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Reactive Sounds Juice BoxMicrophone power-supply
Intro: 9/2002
IN: 1/8" phone jack. OUT: 1/8" phone plug on 3' cable

Manufacturer's Description: The 'Juice Box' supplies power to your microphone. It relieves the minidisc's power supply, so your recording session is longer. The 'Juice Box' fits directly in your pocket for portability. It is a 9v power supply for use with any of our mics or other electret mics on the market. It is not a pre-amp. (We are in the process of developing a pre amp called the 'Boost Box' if you're looking for a pre-amp.)

Notes: The Reactive Sounds website indicates that mics connected through the Juice Box can be plugged into a recorder's LINE input. We inquired about this: If you can use this to connect a microphone to a LINE input, then can it not be used as a microphone preamp? This is one of those grey areas in the recording/pre-amp world. A mic signal needs to be amplified via a mic pre-amp, which boosts the signal to "line" level. The mics we use have an unusual property in that at very loud volumes they produce a high output signal, high enough that they match or exceed line level signals. They only produce this signal when two conditions are met: 1) they are powered close to the maximum operating voltage (9.8volts) and 2) the sound being recorded is very loud (e.g. a rock concert). When these conditions are met you can plug the Juice Box output directly into the "line-in" on your MD recorder, bypassing the often poor quality mic pre-amp that most portable recorders have. The end result is a clean, distortion free recording that rivals high end sound equipment. In short, the battery box merely provides the voltage necessary to allow the mics to output a "line" level signal under loud conditions, it does no actual signal amplification per se.

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  • Standard 9 volt battery, included
  • High quality components used in assembly
  • 3ft shielded lightweight mic cable
  • High quality metal shielded 1/8" plug with tough durable outer casing.
  • Durable ABS plastic case
  • 400 hour battery life


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