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NetMD Upload Petition to Sony: Collected Entries

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    1250. Upload on Net MD Please

    Posted by J Murray on 6/25/2002, 18:25:59

    Hello, I use my net md walkman to record my friend's band, and he always asks if I can burn him a CD so he can play it in his car, at home or even send it off to record lables. It is such a hassle to do this, as I have to go to another friends house who happens to have a sound card with digital inputs. I'd love to be able to upload the music to my PC using USB then burn it from my CD writer. I hope you will be able to produce a new version of the PC Software that will enable this useful function. Many Thanks in advance, J. Murray - UK

    1251. My Recording, My Copyright... Common Guys

    Posted by Stephen Lantz on 6/25/2002, 19:58:56

    Please allow me to access my own recordings with technology from this century.

    Thank you in advance.

    [email protected]

    1252. Audio gathering for video use

    Posted by Bill Wallace on 6/25/2002, 20:07:31


    I saw my first Net MD units earlier this year while my wife and I were in Hong Kong. I thought that I had found the perfect device for recording audio for video, good sound quality, small size, and MD robustness. I did not purchase it immediately since I was not familiar with the technology.

    I made the correct decision not to buy at this time since there is no digital upload capability via USB. I would rather not have to run my video through the units Digital Analog Converter and then my audio cards Analog Digital Converter with the attending loss of quality, cabling problems and the general hassle.

    I will buy one almost immediately when easy USB upload of recordings that I have made is available. Thank you for your attention in this matter.


    Bill Wallace

    1253. MUSICIAN standpoint

    Posted by slade simkins on 6/26/2002, 2:49:50

    From a musician's stand point, the MD can be very useful if we could upload to our computers. I love to create stuff and load it to the computer. THe fact that your company puts restrictions on that makes me not want to support sony ever again. I had nothing against the company up until now. Listen to the consumers please.

    1254. sample management.

    Posted by Jonas �man on 6/26/2002, 7:21:37

    I need an easy way to transfer my sound samples to make music on my computor. please.

    1255. Uploading recordings to PC

    Posted by Bob Berardino on 6/26/2002, 8:19:03

    I'm writing this to petition Sony to allow digital uploads of recordings created on a minidisc. I already own two minidisc units that I bought a few years ago, and have considered buying a new NetMD unit to replace one of them. However, the lack of the ability to upload recordings from the minidisc to PC has postponed this decision for me. There is little incentive to replace my units with new ones. Direct uploading of content from the minidisc to PC is a significant enough feature for me to buy new minidisc units.

    I prefer the minidisc format because of the flexibility it offers. PC's are not needed for simple transfer of content from CDs to minidiscs. I can do this on my stereo system, where I listen to all my music anyway. While MP3 players requires a PC to store all content (and files are transfered back and forth from a PC to the MP3 device), I prefer to store everything on minidisc because of its portability and nearly indestructible nature. (I prefer it even over CDs because of these features, and currently I'm converting most of my CD, cassette tape, and album collection to minidisc format to keep the portability, but provide better durability.) NetMD uploads would help here in two areas. First, I would want to use the PC as a way to backup all my minidiscs in case I lose or break one. It is not convenient (or even possible many times) to transfer content to a PC first, then download it to a minidisc. Many times, the content is stored directly on the minidisc, and I want to backup the minidisc by uploading to a PC. (I can then easily re-create my minidisc by simply downloading the files to a new minidisc without re-recording everything.) Second, with all my files on the PC, it would be very easy to create my own MD compilations. Both of these reasons are lawful under current "fair use" legislation, and this is not any different from what people did in the past with vinyl albums and cassette tape (only without the PC!)

    As I use the minidisc format, the lack of NetMD uploading is preventing me from investing in new units, or speeding my attempts to move portions of my music collection to a portable, durable, inexpensive format (thus preventing more mindisc sales!!) There are thousands, if not millions, of people like me who want to use the minidisc in completely lawful enterprises. Don't assume all of us are criminals, and prevent useful features in the minidisc format from being developed and implemented. Thank you for your consideration.

    1256. upload will not damage music industry

    Posted by kieran on 6/26/2002, 12:59:06

    piracy is never going to be easy to stop. it is almost impossible most people would say because a cleverman creates an antipiracy idea but there is always a clever man to break it and create piracy.

    i wish to upload my old minidisks rather than have to use pc cd drive and your software to rip disks.i do not agree with piracy but the music industry has always survived no matter what and in alot of cases mp3s for example have boosted sales when people have heard music

    1257. Would really like to upload my own sounds of nature.

    Posted by Chris Berwager on 6/26/2002, 15:16:29

    I am really dissapointed that NetMD is restricting my ability to upload some really nice audio I have recorded of nature settings. I originally intended to purchase two minidisc recorders in hopes of capturing the atmosphere of nature in quadrosonic recordings. Imagine having your surround sound system bring you the sound and spacial depth of a waterfall scene right in your living room.... Well that's just it, I have the purest recording of some in digital format but with no way to upload and combine the two stereo tracks into an appropriate format... I'm not sure if I want to buy the second one for the rear channels. Please SONY, if you listen to our requests, you will continue to be the top of the market with not just loyal fans, but the happiest following of all.

    1258. Sony - Why???

    Posted by Alex on 6/26/2002, 15:20:26

    I have made a lot of recordings from various sources using my net md but I was surprised to find I could not use OpenMD to send these recordings to my friends via e-mail etc. Please Sony, grant us this one wish!

    1259. Absolute must for business

    Posted by Charles Saldanha on 6/26/2002, 18:40:24

    With the steps forward Sony have taken in reducing size and increasing battery life, the mini disc is being taken up by business people everywhere.

    Particularly for trainers being able to record training sessions and one to one questions which SHOULD be able to be uploaded to PC for later inclusion on computer based training, is essential!

    Please "Make it so!"

    1260. If MiniDisc is to survive, it must have a strong offensive

    Posted by Jonathan Davis on 6/26/2002, 19:52:22

    MiniDisc has been my favorite format for years. I have no doubt that it could easily be a standard for music in the U.S., but for this to happen, this initiative must be passed. Please strongly consider adding the requested functionality in order to ensure MiniDisc's long, successful future.

    1261. NetMD -> PC link

    Posted by Yosi on 6/26/2002, 20:30:56

    We wanna use minidisc for live concerts recording but since Sony have blocked the transfer of tracks from MD to the computer, we have returned all 20 portable MD recorder, which we bought from them.

    well, dear Sony representative, please contact me when you apply this VERY IMPORTANT feature.


    1262. Live Music

    Posted by Eric Morris on 6/26/2002, 20:40:48

    I bought my MD to record and edit my band's music. I must say I am SEVERLY disapointed to see there is no way to upload to my computer.
    Eric Morris

    1263. MD to PC Needed

    Posted by Buddy on 6/26/2002, 22:00:04

    I sell to radio broadoasters and the ability to go from MD to PC would greatly enhance your fine products in the daily use of my customers.

    1264. net md upload - a must

    Posted by Juan Miguel Monzon on 6/27/2002, 2:53:28

    if they want the md format to survive, they should allow the upload portion as well.

    1265. MD to PC, why not? I've got passed the 3 music limit. Its a bug

    Posted by Steven on 6/27/2002, 4:25:38

    People are not buying net md's as there are these restrictions. What's the point of an upload restriction? There is a wider majority of people who would buy net MDs if it had upload capabilities, to upload their own recorded songs, to succeed in becoming rising stars.
    above all, Isn't it all about the music?
    I'm sure many of you all know, about the bug about how to get passed the 3 music file d/l limit.. but for my sake, I aint goin to tell any one incase sony updates their software.. If I stumbled upon this bug just using the software, -importing-, *hint *hint, then anyone can... I'd like this opportunity to add that there should also be features like raising trebble and bass BEFORE recording. I've heard lp2 old songs that have sounded with much better clarity then the current lp2 net md recorded songs.. and plus those were analogue too.

    1266. Sony does not own my material

    Posted by Lars-Erik Nilsson on 6/27/2002, 6:23:19

    I find it strange that Sony puts restriction on the distribution of any audio material. I purchased the NetMD to be able to move files back and forth and edit them in the best way possible. Now I need to spend lots of time converting back and forth between stupid formats and minding rules for checking in and out files. If Sony needs a way to protect the copyright for their signed artists that's fine by me. But I purchased the NetMD to be able to work with my material which I don't need to protect. Open up your software Sony or someone please produce a software that will let me so I can unistall OpenMG.

    1267. please make NetMD both senses open

    Posted by clary on 6/27/2002, 9:13:08

    i'm musician and i would like to be able to record quickly my sessions on my PC instead of spending hours on recording...
    please trust in musique

    1268. REDICULOUS: I record My children Playing MUSIC... AND CAN'T E-MAIL IT TO MY FAMILY !!??

    Posted by Jay Martin on 6/27/2002, 11:53:30

    I want to be able to RECORD my Kids via MY very expensive Sony MZ-N707 and be able to convert the recordings to MP3 so that I can share them with the rest of my family via E-Mail!

    This is the only reason I bought this thing....
    I unfortuanatly made the mistake of recording a CONCERT RECITAL of my daughter at school using this SONY MD-RECORDER!!



    Jay Martin
    [email protected]

    This is rediculous since there are no copyright issues involved.

    1269. my band

    Posted by ande on 6/27/2002, 12:27:14

    I bought this to tape my band whats up ?

    1270. MD -> PC please!

    Posted by SADif on 6/27/2002, 14:11:06

    Adding this feature would complete the minidisc format...

    1271. (no subject)

    Posted by Loiur on 6/27/2002, 17:39:45

    Petition pour l'amelioration du netmd

    1272. oral history recording/ sony no longer my brand

    Posted by matthew on 6/27/2002, 23:41:09

    I purchased the md-505 with high expectations. I was disappoointed on the standpoint,that the recorder is useless to anyone wanting to record their own voice or the voice of others. Sony, you are arrogant to assume that other product companies will not take your place becuase of this hardware restriction. You do not own the property rights to my voice. I have made it a point, as will others, to inform everyone I know that this hardware is a waste of money. Your paranoia cost you mine.

    1273. I'm a musician...

    Posted by Frank Swanson on 6/28/2002, 1:18:48


    In purchasing my minidisc, I was under the impression I would be able to record my music and easily send it to friends, family and fellow musicians.

    In getting to know my purchase, I found I am sadly mistaken. I urge you to incorporate the proposed additions regarding uploading from MD to OpenMG Jukebox. Without it, this technology truly offers limited benefits over chip-based products.

    1274. I have been framed !

    Posted by Esteban on 6/28/2002, 1:23:59

    I bought the usb cradle model to avoid digitalizing my field recordings. Thank you very much for not stating it clearly on the website (I�m being ironical).
    I am trully disappointed, and hope for a solution.

    1275. live recordings

    Posted by Harry on 6/28/2002, 3:28:46


    I use the Minidisc very often (one in my car, on in my living and one for te band). We often make live recordings of our band, wich I would like to store on a computer for editing and to make multiple copies for all the band members. It would be great, if it is possible to upload a recording to the PC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1276. Lots of people make their own (not copywritted) music

    Posted by John Brown on 6/28/2002, 8:06:37

    Cut + Pasted from an Irish Tin-whistle forum..
    Hello all, I just got a sony mz-n1 with ms907 mic. Here are my initial impressions.....
    And, the number one thing that sucks, there is no digital upload. If you record tunes at a session, for instance, to get them up to a pc, you have to go analog out the headphone jack into you sound card in real time, Major Bummer. ...
    You'd sell a lot more of these to amatuer musicians with this feature.

    1277. Com'on Sony, the world need net MD -> PC

    Posted by Nang on 6/28/2002, 9:18:43

    It's so important to share own family sound and music throught internet like childrens laught.


    1278. Band's allow me to record concerts, why can't I convert them at a higher speed

    Posted by Matthew Gorman on 6/28/2002, 14:01:06

    There are many bands that allow, and even encourage the taping and distribution of concert audio. But while recording on MD, I have to convert the audio to my HD in analogue format, loosing sound quality, as well as waiting for real time conversion. This is the major disadvantage of taping on MD rather than DAT.

    1279. The musician's barrier

    Posted by Scott Wilton on 6/28/2002, 14:15:26

    A digital upload capability would be a great enhancement to the NetMD Minidisc units. Musician's will especially hold an appreciation for this since it will give them fantastic versatility in sound editing and recording.

    Digital uploading capabilities is the only barrier keeping many musician's from purchasing these units, myself included.

    1280. MDNET backup (From a Runner)

    Posted by David Clavey on 6/28/2002, 16:20:16

    I feel a cheated. When I bought the MD NET I was assured it could talk to a PC. but having bought it I find I can't UPLOAD and backup my live music. Nor can I send it to my friends.

    I am a Runner using an MDNET (MZ-N707) and very very happy with its non-jog behaviour and sound quality. So how about finishing the product with a proper upload of "Audio" recorded data.

    Also the protection is crazy and easy to get round by using two PC's. please Sony either remove or modify your protection software.


    Posted by Tom Wilson on 6/28/2002, 16:23:49

    sony - u have an amazing reputation and implementing upload would further improve it. This feature i'm sure would increase your profits drastically and could give you a real boost!!!!
    PLEASE IMPLEMENT UPLOAD. If you did add an upload feature would you need to bu a new player or would it just be a peice of extra software / hardware ADD-ON.
    cheers sony! ;-)

    1282. i need to upload

    Posted by Jospeh Bliss on 6/28/2002, 16:28:14

    I use my Mini-disk to record audio from interviews and use it for DV. I would love to keep it digital all the way but right now i have to put it on the computer via analog. This is a BIG disipointment.

    1283. Would buy if uploading worked

    Posted by Max on 6/28/2002, 17:52:51

    I like to record nature sounds. It is safe to say that I would not hesitate to buy an MD Player/Recorder from Sony IF it had the capability to upload digitally to my pc. As it stands, I'm considering different alternatives for my next recording device.

    1284. I Would Purchase a Sony MZ-N505 if upload possible

    Posted by Trey Thomas on 6/28/2002, 20:55:48

    I am an audio enthusiast. Always have been. When I was a kid... I made my own custom cassette tapes from records. The last thing audio enthusiast wants is restrictions. Uploading from a portable MiniDisc player to my computer is not going to "Rob the Recording Industry or Artists"! Please consider giving me the consumer/customer (who used to be always right) control over my own listening habits.

    Thank You,

    Trey Thomas
    [email protected]

    1285. Re: I have been framed !

    Posted by sereinblue on 6/28/2002, 23:21:21 , in reply to "I have been framed !"

    I too, feel framed. I read the Net MD information over and over again before purchasing it, and had the distinct impression that it would be possible to upload songs from my MD to my PC. More specifically, I assumed that since it was possible to "check-in" songs to the PC and possible to record live music onto a minidisc, then it would be possible to transfer live music to my PC as well.
    I'm disgusted that such a simple function is not included in this package. It was the entire reason for purchasing the Net MD, and if the store will accept a return on this opened package, I'm taking it back.
    Certainly there could be a plug-in for Open MG Jukebox that would allow it to check in music recorded directly to the MD?

    1286. this is a waste of a chance

    Posted by Matt Sephton on 6/29/2002, 7:33:40

    netMD could be so much more!

    1287. Class room recording

    Posted by Mike on 6/29/2002, 8:36:18

    My teacher wants me to record his lectures on minidisc, so who ever misses his classes i can upload them onto my computer, who ever misses the class goes online to hear what they missed.

    1288. NetMD Upload

    Posted by Alex Chilcott on 6/29/2002, 8:52:34

    From preventing upload from the MD, small time artists have to use analog recording. This is a hastle, but still, the artist gets what they want - they manage to get the audio to their PC. Why, then, did you encorporate this protection when it doesn't prevent the audio from getting to the PC but just wastes time. I should imagine that anyone with their mind set on piracy will not use the Minidisc in the first place, but probably download MP3 versions of music.

    Please read this carefully and take my views into account.

    Thank you

    1289. md to computer

    Posted by aad on 6/29/2002, 8:54:52

    I�d love to upload my own work to the computer, but now there is no possibility.

    1290. i'm agree

    Posted by jordan on 6/29/2002, 9:46:52


    1291. My purchasing of NetMD equipment solely depends on this.

    Posted by Jeff Fuesting on 6/29/2002, 10:02:41

    My purchasing of NetMD equipment solely depends on this.

    1292. Net MD is not like what it is advertised

    Posted by H.H Nguyen-Ngoc on 6/29/2002, 10:07:42

    Looks good on avert,blah..blah..blah. In practice it is a load of C**p. You cannot check in your own music and after 3 goes the whole system locked up. Sony presumes that we are all private. I'll tell everyone I know not to buy Sony MD

    1293. NetMD

    Posted by Basil on 6/29/2002, 10:36:53

    Definitely providing the upload function extends functionality of the MD format for its users. Do it Sony...

    1294. Think, Please....

    Posted by Robert Tarnell on 6/29/2002, 11:10:33

    I have had the n707 for 1 day know, and I love the small size and all the feature, but reading from the web about this stuff and all the hazzle regarding protecting �copyright�Its no fun with NetMD.

    Please enable upload.....

    I still have 29 days for return..

    Rgds, Robert.

    1295. NetMD upload for musicians

    Posted by Jens on 6/29/2002, 11:47:22

    The ability to upload live recordings to a PC for editing would make mindiscs far more attactive to musicians. Being able to quickly transfer recordings of jams or songs to a computer for editing would speed up the whole creative process. I'm sure that if Sony did include this function, they would quickly notice an increase in sales - not only do most musicians have their ear to the ground when it comes to new technology, they also tend to be quick to buy it.

    1296. Uploading would be a great feature

    Posted by Adolfo Blanco on 6/29/2002, 14:32:32

    I've been using MD for years and I was thinking about buying a NetMD for all the convenience it brings, but I always thought you could upload to you PC as well, just as many other devices do. Why did you fail to implement this? I can't beleive you didn't think about it, so it must have been neglected for some reason. I advise you to go back again and think how much benefit will come letting people upload against what you considered before not to implement this. As a result, I am confident you will think more on the needs of the market this product serves and make it available in anyway possible.

    1297. Sony... the best ?

    Posted by thibault Massart on 6/29/2002, 17:09:15

    That's what I always thought... time to change my mind? Prove me it is not !

    1298. Freedom for the MD

    Posted by Camboulive on 6/29/2002, 18:06:28

    Laisser les MD en libert� vous en r�colterez les fruit avec le MAVICA qui va faire un tabac, le MD son devrait suivre C la bonne direction selon moi et nous. MERCI DE TENNIR COMPTE DE NOS AVIS.

    1299. Asi 'pa que !

    Posted by Juan Fernandez on 6/29/2002, 19:34:35

    Asi no tiene chiste.

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