Burton Analog Clone MD Snowboarding Jacket


All, Analog Clone MD Snowboarding Jacket

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Burton Analog Clone MD Snowboarding JacketSnowboarding Jacket with integrated Sony MZ-N1 and textile based remote control buttons on sleeve
Intro: 7/2002
Sony RemoteSizes from XS to XL

Manufacturer's Description: By collaborating with SOFTswitch, an innovative company that makes fabrics touch sensitive and interactive, Burton was able to integrate a Sony Net MZ-N1 MD Walkman Player/Recorder into the Analog Clone MD jacket. SOFTswitch technology enables textiles to function as interfaces to control any type of electronic device, from audio equipment to communication devices. This technology allowed Burton to place a soft, flexible control pad for the MD player directly on the arm of the Analog Clone MD jacket. There's no wire in the arm of the jacket. Instead, there's a textile data strip integrated into the fabric of the jacket sleeve, which allows the arm keypad to control the MD player in the chest pocket. Riders simply touch the control pad on the jacket sleeve to change songs or volume levels

What does all this high-tech jargon mean for snowboarders? It means avoiding the annoying and sometimes frigid ritual of removing your gloves and unzipping your jacket to switch songs or control the volume of your MD player. "For years, riders have struggled with rigging make-shift systems so they have easy access to their music while riding. With the Burton Analog Clone MD, we have finally developed a jacket with total sound system control at the touch of a sleeve," says Greg Dacyshyn, Vice President, Director of Softgoods.

Notes: Not available without the MD unit. Initial production run: 100 units per year.


Specifications: The Analog Clone MD jacket is waterproof, seam-taped and machine washable when the MD player is removed.


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