Orban Sountainer


All, Sountainer

Orban SountainerPortable solid-state MP3 recorder
Intro: 4/2001
Est: US$500
In: mic, line. Out: line/headphones. Data: USB62 x 110 x 24, 140g


  • Backlit 100 x 64 pixel LCD
  • Multifunction touch keypad
  • Records to MMC (MultimediaCards)
  • 2 MMC slots
  • MPEG Layer 3 bitrates for recording: 32-128kbps, sampling rates: 16, 32, 44.1 48kHz
  • Recording level meters
  • Stereo/mono recording modes.
  • Auto and manual recording level modes. Manual recording level can be changed during recording.
  • Editing features: track delete.
  • Separate line and mic jacks, recorder can be set to mix line and mic signals.
  • Compatability: Windows-only
  • Vaporware? Unit does not appear to be available anywhere.



User Manual: Sountainer

Battery LifePlayRecord
1600 mAh
(AA form factor x 2)
6-8 hr3-4 hr
AAx28 hr1 hr

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