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AC Power ConversionAll (2)
The DAT StoreAC Power Convertor
AC TimersAll (1)
Radio Shack61-1065
Analog to Digital ConvertersAll (1)
Dayton AudioAnalog to Digital Converter
Cable AdaptersAll (4)
SonyAll, XA-300 Unilink Adapter, 107 Unilink Adapter
The Sound ProfessionalsAll, Sony micro plug headphone adapter, Headphone/microphone extension cable
CablesAll (4) Notes
The Sound ProfessionalsAll, Stereo adapter cable, Professional quality adapter cables, High Quality stereo extension cable, Digital Coaxial Cables
Car Radio Frequency ConvertersAll (2)
C.A. TronicsFM Converter
Electronic DevelopmentsPB2000
Cassette AdaptersAll (1)
RecotonCassette Adapter
Coax<->Optical ConversionAll (10) Notes
Audio AuthorityCoax/Optical Converter
Conrad Electronic GMBHCoax/Optical Converter
Core Sound DFTCoax/Optical Converter
Dayton AudioAll, Optical to Coax converter, Coax to Optical converter
DigimateSPDIF/optical, optical/SPDIF converter
MidimanAll, C03 digital format converter and SCMS management system, C02
The Sound ProfessionalsAll, Uni- and bi-direction coax<>optical converter, Digital format converters
Disc HoldersAll (12)
Case LogicDK40 diskette (floppy) organizer
Colorado Sound and LightMD250 Portable MD Suitcase
Ferrero RocherChocolates Packaging
GoldiesMDS-12 Traveler
Ikea``Moppe'' Utility storage cases
MiniDiscHoldersracks for recorded and pre-recorded MDs
Peter LinkMD Rack
Silicon SportsMD (floppy) Carrying Case
Staples, etc.Index card holder
Woodworks DJ Cases and RacksMini Disc Carrying Case
Equipment CasesAll (4) Notes
GoldiesMDS-12 Traveler
Louis VuittonLeather Minidisc Case
Raine Inc."Duty Case"
FM AdaptersAll (1)
Sound FeederSF100
Fiber Optic HardwareAll (14) Notes
Dayton AudioAll, TOSLink to Optical Mini Adaptor, Right-angle TOSLink connector, Optical Splitter, Optical Repeater, Optical Extension Coupler, Inexpensive TosLink Optical Cable
The Sound ProfessionalsAll, Toslink optical selector (passive), Toslink optical selector (active), TOSLINK/MINIPLUG optical cables, Premium heavy duty TOSLINK cables, Optical cable repeater/booster
VariousAll, TOS Link optical cable, Miniplug optical Cable
Headphone AmpsAll (2)
Boosteroo"Boosteroo" headphone booster/amplifier
The Sound Professionals"Headbanger" headphone booster/amplifier
Headphones/SpeakersAll (3) Notes
Dream GearBoom Boom Box
KossPorta Pro Jr.
Label PrintersAll (3)
SeikoSmart Label Printer 220
LabelsAll (3) Notes
Canford AudioMD Printer Labels
NeatoMiniDisc Labels
PressITMD Printer Labels
Lens-Head-CleanersAll (2)
Mac/PC Sound CardsAll (6) Notes
HoontechAll, SoundTrack Digital-XG, SoundTrack 4DWAVE-NX, Digital Bracket III (SB DB III) for SB Live and Live Value, Digital Bracket II (SB DB II) for SB Live and Live Value
M audio (Midiman)Delta DiO 24/96
ZoltrixNightingale Optical PCI Sound Card
Mac/PC to MD Link KitsAll (14)
MironicsMiniDisc Suite
SharpAll, AD-PCR2, PCR1
SonyAll, PCLK-U5, PX3, PX2, PX1, MN20, MN10A, MN10, MD2, MD1, LSA2, LSA1
Microphone AccessoriesAll (7)
Reactive SoundsJuice Box
SamsonSamson Mixpad 4
ShureProtective vinyl zippered case for microphone/MD/DAT systems
Sign VideoXLR-Pro
The Sound ProfessionalsAll, Microphone power supplies, Microphone battery modules
Microphone MountingsAll (6)
Core SoundJecklin and Schneider Disks
Reactive SoundsmicPOD
The Sound ProfessionalsAll, Portable microphone stand, Gooseneck microphone adapter, Eyeglass mounted microphones, Binocular mounting system
Microphone PreampsAll (4)
ArchosMicrophone and preamp
FEL Communications3.5 MX
Reactive SoundsBoost Box
The Sound ProfessionalsPortable microphone preamp
MicrophonesAll (21) Notes
Audio TechnicaAll, AT825, AT822
Core SoundAll, Low Cost Binaural and Stealth Cardoid Microphones, Binaural Microphones
Radio ShackStereo Hands-Free Tie-Clip Electric Mic
Reactive SoundsAll, Pen Microphone, Delta Microphone, Auris Stereo Microphone, Auris Mono Microphone, 'Reporter'
The Sound ProfessionalsAll, Mini Single Point Stereo "T" microphone, Micro Binaural Microphones, Lapel Microphones, Headphone mounted Cardioid Microphones, Headphone mounted Binaural Microphones, Handheld Cardioid Single Point Stereo "T" microphone, Clip-on musical instrument microphone, Cardioid Single Point Stereo "T" microphone, Cardiod Microphones, Binaural Microphones, "Otter Box" Single Point Stereo microphone
PartsAll (2) Notes
Sweers Digital ServicesTOSLink Optical transmitters/receivers
VariousTOSLink Optical transmitters/receivers
Professional HousingsAll (5)
PASS Limited (UK)MD-Report!
PMI AudioMD Report Junior
Rack Mount KitsAll (1)
Colorado Sound and LightRack Mount Ears
Remote ControlAll (11) Notes
BurtonAnalog Clone MD Snowboarding Jacket
J. E. NelsonRF Remote Control
MajiloonRF Remote Commander IV
Studio ZZephIR
SCMS TweakersAll (3) Notes
BehringerUltramatch SRC2000
Hucht ElektroniklaborIndex Copyprocessor ICP 1-CE
Sampling Rate ConvertersAll (1)
BehringerSRC 2000
TitlersAll (9)
Martin DanekAll, WinRemote, AudioLib
Minidisc UKMiniDisc Titler
SonyAll, RM-IA10K, D20P, D11P, D10P, KB-10
Syrovatka & SabataEasyTitle
USB Audio AdaptersAll (8) Notes
CatchSoundPC Link
CreativeSoundblaster MP3+
XitelAll, MDPORT-DG2, DG1, AN1, MD-Port I/O
UploadersAll (15) Notes
ArchosAll, Ondio, Jukebox Recorder 20, Jukebox FM Recorder 20
NeurosDigital Audio Computer
NomadAll, Jukebox 3, Jukebox

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