Sign Video XLR-Pro


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Sign Video XLR-ProXLR Audio AdapterXLR-Pro $150
XLR-Jr $100
5.25" x 2.75" x 1.25"

Manufacturers Description: "The XLR-PRO gives you the ability to have XLR audio inputs on your camcorder to connect to professional audio equipment, audio mixers and professional mics. Run long balanced audio lines and get superb noise free audio." Mounts under camcorder, with easy access controls; Rubber pad on top prevents the XLR-PRO from turning or slipping; Has a threaded hole in the bottom of the XLR-PRO so it can mount on your tripod; 2 - locking XLR Audio Inputs; 2 - 1/8" Audio Inputs; Record any combination of the two inputs onto separate audio tracks (using the stereo right and left audio tracks); Custom shielded transformers that cause virtually no insertion loss; Ground Selection Switch; Stereo/Mono Output Switch; Mic/Line Level Switch for each input channel; Voltage Blocking Circuit to handle the "Plug-In Power" Mic Jacks found on some cameras; passive device, no power required; Works with video cameras, DAT recorders and mini-disc recorders.

Variants: XLR-Jr is a single channel (mono) version.

Links: Sign Video page for the unit.


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