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Reactive Sounds micPODFlexible Microphone TripodUS$34.95
Out: 1/8" stereo phone plug. In: 1/8" stereo phone jack5.5" tall, 100 grams

Manufacturer's Description: This is a portable, miniature microphone tripod you can pack anywhere and get a quiet hi-fidelity recording when used with your MiniDisc recorder.

The micPOD isolates your microphone from noisy internal Minidisc mechanisms.

Supports any Plug-in-Power Stereo or Mono Microphone.
Designed for MiniDisc and DAT portable recorders.
Ideal for laptops, Macs and most pc's with a soundcard.


  • Mass: 100 grams
  • Pocket clip keeps micPOD handy
  • 6 ft flexible shielded cable
  • Flexible legs bend to form solid support
  • Heavy duty molded rubber stereo plug (1/8')
  • Heavy duty metal jack (1/8")
  • High impact polymer housing

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