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Nomad Jukebox 3Hard Disk based MP3 player, MP3/PCM recorder
Intro: 8/2002
In: LINE/optical. Out: LINE X 2 (front/rear), Headphones, Data: USB, IR, IEEE1394123 x 130 x 35mm, 289g w/o batt.

Features: Hard Disk based recorder. Compatability: Windows-only.

  • Records in MP3 and PCM mode.
  • Available with 10, 20, 30 and 40GB capacity hard drives.
  • No recording level control (*See updates, below)
  • Recording files are automatically named (with date/time) at the end of a recording.
  • MP3 recording: sampling rate can be set from 8 to 44.1kHz, encoding bit rate can be set from 64 to 320kbps.
  • WAV (PCM) recording: sampling rate can be set to 11.025, 22.05, 32 and 44.1 kHz.
  • Backlit 132 x 64 pixel LCD display
  • Wired remote and Wired FM remote have built in microphone.
  • Does not appear as mountable volume on desktop, special transfer software is necessary to move audio to/from device.
  • Two battery slots

Updates: A reader reports that some form of gain control is available in more recent firmware updates (he surmises that the gain control is done digitally, i.e. there is no analog preamp prior to the A/D stage). An excerpt from the text file that goes with the latest JB3 firmware ( 1.32.02) reads: You can now record audio with a microphone (available separately) by directly connecting it to your player. Your player supports microphone recording with dynamic microphones and self-powered condenser microphones. If the audio that you want to record is relatively soft, your player can help boost the volume of the recording by as much as 48 dB.


Specs: SNR: <=98dB (LINE), <=96dB (Headphone), headphone amp: 100mW


User Manual: Jukebox 3

Battery LifePlay
LiIon11 hr
w/2nd battery22 hr

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