Sony RM-D10P Remote Commander

Contributed by Erin ([email protected])

General Info on the RM-D10P

Impressions of the RM-D10P (based on using it with an MDS-JE500)




For US$75 I have to admit the RM-D10P is a little extravagant, considering you don't actually get any extra functionality, just somewhat better ease-of-use. But if you're an impatient person like me and you can't stand scrolling through the entire alphabet to get to the character you want, it might be worth it.

I found the slow speed dictated by the IR kind of disappointing - don't get this unit if you type 80wpm and expect to be entering your disc/track titles at lightning speed :).

For me, it's just worth the money - the features don't blow me away, but I'm into MD for the long haul and I want the (somewhat greater) speed the RM-D10P gives you in editing.

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