PASS Limited (UK) MD-Report!


All, MD-Report!

PASS Limited (UK) MD-Report!MD-Report!GBP 269
GBP 403 with MZ-R37/MD-MT16E fitted

Description: Made in the UK, the PASS MD-Report! is the original Professional MD Conversion Kit. The strong steel chassis houses and protects the MD or DAT recorder, whilst the fitted soft, padded, nylon carrying case with strong shoulder strap and large zipped accessory pocket, offers good overall protection against the elements. Now in MKIV version, the PASS MD-Report! Provides XLR Mic/Line Inputs, 48v Phantom Power, Mono XLR Output, Stereo Output, Powerful Headphone Amplifier on 1/4" Jack and built-in monitor speaker. Powering options are: Rechargeable Battery, 4 x 'D' Cell or AC mains via supplied adapter. The PASS MD-Report! is suitable for use with Sony MZ-R3/30/35/37/55, Sharp MDMS200H/ MDMT16/20, Denon DMP-R70 etc. and can be supplied as a comprising Chassis, Soft case, Battery & PSU/Charger or Package fitted with Sony MZ-R37 or Sharp MD-MT16E for with Beyer MCE58 or Audio Technica AT804 reporter's mic, cable and blank disc. For Worldwide Sales Contact PASS Limited - Tel: +44 (0)116 269 3767, Fax: +44 (0)116 269 3769, or click below and go to the PASS Home Page.

Links: The PASS Home Page. A reprinted Pro Audio Review article praises the MD-Report. Tim Wilkinson explains the reason several companies sell something called the "MD-Report!" This unit can be purchased from PASS.


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