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PoGo RipflashFlash Memory Audio Recorders
Intro: 4/2002
In: Line (Trio: line, mic). Out: headphones~2.32" x 3.30" x .37", ~1-2oz

Features: Pogo Products line of RipFlash units are flash memory based MP3 players that also have various recording capabilities. All units can record in [at least] 128kbps stereo. Units connect via USB cable but do not appear on desktop as a storage volume. Rather, special (Windows-only) software must be used for audio file transfer to/from the device. Units do not appear to have recording level controls (neither manual nor automatic), nor do they seem to have recording indicators that show whether an audio signal is present.


  • Common to all models:
    • At least 128MB
    • LINE input jack
    • Built-in mic (available encoding rates for built-in Mic are frequently lower than those available when recording from external inputs)
    • Built-in speaker (except RipFlash DX)
    • Gap-detection (starts new file when silence occurs on input)
  • RipFlash:
    • Base model
    • MP3 recording
    • 2 AA batteries
  • RipFlash PLUS:
    • MP3 recording
    • Backlit display
    • 128MB and 192MB versions
    • Smartmedia card expansion slot (allows adding up to 128MB, ca. 2003)
  • RipFlash DX:
    • WMA (Windows Media Audio) format recording (not MP3)
    • SD/MMC expansion slot (allows adding up to 128MB, ca. 2003)
    • 13 hours MP3 playback on 2 AAA Alkaline batteries
    • No speaker
  • RipFlash PRO:
    • MP3 recording
    • Slim form factor case.
    • 128MB, 192MB and 256MB versions
    • LiIon battery.
    • Battery life: 30h MP3 recording
  • RipFlash TRIO:
    • MP3 recording
    • FM radio and FM recording.
    • Slim case.
    • Microphone jack (as well as LINE input jack)
    • External lapel microphone included

User Comments: Input sensitivity on RipFlash TRIO microphone jack is somewhat low.


Optional Accessories: Archos sells a US$50 external microphone and preamp that can be connected to the unit's LINE input.


User Manuals: RipFlash, RipFlash PLUS, RipFlash DX, RipFlash PRO, RipFlash TRIO

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