Sony RM-D10P/D11P/D20P

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Sony RM-D10P
Sony RM-D11P
Sony RM-D20P
Keyboard Remote Control
Intro: 6/1996
185 x 105 x 15-30 mm

Description: QWERTY keyboard-layout based remote control for titling and editing. Though too small to touch type on, and lacking even 1 key rollover, makes MD titling much quicker. Works only in conjunction with the modern MD decks: MJ-L1, DHC-MD99/ MD77/ MD5/ ??, CMT-M11C, MXD-D1, and MDS-S37/ JE500/ JE510/ JE700/ 503/ J3000/ JA30ES/ JA50ES. A picture of the layout is available.

Links: A user has contributed a review of the RM-D10P, and a list of all the RM-D1OP codes.

Variants: RM-D20P was introduced in 9/1998 and appears nearly identical to the RM-D10P

Availability: Nic Boyde once carried this unit.

Compatibility with MDS-302/303/S30/S35: Trying the RM-D10P with the S30 (small-box version of the MDS-302), this is what happens: (1) MD function keys (play, pause, stop, etc.) work. (2) Edit zone keys (erase, divide, combine, move, etc.) do not work. (3) "Name" key works, but the alphanumeric labeling keys do not work. -Stuart Kiang


User Manual: RM-D11P

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