Sony MZP-1


All, MZP-1

Sony MZP-1MD Label PrinterMSRP ¥ 18,000
Cable to Sony MD walkman117.2 x 92.6 x 193.5mm, 7.3Kg

Features: MD Label printer that reads in disc and track names from Sony MD portables and automatically prints them on special labels*. Editing of read in names is also possible, allowing one to produce "original labels". Compatible with Sony MD portables except the MZ-1, MZ-2P, MZ-F40 and MZ-B3. (Note Sony MD portable connector in photograph). (*Labels are specially made for Sony MDs).

Links: Sony's Japanese announcement of the unit. A review of the unit (including simple instructions for those who don't read Japanese). Unit can be purchased from The Melting Pot.

Characters: equipped with approx. 7700 kanji, kana, katakana, symbols, 48000 "words" of information.
Fonts: Meiji, Gothic


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