Reactive Sounds Pen Microphone


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Reactive Sounds Pen MicrophoneMono microphone mounted in a ball-point pen housing$40
irregular, 3' cable

Manufacturer's Description: Unit is a ballpoint pen modified to hold an omni-directional microphone element. Intended for personal hands free dictation, memo recording, or as a portable microphone for sound projects. Designed to operate with Minidisc, DAT, and personal dictation recorders that provide plug-in power on the 'mic-in' port. (Can be used with most video cameras as well, but check your unit before purchasing).

Samples: A 30sec mp3 demo recording of the 'pen mic' and a Sharp MS-722 MD.

Links: Reactive Sounds website.

Specs (Electret microphone specifications):

  • Omni directional pick up pattern
  • Sensitivity: -35dB+- 4dB
  • Frequency range: 20-20,000 Hz ("flat")
  • 3ft shielded lightweight mic cable
  • Metal shielded 1/8" plug with durable outer casing.


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