Sony XA-107 Unilink Adapter


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Sony XA-107 Unilink AdapterXA-107 Unilink Adapter$100
IN: LINE x 2 (RCA).
OUT: LINE (to in-dash receiver).
UniLink Output (to in-dash reciver),
UniLink Input (from UniLink CD/MD changer
4.75w x 1.125h x 6.125d "

Description: Auxiliary input adapter for Unilink car stereos, allowing connection of MD portables to a Sony car stereo.

Manufacturer's Description: This XA-107 module allows you to add an auxiliary input to your Sony changer-controlling receiver and retain the use of your Sony CD changer. The XA-107 accepts your UniLink changer cable and a patch cable from your non-UniLink source (cassette, MP3, Minidisc, etc.) and allows your Sony receiver to choose between the two sources. The 75" UniLink cable (included) and 6.5' RCA patch cable (included) connect the XA-107 to your receiver. 1-year warranty.

Crutchfield Page Excerpts:

  • General Overview: The source selector module accepts input from a UniLink CD/MD changer and a non-UniLink auxiliary source (portable CD, tape or MD player) and allows a Sony changer controller head unit to select input from the CD/MD changer or auxiliary source. The module essentially adds an aux input to a Sony UniLink changer controller while retaining the ability to accept input from a UniLink CD/MD changer.
  • AUX Input Connections: The input for the auxiliary source is a set of female RCA jacks mounted directly to the source selector module. For easy connection to the aux source, it is recommended that a stereo RCA patch cord (not included) be connected to the AUX IN jacks of the module and run to the location where the aux source will be located. If the aux source has a minijack output, a stereo minijack to RCA cable (item 137ACW339) will be needed instead of a standard RCA patch cable.



Service Manual: XA-107 Unilink Adapter

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