Sony RM-IA10K


All, RM-IA10K, D10P/D11P/D20P, KB-10

Sony RM-IA10KInteractive Remote Control System¥32,000
remote: 160x40x111mm, 280g, base: 124x30x90mm, 130g


  • IR remote control for wireless titling, editing and controlling MD systems (compatible with DHC-MD777/MD555 "Pixy" bookshelf systems).
  • 3.8" LCD display
  • Touch-pen keyboard based input and display of kanji and hirigana tiles for MD/CD/Tuner (station names).
  • Can hold title information for up to 100 CDs.
  • CD-Text support.
  • Apparently couples through same HiFi component port that PCLK-PC3 kit uses, since both cannot be used simultaneously.
  • Consists of two components: Handheld display unit and HiFi system connection (base unit).


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