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Mironics MiniDisc SuitePC Parallel port to Sony remote jack titler/controller$60 ($40 w/o cable)
In: parallel
Out: Sony remote connector

Description: Unit interfaces the personal computer with a portable Sony Minidisc recorder (not compatible with all models, check the Mironics website before ordering). Unit's primary function is high-speed titling of MiniDiscs using your computer's mouse and keyboard, it also serves to assist in PC-to-MD recordings by having recording control of the MD unit. (Audio signal must be transferred by a separate cable.) Software interfaces with Winamp for recording functionality. V2 includes music cataloging capabilites and macros.


  • Mironics' official website for the MiniDisc Suite, complete with order information and even instructions on how to build your own hardware connector to use with their software.
  • Mironics press release detailing their consumer-grade PC titling solution for Sony portables.


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