FEL Communications 3.5 MX


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FEL Communications 3.5 MXMono XLR Microphone preamplifier
Intro: 08/1999
Input: 3 pin XLR female. Output: 3.5mm minijackXLR connector-size, 1-meter cable, 60 grams

Manufacturer's Description: Perfect for use with MiniDisc, this 20 dB preamp is ideal for boosting low-level microphone signals when recording wildlife, speech, nature sounds, and ambiences. Small enough to be built inside the XLR mic connector, there are no batteries, switches or controls, just an instant 20 dB of ultra low-noise top quality amplification. The preamp connects to the microphone jack on portable recorders and is powered from the microphone jack's plug-in power. The preamp can help lift the signal above the noise present in the recorder's internal microphone preamp and get a better level recorded onto disc.



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