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Martin Danek AudioLibDatabase of recordings (MD titler & labeller)$25 USD ($57 with hardware)

Description: AudioLib is database application designate for storing informations of audio recordings (especially on MDs and CDs).
It's 32bit Windows95/NT application, which allow you to:

  • Store informations of your audio recordings
  • Search for specific Album, Track, Singer, ...
  • Title MiniDisc directly from database (with WinRemote hardware)
  • Print labels for MDs and CDs
  • Load CD tracks info from CDDB internet database
  • Replicate data with other users of AudioLib
So with AudioLib you can:
  • Download tracks info from CDDB database (or enter titles manually)
  • Print labels for MDs (or CDs)
  • Title MD (in SONY MD deck) - send titles to MD directly from this database
And you can do it all in one program during about 2 minutes (and what's more: you have stored informations about your MDs in database).

Links: Martin Danek's MiniDisc Titling Page


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