Silicon Sports MD (floppy) Carrying Case


All, MD (floppy) Carrying Case

Silicon Sports MD (floppy) Carrying CaseMD (floppy) Carrying Case$19-$25

User's description: These are made for floppy 3.5" discs but MDs fit in them nicely. Made of a durable squishy neoprene with a hefty zipper and a pull string suitable as a carrying handle, they come in black/black black/blue and black/purple and in two sizes: the Floppy Wetsuit 10 (for 10 floppies) that will comfortably hold 6 MDs in their protective cases, and the Floppy Wetsuit 30 that holds 15 MDs. The 10's can be purchased at Office Depot and are about US$19, the 30's were special ordered from a specialty stationary store for US$25. -Ebert ([email protected])

Manufacturer: Silicon Sports, 127 Independence Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA. Phone # 415-327-7900. Fax # 415-327-7962.


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