Hoontech SoundTrack Digital-XG


All, SoundTrack Digital-XG, SoundTrack 4DWAVE-NX, Digital Bracket III (SB DB III) for SB Live and Live Value, Digital Bracket II (SB DB II) for SB Live and Live Value

Hoontech SoundTrack Digital-XGSoundTrack Digital-XG (w/XG DB I)$74
1 coax , 1 TOSlink optical, and 1 AES/EBU output and 1 coax, 1 TOSlink optical, and 1 AES/EBU input

Description: Internal cable connects XG DB I bracket to the Digital-XG card. Soundcard itself has front and rear stereo analog outs and mic and line in and standard MIDI/joystick port. Also has internal digital CD connector and analog connectors for CD, Internet phone, sound from video, & aux. Soundcard is based on Yamaha YMF744B chip with XG wavegenerator. DirectEverything compatible 3D card.

Available From: Audience Digital Products Manufacturer Link: Hoontech


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