upload these samples to PC in the studio
    would increase quality, vastly decrease studio time and hence increase productivity -

    I will be First in the queue !!!

    (or better still a PC drive)

    808. Artists want it

    Posted by Matthew Mullenweg on 5/29/2002, 1:37:38

    As a musician I think this would be a killer feature.

    809. I'm musician

    Posted by Fabrice Umiglia on 5/29/2002, 2:50:26

    I'm Musician and i do a lot of live recordings it's absolutely stupid that i schould not transfer it on my PC through USB !

    810. (no subject)

    Posted by Angel Padrino on 5/29/2002, 4:28:33


    I have just bought a MZ-N707 walkman to store my recordings from my group into my PC for further developments.

    I can not believe that i can store any other song but not mine!

    Please do it
    Regards, A. Padrino

    811. it isn't so difficult!!

    Posted by francesco mastroeni on 5/29/2002, 6:18:31

    and don't tell us about piracy and so on...

    you sell also cd recorders and so on!!!!

    812. I'd love to listen to my vinyl collection on the road

    Posted by Rohan Cook on 5/29/2002, 6:43:26

    I had my NetMD just two days and I thought I'd tape some of my old vinyl collection to listen to whilst I commute. I thought the NetMD would help me store and manage this collection on the PC.

    So I connected the NetMD to my amp analog output and proceeded to record three hours of MDs at SP, adding the track marks manually as I went.

    Well now the crunch comes...I take the NetMD to the PC and find that it was a complete waste of time - I can't simply download the tracks to the PC, I have to re-record them in analog mode, taking another three hours.

    So now I'm simply recording in analog direct to the PC and uploading from there.

    The NetMD is great, but it could have been the ultimate MD recorder. It still could be - a software patch could add this ability. I understand the need to protect copyright but a recording uploaded to the PC could be locked to the NetMD recorder it came from thus continuing the protection.

    813. Please let the user upload numeric from MD to Computer with USB enhancement

    Posted by Sebastien MEDARD on 5/29/2002, 9:14:27


    With MD compression, the quality is less interesting than Digital Audio Tape .... but it is cheaper ..... but to transfer sounds or live music onto my computer I have to use the MD numeric/analogic converter and then the analogic/numeric converter of my computer sound card ...

    Each conversion ... the quality is decreasing ....

    Thanks to allow us Uploading music/sound from MD to computer via USB features.

    Thanks again.


    814. bring it on!

    Posted by Brett Friedman on 5/29/2002, 10:30:32


    815. A qd le mindidisk reliable a haute vitesse sur ordi pour sauvegarde de donner

    Posted by RODRIGUEZ on 5/29/2002, 14:31:40

    Il serait bien de pouvoir permettre au possesseur de MD de pouvoir utliser a fond les possibilit� du MD. En augmentant les capacit� du MD li� aux ordinateurs vous y gagneraient car cela attirera plus de monde

    816. This feature would be greatly beneficial to Sony

    Posted by Scott Bennett on 5/29/2002, 15:38:43

    This feature would increase the use, efficiency, and productivity of the already great Minidisc format, thereby increasing the demand for MD players and recorders. This would increase business for Sony, which already makes some of the best MD players and recorders around.

    817. one step forwards two step backwards for you sony

    Posted by johan verbrugge on 5/29/2002, 16:04:44

    babylon rising...

    818. Make MD the professional digital recorder

    Posted by Ryan Miglavs on 5/29/2002, 17:17:44

    The MiniDisc format is meant for recording. Why can't we edit on our computers with a pure digital copy?

    819. Pirating via MD? Absurd!

    Posted by Michael Booye on 5/29/2002, 17:53:48

    Any jerk with a $100 CD-ROM burner can pirate music all day long on cheap, cheap media. Handcuffing the NetMD product in this way does nothing to address this -- it merely cripples an otherwise fine product and medium.

    Please reconsider. Audio I've recorded via microphone is *mine*, and not subject to any sort of DRM scheme that will enforce the copyright of my own material.

    This sorry state of affairs is the product of many , many management types completely isolated from the consumers, and how the consumers actually use the product. Everyone involved in this fiasco should be lined up and shot. You will succeed in killing the MD format, and little else.

    Why make a product that records so beautifully, and shackle it to software that will not allow you to retrieve the recordings in any other than real-time?


    820. uploading would push the md format to the top.

    Posted by Ernesto Bonilla on 5/30/2002, 1:05:28

    I'm doing some fields recording and really need the upload function. I already own a regular Minidisc recorder and upload the analog way, but I would swap it for a Net-MD if it has the upload function.

    821. Only reason why I don't use MDs

    Posted by Jean-Alexis Montignies on 5/30/2002, 10:19:49

    The portable minidiscs are very useful for recording live events or rehersals especially with the microphone entry.

    However I don't want to buy a deck player and an audio interface just to transfer digitally.

    822. PLEASE

    Posted by Adam on 5/30/2002, 11:01:41


    823. I thought i bought a recorder...

    Posted by Per Kristiansen on 5/30/2002, 11:20:50

    That I could use to record meetings and archive them on the computer.

    824. Add upload of analog record audio to PC

    Posted by Martin Knudsen on 5/30/2002, 11:20:59

    I'm using the NetMD for conducting field interviews and it is pretty cumbersome to have to copy the record audio manually through my soundcard instead of allowing the NetMD software to do this. Please add this feature in the software.

    825. The only thing missing

    Posted by Stephen Emmell on 5/30/2002, 12:23:49

    If it weren't for copy protection rules and company paranoia, this would be the ultimate product, and I am truly disapointed that this feature was not included.

    826. Mes enregistrements personnels

    Posted by Olivier Tye Gingras on 5/30/2002, 12:47:12

    Je trouve g�nial le fait de pouvoir enregistrer facilement les performances vocales de mon groupe, mais je trouve totalement ennuyeux de ne aps pouvoir les tranf�rer directement sur PC, et d'en faire des CD d�mos. Repensez votre syst�me de protection, car je crois quwe pr�senentment il est plus d�rangeant que b�n�fique.

    827. An opportunity missed!

    Posted by Kieran Desoer on 5/30/2002, 17:42:03

    I would love to get into wildlife sound recording. I have had a minidisc recorder in the past but sold it on due to it's lack of versatility. With my new interest I thought it was time to look into MD's again. NetMD! WOW! can actually transfer files between your PC and MD. Wait a minute! theres a catch, you can only transfer files from your NetMD that have been transferred from your PC in the first place. Oh well, another dream shattered. What are you thinking of Sony, aren't you in the business of making money? If so why haven't you realised that you are losing mega bucks in lost sales due to this missing function.
    GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER SONY, and fill the gap in the market that MP� players leave wide open.

    828. incorporate USB Connections for Data Transfer on future MD units...

    Posted by strasser on 5/30/2002, 23:25:28

    It'll be cool to incorporate data transfer capabilities through USB connections... aka MD Data... the media is cheap and it stores 140Mb per disc

    829. digital freedom

    Posted by Justin on 5/31/2002, 1:02:27

    It is understood that the idea of the OpenMG concept is to protect the owners of copyrighted material from being infringed upon.

    It is also understood that the only form of infringement method that is being protected against by this method is production of digital copies via download & upload through the Mini Disc mechanism. However, considering the main distribution, and consumer use, of the copyrighted material in question is via Compact Discs, the protection provided for the owners is minimal, at best.

    Improved features for the mini disc format, including digital upload for further processing, manipulation, and production has mainly gains for all involved. Users can finally have the true replacement for the compact tape format, and manufacturers would have only increased media sales in return.

    Considering the digital revolution that Sony has helped to create, it is only logical that Sony provide an upload mechanism to seal the original intent of the minidisc...which was to replace the compact tape.

    830. I need to upload my sounds on my PC

    Posted by Eric on 5/31/2002, 5:52:15

    Si le chargement de ses propres enregistrements n'est pas possible, alors le NET MD me sert � rien.

    831. N707 Would Be The Best Walkman EVER.

    Posted by Jon Douglas on 5/31/2002, 7:06:42

    Having had an MD recorder since the MZ-R3, I love the format, MD-LP made it great, NetMD made it greater. Uploading of analogue recordings (not direct digital, just analogue stuff) would make it the best Walkman in the world. Period.

    Please allow uploads over USB.

    832. I'd love to record jam sessions and to use an MD-based sampler.

    Posted by Andy Walker on 5/31/2002, 11:19:22

    I'm a musician, and often I've found myself in a jam session, wishing I could record this and transfer it to computer for easy access while I incorporated the ideas into my own work. The recording facility of the MD would also come into its own coupled with a microphone, for use in sampling live sound - anything from taking a hundred different samples from a drum kit to standing by a road and recording the cars going past.
    With this amount of audio - I can easily spend an hour in a single non-stop jam - recording by analogue means would be tedious. Why should I have to wait hours for my samples to transfer, wait again for noise-reduction processing to remove transfer noise, then spend yet more time splitting up the single long analogue recording into single samples, when I could just transfer them all digitally?
    Sony, please heed the voice of the people buying your products. I've been wanting something like this for a long time.

    833. MD uploading should be available to ALL!!!!

    Posted by Kimmy on 5/31/2002, 13:28:21

    My Resolve issue:...

    The Digital age of music is here. MD is
    taking muisc by the mass. MDLP transfer rates
    up to 32x in LP4 mode. MP3 players and MD players
    are now finally on a level playing field in USA.
    But still MP3 players have the advantage of Uploading. Why does Sony NetMD wont allow us MD loyal customers to transfer our MD collection over
    to new MD at high speeds? There seems not a problem with me for uploading. If you can download why not upload? The files that we already have should be able to transfer to other
    MD at high speeds. It clearly makes no sense.

    In regards I don't know much of the technology
    like you guys at do but I do
    know that uploading live recording or music
    should be allowed. PLEASE NETMD ALLOW UPLOADING

    834. MD uploading should be available to ALL!!!!

    Posted by Kimmy on 5/31/2002, 13:28:35

    My Resolve issue:...

    The Digital age of music is here. MD is
    taking muisc by the mass. MDLP transfer rates
    up to 32x in LP4 mode. MP3 players and MD players
    are now finally on a level playing field in USA.
    But still MP3 players have the advantage of Uploading. Why does Sony NetMD wont allow us MD loyal customers to transfer our MD collection over
    to new MD at high speeds? There seems not a problem with me for uploading. If you can download why not upload? The files that we already have should be able to transfer to other
    MD at high speeds. It clearly makes no sense.

    In regards I don't know much of the technology
    like you guys at do but I do
    know that uploading live recording or music
    should be allowed. PLEASE NETMD ALLOW UPLOADING


    835. defineatly a ''must feature'' for a NetMD

    Posted by Dennis Goh on 5/31/2002, 17:39:52

    not being able to upload is really a gret set back for the netMD.... allowing it would allow greater flexibility for the format....

    836. Please respect the desires of artists

    Posted by Simon Tooke on 5/31/2002, 18:24:36

    .. who wish to use your equipment to record their own original music, and upload it to their own PC in an unrestricted format.

    Thank you,

    -Simon Tooke

    837. Who's rights are you protecting?

    Posted by John Karlsson on 5/31/2002, 19:02:11

    One of the big pros of having an MD player was to record own material. Ok, maybe it should not be possible to transfer music from one PC to another via MD (who does anyway?? It's possible to send RAW cd data over the internet quicker these days). Ok, maybe it should not be possible to have more than four copies of a track. But I cannot see why I shouldn't be able to record something with a mic, or analoge at all, from my instruments, and move it to my computer for editing or archiving. Shouldn't you protect my rights to use my own material in the first place? If not, the piece for $400, is not what i payed for. The recording capability is the key function in the MD concept. You are choking your own market.

    838. md - pc

    Posted by Paul Dzurec on 5/31/2002, 21:33:29

    Allowing MD to PC uploading would open up a whole new world to garage bands, like Weezer and Stone Temple Pilots once were to get into the spotlight to create CDs easier. I don't see any hard in allowing this as individuals have the ability to burn CDs, why not make the next move to MDs?

    839. Good Business

    Posted by Jonathan on 5/31/2002, 21:46:51

    MD creators,
    Many consumer media electronics manufacurers produce personal, portable, audio units which have the ability to transfer media from the player to the PC. The manufacurers (including Sony) produce MP3 players, nearly all of which have this capability. It seems ludicrous as a customer to purchase a media device which does not have this capability. Net MD and Sony MD players need to be brought up to date in order to compete in the portable media player market.
    I am an avid MD advocate. I have a younger brother who insists his Lyra MP3 player out performs my Sony Md player. Of course he is wrong but until i am able to refute his platform of "mp3's go pc to player to pc" I will be unable to defend my currently less capable Sony MD player.

    840. Re: md - pc

    Posted by Jonathan on 5/31/2002, 21:50:29 , in reply to "md - pc"

    Paul Dzurec brings of a very good point. Giving start up musicians easier, more effective means of creating music allows the recording industry to more easily identify now talent and business prospectives.

    841. Re: Good Business

    Posted by Mike Mofal on 5/31/2002, 21:53:40 , in reply to "Good Business"

    As a business marketer and co-owner of a corporation call .OrezD., I much agree with the business opportunities that Sony is missing out on that Jonathan is speaking about. Why not just allow these new MD Players to go MD~PC? I'll buy it!

    842. MD - PC

    Posted by Gao Yin on 5/31/2002, 21:54:18

    Dear Sony,

    I'm implied in helping young musicians play in concerts and promote their activity, and I would surely be using the MD to PC upload to record their performances, and to make sound samples available on the association website. For now, I already have a recording solution, so I can wait a few moments more. And I'm sure you will understand that, since so many people request this feature (you will, no doubt have to add it eventually), I'm am going to wait until the next solution comes up (no matter how long, we know that you'll have to release it). And I wished that your company making us wait is not a poor marketing trick such as "Let's waits XMas, there will be much more buyers". I will buy the next evolution of NetMD (if it features the MD to PC transfer), no matter when it is released.
    We, customers, are just awaiting a move from you. Why don't you make an announcement you show us that you've heard us, announcing the next release of the NetMD within a few months (weeks?).


    843. NetMD won't be a new standard without this feature

    Posted by Wiphu Rujopakarn on 5/31/2002, 22:19:10

    NetMD won't be a new standard without this feature

    844. Why's this product line marketed without uplink-ability?

    Posted by Arden Bercovitz on 5/31/2002, 23:47:46

    I called Sony support today and found out the awful truth, that a big discrepancy exists in the capability of my minidisk recorder. I've got hours of recorded presentation and no quick or convenient way to transfer that digital information to my PC, to my web site, to any other format. Nobody told me about this missing link, when I purchased my MD Walkman. Sony, this is no way to treat or serve your customers.

    845. With uploading capabilities, NetMD units would be ideal for my needs

    Posted by Tyler Hauck on 6/1/2002, 0:12:48

    When I first heard about NetMD, I was excited. I had been considering buying a minidisc unit for some time for the purpose of making minidisc recordings of my record collection for portability purposes. NetMD seemed even better--I thought I would be able to back up my collection on my computer hard-drive relatively easily.

    I also am an amateur journalist and thought NetMD would be a great way to put recorded interviews up on the website I write for.

    I also bet there are many many more people who would love an uploading feature with NetMD for one (or both!) of the reasons I just mentioned. Please, let the data flow both ways!

    -Tyler Hauck

    846. Upload capabitlity would greatly expand the uses and lifespan of MDs

    Posted by Ray Ambrosi on 6/1/2002, 3:46:02

    I am a social science researcher and our project team often needs to cataloge taped interviews. It would be very useful indeed if we could record on MD in the field, edit the tracks on a computer and store the edited tracks on computer.

    I sincerely hope to see this feature added to new Sony Decks or portables in the future

    Thank you for your consideration


    847. Pour la survie du MD !

    Posted by Gum on 6/1/2002, 5:03:47

    Cette �volution est vraiment n�cessaire pour que le MD puisse survivre aux nombreux supports qui arrivent et qui vont arriver, offrant tjs plus de possibilit�s...


    848. Bought it for this feature, I feel misled.

    Posted by Joe from Boulder on 6/1/2002, 5:31:17

    June 1, 2002

    To whom it may concern:

    I produce a variety of types of radio broadcasts, from actuals to interviews to radio theater. I am a long time Sony customer and own many pro- and consumer-grade Sony audio and video devices.

    I was led to believe that this recorder would allow me to use an external microphone to record live audio onto MiniDisc digital media and later transfer it to my computer for editing via the USB interface.

    The inability to do this severely diminishes the utility of the device, rendering it effectively an analog recorder for any live audio application. While I realize you may have legal concerns that led you to disable this capability, you are penalizing many faithful customers with endless legitimate uses to prevent the hypothetical acts of a narrow few.

    Please remedy this by enabling audio recorded via the microphone input to be uploaded to a computer and saved as a standard audio file format.

    Thank you for your consideration of this request, as well as for your contributions of many great products over many years.

    Here's wishing for our continued mutual success!

    Joe P
    Boulder, Colorado

    PS - My device has a "Rec" (Record) button next to which is a sticker that says "ATRAC3-MP3-WMA-WAV Compativility" [sic], and "USB Connection"...

    PPS - and while we're at it, can you please make it work with the iMac?

    849. Why not

    Posted by RienkJan on 6/1/2002, 6:19:42

    Why can't i make own recording of my band to my computer over mine usb cable ? Is this the japanse freedom in the World ?

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