Reactive Sounds Auris Stereo Microphone

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Reactive Sounds Auris Stereo MicrophoneStereo MicrophoneUS$120
Out: 1/8" stereo plug. 72" Dual Channel Cable length

Manufacturer's Description: The Auris Stereo Microphone features a unique internal shock mount system to reduce handling noise. Machined from a non metallic polymer, which feels like velvet and is as tough as metal. The cable is securely held in place by a cable lock strain relief system, which makes the Auris system a very durable microphone. Auris comes with adjustable clothing clips and windscreens.

Designed for Digital recorders such as MiniDisc, MP3, and any recorder featuring a microphone port for external microphones.


  • Output connector: 3.5mm shielded Stereo mini plug

  • Cable length: 72" Dual Channel cable

  • Cable style: copper spiral wrap shield for rf rejection, O.D 3mm/side.

  • Dimensions: 0.43" (10.5mm)diameter x 0.73" (18.7mm)overall length

  • Power requirements: 2-10v DC supplied by external power from      recorder (Plug-in-power)

  • Case Material: DelrinŽ acetal resin
  • Case finish: Matte-black

  • Sensitivity: -42 dB (+- 3db)

  • Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz

  • Signal To Noise Ratio: 58 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa
  • Dynamic Range: 90dB
  • Maximum Input Sound Level: 105 dB SPL

  • Windshield: Premium 30 pore per inch foam

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